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yoongi; morning delight

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❝when you first see yoongi in the morning today is when he’s making you breakfast
@mykye who just-this is all on you.

from the moment your eyes opened, yoongi was nowhere in sight. usually, you would be the one waking up way before him but based on how cold his side of the bed was (and how all of the blanket is on you - yoongi must’ve done this), it seems like he was up for a bit now.

but you don’t ponder on it too much, getting up, doing a little stretch before you decide to take a shower to freshen up.

with minty breath and comfortable clothing that consisted of one of yoongi’s plain shirt with a pair of sweat shorts, you stalk out of the bathroom. walking past the doorframe of your bedroom out to the living room, you do a double take when you walk past the kitchen.

stopping, you backtrack a little, a few steps just to bring the image come to view clearer. there yoongi was with fluffed hair that indicates he probably took a shower beforehand along with clothing that was much more compared to his sleeping attire (a pair of boxers, that’s as good as it’s going to get. unless it was cold, then it calls for a hoodie but anyway).

clad in nothing but a loose black sweater and his boxers hanging off his hips, he’s manning the stove with a pan and a spatula, stirring every now and then with sleepy eyes. yoongi wasn’t much of a morning person but there are instances where he gets up and makes an effort to make you breakfast.

folding your arms, you lean against the wall beside the door and watch as he does his thing. it’s a bit odd, to be honest. usually it would be you in there and now it was the other way around. so when yoongi’s done and ditches everything of no use into the sink to start washing up, that’s when you decide to step in after the smoke dissolves out to the window and you’re certain the water running would mask your footsteps.

it worked.

yoongi almost loses his coordination, this close to dropping the pan into the sink and possibly wrecking the other plates below when a tight grip slings around his waist. he gasps, placing the pan down quickly before looking over his shoulder and at the greeting of your gummy grin, he can’t possibly be mad.

he scoffs a laugh and flicks the faucet off, dabbing his hands onto a cloth for them to be dry before he turns around in your grip, arms automatically coming around you with a kiss planted in your hair.

“well good morning to you too,” he says, with a bit sass and you don’t pay much mind to it, only humming against his chest, squeezing him, “it smells good…”

“thank you. i mean, i do take showers-”

“you know what i mean but hey,” you take a sniff on his sweater before leaning back, smirking, “you smell pretty good too,”

“you’re not too bad yourself,” yoongi snickers when you hit his shoulder and hilarity aside, you reach up to cup his cheek, bringing him down for a small kiss that brings out the smile on his face, “thank you, yoongi,”

he settles his arms around your abdomen, resting against the lower of your back as he reflects the curve of your lips with his own, “you’re welcome.”

Subway through the dark, carriage through the park; taxi down the street, get out and use my feet.