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Ships Sailing

Lucy asked him why he was telling everyone about that, but the real question is why does Natsu even know? This proves that he was in her house often enough to be familiar with Lucy’s crap issues and that they have a relationship far more special than others in the guild. I mean, he doesn’t know about Gray and Erza’s constipation issues now does he? 

It’s kinda funny how Gray realized that he was “getting pretty hungry” only after Juvia mentioned it. Cute, right? :D As for the second circle… Well, need I say more?

Yeah, okay, at first glance there’s nothing really special about that sentence. But look at the pause after Gray told Juvia to ignore Leon. Maybe Gray realized that he sounded a bit jealous and so he added the stupidity part. Who knows. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but I can’t help it when Gray’s facial expression screams annoyance and jealousy. 

He finds her attractive. Period.

Levy just had to hug him. And oh look, is that a blush? She could have placed a hand on his arm or even shoulder, but she didn’t. An oppurtunist, Levy is one. 

This is the last one because it’s getting pretty long. 

Everyone, take a good look at Jellal having the time of his life. And at the bottom, you will find a guy with a broom up his ass.


Permatanned Blonde: Hi, is anyone sitting here?

Joël awakens with a jolt.

Joël: Sorry…wha? Um, no. I don’t think so.

Permatanned Blonde: My name’s Rachelle.

Joël: Joël.

Rachelle: Hi, Joël!  So…is that your son over there? I saw you guys horsing around earlier.

Joël: Yeah, that’s Jared.

Rachelle: Your friend told me you’re a single dad. Oh my God! That is so sweet and awesome!

Joël: He did? It is?  

Rachelle: Oh my God, your son looks just like you. I mean, totally. He is sooo cute.

She smiles at him and quivers in a way that is probably supposed to be seductive.

Joël: Okay, I’m going back to sleep now. It was nice meeting you.

Thirty seconds later he is woken again, this time by Roy. 

Roy: WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I can’t believe you blew her off like that, you stupid moron! She was totally hot for you, dude! What the hell?

Joël: Oh, that’s lovely. So you’re pimping for me now?

Roy: She approached me, if you really want to know. Asked me if you had a wife or girlfriend and I said neither babe, go for it. Knock yourself out. Now I’m wondering why I even bothered. I’m starting to think you’re a lost cause. First you friendzone poor Celia, now this bullshit. Did you take a vow of celibacy or something and forget to tell me?

Joël: Don’t be stupid.

Roy: Alright, listen. Tonight we’re going to The Pink Pony, my shout. And we’re on a mission. We’re not leaving until we get you some pussy, understood? Your cock is my cock, dude!

Joël: Dude, you’re starting to creep me out. Anyway, I don’t want to go to The Pony. I’m just not…

Roy: Not what, for Christ’s sake?

Joël: I’m not…looking. Alright? Now can you shut up?

Roy: Why aren’t you looking? Have you got a girl back in the Islands? Is it the virgin?

Joël: No. Shut up.

Roy: Is it the nympho? It’s the nympho, isn’t it? Isn’t she supposed to have hooked up with Dom? Is she still doing you on the side, you dirty bastard? Ah, it’s all making sense now-

Joël: Her name is Mia, and she’s not a nympho. And no, I’m not doing her. So shut up.

Roy: You’re doing someone, though. And I’m going to find out.

Joël: I’m going back to sleep. SO FOR THE LAST TIME: SHUT UP.

Roy: You shut up.

My Class is Cool
  • me:So uh before we go, do you guys wanna see my chinchilla?
  • S1:Yeah!
  • S2:Awwwh!
  • S3:They're the coolest animals, my friend has one...
  • me:Okay, I'll show you some pics and videos...
  • S4:What's a chinchilla?
  • S1:They're like a rodent, you'll see. They's so cute.
  • me:[typing]...but that means I'll have to show you my tumblr.
  • S2:[gasps] ohhhhh... [wry smile, clearly this person has a tumblr]
  • me:yeah I know. Embarrassing.
  • me:[clicks] okay, here he is, this is dump truck
  • class:Awww! Oh my God, ohhh, etc
  • me:[scrolls]
  • class:Aww, ohhh, look at his head, awww, etc
  • me:[scrolls]
  • s2:Omigod.
  • s5:They can't sweat.
  • me:That's right. You have to keep them cool.
  • s5:They have the finest hair in nature.
  • s4:Really?
  • me:Yep, that's right. [scrolls]
  • s3:They take baths in dust. Do you have a video of him doing that?
  • me:No. But I'll get one before Finals.

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Can you write an imagine where the girl S/O is dating Haruhi and scared to come out to people or parents as bi dating her? Which causes maybe a little bit of a fight or argument between the two? I don't know if that was any good, but the deer thing was really cute!

asdfghjkl thanks I’m glad you liked it I wrote it in like 1 minute tbh bUT anyway thanks for the angst because that shit is my jam ok

“What do you mean, we can’t tell anyone?”

