i mean really! what the hell

I am re-watching some bits from “Parabatai Lost” and no, the scene with Raj and Magnus (wtf happened to Raj??? I cannot!) as well as the scene with Izzy and the wolf (“Good Doggy”??? Are you serious? Was this supposed to be funny? Well, it was NOT!) are still as uncomfortable as they both were when I watched them for the first time. I’ve cringed so hard.




Just to say I love you

never seems enough.

I’ve said it so many times

I’m afraid you won’t understand

what I really mean when I say it.

How can so much feeling,

so much adoration possibly fit into

those three little words.

But until I find some other

way of saying what I feel, then

“I love you” will have to do.

So no matter how many times I say it,

never take it lightly, for you are my life,

and my only love.

I love you now more

than ever before.

“Doo daa doo I’m just wandering around in the dark because that’s a normal thing to dooo.”

New character! Seems like Mr Foreshadopher has a friend.

“I really hope she doesn’t bring a terrible distaster with her that will make my life a living hell. Fingers crossed.”

And by decided to change construction I’m pretty sure you mean they were creeped the fuck out after realizing everyone in this town were psychopaths.

That must have been…. when Mion and Rena were little girls, probably around eight or seven.

Were they present for what happened?




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Why arent you and bianca just together if no matter what you guys always seem to wind up fucking or hanging out? And if the reason is cuz youre not good together then why do you hang out? just a thought

Honestly she’s just going through some personal stuff right now and I don’t want to add to that with the stress of us being more. Yes we do always gravitate back to one another somehow, we’re very aware of that, but it’s never been “just fucking”. As well as the fact that we started dating 5 years ago… we were only 17 years old!! And went through hell to be together at that age. After 3 years apart we get along significantly better than we have in a really long time. We know what we mean to one another and even being able to bounce back from all the resentment and anger throughout our break up… that’s huge, and it’s more than enough for me given the circumstances right now.

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What do you think is kinda wrong with aaron, I mean it can't just be jealousy because you wouldn't lash out at someone because of it. I just need aaron and robert to have a heart to heart

I don’t think there is anything wrong with him (but I’m not a professional so I don’t really know). But Aaron has a hell of a lot of deep rooted issues, he suffered years of abuse, he was abandoned, plus a whole load of other stuff. Aaron doesn’t think he’s worth anything, he doesn’t believe he can be happy, he’s always waiting for something to go wrong. And it is jealousy but it’s being caused by all the issues that he has (plus Rebecca is the one that has triggered it all off for obvious reasons). And when Aaron get’s to breaking point, which on Thursday he will, he lashes out. Either to someone else or on himself. But he and Robert do need to have long good chat about things because if they don’t then these things will just repeat themselves over and over.

please consider:

neither Lance or Keith has ever dated anyone.

  • ok ok so when Keith and Lance start dating, both of them think the other has dated 23598 other people before: 
    • Keith thinks Lance is so dang confident, like, that guy has totally dated at least twelve people; just look at the way he flirts!
    • and Lance’s inner monologue goes something like: “jesus christ Keith is so hot I’m not on his level he must have dated way hotter people than me somebody Help”
  • buT THEN the first time they kiss, both boys are thinking “wow, he really isn’t that great of a kisser?”
    • and Lance kinda says so, and Keith’s like “well sorry, I’ve never actually kissed anyone before dude”
    • “WHAT? but…but…but you’re Keith!”
    • “What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not so hot at kissing either you know”
    • “That’s because I’ve never kissed anyone either!”
    • “THE HELL?”
  • so neither of them have any experience in anything. are they supposed to lace their fingers together while holding hands or go for the Mitten Hold? when is it acceptable to start sharing a bed? is celebrating a one month anniversary too soon? what counts as PDA?
    • french kissing?? how?? even? does that work???
  • they’re actually The Worst at this
  • one morning Keith gets up and makes this big awesome breakfast in the castle’s kitchen, and when Lance finally drags himself out of bed he’s like “aw, Keith, you made me pancakes? and bacon?? you’re the best, man!”
    • Keith looks up from stuffing his face. “made you breakfast? um…I…didn’t. this is for me.”
  • one of the first times they start really making out and getting into it and shirts start coming off, Keith gets a little brave
    • “Keith, did you just kiss my nipple?
    • “NO. Yeah. Um. Did you not-I mean, was–”
    • “I just didn’t know-”
    • “-was it bad?”
    • “–that was a thing?” and Lance smiles and tips Keith’s chin up to kiss him again and smiles. “but I liked it.” 
  • Allura sees all of this Awkward Boyfriend stuff going on in full glory, and it takes all of her willpower not to sit the boys down and give them some lessons. 
    • Keith finds Allura and Shiro whispering furiously to each other in the hall one day:
    • “They need help, Shiro!”
    • “You can’t just step into their relationship. You have to let them figure–”
    • “–like little baby Glarmo’ai–”
    • “–for themselves–”
    • “–they don’t even know how to hold hands.”
    • Shiro puts his face in his hands. “oh my god I know.”
  • Harry: Ron, what I've been meaning to tell you all this time is...fuck, why is this so hard? Um, well I guess I should just say it. I'm gay
  • Ron:
  • Ron:
  • Ron: are you fucking kidding me?
  • Harry: I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I totally understand. I promise I'd never-
  • Ron: All this time I've been worried about you stealing Hermione or Ginny when really I should've been worried about Fred or George? This makes things so much simpler. Hell yeah
  • Harry: Wait, you don't mind? I just thought since-
  • Ron: So, Fred or George?
  • Harry: Actually Bill is pretty damn fine

