i mean really horrible movies

so at the last minute my dad said i didnt have to go to the scary movie with him and i didn’t. he said it wouldnt hurt his feelings but i still feel horrible and mean. 

i just really really hate scary movies. i especially hate seeing them in theaters where there is no escape. he knows that and he knows exactly why. 

i feel like such a jerk but ive been dreading it SO much…


Seriously though, this movie really was another absolute delight of a thrill ride. It was made even better when they included the character of Indiana Jones’ dad, who was absolutely hilarious in some scenes and adorably touching in others. The scenes they have together made me think about how my life would’ve been if my papi was still alive right now.

I don’t see anything to complain about this one, though the scene where those Nazis are burning books made me sick to my stomach. Those people were horrible! Who burns books? I mean really.