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Wait hold up, in the video where Baekhyun kinda lifted up his shirt, does that mean he's gonna reveal his abs?!

I mean nothing was confirmed 100% but they’re hinting at it pretty heavily, there are a lot of clues, and honestly, it’s been a long time coming…

Baek’s been working out for a LONG time; there were several sightings of Baekhyun (often accompanied by Minseok and Jongdae, hence the workout bros title) at the gym from as early as last year. 

And during Exoluxion in Seoul (march 2015) baek mentioned the state of his abs, calling them nutella abs and hence aeri’s fond attachment to baek’s soft tummy was born.

After that, baekhyun mentioned his abs many more times, always saying they’re not ready each time, and even saying that he’s given up

BUT THEN he promises (march 2016) to show his abs at the next concert

which is this concert

and THEN sehun is asked about them in June in which he says they will be ready in a month 

and it’s been a month

We also have this fan acc. in which baek flat out says he’s gonna show them

More than that, he looks pretty ready to me

so yeah, it’s safe to assume it’s coming right?

get ready to get wrecked

a bunch of annoying nonsense about lapis and cartoons and i’m putting it under a readmore for your convenience, wow don’t say i never gave you nothing. i mean you can read this if you want but it’s nonsense. it’s like 4am man…

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In light of various discourses over the past months

It seems like a lot of discourse is occurring lately, it really sucks and I don’t get involved because I never know what’s the right thing to do but to throw my own penny’s worth in I just…..hate isn’t ok, alright?
I know we all share a common interest but outside of that one interest we will differ greatly and we all need to respect that, I understand things can make you angry and it’s much easier to type out a response to something than it is to say it but before you do I implore than you think that there is a person beyond the screen when you do so.

Yes, people make mistakes and may say things you disagree with and everyone’s feelings are 100% valid but with the mob mentality nature of social media and how quickly things can spread out of control, sometimes I feel like it’s best to not get involved- let things pass you by sometimes, arguments seem to spread so quickly and before you know it the person who created the original thing may have been misunderstood/made a mistake or something.

I’m not saying you have to accept everything everyone says, but just don’t make it into a witch hunt.
I’m wording everything wrong I know, I know and I’m sorry I’m just trying to say what’s on my mind- but I just feel like if you want to add on to something you disagree with, if your going to do it perhaps make it A) informative (ie points the person may not have considered or been aware of presented to them) or B) calm and unaggressive.
Not everyone sees things from everyone else’s point of view and it’s so easy to get crossed wires and conflicts but the best way to avoid that is to either never post an opinion (which is silly and practically impossible and something you shouldn’t feel the need to do) or simply react in an educational, calm and rational matter or ignore things.

Please remember it’s someone’s opinion and be it wrong or right, what you agree with or not, you can’t fully understand where it’s coming from.
It may be coming from the persons own strong feelings about something personal to them, it may be coming from not being informed or not hearing another side to it, it may simply have been worded in a way that wasn’t meant to come across the way it did.

Ugh I don’t know how to word what I want to say correctly, but just please- think twice before saying things, a calm and informative manner can go a long way in diffusing conflict and it’s just my personal way of dealing with things- I am in no way saying I’m right or that you should listen to me, I’m literally spitting into the wind because this discourse has been a little upsetting and I really wish I could make all the trouble the community has been having these past months go.
If I’ve in any way offended or come across wrong I do apologise, it’s not my intention. I only have best wishes at heart.
(Seeing all this go down makes me nervous sometimes, I have a hard time understanding and conveying emotion and it makes me worry about being misunderstood)

And I’m not trying to place blame here either, be you adding on or reacting to an opinion or posting one- calm, rational, informative ways do a lot of good in my experience.
Just keep it chill.

(Seeing all this go down makes me nervous sometimes, I have a hard time understanding and conveying emotion and it makes me worry about being misunderstood-

On another note: anon hate.
Unfortunately with the nature of the internet bullying is infinitely easier and quicker.
It’s a horrible inevitability and I wish it wouldn’t happen, I really do- nobody deserves hate.
I’m not aware if tumblr allows you to block anons or if there is an addon that would, but if there is I advise that be your first cause of action if you get hateful messages.