“Haruhi, I’m ecstatic that you like me back, really I am, but it’s a little different for you, okay? No one cares that you like girls - hell, your dad is bi, isn’t he?”

“Well, yeah, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.”

You sigh. “My parents would kill me if they ever knew that I liked girls, Haruhi.”

She sighs in turn and tucks a few hairs behind your ears. “Do you know that for sure? Have they ever explicitly said that they wouldn’t like it?”

“W-well, no, but I can tell that they -”

“Are you ashamed of me?”

“N-no, it’s not that, it’s just-”

“Then why can’t we tell anyone? I want to be able to hold your hand when we’re out together. And I want to be able to kiss you. Am I asking too much?”

“Haruhi, I’m so sorry, but I can’t tell my parents that I’m bisexual. I can’t tell them that we’re dating.”

Sighing again, Haruhi turns away. “Well, if you’re so against telling anyone, we may as well not be.” She starts to walk down the hallway, leaving you standing there alone, shocked into silence.

You don’t speak again until after she’s out of sight. “H-Haruhi….”

You can do this, you tell yourself, looking into the mirror above your drawers. You’re going to tell them. For Haruhi. For you.

It’s been a week since you’ve last spoken to Haruhi. It’s been long and painful - and that’s just on your end, you can’t even imagine how she must be feeling. Betrayed, unwanted, hurt. Just a few words that come to mind.

So because you never want to see that look on her face again, nor do you really want to hide who you are, you’ve decided to come out to your parents.

When you sit down to dinner, you’re incredibly nervous, but you’re chanting internally, your new mantra, For Haruhi, for you. For Haruhi, for you.

Dinner is loud as usual, your parents laughing back and forth over stories from work. Your mother turns to look at you and asks why you’ve been so unusually quiet.

“There’s something I’d like to say.”

“Alright, sweetheart, go on ahead, tell us.” Your father says, gesturing for you to continue.

“I’m bisexual. I like boys and I like girls. And I’ve found someone, a girl, who I really like but I messed up because I couldn’t face you guys. Because I was too worried about what you might say. But I want to be with her, so here we are.”

Your parents exchange glances, looking back and forth between each other and you, before your mother says, gently, “Sweetie, we already assumed you liked other girls. We don’t have any problems with that at all, we just want you to be happy. Why were you so worried?”

You’re shocked at the admission - “What do you mean you ‘already assumed’? I’ve only known for a few months!”

“Oh, hon, you’ve been acting so strange lately, hiding in your room all the time, and your notebooks all have different girls’ names scribbled on them with hearts. Now, I don’t think we’ve ever said anything to make you believe we’re against any of that.”

You let out a deep breath. “I guess that’s why. You never said that you were okay with it so I guess I just automatically assumed you weren’t. So I messed up with Haruhi for nothing.”

“Well,” your father says, “when you see her at school Monday, just explain everything. If she’s good enough to catch your eye, she must be really something, hon.”

You smile. “Oh, she is.”

“Haruhi, wait up!”

She turns to see you running towards her. “Oh, hi.”

“Hi,” you say, smiling fondly and taking her hand. “I told my parents. Haruhi, I want to be with you. I’ll come out to the whole world if I have to, if you’ll be there along with me.”

She smiles back at you and squeezes your hand. “Of course I will be.”

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Have you seen the latest news regarding Diabolik Lovers? The second season with the Mukami brothers is going to come out this Fall (around September I think)! I'm so excited!!! But... I hope that Rejet doesn't make Kou's double-faced personality too extreme in the anime though. I mean no offence, but I don't like Kou's double-faced personality, because a) I get scared and b) I felt sorry for Yui throughout his MORE BLOOD route. However... I CAN'T IGNORE HIM WHEN HE'S ALL STUBBORN AND CUTE!!! >w<

OHHH YES I HAVE. Haha. ME TOO. (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)  MORE MUKABAES ASDH/FKJDSG;KJ. (;-◞౪◟-)  Ah, that’s okay if you don’t like his two-faced personality. A lot of people don’t. but akui is so Do M for babu that she likes it and is biased trash //shot. Yeah Kou can be a trash turd lolol. I KNOW. Poor Yui. LIKE.  (」゜ロ゜) 」 IMAGINE BEING YUI AND WALKING INTO A GAS-FILLED KITCHEN OR THE KOU FANBITCHES…. Ah, OHOHOH YES. (*ノωノ)  BABU STUBBORN AND CUTE EHJGKSDFKDjfd.

mun rambles

[Okay, so Peedee might have a crush but I’m not sure. I don’t know if he will have one on Steven (I do ship Connie and Steven after all but I find the Peedee Steven pair cute too??) but I mean he’d have some solid reasons too, but so does Connie and…

I don’t know. What do you all think? I can’t really draw at the moment so yeah that’s why the asks are slow.]

