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LoS answers, spoilers

thewildhuntt said:Hello Cassie! I just wanted to say I love your books and they’ve helped me a lot. My question is : Due to the death of Robert, will Emma’s exile and its terms still work out?

Alas, no. But you’re not too surprised about that, are you? ;)

opheliathefluffyunicorn said: Will Sebastian be mentioned in The Wicked Powers ? 👀

He’ll be mentioned even sooner.

fashionablepenguin07 said: HI Cassie! I just wanted to let you know how much Dru means to me. She’s the first fictional character that I ever felt like I’ve been able to relate to and I am so thankful that you gave her to us. I was wondering how large of a role is she going to play in QoAaD? (Also TWP if you can tell)

In QoAAD Dru is a secondary character, which means she has her own arc and storyline but drives a different set of narrative choices than say, Julian or Emma. (There’s nothing wrong with being a secondary character, though I often see it described as if it is a terrible injury done to a character! Protagonists are not more important or better than secondary characters, they simply serve a different purpose.) Dru is one of the protagonists of TWP and you’ll see a great deal of her there! She also has some fun stuff to do with Kit and Ty in QuAAD.

amberblackthorn said:will we get jem’s POV as a silent brother in the upcoming short story series?

Of course!

My favorite moment with my D&D group so far

They met a Demon at a crossroads, he said they had to make a deal with him or he would steal their souls. The Fighter was like, “Hey can you just wait for 5 seconds for me?” 

Demon’s like: “Alright.” 

Five seconds later the Fighter says “Alright our deal is complete” 


“What do you mean our deal is complete?” said the Demon

“Well I asked you to wait 5 seconds, then you agreed. Since you waited 5 seconds, that means our deal is complete right?”

The Demon is in shock, and so am I, the DM. This fighter just out-tricked a freakin’ demon deal by telling the demon to cool his heels for a moment I couldn’t believe it.

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Your colors are so pretty????¿ how do you get such a cohesive dark palette??

it’s all about values. if your work has the correct values, the lighting and color choices don’t matter because it’s going to look good no matter what. if you’re on photoshop, a neat trick i use constantly is:

CTRL+Y while you’re painting to quickly turn your drawing into faux grayscale (that means you can see it in black and white but your actual work is still in color. if you colorpick something while in this mode, it’s gonna have the actual color of your work, instead of giving you a shade of gray)

if it looks good, if every part of your work looks interesting just like it did in color, keep going. if you notice something’s falling flat, like everything’s meshing together and you can’t really tell what is what, then make your dark areas darker, and your light areas lighter. don’t be afraid to go darker, it’s usually what makes all the difference to bring back the balance. if you still can’t tell if the values are good enough, zoom all the way out, until you’re looking at a thumbnail-sized version of what you’re working on. can you still tell there’s depth without the details? good. is everything one big lump of flat weirdness? darken your dark areas (or introduce them), and lighten your peaks

i’m not sure if the other painting programs have this, but you can also sort of make it work by occassionally turning the saturation all the way down. it’s not as accurate as actual grayscale, but it’s close enough so you can check if your work is going flat

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Fushimi is stranded after his house falls on Niki, the wicked witch of the east. The good witch of the north, Munakata, sends munchkin!Yata with him to Oz. They find the sleepy lion Mikoto, the scarecrow, and the tinman, and together have to defeat the other wicked witch.

Can’t think of a better way for Niki to die (though he could also be the Wicked Witch of the West too, so Fushimi could melt him). So Fushimi lives alone in his house in Kanshizume, his parents Niki and Kisa totally ignore him and leave him alone even when there’s a tornado in the area that could tear the house apart. Fushimi’s only friend is his tiny pet dog Akiyama who likes to ride in the basket full of unhealthy snacks that Fushimi carries around at all times. Finally there’s this really strong tornado that causes the house to be lifted up and transported away to Oz, where everything is awash in color filters and Fushimi is suddenly constantly covered by filtered blue light for reasons he’s not sure of. He steps out of the house with Akiyama and sees a pair of hideous cowboy boots that look suspiciously similar to ones his dad wears. That’s when all the munchkins of Homra (come on most of them are short not just Yata) start to cheer because the Wicked Niki of the East is dead.

