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Young Love (Kurt Wagner X Fem!Reader)

Character: Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: None


Request: Can you write something with Kurt Wagner (night crawler) x reader? They’re in the school together. She’s very popular and pretty she falls for him. But some other students say she can do better and she should leave the freak. She defends him and starts lots of pda cause she loves him so much and doesn’t care what other people think

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They say that your mutations reflect you in some way or other. Your mutation was seen as beautiful and eye catching, like you. You had the ability to control light. This meant you could adjust the light around your hair and skin to give it a glow and to make your hair appear a different colour. You could blind someone and create rainbows. It was pretty awesome.

Not only did you have an impressive power, but you were also known as one of the most popular girls in the school, but despite this, you were known to be very kind.

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southern will solace headcanons

i always get So Offended when people write southern will as this COWBOY so here is Southern Will Solace Headcanons by An Actual Southerner

  • will saying “bless their heart but” and immediately starts shit talking
  • will using “hun” sarcastically with the Glares of Death he learned from his boyfriend or with completely fake sympathy
    • “oh, hun” with a shake of the head. the fakest
  • will complaining about the cold always because what the fuck. anything below 70F is cold/chilly
    • that means it’s sweater and jeans time
  • him greeting someone really kindly and another person just “will!!! you’re so kind!!!” and he turns and replies “:)) i hated them” bc southern kindness doesnt mean they like you
  • “y’all” and “all y’all” and “y’all’ve” and “ain’t” slipping out sometimes
    • “i ain’t” “y’all’ve fucked UP”
  • his accent being more prominent when he’s pissed
  • he acknowledges EVERYONE. everyone gets a nod or a smile or a wave. everyone
  • bible belt billboard sign jokes
    • “he rises again!!” “who??” “he. our lord n savior jEEsus christ”
  • “where i’m from… we only have one season. fucking HOT”
    • seriously 100 degree temps with awful humidity based on were you are
    • “i’m not built for the cold”
  • will, pointing at a snowflake: whats that
    • depending on where in the south,, some places get a lot of snow??
    • “quick buy milk and bread”
  • chacos. he wears them
  • he gets really pissed over sweet tea in ny “nO i can’t just use the sugar packets at the TABLE!!!! IT HAS TO BE MIXED IN,”
  • always addresses every authority figure ever to be in the camp (even the other camp counselors) as “sir” or “ma’am” (and saying it really sweetly sometimes)
  • calling all soda coke and confusing anyone he’s talking to that isnt southern
    • “i want a coke” someone gets him a coke “nono not that–”
  • he begs for them to install a porch swing on the apollo cabin’s porch
    • he is always on the porch
  • someone: “do you know how to get to x place” him: “idk. what buildings are around it??”
    • also: “do you know x place??” “what buildings are around it??”
  • he is literally always so hyped about honeysuckle plants
  • never pronounces his g’s on -ing words
Bite Me

This is the 100 follower special! I’m sorry it’s a little late. I’m still super proud of my little fic page. Thank you to all of you for following! It means so much! A big thanks to Tèa for all of her support. The second part to this fic will be on her page ( @more-hamilton-imagines ) when she hits 100. 

Thanks again to everyone!

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Warning: cursing

Requested: nope, but requests are open

Word Count: 772


Life with your favorite fluffy, French nerd, Lafayette, was tough. Sure, he was your best friend, but he always acted on impulse. His dorm was constantly receiving packages of strange buys from Lafayette. It drove his roommate, Mulligan, insane. So, when you walked into your dorm and saw your dresses strewn about the small area, you were not surprised to see Lafayette’s head deep in your closet.

“Laf,” you said in a warning tone. “What the hell is all this?”

He spun around quickly, with a shit eating grin on his face.

“It’s an how you say party?” he asked, confused on his English.

“So how does a party equate to you throwing my wardrobe around my room?” you asked, trying to keep yourself calm in the mess. You were deeply regretting giving him a key to your and Eliza’s dorm.

