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this is kind of sad but who would be keen on recognizing that a relationship isnt what it used to be and maybe s/o and them aren't the best together for whaever reason anymore despite still caring for one another?

I think that out of the four, Ignis would be the most understanding in a situation like this. 

As opposed to the others, Iggy would be able to step outside of the situation and realize that he and his s/o have just grown apart. He understands that it’s a part of getting older and growing up, and he realizes that they’ve just grown separately from one another rather than together. He’s also the type to actually mean it when he says that he wants to be their friend, and makes a concerted effort to be warm towards his s/o when they decide to end their romantic relationship. He still respects them and wants them to be happy, he just also realizes that he unfortunately isn’t the one who is going to be able to provide that happiness.

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one of the best part about working at barnes and noble was all the free books!!!!

Say what!! :O We don’t get any free books?? We get a 30% employee discount which is pretty great, and we can also check out books for 2 weeks at a time if that’s what you mean, but we don’t get to keep any books for free? (I wish though what the heck lmao)

Then again I just started like at the beginning of December, so maybe that’s something they used to do but stopped doing before I started? I’m gonna be real sad if that’s the case, lol ;w;

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Shawn, I've been meaning to ask but out of curiosity what YouTubers do you watch?

The only one I watch is Northernlion. He plays my favorite game, The Binding of Isaac, and has thousands of episodes on YouTube. The best part about him is that he used to be an English teacher, so his voice and the way he talks, as well as what he talks about while playing is just…soothing. I listen to an episode or two every night before bed. 

maimishou replied to your post: “maimishou replied to your photo: THERE’S THE…”:

“I mean at what point do you stop owing loyalty to someone who clearly has no respect of any kind for you?” I’d say when they start showing signs that they don’t. In which case I’d say leaving them is always the best decision even if it’s a messy one. Though I do admit that I’m biased since I consider loyalty a matter of trust and thus one of the most important parts of a relationship so we’re probably coming at this from different angles?

I’d say more that we’re coming from a place of colour and a a place of none. From what I’m understanding you’re saying, the woman having an affair was the absolute pinnacle of crimes that could have been committed: “if she did have an affair I will be 100% on the dude’s side.” I counter that him disparaging her, harassing her, accusing her, and obsessing over every single thing she does before ultimately leaving for days without a single word makes him – AT MINIMUM – equally at fault for what happened.

But I’m done with the conversation at this stage, I think. I can’t even fully reconcile your own stance that a lie of omission isn’t a lie, and your declaration here about the importance of loyalty and trust. I can’t untangle that, and I’m not feeling particularly motivated to try. I don’t see the discussion leading anywhere worthwhile on my part, so I’ll bow out now.

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Hi, do you maybe know is there one and where I can find the full interview with Seb and Colbert, people are mentioning some 'full' interviews in the comments on YT. The version on the CBS site is the same as the one on YT. Tnx!

Hmm…I’m afraid this is the best I could do. It’s kind of a weird timeline format, but if you click on the “dots” at the top, it’ll play the video and it seems to have the entire interview, just in clips, one after the other? Go there and you’ll see what I mean… (x) Looks like Seb’s part begins around 12:16am Hope this helps!

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Do you know of any ways to order an ace ring from amazon through my parents without coming out to them? I really want a ring, but i don't have any things to tell them about why I want that ring. Sorry if this is super confusing

Well an ace ring is just a black ring worn on your middle finger, so you can get one without telling your parents specifically what it means! Just find a black ring you like, and just tell you parents that you thought it looked nice :)

That’s the best part of an ace ring- no one knows what it means except for other aces!


bisexual newt scamander headcanons

-newts first boyfriend was a sixth year, when he was a fifth year. obviously in the 1920s being gay was a no-no, but there was a quiet corner of the hogs head they could comfortably hide in.