This is really strange. So a couple of people on my dash were talking about Mnet deleting EXO mcountdown performances from 2016. So I decided that I was going to check, and well I found The One and Hey Mama performances, but I couldn’t find Monster, Lucky One or Lotto. I found this really odd, so i checked both Mnet Korea and Mnet Kpop, but I couldn’t find them. I did however found the videos on Mnet Japan though. So I went and checked M2 and well the fancams are still there.

But listen, I’m an admin for an EXO-L page so luckily I still have all the links to all the deleted videos. And here’s the extremely fun thing about this all.

This video is supposed to be their comeback stage on mcountdown with Monster, but it’s on private. Same goes for their first stage of Lucky One.

And this is another mcountdown performance of Monster, but it says its removed due to copyright infringement.

Their other Monster performance videoes were set on private like the first one.

So over to their repackage.

So the copyright infringementmessage is back here.

And its back again here.

I don’t really know what’s going on, but I just find it STRANGE. How videos that have LOTS of views, suddenly are set on private, or got a strike for copyright infringement. It doesn’t make sense to me. Especially when the same videos are still up on Naver and Mnet Japan, and the fancam videos are still up on M2 .. I honestly don’t know what this means… But I’m scared what will happen on MNET asian music awards.


At first, my reaction was that I was bummed for myself. But the more I thought about it, I was like, “Wes! F—-n’ Wes, man! The poor guy! This is too much!” That’s what started to get me down. Tragedy upon tragedy. When you list it all like you just did, it’s like, “What the hell? Come on!” I mean, he never caught a break, did he? He was with Laurel, and that was so good for him. He was edging closer to that happy ending he was chasing. I think he did find happiness in a way, but that’s reality, you’re never really out of the woods, are you?

The Hitchhiker who was the Phantom of a Hitchhiker

Okay so, guess what. There was a guy, right? And he was out driving around in his car. He really liked just driving around. I mean he was young, so it was like “hey, here’s the whole world,” you know?

Also, he had a coat on because of how it was fall. He had a coat on even though he was in his car and it wasn’t even that super cold out. He was still wearing a coat. And driving a car. Oh, and it was night out. Night as hell!  

This guy in this story didn’t have a policy or anything about picking up hitchhikers or not picking up hitchhikers, but I mean honestly, he’d never really seen one until this night, which all this to say the guy saw a hitchhiker. A pretty young girl. So he asked his brain, “If I pick up this hitchhiker, am I obligated to a pick up all future hitchhikers?” His brain shrugged. This guy was like “fine, okay, whatever, brain,” real cutting, and he pulled over.

If you want the truth, he unlocked the door. Then she opened the door and got in the car and that’s about everything there is to that part of the story.

“Where you headed,” the guy asked. “My name’s RJ,” he said in voice that felt like he was pretending to be about three years older than he was.

Rather than answer the guy with words, like you’re supposed to in society, this hitchhiker just pointed. Spooky, right? A little. He was all “okay much?,” And went where she pointed. He didn’t say “okay, much?” He just thought it.  

Oh also? She was shivering too, the hitchhiker. Like a lot.

