i mean seriously his one good leg

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ut/uf sans and us papyrus reactions to making their s/o laugh so hard that they get the hiccups?


Oh. Ohmygod. That’s adorable. His grin just stretches out a little bit & the crinkle around the edges of his eyes gets a little more genuine. “jeez babe, i didn’t mean to rattle you up so bad.”


He laughs at you. No seriously, that’s the funniest thing he’s seen in weeks, almost as funny as that time the Annoying Dog ran off with one of Papyrus’s legs & he had to hop after it for a good hour before he could catch it. Stars above, he is #blessed.


He gets kind of worried–the laughing he appreciates, but the hiccuping was an unfortunate side-effect. He just tells you to take it easy till they stop (because he’s still not sure how humans work, internally, & how long or what prolonged hiccups are really capable of), & that he’ll try to “dial down” his humerus nature.

No Filter

Request:  Drinking with Dean and the reader can’t help but stare unabashedly at his mouth.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1364

Warnings:  drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering

Author’s Notes: Requested and beta’d by @bringmesomepie56

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That’s Not My Name

A cheesy pickup line isn’t as innocent as it seems.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 713

Warnings: none that I can think of

A/N: this is for @andtheraincamefalling Bad Pickup Lines Challenge. I signed up with my main blog @chumi-la-chula This didn’t have much flirting not only because I don’t know how to flirt, but it kinda just flowed with not much flirting. The pickup line will be in bold. Enjoy :)

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top 5 sam outfits?

Okay, Anon, I spent a good hour on this and then my browser crashed. So let’s try this again.

1. The lovely gray/black v-neck sweater we see in 8.08.
I love love love Sam in these comfortable sweaters. He’s worn some great ones over the last few seasons (the one in 8.20 comes to mind, too), but this one is just… Guh. It’s tragic how little he wears these: in the scene with Amelia, as sleepwear, and in promo pictures, but I need more of them.
In terms of a good alternative to constantly dressing poor Sam in plaid, this is the best one. These things look amazing on him. I mean, just look at how this one drapes over his shoulders and chest. It’s enough to make my heart ache.
Also it looks super comfy. And I want one.

2. The yoga outfit in The Purge (9.13)
As a Sam girl, I’m contractually obligated to include this one, right? Whatever. Because, seriously, this might be the outfit I will never recover from. Arms. Chest. Legs. Hot damn.
As a girl who has done a lot of yoga during her lifetime, sign me up for these classes. I’ll be at every single one, with my mat front and center, doing the best damn shoulder stand you have ever seen. And then I totally climb him like a flagpole in the equipment closet.

3. The sweater vest in 8.13.
I love me a man who can rock a sweater vest, and Sam Winchester can rock a sweater vest. To the confusion of everyone else sitting in the living room right now, I just sat here fanning myself.
Look. Throw on a pair of hipster glasses, and this is the type of coworker I would fantasize about at night. Probably teaching history and law. (”Hey, I broke the copier again. Help?” “Hey, I’m teaching genetics. You’re teaching law. Want to co-teach a few lessons this week?” “Yes I will chaperone this field trip with you!”) Boy could read the phone book for an entire class period and his class would still be absolutely enraptured by him.

4. The blue/yellow/white plaid shirt (8.14)
I love this color scheme on him. Overall, it’s just a really glorious shirt that I need to find a female version of for myself. But, beyond that, the symbolism in the colors and his tendency to wear it in season 8 are utterly fascinating to me. Royalty, intuition, balance, and growth. It’s all very poignant.

5. That soft green plaid that originated in 11.06.
Hot damn this is some nice-looking plaid. I have a plaid shirt in a fabric like this, and it’s honestly the most amazing thing ever, so I totally understand why Sam would own this in multiple colors. And it looks so fucking good on him - especially with the way he’s paired it with that V-neck. I just want to bury my face in that little bit of V-neck we can see and just… Stay there.

Other highlights include the rusty bacon shirt (both original and blue flavor), the purple whippet shirt, shirtless soulless!Sam (that’s totally an outfit and I will fight you on this), and any of the adorkabley college-like shirt/hoodie/jacket combos he wears during season one.

hq rarepair week day seven: free prompt / graduation
title: break a leg
pairing: hanamaki takahiro/matsukawa issei
summary: in which hanamaki thinks he might have a thing for legs (for a certain middle blocker’s legs, apparently).
warning for swearing.

AO3 link.

“You know, Oikawa.”

“What is it, Makki?”

“I think I might have a leg fetish.”

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at some point at some governmental function, Sybil convinces Moist that smoking is bad for one's health, no matter how attractive it might be.

“The thing is,” he tries - and she admires him for trying, she really does - “is that it’s bad for you. Clogs up your lungs with rot. Lady Sybil says Doctor Lawn told her-”

“Doctor Lawn is a very good doctor,” Adora agrees. “And Lady Sybil means very well, I’m sure. But you don’t want me to give up smoking.”

He had a new suit made when she told him she was expecting. This one is a very sensible dark brown, which doesn’t show up stains, and the waistcoat (and the stripes down the legs, of course, and the shoes) are the same silly, shiny gold as his hat. In that suit, sensible and, for Moist, sober, it is nearly impossible to take him seriously.

“Yes I do,” he insists, bouncing John on his knee. For someone so preoccupied with his appearance, it never fails to amuse her how little he minds when the baby chews on his shiny ties. “I think it’s a good idea if you give up smoking. Doctor Lawn says.”

He’s gone a little pink in the face, which she knows from experience means he’s realised that the day is hers, not his, and always will be, so she smiles and takes the baby.

“I’m sure Doctor Lawn says many things,” she assures him, patting his shoulder as she passes. “But you needn’t repeat them, dear.”