i mean rather do this than homework

as we grow older, we are taught to put homework first, always. we are taught to set aside our interests to complete busy work. we are taught to indulge in time fillers, rather than doing what we really want. and so then, once in a blue moon, when we happen to have a day of no work, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. we forget what it means to be spontaneous; we learn to sit at a desk and focus. and I think that’s a shame

Bae Jinyoung as your boyfriend

- you and jinyoung are neighbours, and oddly enough you both hardly even recognise each others presence
- whilst walking to school, during school and the walk home you guys generally ignore each other
- that doesn’t mean you don’t think about each other though
- you notice jinyoung always lingering outside his house and only starting to walk to school once you’ve left your house
- he waits for you so you can walk together! (by together i mean jinyoung walking an awkward distance away from you)
- he thinks you don’t notice but of course you do
- “are you waiting for me?”
- “me? Waiting for you? Well… I guess you noticed…“
- jinyoung losing confidence and staring at the ground
- “let’s properly walk to school together, rather than having this weird distance between us- I mean we are neighbours so we may as well.”
- jinyoung smiling was a rare moment (for now) and your lips instantly turn up at the sight of his smile
- your friendship slowly develops, from awkward conversations about homework to having an intense conversation on conspiracy theories
- “y/n stop scaring me with your lies, yOU ARE FAKE NEWS!!!”
- jinyoung refusing to listen to your theories and deciding to run away
- and now it’s some form of hide and seek as you can’t seem to find jinyoung
- “jinyoung… Please come out, I dont want to walk home without you. I’ll be too lonely without you… Jinyoungieeee I’m sorry!!”
- his heart melted when you tried to do aegyo, whether it was because he cringed so much or maybe the fact he was hopelessly in love with you
- he jumped out of nowhere and somehow you ended up in his arms
- in the heat of the moment before he knew it, jinyoung had his head leaning in and so did you
- first kiss yeAH BOIII
- his lips are soft and a blush quickly spreads
- awkward silences otw home and jinyoung continuously glancing your way
- “y/n, I’m sorry. I was out of order, I should’ve just held my feeling- I shouldn’t have just sprung on you like that we should just forg-”
- “I like you bae jinyoung.”
- he slowly intertwines his finger with yours
- “me too… I like you.”
- yay relationship!!!!
- regular detours on the route to school just so he can talk to you for longer
- jinyoung is shy with your relationship and you both have decided to keep it on the down low so not many people know you guys are dating
- he has a habit of walking past you in the hallway, deliberately making sure his fingers quickly linger on yours
- eye contact from the other side of the hallway
- “yah jinyoung, you’ll never guess what, I’m paired up with y/n for the project. I’m so lucky, not only is she smart but kind of cute- do you think y/n has a boyfriend?”
- you can tell jinyoung is angry even from the other side of the hallway, he slammed his locker before leaving without even saying bye to his friend
- it’s lunch and your at the rooftop where you normally eat lunch together and you see jinyoung pacing around
- “what’s wrong? Did something happen, you seem kind of annoyed…”
- he ignores you and continues to pace around
- “if you’re going to be like this I’ll just eat lunch in the cafeteria.”
- you storm off into the cafeteria not realising that jinyoung was actually following you
- you reach the cafeteria only to realise everyone’s eyes are on you, and then you look down to see jinyoung is firmly holding onto your hand…
- everyone was listening in to the conversation between the two of you and your group of friends
- “we’ve been dating for a long time already, I thought most people knew…”
- jinyoung answered for you, a smirk on his lips as he wrapped his hand around your waist, he knew everyone was watching and made sure they witnessed this
- so now your relationship is public!!!
- holding hands and he makes sure to hold your hand even tighter when you started complaining about how sweaty his palms are
- convenience store dates, which include several cups of ramen
- you watch him slurp his noodles and you can’t help but smile at how goddamn cute he looks
- “you must be thinking, ‘wow my boyfriend is so goddamn cute I’m so lucky to have him’- admit it y/n.”
- “no, I’m thinking ‘wow my boyfriend has sauce all over his lips’ hehehehehe”
- he stops eating and props his elbows on the table, leaning his face onto his hands PSH trying to be cute… It was working
- “the sauce just makes my lips even more kissable, y/n I know you want to kiss meeee”
- his lips were pouted and he was doing a silly type of aegyo but jinyoung was right, you did want to kiss him
- your lips meet and you can taste the ramen which causes giggles from the both of you
- jinyoung also enjoys giving you back hugs, normally out of the blue at the most random moments
- but you enjoys the way his arms feel around your waist and the way he nuzzles his face into your neck
- you’ve realised he enjoys your neck a lot
- in dramas the girl normally leans on the boys shoulder, but lmao it’s the other way around for you guys
- jinyoung likes placing his head on your shoulder and enjoys leaving kisses on your neck
- studying together includes both of you getting distracted by one another
- your both trying to study for the English test but in all honesty, the both of you are more interested in other things
- “I’m getting bored, y/n let’s take a break, pleaseee”
- he’s realised that aegyo is the key that allows him to get what you want
- “how about no”
- you focus your attention back to your notes but at the corner of your eyes you can see jinyoung approaching you
- a hand appears on your waist and the other on your cheek
- and before you know it, the studying turns into a make out session
- “jinyoung did you know that I have the same birthday as youngmin sunbae”
- you spilled the most random things into the conversation, which was fine with jinyoung
- but today he just wasn’t talking so you were trying your best to form some kind of conversation
- “what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking? Are you okay…”
- he let go of your hand and turned to face you
- “did you know that you’ve been hanging around with youngmin loads, you even left me to walk home by myself to stay with him and now you won’t stop talking about him”
- you can’t help but laugh at how childish he was being rn and it didn’t help that you were annoyed with him for ignoring you the past few days
- “so my concern for our relationship is funny?…”
- “look jinyoung, I’m laughing because you’re acting childish; we’re in the same dance club and we have to choreograph together, I’ve told you this before. I don’t understand why your so jealous when you know I like you.”
- “But he’s so much better looking than me and youngmin can dance, he’s smart and he’s so good looking-”
- “jinyoung, by any chance are you in love with youngmin sunbae???”
- this caused a chuckle from the both of you, and you slowly approached him, just about reaching your arms around his neck
- “stop comparing yourself with others, jinyoung you’re everything I want and need, tsh- why do you ruin the moment, look into my eyes instead of the ground hehehe”
- he lifted his eyes to meet with yours
- “y/n, I’m not in love with youngmin sunbae but truthfully I do have a shrine in my bedroom dedicated to him. What are you doing to me, I’ve completely fallen for you, y/n I love you so much.”
- another chuckle sprung out the both of you before embracing each other once more
- “you’re joking about the shrine right? Because if the guy I love has a shrine for someone and that someone isn’t me, we’ll have some sErIOUS issues!1!1!!”
- his arm wraps around your shoulder and the both of you start walking home, jinyoung reaches your ear and whispers
- “to be honest, the shrine in my room is dedicated to you- and a good 25% of the shrine space is for youngmin”
- if you haven’t already guessed, sarcasm is something both of you indulge in
- buT anyway first time saying ily!!!! - jinyoung enjoys squishing your cheeks especially when your annoyed, he says you look like an angry bird character
- cooking together, I mean if you consider making ramen ‘cooking’ lmao, but y'all are still cute together
- arguing over how much water to boil as well as how many packets to put in
- “but y/n everytime I put one packet you always finish first and eat some of mine…”
- most of the time spent together would be inside in each others arms cuddling; jinyoungs long body would wrap around you and he’d blow into your ear, knowing how ticklish you are
- he also tries his best to keep you awake
- “y/n I love you, wake up… You’re missing out on my cuteness and me pouring my heart out!!”
- “if you continue like this you’ll have nothing to pour out of your heart because I will have stopped it, I just want to sleeeeppp”
- he places a soft kiss on your nose before pulling you closer as he tries to drift to sleep
- “yah jinyoung, I was kidding, continue telling me about the episode of circle…”
- cute pillow talks!!
- you’ve both fallen for each other and in love, the end…