So this guy in this story, I think his name is RJ, he’s nice. He offers the hitchhiker his coat. Maybe his heater was broken, I don’t know. She took his coat, smiled at him a little - like more than a polite thanks, but less than like “oh my god, you’re my hero about it,” and then continued to guide him down the roads they were driving on out to other roads.

It’s not the way hitchhiking works, I bet. Where the hitchhiker calls all the shots. Usually it’s “where you headed?” and then the hitchhiker says their ideal destination and the driver says “I’ll take you as far as …” wherever he’s going. But this guy was the kind of guy who goes wherever a pretty girl tells him. That’s his deal.

Anyway. They get to a place. A cul de sac or something. She holds up a closed fist like a military guy, as if to say “stop” and he does. He drops her off at the top of a long driveway. It’s a little totally spooky. There’s like mist or something, you know what I’m saying?

Foreshadowing of some sort happens here. You just know the guy’s gonna come back tomorrow to get his coat (that he is forgetting to get back at this point) and he’s gonna find out some crazy business about this hitchhiker who as far as he knows is not a phantom. So she takes off. And he drives away. And on his drive home, he remembers about his coat but decides to get it the next day. It’s late.

So. Next day. Guy finds the place. Thanks to his Garmin, which got him home last night by the quickest route and made it super easy to find the place again. The Garmin is so easy to use – it’s just intuitive. It’s reasonably priced and you’ll never get lost again. Garmin – don’t just get there. Arrive.  

The guy parks at the top of that long driveway from before. You remember. It’s steep and the guy’s car is long in the front. It’d scrape if he drove down the driveway. So he gets out and when he does and looks around, there’s that feeling of foreshadowing again. No mist though. You just feel a little spooked. More you than the guy, even. You’re ahead of him. That’s part of it.

So the guy goes down this steep driveway and rings the bell of the house. There’s only one house down there. Sometimes you get a driveway like that, it splits off. But not this time. He rings the bell and some lady answers. Not the same lady. An older lady. The guy explains his situation. That he dropped off a hitchhiker girl there last night.

The guy gets no response. The guy describes the girl a little and still. Nothing. Cold fish. It’s like – “what?” But then what he does is he goes into even more detail and the lady freaks out a little.

She lays this on him “it sounds like you’re describing my daughter. But it can’t be her,” and it’s like instead of the lady freaking out, the guy starts to.  He goes “why not?”

Are you ready for this? The guy isn’t. This woman says, about her daughter, who they were talking about, “She died ten years ago last night. In a terrible hitchhiking accident on Foxhound Road,” which is actually the name of the actual road where the guy picked her last night up, by the way.

“Holy cow,” the guy says, only he doesn’t say cow so much as what comes out of a cow, and I don’t mean milk. “That means that the hitchhiker I picked up was her ghost. Or phantom.”

“Obviously,” says the mom. “That is the most logical conclusion you could draw.”

So the guy leaves, because what else could he do? He leaves all like "whoa.”

The mom watched him go, the guy. When the guy was good and gone, she closed the door and she and her daughter who was totally alive giggled and high fived. They put that guy’s coat on the pile with the others. Five years later, they would open a used coat store. And they would get rich off it. Just absolutely butt-ass rich.

Where do you think you’re going ?(Give me holy water).

Warning: Smut ! ;)) REALLY BAD SMUT. give me holy water.

Yoongi x Reader


Word Count: 1,532

Summary: You wanted to go out to go and get some things but your boyfriend wouldn’t allow you to leave the house. 

WARNING! - there is a lot and I MEAN A LOT of sinful ass shit in this, I don’t know how I managed to write this. I don’t know what the hell gave me the idea to write something this fucking sinful…… AHHHHH HELP MEEE. there is a lot of kink in here…

Second Warning! - Handcuffs, vibrators, oral, choke sex???, a bit of forceful shit in here, dom!Yoongi, spanking, screaming, hardcore sex, a bit of cum play, leashes…….. is in this story so please don’t read this around your family lmAO

A/N - I started writing this months ago… and never finished it lmao 

A/N again- I need to stop saying lmao, lmao.

A/N… again - This is my first smut… and my first story so uh…….. yeaaaa 

A/N……. again… - I kinda got a bit lazy with the ending. I’m so sorry. 


 Where do you think you’re going ?

You were getting ready to leave the house, but someone wouldn’t allow you to do that. That someone would happen to be Min Yoongi. He was leaning against the door with your car keys in his hand. He sighed when he saw you all dressed up, ready to go somewhere.

