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can i request a jaehyun or johnny au if you don't mind? i love your writings a lot and i hope you're doing well in school! ☺️💞

  • vampire!johnny
  • is such a show-off that fellow vampires from his coven, jaehyun and taeyong, have to make sure he doesn’t secretly give away their secret to idk literally everyone 
  • only drinks blood at a specific temperature. literally most vampires just drink right from the animal but johnny will save up blood, take it home, and microwave it
  • someone: “you’re so handsome, it’s almost godly????”
  • johnny: “i mean you could say im godly, im also immorta-”
  • taeyong: “IMMORAL,,,,,,LIKE,,,,,HE HAS NO MORAls,,,,,,,,,,,we have to be going now bye”
  • you’re just walking through the forest, going back down the path because you spent most of the day taking photos of animals
  • when you somehow lose track of the path so you decide to take another way around,,,,,and you stumble upon this group???? of ????? people????
  • standing around a fire and you’re like oh !!! campers?
  • but then one of them turns around and uh,,,,,his mouth? is red???? is that BLOOD
  • and you want to scream but it gets stuck in your throat and in that flash of a moment, the boy disappears and appears behind you, hand over your mouth and drags you back into the bushes
  • and you’re like don’t kill me don’t kill me,,,,,don’t please,,,,,
  • and he whispers against your ear that you shouldn’t make noise, he won’t hurt you but if you do the others will
  • and you’re like ?????? others????? 
  • but you shake and you feel his arms pull you a bit close and finally when you’ve calmed down he lets you go and you turn to see this,,,,,amazingly gorgeous person and his lips are shining red
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,a,,,,,are you a -” and he’s like “yes, a vampire. i mean what other magical creature looks this good?” and you’re like “don’t like merpeople also-” and johnny is like shh
  • and you’re like,,,,why’d you pull me away?? and he’s like if the coven members see you,,,,,,they could vote to hurt you so you lose your memory of seeing us
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,so you saved me?? and johnny shrugs but you can see the smug look on his face
  • and he’s like “let me walk you back to the path” and you’re like “wait,,,,can vampires like teleport because back there,,,,,that’s what you did” and johnny laughs and is like “no, i can just move super fast. here let me show you.”
  • and suddenly you’re back in his arms and in the blink of a minute he’s climbed up a tree and moved you guys up on a high branch
  • and you’re like WOAH, clutching onto him and he’s like,,,,,oh,,,,,,looking down and feeling your warm body pressed against his,,,,
  • and you’re like “im so high up,,,,this is so scary,,,,but it’s so pretty??? the sky looks so close,,,,”
  • and as you’re talking johnny notices how sweet your voice sounds and how he doesn’t want your warm hands around him to let go
  • and johnny is like “i can take us hi-” and you’re like “nonono this is ok also,,,,,”
  • you look up at him, his shining eyes in the night sky’s backdrop and you’re like “don’t let go.”
  • and johnny,,,,feels a spark go through him. something he doesn’t ever feel around other vampires, let alone humans
  • and he tries to make a joke like “telling a vampire not to let go, how confident are you human?” but in reality he’s like how is this human so freaking CUTE,,,,good thing i saved them 

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If you're under 18, it won't let you turn it off. If things are flagged, you just have to deal with it :P It's pretty dumb, because now I can't even see some of the blogs I follow at all. But I found out you're able to see what the persons posting if you just type in their URL and go to their actual tumblr. Their pictures simply won't show up on your dash or on mobile.

im 20 the issue isnt that safe mode is forcibly turned on for me, its that tumblr forcibly marked my blog as explicit, meaning people with safe mode on won’t be able to see it.

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You're showing your 4 year fan roots, kim now comes off as cuddly and sweet but in previous quads she was a mini Marta, strict with a vicious streak and a propensity for breaking gymnasts. A giant elite program doesn't mean much if your gymnasts can't stay healthy or make major teams.


actually just answered this a couple months ago https://sparklesandchalk.tumblr.com/post/162959368306/to-continue-the-discussion-of-your-opinion-on

I think calling her a “mini Marta” is too far though. We know how strict the Karolyis were and how Marta literally called Bridget fat on national tv and so on. Kim having injured gymnasts or pulling girls from meets doesn’t make her abusive. Injuries happen and as far as I know Kim and Chris haven’t pushed their gymnasts to compete through injuries, unlike other coaches… If Kim was really negligent then I’m pretty sure her best Olympic hope, Bailie, would have been pushed through 2016. 

  • Adam: Hey Blake, there's an open spot in the White Fang if you're interested.
  • Blake: Are you kidding me?!? You cut off my best friend's arm! Why the hell would I want to come back now?
  • Adam: Aw c'mon, that was just to show that I missed you!
  • Blake: In WHAT culture does THAT mean "I miss you?"
  • Adam: Um... Grimm-inease?
  • Blake: Yeah, this conversation's over.

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I would like to know what you think about that scene in Dogs to a Gunfight where Matt loses his senses for a while? I know that's not the best way to describe it, it has another name, I know, I just can't remember right now, but you're the experts, so I would like to know your opinion about it :) (wait, is it sensory overload? haha) I love your blog!

   That is one of our favorite scenes in the entire show, and we’ve been meaning to do a post about it, so thank you!      