Fushimi has no idea what’s going on and gets into a fight with representative of the Lollipop Guild Yata, who’s threatening to kick his ass when good witch Munakata shows up on a bridge of sparkles, declaring Fushimi a hero for saving Oz from the Wicked Niki. Fushimi just wants to go home because there’s no wi-fi here, Munakata smirks and adjusts his glasses as he tells Fushimi that the only way home is to follow the knife-brick road to where Weismann, the Wizard of Oz, lives but beware because the Wicked Witch of the West will surely come after him to get revenge for her husband and also possibly collect his inheritance and life insurance. Munakata also has Yata come along with Fushimi as a bodyguard and oh yes you should also take along the Wicked Witch of the East’s snakeskin boots because they’re magical and will help you on your quest. Fushimi’s just like no thanks because he’s not wearing his dead witch-father’s boots, that’s disgusting.

So Yata and Fushimi begin walking along the knife brick road with Akiyama tagging along in the basket of unhealthy snacks, while Yata wonders why Fushimi doesn’t put some fucking vegetables in there. He thinks they should stop at this nearby cornfield to pick some up, which is where the Scarecrow Totsuka is hanging out. He offers to come along with them because he’s really bored and wants to ask the Wizard for a hobby to keep himself busy. They also end up running into Tin Man Hisui who needs a heart to replace the giant gaping electrified hole in his chest and the lion Mikoto who doesn’t want anything except a good nap but gets convinced to come along by Totsuka and a very enthusiastic Yata. Together they all reach the wizard’s place where Fushimi discovers that Weismann is actually a hologram cast by a hack scientist named Shiro who wanted to make himself look taller. Shiro suggests if they can defeat Wicked Witch of the West Kisa then they’ll have enough resources for Fushimi to go home so he sighs and reluctantly goes to stab himself a witch. In the end Kisa melts after kidnapping Yata and Fushimi and being exposed to people actually showing affection for each other thanks to Yata fussing over Fushimi’s poor diet and inability to take care of himself. Eventually Munakata shows up again to reveal that Fushimi could have gone home all along if he’d taken the snakeskin boots but since he didn’t he’s stuck, Fushimi figures well it’s not so bad here my parents are dead and I can tease Misaki so may as well stay.


replied to your photoset

“All these portraits look slightly similar, and there’s a reason for…”

Erm¬ I’d heard of her. She is quite well-known if you are into 18C art, and her portrait of Watteau is also frequently reproduced in stuff about him.

It’s also the case that the 18C pastelists are generally not as celebrated as the oil painters. Quentin de la Tour is a male example, who is superb, but not a household name.

Well, of course she is well known, but I’ve never thought of my tumblr as a blog to be targeted to people who are totally “into 18thC art” or fashion. I’ve always thought of posting stuff that can be attractive to people who have been in love and learnt/studied/are into the 18th century fashion/art/music/history but that can also be read and enjoyed by people who just like the 18th century aesthetic or are curious about it or have never really read about it. I mean, if I only write for the “experts” then, what’s the point? It’s like telling to the people stuff they already know.

Also yes,  the pastelists are not as well known as the oil painters, and that might be because it was a medium very much in fashion during the 18th century but not as much during the next century (even though the 19th century has wonderful examples of pastel artists), and also the way the works are so delicate to keep and even display, that’s why even though there are many museums that have in their collections art by Carriera or Liotard or De La Tour or even Degas, they are not always on display, thanks to the pastel being very fragile and light sensitive. Which is very sad, since it’s a wonderful medium and oh, I love my pastel artists so much <3

Also, I think De La Tour or Vigée le Brun are quite better known for the common eye than Carriera, and that might be that the art from mid to late 18th century is definitely more appealing to the modern eye that art from early 18th century (too much baroque turning into rococo is kind of weird for most people who are not used to see such art, that can even be perceived as cheesy nowadays).