“Ah man, Y/N.. Why are you dressed up? Were you planning on going somewhere? Or are you just dressed up for me?” He said as he pushed himself off the door and started to walk towards you. 

“I.. uh.. Was just going to go get some groceries and to get some more clothes f-”

“Oh really..? Well I think your plans just got canceled.” Yoongi’s mouth started to form into a grin.

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You know, if I could have my son and my husband back? I mean really back, I would give anything, absolutely anything to have that. And it would scare the hell out of me. Yeah? Yeah.’Cause what if I’ve changed? What if they changed? What if it just didn’t work out the way I wanted?

So I have this headcanon that Enjolras’ first name is Michel and today I saw this and I don’t know why but I suddenly remembered Michelangelo’s French name is Michel-Ange and now all I can think of is Grantaire saying he loves Michel-Ange and nobody gives it a second thought because of course he likes that artist but what Grantaire really means is he loves Michel Enj-olras.

I’ve been cracking myself up thinking of like a college au where Dean just took his patronus quiz and he’s pissed because he got some tiny animal like a cat or a fucking weasel (which is what I got wtf jo) so he’s seething to his best friend Cas who is like really indifferent, trying to study during Dean’s rant until Dean asks what Cas got and Cas says “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I haven’t taken the quiz.”

And Dean immediately pulls out his laptop, muttering “What the hell Cas we have to know NOW. Damn Ravenclaws always too busy studying to do the important things…”


“Yeah that’s your house isn’t it?”

“I don’t know.”

And Dean rolls his eyes. “How do you not know your house?”

“I haven’t taken that quiz either.”

And that launches Dean into another fit because what kind of self-respecting Harry Potter fan hasn’t been sorted into their house?

“But Dean, I’m not a Harry Potter fan. I’ve never even read the books.”

Dean is positively scandalized. He cannot believe his ears or his eyes staring blankly into the face of a man with no shame or remorse for the poisonous confession that had just escaped his beautiful too-pink lips.


“I didn’t know it was a requirement?”

“Have you seen any of the eight movies?”

“There are eight?”


Cas has the decency to put his book down. “Dean, I think you’re overreacting.”

“This is not overreacting. I’m friends with a heathen whose never read Harry Potter. Like you couldn’t even be one of those cheaters that just watched the movies, Cas, honestly?”

“It never appealed to me.”

“Who are you?”

Cas rolls his eyes. “Dean, if it means that much to you, I will take the quiz.”

“Oh no no no. You have to earn the quiz. We have work to do, Novak.”

And so is the story of how Castiel Novak lost a weekend of studying to marathoning the entire Harry Potter series.

When he finished Dean allowed him to take the sorting quiz. And as predicted he was a Ravenclaw.

Dean rolled his eyes at the result. “Typical.”

“Is it really that big of a deal?”

“Is it a big deal?” Dean scoffed. “Getting sorted into Hufflepuff was the second greatest identify crisis of my life, right behind my sophomore year sexuality crisis.”

And Cas looks skeptical but doesn’t argue because he remembers Dean’s sophomore year sexuality crisis and it was quite a mess.

He lets Dean show him to the patronus quiz and tries not to feel anxious as Dean paces behind him like this animated test determines his entire future. 

“I’m an owl.”

Dean sinks onto his bed, a small pout bending his lips. “Oh.”

“Is that bad?” The quiz doesn’t give an explanation, so Cas has no way of knowing if the owl symbolizes something deeper in the Harry Potter universe. Maybe it’s a bad omen.

“No, it’s just… don’t owls eat weasels?”

Cas squints. “I suppose, yes. They eat rodents and small vermin, which would include weasels.”

Dean glares at him. “Wow, thanks, Cas.”

“I don’t understand why you’re disappointed. I’m not going to attack you, Dean.”

And Dean is red now, trying to avoid Cas’s gaze. “I know. But I- I thought we’d be something more… compatible.” He fidgets, releases a resigned sigh. “Makes sense I guess. We’re really different.” Of course Cas is something far better than Dean, something bigger, fiercer, stronger. Something that could easily sweep him up and consume him whole like he was nothing.

