i mean seriously just look at the both of them

The Girlfriend Tag

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Imagine: You and Dan decide to give the fans what they want, and cute video of the internents favourite couple

A/N: I know this isn’t any thing about marvel but I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been watching all of Dan and hil’s videos and getting so many feelis. I just had to. Also I really should be doinf my German coursework, bit too late, Dan is more important

Warnings: Some swearing, implied smut but just fluff really

Word Count: 1955 (got a little carried away)

“Hello internet” Dan starts off with his iconic opener

“Today, I am joined by the wonderful Y/N, who you may also know as my girlfriend!” He exclaimed, giving out a laugh as your cue to jump into the camera view.

“Hey guys” You giggled, getting comfortable next to Dan

“Now you may be wondering what original video I have for you today, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get more original than this”

“We are doing the girlfriend tag!” You almost shouted, causing Dan to let out a rather loud groan.

“Jeez, lets tone it now my channel isn’t used to your happy attitude just yet” He joked, covering his ears

“Just because you literally only have the feeling of embarrassment, doesn’t mean I can’t be happy” You fire back, sending a smirk in his direction.

“Oh God, too much sass. I want Phil back” Your dork of a boyfriend joked

“Shut up, we kind of have a part of Phil with us now” You explained

“Really how so?” Dan played along

“Well, he did do the questions for us to answer”

“God knows what kind of weird stuff he has put in here; I don’t know if you guys have noticed but Phil is like obsessed with sharing our relationship with others. If he isn’t taking sneaky photos of us and tweeting them, then he is jumping into a room when we are together doing a live stream of us.”

As Dan continued to talk about his best friend, you couldn’t help but admire his perfect features. His big, wide smile that would light up a room. His unusually large dimple that you found so adorable. How he is constantly touching and checking if his hair looks okay, which of course it does. And his dark drowns eyes, that you could stare into for days.

“..Y/n?” You were abruptly ripped out of your thoughts by Dan waving a hand in front of your face

“Sorry” You blushed, red staining your cheeks as you realised Dan caught you staring at him and will most definitely keep this part in his video, because, well let’s face it, a bit of an arse.

“What were you so caught up about?”

“Just admiring the view” You jokingly sent back and big wink. Now it was Dan’s’ turn to blush, whist also letting out a laugh

“That was so cringe, I might just have to take it out of the video.” Dan spoke to the camera; he was definitely not taking that part out.

“Right so to start this video I’m going to put my hand into the hat and pull out a question. The questions are basically letting you guys know even more about our relationship and hopefully teaching us a bit more about each other” Dan explained.

“Ohhhh can I go first?” You excitedly asked. You couldn’t help it, there was something so fun about doing a video with your boyfriend.

“Of course”

You dove your hand into the hat, grabbing the first folded piece of paper you felt and pulled it out.

“Alright it says, ‘Where was our first kiss?’” For the second time you felt your cheeks heat up.

“I’m going to be so red this whole video, reckon you could like put a filter on me to make me look better?” You joked, however it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Dan laughed, before saying

“So do you want to answer or me?”

“You do it” You always loved hearing Dan talk about your relationship

“Alright, I remember it was our second date and we were just hanging in the living room eating pizza talking after just finishing up on the X-box. I was so nervous, just thinking about leaning in and possibly facing rejection and ruining it all. But then you made a joke out about anime and I knew I had to do it before someone else snatched you away” Dan smiled at the memory, you beaming right back at him.

“Then he just leant in and kissed me, obviously I didn’t turn down that face and now here we are two years later” You finished, butterflies erupting in your stomach at the fond memory.

“OK, next question” Dan stuck his hand in the hat rather ungracefully causing a few questions to topple out.

“Shit” he mumbled, throwing back three in the hat and reading out the remaining one on the floor.

“Finish this sentence ‘My girlfriend is a complete…..’” Dan stopped to think for a minute, you couldn’t help but anxiously wait for what he was going to say

“…..twat” He finally spoke. This caused you both to simultaneous burst out into a fit of laughter, clutching your stomach you couldn’t be surprised at what Dan said, it was so him. You knew Dan loved you with everything he had, it was very obvious. You guys didn’t have a mushy gushy relationship, it was more full of lots of jokes and banter, you guys were basically best friends,

“You are such and arse, why am I dating you?” You tried to sound upset, but the smile that you couldn’t wipe off your face gave it all away.

“You loveeeeee me really” He rather obnoxiously sung

“Actually Babe, I’m secretly in love with Phil and I only come round to your house on the chance that I will see my one true love” You lied, not helping but feel a bit weird by saying you like Phil, who was basically like a brother to you.

“That’s just mean, and a little gross” He complained

“Yeah I know; I have no clue why I said it” you giggled

“Right, my turn” You plunged your hand into the hat, pulling one out to read.

“‘Who wears the pants in the relationship?’ Ohh that’s hard” You thought.

“I know my answer” Dan said confidently

“Really? Alright let’s say our answers on three. One, two, three.”

This caused both of you to say ‘me’ at the same time.

“You’re kidding me right?” You said in disbelief to Dan

“What? Love, I’m always making the decisions”

“Babe, I literally always have to order for us at the cinema because you’re ‘too awkward to talk to new people’”

“Alright, alright I’ll give you that one, no need to share all my secrets on my channel”

Dan took out another piece of paper from the hat, causing yet again one to fall out.

“God, it’s clear to see who the clumsiest one of us is. And that’s hard because I could fall over standing still” You poked out at Dan.
“Leave me alone, you are so mean. So it says, ohhh this is interesting, ‘who is more jealous’?” Dan read.

“Ohhh, that is” You both took a minute to think about it, recalling moments when the other has been jealous. Most of these moments resulting in some seriously fun times together, and just by looking at Dan and the lazy smirk he wore you knew he was thinking about them. You kicked him in the shins, under the view of the camera causing him to jump a little, then answering.

“I feel like you get jealous more often, but it’s not as intense as when I get jealous.”
“Hmmm, yeah I reckon that’s fair to say.” You repeated, it wasn’t hard constantly having beautiful girls running up to your boyfriend, telling him how hot and sometimes the daring ones flirting with him. However, it had happened a few times when we were hanging around with Dan’s friends and one flirts with you, he gets mad.

“We only have a couple questions left” You sadly exclaimed, not wanting this video to be over.

“Let’s hope we haven’t saved the weirdest till last then!” Dan deadpanned

Grabbing one of the last pieces of paper you unfold it and read,

“‘what do I find really fun, that no one else really does?’” You laughed lightly at this weird question, thinking Dan would need a while on this one.

“You watch pimple popping videos” He answered straight away. You sat there with your mouth hanging open, a blush adorned on your cheeks,

“How did you know that? I always try to keep it on the down low” You exclaimed, shocked and slightly embarrassed that he knew

“Sweetheart, we’ve been going out for 2 years, we’ve been living together for 1, there is little that I don’t know about you”

“That’s kind of creepy and really cute at the same time. I knew I chose you for a reason” You hummed

“I’m not some Pokémon woman, don’t objectify me like that” He fired back

“Shut up and read the last question. Because as much as I love doing videos with you I need to cook us dinner, and get it done so it’s ready when Phil comes back from visiting his family.

“Aw look at you, you are literally the only reason we have survived this long. Anyway, here we go and I won’t knock out another question this time.” He took his time in dramatically picking out the question.

“Oh for god’s sake Phil, he’s such a child. It says ‘when did the two of you first sleep together?’”

A deep shade of red engulfs your face and you looked over at Dan with your mouth wide.

“What the hell, he did not just ask that?” You said shocked.

“Yeah you’re right, I’m joking. Lol” Dan admits, handing over the question for you to read aloud.

“It says, ‘Who/When fist said I love You?’ Now that is a cute question” You cooed, recalled that cherished memory that you held very close to your heart.

“Well, I don’t want to spill all the beans about our relationship just yet, so all that you guys will be knowing is that, Y/N said it first. Maybe we can do another gushy relationship story about that some other time. But for now that’s it.” Dan finished off the video and looked at you to continue.

“Thanks guys for watching hope you enjoyed it, and if you did please subscribe and request some more ideas of what we can do next. Byeeee” You finished

“That was so much fun” You turned to Dan, who was already lovingly gazing at you.

“You know I love you right?” He spoke

“Of course, and you know I love you too, so much” You replied inching your face closer to his.

“You know when you told me you loved me, when we were just lying in bed cuddling watching Breaking Bad, I think that that’s the happiest I’ve ever felt.” He confessed. As much as you loved the banter and jokes in this relationship, nothing felt better than Dan confessing his feelings to your, he really did complete you.

“I was so nervous that I had said it too soon, but I’m so glad one of us plucked up the courage to say it” You murmured, now lips a mere centimeter away from each other.

Dan quickly closed the gap between the two of you and soon had his hand on the back of your head pulling you closer. Automatically you brought your hands up to caress his cheeks and you two shared one of the most passionate kisses in your relationship.

Dan gently pushed you back onto the bed and slipped his hand down to your waist, when you suddenly remembered something.

“Dan the camera is still on!”

“Oh fuck yeah, thank God it isn’t a live stream” He jumped up to turn the camera off, leaving it on the side to edit later.