-they were together for the best part of seven months, until a seventh year found out

-newt in the hospital wing for two days

-the sixth year was in for three, because he was hit with a nasty hex while defending his smol bf

-newts first girlfriend was a cute girl in his herbology class in third year

-totally wasn’t leta lestrange I mean what

-after the fifth year incident newt decided to stay away from guys and repressed his bisexuality

-fifth year newt scamander asking madame pomphrey is there was a “cure” for people like him

-madame pomphrey being one of the few people in that time that was cool with it, and explaining that he’s perfectly normal

-honestly lets just appreciate madame pomphrey i love her

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: 21/12/2016 was the date of the final episode of yuri!!! on ice. i'm part of a fandom that is so diverse, passionate, and supportive. for the past 12 weeks wednesday was one of the best days to look forward to. it's going to be bittersweet for next week to come without a new episode of yoi to look forward to. i hope that as a fandom we can continue to show our love and support. let's make the final wednesday of 2016 in the yoi tag to be the biggest and most active one yet.

Whenever I’m alone…
Or if I’m feeling grey…
There’s one place I can go
To brighten up my day!

It makes me want to sing!
That’s how the show should end!
But wouldn’t it be good if I…
Could sing it with a friend?

Ok fine whatever I’ll join in too!

I might go outside
And feel more alive
Without Twitter,
Where would I be?

I guess I’d be fit
I’d stop posting shi-Rubbish!
But tumblr’s a part of me!

There’s so many websites! And so little time!
Plus one or two you should avoid…
Just don’t stop watching YouTube
Or we’ll be unemployed!

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

It might be anti social
But these days that is fine
Cause life is so much better
When you spend it all online!

A place where you can be yourself
No matter if your geeky
Find friends that share your hobbies
Even if they’re freaky!

Where any question in your head
Is answered in an instant!
Who cares if you procrastinate
Your one shot at existence!

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

Without the Internet…
We never would have met!
We’d never be here on a stage
Doing things we might regret!

DANCE BREAK! -music-

Who cares if your a loser,
And everybody knows it!
Or if you spend your life,
Drawing whiskers on your noses!

Even if your chances,
Of getting tanned are slim…
Or if you live vicariously,
Through the life of a sim…

The internet is here!
The Internet is great!
When you’ve got lots of followers
Who needs a real mate!

It might be anti social…
But these days that is fine…

Cause life is so much better…
Life is so much better…
Life is so much better…

When you,


This one is for the part of the Harmonizer Fandom, who doesn’t want to watch sad af edits about Camila leaving, this is for the ones who want to remember laughing and not crying.

This one is for all the girls.

For Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah and their future in this bomb ass girl group.

But also for Camila and whatever the universe holds for her, I wish her the best.

I know a lot of you say we saw it coming but that still doesn’t mean that we were prepared and that we can’t be upset about it.

I do not own any of the vines and audios used in this video.
If you find your vine in this video and you want to be credited, just inform me. :)

phil is actually really quite “psychic” (intuitive is a better word for it i think) and he has no idea..i read tarot and my mom is a practiced tarot reader so i know inuitives when i see them usually. that video was so interesting for me. i have a pretty good understanding of what the cards he pulled mean, and i don’t think they could have been much more spot on relating to the current point he is in his life. phil’s reading was all pushing towards a change of scenery in at least one part of his life. fertility means the birth of a new project or life event, not “i’m gonna have a baby”. fertility is one of the best things to have when you are thinking of making a big decision because it basically means the birth of new prosperous ideas. so just as an fyi big things are coming this year with him but i don’t see it in the career world, as much as i see it in the personal world. also i’m am so praying for him to read dan bc i know it would be hella spot on since he is so intuitive.

Embarrass Your GF Day

Pairing: Hamilsquad x Reader (poly) 

Requested by @shanileyba: “Could I request a poly Hamilsquad x reader where reader comes home from exercising and the hamilsquad notices how great her body is, they get into a big argument about which part of her is best, and the reader ends it by listing the boys’ best parts?” 

Trigger Warnings: Poorly edited hehe. And I mean, if you have a problem w/ hamilsquad calling you sexy lol. Not as long as I’d hope, but it’s a fun little ditty. First time writing poly Hamilsquad sooo I’m working on it. 

You arrived home one Saturday afternoon in a sports bra and leggings, having just left the gym. You had yourself on a rigorous exercise schedule since five months before, and you were finally starting to see results. 

Part of you wanted to do it for your boyfriends: Alexander, Lafayette, John, and Hercules. You wanted to look better for them, despite them always telling you that you looked fine. That was back when you felt like exercising was a hassle. Then, about halfway into your gym visits, you decided that you wanted to do this for yourself. Upon that revelation, your weekly gym visits became fun. You made friends at the gym and always left with a smile on your face. 