Cas shuts the laptop and moves closer to Dean who still can’t look up. “Dean… I don’t know the implications of these animals as you might. But from what I gathered in the movies, they are a pure manifestation of one’s happiest memories. It is not the shape of the patronus that matters, but rather the essence. This quiz made a decision based on a few random parts of my personality, but it never asked me what my happiest memory was. Would you like to know?”

Dean can only nod.

“It was my first day at Lawrence Middle School. I was scared and angry and a group of boys were making fun of my bee socks at lunch. And just when I was at the point of tears, a scrawny kid in a Batman shirt jumped in front of me and poured chocolate milk all over Gordon Walker’s head.” Cas chuckled fondly, just thinking of it. “Then he sat across from me and gave me half of his pb&j.”

Dean is beat red and barely breathing. “You didn’t even like it because of the jelly,” he murmurs because it’s all he can think to say.

“And you stopped putting it on your sandwiches after that so you could share with me.”


Cas reaches across the small space between them to cup Dean’s jaw and gently turn Dean’s face to look at him. “We may be very different, Dean Winchester, but you have had the single most profound effect on my life since I was eleven years old. You are my happiness,” Cas leans forward, Dean’s eyes glazing over and lips parting, “and I don’t need a quiz to tell me that.”

When their lips meet, Dean forgets all about quizzes and balls of light. He feels Cas’s hand slide to the back of his head, tangling in his hair as Dean’s own hands clutch at Cas’s waist to hold him close, keep their lips pressed together in an endless first kiss.

It’s soft and a little awkward, it’s breathtaking and a bit sloppy, and it’s pure magic.

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what's the story about that photo when caitriona were wearing something like a nightdress and Sam a white T-shirt? it's a really intimate picture

I’m assuming you mean this gem?

This was taken at Comic Con in 2014. It was taken in the morning so two things are very clear: that’s Sam and Cait. In their fucking pajamas. They were never seen in these “outfits” again after this pic. Which means there are 2 possibilities here: 1) they slept in separate rooms and decided for the hell of it to take a selfie before either of them got dressed. 2) they slept in the same room and decided to take a selfie before they got dressed, lookin like they’d had sex all night long a bit too fresh faced. It also later came out that, at the time this selfie was taken I believe, they had “gone missing” and weren’t present for some sort of whisky tasting or something with other members of the OL crew that were there - Maril, Diana, Graham and maybe Ron? too busy taking selfies in their pajamas, obviously. 

also yes, Cait’s sitting on his lap. and yes I believe their arms are around each other. HOW are people saying they’re not together??????

the walking dead starters ( s7ep7 - part two.)