But he only had one thought on his mind now. You. Jumping back next to you on the bed you two finished off what you had started

okay so you know the video of the guy who forgot he was married to his wife? that but with Nursey as the guy and Dex as the wife but instead of Dex responding with “I’m your husband” when Nursey asks if he’s an angel he says “Close. I’m actually a Nurse.”

and Nursey doesn’t understand for a sec what that means he’s just like “oh. that’s chill.” and Dex laughs and then the doctor comes in like “is everything alright Mr. Nurse?” and Nursey realizes the doctor is referring to him and then he looks at Dex and then at the doctor and his eyes go wide and he’s like “you’re my husband?!”

and honestly Dex would give both his kidneys and half a lung to see Nursey’s face light up like that again god i love these boys

George Weasley x Reader Imagine: Just a Little Jealous

Imagine George saving Harry at a Quidditch game and all the girls drooling over him, so you show up and not so subtly, show them who he belongs to. But later, when you were the one who made a record amount of scores as a Chaser, all the boys are going crazy over you. That is, until George steps in and does the same thing you did, but much more extreme. ;)

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It was your 5th year at Hogwarts, and your 5th year of being a chaser. You were in the locker rooms, being given a speech by Oliver Wood, and you were about to play Slytherin. You hated the Slytherin Quidditch team. All they ever did was cheat, and Snape always let them get away with everything. (heh, get it? Snape, always? Sorry.) “Alright? Good. Let’s get out there, and win!” You knew the match would be tough, but it was taking forever. The score was currently 70 for Gryffindor, and 90 for Slytherin. You were trying to get the Slytherin chasers away from Angelina, but it wasn’t working. You were swearing under your breath and you didn’t even notice a bludger coming straight towards your head. That was, until, a certain ginger haired sweetheart flew in front of you, and hit it with his bat. “Thanks babe!” You said as you went to steal the Quaffle away from a Slytherin. You caught it, and threw it into the goal, the quaffle itself not being noticed the keeper, who was focused on you, but in a way that you didn’t care for. You could see that he was staring at your breasts, and smirking. “Ugh, gross” you thought before you yelled to him, “hey, what your problem pervert?!” He quickly looked towards Lee Jordan, who spoke into the microphone, “SCORE BY (Y/L/N), THAT MAKES 100 FOR GRYFFINDOR” the crowd screamed, except the Slytherins, who were furious. Luckily, George didn’t notice the keeper staring at you. You knew he couldn’t control his anger when he got jealous of other guys hitting on you, but when another guy did ANYTHING remotely inappropriate to you, he probably would’ve done something to get himself banned from the team, and right now, you needed to win. The crowd was going crazy, since Harry found the Snitch, and was about to catch it. He was just inches from catching it, when suddenly, there was a bludger headed straight towards him. Then, George swept behind Harry, in front of the bludger, and whacked it away from him. Only seconds later, Harry caught the snitch, and everyone, except the Slytherins, were cheering. Lee screamed into the microphone, “POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH, GRYFFINDOR WINS THE MATCH!” You screamed along with the rest of the crowd, and you were so proud of your boyfriend, the crowd was was even cheering, instead of Potter, “WEASLEY! WEASLEY! WEASLEY!” You dreamily stared at him, and he winked at you, making you blush.

The next day, you were on your way to your next class, holding hands with George in the corridor, and you saw a few Hufflepuff girls walking past you. Normally, you wouldn’t care, but they were whispering and giggling when they said, “Hi George.” He said hey back, and they looked as if they might faint. “That was weird.” You said. “Don’t worry (y/n), I only have eyes for you.” “I know, I just don’t like other girls checking you out.” After that, things only got worse, but you figured out how to stop those hoes from flirting with George. When you saw them getting too close to him, which was annoying for both of you, (that loyal little cutie,) you simply walked up to him and said, “hi Georgie. You look really hot today.” And he would move closer to you, and put his hands on you hips, and say, “oh really?” And you would reply yes, and start kissing him passionately, then moving to his neck, leaving hickies everywhere. And then he would grab your bum, and start giving you hickies everywhere. And the whole time he did it to you, you stared the girl straight in the eyes, while she made a disgusted face, and walked away. The next week, you had another Quidditch game, against Slytherin again. The score was 200 for Gryffindor, and 60 for Slytherin. 160 of those points for Gryffindor had been achieved from you. You had scored this many goals before, but you were determined to beat the Hogwarts record for most goals. You even had hoped to be a Chaser professionally one day. You spotted the Quaffle and flew from behind to snatch it out of the Slytherin Chaser’s hands. You did this over and over again, and by the time Harry caught the snitch, the score was 370 to 120. Then 150 more points meant Gryffindor defintely won, and you had scored 300 points for your team, crushing the previous record of 240. You and the rest of the team, were so overjoyed that as soon as you came back to the ground, they gave you a big group hug, and the twins lifted you on their shoulders. Then everyone from Gryffindor came to the field from the stands, and were super excited as well. Beating the record meant not only did you get to be on the radar of professional Quidditch teams, and the Gryffindor team was officially the best, but it also gave Gryffindor house 75 points, and a shiny trophy in the trophy room, that would be remembered for generations to come. That night at dinner in the Great Hall, Professor Dumbledore called you up to accept your trophy, and rewarded Gryffindor house with 75 points. You had to hold back tears of joy as you walked back to your table. You sat in between the twins and George gave you a long passionate kiss on the lips, making you smile from ear to ear. Later that night, a huge party was thrown in the common room, where both you and George drank a little too much fire whiskey, making you both a little tipsy. However, this was a Saturday, so you had time to recover. On Monday, things started to get a little out of order again. At first it was OK, the guys from Gryffindor were giving you high fives and congratulating you on winning. But when it moved to other houses, and them touching you not so appropriately, since they weren’t your boyfriend, you started to get a little worried. Most of the girls had stopped hitting on George, but the guys had just gotten started. It was really starting to affect your relationship, you were arguing about it, and ignoring it, which made you ignore each other more. You really didn’t want this to happen, and you were trying to get all the boys to shove off. Luckily, you and George had stopped ignoring each other, but it was because of an argument. “You think I wanted this to happen? I hate this, I can’t stand us fighting, I’m starting to feel unsafe Georgie!” You yelled, with tears forming in your eyes. “Are you sure (y/n)? That you absolutely can’t shake them off? Seriously, you look like such a little slut!” The moment that word came out of his mouth, you both instantly regretted it. You let out a sob, and tears started streaming down your face. You were going to run to your bed and cry, but he started apologizing, and you knew he didn’t mean it. He held you in his arms, and you cried into his chest. “I-I can’t keep doing this, Georgie,” “I know, I’m sorry, you’ll be alright.” Just when you thought it would never stop, something happened, that you’ll never forget. Another Gryffindor was sitting in the common room next to you, flirting with you, of course, when he he took it too far. George was watching, as he always was, but he was getting a little jealous. “So, you’ve gotta be pretty talented to beat a record like that.” “Yea, I guess.” He suddenly put his on your knee, and leaned in for a kiss, but you put your hands on his shoulders, and shoved him away, then smacked him in the face. You made eye contact with George, seeing his eyes turn dark brown, and nodded with him, both of you knowing exactly what to do next. He moved to the couch where you were sitting, picked you up in his arms, and carried you to his room, most people watching. As soon as you stepped into his room, he locked the door with his wand. He then put you on his bed, went on top of you, and started attacking your neck with open-mouthed kisses, leaving hickies, making you gasp. He moved down closer to your breasts, and quickly unbuttoned your shirt, then unclasping your bra, throwing it across the room, as if he never wanted to see it again. He started kissing your breasts, then massaging them as well. He pinched your nipple, which made you loudly moan. He grinned when he heard it, so he did it to the other breast time, and you moaned even louder. He started kissing them again, but moved down to your skirt, and practically ripped it off you. He didn’t waste any time moving to your heat, then taking off your lacy blue underwear, and inserting his tongue into you. You immediately screamed with pleasure, and could feel his grin, as he sucked on your clit. You put your hands in his hair, trying not to scream with every move he made. He knew that the more you distracted yourself by playing with his hair, the less noise you would make. And that’s not what he wanted. He wanted you scream his name so everyone could know you were his, and ONLY his. He grabbed your hands and put them above him, still violently thrusting his tongue into you. You ignored this, and put them back in his hair, eyes still shut tight in ecstasy. He once again pushed your hands away from his hair, but you put them back in his hair. By this time, he had enough. He pulled away and said, “Jesus, (y/n), can you just stay still for one minute?” You managed you say, “Never.” “Fine.” He pulled away from you, grabbed his Gryffindor tie, and tied you up tightly. You liked his dominance, and were ready for more. He looked down at your folds and said, “so wet for me, huh?” And he began sucking on your clit again. You were breathing heavily, and moaning his name, which you could tell was turning him on. He could tell you were close to coming, so he rubbed your thighs, and laughed, which sent vibrations through your body, and as much as you tried to deny it, you couldn’t stop what he had done to you. You screamed, “GEORGE!!!!!!!!!” You came, screaming his name, releasing yourself, him taking in everything he could. He slowly pulled his tongue out of you, watching you panting from your orgasm. After a minute or so, you opened your eyes to see George, hovering above you, admiring your beauty, proud that he left you breathless and speechless, and you realized he had untied you. “So, I’ll ask you once again, could any other guys do that to you?” You weren’t finished though. You wanted more, you wanted him. It wasn’t just about him making all the boys know you were his, it was also about making the girls know he was yours. So you innocently said, “oh Georgie, that’s not fair.” He quickly responded, louder, “what’s not fair?!” You giggled, and said, “it’s not fair how you can make me feel so good, but I can’t do the same to you.” “Well I never said you couldn’t, (y/n).” “Good.” You flipped the two of you over so you were on top, and he was on the bottom. You slowly moved down from his bare chest, to his toned stomach, and finally to his pants. You breathed your hot breath onto his abdomen while you stroked his crotch with you hand, and you could hear his breathy gasp, and feel him getting hard. “You want this baby? ” he quickly nodded. “Are you sure? Just from me, no one else?” He nodded again, and you slowly started to unzip his pants, and take them off as slowly as you could. You could tell he was getting impatient, and you were glad. You slowly pulled off his pants, and by now he was squirming. He pulled himself up to try to strip himself, but you pushed him back down. “No, it’s my turn. I’m gonna make you feel amazing.” You moved back down to his pants, actually taking them off this time, along with his boxers. You told him, “baby, I want you to be as loud as you can. So all those other girls can hear who you belong to.” He whispered out, “and I want you to show me who I belong to.” You smirked as you grabbed his hard member in your hand and said, “don’t worry, I will.” You placed your tongue on the tip of his dick, and he immediately moaned. You laughed a little, and placed it in your mouth. He gasped, and you started to suck on it. He was already a moaning mess, and you were loving it. You were massaging his balls as you sucked harder and harder, until he pushed your head towards his cock, making you gag, you pushed his hands away, just as he did to you, but still obeyed what he wanted you to do. He kept moaning, and groaning, and you knew he was about to come, so you did the same thing he did to you to get you to come. You tightly grabbed his hips and moaned with his dick still in your mouth. That was it. He released himself in your mouth, and you swallowed his cum in gulps, not letting a drop of it go. You pulled away from him, and layed on your side next to him. He was still trying to catch his breath, and you smiled at him, proud of what you had done. “So, now do you know that you belong to me?” He had finally caught his breath, and said, “I don’t know, do you belong to me?” You smiled as moved your eyes to the ceiling as you said, “wellll, I can think of another way you can show me.” “Same here.” You were about to ask what, as if you didn’t already know, but his fingers were already stroking your vagina. You lightly moaned, and he smirked. He climbed on top of you, and you stared into his eyes, which were now a dark brown. He slowly slipped into you, and you softly moaned. “That’s it baby, louder” he said as he went slightly deeper. You wrapped your legs around his waist, telling him to go deeper. “Scream for me.” “Make me baby” “of course” he went faster as you scratched your nails on his back. He grabbed your breast with one hand, and held himself up with the other. Before you knew it, he was pounding into you, both of you moaning at every thrust. You flipped him over, and started bouncing on him, hitting your g-spot every time. He wanted to be the dominant one, so he flipped you over again, so now he was on top. He pounded into you, harder and faster than he ever had before. “George, I-I can’t f-feel my legs!” “Mhmm” Both of you were moaning, very loud, and as much as you tried to hide it, you were close. But George knew, he always did. He whispered into your ear, “come for me baby. Scream so the world can know you’re mine.” And with just one more thrust, you came, with following closely after. “GEOOOORGE!!!!!!!!” screamed so loud you were sure even the people in the Slytherin dorms could hear. He pulled himself off of you, both of you still panting, trying to catch your breath. “(Y/n)?” “Yes, Georgie?” “I’m so yours.” “Good. Because I’m yours.” He winked at you, making you blush. “So, should we go downstairs, and make sure everyone got the message?” “I would love to, but I’m not sure how.” “What do you mean? Did I hurt you?” “No, I still can’t feel my legs.” “Oh really? Let me have a look then.” He smirked, took the sheets off you, and stared at your naked body. Not in a creepy way, but in a cherishing way. “Well I don’t see anything wrong with them.” He ran his hand from your hip to your breast, then back down to your stomach, and he added a hand, and you knew what he was doing. “George! No! Stop!” He tickled you, and you laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe. He finally stopped, and you caught your breath. “Now how are those legs feeling?” You looked at him, and said, “they’re not feeling anything. I-I think, you’ll need to carry me.” “Well, I think you should get dressed first. We wouldn’t want anyone else to see what belongs to me.” “Of course not baby.” He grabbed all of your clothes from around his room, and watched as he slowly put everything back on your body for you. He started with your panties, blue, with lace, the ones that you knew he liked. As he put them on, he breathed his hot breath on your vagina, making you gasp, slightly turning you on. He let out a small laugh. “Don’t worry love, there’ll be time for that later tonight, it’s seems to me as that’s what you were planning on.” “You know you like it when I wear these.” “And how do you that Miss (y/l/n)?” “Because Mr. Weasley, I found them in your pocket the other day.” “Oh, right. Forgot about that.” He pulled your panties all the way on, then moved to your skirt, then your bra, and your button up shirt. While he was buttoning it up, he gave you small kisses on your breasts. Once he finished that, he moved back to your legs, slipped on your tights, and put on your shoes. Then, you watched him get dressed, looking for all his clothes around the room. When he finally got all his clothes on, he moved back to you, still lying on the bed, and said, “well, are you sure you can’t get up?” You playfully said, “I am absolutely certain.” “Alright then.” He wrapped his arms around you, and picked you up, bridal style. He then put you down, so you were standing up, and then you fell to the ground, him catching you before your bum hit it. “See, I wasn’t joking, I really can’t feel my legs Georgie.” He looked down and said, “oh, sorry (y/n).” You giggled and said, “don’t worry Georgie, I feel wonderful.” And with that, he carried you to the common room. There, some people cheered for you, while the girls gave you the evil eye, and gossiped about you. And the guys muttered words like, “lucky” and “I’m the one who deserves a piece of that ass.” But you didn’t care, they could talk about you two all they wanted, but they weren’t the ones in your relationship. You looked at George and said, “so, I know you already ate something, but did you wanna head to dinner?” “I’d love that” he carried you to the dining hall, and carried you back when you were finished. From then on, hardly anyone ever flirted with either of you again, and when they did, well, you know. ;)