And last but not least, let’s not forget that women artists are usually less seen and talked about, so I never miss the opportunity to talk about one of them and, as an anecdote, I’ve even seen books about 18th century art that only mention her but have a bigger space for other artists like Watteau but USE HER WATTEAU PORTRAIT TO ILLUSTRATE THE MAN. This kind of decisions seem ridiculous to me.

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Are you ready for the Louie and Webs interaction in the next new episode?

oh Honey-


FIRST OF ALL- hype doesn’t even BEGIN to describe my emotions, 


i mean sEARIOUSLY, my bean is fucking up right from the freaking sTART-



jesus dang hes desperate if hes going on the cliche’s~ i mean boi you gon get killed right now what the fuck, shes giving the “not now” eyes, listen to ur waif-

and of course we have this, now all you’s know the only way you could flirt with Webby is to practically go as far as ducking mortal PERIL-

ye- ‘cept your bae can be a little coconuts at the weirdest times-

now see that face? you can tell that, that face is the face of someone who tried to impress a lady by trying to be a hero and playing sly, but failed terribly and didn’t take the current events into consideration- good job Louie boi u dun fucked up-

well i suppose i love these babies too much but i dont need them to become star crossed lovers and die together or some romance novel cliche shit just yet, so lets hope they get their fuzzy duck butts outta there-

all and all, the conclusion is-


so basically im-


yes i switched blogs hello

some reasons for that:

  • serifufu is basically my main blog but its a side blog on my original account which is very annoying (why did i do that)
  • literally 98% of my followers were Fucking Dead 
  • yeah that’ll do it 

what does this mean?

  • no more posting will happen on serifufu
  • however i will not delete the blog or hide it or whatever, its gonna stay public just inactive!!
  • any requests sent to the old blog are still on my to-do list and ill get to them if ever (im sorry) 
  • ill be able to interact with yall directly now that i can reply, send asks, and like as my main blog
  • my name now has an extra “fu” 

yeah thats it, welcome back!!!

Never Have I Ever Part 2 // Wyatt Oleff Imagine

Part 1 !!


You go into Wyatt’s dressing room shutting the door pretty loudly behind you. He’s sitting on the couch and looks up from his phone,

“Can I help you?” he asks quite calm for the situation

“Wh? Why? Why did you do that?” You asked freaked out over what he just did

“Do what?”

“Wyatt.” you say done with his smart ass comments

“Why did you tell everyone that we kissed? The show was live Wyatt! Everyone’s going to ask if we’re dating I mean look!!” You say holding up your phone. You notifications were BLOWING UP. Everyone was commenting “(Your ship name) HAS BEEN CONFIRMED” on your pictures and tweeting you.

“Yeah I know” he says holding up his phone as the fans blow up his phone twice as fast

“What’d you do that for?” you ask. He locks his phone and puts it down on the couch.

“I…I don’t know” he says avoiding eye contact with you

“I mean yeah we kissed but it was just practice for the movie and after we kissed you didn’t even talk to me until the scenes demanded it..I mean I didn’t think I was THAT bad of a kisser” you say. He looks up finally making eye contact with you,

“Bad?? Y/N I didn’t avoid you because the kiss was bad…I avoided you because it was good”

“I don’t understand” you say. He stands and walks up to you,

“Y/N it freaked me out. You’re my friend, my best friend..and that kiss..it wasn’t like any kiss I’ve ever had. I wasn’t just kissing some girl I…I felt it everywhere” you raise your eyebrows,

“Not like that Y/N Jesus”

“Just checking”

“I forgot who I was, where I was, and I felt like-”

“Like fireworks were going off in your chest?” you finish his sentence.

