i mean right now i am in my friend's bed

Arithmancy • Hermione Granger

I felt like I could die. For the past hour I’ve been cramming Arithmancy. I detested the class really… I should have taken a Care of Magical Creatures. The real reason I took the class was because Hermione was taking it and I am hopelessly in love with her. And now of course I am doing horrible in the class because I am so ridiculously distracted by the beautiful girl that sits next to me.

I am sitting in the common room staring at the text book as people walk in and out until I hear her laugh. My head shoots up and I see her smiling down at me and she says, “I saw you here before dinner, are you really still studying Arithmancy?”

“Yeah, this class has just gotten so much harder, I dont even feel like I was in class for the explanation of this chapter, it makes no sense!” I say smiling and stressfully brushing my hair out of face.

“I could help you if you want,” She says, sitting down next to me. I nod and blush at her close proximity, maybe if the person I’m so distracted by explains it to me I’ll actually pay attention.

Ron and Harry are over her shoulder wiggling their eyebrows and giving me a thumbs up. I can’t say my crush isn’t obvious and I dont know how she hasn’t noticed but they swear that she likes me too. I know they dont have any reason to lie but I find it hard to believe that she likes me, she’s so perfect.

She goes through and explanes each section of the chapter and stopping every now and again to make sure I understand, I actually think that I’m starting to understand. As she finishes up the last part of the chapter she stops suddenly and says, “I didn’t realize how late its gotten.”

I looked around and noticed that besides us the common room was completely empty, which means that its very late. “Yeah, thank you so much for you’re help and sorry it took so long,” I say feeling bad that I had kept her up.

“No worries, anything for you (y/n),” She responds. I am caught off guard by how beautiful she looks right now in the low lights of the fireplace, smiling at me and saying my name, she really did drive me crazy. All I could think about is how her friends tell me she likes me and how every night in the dorm rooms I wish she’d be in my bed with me sleeping together and how I wish I could kiss her when I see her in the halls. And then I give her a peck on the lips.

I see the look in her eyes and realize what I’ve just done, “I am so sorry, I was out of place I-”

“Hey, (y/n), its okay, I like you too I was just… surprised is all,“ She says. We are both blushing like mad and she gives me another kiss on the lips, its slower and sweeter and everything I could have imagined. She slowly separated from me then stood up, “We should probably get to bed.”

I nod my head and she takes my hand pulling me up. We walk hand in hand up the to dorms. “Thanks again,” I say outside the dorms then give her another short kiss before we walked into the room and got into our beds.

All I could think of that night was how happy I was that Hermione and I were finally together. And blushing like mad at the thought of what Ron and Harry were going to say when they find out.

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Prompt: “Nothing like breakfast tacos and Bon Jovi.” (Writer’s Block Challenge 2k17, hosted by @besslincoln-bruh)

Summary: Dwayne Pride is hurt, lonely, and needs affection when he comes to your home late at night. One thing leads to another, and a mistake turns into the beginning of his healing process.

Words: 2,611

Warnings: None

Dinner had been quiet. You did the dishes by yourself, putting on some music just to fill the silence. Coming home so early was rare; dinner was usually spent at the office with the rest of the team. Pride cooking and serving the food. LaSalle and Percy bickering over something while you and Brody just laughed and cut in from time to time.

But tonight, Pride wasn’t in the mood for company. He didn’t outright say it, but with his usual friendly mood sucked away, the whole team picked up on his need to be alone. That’s what drove you to make dinner for yourself for the first time in a while.

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Window Watchers

Requested: “ Could you do a fanfic thing (never requested before don’t know what its called ) where the reader is best friends with Jughead and confesses she likes him but he gets nervous and rejects her then he sees from Betty’s room when he’s talking to her about it that Archie and the reader kiss. I don’t know I came up with it and id like to see how you would write this also I looooovvvveeee your blog ❤ “

Pairings: jugxreader, archiexreader

 Warnings: None? fluff?

A/N: Sorry guys, thats all I can say. really cute fic called Sunday should go up tomorrow….hopefully also sorry if the geography of this fic doesnt make sense, dont be mad.

As always ((things written in brackets throughout are me speaking)) 


3rd person.

You, betty, Archieand Jughead. Inseparable 4. Well since the addition of Veronica and Kevin, the inseparable 6. The way you all liked it. Well most of you.

Archie had been pining after you since his break up with Val. Known by all but you, approved by all but Jughead.

You had been a subject of conflict in their friendship for some time. Archie having only eyes for you, you only having eyes for Jughead and Jughead only having eyes for burgers…and cluelessness. No matter how many hints you dropped, the beanie wearing boy was blind to all. Much to your frustration and Archie’s delight.

Archie attempted to flirt with you all the time but you could only ever see him as a friend, one of your best friends, but this did not discourage him.

“I think I’m going to tell him V” you proclaimed closing your locker. Veronica rolled her eyes in response. Your sweeping declarations were always fleeting and never went into action.

“Sure you are y/n, sure you are” she sarcastically said while patting your shoulder.

“No, nope I’m going to do it, tonight.” Veronica once again met you with a roll of her eyesand a grin  as the final bell rang out.


Jughead sprawled himself out on my bed writing his novel, the usual Friday activity before moving it to Pops. I’m going to do it.

I span around in my desk chair, took a deep breath, panicked and spun back around. Okay okay okay try again.

I span, gulped, span around again faster and exhaled. Nope nope nope.

“I’m sorry are you trying to win an award for most annoying writing companion or something” I heard Jughead laugh from behind me. Just do it just do it just do it. I am Nike, just do it. ((I’m so lame)).

I spun around in the chair and dug my heels into the carpet, I will not let me spin around again. Okay. Let’s do this.


Jughead POV

“Yes….” I mimicked her. Why is she so wonderfully weird… wait..something’s different,she has to tell me something. Oh god oh god oh god.

“Oh God who died?!” She smiled to my question, standing up. I could see her legs shake from here. She’s like Bambi. I resist the urge to take advantage of  her shaky stance to push her over.

“JUGHEAD I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU AND IF I DONT SAY IT NOW IM GOING TO EXPLODE!” she blurted. Did I even hear her right? I have no words. Where are my words. WHERE ARE MY WORDS?!

“I’m sorry I just had to say it but I can’t just be your friend anymore Jughead, I mean I love being your friend but I love you more”

Okay am I drunk? Is this a dream? Where am I? Where are the hidden cameras?

Her eyes were searching mine frantically and it was then I realised I hadn’t said anything. I could feel my body shaking on the bed. I want to say I love her but my voice is betraying me.

