i mean nutella

This is how it starts: you don’t know anything.

You are blissfully, painfully unaware of the repercussions when Jenna drunkenly beckons you over to her corner in Jake’s kitchen.

“Jeremy, I have something to tell you,” she slurs, giggling. The party’s loud and crowded around them, so you lean in to hear her clearly. “So don’t freak out.” Before you can even respond, she blurts, “Michael’s in love with you.”

“What?” You blink, processing that statement. “Michael Mell? My best friend Michael?”

“Duh,” she says.

Nothing about that information makes sense. “I think you’ve got this all wrong,” you start, but Jenna cuts you off by shoving her phone in your face. You can see the most recent string of texts from Michael, and they’re all about you. They’re about how he’s charmed by your smile, how he’s worried that you don’t sleep enough, how he’s thinking about finally asking you out after all.

“Seriously,” Jenna says, shaking her head at the look on your face. “How could you not know? He’s so obvious.”

You can’t help but ask, “Who else knows?”

“Everybody,” Jenna says, and your heart sinks. “You didn’t think it was weird that every time you came to sit with us, somebody’d move so you could sit next to him?”

You didn’t, but now that she’s pointed it out, you recognize the pattern. Now that you’re thinking about it, there’s been increasingly frequent occurrences of Michael sitting beside you while everybody else in your friend group shares sly smiles or significant looks. There’s always been Michael, smiling warmly, welcoming your complaints about homework, his hands inches from yours.

“You guys will be cute together,” Jenna says, and she’s too drunk too care when you leave to have a panic attack in the bathroom.


Jenna doesn’t remember your conversation the next day. You wish you didn’t.


This is how it goes: you don’t know how to keep the things you love.

And you love Michael, you do, but not the way he apparently loves you. He wants to ask you out, to take you out on dates, to kiss you, to do so many things that you have never considered doing with him.

You consider it now. You consider it for days. You love spending time with Michael already. You think you could hold hands with him. Maybe you could kiss him, too. Could you do more than that?

Sitting beside Michael in the cafeteria, laughing at his jokes, watching the twinkle in his eyes grow brighter at your laughter, you know all your considerations are for moot. You know you can’t say yes, if he asks.

But you don’t want to say no.

You don’t want to hurt him like that. You don’t love Michael the way he loves you, but you still love him too much to break his heart. You love him too much to lose him.


“Hey, game night at my place this Friday?” Michael asks, nudging your arm.

You deliberately keep yourself from leaning into his touch. You’ve been keeping your distance for a while. “Nah, man. Dad’s taking me to see some colleges this weekend, remember?”

“Right.” The sight of Michael’s shoulders slumping turns your insides a little colder. You’ve been living with ice in your veins ever since that one party, that one conversation. “Dude, I feel like we haven’t been hanging out a lot these days.”

“We’ll hang out when we’re less busy,” you promise, and you think your lies and truths all taste the same nowadays.


You don’t know how to keep the people you love. You don’t know if you’re making the worst choice. You don’t know anything. You wish you still didn’t know.

If you spend less time with Michael, he won’t have an opportunity to ask you out. It’s a flimsy plan but you think it works anyway. You miss him, but this is the only way to keep him. At least this way, you can’t reject Michael. Can’t break his heart.


Every day, you hope he falls out of love with you.


You avoid spending too much time alone with him, avoid too much physical contact with him, avoid looking him in the eye more and more.

Michael slowly stops asking to spend more time privately with you. You spend less time with him and your friends, because you’re scared that he’ll ask you in front of everybody, because you’re weary from the guilt eating you up inside-out, because you’re still scared of losing him once and for all.

You don’t know how to stop Michael’s eyes from shuttering with disappointment or how to love him or how to admit that you just might be making the wrong choice. You don’t know if it’d be better off to tell him that you know, if saying no would be better than saying nothing.

You don’t know if he’s already fallen out of love with you. If you’ve already broken his heart.