“You felt it too” he asks. You nod,

“And then you were talking about flirting with some fan and Finn called you pretty. I guess I just got jealous..I wanted to show you off”

“But we’re not dating”

“I wanted to ask you I was just afraid of rejection and I don’t know…So I tried to convince myself that the kiss was only good because we were caught up in the scene”

“Only one way to find out” you say hoping he’ll get your hint. He reaches in putting his hands softly on the side of your face and kisses you.

You felt it all over again.

The fireworks in your chest, the tingle in your toes and fingertips, feeling like you were weightless, a feeling that made you fall so so hard.

He pulls away and looks right into your eyes,

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes” you say pulling him into another kiss

I’ve been through plenty of festivals, but I have to tell you, 2017 RoR has been a disappointment. First off, Plague is a flight about extreme survival in a land that is trying to kill off those in it. It is gruesome because nature can be gruesome. It has gore because life and death because it’s gory. There’s going to be bones and skeletons, there’s going to be diseases and marks, and there might be some blood. But that doesn’t mean that it will be overly graphic. There’s a line that can be define to both keep to Plague’s established lore and aesthetics while keeping it safe. 

However, the staff doesn’t seem to want to deal with Plague’s aesthetics. They force so many restrictions on how to make a skin/accent for RoR that we only had 16 pages of submissions this year. That may sound like a lot but most flights hit close to 20-22 pages of submissions for their festival. Sometimes, it seems like the staff don’t even remember what Plague is allowed. This year we had an accent that was a full-blown tundra skeleton, despite the fact that anything undead has no place in Plague. That means zombies, skeletons, and ghosts. 

Now, I’m going to be blunt here and say that the chosen accents for RoR have been some of the “worst” that I’ve seen for a festival. Now, first, this is my opinion. Feel free to think what you think about these skins, but I’m just throwing out what I think. Anyways, in this festival alone we had four Imperial skins/accents. Not only is four too big of a number for a breed that typically has 2-3 accents/skins each festival, but this isn’t Brightshine; Imperials aren’t a Plague breed. But that’s not the only thing here. One skin is literally just a beating heart on a female Imperial’s wing. One of the male Imp accents aren’t all too exciting either. Just a tiny amount of mushrooms you can barely see on the dragon. One of the only two Mirror accents Plague got this year is just a patch of green, yellow, orange, and a touch of red on its visible back with some black shading touching the neck and ear fins. The fae accent is orange parasitic worms floating upwards on the top of its head and its neck. I touched on this before, but there’s a skeleton. A skin of an undead creature for a flight that is about not dying. 

What makes it worse is the amount of great skins and accents that were submitted and didn’t win because they fit Plague too much. Now, I understand that the staff want to keep the site safe for children, but they’re not going to suddenly turn into a serial killer because a Skydancer skin had a lot of eerie eyeballs on them. They’re not going to go through PTSD just because a dragon skin included the dragon wearing the bones of dead dragons. Especially because we have a rusty looking cleaver as an apparel option. Also, did I forget to mention the familiar? Like, c'mon, a rat. How uncreative is that. A rat for Plague. Bravo. Clapping all around the room. There are so many other animals that fit Plague so much better than just a rat. At the top of my head you have: hyenas, jackals, vultures, and wolves. 

Closing up this very long rant is this: I hope that next year, RoR will have fitting skins and a great familiar. The only nice things I’ve liked this year are the RoR events held by the Plaguelings (they’ve done an amazing job putting this together for everyone) and the apparel. The apparel looks very nice.


I sure don’t know how I got so lucky. My heart is so incredibly full it’s bursting. Last night was so special to me, that I can barely describe it. Being able to hug @taylorswift so tight and to tell her thank you for every single way she’s helped me in the past 10 years without even knowing it, to hold her hands and tell her about my husband and I and how much her music means to us, to share stories of friendship and love and watch her gush over my Fearless/Speak Now inspired dress (she called me beautiful and gorgeous, and asked if it was the same dress she had too) and lift my hand to examine my wedding rings…to be able to forget everything I was meant to say but say everything I needed to at the same time…to watch her smile and listen and goof off with me like a best friend, this night meant more to me than anyone will ever know. When I asked if we could do “something snuggly,” as our pose, she said “Yeah let’s do it! Let’s snuggle hard!” Like??? To watch her light up when I was walking up and, unquestioningly, with a huge smile, say “Allie!”…never in my wildest dreams did I think she would recognize me or be so thrilled to welcome me into her home.