Unnamed BabeTM now has a name… Aune! The name means something like “sacred” and “chaste.”

Yup. But rather than a “pure virgin,” she’s just a big fuckin’ nerd who would rather draw and do her homework than leave the house. Like meeee.

Metamorphosis- Chapter 3

Requested: no

Summary: You’re Melissa’s “adopted” daughter after her best friend died and left you to her. Scott pretty much ignores you until one day he randomly starts hovering over you. Then this new kid Isaac comes along and Scott takes him in so quickly. You resent them both until…

Word Count: 1.5k

A/N: This is such garbage I am so sorry. This is the best version I could come up with. At this point I’m just making it worse. I’m also sorry its so late. Chapter 4 is now chapter 5 because of how this one turned out I had to push that one back. I’ll probably post 4 soon though to cover up 3. Regardless, let me know what you guys think and give me suggestions on how to not flub it up anymore. (so sorry) 

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Race to the Finish

Tsukishima stormed into the dorm room, wet, seething, and holding an equally damp cat. Numerous scratches covered his face and arms, and he marched right up to Kuroo, who was sitting on the floor surrounded by papers, and dropped the cat unceremoniously in his lap. Kuroo barely caught it before it dripped onto everything around him.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” he said, looking up at Tsukki. He was about to say more, but his voice faltered in his throat.

“That’s it,” the blonde growled. “I am not listening to you or Bokuto ever again.”

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@leralynne said: mcgonagall is the ultimate role model tbh

not that you asked, but here are my top 10 mcgonagall moments (I literally kept adding moments what)

10. transfiguring a giant chess set to stop voldemort from reaching the philosopher’s stone

9. buying harry a nimbus 2000 off of her own (likely modest) professor income and having it delievered at the great hall

8. telling peeves “it unscrews the other way” when he’s trying to crash a chandelier during umbridge’s tenure

7. showing up in her fluffy nightgown after a basilisk attack to look after her House in the middle of the night

6. “you look in excellent health to me, potter, so you will excuse me if I don’t let you off homework today. I assure you that if you die, you need not hand it in.”

5. anytime she turned into a cat. top marks, minerva.

4. when she told neville that he would do very well in charms and validated him in spite of his grandmother’s disparaging. “it’s high time your grandmother learned to be proud of the grandson she’s got, rather than the one she thinks she ought to have - particularly after what happened at the ministry.”

3. “I should have made my meaning plainer,” said professor mcgonagall, turning at last to look umbridge directly in the eyes. “he has achieved high marks in all defense against the dark arts tests sets by a competent teacher.”

2. telling dumbledore off for leaving a baby on a porch in november in england

1. “have a biscuit.”

anyway no chill minnie mcgee is the best pass it on (x)

what a lovely way to burn

a flash exchange fic for Chiomi!

Summary: Marinette is running a high fever and babbles everything about being Ladybug to her parents and Alya, much to their amusement and to the utter chagrin of her boyfriend, Adrien. (post reveal adrienette)


Adrien gulps nervously and pulls at his shirt collar as Alya interrogates him about why Marinette was outside in the middle of a rainstorm at midnight, which has resulted in a cold so bad that she can’t go to school tomorrow.

He’s told Marinette multiple times that they should cut their evening patrols short if there’s bad weather, but Marinette is Marinette, and she insists on fulfilling the duties of Ladybug, rain or shine.

Because she never listens to reason.

And so now, here she is, shivering under her sheets, doped up on cough syrup, and running a high fever as she clutches her best friend’s hand.

“Alya,” she whispers.

Alya’s fierce gaze softens as she turns to look at Marinette. “Yes, love?”

“I…have a secret.”

“Is that right?”

Adrien’s eyes dart back and forth between the two girls. Is Marinette really going to reveal their secret?

“I’m…dating Adrien.”

Alya’s eyes widen in pretend shock, though her expression is still mirthful.

“Marinette! How could you not tell me?”

I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyy,” Marinette keens, her lips turning downward. “I wanted to tell you earlier, but I got sick.”

