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I’m fucking tired. I’m tired of the rivalry between Bumbleby shippers and Blacksun. Rwby has never really been inherently romantic. Does this mean I no longer ship Bumbleby/Whiterose/etc? No but does this mean I am going to hate on any character? Again hell no. Sun is doing his best okay? We know this from season 1. He’s a helpful monkey boy, he believes that Blake is a cool beautiful person. He doesn’t dig around in her feelings and let’s things go as they may. At the moment that’s probably why Blake feels safe with him right now. Blacksun does have the strongest possibility of being canon, why? Because of inherently straight RT creators. However this does not mean that Sun needs hate or that Bumbleby is an irrelevant ship. But at this point. I DON’T CARE. 

Blake is going to spend yet another season as our Angsty kitty that runs away..

With possibly her family? and Sun? I have hopes that Blake is going to get some character deveopement and possibly growing a backbone before her meeting up with Adam.

….OR Not. Please help out our Kitty please. And y’all please chill. Blacksun bros and my fellow Bumbleby baes. Can we not just band together to protect our faunus daughter?

I also liked the A Series of Unfortunate Events movie and think I’ll like the show as well.  I do think the movie receives more criticism from fans than it deserves.  For one, ASOUE never would have made a great movie franchise.  The formatting just does not fit the story.  So I think the people behind the movie did the best that they could given the restrictions.  One book for one movie would have been too stretched out, so combing them made sense.  And reshuffling the stories made sense, too, given that The Bad Beginning has more of a traditional cinematic ending than The Wide Window.  I also don’t think Jim Carrey as Count Olaf was completely terrible.  I think he had the potential to be a perfect Olaf.  He looked the part, he does theatrical well (obviously) and he could’ve been great at menacing, too.  Honestly, I blame the director for encouraging Carrey to do so much improv rather than reigning it in.  But people like to hate on Carrey for being too funny, and say that Olaf is a terrifying villain, through and through.  However, that is not the case.  He’s an evil man, yes, but he’s also boisterous and arrogant.  There are two side to him and that’s what makes him so scary - he can easily switch between dastardly and charming.  As for the technical aspects of the movie… they were spot-on.  I love the look of the film.  The sets, the clothing, the coloring.  The score is great, too.  My biggest complaint of the film is that they didn’t achieve the Snicket-ism of the books.  But as an adaptation (and a movie on its own right), I think the ASOUE movie was pretty good.

You know what really pissed me off....

Warning: I’m about to go rant. I don’t mean to expose this person (even though their ignorance should be exposed). I’m not tech savvy~ enough to block out their handle, but it’s okay, they changed it. Read if you like. 

So as many of you know, Twitter is the Hell of The Flash fandom. The amount of hate I come across in the Iris West and Barry/Iris tag on Twitter is absurd. I’ve never seen the most self-hating people in my life…. But on to my point.

As I was scrolling through the tag, I came across this fuckery. 

My first reaction: 

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That person’s tweet was in response to the amount of dragging that was under The Flash’s official twitter account for pandering to a ship that was created to marginalize The Flash’s black, female lead. 

Let me tell you guys what’s EXHAUSTING

1. Having to constantly defend Candice from racial slurs

2. Having to constantly defend Candice from death threats @ed at her

3. Having to constantly defend Candice from the erasure of her character

4. Having to constantly remind the network that they have a black, female lead

5.Having to deal with the bias in the media because there’s no way a white man can love a black woman

6. Having to constantly remind EVERYONE that Iris is not a second-grade character and shouldn’t be treated as such

7. Having to remind the network of their canon couple

8. Having to remind the network to promote their leading lady

Now, let me tell you what’s NOT exhausting:

1. Shipping a couple who’s support is constantly shown in the media, EVEN when that ship isn’t canon and will never be canon

2. Shipping a couple in which both are white

Don’t you dare say what’s exhausting about shipping a couple that the media panders to 24/7 because they are both white. Don’t you dare say it’s exhausting about shipping a couple that the media panders too even when the writers have no intent of making them canon. Don’t you dare say it’s exhausting to support a white actress/character because there is literally nothing to be exhausted from. Everything is handed to you on a silver platter. Myself, and many others want to know what it feels like to have that luxury.

Everything we have to deal with is exhausting. Everything Candice has to deal with is exhausting. Imagine how Candice feels? We feel like crap because of the crap she has to deal with. I’m tired. I can honestly go on and on about what’s exhausting about supporting a black character/actress or any WOC/POC for that matter. I am exhausted….

Let me end this rant by saying I love every single one of you guys. Those who constantly support Candice and go out of their way to defend her from racist assholes. I honestly wanna see the day where we don’t have to beg and constantly remind people and the network especially to support their leading lady and stop pandering to a ship that was solely created to marginalize and promote the erasure of Iris West and Candice. That’ll be the day I roll over in my grave…

Special shout out to the IWDS on twitter who go out of their way every single day to call out fuckery and support Candice and Iris endlessly.. You know who you are.

If you read this, thanks for taking your time to do so. You’re amazing. 

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He put down the phone and ran his fingers through his hair—it was abundantly clear how unhappy he was after that phone call (Gabe never really had much of a poker face anyway). He took a deep breath, sighing slowly and leaning back in his chair. Why he still did this to himself, he didn’t know, but one thing was for sure—he wasn’t going to stop. This might hurt, leaving a message for his parents on their answering machine instead of actually speaking to them, but it was a lot better than the alternative.