So I did the worse thing I could do but also the only thing I could do. Fight or flight and I picked flight. I just took off out the door, running and hating myself for it. I just bolted out the door and ran directly over the road to betty’s.


I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot. Why did I think this was a good idea. Ughhhhhh

*Sms:Archiedoodles: Arch, I’m coming over. No questions asked.

I could feel the tears swell in my eyes as I ran downstairs and out the door, over the road to Archie. I don’t know why I chose Archies, Veronica would have been a better choice but she has her own drama and I knew Jughead had run to betty, either to her house or pops to meet her. He was my only choice.

I jogged around the back of Archie’s and let myself in the back door, passing Mr.Andrews with a small wave as quickly as possible so he wouldn’t question my reddening eyes.

I burst in the door of archie’s bedroom as he stood startled, I ran into his arms. He cuddled me in close without question as requested. I cried a little into his chest.

“YN…what happened?!”

“No no, no questions asked.” I reminded him.

“Okay okay, I’m not complaining” he squeezed me again. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do. Im a flood of feeling while simultaneously feeling nothing. What fresh hell is this.

I pulled slightly from Archie to meet his eyes. He’s such a good friend to me.

Archie slowly moved in, moving hair from my eyes and kissed me.

Jughead POV simultaneously

I’m a terrible person. I laid out on Betty’s beds and recounted what had happened to Kevin and Betty.

“Oh you’re a jerk” Betty concluded and I nodded in agreement. I am. I am such a terrible person.

“Wait wait I thought you liked yn?” Kevin raised an eyebrow to me in confusion.

“I DO! I REALLY DO! I JUST PANICKED!” I let my feelings transpire through to my voice. I’m a disgrace to the human race.

“Okay, what are you going to do about it?..besides hide from Veronica once she finds out what you did to her best friend” Betty asking the hard questions and making me fear for my life all at once, classic Betty.

“I don’t know” I’m so lost.

“I think now you’ve had a second to process it you should tell her the truth, that you love her too…and with regards to Veronica, well… Australia isn’t far enough” Kevin sat down beside me.

Okay. I’ll do it. I stood up with purpose and nodded at both of them.

That’s when I saw it.

Through the years of growing up I loved how Betty’s and Archie’s windows faced dead on to each other. It was the catalyst for many games and stories. But now. Now I wish Betty’s room was in the basement….in Australia.

Australia isn’t far enough.

Betty followed my gaze and saw the same thing, half gasping and lunging for the blind, snapping it down in one rattled movement.

YN and Archie.

YN and Archie kissing.

My YN kissing Archie.

I’m going to be sick. Betty slowly moved to me with hands out to stop me from moving. Like trying to stop a wild horse from trampling you. ((oh sweetie if a horse wants to trample you, you’re dead))

“Jug…” she drawed out. Too late, I was once again gone like a flash.


I pushed Archie into the chest separating him from me.

“Archie…” I breathed.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so confused” he sat down on the edge of the bed, head in hands. That’s fine he’s confused but he shouldn’t try to confuse me then, he knows I like Jughead. I slowly sat down next to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“I uh I think you should call Val….i think you’re using me as a distraction from the reality of a problem…you need to call val” I said gently.

Archie turned his head in his hands and met my eyes. He bit his lip.

“Yeah, I think I will….I’m sorry yn, you were upset and I took advantage of you…” I patted his shoulder in forgiveness before standing and slipping out of the boy who had a lot of explaining to do’ room.

I walked out the front door and saw Jughead fly out of Bettys in pure anger. Woah what happened there.

“Jughead?” I called after him before chasing him, thoughts of my mistake earlier gone, my friend clearly needs me. His pace quickened at the sound of my voice.

He kept going till he was standing on the bridge that separated the Southside from us.

“Juggy stop!” I screamed and he turned in his heels and i practically slammed into his chest.

“What?! What the hell do you want?!” He bit. How dare he be mad at me right now!

“Em excuse me? Wanna try that again in a different tone?” I returned in the same inflection. He just huffed in response, crossing his arms. Okay time to change tactic.

“Jug, what’s wrong?” I say softly moving closer to him.

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong is the girl I love is off kissing my best friend minutes after saying she loves me!” he practically screams.

“You don’t get to be mad at me!” I shouted back.

“Wait….did you just say you love me?” He looked panicked again at my question. I could see him slowly backing away before I caught his arm.

“No no you’re not a allowed to run this time” I say much softer. “Please” I whisper.

In one swift movement he met my lips, bringing his hands to my cheeks as mine went to his sides. Suddenly he pushed me backwards.

“No no no we can’t…you can’t…Archie and you… arggghh” he ran his hands through his hair frustratedly before backing away again.

“No, no Juggie please, it’s not like that it’s not that I promise! He kissed me! I didn’t want to kiss him! I only went to him cause I needed a friend! I didn’t want what happened to happen! It’s not like that!” I was crying now as I clung to Jugheads hoodie.

“Jug, I still love you. Please”

I could see the inner fight happening in his eyes.

“So you don’t like Archie?”

“Not like that, never like that” I say half frantically.

“oh thank god” in one sweeping motion he meet me in a kiss again.

“If you ever kiss Archie again I will end his life” he half joked breaking from me.

“If Archie ever kisses me again I’ll end his life” I laugh back before we meet again.


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“Everyone says how pretty I am and how much they want to be like me. I thank them. But why can’t I believe them?” (r.i.d)

Vows- Lafayette X Reader

[“The first time we met you were drunk and petting my dog at three am.”]

I stared at the man who was passed out on my couch, my phone in one hand.

I was considering calling the police although he didn’t technically do anything illegal. I mean I was the one who invited him in but he was petting my dog at three am, obviously intoxicated.

My dog did seem to like him though so I suppose he could stay the night. I set my phone down and I went into my kitchen to get me some coffee so I could stay up and make sure that he doesn’t throw up or anything.

I drank the coffee hastily and I went back into my living room to see that the man was now snoring and my dog had jumped on the couch and curled up to the man. I shook my head and rolled my eyes before I took a seat in my recliner and I slowly started falling asleep, the coffee barely doing anything for me.

I woke up, light coming in through the windows and I realized that I was in my bed, not in the recliner that I had fallen asleep in. I stood up and went into my kitchen, surprised to find the man cooking.

“Do you do this often?” I asked him and he turned around.

“Petting dogs late at night before passing out at a strangers house? No, this is my first time.” He joked and I smiled a bit.

“Do you need anything for your hangover?”

“I already took some pain medicine. Sorry I didn’t want to wake you up for a stupid question like that.”