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Call Off the Search For Your Soul [Hank McCoy x Reader]

Author’s Note: Sorry I’ve been absent–been preoccupied with school. This is inspired by the fact I’ve taken to drawing in my downtime between my classes, sometimes even during. It’s either that or sleeping lol. This fic has like a teacher/student thing going on but as I was writing it I got ideas for teacher/teacher fics so next time I write for Hank you might be getting that ehehe.

Word Count: 1,345

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I’m a lazy person.

What I mean by this is that I do not do my homework; I miss deadlines at work because I’d rather play games than do the work; I have projects I’m excited about but instead of starting them I scroll aimlessly through tumblr. I have occasionally failed to turn in important assignments because I didn’t do them because I didn’t feel like it.

My whole life I’ve thought of this like a personality trait. I can’t do things unless they’re interesting because I’m lazy. I tend to get in trouble with jobs and at school because I’m lazy. I hated the personality trait, I wanted to change it, I aspired rather desperately to be a hard-working person and caused myself a great deal of pain trying to imitate one, but I was still thinking of it as some sort of fundamental tendency, some sort of fact about me.

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shin-holly  asked:

I'm sorry to hear you're going through a rough spot right now. If you need to talk I'll be around <:D

Thank you, Holly. It means a lot. ^^

I… uh… normally this’ll be gone… I mean it is gone today then return on the next day. You could say my depression is weird? I don’t know. It’s kinda mix, but my anger is… well…. my hatred for myself tops it all off so I guess doing some self harm, punching a wall or crying tonight in my room will lessen this. Plus this 150 item homework is kinda distracting me for hurting myself so I guess I’m kinda fine for now?

But I meant what I said… more like prayed about that I’d rather suffer than you guys. So as long as you’re fine, as long as my friends are fine, then I’ll be alright. ^^

Chen’s EX’ACT Interview

If EXO was a movie genre, which movie would EXO be? What about your life?
EXO would be a movie about friends in their youthful 20’s. The members all have overflowing energy, and have exciting experiences. We laugh together, fight sometimes, are sad together, and these youthful appearances would add up to a youthful movie. For my life um, a normal documentary would be the closest. It was really boring. Before I did music. While doing music my personality changed a lot, and my life has changed from a documentary to a youthful movie.
In this album, which of the lyrics do you like the most?
I like truthful lyrics. In “Lucky One”, “In the same time Oh, the moment we become one I am the lucky one” seems to be the best to me. It’s saying that that moment is lucky. Rather than lyrics like “We met and it was fate”, I like these expressions more.
What time and place do you like?
I like midnight. At 11:59:59, after 1 second the day changes. That standard is fun. I’m just sitting still, nothing is changing, but at midnight the day changes in the entire world. It’s as interesting as growing older.
I don’t know about a places that I like. Rather than liking a certain space, I think I like places with certain feelings. Rather than new and stiff places, a place with a subtle mood, a vintage feeling. The charm of vintage places is that there is a comfort in increased value.
Do you prefer familiar or unfamiliar places?
Familiar places. It’s comfortable with people working or in a familiar environment. But even though I like familiar places, I can have fun in unfamiliar places. There are times when I try new things in familiar places. For example, in music I like working with unfamiliar genres.
What brings up memories the most?
These days, there have been more TV programs and experiences of listening to remakes of old songs. So when I listen to songs with a lot of memories, I suddenly think of memories. For example, ballads that were popular at the time, or when I listen to seniors’ songs I think of that time. How old I was, and what I was doing when this song came out. Rather than pointing out a concrete song, I think of TVXQ hyungs, when TVXQ debuted I was in elementary school. Then I think of how much I liked TVXQ hyungs and sing along with the memories.
What do you want to always be curious about?
Songs. Ah, rather than saying songs, saying music is more accurate. Rather than only liking to sing, I like music itself, so I want to try more diverse genres and challenge different areas of music in the future.
Of the past, present, and future, which is the most important?
The present. I think of how I can make my next self from today’s self. I don’t want to dwell on the past. The past is gone, and you can’t return. Of course, past experiences have shaped my present existence, and I will exist in the future. But I can only shape the future today, in the present, so I think right now is the most important.
One thing that’s good because it’s old, and one thing that’s good because it’s new?
One thing that’s good because it’s old is relationships. Of course, meeting new people and having new experiences and making new connections makes good things happen. But I’m the type, when I meet someone, to first see whether I can meet the other for a long time, and I’m more comfortable when I’m with people for a long time. Of course, I like trying new things and learning from meeting people. Recently, on a music program I did a duet with Chanyeol, and it was a very new experience. I knew that Chanyeol was good at singing and had a sense for music. But doing the song with just the two of us, I felt that Chanyeol’s musical sense was intact, and that part was new to me. So in the future, I want to work with more artists. Like I felt when singing with Chanyeol, I was motivated to work with others with musical sense.
What moment do you absolutely need in your life?
I want to make myself a song that I want to sing, and I want to sing it onstage.
In daily life, has there been a moment that you thought was perfect?
As I’ve been working, that kind of moment has not happened as of now. There’s always something I found regretful, or a greedy part. Ah, a few days ago I was with my family, and all of us were gathered together in one house, that was really perfect.
Have you had an eye-opening experience?
When I entered the company and debuted. In the beginning, my breadth of thought was too narrow. And when I started music, I thought the areas of music were restricted to vocals, everything was drawn in a narrow world in my head, entering the company and debuting and promoting I started seeing many other things, I started trying other music genres, and I met a lot of people who think differently from me.
When do you have the most confidence?
Honestly, I think I’m the most like myself when I’m singing onstage. And when I’m with my family. When I’m with my family I’m Kim Jongdae, when I’m singing I can show Chen’s appearance the best.
If you had a twin or a doppelgänger, what kind of person would you like them to be?
A model student that follows the rules. I like living freely, but it would be fun if that person followed the decided frames and lived by the textbook. But at the same time it would be good if they were very gentle. Facing that myself would be fun. When I meet that person they would be influenced by my methods. And say, ‘You can’t live like that.’ (Laughs)
Do you think you’re a consistent person?
I have consistent beliefs and promises, but to some extent I change according to the surrounding environment or situation. My unchanging belief is that ‘I don’t regret my choices.’ Because of that, I make careful choices.
Do you think people change due to internal factors or external factors?
External factors. Definitely because of the environment. There is good change and bad change. Rather than saying that people change due to internal factors, external motives are more important. For example, if someone’s attitude toward me changes, I change according to that as well. And aren’t there people who change based on what is available to them? But at the same time, I think that not changing and holding the belief of sticking to your priorities is part of existing.
Is there someone who you were close with that you suddenly found unfamiliar?
When I debuted and gained fame. People I knew for 10 years were still seeing me as ‘Kim Jongdae’, but suddenly they saw me as ‘EXO’s Chen’. People become unfamiliar to me when I’ve known them for a long time and they don’t say that ‘I know you as Kim Jongdae’. With those people, when we talk or go around it’s not as comfortable as before and I have become more careful.
Are you burdened from others’ expectations? At what moment do you let go of that burden?
Always. When I think of others who expect from me, I think of the fans’ expectations first. I always have to try to show a different color or a different appearance. When we prepare for an album, recording or practicing choreography, just because we’re pros doesn’t mean that we have a burden and we settle. But that burden is not stress. I want to keep doing music in the future and giving better songs, so that kind of thing is like fun homework. And I know that I’m still lacking, so I think it’s a problem that I definitely have to cross.
What are you most afraid of?
Nothing is scary. We don’t know what sort of thing is approaching us, and it’s unbelievable, but Earth could be destroyed tomorrow. Rather than worrying and preparing for that part, I think of it as passing anyway and I stay faithful that the things I do today will help me in the future.
Do you believe in coincidences, or inevitability?
Coincidences. I don’t know much about inevitability. It’s like saying, ‘This is your fate.’ I don’t have things like that. Everything is a coincidence, even if it’s just for a moment. Every moment can become an opportunity, those opportunities should not be dropped and grabbing them is a coincidence, if they pass then they pass. I even think that my appearance right now is a coincidence, really.
Do you like clear or ambiguous things?
I like clear things. Ambiguous things have a lot of variables. So you handle plans according to the situation. But if you particularly pick a clear answer, you can have clear situations.
When does silence demonstrate the most force?
When you need silence more than words is when you’re talking about your feelings with others. Rather than just me talking, I think it’s more important to be quiet and listen to what the other person has to say first. When you find that people are hurt by others, or need something, or find something in particular, when the other party is talking, always be quiet and listen.
If you could make one thing in the world last forever, what would it be?
I don’t know. Health. But I don’t really show a lot of concern for health. So I think I want more health. Of course nothing is forever, everything changes, grows old, I know that everything goes on, but I want my health to last forever. But I don’t want everyone except for me to get old. Sometimes there are scenes like that in movies. It looks really lonely. So that’s a contradiction. I don’t not want to get old, but I want to stay healthy.
What is the most valuable thing that you cannot see?
Trust. Reciprocal trust between people.
trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!