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Ahk, if you think Larry was so cute as a baby, why don't you see if you can get Laura pregnant next time she comes around? ;) then you two will have your own little mini Larry!

*When the song ends, Laura continues to rest against Ahk’s chest, hugging him tightly. He runs his hand through her hair.* 

Ahkmenrah: See, you can dance if you really try. *Smiles playfully.* And if the dance is very simple.

Laura: *Rolls her eyes.* Yeah, okay. So what’s up with you?

Ahkmenrah: What do you mean?

Laura: I mean, you’re supposed to be the one with intimacy issues, and here I am trying to head you off. What’s up with that?

Ahkmenrah: *Shrugs* I just want to make you as happy as I possibly can. I might as well start learning how to do it now. Why do you refuse me?

Laura: *Uncomfortably.* Because I’m not ever sure what to do with this body yet! Being a woman is weird! 

Ahkmenrah: We can learn together then, yes?

Laura: *Blushes.* I….uh…. I guess…. *Pulls out her phone and reads the first question she comes to.* 

Ahkmenrah: *Smiles softly.* Personally, I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. I always did want children, eventually. But I don’t think we’re ready for that. 

Laura: No. No we are not. I’m not even sure how that would work, seeing as how I can’t be female outside of the museum. 

Ahkmenrah: There would be many complications. 


Let’s not talk about the infamous flint and steel, okay

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Soo, since you wanted to write something cute and fuzzy... Jet Star + Lola ? I feel like he'd pretend to not like it at first, but then go into this phase of, "You're okay, I guess." But on the inside he's actually all "Okay, you're friend, hug me."

(Well I did mean I wanted to write something cute and fuzzy about Lola and Korse but I just couldn’t realistically see that ever happening, but this is good too.)

Yeah, Jet and maybe Kobra would be more cautious and suspicious at first because it’s so hard to trust anyone and anything out in the Zones, and it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s taken advantage of Poison’s general friendliness. (Poison would probably be a little nasty about it, like, “You just don’t like them because they’re a–” “You still don’t know, do you?” “No, but I can see you’re discriminating against fluffy pink whatevers!”)

But after it became clear Lola wasn’t there to hurt or spy on anyone, they’d definitely open up. Kobra might not turn into sunshine and rainbows because he’s never sunshine and rainbows with anyone, but he’d be much friendlier and talkative with them.

I feel Jet would dote on them a little, partially because he’d be sorry about how he treated them before, but mostly because Lola’s just so gentle and loving and neither he nor Poison want that to be ruined by anything–and certainly not by them. Maybe Lola’s not much use in a fight, but he’ll always find things to keep them busy and feeling useful so they’re not just sitting around the diner watching everyone else work all day, and he’s probably the first to notice when they’re not feeling great and will pull them aside and ask if they wanna talk or need anything to cheer them up.

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Hi. I was the one who left a message about Ko-chan and Ryuji's ages. Sorry I don't have a tumblr account. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Ko-chan is used to being the baby in the group because he was also the youngest in the Tenimyu 2nd season cast - the eldest (not counting the actor who played the main character's father) was Yuki (aka Kakashi) being 30, who played the role of a coach, but within the (middle school) tennis players, the eldest was 28 (who actually played a 15-year-old character).

Hello again anon and it’s fine? Really :)
Aww that’s so cute Kodai’s a baby everywhere XD And yeah I mean in this okay they’re twenty year old acting as twelve-thirteen years old so :p Kodai, now that we know his age, actually DOES look a bit younger than the others. Yuki is just gorgeous though I swear.

J: I just want to let you know that you’re totally rocking those glasses.

Me: Thank you! 

J: Yeah, I mean, they just seemed weird at first but you’re doing okay now.


J: (asking about my story*) So does she think he’s hubba-hubba?

Me: Uh, no, just kinda of cute and okay? He’s alright. 

A: That’s the same as hubba-hubba. 

*They were asking about the “Neeerd” sketch page in my sketchbook, specifically.

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*sends a person's url* hirohamafuckingdone ((not mine i swear))

–;alrighty then. NOT SENPAI u v u


A roleplayer you enjoy their interactions with: yasuo because ???? THEY CUTE AS HELL OKAY.

A thing you like about their character: I want to tell you the reason why I like Hiro as a character but it would take way too long and it might get sort of depressing so lets just say I love Hiro because he’s a giant fucking nerd. lets leave it at that.

Do you interact? Yeah !!

Why/why not?  im not really sure. i was always scared of approaching them because theyre so whOA and im so eew but they approached me and i m just not worthy okay


uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE

We should…
Talk OOC / Plot / Roleplay / Become bffs.