“It’s alright. Did you carry me into my bed?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry if-”

“No it’s okay! We don’t know each other at all though?”

“Right. I’m Lafayette.”

“I’m Y/N. Now may I ask why you were petting my dog at three am?”

“My friends are assholes. Thank you by the way for being so cool about this. I mean I spent the night at your place and now I’m making breakfast while we barely know each other.”

“I know that you like dogs.” I smirked and he laughed loudly. I was amazed at how empty my house was without his laughter in it.

“True, true. But if we’re being fair, my friends are thee reason that this is all happening. They thought that it would be a good idea to stop the car, pet your dog and leave me behind.”

“So that’s why my dog smells like he was at a bar.”

“Your dog is very cute though.” He smiled and I nodded.

“He is.”

“Would it be okay if I used your shower to freshen up?”

“Yeah. Do you want me to put your clothes in the washing machine while you are in there?”

“If it isn’t a bother?”

“It isn’t.”

[“The first time I said I love you, I was drunk.”]

I knocked on the door and I heard footsteps and I almost cried in relief that I wasn’t waking him up. He opened the door cautiously and he looked at me, confused.

“Is everything okay, Y/N?” He asked and I gulped.

“Mm I’ve had a couple drinks.” I told him, a bit wobbly.

“You can take the bed.” He told me and I shook my head. He grabbed my hand and helped me inside.

“The bed is probably big enough for both of us.”

“Uh huh. I’m probably going to be taking care of you all night.”

“Thanks Laf. I love you.” I said and he hugged me.

“You’re drunk.”

“I mean it.”

“No you don’t. I wish you did but you don’t. Do you want to wear one of my shirts to sleep since your current outfit doesn’t seem like the most comfortable thing in the world?”

“Sure. Try and get some sleep. Okay?”

“There are more important things to do than sleep.”

“Goodnight.” I said and I went into his room and I changed into one of his shirts before falling asleep in his bed.

[“The first time you said I love you, we were already dating.”]

“I don’t know if you remember this or not but you came to my apartment this one time and you were really drunk.”

“You’d have to be more specific than that.”

“The first time.”


“You told me that you loved me.”

“I do not remember that because if I had, I would’ve been really awkward in the morning.”

“Oh trust me, you were. You were wearing one of my shirts and you were just completely disoriented to where you were. But I wanted to know if you meant it. Even though we are dating now I never really thought that you meant-”

“I love you. And I know that we are both sober and that we will both remember it. I did mean it, by the way. There was a reason I couldn’t remember my address but I knew yours.”

“I hope that it helps that we both share the same address now.”

“Oh trust me, it does.”

“I just wanted to say that… I love you too. And I wanted to say it then but you were still drunk so…”

“If you did I probably would’ve started making out with you.”

“We can make out now.” He smiled, wiggling his eyebrows and I laughed.

“You’re a dork.”

“But I’m your dork.”

[“And now we’re getting married. I’ll always be there for you, Laf and I am eternally grateful that you thought my dog was cute at three am.”]



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Randy arrived in Adrien’s room via portal by running face first into his bookshelf before chucking a notebook at the window.

Jake blinked, “Well hello to you too, Pajamas.”

Randy rubbed his forehead, a faint imprint on his face. “Wonkin’ homework and it’s stinkin’ future questions and the stupid portal into the wonkin’ books!”

He kicked the bookshelf, letting out a yelp as it jarred his foot.

“Hey,” Adrien said, “My books never did anything to you.”

Jake sighed and put down his controller. “Aight, let’s hear your rant of the day.”

He jumped nimbly down from the balcony where the books were situated and flopped on a protesting Danny’s legs. “Why does every wonkin’ adult over the frickin’ age of thirty seven expect a bunch of honkin’ 14 year olds to know what we’re going to do three or four stinkin’ years from now?!?”

He strangled the air in front of him. Danny nodded. “I know right? I mean we don’t have 2020 vision.”

Randy paused his melodrama to glare at his friend. Adrien giggled from his spot on the bed and Jake rolled his eyes.

Danny raised his hands in submission. “Alright, I promise that was the only one. Please continue your rant on the unfairness of the education system and the ridiculous expectations of adults.”

“Thank you,” Randy said. “I mean, I barely know what I’m going to have for lunch, how am I supposed to know what I’m going to do with my life?”

Jake patted the nearest part of Randy he could reach, which ended up being his foot. “S’okay dawg. Not sure how you’ll manage a job and ninja-ing at the same time though.”

Randy gave him a confused look, “What are you talking about?”

Danny made a face. “I can barely get by with heroing and school. Not sure how I would manage it with a job. At least I can’t get fired from school.”

“Yes you can.” Adrien said, “It’s called ‘expulsion’.”

Randy shook his head, pulling his legs off of Danny. “Guys, I’m done after my Senior year.”

Jake snorted, “I’ve been done with school since I started.”

“I meant I’m done being the Ninja.”

They all jumped when something crashed, sending porcelain and water across the floor. Adrien stood halfway between his bed and the couch where his friends were currently lounging. Water seeped into his socks as he stared at Randy.

“You-you’re giving up the mask?” He seemed both incredulous and horrified at the thought.

Randy, usually full of boundless energy, slunk back in his seat. He refused to meet any of their questioning eyes. “Well, it’s not really my choice. I have to.” He gave them a brief smile. “It’s the Ninja’s ultimate lesson.”

Adrien had a stricken look on his face. “How can - you just - ??” He ran a hand through his hair, then seemed to realize he was standing in a puddle of water and broken porcelain. He started sweeping up the pieces into his hands.

Randy shrugged, “It’s not like I’ll get the chance to miss it.”

Danny gestured wildly with his hands. “Will you just fill us in Randy?!”

Randy hunched in on himself, fiddling with a strand from his jacket. “You know how there’s a new ninja chosen every four years?”

“Yeah,” Jake said, “You told us that.”

“Well before the new ninja is chosen, the previous one has to learn the Ultimate Lesson. They give up all their memories of being the ninja so the knowledge can be passed down to the next.”

His friends were silent, staring at him. Randy waved them off, “It’s no big deal guys. I know I have to do it.”

“Randy, you met us while you were the ninja. Are you going to forget all….Are you gonna forget all of us.” Adrien asked, his voice breaking on the last word. His hands tightened on the four broken shards of his mug.

Randy frowned in thought, “I don’t- I shouldn’t.”

Jake laughed nervously, “‘Course you wouldn’t! We’re too awesome to forget!”

Randy gave him a small smile, “Yeah….”