The Yik Yaks // EXO’s Chanyeol

Fuck your nudes, how about you send me them class notes

[A/N] Again, rated slightly for explicit implications because I am a huge pervert sorry not sorry 

It was a simple text message that had Chanyeol questioning the important things in life.

The two of you were in a quiet cafe together, seated at a small table near the back. Your coffee cups were placed precariously by the edges, shoved aside to make room for the countless textbooks and notes you needed to make even a bit of sense of linear algebra. Come study with me, he said. It’ll be fun, he said.

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I’m BETTER than HIM | Jimin/Jungkook Scenario | 01

Summary: Jimin told Jungkook to stay away from me but he didn’t

Words: 1456

Pairing: JiminxReader (feat. Jungkook)

Warnings: Implied smut (Rape) | Violence 
(Don’t read if not comfortable) (It’s the only part with those warnings)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | – (on going)


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anonymous asked:

Scenario for Seijoh 3rd years where their girl feels like she is never good/pretty/popular enough compared to other girls around her.

Im like the cheesiest person to talk to if you have low self-esteem, bc mine is usually pretty high, I make the occasional joke and get in slumps but I’m generally really perky and I’ll go to the ends of the earth to cheer people up so forgive this cheesy bullhonkey ~mod hayden

Matsukawa- “Hmm I found you.” Mattsun poked his head into the bathroom and saw ______ sitting on the floor with a small mirror in front of her. She looked up at him and practically leaped out of her skin,
“it wouldn’t be that hard to find me in my house?!” She turned away and leaned against the bath.
“Oooh are you mad at me? Did I do something bad?” He wondered out loud, leaning against the door frame, “can I guess? Er actually I don’t want to confess to things you don’t know about..” He noticed her recoil a bit, “kidding, come on, kidding, I tell you everything, and by everything I mean everything you should know that.” His eyebrows pinched together, “which is why you should tell me what’s up.” He walked over to _____ sitting behind her.
“Jeeze it’s not you.” She sighed, visibly slumping over.
“What? That’s good I guess…then why don’t you turn around?” He pokes her ribs and she squirms, pushing forward, further away from him.
 "Ugh, you never come to my place.“
“Yeah that’s why I’m here?” He tilted his head.
 "You could have texted me?“
 "I wanted to surprise you!” He jumped, “come on you like surprises, like that one time I called you and-”
“I know but I’m not wearing make-up or nice clothes or…” He snorted,
“that’s what you’re worried about?! Come on that’s so cheesy turn around I wanna see your face.” He put his hand on her shoulder and she huffed,
“that’s easy for you to say.”
“Hm?” He tilted his head even more, “what?”
“The girls around you are super pretty, and popular, and they have better bodies and I mean just look at-”
“Hey.” He frowned, “first off no one is prettier than you, and second off I’d rather you have a handful of super close friends than a bunch of people you only talk to for homework answers, and third off I know I make jokes all the time but do you really think I care at all about your body?” His fingers brushed the nape of her neck, “you could have 4 arms and 12 legs for all I care, and I’m not kidding.”
_______’s laughter picked up, “leave it to you to say stupid things.” She sniffled, wiping her eyes.
“Aw c'mon don’t cry. This won’t be the last time I look at you without makeup, so turn around, you can’t avoid me forever.” She shuffled around and he scrunched up his nose,
“oh…er…jeeze..actually turn around again.” She gasped and shoved his shoulder, “hey I’m kidding! Don’t hit me!” He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to him, “you look the same as always.” He promised nudging the side of her nose with the tip of his finger, “amazing. Don’t worry about other people, please, having you around is more than enough, I’d hate for you to think I had to settle for you or anything like that; because I didn’t, and when you’re by my side I’m beyond happy.”