This is how it ends: you try so hard to keep Michael, and that’s how you lose him.

you know whats REALLY good n probably kinda healthy ??? if you take a soft tortilla wrap n smear on some nutella n add a full banana n then on the side add on blackberries. that shit is so delicious because I mean, nutella…….. that shit is holy n bananas, high in potassium. then the blackberries are sweet n sour n it gives off that nice taste n oooooooooooooooooooooooh I love it

Dee’s OQ fic MasterList

Two years ago today, it was Sunday, the 20th of April 2014, and 3.18 aired, and Regina and Robin kissed for the first time - so to celebrate the second anniversary, and given that I’ve read a shameful amount of fics in these two years, I’ve decided to write my first MasterList - and it’s gotten long, but who cares. All my personal favorites, not in particular order, with my recs full of feelings by their side - and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes in the tags or the links oopsie - there’s all sort of things here, AUs, Missing Year, Storybrooke, OutlawBandit, Christmas, smut, fluff, angst, one shots, ultra-long monsters, and a poem! All under the cut - and happy anniversary, babes!

Here’s the list - have a good time!

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Nash Grier - Another time and place (part 1)

Request:  Can you do an imagine where you and Nash have a bad break up but the other guys still try and continue to be friends with you?

I’m making a part 2 because I don’t like imagines where you don’t get together

I was in the middle of my usual break-up ritual, meaning I was eating Nutella out of the jar and was watching Love Actually all over again even though it wasn’t Christmas time at all. I wasn’t planning on doing anything else in the next few days, but when my doorbell rand my plans changed a little bit.

I growled as pushed myself up on the bed and hopped out from under the sheets. I hadn’t left that bed in two days so it was quite an unpleasant feeling to stand on my own feet. I jumped over the empty chips bags and chocolate papers on the floor and then made my way to the door. Let’s admit, I was a mess. Since Nash and I broke up earlier that week I just couldn’t find my place. We both agreed that it was the best for both of us, but that didn’t mean I was happy with the situation just yet. You can’t just move on from a relationship that lasted more than a year. Impossible.

So I walked to the door obliviously, with my hair in a messy bun and wearing my pj’s and opened the door just to find Sam, Nate, Hayes and Johnson standing at the porch.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked with wide eyes not believing what I was seeing.

“We are here to check on you,” Johnson said with a small smile on his lips.

“Did Nash sent you?” I narrowed my eyes at them, because that was the only thing that I could think of.

“No, we are here because we want to make sure you are not eating yourself into death, but I guess we are almost late,” Sammy stated looking at my shirt that had several stains on it from all the food I had eaten lately. I hugged my body trying to hide my shirt, but it was too late.

“I thought you guys would never talk to me, I mean, Nash and I aren’t together anymore,” I mumbled getting back to the important things.

“So? You are our friend too. We care about you,” Hayes said and little did he know that it was one of the nicest things someone ever said to me. I felt the tears form in the corner of my eyes and then I embraced all of the in a huge hug.

“I love you guys so much,” I sobbed into someone’s chest, I think it was Sammy. “I really thought you wouldn’t talk to me anymore since Nash is your friend. Or brother,” I added looking at Hayes.

“That’s crazy. We love you and even though we don’t understand why you two broke up, we care about you,” Nate said winking at me and it warmed my heart.

I let them inside and all of them poured inside taking a seat on the couch in the living room. I sat down to the floor looking up at them as I watched the concerned boys looking at me.

“What was the reason for the break up exactly?” Jack asked and I just shrugged.

“We had a fight, again, and then said stuff… and then somehow we got to the point where we just ended it. But I don’t know if it was the best decision,” I sighed tugging some locks behind my ears that slid out of my bun.

“But you guys always fought and then made up. What was different now?” Sam asked furrowing his eyebrows trying to figure the situation out.

“Maybe we were just tired of all the fights. I really don’t know.”

He was right, Nash and I had a lot of fights before, because he travelled a lot and I couldn’t go with him because of school, so distance always came between us, but somehow we always managed to smooth our problems out. But not this time. I was already having a hard time with my finals and college applications, I didn’t need Nash also to be up in my ass about when I would be able to go with him to New York. I snapped at him and then we said everything that came to our mind and some of the words were pretty harsh. Then realized that this can’t go on like this anymore so we ended it. But was it worth it? Don’t know.

The guys spent the afternoon with me which was endlessly cute from them, we watched movies and they “helped” me to eat all the stuff I bought earlier for only myself. I was so happy we managed to stay close even though I just broke up with their best friend. I would have missed these kind of afternoons with them.