5. Part 2

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Staring at my ceiling in my bedroom, today is the day and that is the only thing I can think of right now. Why did I agree to this now, I feel all nervous. Saturday has come around so fast for me, I am more than shocked that I actually woke up early on a weekend, I had to set my alarm actually “oh god” placing my hands over my face, what am I doing and why am I doing this. What excuse can I make, shall I tell him I am ill “what am I even talking about” we are practically friends now, well kind of. Reaching over to my side table and grabbing my phone, letting out a yawn “shit” that is the time, I don’t even know what to wear because he won’t tell me. Reading my notifications, he replied to my text from last night, I fell asleep by the time he actually replied.

From: Chris

Wear what you want, I told you this already…

Why is he being like this, if I am overdressed that will get me so angry. Why do I even care, it’s not even a date, forget it.

To: Chris

If I am overdressed it will ruin my day and I will go home early and wake that ass up boy!

I need to actually call my mom, my weekend is to catch up on sleep, family and cleaning but this is changing my day up. I am feeling so nervous but a little intrigued, if my dad found out about this he would not be happy. I am his only little girl even though I have a little brother, but I am the most important one out of them all. Placing my phone on my chest as I stretched out my body, let me get out of bed and do something with myself. My phone vibrating against my chest, lifting my phone up and seeing Chris calling. Answering the call “morning” god, why do I always sound awful in the morning “hey, are you ready?” he asked, rubbing my face “uhhh no, you going to tell me then? I have a feeling it’s something like a movie? Just say yes or no” god, Chris does actually sound so good when he has just woken up, never noticed this at all “maybe, could be yes or maybe no. We could be going to a beach, you just never know” he is so annoying “I cancel anyways” I am done with him now “stop being all moody and shit, tell me where you live so I can pick you up? I will say it is a movie, now stop asking me” I knew he would back down “meet me outside The Avenue, Hollywood. Just park where the car park is, I will walk to you” pushing my bed covers off my body “you live in the apartment there? Y’all got money huh” he said, rolling my eyes “not me, my brother and Lo be up to no good. I don’t ask questions, I am just a broke nurse living with my brother. That will soon change, I hope. I am thinking of moving out and living with Bailey” swinging my legs off my bed, sitting on the edge “I have a feeling who she lives with, just stay where you are” he is funny “sure, anyways you’re cutting into my getting dressed time. Goodbye!” I will disconnect the call before he has a little outburst regarding it “see you soon ma” disconnecting the call.

“Oh my god! What do I wear!” I shouted out, why is my life so difficult. What do I wear, oh god I need Bailey to help me. Every time I go anywhere I am like this, I groaned out rubbing my head “oh no” I just rubbed my face and I have my foundation on, I hate myself. I need to gather myself together, I need to remember this is just me meeting my friend, I mean he is just a regular guy. Then again he is Chris Brown, but what do I wear. No matter what, we are just friends but that does not justify me looking terrible. This prep talk is not working out, god help me. Getting up off of my bed, let me try again to search for an outfit. I can do this, I can choose an outfit that will be perfect. I swear I have some cute outfits here, I know I do.

Waiting for the facetime to connect with Bailey “you know what I am thinking right now?” Bailey said staring at me with her hair wrap on “why I am awake this early?” Bailey nodded “like I am so tired, I am trying to sleep and you keep calling me. But I love you so proceed to show me what you are wearing. First tell where you are going? Your makeup is bomb, you got your bundles in?” she know damn well I got my good weave in, this only happens on occasions “guess” I simply said, standing in front of my mirror and flipping the camera “I am not sure but tell me how I look” I am waiting for Bailey to say something stupid “bring the camera down, I want to see the feet” slowly bringing my camera down the mirror “legs for days! Ok, I think you are going to get some LA dick? Clearly” flipping the camera over back on my face mean mugging her “what!? Ok, on a real. You are dressed for LA, it’s warm out there, it’s bomb, I like it. Are you getting some dick then?” she said, shaking my head “just meeting a friend, I will tell you soon. I am behind, gotta go” blowing air kisses before disconnecting the call.

So Chris is outside, he has been outside for the last half hour, he came early. Not on me, I said wait because I was still deciding on the outfit. Wiggling my toes in my tan strappy stilettos, my cut off denim jeans that just cover my ass, but I feel my legs are out too much, this is too much for me. Pulling down my oversized sweatshirt a little more, I have a shirt under this because you never know but I don’t do bras. Placing my dark maroon MAC lipstick in my clutch, let me go now. Walking to my side table and disconnecting my charger from my phone, seeing the various missed calls from Chris makes me feel like I am a bad person for making him wait.

I woke my brother up earlier, I went into his bedroom because I wanted his chain. I am borrowing his gold chain for today, here he goes with his morning blunts “can hear you walking a mile off” Nathan said, looking over at the balcony door open. Nathan stood with a blunt in hand “woah! Wait, where are you going? It’s barely turned one” I knew he was about to do this “going out, what I tell you about questioning me?” pointing at him “I swear the LA life is getting to you, where are you going?” he walked towards me “to the movies, just out. Goodbye and tell Lo to stop calling me, I ain’t speaking to his bitch ass” turning on my heels “what is wrong with you both now?” my brother half shouted “ask him, but I’m out and clean the mess up” I ain’t here to be cleaning today “bring my chain back!” opening the door “whatever” banging the door shut behind me.

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I have never had this problem before, she had me sat in this Lamborghini in this LA heat. Looking down at my Rolex in annoyance, it’s about to be forty five minutes since being out here, she ain’t picking my calls up either. She got me out here sweating too, Rylee ain’t shit already. Fixing my snapback on backwards, let me sit back in my car before I get noticed. Pushing myself off of the side of my car, pulling the car door up and climbing back inside. It has become so hot in this car, I want to be topless now. Pulling my car door down, patting down my jeans and looking at my new Js. I done shaved too, I was going to keep the stubble but I didn’t, this is an all clean look with my black tee on. I did have a bomber jacket on but I got hot, blowing out air looking up. Seeing a female walking towards the car, squinting my eyes looking closely. Is that Rylee, if I look at her face maybe I will know. My eyes slowly dragged itself up her body and then my eyes fell on her face “wow” I said aloud, she walked around my car to get in. She looks so good, I feel all nervous now.