Watching You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Just cuteness

The first time Buck see’s you, he just has to speak to you, even if that means making a fool out of himself to do it.

“Come out with us tonight, you might see something you like.” Steve chuckles as he tries to convince his best friend to come out that night.

“You say that every time.” Buck chuckles at his friend.

“It could happen.” Steve laughs.

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Good Boy, Stevie // Steve Rogers x Reader (P1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, a tiny bit WinterWidow and ScarletVision
Word Count: 3.7k+
Warning: Language, fluff, Slooow burn, Sub!Steve, Dominant Reader  
Summary: Steve discovers he really enjoys you on top and in control. Pietro and Sam find out a little more about Bucky Barnes than they ever wanted to know. Wanda is a surprising supporter of *ahem* kinky things.

A/N: You really thought I was going to leave you hanging on ‘Oh Captain!’ like that? I’m not that sadistic. Okay…maybe I am but this story practically begged me to write it. Who am I to refuse?

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Previously on Oh Captain: Good Boy, Stevie //Part 2

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I just rewatched Civil War again and I realized something as I watched it - seriously, people need to pay attention in this end fight because Tony, if he had wanted Bucky or Steve dead, he could have killed both of them by simply blasting his center repulsor unibeam at them and they’d have died.

Tony Stark was pulling his punches, I’m calling it. He was fucking pulling his punches.

Yes he was furious and betrayed and angry, he wanted to hit someone, he wanted to make them hurt as he does, he wanted someone to pay and feel the pain, he wanted all those things. But even in that furious blind anger, there’s that part of him that couldn’t do it - Tony came into Siberia to help them, he just spent an entire movie trying to shield them from a firing squad, hell he let Natasha walk away and didn’t even go after her, Tony didn’t want any of them to die. Yes there’s so much anger he’s feeling, so much pain, but buried beneath all of that is a man who still doesn’t want to kill someone, who doesn’t want to kill his friend.

If he was truly so furious, truly so full of rage that he just wanted Bucky or Steve to die, all he had to do was blast them all with that unibeam and they’d both be done for it.

I mean, seriously, look at that scene, when Bucky was tearing at his arc reactor, he only blasted the metal arm off, and once Bucky was down, he could have unibeam again and Bucky would be dead but instead he used that same hand repulsor blast that he used on Sam, a non lethal blow.

Tony Stark may have been furious as hell, may have been overwhelmed with pain, but there was still a part of him that could not take the lethal shot. He was still holding back, however unconsciously, but he was.

@a-l-ias Thank you for the inspiration. Snotlout walking in on Hiccstrid making out would be absolutely hilarious, and I couldn’t help but drabble it. ^-^ 

Hiccstrid on the Edge

A week. A week since the volcanoes eruption, and five days since things had returned to normal living.

…for the most part anyways.

Now that “Hiccstrid” (pfft, who needs it anyways?) was a “thing”, life had definitely changed. Those two would disappear for long lengths at a time, Hiccup would daze out periodically if Astrid so much as looked at him funny, night flights were a daily occurrence…

It had gotten better- only slightly. Snotlout hated to admit it, but those two were getting pretty darned good at flirting. Like… really good.

Especially that Haddock. Good Thor, since when did he know how to talk like that!? What happened to that clumsy oaf who tripped over his own feet when Astrid gave him a funny look?

And Astrid. Goodness, did she seriously have to swing her hips even more dramatically? She did it on purpose, to drive Hiccup mad, because even though he thought she didn’t see him looking, Snotlout could tell she noticed, and just to tease the guy she dramatized her movements.

They were both crazy for each other.