“Guys, the car smells like sweat, but I’m home!” You called. You heard John laugh from the kitchen, so you followed the sound of his voice. Upon seeing him with an apron on, surrounded by food, you gasped, “Is that John Laurens? Cooking?” He laughed sarcastically, pecking you on the cheek as you walked by. It was well known in your relationship that John did not cook very well. “But, for real though, Laurens, don’t poison me.” 

 As you bent over to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, you felt a slap on your butt. You squeaked, looked up to see Alexander with a smirk on his face. “One of these days, I’m gonna cook an amazing meal, and no one can have any but Herc.” John pouted. “Awww, don’t be like that, babe.” Alex cooed, pinching his cheeks. 

Upon smelling food (whether or not it was edible was a different story), Lafayette and Hercules made their way into the kitchen. “Are y'all messing with my baby again?” Herc asked, placing an arm around John’s shoulders. “We’re always messing with your baby.” Lafayette snorted in his French accent. 

 After several minutes of trying to figure out the difference between olive oil and virgin olive oil, John tossed you his phone. “Just order pizza.” 

 They laughed as you dialed the number of your usual pizza place. You paced back and forth as they asked for your address and card number. You noticed the boys staring at you from the island as you spoke, your eyebrows furrowing. “Um, hold on,” you said into the phone. “Guys, pepperoni or sausage?”

 They stared at you with blank faces, then turning to whisper to each other. “Okay, one of each, I guess.” You dragged out. “Yeah, okay thanks.” 

 You looked at your boyfriends and they looked at you, the air filled with a weird sort of tension. A short moment of silence passed before you finally spoke up. “Well, are y'all gonna keep staring or tell me what you’re whispering about?” You asked them. “Now, honey,” Hercules said, putting on his sweet voice, “Don’t get upset–” 

 “What happened?” You were all of a sudden concerned. Herc only used his sweet voice if they did something wrong. “Did you break something?” You narrowed your eyes at the boys. 

 “No!” John said. “It’s just that…” You rolled your eyes at them. Sometimes you thought they cared about you too much. They never told you what they really thought, at least that’s what you believed. They always tried to tiptoe around your feelings when all you wanted was for them to give it to you straight. You didn’t want your feelings spared. You wanted honesty. “Speak, boys.” You joked. 

 “You’ve been going to the gym, right?” John asked. You nodded, “Why?”

 “Don’t get us wrong, you looked great before!” Lafayette said. “But now, you are, how you say…” 

 “You’re fucking sexy, Y/N.” Alex deadpanned. The boys gave him a look as you chuckled. “What?” He asked. “Someone had to say it.” You were happy that they noticed, and that they were supportive. You knew you couldn’t do it without them. Some part couldn’t help but ask them what you could work on.

 “Are you kidding?” John asked incredulously. “You don’t need work. I mean you’re gorgeous!” 

 “I agree.” Alex added. “At the risk of sounding like a caveman, I can’t help but stare your ass every time you turn around. Have you been doing squats?”

 “Alex!” You said, your cheeks becoming a furious red. The boys didn’t seem to notice though, as they were starting to get into their own argument.

 “Her ass? Have you seen her legs? Like, damn.” John said. “Are we all going to ignore the fact that her abs are going to be better than Herc’s soon?” Lafayette asked, making you unconsciously run a hand over you abdomen and feel the underlying muscle. 

 “Hey!” Hercules defended. “Firstly, Y/N, I love you, but I’m the ripped one in this relationship. Secondly, I’m actually in love with your cute, little back muscles.” He added. “Now I see your obsession with mine.”

 Alex snickered, as if you couldn’t blush any harder, “You’re obsessed with Herc’s back muscles?”

 “Don’t act like you’re not!” You retorted. 

 “Touché.” He nodded. “I mean, it’s no different from your obsession with my hair.” He shrugged. “Okay, is it embarrass your girlfriend day? ‘Cause that’s what it feels like.” You asked loudly, covering your face to hide your glowing red cheeks. 

 The boys laughed at your humiliation. They thought it was cute that you still get flustered in front of them when you all talk about those sorts of things. Sure, it’s not as if you all haven’t seen those sides of each other, but talking about it so publicly and casually was still abnormal for you. “Well, I suppose we should tell her infatuation of ours, as well.” Lafayette said to John.