Clearing my throat, shifting in my seat as the passenger door opened. I can’t stop staring at the legs, it gets even better now she is here. Biting on my bottom lip, she leaned in picking my bomber jacket up “oh, my bad” I didn’t even get that for her, she stuck her butt in first “ooooohhhhh” I said, staring at her butt, she swung her legs in “ok these cars are not easy to get into” she said, I don’t even care “it’s perfect” I said, she placed my bomber jacket on my lap and closed the door “did you hear what I said?” I am trying to take this in, she needs to stop talking. Where has this girl come from, wow. She can dress, even when she is not dressed she is beautiful “you’re so beautiful” I had to say it “stop it” she placed her clutch on her lap “yeah, I mean sorry. It’s not that bad to get into, I am used to it now. Can I place my bomber jacket on the floor next to your legs?” I asked before I did it “oh yeah you can” gathering my bomber jacket with my one hand, reaching to the passenger side and placing the bomber on the floor of the car. My arm just lightly grazing her calf, her golden legs are so soft. I am so turned on, I want her. She is mine.

“I want to say sorry, I kept you out here for so long. I am shocked you waited, I kept you waiting” holding my hand up “don’t say it, I just want to be normal as possible. I am going to try my best, just be you and I will be me. Things like that happen, I knew you was going to say, I kept Chris Brown waiting. But let’s pretend I am just a regular nigga” Rylee smiled at me a little “I just want to say you look beautiful, you have dressed great. These are the only words I can say because I don’t want to say what my mind is saying” Rylee giggled “how about we don’t, can we drive though? The leather seats are burning my ass and my thighs, I am melting here” I busted out laughing “how you think I felt? Now you know how I feel” turning my car engine on “are you going to tell me how handsome I am? If you saw me yesterday, I looked like a werewolf” slowly driving off “it’s very cute” my eyes bulged out looking at her “cute?” I spat, she needs to stop doing that cute giggle “joking, you look nice. Very handsome” I grinned “aww stop it, I am getting all red now” my voice all high pitched “you copying me on what I said last time, so rude” she clocked on, I am glad.

I hope those niggas keep my home clean, I done told them “I have never been in a car like this, it’s fast” my lip curled up “I don’t even want to know why you are smiling like that, it’s small though. Small and fast” my smile disappeared after that, I was going to say something sly but she beat me to it “you have nice legs, you got me all speechless. I know I shouldn’t really say that, I mean who does that on a first date” the car fell silent “I mean friend date, I mean you know just a get to know each other date” I suck at this, look at me. Hearing a slight snort, my head turned to her “ew where did that come from. Sorry” she put her hand up “you’re funny, you seem so out of your depth here. Ignore that noise, I was supposed to laugh but clearly I make an idiot out of myself” shaking my head smiling “I think we both are stupid, let’s just be cool” I am saying this but it’s me, I am so awkward why am I doing this to myself.

Walking into ArcLight Hollywood movie theatre, I am obviously walking behind Rylee. She has honestly the most perfect legs, I want Rylee to wrap her legs around my body. She must have the sweetest pussy, I can imagine. Licking my bottom lip, my own thoughts taking me to a place I shouldn’t be right now “woah” holding onto Rylee as I walked into the back of her, letting her go “my bad, sorry” I think we are both bad at this “you want to be lowkey but you out here banging into me, you ok?” feeling my cheeks go slightly red “yeah yeah, just looking at the scene. This place is great” Rylee squinted her eyes at me “you’re walking ahead of me now ok?” she got me, I ruined this for myself now “ok, side by side then. What movie you want to watch?” walking at the side of Rylee “surprise me, I’m open to a lot” she said, raising my eyebrow “really?” looking at her with a smirk “filth” she simply said to me, she always clocks me.

I am shocked she actually wants to see Avengers with me, she let me pick anyways so who cares “Chris” Rylee held my wrist “huh, yeah?” stopping in my tracks “I want to pay for the things, I am not having you pay for everything. It’s only drinks and popcorn” pulling a face at her “no, I will pay. I want to pay, it’s nothing Rylee” she tilted her head “please don’t do this, you said normal so let me buy the food” sighing out not really wanting to do this “you can only pay for the drinks and popcorn, after this then no more paying out. Deal? I want to pay for you” Rylee got her pinkie finger out “pinkie promise” how different is she, holding her pinkie finger with mine “you’re on a budget though, no large with me” her beautiful hazel eyes, I am melting “I want it large only” I said in a mumble “I guess I will let you off just this time” I am still holding on to her pinkie finger, let me stop.

I really thought that the screen would be quiet, it’s early and who would come early but I was wrong, really wrong. Luckily the row we are on nobody is sitting here at the moment, the lights dimmed down slowly “who is that?” pointing at Rylee’ lock screen, she pressed her home button again “my youngest brother, Kyrie. I miss him” Rylee placed her phone in her bag and then sat back in the chair, she crossed her right leg over her left “he looks like trouble” he really does “he is, he drives me up the wall when I am home” she must have a big family “can we get through?” some guy said, turning my head seeing this young white guy. His face changed seeing who I am “sure” moving my legs in, I guess it is just my luck that there is a group of them. I want to move now, rolling my eyes as they walked by “damn” the black guy lost his balance and was about to fall but placed his hand on Rylee’ knee, pushing the guys hand away “watch it!” I stood up “sorry, I didn’t mean it” the fuck he doing touching “you should have fell! Why you touching her for!?” I spat “Chris it’s ok, he didn’t do it on purpose” the group of guys just stared at me “sit down please” Rylee said, I want to punch his face. Sitting in down in a huff “it’s fine, don’t get worked up over it. He was sorry” Rylee is saying that but it don’t make it right “take your snapback off, we are inside” Rylee reached over and pulled it off my head, I am just going to stay quiet until I cool off.

I have been so quiet, I only asked where she would like to go to eat. Looking down at the menu “you been really quiet with me” Rylee spoke, looking up from the menu “it’s not you, I just got annoyed. Sorry, I don’t want to scare you away either. I just feel like I messed it up” placing the menu down “don’t feel like that, I understand why. I did get annoyed but then you ended up saying something. Nothing is ruined, only if you are going to be grumpy then yeah. The guy was staring at me that is why he fell” I knew he was “asshole, he touched you though. Ok I am over it, let’s move on” I need to not think about it “what burger you want? Remember I am paying so you can go all out” Rylee stuck her tongue out “ayeee!!” this girl is so perfect.