They also made me question if our break up was a good decision but I couldn’t think of it just yet then. I believed that if we were meant to be together we would get back together somehow. Maybe it wasn’t just the right time for us. Maybe we just needed to grow to be able to let our love become a whole.

Real Talk

I’ve had this theory for quite a while now but today has just put all my crazy thoughts into perspective.

Lately I’ve had this feeling that they have been slowly trying to announce their relationship to the public. I think it’s been happening for a quite a while now (ever since Zendaya has slowly dropped the bro/sis thing and the lovefeast that happened for their anniversary (love you the mostest #effamirrorballigotthisguy)) although lately it’s became apparent to me they are slowly letting us in.

I don’t know about you but when she surprised him for his birthday and decided to show it to the whole fucken world, it just screamed *Where not trying to hide anything, I love this guy so much I’m going to suprise him for his bday before the and record it for the world to see* like come on babe I know you don’t give no fucks but alot of people do. And Alex that obvious little fucker (aka king of this ship because Joy is already Queen) willing tweeting an extra suprise video with a wink face to it knowing what it would do to us.

He knows, he knows everything!!

Both are also slowly showing how much they love eachother to the public ie. Zendaya saying she would do anything for Val in her last few interviews/telling us she loves him/ she texts him non-stop. We’ve all known this for a while (thanks to back in the day) although they haven’t been too open about this information until now.

Another thing thats f***d is Z and that nutella picture two weeks ago. Seriously she didn’t have to post the Nutella pic showing us she hangs out with him at his house with the nutella and her favourite ice cream (we already knew they hang out) but what in her right mind did she finally decide to show the world she chills at his house and conciously upload a photo of his beautiful face and body pouring Nutella with the caption ‘look at this beautiful jar of nutella’ I mean has she lost her chill? The bitch clearly means look at this beautiful guy I’m with at his house pouring me my favourite chocolate and ice-cream. *wiggles eyebrows*. Also take into consideration that this is the first time she posted a pic of them hanging out at either of their homes, I’m pretty sure she did it so people will slowly start to realise they hang out all the time (for those ignorant people who think valdaya isn’t on).

She’s also been wearing her bracelets non-stop since then, after having them on and off for the past couple of months.

She has gone to 3 of the shows this season (let that sink in, 3 out of 8 shows he was in) too support him after she has clearly says she’s done with the show many times. Andddd why did they hide her last week?

Okay now for the juicy part: The Lunch! For me personally I feel as if the lunch the other day was a massive deal for these two and everyone else. Im sure they’ve had lunch a hundered times together thus have never been photographed because they hide it well from everyone although this time they didn’t. Both of them are too smart to not know there would be paparazzi there so they conciously made the decision to be photographed together having lunch without anyone around (first time we have seen them together in the public eye without any parents or friends)

And don’t get me fucken started on today with their bullshitness. They all knew exactly what the fuck they were doing from those hugs and kisses to Alex’s and both their tweets. Psst I can’t with all the fuckness with today but you all get the idea that they know whats up and aren’t trying to hide valdaya anymore (Valdaya is back!! we already know Z, we’ve been here for a year waiting for you both to finally show us how much you both really love eachother and stare at eachother like you’re the only people in the fucken world. It’s just been a real big mess lately especially today and their *you’re the best, you’re the bomb, you’re the best ever* bullshit. Also, Val aren’t you supposed to be upset about being eliminated? Gosh i was more upset than he was! All he was doing was smiling stupidly at Z and blaming her she’s the reason he got eliminated (you were the first) no Val you have been eliminated 3 fucken times before that with your other partners remember? Or has has he forgotten because he said he wouldn’t look at his past season (see what I did there) smh.

Anyway to conclude this fuckness of an essay I think they are slowly trying to move from a hidden to a public relationship because listern up people, there’s LESS THAN 4 MONTHS BEFORE A CERTAIN SOMEONE IS LEGAL but tbh I don’t give a fuck about all that stuff and they don’t either. They just like messing with us, so if any of you read this (Val, Zendaya, Alex??) Just know you ain’t slick and I love you with all my heart.

Ok, bye.

Also thanks to @madd09 for everything :)