i mean really i've never had this happen

I love when people in overwatch are friendly

Like in skirmish or quickplay, when the enemy team is just like hello there and we all just sit in a circle and emote.

Or like…a Mercy comes over to flirt-I mean say hello to me, a Pharah.

I’ve also played as McCree and had an enemy Hanzo follow me everywhere spamming sake, I think he was asking me out.

It’s just fun, like people I’ll probably never meet being nice instead of just shooting me for their amusement.

Also, i dig the shipper shenanigans that go on 😂

i feel an ongoing sense of hopelessness with in myself that i can’t recognize as something apart from who i am. maybe it wasn’t all of the terrible things that happened to me, or even the terrible people i met. the thought crosses my mind that maybe the problem really just is me. the source of my darkness is myself. and like what if i never went through any of that trauma and still felt this way? what would that mean

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you are really insightful so can i ask you something? i'm 17 and i've never had a boyfriend or been kissed and all of my friends talk about having sex and dating and crap and it just makes me feel shitty. i feel really lonely. i know i need to love myself but having a guy who loves me would be pretty nice too, you know? sorry if i sound stupid

u know man.. it really doesn’t mean a damn thing what u have and haven’t done. it will happen for u, i promise, u will meet someone who absolutely gets u and it’ll be cool, or maybe just someone you want to screw, and that’s cool 2. but don’t sweat it. everything happens at different times for everybody because we are each complex individuals with a wide variety of personalities, sexualities, etc. try to love yourself heaps ok, in this dog eat dog world sometimes u gotta squeeze your own ass and take yourself out to dinner :~) 

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Hi! So I finished the Music Moguls series. As you said it really is kind of scary (like the stuff about Sharon Osbourne's father - I had no idea) but so interesting! Feel like I've used my free time before starting my internship very wisely :) Luckily for me I'm new and not very emotionally invested (though it's starting to creep up) & I am so far mostly fascinated by what's happening with 1D but also genuinely disgusted by some of the stuff that's been happening I mean I never paid much (1/3)

(2/3) attention to the mechanics of Celeb PR as I’m more interested in CorpComm & stuff, but the Myth Maker’s ep.. HOLY JESUS! Especially Nick Davies (the journalist) was really insightful to me, and I’ve definitely written down names of people to keep up with in the field.

(3/3) Just “PR comes in pretending to be the work of a journalist, and therefore the consumer isn’t alerted and is therefore more likely to be manipulated by” and “The reporters don’t know what’s going on, so they rely to an alarming extent to stuff being fed to them - little titbits from the PR people” gave me actual goose bumps! Thank you (and the first anon!) so so sooo much for the recommendation <3 I’ve really enjoyed it immensely

Hiii, hello you!

I’m sorry for posting this with so much delay, but I wanted to find a moment where I could properly concentrate on this, due to lack of continuous crappy stunt happenings and messy personal life.

I’m incredibly happy you appreciated and enjoyed it! As I said, the Myth Makers episode is my favorite (might be biased, obviously!) and I think you really extrapolated the essential points out of it. Sometimes the reporter is indeed aware that they’re spreading lies or inaccuracies, but they play the game. The relationship between PR and press is so very close and plays a primary role in selling a certain image (the advent of social media did make the job a little more independent, but links with regular outlets are still the main resource).

Once you learn to question what you’re told, once you start wondering why you’re meant to read something and why from a certain angle, you’re ready to break the bubble and the more you learn to discern narratives from actual events, the more you’ll be able to see truths for what they are and not for what you’re meant to interret them for someone else’s sake. It’s difficult and scary at the same time, but it’s a real eyes opening process that is valid and useful for every aspect of the public life and certainly very very valid for the entertainment industry.