Pointing at Rylee’ plate “what is that? It looks nice and hold up, are you taking pictures for Instagram?” Rylee quickly stopped taking a picture “come on, let me follow you. Let me see your pictures at least?” Rylee sighed out “but people will speculate, do you want that? You know what, I will send you a picture if that makes you feel better” reaching over and taking a cheesy fry “wow, rude. You got yours!” placing the fries in my mouth “but they not cheesy, I should have got them. My bad” wiping my hand against my jeans “how you feeling about today? Is everything good with how it is?” I asked “yeah of course, it’s sweet. It’s been calm for the most part” least she is ok with everything “I enjoy your company” I openly admitted “same Chris, we seem to be stupid. Well keep doing on stupid things. I may not seem it but I am dying inside” she hides it well.

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Chris’ car is amazing, I have honestly never had such an experience in a car like this. Reaching down at the side of me, picking up Chris’ bomber jacket “this smells so nice” he switched his car engine off “you can keep it if you like” he is crazy “I can only imagine how expensive this is, do not think so” placing his jacket in his lap “are you sure?” pulling his car door up “more than sure, I already feel like I am doing too much and punching above my weight” I really hate getting out of this car though, hearing a wolf whistle as I got out “sorry” he said again, he has been doing this so many times “whatever” closing the door, turning around and seeing Chris’ home “this is a beautiful home Chris, wow” and so many cars “welcome to my home” this is a nice place.

This house is so silent, I am surprised it is because every time he calls me there is always boys in the background “let me show you around” Chris threw his jacket to the side “would you like to see my home?” Chris turned around “yeah sure” he stopped walking and walked towards me “let me put your clutch away? I’ll put it there” he placed his hand on my clutch “thank you” I said as he took it from me “it’s cool, come. I am excited to show a female my home, in a normal way instead of other things” he looks real excited, it is so cute. Watching him fiddle with the baby gate “I hate this shit” he spat and then it finally unlocked “ok, we all good to go. Come” he jogged up the steps ahead of me, slowly making my way up.

Chris turned around lifting his arms up “this is my bedroom” he spat, I am very impressed “this is a very nice bedroom Christopher, I am shocked. It’s clean, did you clean it prior? I bet you did” stepping inside “kind of, I just picked up my things. But I rarely sleep in this thing, come. See my walk in closet, I have more clothes downstairs but this is where I keep my jewellery” he waved me over, Chris is literally giving me a tour. He seems to be so happy do this, I find it cute because it’s like he has never done this before. My eyes widened looking around the closet “wow, this is like a jewellery store. I love that chain, Black Pyramid one” touching the chain “thank you, I can get you one” moving my hand back “no, I don’t think so. I love your things” watching him open the cabinet and pick the chain off “try it on” I was about to say no but he placed it over my head already “it’s heavy, Jesus. How do you deal?” he cheesed at me “suits you, maybe one day” lifting my hair up “take it from me before I take it home” turning around “I got you, we are destined you know” he said randomly “how?” furrowing my eyebrows “tattoos, the stars” smiling wide at his cuteness.

Walking behind Chris to go back downstairs “what is this room?” pointing at the door half open, it’s all pink. He stopped walking and turned back around “my daughter’ room, nobody sees this room unless they family. I’ll show you” he pushed the door open walking inside “she got everything princess themed, her toys are out. I need to clean that, her bed also. But yeah, this her room and play room. I got her a walk in closet but she don’t have many clothes in there” he pointed “why?” I questioned “I barely see her but that is about to change, went to court and getting more rights for her. It’s different being a father” he leaned down picking up a doll “it is, you’re a good father from what I see” Chris looked up at me smiling “thank you” this is such a different Chris Brown.

“Are you sure that you just want water?” Chris jumped over his couch with a bottle in hand “more than sure, all that walking in these heels has made me thirsty” taking the bottle from him “take the heels off” he pointed as he sat down “once they off I will not put them back on, thank you though and thank you for today. It was nice, it was nice to have some fun and not go to the club to have fun. Thank you” I honestly loved today, it was relaxing “my pleasure, thank you for being a good date” he sat back on the couch “you know what I mean” he has said date so many times today, opening the bottle of water.

The silence is so thick in this room, I don’t know what it is but I am feeling it from him. He is staring so hard at me too, I feel nervous now “I want to know more about you Rylee. Tell me about yourself” shuffling myself back on the couch “what would you like to know?” he needs to be more specific “I’ll ask questions and you answer?” he said, nodding my head “sure” this will be an interview “I know you’re from New Jersey, how many siblings do you have? What made you come here and why are you single?” I knew that would come up “I have three brothers, two older and one younger. My eldest brother Blake is my half-brother but he practically grew up with us, he is coming out of prison soon, well any day now. I came here because I wanted a change, USC medical centre is awesome. I was shocked I got accepted” Chris’ eyes widened “prison? What for?” I shrugged “only god knows what they get up too, you probably know more than me. Something about Inglewood, I don’t know” Chris let out an oh “how come you single? Any guy would want you” laughing a little “they think I am stuck up Chris, I rarely date” waving my hand “I guess you not had any good relationships?” shaking my head “not really, I realised the hard way when I found out I am just a girl they all just want to fuck but not take home to mommy, you know stuff like that. I am not bitter but I am just not with the shits” this is why I won’t get deep with Chris, or even let anything sexual happen.

Chris cleared his throat “you’re so nice though, you have such a kind nature” he said, I cooed out “but they are the ones that are usually losing, I was a total bitch in school but then I just grew up. I wanted to help others, I am doing this because of that. My mom is the same she helps others all the time, she used to be a midwife” I wish I accepted that glass of wine now “that is sweet, you remind me of my mom. She is sweet as hell, but then they see me, they are like how did you give birth to that. You are just like her though” my smile grew “I will take that as a compliment but is it my turn now?” I want to ask things “yeah sure, ask away” Chris leaned forward on the couch “tell me more about Christopher Brown, the one from Texas” his eyes widened laughing “oh wow, that guy from there. So it was just me and my cousins, that’s it. I was always like this, outspoken, hyper. Just always doing something, I never sleep and also when I have a plan I always need it to happen. I have never been in love, I have never witnessed it either erm, and. Also I have never had a real relationship but I don’t think it was ever true, meaning it was just was for convenience. They needed a come up and I would help that” that is horrible “have you ever been in love?” shaking my head “well, I really liked this guy. But I was young and stupid” I shrugged “oh yeah I wanted to ask, what is your favourite all time Chris Brown song?” letting out a laugh.