“Well, you’re going to need to look good, and you never wear all these lovely dresses,” Laf smirked.

He picked up a black slip style dress.

“What about this one?” he waggeled his eyebrows, making you giggle.

You snatched it from his hands.

“Peggy bought that for me a year ago and demanded I wear it to her birthday,” you blushed brightly.

“Wear it now” Laf demanded, making your cheeks go even redder than they were.  He always had this effect on you.

“Absolutely not,” you mumbled, shoving it back into your closet.

“Why not, mon amie? You’d look amazing,” he smiled at you. You wish he meant that the way you wanted him to mean it.

“I would not look amazing. I’d feel uncomfortable,” you said not meeting his gaze.

Lafayette sighed and picked up a different dress. It had a lot more cut outs, but you’d still feel more covered in it.

“What about this one?” he asked, hopeful.

“Fine,” you caved, snatching the dress from his hands. “But you’re cleaning this mess.”

“Yes,” He cheered.

As Laf finished up the cleaning, you started on your makeup.

“So what is this party for anyways?” you asked.

“Alex and John are throwing an end of the year party,” Laf smirked, knowing how wild their last party got.

You put down you brush and turned to Laf, knowing all too well that you both got so wasted at their last party, the two of you woke up cuddling in the bushes.

“So you mean you’re dragging me out to get wasted?” you asked incredulously.

“Oui,” Laf grinned, evilly. “Now let’s get hot together.”

It only took you an hour to get ready and another hour to get completely wasted at the party.

“Hey Laffy,” you slurred, giggling. You pulled at his fluffy pony tail.

“Oui, oui, mon amie,” Laf giggled back.

“I love your accent, like seriously. Give it to me,” you demanded.

“Never,” Laf frowned.

“Come on Laffy. You know you love me,” you poked his cheeks to make him smile.

“Nope,” he stood his ground, frowning.

“You’re so mean, Laf,” you dragged.

“It’s true, mon amie,” Laf shrugged.

You pouted.

“Don’t pout, mon amour,” Laf smiled. “Although, you’re so adorable when you pout.”

You were glad you were wasted, otherwise, you would have been bright red.

“Bite me,” you grumbled, jokingly.

“If you insist,” Laf shrugged, leaning in jokingly.

Alex chose that moment to bump into Laf, knowing his crush on you. This bump sent your French friend’s lips dangerously close to yours.

“Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad,” you mumbled.

Lafayette closed the gap between your lips. Your lips crashed together, with your hands raking through his hair. His hands lowered themselves from your back to your butt.

You let out a little squeak when he squeezed it, causing Laf to smirk.

You pulled away, breathlessly. The both of you were still drunk off your asses, but what could a little end of year hookup hurt.

“Do you want to head back to my dorm, mon amour?” Laf asked. “We don’t have to…”

“Mulligan is probably going to bring someone home, so we’ll go to my dorm. Eliza will probably stay the night here,” you said, before connecting your lips back to Lafayette’s.

If Lafayette had been any less drunk, he’d be nervous right now. The girl he’d always been going after for years was finally going after him. However, Lafayette was drunk and not thinking. Lafayette wasn’t thinking about the morning.

Neither was y/n. She just wanted fun after a stressful week.

Hamilton smirked at the both of them, as y/n dragged Laf through the drunken room. Eliza stared at them worriedly, knowing they were both passionate people. Soon enough, even Eliza was drunk enough to forget.

edierone  asked:

#77 “It’s a Texas thing.”

thanks dude, and dont worry i refrained from the egg discourse

To say the recent case was an exhausting one was an extreme understatement. Even the three days of R&R since they returned from that tiny town in Texas didn’t manage to get the taste of Hartwell’s coffee from her mouth, and as Scully prepared to go to work on Monday, she sincerely hoped that Mulder would be uncharacteristically less exuberant, despite the whole “town of vampires” thing. But alas. 