Block them immediately, or if that’s not an option turn off anons.
They’re rarely brave enough to send anything then and if they do you most certainly can block them.
Remember that for everyone one horrible comment that’s just one person in a sea of people who aren’t nasty- who like you and care about you.
Don’t feel alone and if you feel the need to talk to someone, I’m sure plenty of people including me would be more than willing to hear.

Sending anon hate is usually a result of someone else’s negative mood and the need to take it out on someone else, it’s rarely anything genuinely deeply personal to you and more to do with the person sending it.
It hurts I know and especially for people already suffering through other things, it’s just one more notch in the upsetting nonsense life can throw at you- but I wish you all well and hope that wherever this influx of hate is coming from, it fades away soon.

uh so i was rereading part 4 last chapters and thought about something

also ofc spoilers for diamond is unbreakable

when kira becomes a ghost and tries to fight reimi, arnold saves her by ripping out kira’s hand

and while it can means nothing i think for him, being a serial killer who has a hand fetish it means a lot. 

it’s like everything he did is coming back to him.

also when he looks back he sees lot of hands waiting for him

i think it may represent the hands of the boys and girls he killed. the hands he cut off. and idk why but i find it very interesting.

I had a dream last night that someone I used to be friends with wanted me to change my relationship status to in a relationship with her on FB and I was like ??? I wouldn’t even do that with someone I was actually dating???? But I like couldn’t say no bc I didn’t want to hurt her feelings (WE LITERALLY AREN’T EVEN FRIENDS) so I just kept like. Running away

do you know i have a tattoo of a tooth one hip and it means nothing i just got it cos i like the look and on my other hip i have the liturgy aesthethica album cover and even though i like their music i got it because the symbol has a special deep meaning to me. just little emmy facts guys!

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OMG if they do something like Jack/Rose scene with Bellarke we are gonna die, bc that's scene its so beautiful, what she said if you jump i jump meaning=together or nothing what word descrives Bellarke? i can imagine clarke jump and bellamy swiming into her omg why you do this? i love our fandom.

No, hear me out. They’ve reached the end. They’re in front of Luna’s oil rig and she’ll only take so many people as part of their agreement. They’ve all rode in a small lifeboat to Luna’s rig and the water is nearly toxic. Clarke has to go on the boat, obviously. But Bellamy says he’s not going even though Clarke says they’ll work something out. She begs and pleads with him and screams at him to get on the boat and then finally breaks and says “I lost Finn, I lost Lexa, I can’t lose another person I love.” But he gets on the small lifeboat to go back to the shore anyway. He stares at her figure as she gets farther and farther away and finally it hits him. He loves her. If nothing else, he deserves to live for that. For the feeling of hope. He dives into the toxic water, cringing at the pain that courses through his body. But he swims nonetheless. When he finally is on Luna’s rig, he collapses into Clarke’s arms she immediately begins to tend to the burns on his body and tells him how stupid he was to swim in that and asks why he did it. He simply looks her and grabs her hand. “Together”.

Instagram is corny and boring imo….validation on the Internet from ppl I know irl means nothing to me, I’d rather post a selfie here and have mutuals and strangers marvel at my beauty…just one girls onion…

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I'm new to the AoS fandom and I've been watching the interviews/snapchats/instagrams the cast have been doing and I just wanted to ask is Iain always this quiet or is he just grumpy this weekend?

I’m not exactly Iain’s biggest fan (I mean, I’ve got nothing against him as an actor, of course, but I don’t care about his character, so I don’t pay a ton of attention to him). But no, I’m pretty sure this is just Iain – shy and quiet and kinda a literal grumpy cat?

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MLT hook up on a one night stand and never call again? MLT to try to maintain contact with a one night stand?

I’m going to say this and I want to preface it by saying I mean nothing concerning his current situation.

Louis would hook up with a one night stand and never call again.

Niall would try to keep contact with a one night stand.