I paused thinking “my all-time favourite I would say, it has to be Take You Down” Chris gasped “you a freak, I see! I got you, I will sing that to you onetime” I giggled out “I knew it was a trap, I should have said With You now. But I have to say Take You Down, it is like my most played song” I love the song and now I want to listen to it “freak!” Chris said again “what did you assume about me though? Has it changed now?” rubbing my hands together “player, get girls when he wants too. Party, Pussy and weed. But I see this and it has changed, I mean this side of you is nice. I can see not many people see this side to you” Chris nodded his head “I don’t think people deserve too, I am going to be real with you Rylee. I want more” swallowing hard “can we just like to know each other more, things can’t happen overnight” I don’t know why he wants me “I got you but don’t be blowing me off for Daniel” I sighed out “he is just friend” reassuring Chris.

Walking behind Chris outside “this is my graffiti I do outside” he pointed out, looking at the wall full of weird creatures. Tilting my head to the side “why do you draw monsters all the time? Looking at this, it seems really dark or am I just looking at it all wrong? Inside the home there was paintings but it was light hearted” Chris stuffed his hands in his jean pockets “because that is how everyone sees me” he blurted out, my eyebrows knitted together “everyone? Not everyone sees that, surely. So this is how you express yourself?” I pointed, he nodded “so you do feel that” I mumbled, I paused staring “you’re not a monster Chris, you show what you want people to see. I can admit that first hand, I thought you was an asshole and maybe still is. I don’t know but you’re nice to me” I feel sad that he feels that way about himself “thank you, I have never done this before. The girls that I have here don’t really get me like this, they be fucking with the homies too. I just be out here doing this, I like having people around but yeah, as you can see. This is new to me” I believe him now, I believe everything he is telling me.

When You Got A Good Thing (Japril FanFic)

I thought that I would post this here. It’s just a small Japril one shot that i wrote. Let me know what you think. 


Fifteen hours after April’s almost wedding her and Jackson lie in bed after a session of lovemaking. They had been married in a small chapel in Lake Tahoe just little over an hour ago.

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No Strings Attached?

A/N: HEY GUYS! I feel like I haven’t updated in ages. Anyways, for those who don’t know, I have a fanfic book on wattpad called ‘Keeping Secrets’ and the first couple of parts are out right now, so if you’re interested PLEASE go check it out :)

Prompt: You’re in a friends with benefits relationship with Dan, but you’re in love with him

Word Count: 1124 words

Your P.O.V

Love. Love? Is that what I’m feeling? Is this love? How is it that love can hurt so much? Knowing that the person you absolutely adore doesn’t love you back. Maybe it’s because of the kind of relationship that Dan and I have, or maybe it’s because of the fact that he’s my best friend and I know him better than he knows himself. How come love hurts like this, it’s like my brain as at war with itself. One minute I’m telling myself that I don’t need this kind of relationship in my life, this no strings attached bullshit, but then when the time comes, those feelings just come back and I can feel them getting stronger and stronger with each encounter that we have.

Looking up at a white ceiling, feeling like shit for doing this, is becoming a boring routine, and when I say boring, I don’t actually mean boring, I just mean, I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling like I’m being used. Agreeing to a sexual relationship (and it’s only strictly sex) with my best friend was probably the worst decision I have ever made as a human being. I guess love does hurt, and only love can really hurt like how it does right now. Because this hurts, and every time we have sex, I can feel my heart break a little more each time. 

Where am I now as I think this? Dan’s bedroom.

I stare up at the familiar white ceiling, in a familiar bed, with a familiar brown haired boy puffing and sweating next to me from the activities performed minutes ago, with a familiar feeling in my heart. I just can’t do this anymore. Because I’m in love with him, and love hurts. Love is not worth the pain you get put through, love just isn’t worth it. After all the routine is, I go over, we make out a little, we go into the bedroom we do the do  and then I leave, and then we have to act like it never happened whenever we were around people, which is understandable I guess, but I don’t deserve this.

The thing is, I don’t think I was ever in love with him before we started this thing. But by the time my lips touched his, it was like trying alcohol for the first time, it’s weird, but by the end of the night your drunk. It was the same with Dan, I went in feeling nothing, but by the time we had kissed for the first time, I couldn’t get enough. It must have been one deadly kiss.

I sigh loudly and I throw the covers off of my exposed body, get up out of Dan’s very comfortable bed, and walk around the room searching for and putting on my clothes. By the time I have my undergarments on, I hear rustling coming from Dan, and then a voice.

“What are you doing?” Dan asks. I jump slightly because I wasn’t expecting him to say anything until I was actually at the front door. I turn around to face him, he’s sat up in his bed with his hair all over the place with a confused look on his face. I sigh and continue to put on my clothes that I have found that were scattered around his messy bedroom.

“I’m doing what I always do, I’m leaving, going home” I say rudely. It wasn’t supposed to come out rude, but it did and I mentally face palm myself for sounding rude. Dan doesn’t look to phased, probably assuming that I’m just in one of my moods, but it’s much more than that.

“I was hoping you would stay and watch a movie. Also it’s pretty late out. I woudnt want you to get hurt or anything.” Dan says sympathetically, but i wasnt in the mood for any sympathy or bullshit. I just wanted to go home so I could cry.

“Why? Because you wouldn’t have anybody to fuck when you’re bored? Why do you even care anyways?” I spat back ay him, in a very cold and harsh voice. I have no idea whats coming over me, but I need to get this out. Dan looked very surprised and hurt, also confused as to why I would say something like that. But he didnt look angry, like I was expecting him to. He looked more hurt than anything.

“(Y/N)? Is that seriously all you think of me? Do you think I just use you for sex? And yes, of course I care about you. You’re my best friend. Am i not allowed to care about you all of a sudden? And remember, you agreed to this ‘no strings attatched’ thing” Dan shot back, but not in a cold way, his voice was full of hurt. He was hurt. I hurt him.

“Dan, I just don’t want to do this anymore. I cant do this anymore. Its just too hard to continue something that just makes you feel like shit.” I said and then paused contemplating whether or not I should say the next part. “Dan, I uh. I-I, you know what? Nevermind. Just forget that all of this happened” I grab all my stuff and start heading towards the front door.

“No, there’s something more to this I know it” Dan approaches me and looks into my eyes. “I’ve known you ever since Phil and I moved to London. Please just tell me whats wrong” Dan pleaded while looking into my sad eyes.. i take a deep sigh before replying

“I’m in love with you, Dan. And this no strings attached thing makes everything 10x difficult. I want to be able to repress these feelings but I cant when you call me over like every other week, just to fuck. It’s hard.” I reply basically whispering. Dan looked at me sympathetically, and brought a hand up to cup my cheek.

“The feeling sucks, doesn’t it?” He asks. Before I could ask 'what are you on about?’ He placed his lips on top of mine and then I knew what he was talking about. “How about we forget this whole 'no strings attached’ bullshit and focus on something a bit more serious? “Dan asked and I nodded happily, knowing what he was talking about.