 “I suppose you shouldn’t.” 

 “We should.” John replied, purposefully ignoring you. “I hate you all.” You groaned.

 “She’s expressed a very fond love of my abs.” Laf chuckled. Herc promptly placed a hand on his heart and gasped, “Y/N!” He cried, “I’m offended.” 

 “Your turn, John.” Alex chimed in. “Johnathan Laurens, if you say a word, I will temporarily break up with you.” You threatened. John gave you a small laugh, knowing you weren’t serious. Even if you were, temporarily wasn’t forever. You’d both live. 

 “She likes my ass.” 


 “No way!” 

 “You like his butt?” Alex screeched.

 “Girls can like butts, too, okay?” You returned just as loudly. Laf and Herc were busy dying of laughter on the floor as you stomped your way into your bedroom. You didn’t think it was that funny, but you let them have their moment. (It wasn’t your fault John had a cute butt.) “Aww mon amour!” You heard Lafayette call, “Come back!”

 “We still think you’re gorgeous and adorable!” John added. 

 “I’m taking a nap!” You told them, smiling a bit to yourself. You listened to them as they continued to tease you from down the hall. You didn’t understand how you fell in love with those four idiots, but you wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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This is a code. Your blog came up when I searched "Cryptography." Any chance you could help out? espnd hw of lsepe i mhi ni iwhottu iwll in rcae thwa satr reoasn nda tseals ym be twha be ewest wlil my ym elif tsar lilw fiel herat ktae to

Hello- I’ll do my best! (@ those on mobile - apologies for the long post )
Firstly, the frequency analysis of this is unusual given that all the original common letters of a, e and t have their usual percentage of appearance - This means that they are likely being used in their original context and were not substituted for other letters. This is shown in the following graph:

Considering this, I used Word Unscrambler in order to generate the next part. The one irregularity is the hw which of course rearranges to mean nothing.  Now I’m going to take a guess and assume hw may be a typo and is meant to be he given the him mentioned in the message.

“Spend he of Sleep I him in without will in race what star reason and steal (this particular word could be something else like least or tales or even tesla!) be what be sweet will my my life star will life heart take to”

My, will, star and life are the most common words. These words have heavy connotative meaning. It is important to remember the context of the message is just as important as the code itself. Who was the code intended for? How was it meant to be received? What sort of person is sending it?

A rather dark interpretation that manages to fit all the words evenly is the following. This is unlikely to be the original message though given the immense multitude of combinations that emerge when rearranges the letters. However this deconstruction could potientially led deciphering the original message -  especially once we learn the context.

My star
I will sleep without him 
He will steal my heart and race to take my life
Spend in life what will be sweet
Star, what of reason.

Other versions could easily follow this pattern: 

I will spend my life with him
My heart will race and life will be sweet

I will take my life without him
He will be sweet reason to sleep
Take my life and my heart

He is my star and my heart in life 
With him I will spend my life without reason

Throw It All Away [Part 2]

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There have been more than a few people who have wanted a part 2 (including my best friend who threatened to beat me with a stick if I didn’t write one so here it is). Make sure you read [Part 1] before you read this one!

Pairing: Jughead Jones x reader
Warnings: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Fandom: Riverdale

You decided that hiding in the library during lunch would be for the best. Just because you and Jughead weren’t… friends anymore didn’t mean you weren’t friends with Betty and Veronica but you figured things would be less awkward if you’d just stay away from them while Jughead was around.

You took a history book off the shelf and examined it. This seemed like a good read. You were about to walk back over to your little corner in the library so you could start reading but all of a sudden Betty popped out of no where and scared you. You dropped your book with a yelp.

“Sorry [Y/N] didn’t mean to scare you” Betty apologized as you picked up your book.

“It’s okay Betty” you sighed “just didn’t expect to see you here”.

“About that. Why have you been staying in the library during lunch lately?”.

“Er just wanted to get some reading done is all…”.

“[Y/N] we both know that not the reason” she said giving you a look of pity. You looked away.
“Trust me I made the same mistake with Archie [Y/N]. I know you’re mad at Jughead but having him as a friend is better than not having him at all”.

“I’m not mad at him” you argued. It came out louder and angrier than you had intended so you had to take a deep breath to calm yourself down before you continued.
“Betty I miss him, I really do but I can’t just ignore these feelings”.