And on TOP of that, to have her trust me and CHOOSE ME (after a year of lurking) to come and sit on squashy cushions on the living room floor and listen to each and every track on reputation…that was everything. The album is truly unbelievable and I can’t even begin to tell you how it blew me away. I gasped and screamed and laughed and sat there, heart bursting with love for her, as tears streamed down my face. She sang to me several times, and she made each and every one of us feel like friends, instead of just fans. I feel so much closer to her than ever, and the fact that she lets us in this way, and loves us as much as she demonstrated last night, will form memories that will break my fall and that I will cherish every single day of my life. I truly will never be the same. I love you Taylor, and thank you for everything again. Long live all the magic we made. ✨

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Ok real shit- I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that Lance & Keith would never hurt each other physically. And most really don’t like seeing it. But it’s kinda wrong to tell others that they can’t write the characters a certain way. I mean if they wanna they can do it. But no one has the right to tell an author “don’t write so and so doing this”. Minding your business is good for the soul. Helps you age like fine wine

abuse shouldn’t be accepted in any fucking way you shitass

saying that people who openly hate kids and talk about how terrible they are are bad isnt ableist.. its fucking ridiculous. im autistic, i have serious sensory issues, but i’m not going to yell at a baby or a little kid for screaming! im not going to get angry at a 7 year old for invading my personal space! it makes me uncomfortable, sure, but getting angry at them isnt going to do anything. a lot of the time, if they’re old enough and what they’re doing is playing or something, i can just ask them nicely to stop and guess what? most of the time they do! because kids are intelligent! they can tell when you’re being mean to them. 

being nice to children even if you dont personally like them is a basic life skill 

Boyfriend! Jinho

Hello! This was also requested, and I hope you like it! Thank you for your nice feedback, your messages make me really happy, I love youuu♡

Originally posted by yeo1

  • Jinhoooo is sooo cuteeee *screams*
  • I think he would also be pretty obvious when having a crush on you.
  • Like he would randomly giggle when you’re around because he thinks you’re sO CUTE.
  • Everyone would tease him about it tbh.
  • He’d always try to strike conversation with you about the silliest things. 
  • The type to talk about the weather just to talk to you, honestly.
  • But he also really wants to get to know you, what you want to do with your life, what you like, what you don’t, etc.
  • He’d get super shy instead of flirty most of the time.
  • BUT OTHERS the kid would get you flustered just by staring at you.
  • When he finally asks you on a date he’s all like “you can totally say no omg, I mean I understand if you–”
  • But you tell him it’s okay, you’d love to go on a date with him.
  • He shows you some place only he knows and he hasn’t shown to anyone else.
  • And he tells you how much he really likes you because you’re an amazing person and it would mean a lot to him if to be your boyfriend.
  • He’d be so sWEET.
  • When you make your relationship official he’d be just so smiley and ughh so sOFT.
  • He’d be really proud to be your boyfriend.
  • Supporting you no matter what.
  • But I think he’s also the type to advice you and let you know when something’s not good for you or you’re doing something that’s not good for yourself.
  • He would love skinship.
  • Specially receiving, like he’d love you playing with his hair while he’s laying on your lap.
  • When he holds your hand your fingers are always intertwined.
  • When you two are alone he’d sometimes randomly yell “Get back in here and love me!”
  • Even though you just went to get a drink to the kitchen.
  • He’s the type to give short kisses, like just a peck.
  • Loves interrupting you when you’re talking that way.
  • But he also gives slow kisses that are just so full of emotion I’m–
  • Always tells you how important you are to him.
  • Not only as his partner but also as his best friend.
  • Because he trusts you so much, and cares so much about you.
  • Always make sure you take care of yourself, asks you if you’ve eaten, how you’re feeling, etc.
  • He’d make a fool of himself just to see you smile.
  • But also takes your problems seriously and really tries to help you get through them, in whichever way he can.
  • Even if it’s just by listening.
  • He hates fighting, he’d be the one to take the initiative to settle problems down.
  • He just wants things to be good because he really really loves you.
  • And he knows a relationship has ups and downs but he’d get so scared of losing you.
  • He needs reassurance every now and then.
  • So take care of him
  • And love him
  • He’d be such a nice boyfriend.