But why… just why, in the entire archipelago, did they have to do it where HE COULD SEE.

Where they could all see!?

I mean, thank the gods they didn’t get all kissy kissy in front of them- just occasional and casual pecks on the cheeks or something, but… like… just why?

Snotlout was beginning to grow annoyed by it all- none of the others were, or seemed to be. He was the only one. But that was beside the point, he wanted things to return to normal, where he could still hit on Astrid without suffering a sprained nose from that maniacal Hiccup’s fist. He’d gotten hit once, and he didn’t wish to relive that experience.

But, after one stern look from Heather, he kept his trap shut. He’d rather be on Heather’s good side then have no view of the Hiccstrid’s fluff, so he kept quiet.

But… he wasn’t expecting… that.

Snotlout whistled lightly as he strode along the Edge’s outpost ledge, heading to Hiccup’s hut to complain about how the twins racket was disturbing his nap. Upon reaching Hiccup’s odd door, he hesitated, seeing that Toothless was snoozing lightly outside, entirely relaxed and unfocused.

With a shrug, he swung the door open and waltzed inside, not bothering to voice his presense.

“Hey, Hic-!” his voice cut short as his jaw dropped and his eyes popped, staring in absolute horror and disgust at Hiccup, who had Astrid backed against the wall as the two kissed… as in… KISSED. Not just that light fluff, but as in… mouth to mouth kissing.

Snotlout felt himself gag. Oh Thor… why him, oh why oh whyyyy…

The two love birds noticed him then, and with a squeak, Hiccup stumbled back and crashed into his wall of Toothless’s tailfins, sending a couple crashing to the floor. Astrid blinked and scurried away, ducking under Hiccup’s arm to stand awkwardly by the table.

“Thor, what are you two doing!?” Snotlout exploded, arms waving frantically. “You two are sick, you know that?”

Hiccup was blushing beat red, as he wiped his mouth and go shakily to his feet. He dusted himself off, shaking his head in embarrassment. “We were just kissing, Snotlout.”

“I saw!” He exclaimed bewailing. “But that… that wasn’t kissing. That was kissing.”

“Well, this is my hut…” Hiccup grated, voice extremely nasally. “You should’ve at least knocked.”

Astrid coughed, causing Snotlout to swing his head around to her, glaring when he noticed she was smiling behind her hand.

“You find this funny!?” He said, “Do you know- that just scarred me for life. I repeat. FOR LIFE.” He huffed in irritation, crossing his arms.

“Snot, we were just kiss-ing.” Hiccup drew out the last word, prolonging Snotlout’s agony. “So shut up and get out of here, would you?”

“Gladly!” With that, Snotlout swung on his heal and marched out of the room, leaving the two blushing teens to themselves. He paused outside the door, staring at a now awake Toothless scoldingly.

“Get in there and chaperone them, T.” Snotlout ordered, pointing through the doorway. “I’m ashamed you let them get so far!” He sniffed.

The dragon blinked, then growled and got to his feet and walked to the door while crooning in amusement, tail flicking the door closed.

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If you still want prompts or anything I'm so here for jealous/protective Otabek. Maybe at a club or something? Idk Otabek just loving yuri so much and getting jealous because yuri is so pretty people keep hitting on him

this one got away from me a little bit, so i’m going to throw part of it under a cut to preserve everyone’s dashes! i hope it fits what you were looking for!

Otabek ends up being accidentally jealous. In all of the relationships and flings he had before Yuri, he never had a problem with it. He’s always been pretty secure in himself and his place in any relationship he’s held. Additionally, he’s never been the kind of person who would tell a partner what they could and couldn’t do; he just trusted them to do what felt right and tell him if anything changed in their feelings toward him.

Yuri changes that. He makes it…difficult. He’s unpredictable and passionate and a little bit wild. It throws Otabek just enough off-center that he sometimes finds it difficult to right himself. He’s never been so in love with a person and it’s slightly terrifying for him.

See, even if Otabek’s been secure in previous relationships, Yuri confirms what he’s kind of always suspected – he was never completely there. Sure, he had feelings for anyone he ever spent time with, he’s never been a liar or fake about that in any sense. But with Yuri, he finds himself peeled back just a little bit more. He exposes more layers of himself than he ever thought he would. All of those layers respond to Yuri more than they ever have with anyone else.

So when he starts to feel unsettled whenever he sees other guys near Yuri, he gets a little confused. He’s not sure why he’s feeling this way, and he doesn’t totally know how to address it.

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I have a lot of feelings about damon and graham and at least 82% of them have to do with the gif of them kissing

if by feelings you mean GRAMON FEELS then yeah, i too have a lot of feelings about damon and graham. they have such a lovely relationship and it has been through so much but they are like soul mates and it is really beautiful, they both seem so grateful to have each other in their lives again and AHHHH FEELS!! SO MANY FEELS!!!! :’)))))))))

i mean..

you mentioned this

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AND they are just so…

freaking adorable and sweet and lovely

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gramon is the most beautiful thing :’))))))

(oh and lastly, this is them at glastonbury in 97? i can’t remember which year BUT AHHHHHHHHH)


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Amanda bonding with a dad of your choice?

send me ddadds reqs

“Oh, goodness, I’m just so… nervous!”

Dadsona sighs endearingly, rubbing Hugo’s hand with both of his own. “What could you possibly have to fear? She’s your student, Hugo.”

The other father groans and uses his free hand to cover his face. “She’s your daughter.”

“I’m not nervous around Ernest.”

“Ernest is barely a person.”

It’s the first time Amanda will be visiting home since she left for college. Being so far from home, they decided it would be best for her to return only when she absolutely had to, and the first opportunity was winter break. Her entire first semester is already finished, and although they kept in constant contact over phone and skype, nothing can compare to Dadsona’s excitement to see his daughter again.

His boyfriend, on the other hand, is close to losing his mind.

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A/N: Written for my Daring Drabbles Challenge. My prompt was Benny + Kitten. This drabble was requested by @kathaswings.

Warnings: Benny’s muscles, annoyed!Sam, sexual tension

“I don’t trust him.”


“I mean, he’s a vampire. And since when does Dean see common ground for things like this?”



I reluctantly pulled my eyes away from where Dean and Benny were loading up the Impala. “What?”

“Are you even listening to me?” Sam asked, his eyes darting from Benny and Dean back to me. A frustrated scowl coating his features.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, man, he’s not that bad. He seems kinda tame for a vampire, if you ask me. And-” I froze mid-sentence as Benny knelt down to pick up a crate, my focus temporarily overtaken by the ripple of muscles in his forearms. “…I mean, he’s more like the kitten of vamps.”

Sam’s brooding eyes got broodier, “Seriously?”

“Like, you could curl up with him, but he also has a bit of a bite. No pun intended.” I felt a small sigh escape my lips as Benny clapped Dean firmly on the shoulder, both of them smiling at each other. “Just look at them, Sam. A kitten, I tell you.”

“Hey, Sammy!” Dean called, breaking up the growing tension between us, “Come over here for a sec.” He waved him over, and Sam gave me one last look of disapproval before walking off to join his brother.

Benny took the opposite route, giving Sam a wide berth as he crossed the path he’d just taken. He came within a few feet of me, and I flashed him a wide smile that he returned with one of his own.

I opened my mouth to say something, but then my eyes caught his, and the intense look I found there cut me off mid-thought.

And then his tall frame was suddenly very close to mine as he took one, then two steps towards me.

A new form of tension immediately filled the air around us.

He reached out a hand, gently touched my shoulder, trailed fire down my arm and to my fingers.

My breath caught in my throat as sparks shot through my system. My heartbeat took on a mind of its own.

A low rumble radiated in Benny’s chest. His other hand found my side, fingers wrapping around my waist, a thumb slipping under the fabric of my t-shirt to drag firmly across the sensitive skin there. 

His breath warmed my neck, tickled my ear as he leaned close, our hips slightly brushing. 

A pause, then, “I’m not as tame as you think I am, chèr.”

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Jealousy Part5

Word Count: 1328

A/N: oh my god we are at part 5 of this, and if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m probably going to do a few more of them! I don’t exactly know what to write after this series is over so if you have any requests feel free to let me know and also tell me what you think about my writing! It would be much obliged! ️

        “What the hell! You scared the shit out of us! How’d you even get in?” she yelled at the intruder.

    “And what are you doing here?” Jughead asked coldly.



    “Have you talked to Y/N yet?” Archie asked, waiting anxiously for the answer. Ever since the night of the diner incident Archie couldn’t get his mind off Y/N. He was so close to finally seeing what it felt like to have her lips on his. So close! He found himself glancing down at them anytime they hung out, or when they were around eachother. He found himself admiring how her (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) bounced around when she walked, or how beautiful it looked when it was blown by the wind. He started to notice how the light caught in her (Y/E/C) eyes and made them shine. How they lit up when she talked about the things she loved, or when she was around Jughead. Secretly, he was hoping that Y/N would be mad enough at Jughead that this last 2 days would go by so he could have a chance with her, and maybe her eyes would light up around him as well.

    “Andrews?” Jughead snapped in front of Archie’s face and snapped him out of his trance.

    “Yeah? Sorry what?” Archie looked at Jughead.

    “I said I haven’t yet.” Jughead sighed and Archie tried to hide his smile. “What are you so happy about?” Jughead asked, slightly annoyed.

    “Nothing.” Archie said shaking his head and wiping the smile off his face.

    “You’re not going to be with her, you know that right?” Jughead said coldly.