Hanamaki- ______ walked a half a step behind Makki, still letting him intertwine their fingers while simultaneously waving to, high-fiving and messing around with every person they walked by, his popularity was crazy. Her lack of large popularity began to bite at her, making her feel overtly un-worthy of Makki. “_______, come back down to Earth. Oikawa will be mad if he’s not the first one captured by the aliens.” Makki pinched her nose, “it’s like the lights are on but no one’s home??”
 "Jeeze Makki I was thinking!“ She slapped his hand away and he chuckled, "Serious business, what about?” They were away from the crowds now, some people still clapping him on the back though.
“You’re just really popular.”
 He shrugged, “I know people sure.”
 "Like everyone.“ She scoffed and he laughed, "yeah so?”
“Wouldn’t you rather date a popular girl?” She looks up at him and he blinks owlishly, “that doesn’t matter to me, you’re plenty popular.”
“I have like-”
 "You’re popular with your friends, isn’t everyone?“
"Well sure but I mean-”
 "No buts.“
 "I’m not as pretty as the more popular-”
“I said no buts, and what do you do? You finish your but, how rude.”
 "I’m just sayi-“
 ”No saying, I love you, do I really have to explain why?“
"You can’t explain the impossible.”
 "Ahhh.“ Makki pinched her cheek and she whined, "stop!”
“Admit that you’re pretty and popular!”
 "I’m not! People who lie go to hell Makki!“ She tries to pull away from his pinching fingers.
"You’ve got nothing to worry about then! The only lying you’re doing is to yourself!” He pinched their nose, then her earlobe.
“Ah stop it!” She batted his hands away only to feel them slip around her waist, “admit it, I could tell you for hours and hours how amazing you are, but at the end of the day it doesn’t mean anything coming from me.”
“Yes it does!”
“Then believe me.”

Iwaizumi- “Hey are you feeling okay?” Iwaizumi carded his fingers through _____’s hair, starting at the base of her neck and going through the sides of her hair, “you seem down.” He frowned at her figure, slumped over on the table, phone limp in her hand.
“Do you like me?” Her voice was muffled by her arm and the table.
“What?” He leaned forward.
“Do you like me?” She picked her head up to speak then let it fall down again. “Huh? Obviously, what kind of silly question is that?” He sat besides her.
“So you don’t hate me?”
Huh?” He straightened up, “of course not!” He put his hand on her outstretched arm, “what are you saying?”
“I’d hate settling for someone so below my league.”
“What are you talking about?” His thumb ran over the skin of her arm slowly and soothingly.
“I just think…you have better..options I guess, there prettier, smarter, funnier, more popular girls who like you, girls who have nicer bodies, prettier hair, and I’m just average..”
“Why would you think that?” He frowned.
“Looking at anyone it would be easy to tell..”
“Well I’m sorry you feel that way.” He rested his cheek in his hand, “because, personally, I think you’re amazing, and it’s hard to look at other people when I have someone much better to look at, who is, very obviously, you.” His hand moved from her arm to the top of her head, “I love you.” She let her phone fall to the table and wrapped her hand around the base of his arm, thankfully,
“I love you too. She didn’t pick her forehead up though.
"You should really look at me when you say that.” He frowned nudging the exposed skin of her cheek with his knuckle.
“I’d hate to remind you how much of a waste of space I am.”
“You’re a waste of space? Well, that’s what you believe, but I’m happy that you’re taking up space here.” He heard her chuckle and internally sighed.
“That was so cheesy.”
“I know.” He nudged her again and she moved to rest her chin on her hand. “Took you long enough.” He flicked her forehead and she recoiled but laughed. “You’re great okay? Please don’t worry about things like popularity or the people around us, I love you and I think that outweighs everything else.”

Oikawa- “______-chan you’re still in bed? Are you sick?!” Oikawa sat at the foot of _______’s bed where she had burrowed deep into her self-deprecation. “Yeah I guess.” She muttered bringing the blanket higher up her shoulders. “What’s wrong?! Do you need medicine?”
"What’s the matter then? What’s sick?”
 "What about you?”
“Everything.” “Huh? I don’t think they have medic-”
“I’m literally sick of myself Tooru oh my god.” She whines and kicks his leg lightly, “so go away and let me wallow in my self-loathing.”
 "What?!“ He sprung up, "what do you mean?!”
 "I mean go away and get a proper girlfriend, one who’s good looking like you, and smart, and popular, all the things I’m not.“ Oikawa’s face pinched together. "Why would you say something like that huh?” He scooted over to her side and put his hand on the blankets covering what he hoped was her back.
 "Have you seen yourself, some of the girls who follow you around are stunning and-“ He laughed,
 "you think I’d want to date any of them?” He slapped the pillow covering the back of her head, “that’s rich! They’re sweet, and some of them art very pretty and friendly, but what fun would it be dating someone who just goes through with every little thing I say? I like that you’re a little rough around the edges.” He tried to pull the pillow off but you clutched it, practically hissing at him. “Come onnnnnnn I wanna kiss you to prove my point!” He whined pulling harder.
 "No way!’ “Come on I see your face everyday, I’m not gonna have some epiphany if I see it now!” He yanked and he flopped backwards, pillow in hand. ______ whined, moving to pull up the blankets but Oikawa stopped her, pulling them down to her knees.
“Don’t say some hurtful things about yourself!” He whined climbing on top of her peppering the nape of her neck and her shoulder-blades in kisses, “I love you, I love you, I love love love you,” he chanted as if saying it a bunch of times gave it more meaning. “I like your smooth skin, and your pretty lips, anndd your eyelashes, annnd anddddddd your hair is soft and your shampoo smells nice…” He flew off onto a long list of compliments until ______turned over beneath him pushing his face away when he tried to smother her in kisses. “You’re so embarrassing!”
“I just wanna prove my undying love for you!”
“Consider it proven!” She whines as he pins her hands above her head and clobbered her face and neck with kisses. After at least 5 minutes he rested his head in the crook of her neck and she pinched his arm, “you almost killed me!” “You killed me when you said you were sick of yourself!” He jabbed her side and she coughed.
“Do you feel even a little reassured by me?” He rubbed the spot he had jabbed and nuzzled into her neck, chestnut hair brushing her jaw.
 "Yeah, I do..“
"Good, if you ever need more reassurance let me know~.”