100 days of productivity - day 21/100
I haven’t been posting for a few days but it’s not because I wasn’t productive. I just didn’t have internet connection. Right now I’m back from a 6 hour-long study night with friends. We studied in the hospital’s intern room - which was a bit creepy with “the-hospital-during-night” setting. It is now 4 am - meaning that time to go to bed and wale up early to study more. I WILL get a good mark next week.

Also this photo was taken by my friend who is not on Tumblr but the credit still goes to her.


               Broken kids everywhere are writing their life story in cuts on their wrists right now. If you are one of them, I can say I understand, but it doesn’t heal the scars, I know. A Band-Aid doesn’t fix anything. It just covers up the real problem. People are so oblivious to other people’s pain. People say that the world is changing, but I won’t believe it till kids aren’t killing themselves, or wanting too. After all, we are all just humans made of the same star dust, and the same blueprints in our bones. Do not belittle someone just because they don’t have the same way of living as you, don’t judge what you can’t understand. We are all just trying to live, and I think it’s sickening that someone would want to make living harder for another person, as if it isn’t already hard enough. I have been a very strong person this past year, I have had countless people tell me I’m ugly, nothing, and tell me I’m awful at the only thing I’m good at. I’ve had people tell me to stop eating, and to cut myself because ‘no one cares’. I’ve had people tell me to kill myself, and I’m telling you, I’ve tried. I might not be able to go to bed without worrying about what I ate that day, or look at myself without feeling worthless, and I might always think of the past and the silly thing I did like try to end my beautiful life, but I made it. I am living proof that the world can be awful to a person, but I am also living proof that it gets better. The world will make you feel small, and it hurts, trust me, I’ve spent plenty of nights crying in the shower, but you are made of the same stuff as anyone else, and just because they think different thoughts than you, doesn’t mean your weird or no one loves you. It means you are lucky enough to see the world as it really is. I am telling everyone that’s hurting right now, that you matter. You are a beautiful soul, and it makes my heart ache that I can’t be there for each and every one of you. I want you to exist. I can tell you that I have more hospital bracelets than I do friends, and I’m still trying to deal with that, but I am so proud of myself for staying, and I am so proud of you for making it this far, I’m proud of you for waking up, and getting out of bed, and if you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself tonight, and every night, this is it.

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Dearest Foggy, I hope you are feeling okay. If you are not, I hope you will later. I love you and am sending infinity hugs to you.

Things have been rough these past months. My health has never been good, but it has been extra not-good lately. I’ve had to give up making comedy. I’ve had to give up taking photographs. My days are spent almost completely in bed. I have not had the energy to do much else. 

I don’t mean to sound like an ultimate sad-sack, but that’s just how things are right now. 

However, I am always uplifted by the support of my friends, family, and followers. I get the most amazing messages like yours and it gets me through the days. 

Infinity hugs help infinitely. 

So thank you and thanks to all who send in similar messages. I love you all. Otis sends his love too. 

I will do everything I can to mend my brokenness. I hope someday soon I can get back to making you all laugh. In the meantime I promise to reblog the best stuff I find and hopefully maintain a positive place for people to come. 

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According to 1dexclusive Harry was never in phuket i mean. They are always right, i hope they are ok

I have a funny story for you Nonnie:-)

Right now, as I type this, my husband is at the airport getting ready to fly to Vegas with a group of his friends.  They go every year.  I don’t go with them.  And that is okay.  We are better for the time that we sometimes spend apart.  It is normal and perfectly healthy.  Truthfully, I am most looking forward to having the bed to myself for a few days bc he snores.

I don’t work with my husband either so we spend far less time together than H/L and we still appreciate some time apart.  “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is a quote I fully subscribe to.

Additionally, while I know nothing about this update account (I generally trust no update accounts) or the authenticity of whether H/L were in Phuket together, it makes no difference to me.

Here’s why:

You don’t cover your body in declarations of love and commitment if you’re not committed.  I think they’re just fine.

Hey my friends, it's momma Fahr. I am in bed, puked all night and now I am drinking and resting- It's pretty much like last july all over again...BAH...

I am sick and might be offline for a while, means maybe a few weeks only popping in once in a while, or only brows on my phone in bed, which is annoying. Sitting up is a bitch right now.

I will have people blogging for me and replying to asks for me and pretty much moderating my accounts, so if you get a mail from the Mod-Elf it’s somebody I trust and will take good care of you!

The Riley Diaries Pt7

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: This part is dedicated to Auguste,because I think she will like it a lot haha This got a little longer because of the songs I used in it but I still hope you all like it. I hope the story is not moving too slow for you,guys .. I just don’t want to miss something and am trying my best.
Enjoy xo

You can listen to Shawn Mendes’ songs Running low and Roses while reading this ;)

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“Oh, you never told us that you have a boyfriend, Riles.” Maya said, still twirling her hair, not bothered by the thought that he is ‘taken’.

“Well, I actually,” I stuttered and looked at Josh, who was both shocked and surprised, “We had a little fight before I left and-”

“We almost broke up but we’re fine now.”

Josh put his arm around me and gave me an understanding smile and a nod that he will go with it. I mouthed a ‘Thank you’ and smiled to everyone.

“Yeah, we’re fine.”

“Well, I still want to know more about you and your boyfriend,” Maya said still not getting her eyes off Josh, “So what do you say you come over to our house tonight.”

Lucas elbowed his sister a little before looking at me and that made me think she was not supposed to invite us. I don’t blame him in a way, I guess he is upset with me. But what for? He is back together with Sarah, so much for not loving her anymore.

“They probably want to catch up, sis. We shouldn’t make them come.” Lucas said, pulling Sarah a little closer.

“Oh, come on.” Maya said annoyed with her twin and then looked back at us, “It will be fun, we’ll have a little barbecue, light a fire, sing under the stars and all that.”

“Yeah, Lucas told me you have a great voice.”

Farkle chimed in, unexpected and inappropriate, again. Sarah, Maya and Isadora all turned to Lucas at the same time as he was giving Farkle a death stare.

“How do you know that, honey?” Sarah raised her eyebrow.

“Who cares?” Maya didn’t even let Lucas answer, “Now I am sure you have to come, I can’t wait to hear that voice.”

Josh seemed to catch up real fast, it’s like he has been here the whole time and was aware of the ‘thing’ going on between me and Lucas. He looked him straight in the eye and his next words meant a lot more trouble for me.

“We’ll be there,” he smirked, “I love it when Riley sings.”

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