Plots I’d be interested in doing: ??? I’ve always wanted to do a TWD verse but LIKE Im up for anything as long as its senpai (because theyre so cool gdi)

chiisydoritos asked:

hELLO THAR SEY. I'm not on anon but whatevs. What're your top three animes/mangas + fav character of each of them?


Well, here we go! 

D-Gray Man- I gotta say Timothy Hearst (MY LITERAL SON RIGHT HERE FIGHT M E). I mean gosh he is super cute and funny and jusT GOD HE’S FUCKING PRECIOUS OK

Black Butler- (bruh do you know how hard this one is? SUPER HARD)- Charles Grey- oh my god oh my god i was going to do Elizabeth but then I picked Charles cause he just wins the prize for hotness and even tho he beats up people and is super difficult he’s just toO CUTE I MEAN GOSH LOOK AT HIS STUPID DOUCHEBAG ASSCRACK HAPPY LITTLE FACE 

Soul Eater(okay this is probably the most generic one out of all of them i’m so sorry)- Liz? Yeah i like her she’s cute and strong and also she’s protective? literally so many flaws and good qualities and she’s so fuckin perfect like yess shoot mE NOW//sey plz

but yeah my fangirling got in the way of that so there are my favorite characters~

Boys After Relationships

Okay so my sister recently came out of a relationship, she’s 12 by the way. yeah i know young but her situation is something that happens to many girls around the world.

So they were happy in the relationship, even i liked him. i thought he was nice, loyal etc.

he basically cheated on her. blah blah blah. thats not my point.

its what he said about her after.

My sister is really popular in her year, everyone thinks shes gorgeous. she is. my sister is 5′8, which is pretty tall for a 12 year old, she could pass of as a 16 year old. Older than me.

So her ex boyfriend ‘E’ said my sister is ugly and said she has a bad body.

My sister is not ugly. no girl is ugly. no one is ugly. what is wrong with you? i don’t think anyone is laughing with you.
my sister doesn’t have a ugly body. no girl has a ugly body. no one has a ugly body. 

How dare you talk about someone that way. 

Sorry but i’m sure you were the one saying what you love about her and her body. you look like a cunt okay? i’m not amused.

You’re going to ruin her confidence and that’s disgusting.

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(I'm SPN trash too omgosh) anyways, how about Brendon being a cam boy? Like, he had all these followers and each weekend he does a live show where he does sex acts on camera and people pay to watch, like he'd be sucking dick and the camera would be all POV and his eyes would be so cute, but not at all innocent and his mouth is hollowed around someone's dick and he just gets off on being watched by hundreds of people iM SORRY

NO ACTUALLY LIKE i’d be okay with that and then it makes me think about like an au where brendon does like amateur porn (maybe just for fun but i want to say to pay for college because i just really like the idea of a college au) and yeah i have more ideas but i didn’t mean to monopolize your post because you also have a really good idea

whatisthiswitchcraft asked:

for the Meme - multiples of nine (I didn't look v closely at the questions so apologies if there's something obnoxious in there)

u are a gentleman and a scholar

09: Do you bite your nails? -yes. basically constantly. it’s not cute and i need to ask people with longer nails to open things for me a lot. 

18: Are you scared of spiders? -yeah moderately but not like phobia level. photos are fine. “disconcerted” probably best word

27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart? -i don’t THINK so. i’m apparently very polite at rejecting people. also, as we all know, my ex probably doesn’t have human emotions. okay, that was mean, he very definitely has emotions, but we don’t talk so i wouldn’t know. 

36: Do you give out second chances too easily? -like, on one hand, i’m generally overly trusting, but on the other hand, i can keep a grudge really well. it could go either way?? 

oh my god there are no 45. all of the 40s are gone. this meme lied to us.

54: Is cheating ever okay? -nuh uh

63: Would you change your name? -maybe my middle name. both my first and last names are fantastic and i love them. 

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Kageyama, Nishinoya, Tanaka

Put 3 names in my ask and I’ll bed, wed, or behead them

“Yeah sure, give me all the shorties and the one with a bad haircut why don’t you. Does Karasuno even have attractive guys? Do attractive flightless crows exist? I can think of like one exception. Okay two. Kou stop being satan.”

“Okay but like Nishinoya is Karasuno’s Guardian Deity or something right? That means he’s good at volleyball right? So I’d wed him, just so I can say, I am married to a guy who was a famous volleyball player before he was even in high school. And he’d be cute. If he grew a foot or two taller. I think I’d divorce him after a month though. Uh, bed Tanaka, because who wouldn’t want to run their fingers through a buzzcut am I right? It feels so cool. And uh he’s only 1 mm shorter than me. Also I like the way he spikes.”


“And behead Kageyama. Can’t have the flightless crows learning how to fly again. I hate how much I love that thing he does with the kid that looks like he’s made of sunshine.”