i mean oh my gosh

||January BPC: Just One More Page|| 30. Stunning. I’m a sucker for beautiful covers.


aesthetic: plankton and karen at the end of the best day ever

meet the artist v. 2.0!! :0 thought I’d update it since it’s been a while plus my other one’s rlly old and gross lmao

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S3 episode 4 made me ship KageShira and TsukiShira and then I realized that KageTsukiShira would be even better.

oh my gosh I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE

i mean, i was super emotional throughout the entire episode but I literally paused during that one scene Kageyama and Shirabu were glaring at each other through the net and i snapchatted my friend saying I might have a new rare pair

(tbh i ship everyone with Shirabu so–)

and yes!! shirabu and tsukki as wel and KAGETSUKISHIRA


they’re all blushing messes when it comes to showing affection because they’re all too proud to admit they’re embarrassed.

and oh, think about shirabu helping/teaching kageyama and tsukki how to tape their fingers. then with the biggest blush on his face he kisses their palm after he’s done taping them

and I feel like Tsukki and Shirabu would literally not admit they like each other and stuff like that so they won’t give themselves away, so they send cryptic messages to each other as well as Kageyama

but Kageyama just goes like????? and finally he just goes like, wtf i like you both can you guys say stuff that I understand???

and there’s this beat, and Tsukki and Shirabu tries to beat each other in saying his feelings are mutual in the most nonchalant way possible with, of course, shaky hands and flushes (Tsukki’s neck flushes, the tips of Shirabu’s ears are red)

Ok so I watched Ghostbusters this week and I fell in love with Holtzmann I mean oh my gosh I am so gay and obsessed with her it’s embarrassing (I have watched the movie four times just because of her why am i like this). So I wanted to make a sim inspired by her. This sim is not supposed to actually look like her or be her, I just wanted to try if I could make a sim that’s a bit similar to her. 

More serious than a marriage proposal
  • INFJ: Can you write the bio for my graduation brochure?
  • INTP: Yes....Oh my gosh what have I gotten myself into??!
  • INTP: When is it due? *thinking she has at least a month* Also I'm finding this to be more serious than a marriage proposal, except it's not going to be serious at all. It's going to start off, "she's basically the biggest dork I've ever known. I mean DAT ASS."
  • INFJ: OH.MY.GOSH. *uses INTP's full name* no, no, no you're not saying that. Also it's due in three days.
  • INFJ: I forgot about...asking you....okay?
  • INTP: It's ok, I can fangirl about you on the spot so it's cool.
  • INFJ: Oh my gosh.

recent-enough sketch round up from twitter! Noya and Lenly had a bad time the 1st time they met, and then probably the next dozen encounters weren’t that great either :’3 And there’s noya showing good dental hygiene and Lenly’s younger step-bro throwing her off-guard like only family can