“Like I said I understand” Betty said gently “but a wise woman once said to me most of the time our crushes don’t like us back and that’s true. Life doesn’t always turn out how we’d like it to but life still goes on and we have to make the most of it. Trust me friends like Jughead are rare. He cares about you a lot and I just hope you can forgive him”.

Yet again you looked away from Betty feeling as if you couldn’t face her anymore. Not to mention there were tears threatening to escape your eyes and you’d rather not have people asking you why your eyes were red.

“I’m Jughead’s friend but I’m also your friend too” Betty assured placing a hand on your shoulder “no matter what you decide I’ll be here if you need me but please just consider what I said”.

You nodded weakly and with that Betty walked away, leaving you alone to think. It took you the entire rest of the day to make a decision. You knew in your heart it was the right one in the end.

“Jughead!” You found him walking to Pop’s on his own. Strange, last time you and Jughead had spoken to each other you were in a similar situation. Except it was he who had cornered you before and not the other way around. When he turned to face you he seemed rather shocked to see you.

“I thought you said…” he began.

“I know what I said” you interrupted, you paused and looked down, kicking a nearby stone with your foot.
“I’ve been doing some thinking and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I just abandoned you Jug. I was just being stupid. Sometimes things just don’t work out but we have to move on… thankfully someone reminded me about that” you gave him a weak smile “I’d rather be friends with you Jug than not have you around at all. I mean I can’t force feelings on to you right?”.

Jughead didn’t respond to any of this. He was almost frozen except for his eyes. They wondered all over your face, taking it in like it was the first time he laid eyes upon you.

“Hey ah” you continued nervously “you’re on your way to Pop’s right? Let’s go get that burger huh?”. Still he didn’t respond.
“If you’re mad at me I don’t blame you…”.

“No” Jughead replied shaking himself out of the trance he seemed to be in “I just ah… what if you don’t need to force feelings on to me?”.
You didn’t know how to respond to this. What was he trying to say?
“[Y/N] I was scared before. I’ve never been good when it comes to this sort of thing. I was scared I’d screw up and lose you. I thought keeping my feelings from you and just being friends would make things better” he let out a half heart laugh as he looked down sheepishly “turns out not telling you how I felt made me lose you anyway. I guess what I’m trying to say is…”.

He took a step toward you making it so your faces were only inches apart. You immediately felt your heart start to beat rapidly and it was as if you couldn’t suck in any air. Time almost stopped.

“I love you [Y/N]” Jughead said in a low voice. It only took him seconds to smash his lips into yours. You let out a small gasp but soon you felt yourself kissing him back. Your lips fit together perfectly as if they were made to be connected. Jughead wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him so there was no longer space between the two of you.

“I love you so much Jughead” you whispered into the kiss making Jughead smirk.

“I know. I promise you I’ll never hurt you again”.

Day 24

I’m sure I’ve well established by now that I’m petty. Really petty.

As long as the customer is nice or even neutral in their interaction with me, things are great. I do my job with the required amount of pleasantness and they move on with their lives. But I have trouble smiling and playing nice when somebody is overtly being rude to me, which naturally means that accepting a job in retail probably wasn’t the best move on my part. Especially since one out of every eight or so customers ends up being an unnecessarily rage-filled jackass.

So in walks a woman who’s about 60 or so years old with two cloth bags. That’s fine—protect the environment, sure. The problem is, she has way more items than can feasibly fit into those two bags. Another downside: my store usually offers paper bags as well as plastic ones, but due to an ordering error none of the clerks currently have any paper bags (this issue also wasn’t resolved for a good week, so you can guess just how many yoga pants-wearing soccer moms were enraged that they’d have to carry their organic kombucha in plastic bags out to their BMWs. What utter barbarism.) So naturally, once this woman’s cloth bags are all full, I start to put the rest of her groceries into a plastic bag. This didn’t fly so well with her.

Her: “No plastic!”

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, but we’re currently out of paper bags, so this is the only option.”

I continue to bag her groceries.

Her: “Hey! No plastic! ARE YOU DEAF??!”

Me: “We don’t have any other bags. I’m sorry.”


Me: “We…. There are none. Ma’am. None.”