    “You don’t know that.” Archie argued.

    “She’s in love with me! I thought you wanted us together, you’re the one who was pushing me to tell her!”

    “I shouldn’t of had to tell you to do that! She deserves someone who should just tell her they feel that way, instead of someone who waits and then breaks her heart over and over again!” Archie challenged.

    “I didn’t know she felt the same, I was scared I was going to lose her!” Jughead fumed. “And now that I know she loves me back there’s no way in hell Im giving her up!”

    “Look, I don’t want to take her from you until after your week is over-”

    “You should just respect that we’re in love with eachother and that I’m going to be the one she’s with. If you were really my friend,  you’d do just that.” Jughead said. Archie sighed and leaned his head in his hands.

    “Fine.” he mumbled.

    “Thank you.”


    “So you’re together now?” Archie asked, looking between Y/N and Jughead.

    “Why do you care?” Jughead asked, putting his hand up to keep Y/N behind him.

    “Well you should probably tell Betty, don’t you think?” Archie asked, and Y/N pushed past Jughead.

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she asked, looking over to Jughead. Jughead glanced over to her and saw a flash of worry and hurt cross over her face.

    “You can’t mess with the both of them, Jughead!” Archie yelled, bringing Jugheads attention back to him.

    “What the hell are you talking about?” He asked.

    “You’ve been with Betty all week Jughead, what’s been going on between you two?” Archie questioned.

    “Seriously, we’re working on Jason’s murder together. We are just friends, I don’t understand what you’re trying to accuse me of.”

    “Archie what’s gotten into you lately?” Y/N asked, butting in on the conversation. Archie looked over to Y/N.


    “He’s  got a little crush on you, and he’s been acting out because of it.” Jughead snapped, turning and wrapping his arm around her waist.

    “What?” she asked, looking over to Archie who swallowed hard.

    “That night at Pops, before you sat down Archie was trying to convince me to tell you about my feelings. I was scared to because I didn’t know you felt the same.” Jughead turned and grabbed Y/Ns face, staring into her eyes. “I was scared to lose you, and Archie here was just being my best friend and tried to talk me into telling you. I refused until you left the diner upset and the I realized Archie was right.”

    “So you tried talking Jughead into confessing his love for me and then you try to kiss me?” Y/N asked, turning to face Archie. “What kind of game is that?” she yelled. Archie stared at the ground and shifted on his feet.

    “I thought that I could have a chance. After you left in a hurry and cried all the way back to your house, I thought you’d be done with Jughead.” Archie admitted.

    “To tell you the truth, I was.” Y/N confessed. Jughead and Archie’s heads shot to Y/N at her confession.

    “What?” Jughead asked, lightly grabbing her arm and turning her to face him. She looked up to Jughead and cupped his face.

    “I didn’t know you loved me back, and I was so hurt by what happened that for a second I thought that I should try to get over my love for you.” She turned to Archie. “You were being so sweet and I’ve known you forever that I thought that maybe if I kissed you when you were leaning in, that my pain would melt away.”

    “Y/N, I really like you.” Archie said, taking a few steps towards her. Jughead grabbed her and pulled her into him and Archie sighed.

    “It’s a little late for that.” Jughead said. “What was your point of coming over here anyways?”

    “I wanted to talk to Y/N before she made her decision.” Archie said, sending a pleading look her way.

    “I’m sorry Archie, but I couldn’t do that. Betty is in love with you, and I’d hurt her if I-”

    “That wasn’t a problem the other night,” he argued.

    “I wasn’t in the right state of mind then. I was heartbroken, and if I were to go with you I’d pass that feeling on to Betty. And anyways, I’m in love with Jughead, and I know now he loves me back. I can’t ruin this, I’m happy.” She said, and Archie’s face fell. “I’m so sorry.” she said, breaking free from Jugheads hold and giving Archie a hug. She kissed him on the cheek, and looked between the two boys. “I’m going to make us some hot chocolate.” she said, exiting the room.

    “Jughead I’m sorry.” Archie said, looking to the raven haired boy staring daggers at him.

    “Are you fucking kidding me Archie? You said you were going to respect that me and Y/N were going to be together, and you try to pull this?” Jughead fumed.

    “When I have feelings for someone, I have to do something about it or it eats at me.” Archie said, and Jughead rolled his eyes.

     "That’s real funny Archie. Is that what you’re planning on doing for Betty?“ Jughead hissed. ” and before you try to pull that ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ bullshit, let me just tell you how jealous you looked when you came in here yelling at me and accusing me of being with her.“

    "I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Archie said.

    “Yes you do!” Jughead yelled. He opened his mouth to say more, but Y/N barged into the room.

    “What the hell Jughead? Why is Betty asking if you’re on for 'Pops Date: Round 2’?” She yelled, holding up the phone.

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Bakugou you’re great and I love you.

No but i’ve been thinking about the fight when I was away and how everyone went against Bakugou and it’s really unfair, for both Bakugou and Uraraka.

Bakugou didn’t look down on Uraraka. Regardless of her gender, he was expecting her to attack, and expecting her to have an ace up her sleeve. He took her seriously, he didn’t brag, he focused, and he gave everything against her. 

Therefore, Uraraka’s attempts to fight Bakugou are even more incredible. He went full blast against her, and she handled her own, she used his guard and his own attacks as a way to distract him and attack him with the rock fall, she was incredible and seriously went off her limits. 

And Bakugou accepted all of it, he gave his everything, and he valued her enough to expect her to do something great. He was respectful, hell he even warned her beforehand that he wouldn’t hold back. It would be rude to hold back. He took her just as seriously as a rival than he is taking Deku and Todoroki.

Yet almost everyone aside from Aizawa and Deku, had called out Bakugou as a bully to “be that rough with a frail girl”. People were picturing him as a villain.

I’m seriously glad both Aizawa and Deku made notice that what Bakugou did was to take Uraraka seriously. He didn’t hold back because she was a girl. He valued her strength. 

So much that after the fight, once she lost, he still values her as a good adversary and calls out that she was strong.

The thing is that, by doing this whole thing going against Bakugou, it sounds almost as if everyone else wasn’t taking Uraraka seriously. That she either had to win effortlessly, or that he had to go easy on her for some reasons.

Besides, this is still a battle that was put in place to show off their hero skills to the world. Granted, Bakugou’s powers are more violent, it is destructive, and it’s horrible that everyone immediatly called him a villain for that. But - the thing is that, one day, it’s likely they’ll get out there facing other villains. Maybe they’ll meet a villains who will look like a frail girl. And if it happens, this fake gentlemanery of taking care of not going hard on said girl could be dangerous.

Bakugou took the threat seriously, where others didn’t because Uraraka looked like a frail girl, and by doing so his fight against her was grantifying for her. It means her almost winning was done in a fair, serious fight between those two, in a fight with real stakes.

Bakugou vs Uraraka was a wonderful fight, and they both showed their strength and development. I come out of it proud of the two of them. Because Uraraka did her best and it worked quite well, and it’s even more impressive that it was against someone who was just as serious.

I’m proud of them.

Ups and Downs

 So I wrote a Lams oneshot. Here it is, in all its incredibly cliche goodness.

John and his best friend and roommate, Alexander, get stuck in an elevator on their way to work one day. John may or may not have loved Alexander from the day he laid eyes on him.

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We’ve Known Each Other For So Long

Summary: Adrien surprises Marinette with a picnic for two instead of four.


“Crap, crap, crap, crap, I’m late, they’re gonna kill me, they’re gonna kill-” Marinette looked around in her attempt to find her other three friends, and was surprised to only see Adrien. “-me…?” Her approach slowed as she drew closer, though she did throw out a greeting so as not to startle her partner.

Said partner turned around with a delighted smiled, and when she sat down on the large picnic blanket, he said, “Hi, I’m Adrien and this is jackass.” He opened his jacket marginally to point at his kwami when he said ‘jackass.’ The yipe he emitted after Plagg 'accidentally’ mistook his finger for cheese went unnoticed by everyone, save Marinette and her own kwami.

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Protector pt. 4

Originally posted by camilafrade

Characters: Derek x Reader, Isaac, Chris, Gerard

Warnings: Mention of suicide, Drug use (marijuana) 

A/N: This started as a filler and it kinda blossomed. Also, for some reason I forgot about season 5 lol. So let’s just pretend that nothing changed with Duke and Gerard. Please be advised there’s a huge amount of drug use but remember, I age up to about 21/22. Thank you all for even glimpsing at my story.


You rolled and stretched across the unfamiliar bed, reaching for the familiar form you usually felt. You kept reaching and felt nothing, then you remembered. You were mad at him.

“Morning Sunshine.” An unfamiliar voice echoed through the room, you opened your eyes to see a lanky boy with curly blond hair leaning over you with a shit eating grin on his face.

“What the fu–” you shot up and hit him with a pillow before scrambling to the headboard of the motel bed.

The boy had the audacity to laugh as he caught it with ease. After a second look at the boy you noticed that it was Isaac. Isaac who had eight deep claw marks and bullet wound and was writhing in pain less than 24 hours ago. Unless you were dreaming. A look around the hotel room suggested otherwise, with the bloodied sheets and the makeshift IV still on the nightstand being the most obvious evidence. How was he up and walking?

“Isaac!” The familiar boom of Derek’s voice sounded. “This is why you were a shitty beta” he said, glaring at the boy after walking to the room from outside. Beta? Derek definitely wasn’t a frat bro. What could he have meant?

