i mean really


“Diablo is such a bad sterotype for Latinos!”

“Why do people like him?! He killed his kids and wife! He’s HORRIBLE.”

“Y'all are saying you wanna date him, but he’d probably kill you too”

“Diablo and Harley? He would set her on fire, good lord, don’t ship that.”

“Eughhh, he’s so SCARY. And looks so creepy…”

(Gestures to images up above, which made up about half of a comic book, there’s a lot more that I couldn’t fit)
You sure about all those things?

You’re telling me a man who says “Howdy, folks” is awful. Listen, I know we didn’t get to see a lot of Diablo, but please know that he’s truly a sweet guy. Someone who’s just trying to be the hero again and attempt to make up for what he did. He swore to never hurt a woman nor child, and he never has to this day. This is the man who politely asked for an awful villain to defend themselves, just because he didn’t want to just hurt someone without them having a chance (and to justify his right to fight) Spread the word about El Diablo, Chato Santana, or any other name. He deserves to be known as the beautiful man he is, and the man who deserves a second chance at life. At everything.

Jeb Bush is right. We don’t need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues (which is around $3.15 per American woman per year). We need much, much more. 

In the U.S., the disparities in women’s health care between rich and poor women, and between white women and women of color, are just absolutely astounding.

We know that in the U.S., poor women diagnosed with breast cancer are more likely to die of it than rich women.

And we know that black women are almost twice as likely to die from cervical cancer than white women.

Why? According to the National Cancer Institute, “The disproportionate burden of cervical cancer in Hispanic/Latino and African American/Black women is primarily due to a lack of screening. In an effort to understand this disparity in cervical cancer screening, NCI conducted a study of regions within the United States where cervical cancer incidence rates are high. They found that cervical cancer rates reflected a larger problem of unequal access to health care.”

We need more public investment in women’s health to close these gaps. Making access to pap smears and other screening measures more expensive will worsen health disparities in the U.S. and will result in the death of more poor women.

The Bandoms: A Summary
  • Fall Out Boy:Always gets excited over the smallest things like Pete Wentz could eat cheese and the Internet would explode
  • My Chemical Romance:Forever in denial but still follow solo careers
  • Panic! at the Disco:No one can look past how every song is about sex and they become the butt of the joke
  • Twenty One Pilots:perfect angels that can do no wrong
  • Paramore:Not even mentioned in these types of posts
Okay, so let me guess this straight...

Peridot tried to kill Steven and the other Crystal Gems many times.

Lapis tried to drown Steven and Connie, only got stopped because of Greg, and nearly dried up the planet by taking their oceans.

Jasper, instead of killing Steven and the Crystal gems when she had the chance, captured them and planned on taking them to homeworld for questioning.

…and almost everyone sees Jasper as the bad guy, and wants to see Lapis and (Peridot) redeemed ..?

Why Cas just really deserves a break this season:

1. His family is really unsupportive of his lifestyle and honestly sort of sucks.

2. He gets manipulated and taken advantage of by basically everyone he meets.

3. His boyfriend can just be so insensitive sometimes.

Not an appropriate way to ask for sex, Dean.  Say ‘please.’

4. Also, dating someone in the closet is always tough.

5. He’s super under-appreciated:

Dean never actually thanked him for pulling him out of hell.

Sam never actually thanked him for pulling him out of the cage. (I mean, to be fair, he did forget his soul, but come on. At least he tried.)

And the angels never actually thanked him for exposing and defeating Metatron.


6. At least one really horrible thing happens to him every season:

Season 4: Explodes.

Season 5: Falls from heaven. And explodes.

Season 6: Makes a deal with Crowley, which I shouldn’t have to tell you is a bad idea.

Season 7: Explodes into black goo, then literally spends the rest of the season either dead or insane.

(Although crazy Cas was surprisingly adorable.)

Season 8: Spends almost a year alone in purgatory, struggles with suicidal thoughts, and is brainwashed by Naomi.

Season 9: Gets his grace taken away by the biggest douche in the universe.

And is homeless for months.

And loses his virginity to a massive, exploitive bitch.

And gets kicked out of the bunker by Dean (to which responds by making the most heartbreaking fucking face ever).

And works retail, which I know from experience is basically hell.


Season 10: Goes on a really awkward road trip with a sister who won’t stop trying to jump his bones.

And, well. This.

Season 11 (so far): Is currently dealing with a case of PTSD and the vodka aunt from hell.

7. How can the writers have that much animosity towards someone this fucking cute?

Just let him watch his puppy videos in peace.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:i've been thinking a lot about how the length of the schuyler sisters's sleeves directly corresponds to their ages, and how angelica has the most elaborate dress while peggy has the simplest one and eliza is in between, which might symbolize their varying levels of life experience and maturity. angelica's dress is pink and pink symbolizes romance, passion, and intuition, eliza's is turquoise which is associated with peace, emotional balance, and sensitivity, and peggy's is yellow which corresponds to hope, cheerfulness, and fun, meaning that the dresses of the schuyler sisters may be directly related to their personalities. was this an intentional decision made by the costume designers or is it just a coincidence? we will never know and that thought haunts me every day
Dear pornblogs who insists on following me

hope u enjoy my shitposting of memes and gay otps

The cool thing about The Raven Cycle is that the aesthetic posts can have like. Psychic and tarot stuff. Prep schools boys in prep school uniform. Magic forests and caves. Explosions. Molotov cocktails. Cars. Bloody knuckles and bloody knees. Guns. Boats. Church. Cows. Barns. Ravens. Nightmare monsters. Medieval kings. Fruit yoghurt. Miniature towns. Market carts. Pink switchblades. Ghosts. Grease-stained hands and clothes. Freaking coca-cola. And all those are like “yes this is 100% raven cycle whoa”