Her: (sarcastically) “You’re telling me there aren’t any paper bags in this entire store?”

Me: “Yes.”

Her: “I don’t believe you.”

Me: (shrugging) “It’s plastic or nothing.”

Her: “Fine. Then I choose nothing.”

Now during this exchange, mind you, I kept on scanning her item, one of which was a package of fresh dinner rolls from our bakery area. And as I watched her stomp off with her arms overflowing with precariously balanced unbagged items, I took a moment to think about just how gratifyingly soft those fresh rolls had been as I shoved a finger through the center of each and every one of them during our delightful little chat.

(I bet you can guess which finger I used.)

I Own You - Theo Raeken

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not my gif homies, credits to owner

Word count: 1534

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Warnings: Theo Raeken being Theo Raeken I mean, come one

Part 2?

To be a part of Scott McCall’s pack was truly the best thing that ever could have happened to you. Sure, there was an occasional psycho or monster running around the town of Beacon Hills, but you’d always manage to find some way to take care of it (and at the same time keep up with all your classes like a pro). You were surrounded by an amazing group of people who you all loved dearly. You had your role to play in this pack, but as one of the few humans in the pack Scott would always make sure you were safe, or that he was around to make sure you were. Ever since you nearly got taken by the dread doctors, he hadn’t let you out of his sight. He really was a good alpha. He knew when to fight, and when not to. He knew who to trust, and who not to trust. Theo Raeken, was one of those persons who he didn’t trust. At least not anymore. Now that we know what he’s really up to, and of course, after he killed Scott.

Stiles was pretty clear about how he felt about Theo from the beginning, ever since he first showed up Stiles had a lot of distrust in the boy. He was always going on about how evil Theo was and how we should come up with a plan to kill him already. You agreed, Theo was the definition of bad news. But you couldn’t help think of him as a nightmare dressed like a daydream. Because that’s what he was. A nightmare. But a darn good one. And he knew how you thought of him. He could sense it whenever you were near. He could hear your heartbeat spiking and he could basically smell the desire coming off you. You wanted him, and he knew it.

You were changing your books at your locker when you noticed him approaching from the corner of your eye. You cursed to yourself, feeling your heart pounding in your chest (which you were certain he noticed). All he had to do was walk past you in the hallway, and you were basically at his mercy. How messed up is that? ‘(Y/N)?’ You turned to the young beta standing next to you. ‘Are you okay? Your heart is racing.’ He chuckled. You forced a smile onto your face. ‘I just remembered that I have a math test today, that’s all.’ You shrugged. Your breath got stuck in my throat as he finally walked past you. You didn’t know if he did it on purpose, but he walked so close to you that you could smell his cologne. Which had quickly become your new most favourite smell in the whole world. ‘Well, I’m assuming you didn’t study then?’ Liam asked as you closed your locker and you shook your head. ‘Haven’t exactly had the time with everything going on y’know…’ You shrugged and he nodded understandingly. ‘Anyhow, I gotta get to English. I’ll talk to you later, kay?’ You said your goodbyes and you hurried your way to English. You stumbled into the classroom, your bag sliding off your shoulder and your books nearly falling out of your arms. God you were a mess. ‘Miss (Y/L/N), you doing okay there?’ Your teacher asked causing a few chuckles to erupt from your fellow students. You lowered your head with a blush, pushed your bag back up your shoulder and walked towards your seat. Your eyes widened and your heartrate did the thing again when a new face was sitting in the seat right behind yours. ‘You’re not in this class.’ You blurted out, not really knowing why you were talking to him. Theo smiled, almost sympathetically you noticed, but that couldn’t be. ‘I am now. Turns out French wasn’t really my thing.’ He replied with a shrug, leaning back in his chair. ‘French isn’t anyone’s thing.’ You sighed as you lowered yourself in your own seat.

Since English was your favourite subject, you never had problems following along with everything your teacher was saying. But today, things were different. You were so aware of him sitting right behind you. And you knew he had that stupid smirk on his face. You had your notebook in front of you and a pen in your hand but you hadn’t made any kind of effort whatsoever to write anything down. You were too overpowered by him, his scent, his everything. You swear you could feel the heat radiating of his body. God his body.