“You said she needed to wake up.” Isaac defended himself.

“I said I would wake her up” Derek said, making his way over to you. “Stay away from her, dumbass”

You snorted to hold in your laughter. Even though you were mad at him, it was nice to see Derek letting loose around someone other than you. But why should he stay away from you. The sound made Derek’s head turn in your direction, you looked away.

“Anyway, it’s your turn to shower, dollface” Isaac said with a daring wink. Derek growled at the action and you walked to the restroom.

“Oh I-” you stopped and turned around.

“Got it.” Derek was already there with a towel and your clothes folded. You took it with a small smile. He didn’t give one back, instead his eyes bore into yours.

You looked into his eyes and realised that you weren’t truly mad at him. You were hurt, afraid, and all around tired of being kept in the dark. You brushed your fingers against his lightly and turned back, entering the restroom letting Derek close the door behind you. You turned on the shower and leaned against the door. You faintly heard Derek speaking and pressed your ear to the door to hear what they were saying.

“-Am I supposed to explain that?” Derek’s angry voice shot through the room.

“She seriously doesn’t know?” You heard what you thought to be Isaac say in an amused tone.

“No. And I’d like to keep it that way for a little while longer. You’re supposed to be injured” Derek said with a grunt.

“Calm down, I am…See.” he must have shown his wounds.

“Not nearly as bad as you should be.” Derek said in frustration. “Clean this up.” Was the last you heard before you heard the door slam. “And I don’t think I need to tell you what I’ll do to you if you so much as talk to her” Derek said before the door slammed again.
The car ride was awkward to say the least. You sat next to Derek with a dumbfounded look on your face halfway through Denver. Chris was driving once again, trying to ignore the two younger men’s animosity. Well, Derek’s outright glare at Isaac as he went along as if he hadn’t gotten a bullet lodged out of him recently. What a weirdo.

“That woman’s going to think you murdered me” you were talking to Chris. He laughed at your statement because it was true. You’d left the bloodied sheets folded into a corner in the room.

“It’s a good thing I used a fake name.” He let out one more laugh.

“And burnt off your fingertips” Isaac said nonchalantly. What?!

“Enough! Isaac.” The bellow didn’t come from Derek, who looked ready to lunge at the boy. But, it came from Chris. “He is your sire. Respect his wishes” Chris said to the boy, his voice lowered to it’s normal octave. Isaac grunted and looked out the window.

“Are we’re just gonna pretend that I didn’t hear that?” You asked incredulously.

“If we can help it” Chris muttered.

“We can’t”

“Some of our business isn’t exactly legal” Derek spoke up next to you. You rose an eyebrow.

“What the hell?” You asked, none of the men spoke up “Are you part of the mafia?” They all laughed as if it was the funniest joke they’d heard in years.

“Yup. I’m a Gambino” Derek’s eyes danced with amusement.

“Haha.” You said dryly.

Isaac was still laughing and Chris had composed himself. You were getting tired if half truths and skirting around the issue. Derek could tell because throughout the entire morning he’d failed to kiss you on the lips, only the cheek and head. He was getting frustrated and you could tell. He was one for tiny displays of PDA. Like shoulder kisses, quick lip bites and constant touching when he was near, even now, as you were mad at him he kept his leg tightly pressed against yours in the backseat of the ‘inconspicuous’ black SUV.

So yeah, you could say Derek was tense again. The mood had shifted exponentially and the two in the front could tell because Chris decided to blast the college rock station and Isaac just shifted to looking out the window. Who was Derek Hale, who were any of these people? You’d spent almost three years with him and you accepted that he was keeping things from you. Maybe it was because in every television show and book you read when one of the parties in a relationship was hiding something it was something over the top amazing. Like being a spy - you had this silly thought that he was going off and beating up French and Swiss bad guys trying to infiltrate ​the countries security. At one point your thought of Derek being a mafioso came to life when you were out to dinner one night at an Italian place and a man began screaming at him in Italian and yelled back, fluently. That night ended in Derek knocking the guy out and some amazing sex before you both ate your to go cannolis.

You smiled at the fond memory and gripped Derek’s thigh lightly. The touch brought Derek’s eyes to your hand, as he was staring at you previously. He rested his hand atop yours and held tight. Hell, he may not be something as outrageous as a spy or a mafioso but, he was yours. And whatever trouble he was in would become yours. He wasn’t off the hook though. If you were gonna fight this… Duecalion fellow you were going to need to know why. Which brought back all your questions, you were about to ask about Duecalion when Isaac spoke up.

“Hey, we’re in Colorado, right?” Isaac turned to face the backseat​ and both you and Derek nodded.

“Why?” Chris asked beside him.

“Can we get high?” Isaac questioned. It wasn’t a ‘can we pull over to smoke’ kind of question, it was a 'are we able to’ kind of question. You rose an eyebrow and tilted your head. You were confused at the question but also intrigued. Was it against the rules in their 'World?’ if so, they’re in for a rude awakening.

“Derek and I get high all the time” you told them seriously. This caused Chris to choke on air and and Isaac to form a lopsided grin.

“Oh really?” He directed his question to Derek.

“Well, not all the time but, in the past we have.” You told them both. Derek just grunted out a yeah.

“And it worke-” Isaac caught himself “I mean you got high?!” Isaac asked well, accused.

“Yes, Isaac. Now shut up.” Derek said.

“Let’s get high!” Isaac bounced in his seat he was not a good listener. You mused.

“It is legal here…” The older men looked at you, shocked. “Watch the road!” You yelled at Chris.

“I can drive with my hands tied behind my back and blindfolded” he said seriously, but turned to face the road either way. At this point, you believed him.

You didn’t go against the idea. You wanted Derek to stop killing Isaac with his eyes repeatedly. If looks could kill, right? Plus, you needed to get your mind off of this without a killer hangover, like the one the shower washed away earlier. Chris pulled into a dispensary and turned to face you, you started pulling out cash to hand to him.

“Yeah right.” Isaac said when you tried to hand him the money. Chris just looked at Derek amused.

“Hey, she likes to pay her way. I’d take it if I were you. She bites” Derek said with a shake of his head. Chris took it after a beat.

“What do you want?” He asked like he was going grocery shopping.

“Blue dream, Grandaddy OG Kush and…” You bit your lip “cheese” you finished. The boys just looked at you as Derek looked kind of…Proud? “If they don’t have that just tell them to make a salad bowl.” You nodded firmly.

“Maybe you should come in with me?” Chris said, a little confused.

“You’re a big boy, Chris. I have faith in you.” You smiled and shooed him. Derek looked at Isaac pointedly.

“I’ll go!” He jumped at the chance to have his first marijuana dispensary experience.

Once the younger and older men were gone Derek spoke up.

“I’m ​sorry. You deserve to know everything. I’m literally dragging you back and forth across the country and you deserve to be in a penthouse with your feet kicked up and a martini in your hand. Or a joint, whatever. You shouldn’t be out here, it’s too dangerous and I’m making you do this for me. Argent told me that you were ready to stab someone last night and I can’t let you do that. I can’t let you get hurt, but I’m afraid you’ll leave if you find out! And if you leave me then I literally have nothing and I can’t take that, I don’t know who I am without you-” Derek’s words were running together at the end of his rant so you stopped him with your lips pressing against his.

“Shut up” you told him as you leant back. “What did I tell you?” You asked him. “There’s gonna have to be a lot more than this to get you away from me. Of course I’d stab someone for you, I eat glass if it meant you’d be okay.” He huffed with a smile at the revelation. “I deal with your mood swings. This is nothing” he rolled his eyes at that. “Seriously though, I want to know. You can’t keep me in the dark for much longer. I can tell I’m about to find out. And I’d rather it be from you” you said honestly. That’s why you haven’t done the obvious thing and outright asked Isaac. “Now go back to being mean, tough Derek before they come back” you said as you placed your hands on both sides of his face and pushed his hair back.

“You’re perfect.” He whispered, more to himself even though he was watching you.

Isaac and Chris came back looking triumphant. They dropped the bags in your lap and you took a look inside, it had all been labeled accordingly. They had blunt wraps, the weed and had even gotten some munchies and poweraid. They were really trying to experience the stoner paradise with this, huh? You thought.

“You know the markup on this food is outrageous,right?” You looked at the two.

“We didn’t want to waste any time getting snacks.” Chris said giddily. You covered your mouth to hold your laughter. “It’s been a long time, okay?” He said with an eye roll which made Derek and Isaac begin to laugh. “I hate you guys” he said with an unmanly pout and hopped in the passenger seat.

Apparently it was time to rotate because they knew exactly what to do, Derek took the Drivers seat but not before placing the armrest down and kissing you heatedly. Isaac groaned and took the seat next to you, separated by the divider. You giggled from your seat and opened the bags up.

Where are we going?“ You asked as you took the weed out and began grinding it up, Isaac watched curiously, Derek watched Isaac and Chris was just enjoying his rock.

“To my bunker, gotta pick some stuff up and, if we’re gonna do this,we have to be safe.” The final man spoke.You rolled your eyes, yeah this is what’s gonna affect our safety.

You opened the package of blunts, broke one open and began dumped the tobacco in the empty bag. Isaac was still watching you and Derek looked up occasionally to watch from the rearview mirror, you winked at him when you caught his eye. You took the ground up weed and put it in the now empty blunt wraps and began rolling, once it was done you made sure to catch Derek’s eyes in the mirror and lick the blunt painfully slow, Isaac almost gasped before ruining your moment by saying.