  • “ i want to get to know you a little better, ___”
  • “ work it out. you’re smart.”
  • “ you’re smart enough to know that i’m not gonna let this slide.”
  • “ ahh, i can’t – i can’t do it.”
  • “ it’s like talking to a birthday present. you gotta take that crap off. i want to see what grandma got me.”
  • “ do you really want to piss me off?”
  • “ christ! that is disgusting. no wonder you cover that up.”
  • “ have you seen it? i mean, have you looked in a mirror? that is gross as hell.”
  • “ i want to touch it. oh, come on. can i touch it?”
  • “ damn. holy hell, kid. look, i… i just… it’s easy to forget that you’re… just a kid.”
  • “ i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything. i… i was just screwing around.”
  • “ just forget it.”
  • “ seriously? i NEVER do that.”
  • “ i guess a kid firing a machine gun is a little bit of a distraction.”
  • “ all jokes aside, you look rad as hell.”
  • “ i wouldn’t cover that shit up.”
  • “ i swear to you, NO ONE is gonna screw with you looking like that. no, sir.”
  • “ were you gentle? were you kind?”
  • “ i’m just screwing around, man!”
  • “ get the hell out.”
  • “ now, you see? that’s what i’m talking about. men breaking each other’s balls.”
  • “ what do you like to do for fun?”
  • “ i want you to sing me a song.”
  • “ i want something in return for that.”
  • “ do not let me distract you.”
  • “ weird, huh?”
  • “ damn. dead, huh?”
  • “ you see it happen?”
  • “ i shot him/her. before it could…”
  • “ damn, no wonder you’re a little serial killer in the making.”
  • “ that was an example of breaking balls, by the way.”
  • “ hold that for me.”
  • “ what’s about to happen is gonna be hard to watch.”
  • “ i don’t want to do it.”
  • “ i wish i could just ignore the rules and let it slide, but i CAN’T.”
  • “ rules are what make it all work.”
  • “ i know it’s not easy.”
  • “ if you try to skirt it, if you try to cut that corner, then it is the iron for you.”
  • “ on your feet.”
  • “ ah, that wasn’t so bad, now, was it?”
  • “ clean that up.”
  • “ i’m all done, do your thing.”
  • “ well, the pussy passed out.”
  • “ it’s settled, we’re square. everything is cool.”
  • “ i hope we all learned something today, because i don’t EVER want to have to do that again.”
  • “ some crazy shit, huh? you probably think i’m a lunatic.”
  • “ come on. let’s go figure out what to do with you.”
  • “ i didn’t want to come back here.”
  • “ i’m not trying to definitively stop ya. just maybe slow your roll.”
  • “ i’m not waiting.”
  • “ that’s just being stupid.”
  • “ you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”
  • “ it doesn’t matter if you’re stealthy, snipey, gun or knifey. they have the numbers.”
  • “ someone has to pay the price. even if you’re willing… from all we’ve seen, it’s not a lock you’ll be the one.”
  • “ will the man who killed the man who saved our lives die?”
  • “ you’re not talking me out of this, ___!”
  • “ you owe me, and you owe ___”
  • “ if there’s a price, i’ll pay it. but don’t you tell me no.”
  • “ you don’t know anything, you don’t DO anything.”
  • “ you’re a coward. and you’re weak.”
  • “ for once, do something useful.”
  • “ don’t beat yourself up.”
  • “ you sold ‘em out, right? you had to.”
  • “ it’s not what happened.”
  • “ whatever helps you sleep at night.”
  • “ how do YOU sleep at night?”
  • “ you should go. someone’s going to see us.”
  • “ no, you absolutely cannot.”
  • “ why the hell not?”
  • “ look at this badass.”
  • “ you can’t because i’m not done with you.”
  • “ what? you got something to say?”
  • “ why haven’t you killed me?”
  • “ you see, s/he thinks s/he’s holding it together, but you saw it.”
  • “ you on the other hand… we shall see.”
  • “ it’s more productive to break you. more fun, too. you thinking that’s stupid?”
  • “ i’m thinking we’re different.”
  • “ what do you think i should do? you know i can’t let you go.”
  • “ so, do i kill you? iron your face? chop off your arm? tell me. what do you think?”
  • “ i think you should jump out the window to save me the trouble of killing you.”
  • “ now, there is the ___ that impressed the hell outta me.”
  • “ i think you’re not saying what you’re gonna do to me, because you’re not going to do anything.”
  • “ if you knew us, if you knew anything, you WOULD kill us.”
  • “ maybe you’re right. maybe i can’t.”
  • “ let’s go for a ride.”
  • “ if you do anything to him/her…”
  • “ what next? you want my shoes?”
  • “ great, great, great, great, great, GREAT!”
  • “ dooooon’t care ~”
  • “ cool. i’ll wait.”
  • “ we’re practically starving here.”
  • “ starving? you? by ‘practically’ you mean ‘not really.’ ”
  • “ REALLY? you people seriously don’t have a sense of humor.”
  • “ excuse me. what’s your name again?”
  • “ i am sorry for having been so rude to you just now.”
  • “ it looks like i’m gonna be here for a while.”
  • “ if you’d like, i think it would be enjoyable to screw your brains out.”
  • “ i mean, y’know, if you’re agreeable to it.”
  • “ i am about 50% more into you now. just sayin’.”
  • “ all right, well, i’m just gonna put my feet up and wait for my stuff to get here.”
  • “ would you be a lamb and make us a little lemonade?”
  • “ now, i know i left you some of that good powdered stuff.”
  • “ take me on the grand tour!”
  • “ how ‘bout this one?”
  • “ are you serious, ___? come on.”
  • “ oh-ho, my… look at this little angel.”
  • “ i’m sorry for what i said.”
  • “ i reject that.”
  • “ you meant it, you felt it, that’s your truth.”
  • “ i’d like to take it back to awkward silence now.”
  • “ find what you wanted?”
  • “ hey, neighbor. why don’t you come by later? we might grill out.”
  • “ oh, i like it here. i just might have to stay here.”
  • “ you know, i was thinking about what you said earlier, ___. maybe it IS stupid keeping you alive.”
  • “ i mean, why am i trying so hard?”
  • “ maybe i should just bury you in one of those flower beds? huh?”
  • “ what do you think about that?”