‘(Y/N), you have to calm down. Every werewolf in town can hear your heart racing.’ His voice suddenly whispered behind you. You swallowed thickly, not responding to what he said. You wouldn’t let him have that kind of power over you. ‘It’s me, isn’t it?’

You closed your eyes, cursing yourself for being so goddamn obvious. Of course as a werewolf, well, chimaera, he had an advantage. But still. Your focused your attention and the Shakespeare quote that was written on the blackboard, trying to ignore the words he was whispering to you. ‘Don’t think that I don’t see you staring. Because I do. You try to stop yourself, because of Scott and the pack. But you can’t, I know you can’t. Dammit (Y/N) I can basically smell it on you!’

‘Please…’ You whispered. You weren’t exactly sure if you were pleading for him to stop, or to go on. ‘Please, what?’

‘Stop.’ You sighed. ‘Only if you want me to. Do you?’

He was toying with you by now, and you caught yourself liking it. You turned around in your seat. You had your words ready, telling him to leave you alone and simply stop talking, but they disappeared into thin air once you were face to face with him. He was leaning forward, his head resting on his hands. And you weren’t prepared for him to be this close. ‘Yes?’ He questioned, knowing you were about to say something. You searched your brain, but you found no words. Only unholy imagines, which you weren’t about to share with him. ‘Mr. Raeken, Miss (Y/L/N), having fun back there?’ Your teacher called and you spun around, a look of horror on your face. You’d never been called out by a teacher, you made sure you never were because you hated being in the centre of attention. You had no reply, no excuse.

‘(Y/N) was just telling me that she’s not feeling so good. Maybe I should take her to the nurse’s office?’ You heard Theo reply. You were about to say that wasn’t necessary, but his strong hand had already grabbed hold of your arm, pulling you out of your chair. You felt all eyes on you as Theo led you towards the door. You kept your head low

, trying to think of how to get away from him as soon as you were outside.
‘You know I just saved your ass, right?’ Theo chuckled once you were in the hallway. ‘My ass didn’t need saving.’ You grumbled, pulling your arm from his grip. ‘Why don’ you just admit it?’ Theo smirked as he walked closer to you, slowly catching you between his body and the wall. ‘Admit what?’ You asked nonchalantly. ‘That you want me.’

You sighed and turned your head away but he grabbed your chin in a strong grip forcing you to look at him. ‘Admit it.’ He whispered. His face was so close you could feel his warm breath on your face and it took everything bit of willpower you had to not pounce onto right there. ‘I’ll admit that you’re a fine piece of male specimen. But you’re still an asshole.’ You shrugged, trying to sound confident, but you feared that your voice might gave you away. ‘I like your spirit.’

‘There’s a whole lot of me to like, Theo. If only you hadn’t killed Scott.’ You sighed. He let out a chuckle and brought his head down to you neck, pressing his lips to the soft and delicate skin. Your eyes immediately fell shut, if you had one weakness it was your fucking neck, and it was as if he knew. ‘I’m starting to think that this is the other way around…that it’s you who wants me…’ You muttered, trying your very best to keep your voice steady. The bell rang and your eyes shot open in fear, you placed your hands on his shoulders to push him away but you, a tiny little hobbit, were no match for him. He continued to leave hot, wet, open mouthed kissed all over your neck, exploring whatever bit of exposed skin he could find. ‘Theo!’ You hissed, knowing at any moment the doors could open and the halls would fill with students. If anyone saw you with Theo, the word would spread and soon one of your friends would hear, and you’d be dead. ‘Let’s admit it, (Y/N).’ He whispered as he brought his lips to your ear. ‘I own you.’ And with that he walked away. You heard doors open and soon the halls were filled with people. But you didn’t notice any of them. Only one of them.

Cody Christian owns my ass. And I love it.

Ok so I saw people freaking out on how Jensen said “destiel is not real” and does not support it.
Guys. Calm down. He’s not comfortable with this ship. It’s totally normal and ok, imagine being shipped with one of your best friends and with “shipped” i don’t mean an innocent “you guys would be cute together” i mean actual people writing smuts&fanfictions and drawing things. It would be weird. Do the empathy thing.
Plus, Destiel doesn’t have to be canon. It’s just a part of this fandom, and we’re totally cool living with this constant pain. (I’m a shipper too, cry) so don’t blame Jensen on anything, everyone knows how he likes to be professional at his carrier.