“Derek… Your girlfriend is so hot” he gave you a small smile and Derek turned around and punched his arm, so quickly you almost missed it. Isaac definitely felt it because he growled and whined. “Fuck!” He held the arm where Derek hit, his eyes looked yellow for a fleeting moment. Must of been his hair in his eyes.

“I know, I see her everyday. She's​ beautiful” He said, a satisfied smile on his lips. You could feel yourself blushing.

“Whatever.” He pouted reminding you of a golden retriever, “Do it again!” He told you, Derek cleared his throat. “What? Do you know how to do it?” He asked holding up the blunt to the two older men in the front. They conceded and you repeated the process three more times.
By the time you were finished with rolling you were in front of what Chris called a bunker. I guess that’s what it was, truthfully it was three storage containers linked together in an old junk yard. With two bedrooms, a kitchenette a living room and a bathroom. As you entered you thought back to your questions, but Isaac was so excited to smoke that you gave him his blunt just to calm him down. You distributed the other two and Isaac stayed looking confused.

“If you’re anything like Derek, your tolerance is insanely high” you told him. On the occasion that you did smoke, Derek usually smoked his entire blunt and some of yours.

“I..Have no idea how to do this.” Isaac spoke up, Derek snorted, having already lit his, Chris had gone to collecting the items he needed. Which probably meant guns ammo and whatever else he kept in his weird bag.

You smiled and took it from him, lighting it and inhaling deeply before blowing out an O-ring. Isaac looked like a guppy and took his blunt gingerly. He followed your instructions and got the hang of it pretty quickly, coughing after each hit. You reassured him that it’d get better soon.

“You started without me?” Chris asked when he came back, two bags doing over his shoulders.

“Gotta move quicker than that, old man.” Derek said with a chuckle. He just gave Derek a disapproving look before lighting his. You finally had the chance to light yours and plopped down on the uncomfortable couch provided in the bunker.

About thirty minutes later you were laying on the couch on your back, giggling with the guys. Derek sat next next to you with your head in his lap, Isaac was vegging out on the floor and when Chris said he bought munchies for everyone… He really meant himself because you all had one bag of chips between you, Derek and Isaac whilst Chris had hot Cheetos, sour patch kids, Skittles and Reese’s all to himself. He literally smacked your hand as you reached for the Sour Patch Kids, Derek growled and snatched the sour candy from him, dumping the candy in your mouth with a mischievous gleam in his eye. Your eyes widened as he kept going after your mouth was full. You shot up and chewed the candy in your mouth, throwing the few that fell on your lap at him.

“Derek!” You squealed with a laugh scrunched up your face.

“You wanted it.” He muttered, a smile playing at the edge of his lips. He plopped the few that you threw at him in his mouth.

“This is why I kept it to myself.” Chris spoke up, shoveling hand full of Skittles in his mouth.

“No, you’re being just greedy, Argent” Derek said with a side eyed glace towards Chris. Derek knocked the sour patch kids against Isaac’s head, offering the boy the candy. Isaac took it slowly.

“I don’t get to eat a lot of junk food!” Chris said with squinted eyes. “We can’t all have inhuman metabolism” he grunted quietly, sparking up again. Derek snorted out laughter.

The comment got your mind reeling, Derek could tell because he groaned and pulled you on his lap.

“Stop thinking so much, we’re supposed to be relaxing” he whispered after dipping his lips to your ear.

“I can’t! Why does Chris have a bunker? Why do you all talk in such cryptic sentences? Why are we not freaking out right now?” You asked lowly at first, so only Derek could hear but the questions quickly because everyone for the room.

“Because I’m a werewolf.” Derek said seriously. That apparently woke Isaac up because his head whipped around to you both. Chris dropped his bag and  did the same. You smiled and laughed at the ridiculous jpke, pushing Derek’s chest.

“You would have convinced me if they existed” you said once you stopped laughing. It was true, it was very convincing. “I love you” you said, the amusement still in your demeanor.

He gave you a small smile and kissed your shoulder “I love you back.” His arms snaked his way around your waist and he leaned his head on your shoulder.

You’d spent almost an of trying to get Derek to show off his Dance moves and him fiercely declining in front of his friends. Seriously, he loved to dance when you were alone, so the fact that he got such a red face when you mentioned it made you pick on him even more. You smiled down at the sleeping Derek. He needed to, knowing him he didn’t sleep last night, well earlier today. So you let him suck up his little few hours of sleep. You were in the middle of running your hands through his short black hair when Isaac came back into the room from the bathroom.

“The old men just can’t handle it, huh?” He laughed and say in the recliner that Chris once sat in. He’d gone to the bedroom on the far end of the bunker. You snorted.

“Says the one who was counting invisible stars twenty minutes ago” the puppy dog - you found yourself calling​ him in your head - began blushing profusely. “Why do you and Derek butt heads so much?” You nodded towards the boy, changing the subject while you could get some answers.

“We don’t, really. That’s just Derek” he shrugged. It was strange, because you knew Derek was nothing but surly to most people but, his dynamic with Isaac and Chris were very opposite. With Chris it was like he respected everything he said and the way they spoke to each other was as if they were best friends. With Isaac it was like he was scolding his younger brother constantly.

“It’s just… He acts like you piss him off with everything you do” you said with a light laugh.

“Everything pisses Derek off.” He said with a laugh, you smiled at that. It was kind of true. “He saved my life. And I don’t mean the way they did last night.” You’d almost forgotten about that. You wanted to ask him how his wounds were but you decided against it, in fear of losing the story. “My father didn’t like me very much and Derek showed me what a real family could be. He introduced me to Scott and he kept me from ending up at the bottom of the ocean. He made me one of them and I’m thankful” He looked at Derek with an intense stare. “He may be a douche, but he protects those he cares about”

“I resent the whole douche thing”  Derek stated, his eyes still closed. You jumped and stopped your motion.

“Why do you do that?” You accused your boyfriend. He shrugged and grabbed your hand that rested in his hair and began moving it again. You snorted and gave in to his wishes after he let go. Big baby.

“Love you too, Isaac” Derek said to the boys insinuated revelation. You wanted to cry from happiness, even though the words were fleeting both you and Isaac were shocked. Derek never showed emotion towards anything but puppies and you. It was amazing to hear the words come out of his mouth.

“Gross dude, your girlfriend’s right there.” Isaac responded, holding back his grin. The boy hadn’t known how to respond and that was clear but, he was happy to hear the words, that much was obvious.

Derek sat up immediate and Isaac’s head snapped towards the door. Both of them called for Argent and he ran to the room, Gun pointed forward. You didn’t know what was happening, what alerted them to the danger? Was there some unseen alarm?

“Speaking of shitty father’s” Isaac muttered and stood, all three men were now surrounding you with their backs turned towards you.

“Umm..?” You looked around. Argent took the throwing knives from his pocket and handed them to Derek who in turn handed them to you. You took them gingerly and tried to match their stances.

Argent stood his gun still in hand and pointed towards the door. Derek stood to his left, directly in front of you, standing in an animalistic hunch. Isaac stood on the end in a stance similar to Derek, his body still looked human though.

Moments later the door opened and Katrina sauntered in with an older man a much older man. “Lotta sugar daddies” you muttered. Isaac snorted out a laugh and Derek shook with silent laughter. Chris completely ignored you, the older man was conditioned to tune everything out.

“What are you doing here Gerard?” Chris spoke loud and firm.

“Now, now Christoph is that any way to greet your father?” The man said as he got closer, you noticed that he had a black and white hankerchief in hand and he coughed into it. It dawned on you that the hankerchief wasn’t black and white, he was coughing up black fluid. Mountain ash. How was he walking around, didn’t this stuff kill people?

“You lost that right when you betrayed our code.” Argent told his father.

“And what are you doing?” Katrina spoke up

“We don’t kill those who haven’t killed innocents” Chris argued back.

“Lower your gun” Gerard told his son, his nose began leaking mountain ash and he wiped his nose. “We just want these two lone wolves” he finished.

“Leave and you survive.” Derek spoke up.

“Cute, and who’s gonna kill me?” Katrina began walking forward, “your little oblivious play thing?” You peered around Derek and glared at her.

“Bitch.” You muttered.

“What are you whispering over there? My hearing’s not as good as theirs” she nodded towards Derek and Isaac.

“Bitch” you enunciated every syllable.

“Fiesty little thing you got there, Derek” Gerard said in a skincrawling tone. As he said that a light fog began intruding the vents located on the floor. They were stalling.

“Derek.” You pointed at the vents and he pushed you back behind him.

He cracked his neck quickly and you could see his facial hair grow thicker and his ears took a sharper point. The most alarming thing was his roar. He had a literal room shaking, ear splitting roar. That was him the other night? You backed up, alarmed and he turned with a sympathetic look in his eyes that were now glowing blue. Did he have fangs? You chanced a look at the two other men and Isaac had a very similar appearance. Chris just stood strong now with two guns pointed. You wanted to pass out

Chapter One: Can’t Keep You Off My Mind

When Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak both reach for the last Lego Batman set on the shelf at the same time one December night while holiday present shopping for their kids, they have no idea that their chance encounter is going to change their lives.

{ cover art by Nelly @smoakqueenz }

Rating: M This Chapter’s Word Count: 4806

Hi friends! Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments on the prologue last week. I’m happy to hear that y'all are excited for this new story :D Enjoy this week’s chapter and, as always, I would love to hear what you think!


