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More headcanons about chubby Ianto? 💚💚💚💚

Ahhh I’m so sorry this has taken so long to answer but I’ll do my best to do this subject justice because wow there’s quite a lot to say

  • Ianto only began noticing that he was starting to get a bit of chub several months after getting over Lisa, maybe even just a few weeks before Jack disappeared with the Doctor. It was barely noticeable, but naturally he noticed. At first he really considered it a bad thing, so he tried really hard to put it down as stress eating.
  • yes that’s it, stress eating. He just hadn’t realized through the emotional strain over the last couple months that he’d been taking his depression and anxieties out on food
  • and of course after the cannibals he started eating loads and loads of onion rings (as heard in Broken) to get the smell of blood out of his nose, so that must have added a few pounds as well
  • he quickly realizes that that theory is absolute bullshit because he’s feeling better now than he has since the fall of Canary Wharf and yet he’s still eating more, it hasn’t stopped now that he’s actually a little happy
  • he’s come to the right conclusion by now but he doesn’t want to think about it, because acknowledging the right conclusion also involves acknowledging how unhealthy he was before, how terrible he’d been to his body by neglecting it during the time he was taking care of Lisa, and how he’d neglected it even more during the month of mourning and emptiness after her loss
  • even when Jack disappears and he’s miserable, his eating habits stay the same. Okay, then. Definitely not stress eating.
  • when Jack comes back after the year that never was, he instantly notices that Ianto’s put on a few pounds, and he’s worried that maybe he’s responsible for Ianto turning to food as a coping mechanism
  • …but…even though that’s wrong and he feels terrible for possibly causing that…the extra pounds definitely suit Ianto. Not that he wasn’t gorgeous when he was lean. But this is just…different. He isn’t just gorgeous, there’s something else about him that’s making this whole new look stunning to Jack. He can’t stop staring.
  • No, really. He cannot stop staring. He is absolutely in love with Ianto’s tum
  • he just can’t figure out why!!! But he’s been back for some time now and Ianto’s still eating just as much, never trying to lose the weight. So maybe it’s not Jack’s fault after all, for once.
  • Seriously, though. It’s driving him crazy that he can’t understand why when they’re starting out slow and giving each other hesitant kisses that quickly turn heated for a few moments, his hands naturally glide to rest on Ianto’s waist and stay there until Ianto pulls away.
  • it’s after sex, after they’ve started having sex again for awhile now, that Jack realizes. He’s curled up against Ianto’s back, his hands wrapped around Ianto’s stomach, when Ianto finally asks why the hell he’s so obsessed with his stomach, something so many people hate about themselves.
  • Jack takes several, several moments to finally find the words to express how he’s been feeling these last few weeks, but eventually does.
  • “You were skinny as a rail when I first met you. And that’s it own brand of hot and I loved it, don’t get me wrong. But that was when…well, when you were hiding from us. And you were unhappy. Don’t try to deny it now! I know you by now. You were so…so lost in…taking care of Lisa, and mourning Lisa, you forgot how to take care of yourself. Don’t give me that look, it’s true. I understand that now…and I’m sorry I never noticed before. But you’re here again. You’re more focused, healthier.” He smiles. “And so much happier. That’s beautiful, Ianto. So excuse me if I get a little thrilled seeing you like this. Seeing physical proof of your life improving. I mean…I hope it’s been impr–”
  • Insert more heated making out here.

So, in short, Ianto learned to love his tum and what it represented and how it made both him and Jack feel. If you want more chubby Ianto headcanons, don’t worry, there are more coming your way thanks to more asks people have sent about Ianto’s tum, it’s just too late to get to answering them now. But thank you so much for asking about his chub! His chub means the world to me.