What Was Yet to Come: Ch 3

Read Ch 1 Here

Fic Summary: Nico isn’t happy with his life at the moment. He’s stuck in a house he doesn’t feel like he belongs in with a hopeless crush he never asked for. He doesn’t feel accepted at school or at home and just wishes to get away. Will is scared for his life. Tensions are rising in the Wizarding World and, as a muggleborn, he doesn’t know what his future will entail. The only thing he knows for certain is that he’s very in love and highly annoyed with his friends. Their lives are thrown for a loop when the Wizarding World falls into turmoil and it’s all they can do to hope that the next day will be better than the last.

FINALLY, here’s chapter three. I’m incredibly sorry that I didn’t update last week and that this update is rather short. I don’t have a very good excuse, but the good news is that I’ve admitted to my parents that I’m depressed so we’re going to get me the help that I need so that hopefully this doesn’t happen again. Also: I’m sorry if this chapter isn’t up to par, I didn’t have time to rewrite it at all, I only edited it, so I hope it turned out okay.

Word Count: 2386

Read on ao3

Nico had come to the decision that he was not going to leave his bed for a long, long time.

“Nico, it’s officially past noon,” came Jason’s voice from outside of Nico’s duvet. Nico had cocooned himself deep within the bed, facing a small gap between the mattress and the blanket so that he had access to the minimal amount of air necessary to breathe. “You’re going to get up now, either willingly or by force.”

Nico didn’t respond.

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anonymous asked:

How do you balance school work and revision on a daily basis

This is a really important aspect of studying - and you have to make sure to continue revision and going over old work, as well as keeping up with school assignments:

Set realistic goals  - When making goals for how much you will complete in a day make sure you’re realistic. If you have a list of things to do that is too ambitious you’ll end up spending the entire day trying to finish them all, and ultimately have no time for anything else.

Prioritise - When choosing what to revise/what homework to do on a certain day prioritise what assignments are due in soonest, or what subject you struggle with most. From this work out what needs to be done that day, rather than trying to do everything and not actually finishing anything.

Use a study timetable - Make a revision timetable that includes time to do school work too. This means that you’ll have time to complete homework and separate time to revise, and you won’t be trying to fit all your work into one time slot. But again be realistic when making this timetable, you don’t want to schedule in too much work/revision time that you won’t be able to stick to.

Personally, I do all my homework/school work when I get home. Then I will start revision/notes but only on one subject on school days (there’s not enough time to revise more). I always stop working by 8 (when I eat dinner and start to relax) as this helps me separate my work from my leisure time - this means I focus more when working and can fully relax, rather than half-working all evening.

Hope this helps - Good luck :)

Request: Links

Request: Can I have one where the reader is Sam’s daughter and she goes missing for a week or so and Sam is worried sick until he finds her? Thank you and I love your writing!!

Word Count: 692

Thank you so much! I hope you like it!<3

ALSO I’m super excited because tomorrow is my last day at school before summer! Which means probably more updates! And more writing! And more of what I want to do rather than being stuck doing homework! <3

“She’s been an hour, Dean.” Sam says, pacing anxiously with his phone in hand, “It doesn’t take that long.”

“Maybe she’s just talking to someone.”

“She doesn’t know anyone!” Sam groans, restraining himself from calling you there and then, “She’s got your car, you should be worried too.”

“Ah, but she doesn’t.” Dean shakes his head, “She took one of the old bikes – the one she spent a few weeks fixing up?”

“Even better.” Sam scowls, sitting down miserably, “She needs to get her ass back here right now otherwise she’s grounded.”

“She’s eighteen and picks locks better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Good luck with that.”

“Why are you so relaxed about this?!” Sam demands, glaring at his brother, “Why don’t you care?!”

“I care. Just, unlike you, I have some trust in Y/N and her ability to stay safe. She’ll be fine.” Dean insists, rolling his eyes at his younger brother, “She’s your kid. She knows what she’s doing.”

“You’d better hope so.” Sam mutters, shaking his head. He taps out a message on his phone, and gets no reply. An hour passes, then another, and before the brothers know it it’s dark outside and they’ve heard nothing from you.


More days pass and there’s total radio silence on your end. They try to track your phone, only to find it turned off. They ask angels and demons alike, who all deny that they – or any of their kin – have been near you. It gets stranger and stranger – they catch wind of you in one city one day, then halfway across the country the next. Hunters across the country are looking out for you – as far as the underground community that you belong to is concerned, you’re a wanted person.

It’s eight days after you left that Sam rings your phone – as he has been hourly – but instead of cutting straight off, it rings. And rings, and rings.


“Y/N?!” He gasps, racing through to the library with the phone pressed to his ear, “Y/N, where the hell are you?”



“I…” You pause, obviously floundering as Dean motions for Sam to put you on speaker. He does, before prompting you to continue.

“Come on, Y/N.”

“I found my mom’s family.” You admit, “I remember seeing a picture of her and you saying she had an identical twin. They knew about me, obviously. They moved, and it took me longer than I thought to find them.”

Sam’s stomach turns – the relief is there, of course. But you’ve found your other family, who are without a doubt normal and safe and exactly what you need. He’s had you for seventeen years of your life, and every day he’s cursed the poison he’s all but shoved down your throat in the career you’ve ended up in. You have a chance at safety now, but… he doesn’t want to let you go.