Mulder in all his glory threw the office door open at precisely nine thirty-seven in the morning, hands full of goodies Scully sincerely hoped were “I was kind of an ass on that last case and I’m sorry” peace offerings. However, when Mulder opened his mouth, she immediately knew otherwise.

“Howdy, pard-ner! Want some grub I rustled up on the way here?” Mulder said in a forced accent, throwing a toothy smile in her direction.

Scully didn’t even try to force a good attitude, just stared back giving him the glare she hoped would scare him away. But apparently five years of partnership and he was immune to it, not even beginning to stop his activities.

“Some joe for ya.” He slid a cup of coffee across the desk to her, and began rifling through the bag.

“Mulder what the hell are you doing?" 

He stopped. "We have a report to write? I just thought I’d set the mood with some breakfast? Pard-ner?”

Scully let out her one millionth exasperated sigh. “And the stupid accent?”

“It’s a Texas thing. I picked it up in Texas.”


“Relax, ’m mighty sure it’ll go set off down the dusty road before our meeting too-morrow with the head honcho.”

“Mulder for the love of god, would you just let me have a moment of peace? Please. Just let me write this report. Take a personal day. Something. Please.”

“Say, pardner, is this about the disappearance of ‘Ol Buckteeth? Because I know an even better fella who’d be interested-”

“Mu-uhlder please.”

“Sunflower seed?” A bag of said seeds appeared in his outstretched hand.


“What’s got your bolo tie all caddywanka, pard-ner? Spill.” He fell back in the chair opposite to her, tossing his feet up on the desk and stared at her.

“Stick it where the sun don’t shine, pard-ner,” she threw back.

“Scully?” his bit ceased.

“It’s been kind of an exhausting case for me, okay, Mulder? I just want to get this report done and move on to something else without having to deal with stupid buckteeth jokes and forced southern accent bits.” He looked thoughtful and nodded. Even across the desk, Scully could feel him refraining from making more jokes, and she actually felt really grateful to him. 

“So, I guess I’ll just take a personal day? You got this from here?” She could literally see the sad, begging puppy look beginning to appear on his face. And she hated that it was actually changing her mind. She gave a characteristically exasperated sigh, watching him eye the file in front of her. 

“I mean… if you give up the accent bit, I might be more inclined to have your opinion included, as far fetched as I know it’ll be.”

He gave her a small smile and nod, clearly pleased with himself. “Never could resist that southern charm, couldja Scully?”

“Seriously, Mulder, I’m gonna limit you to three mentions of buckteeth until this thing is filed away. Three. And that’s generous. That or I’m transferring out.”

He nodded.

“Okay, then. Here’s what I’ve got so far.” She slid the folder across the desk to Mulder, who glanced it over.

“Well, aren’t we just two peas in a-”


“Looks great, Scully. I actually was thinking about it last night,” and he launched into a batshit crazy rant as usual about how an entire town’s population could disappear overnight. As Scully nodded and rolled her eyes, she reached across for the bag of food he’d brought, but only to find the contents were two bagels and a thing of real cream cheese. He’d even taken a Sharpie and circled the 'real’ a few times.


A/N: This is the 300th post! Also, I’m 55 followers away from 1000! Thank you guys so much <3

- “Y/n… No…” Elena said, looking rather disappointed, anger and disapproval evident in her eyes.
- “Look, y/n, you’re my sister and I love you… But seriously, you’re dating 1000 year old grandma?” Jeremy pointed at Kol who smiled at your older brother.
- “Jeremy’s right. I mean, from all guys in Mystic Falls… It had to be him?” Elena added before you even had the chance to say anything. “Psychotic and arrogant douchebag.” She finished making you huff in annoyance and Kol to stand up.
- “Let’s slow down with the insults, alright?” He offered, his accent sounding magnificent.
- “Alright, asshole” Jeremy answered and looked at Elena who got up and left the room with him.
- “They’re gonna get over it.” You said smiling, wrapping your hands around Kol’s neck, looking into his mesmerizing eyes. “Eventually.

