you all do know that the bechdel test was never supposed to be a metric for approving “feminist media”–it is actually a commentary on how incredibly alienating media is for lesbians when two women can’t even talk to each other about anything other than a man let alone love or fuck…. right? right??

Bleach 617 Probably
  • Aizen:HEY YHWACH
  • Aizen:I was going to kill the Soul King first.
  • Yhwach:*points at Ichigo* He did it.
  • Aizen:fuckign seriously Ichigo after all that mess you made and hell you raised trying to stop me from doing it the fuck you think this is fucking Rat Race what the hell is wrong with you Ulquiorra didn't die for this
  • Ichigo:I'M SORRY??????

anonymous asked:

bangtan will never amount to anything it's hilarious watching all of their fans get so excited over a few wins only to have them fall as soon as somebody who's actually good is up against them

Can I ask you a question anon: What does sending me this message achieve? Do you feel like you’ve achieved something? Does it make you feel like a bigger or better person? Does it give you a rush to know that you’re being rude for no reason whilst hiding behind a grey face? 

Whether they win or lose ARMYs will always be proud of Bangtan for the hard work and energy that they put into their music and performances and for the effort that they put into making sure that we know that they appreciate our love and support. They may not be the biggest group in the world, or the oldest, or the most popular, but they are special to us and shitting on the achievements that they have worked hard for is childish and completely unnecessary. 

Do you have any idea how much they look up to Bigbang? Half of them are huge fanboys - Jungkook only wanted to become a singer because of Jiyong and Jimin thinks Taeyang practically walks on water. The fact that they could be standing on the same stage (not literally but you know what I mean) as their own idols is wonderful, and it’s completely unfair for you to be trying to take that from them by creating drama. 

This whole bullshit ‘fanwar’ is a complete joke, and it’s high time people like you stopped making up arbitrary reasons to stir up trouble. Grow up, find something more productive to do with your time - you never know, you might find that not being an asshole is actually quite fulfilling. 

Have a nice day.