“So… you’re staying out there?” He asks, something trying to block his throat. He hears a small laugh, which catches and cuts off.

“Actually…” You pause, “I don’t want to stay, dad. They’re weird. They love me, sure, but… it’s not the same. It’s formal and awkward and I’ve realised that I don’t need a link to my mom. Not like that. I have everything I could ever want in you and Uncle Dean and I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“But you’re coming home?”

“If you’ll have me.”

Sam laughs, “Y/N, you’re always welcome here. Hell, you’re wanted. You’re the bloody light in this place.”

“Alright. I’ll be home in a couple of days, okay?” You smile at the thought of going home. Sam nods, and even though you can’t see it, he smiles brightly.

“Okay, baby girl. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Bring some pie!” Dean yells, and the brothers almost hear the rolling of your eyes in your next sentence.

“I’m a step ahead, there’s this amazing bakery here.”

“Sammy, did I ever tell you you had the best kid?”

“Damn right.” You and Sam say in unison, before saying your goodbyes and hanging up so you can go home, exactly where you belong.

avengers/mcu questions i would rather seen asked...

The incredibly frustrating thing I’ve seen about interviews these days is that these media people just don’t do their fucking homework.  Did you guys just…. I don’t know, sleep or skip that class in college?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I dread interviews as a writer.  But as my own boss taught me, the first rule of interviews is that you don’t ask questions that you can easily look up and verify and you ask questions when you want something clarified, explained, possibly revealed and elaborated. 

So rather than inane shipping questions and shit like “how did you fit into your catsuit?” I would rather have seen the following:

a.  Chris Evans - I read an article that you actually like to draw and that you entertained ambitions of getting into Pixar/Disney one day, before turning to acting instead.  So we’re curious, are you the person who did the Captain Monkey drawings we saw in the first Cap movie?  Were you the one who actually did the other drawings whenever we see Steve Rogers drawing?

b.  Scarlett Johansson - We really loved the fact that Widow and Cap were portrayed as good friends, rather as love interests in The Winter Soldier.  Is it possible for you to give us any headcanons/backstory that you and Chris must’ve come up with to portray that on screen?  Can you share that with us (if we’re not spoiling anything) ?   

The fans are really exited over the possibility of a Black Widow movie.  If you could get that opportunity, would you want this as a prequel or more of a “further adventures” of the character following the Avengers/other MCU films? 

c.  Jeremy Renner -  We totally understand that you can’t really say what happened in Budapest with the Black Widow.  But do you have a personal backstory that you can tell us instead? 

Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too)

Marichat Collab fic with @miracufic

Pt 3 of ???

<Previous Next>

It had been two weeks since she’d given impromptu baking lessons to Chat, and she hadn’t seen him since.

Not as Marinette, anyways. Obviously, Ladybug and Chat Noir still met up on a near daily basis to fight akuma or patrol the city, but Ladybug wasn’t supposed to know about Chat and Marinette’s little tryst, and she was a little reluctant to try and push the issue as her alterego. It would be hypocritical of her to keep insisting that they keep personal issues separate from their work relationship and then use Ladybug try and get him to talk about his lady love. Honestly, it still felt like she was being a little hypocritical about butting into Chat’s personal life as Marinette, even though he was the one to come to her for help.

More than anything though, Marinette was frustrated because Chat wasn’t acting any different around Ladybug. He’d still joke and flirt with her despite telling Marinette he was in love with someone else, which was as much a relief as it was irritating. She was glad to know that Chat being in a relationship wasn’t going to affect them as partners, but all the same she couldn’t help but feel a little offended on behalf of Chat’s nameless sweetheart.

She definitely wouldn’t appreciate her boyfriend flirting with other girls if it was her in those shoes, after all.

With that in mind, Ladybug took the initiative to put the brakes on Chat’s playful flirting even more than she already did, trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling of guilt that ate away from her every time she received a look of surprise hurt for rebuking the cat. She told herself that it was for his own good. If Chat’s girlfriend ever found out about his alter ego, then she’d likely be upset about the way she and Chat teased one another and that would put her partner in hot water. That was the last thing Marinette wanted. 

But honestly she was probably trying to protect her own heart as much as she was protecting her Black Cat’s.

“I’m so stupid…” Marinette mumbled to herself as she halfheartedly pushed a broom around the bakery’s kitchen to clean up the fine dust of flour and sugar on the floor. Their family bakery had closed half an hour ago and she had volunteered to tidy up, hoping that doing something productive would help take her mind off the Chat problems. She’d hit a brick wall with her efforts to design something, more often than not catching herself absentmindedly doodling cat’s eyes in her notebooks rather than outfits, and her homework had been finished earlier which left her hands free.

“You are not. Don’t say that about yourself, Marinette.” Tikki scolded her from where she sat on the counter, munching a leftover cookie.

“Yes I am.” Marinette insisted. “I mean, I feel like I’m reaching out to Chat with one hand, and slapping him away with the other. And it’s not like I can even tell him that the reason I’m pushing him away now is because I don’t want him getting into trouble with his girlfriend, so he probably thinks I’ve lost it or something. It’s not fair to him, Tikki. He doesn’t deserve that.”

“Then talk to him about it.” Tikki advised her charge.

“You know I can’t do that, Tikki.” Marinette sighed, clenching the broom and starting at the floor. “I’m the one who keeps saying that we can’t know these sort of things about each other. And this whole thing just proves I’m right about how it affects our teamwork negatively when we let things get too personal.”

“Only because you let it affect your teamwork negatively.” Tikki chided her softly. “Marinette, you’re a very smart and passionate girl. It’s one of the things that makes you such a wonderful Ladybug. But sometimes you have a tendency to overthink the possibilities and let the ‘what ifs’ control your life, and that’s not healthy. You said yourself that you’d be there for Chat if things went sour with the girl he likes. Why shouldn’t Ladybug be there too? Don’t change who you are or the relationship that you have with Chat because he’s seeing someone else, that’s not fair to anybody. Especially you and Chat.”

“I just don’t want to mess things up for him.” Marinette admitted quietly. “He likes this girl so much Tikki. I don’t want to be the reason that things don’t work out between them.”