“I’m sorry, did you get a lobotomy that I didn’t know about?”

He looked up from the text message from Samantha that he was reading to find Thea waiting for him in his office, leaning against his desk with her arms crossed over her chest.

His brow furrowed, “What?”

“Susan Williams, Oliver? Really?” Laurel asked, walking into his office behind him.

“I was just about to get on him about that,” Thea remarked, disgust clearly painted across her face. “I mean seriously, we’re glad that you’re putting yourself out there and looking for companionship and all, but can you please look somewhere other than a pit of vipers?”

Laurel coughed to a stifle a laugh and he gave them both a reprimanding look.

“I thought you didn’t even like her?” Laurel asked gently. “She’s never had a single good thing to say about your administration.”

“She’s just doing her job,” he justified halfheartedly.

Thea rolled her eyes, “She’s a bit—“

“The last time I checked,” he interrupted her, “commenting on the mayor’s love life wasn’t part of the job description for the chief of staff or the DA.”

“It’s not. This is coming from your sister and your friend,” Laurel pointed out.

“You can do so much better than her Ollie,” Thea added, resting a hand on his shoulder.    

“Well, if you two had given me a chance to get more than a few words in, I would’ve told you that it was a terrible date and nothing will be happening with her again.” He brushed past them to walk around his desk and settle down into his chair. “Happy now?”

Over the past few months he had gone on a string of dates, searching for someone that made him feel the way he had on that night in December. His efforts had been disappointingly unsuccessful.


tagging people under the cut…

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anonymous asked:

idk if ur doing the top five anymore but top five iwaoi or bokuaka moments ??

Hi bean! I’ve already done my Top 5 Bokuaka Moments, so I guess it’s gonna be Iwaoi this time :) 

Ok so I’m gonna cheat spectacularly here and this would probably end up being an Iwaoi masterpost but this ship is a ride or die so here we go.

1. When they look like a Power Couple. They are the power couple in Haikyuu, no other pairing can stand their aesthetic. When they team up with each other they emanate such a powerful vibe, like they could conquer anything in the blink of an eye and crash anyone who only dares to step between them. You can’t sit with them, you can’t fuck with them, you can’t break them. 

^^^ AND HE ACTUALLY GOES ???? what ??????

2. When they aggressively care about the other, aka the though love. They have the most aggressive (both verbally and physically) relationship among all the others described in Haikyuu (Kagehina coming short after, and I have a whole theory about why them precisely), but at the same time they’re each other’s number one fan. Everything they do, everything they say, it’s always to beat some sense into the other, to ground him, to make sure the other is ok, to show support, even in their own, rather peculiar, way. 

3. When they subtly acknowledge each other. I don’t have words for this, I mean just look at them. These two literally exhaust me. 

4. “Come on, let’s go home!” THEY LIVE TOGETHER DEAL WITH IT BYEEEE. No seriously, they do. This moment is forever tattooed in my heart, it killed and revived me a thousand times @Furudate thank you for my life. 

5. HONESTLY WHAT IS THIS and, most of allWHY? 

Bonus #1: “Oikawa-san, when cornered, will always toss to Iwaizumi” + “They are connected, both mentally and physically” - actual quotes from the captain of the Iwaoi ship, Tobio Kageyama. 

Bonus #2: a compilation of Oikawa saying Iwa-chan because we all deserve to see these dorks animated one more time

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

anonymous asked:

(1/?) Okay imma say this here since my blog is SFW, but I've noticed something in a lot of top!dean/Bottom!Cas docs that irks me a lot. They always infantilize Castiel. Make him pale and frail and weak. He's a fucking angel of the lord. Misha is buff as hell. And fairly tan too. He is strong and powerful, and I hate seeing this stripped from him in a lot of these kinds of fics. Yeah, he's kinda dorky and socially awkward, but he's also intelligent and STRONG

(2/?) One thing I enjoy about top!Cas/bottom!dean fics is that they don’t take away Dean’s strength, his cockiness, his attitude. They /use/ it. I like seeing big tough Dean grinning as he’s pushed against the wall (Like he was in the PILOT EPISODE except that was a car), getting all blushy and excited when ‘sexy rules’ were mentioned, and was pushed down onto the bed by the amazon. He remains strong and protective, but Cas is always weak and soft when he was bottom and it drives me crazy.

(3/?) And when it comes to children, especially mpreg AUs, Cas is shown as the mother figure more often. Why? Dean was a mother to Sam, Dean had been shown to be GREAT with children, and likes spending time with them. And are we forgetting the scene when he was making the bunker his home and literally said he was nesting?? Cas is awkward and confused around children, but that’s not his own fault. Cas had Jimmy’s memories, he knows how to be a father, and he learned about a father’s love from him

My dear stressed Nonnie, one more time, I am so sorry I made you feel like you need to apologize fdvbdfjs. Back to your message: 

1/? - I agree so much. I tend to avoid fics with this kind of characterization because I personally don’t like it.
I mean, I am quite okay when Cas is pale and weakened because of something that happened in the fic - like because of an illness or maybe substance abuse, or anything, really. It would be logical and make perfect sense.
But I dislike it greatly when it’s only because he’s ‘the bottom’ in the relationship and people feel the need to make him look smaller/paler/tinier/more feminine in comparison to Dean. I mostly don’t like this portrayal of Cas in fics that are set in canon verse - but that’s just my personal opinion. And Nonnie, you know what I also don’t - personally -  like? When Cas is written as completely naive, like, uh, that makes me nope out from a fic pretty quickly. 

I absolutely adore the fact that Cas is powerful, tall,  beautifully tan, with shoulders and arms that can lift even my self-confidence. He’s so handsome, and like his hands? Big strong hands that turned monsters to ashes?? His beautiful thighs? Why to take this away? 
I love that about Cas that he’s this ancient being that can destroy cities and he still can be so soft and gentle. He can touch with such tenderness, smile with such warmth and I just??? There is absolutely no need to take away some parts of him to enjoy the other. You can literally have both. Cas is a complicated character, you don’t need to reduce him to some stereotypes based on some weird views on sex positions. 
And I will repeat it again - I like bottom!Cas. I prefer bottom!Dean but I like bottom Cas too.
But I like it when he’s still Cas, not some meek pale version of himself. 
And again, that what I, as in me, Emilia aka bamf-castiel on tumblr dot com, like.
Personally. Others can enjoy whatever they want to.

2/? - again, I agree so much with this! I - again, personally - love it so much! Dean is still very much himself, and I always get few years added to my lifespan when I see it.
I love Dean so much, I love Cas so much. I am so happy when in fics they both are described ans strong and as themselves. Those are my absolute fave kind of fics. And I know those are not the same but I do see Dean and low key submissive, and it’s so lovely? He’s such a rough tough guy, he’s fierce and protective and loves so deeply. I enjoy it greatly when people explore the other parts of his character, I love it when Cas takes care of him and Dean lets him. 
I like it when they are both soft with each other, too. They deserve the gentleness and the softness. But yes, I agree, there is a hug difference how bottom!Dean and bottom!Cas are usually portrayed in this fandom. 
( again, I say this based on the fics I stumbled across - I have not read everything, and I have read things that differ from this, I don’t mean to generalize and hurt anyone’s feeling. Plus you have every right to enjoy whatever characterization you want) 

3/? - I don’t think I’ve read enough fics with mpreg to have an opinion about it, but I guess I agree? I mean both of them have character traits usually associated with mother/father figures. 
I think that I see Dean more of a mother figure than I see Cas as one though. 

Everyone can enjoy whatever they can, but yeah, looking on canon I agree with you here Nonnie.
But that’s just my opinion, of course. 
Thank you for the message! <3

Lai Guanlin [Basketball Fluff]

Anon: hi i really enjoyed your baejin fluff ;) could you do one for guanlin. maybe like a basketball player guanlin ;) or whatever you like ! thank you so much !

Okay this is just a cute idea I’m actually becoming soft inside??? Like just thinking about it makes me love him even more > <

(credits to owner)


“Y/N I want to go to the park~” my 5 year old sister, Hwasung, whines. 

“In a little bit, okay?” I tell her while pulling her onto my lap. “Let me rest from our game of tag.”

Hwasung nods but pouts while staring at my phone screen with me.

The truth is, I don’t want to go because it’s the same park where my long-time crush is playing basketball… Lai Guanlin. I was sort of stalking his Snapchat when I saw one of his friends, Samuel I think, hacked his Snapchat and recorded him shooting a basket at the park.

Guanlin and I have only really talked to each other once. I wouldn’t even call it talking. We were chosen by our teacher to act this part of a play out in our literature class and let me tell you that that has ruined my life of becoming an actress because I had to face him and I just became so flustered that I could barely speak and our teacher had to help me.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Hwasung asks while looking at my home screen.

“Uhm, yes?”

Hwasung giggles and pokes at the screen. “He’s so handsome~”

“Isn’t he?”

She nods. “Can we go now~??”

All I can do is laugh and ruffle her hair while getting up. “Let’s get ready.”

After many outfit changes, I stick with a messy ponytail, a regular white sleeveless shirt tucked into ripped high-waisted shorts, and black Converse high-tops. I pick out an outfit for Hwasung and have her change, then I start to braid her hair while humming ‘Oh Little Girl’. Finishing off Hwasung’s braid, I sling on a small backpack with snacks and my wallet in it and take her hand.

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