   Here we have Matt suffering from the effects of what must be a pretty serious concussion, thanks to Frank shooting him in the head at close range. Considering how powerful that impact must have been, and the fact that this can’t be Matt’s first concussion, he actually gets off pretty light. But this is a superhero story, where injuries are never as severe as they would be in real life, so we’re willing to let that slide.

   Concussions are always nasty business, and have a whole range of side effects (here are some complete lists: [X] [X] [X]), but what makes it a particularly interesting/terrible injury for Matt to sustain is that so many of the symptoms are sensory-based. Having a concussion impedes balance and motor skills, causes intense headaches and ringing in the ears, increases noise sensitivity, and generally messes with mental functions. For Matt, whose mental willpower and sensory processing are so fragile anyway, this is disastrous. There are a number of instances in the comics in which we see concussions turn his life into a nightmare.

[From Daredevil vol. 1 #155 by Roger McKenzie, Frank Robbins, and Bob Sharen. Matt experiences intense headaches and disorientation, then a severe personality shift and irritability, then beats up Captain America, Beast, and Hercules(!) before falling into a coma.]

[From Daredevil vol. 2 #26 by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, and Matt Hollingsworth. A less severe situation than the one above, but still quite serious. Matt loses control of his senses to an almost debilitating degree.]

   In the show we see much of the same thing. Matt experiences memory loss and disorientation (he forgets an earlier conversation with Foggy about Karen), suffers from ringing in his ears, then loses control of his hearing altogether, which becomes extra sensitive before shutting down entirely, sending him into partial sensory deprivation.

   One of our greatest wishes for Season 2, since it never came up last year, was some acknowledgement of how fragile Matt’s hypersenses are, and so we cannot overstress how grateful we are for this scene– which does just that. As we’ve said before, Matt’s ability to function relies entirely on his ability to filter the massive amount of sensory information he receives, to a degree where he can tell what’s going on around him without becoming overwhelmed. He spends every moment of his life maintaining that balance, and any disruption is a huge deal.

   What makes this scene work so well is that it not only depicts the degree to which Matt’s hypersenses can be damaged by something as common as a concussion– it also portrays just how horrific that experience is for Matt. This scene is, in our opinion, the only time in the show when we are truly inside Matt’s head, in spite of the visuals. We experience firsthand his disorientation  and pain (kudos on the ear-piercing sound effects) as his hearing starts to fluctuate, then the slow-motion panic when he knocks the glass off the counter, and then the horror of the silence afterward. He then backs against the wall– either from pure disorientation, to have something solid and grounding to touch, or to feel vibrations and assure himself that he actually is making noise. The prolonged shot we then have of him soundlessly screaming is about as powerful as you can get, because it emphasizes in a visceral way how traumatic this all is. He is suddenly down another sense, and he has no idea if he will ever be able to hear again. The timelessness of the moment adds to its power. We– and probably Matt, at this point– can’t tell how long it lasts. He could be sitting there for hours, rethinking his entire life to include only taste, smell, and touch.  

   Our only complaint is that these symptoms don’t last longer. His hearing becomes extra sensitive once more later in the episode, during his fight with Frank, but after that he seems, miraculously, to be fine. Just imagine if Matt had struggled with disorientation and regulating his senses for the rest of the season. But again, we can’t complain too much. This scene, as short as it is, is a gift, and we’re grateful for it.    

Taehyung & His Saxophone
  • Ryeowook: When did you learn how to play it ?
  • Taehyung: When I was in the 6th grade of preschool until 3rd grade of middle school. It was roughly about 3 years and a half. The reason why I learned it was because I wanted to become a singer. My dad said 'If you want to become a singer, at least try and learn a talent.' (sing, dance, play music) But since I was from the countryside there weren't any school that specifies in vocals or dance. So in the end, my only choice of talent was to play the saxophone.
  • Namjoon : So you actually didn't have any choice.
  • Hoseok : No wonder you chose to learn it
  • Taehyung : At least I had something to show off about.
  • Ryeowook : So that means you can perform with it then ?
  • Taehyung: A children level maybe ? To be honest, I didn't even know how to read a music sheet in the first place.
  • Ryeowook : But you can read it now right?
  • Taehyung : No ! I still don't know how to.
  • Yoongi: You're not any different than a newbie then.
  • Ryeowook: What the hell did you do during the 3 years ?
  • Taehyung: I did it for 3 years and a half but I just practically blew it, that's all. I played without looking at the music sheet.
  • Namjoon: We have never actually seen or heard him play before
  • Hoseok: Actually, we heard him play exactly ONCE in the practice room.
  • Taehyung: 3 years before, I played a song just to brag at them but the only sound that came out was 'bhuuuu' 'boo'
  • Namjoon: Just those two notes
  • Ryeowook: Maybe its because you're too skinny

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Imagine Joker ready to kill someone because he came home to you crying in bed. And he's so done with your bullshit when he finds out that you're crying because your favorite character in a show got killed off.

J: So I came home ‘cause your favorite character in a tv series died … *trys not to be as mad as he feels right now* You: He was perfect! *crying* J: -_- … wait! What about me?! You: What should be with you? *sobbing* J: *maybe this bastard died for a damn good reason* Look, honey. He died, but I’m alive! *grins* You: … J: +_+ *gets out and kills some dude’s just to calm down again after you were so mean XD*