Finally made my way into doing some British!Arthur AW YISS. Have some feels with it.
And just so you know, my headcanon voice for British!Arthur is this.

It had been twelve years since he’d been home.

Everything looked so different, starting with the airport.Arthur supposed he should have been expecting it but that didn’t deter his enthusiasm in the slightest. In fact it only made him more excited. This would be as much of an adventure for him as it would be for his travel companions.

He didn’t even notice himself slipping back into his old accent almost immediately. It just felt so natural now. Here he had worked so hard to train himself to speak like everyone else in the new country, in his new home. All of that out the window in a second.

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At 2:55am on the 20th of August, I hit 50,000 followers. This is by far one of my biggest achievements yet. If you take the time to read this, I’d like to thank a lot of people, as well as giving you an insight on how 5SecondsOfSummer-FanPage was born.

24th February 2014- The Birth of this blog. I get hundreds of messages with people saying that running a blog is easy, and gaining followers is easy, and that’s fine if that’s what you believe. I also get messages with people saying they have no idea how I am so successful with my blog, and they feel like giving up. My message to you, is: Don’t. I had a blog before this for about a month and didn’t have a single follower. It was only until this blog was born, that I stated gaining around 400 followers a day…so don’t give up. I didnt. If I did, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today.

I believe around 10-11,000 of you may remember that this blog used to be co-owned by another girl, who no longer plays a part in my life. People drift apart, and we certainly had our days. I can confidently say now that a girl that used to be my best friend, now almost a stranger to me, has no idea about how this blog had risen since she left my life.

You may be wondering why there is a stadium above. I thought I’d give you an idea of what 50,000 looks like in a room. I couldn’t find a 100% accurate 50,000 seat stadium, so if I loaded all of my followers into this stadium, we still wouldn’t fit, which makes me happy.

I’d like to thank a few people:

robynbrighton: Bob, you’ve been my best friend for almost 14 years, which is incredible. I’m going to make it short and sweet, but you have no idea how proud I am of you, and I can’t thank you enough for the amount of support you’ve given me in life, and my blog. I truly love you.

bangmelikey0urdrums: Char, I love you. Seriously, nobody has sass like you, and I can’t thank you enough for being so supportive and cheering me up when I’m down and understanding me. I hope our friendship lasts forever:-)

matthewisonline: first off, thank you for staying up with me until like 3am, and keeping me entertained for hours on end. You were my 50,000th follower. (He unfollowed so he could be). You’re seriously such a good friend with an amazing accent who likes Nutella, don’t change.

ashtonhasmyheart: thank you for all the support you’ve given me with my blog, you’re comments and messages make me smile, never change, I love you!

And last but not least. YOU. Yes you, reading this. This blog makes me very happy, and without you guys, there would be no blog. You are my happiness, and I love you more than pizza.

50,000 means the world.

Thank you.

how can youtubers make me so so happy i don’t get it like your just a stupid teenager (young adult idk) with a stupid camera and stupid ideas and a stupid accent and a stupid but v cute face but everytime i see your stupid voice and hear ur stupid intro or see your stupid face or read a stupid tweet i’m smiling and laughing like a stupid person so thankyou for being stupid so that i can also be stupid and now the word stupid doesn’t even look like a stupid word i love you bye

The Caged Bird Doesn't Always Sing (Ch. 3/?)

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Title: The Caged Bird Doesn’t Always Sing

Pairings: Michael/Gavin (Mavin); Joel/Ray (Joelay); Geoff/Griffon (Geoffon)

Rating:Mature later on. Sexual content, Character Death (Not Michael or Gav), Violent Scenes

Summary: When Gavin gets caught in a bank robbery, he’s sent to one of the toughest prisons in Texas, where he’ll become part of the Achieve men gang, a group of men led by Geoff Ramsey that rule the prison. He’ll deal with crooked prison guards, unruly inmates, and even find love in the brawn of the men, Michael Jones. But with the hard life of prison, can they all make it out alive?

Word Count: 1,600+

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