“If things don’t work out between them, then it won’t BE because of you, and you should never let yourself think otherwise. Relationships need to have trust in order to work. If this girl doesn’t trust Chat’s love for her enough to accept his friendship with you, then that’s her fault, NOT yours. You can’t let that possibility put a wall between you and your partner.”

Marinette hung her head at the kwami’s lecture. Tikki was right. She knew she was. It was silly of her to insist on distancing herself from Chat for some girl she’d never met. But it was easier to insist that was the reason she wanted to keep Chat at an arm’s length instead of admitting that a bigger reason was due to the fact that she like Chat was abandoning her in favor of this other girl, and how much that idea hurt.

She didn’t want to lose her partner, and yet she was the one pushing him away.

Before she could admit as much to the kwami though, a sharp knock came from the front of the store, signaling a late visitor. Marinette sighed, figuring that it was likely a desperate last minute customer looking for some bread and set her broom to the side, making her way to the front door to open it.

And for the second time, Marinette found herself staring at her partner as he smiled sheepishly from her doorstep with his arms behind his back, doing a very bad job at acting like she wasn’t hiding something from her.

“Chat?” She clarified, a little alarmed at the appearance of the cat she’d just been talking about.

“Hope I’m not intruding this time, Princess.” The cat greeted her. Before she could ask what he was doing visiting so late, the blond brought his hands out from behind his back to present her with a box. Marinette’s eyes widened when she realized that it wasn’t just any box that the cat was holding out to her. It was a cake box, with a little film screen on the top so you could see the dessert inside.

And suddenly, Marinette found it impossible to breathe.

It can’t be. She thought, eyes going wide as she took in the sight before her. It CAN’T be.

Chat Noir was presenting her with a cake. Chat Noir, who had asked her to teach him to make a cake for the girl he was in love with.

So the girl Chat likes is actually-?!

“I was hoping maybe you’d indulge me in a little taste-test. To see if I got it right this time.” Chat spoke up, looking a little anxious. Marinette stared for a minute, not comprehending the words at first.

“Wh-what?” she asked faintly, eyes darting from the cake to her partner, who looked confused at her reaction.

“Is everything alright?” he asked worriedly. “If this is a bad time or something, I can come back later.” Marinette swallowed hard, her knee-jerk reaction to seeing the cake that was being presented to her ebbing as the facts began to sink in.

Chat wasn’t in love with her. He just wanted his opinion on his baking skills before he made the cake he was going to give to his sweetheart. He was just coming to her because she was his friend and he trusted her.

And she was disappointed about that.

Because she had wanted it to be for her.

Because she liked Chat Noir.

“Princess? Marinette?!”

She LIKED her partner, who was in love with someone else.

“Marinette!” Chat yelped, looking a little alarmed. It suddenly dawned on the girl that she was leaning against her doorway, laughing in a way that probably looked a little crazy to the poor, confused cat on her doorstep.

Control. She had to get control of herself before she embarrassed herself any further.

“Marinette, are you alright?!” Chat asked, looking worried at her face. Dimly, Marinette realized that her cheeks were wet with tears. No wonder Chat freaked out.

“I’m fine.” She managed in a shaky voice, pushing her partner away a little when she realized he had a hold on her shoulder. “just kinda lost it there for a minute. It’s… um… it’s been a long day.” Chat didn’t look completely convinced, but he respectfully took a step back at her prompting, though the frown on his face made it clear he was reluctant to do so.

She liked Chat. She liked her dorky, pun-cracking partner who she once had to save from an army of giant rubber ducks after he’d sassed an akuma into an angry frenzy.

She liked the boy who turned up at her house at four AM because he was in love and wanted to express his feelings through baked goods even though he didn’t know how.

She liked the goofy, big-hearted hero who was her best friend and who drove her crazy with poorly timed jokes, but who always had her back when she needed him the most.

She LIKED Chat.

“Oh! Sorry. I mean, I knew it was late and I probably shouldn’t come by, but I’ve really been practicing and this one looks like it turned out pretty good, so I just wanted to see if I could get the Princess’ opinion. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I’ll come back-”

“Stop rambling and come in, silly cat.” Marinette demanded. She didn’t want to be left alone with her thoughts right now. It was too much, and she couldn’t handle that. She’d sort out the whys and hows of her feelings later, after she helped her partner his HIS issues ironed out.

She was better at lending other people a hand then getting her own life under control, anyways.

“Are you sure?” Chat asked worriedly. “If you’re not feeling well, I can come back- AWWWK!” Chat’s protests were cut off in favor of an awkward yelp as Marinette physically dragged him into the house, shutting and locking the door behind him.

“What did I say last time about the fangirls?” Marinette asked him with a pointed look. Chat looked at her in surprise for a moment before a relieved grin stretched across his face.

“If you’re that worried about my fans giving you cat-attude, I can start sneaking in from the roof instead.” The blond volunteered cheerfully.

“Please don’t. My parents will kill me if they find out I’ve been feeding a stray.” It was oddly easy to fall back into bantering with Chat after her earth-shattering epiphany, which was a little surprising. Not that she wanted to turn into a stuttering mess of a person while trying to speak to her partner, but the fact that she didn’t was still a surprise after the disaster she’d made out of her relationship with Adrien.

Maybe it was because it was harder to feel intimidated by someone after you’d caught them singing Disney songs from the top of the Eiffel Tower which launched an hour long debate on whether or not Aristocats could be considered a classic…?

“Guess I’ll just keep using the door then.” Chat grinned playfully, clearly relieved that she had regained some semblance of sanity. “Though technically speaking, this time the stray is feeding you.”

“So you are.” Marinette said, flashing a bittersweet smile to the cake that had sent her into such a tizzy. “Follow me, kitty. Let’s see how you did.”

“Yes ma’am!” Chat chirped happily as he fell in line obediently behind her.

What am I supposed to do with this cat? Marinette wondered to herself, flashing Tikki a reassuring smile when she caught her peeking out from the bakery with a worried look, though she felt pretty uneasy herself.

She had a feeling that she’d just made everything far more complicated by developing a crush on her partner…