Ieyasu’s BIG book of Insults part 2~

I’ve decided that I want to see how bad Ieyasu’s insults are in the English version vs the Japanese one.

SLBP: Caustic little wretch


Tenka: Annoying

SLBP: Worthless little tramp


Tenka: Useless woman

So far, the English version is definitely ruder than the Japanese version. Both Ieyasu and Mitsunari aren’t as sharp tounged in Tenka as they are in slbp. I mean I’m only on chapter 5 and we can already tell how much worse they made him in English.

***Now I’m using google translate so it’s not totally accurate so if you are able to read Japanese and see something wrong then please let me know!***

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Hey, I'm getting pretty annoyed at people for saying this like "as a lesbian you can't have an opinion whether a man is attractive" or other lesbians telling straight women they "can't have an opinion" on men. I mean, being lesbian does not equal being blind? I grew up with media influence, I KNOW what is considered attractive in men, I can judge how a man looks. I might not be attracted TO him, but I surely can have an opinion? Gay men get to judge women, after all? Are even considered - part 1

part 2 - fashion gurus? Straight women search their advice on clothing etc? But the moment a lesbian dares have an opinion on how a man looks her whole sexuality is called into question? I know it’s a minor thing but it makes me angry, I feel like I can’t even offer my opinion in a conversation with straight women anymore. And honestly, I really feel like it doesn’t invalidate my sexuality at all to be able to see if a man is conventionally attractive or not.

Lesbians are under constant scrutiny. Society being phallocentric, they cannot even fathom a sexuality that doesn’t revolve around penises. So they will take any sign of interest from a lesbian for men as a sign of her heterosexuality. This is why it is so policed at all times.

Now, as you say, lesbians do have eyes, and many of us have learned over the years how to recognize a male who fit beauty standards - doesn’t make us any less lesbians. There’s also the reverse tbh, lesbians who are so unbothered, that men all look the same (this is my case). And that’s just okay as well. The two can coexist, that doesn’t mean that lesbians who recognize that a man fits beauty standards are less lesbians than those who don’t care or don’t see it.

Thank you for sharing with us, because I feel like it’s often overlooked. Recognizing a man is considered beautiful =/= sexual attraction to said man.

Mod C.

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lmao anyway trans albus is the best fucking thing i've ever heard and if you don't think scorpius would support him with chocolate on his bad days you're wrong and y'all can fight me

[slams down book] YOU ARE SO RIGHT hold up this is gonna get long I am so sorry in advance
I have two different ideas on how Albus’s transition could go
One is that there’s some potion that gives him a male body, which is reasonable tbh seeing as they literally have magic. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have to deal with transphobic comments and people telling him he isn’t a ‘real boy’. Scorpius is one of the few people outside of his family he can trust to never do that- one day Scorpius snaps at a bully, yelling, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S NOT A REAL BOY?! HE ISN’T FUCKING PINOCCHIO!”
Another is that, for some reason, that potion isn’t accessible. Maybe it doesn’t exist, or it’s expensive, or has some stricter laws around it. Either way, he isn’t able to fully transition until he’s older.
And it sucks. It really does. He doesn’t like binding, and it takes forever to perfect the voice-deepening charm, and the dysphoria is killing him, but he manages.
The worst part, he thinks, is is periods. Scorpius jokingly calls them man-strual cycles, and despite himself, he thinks the pun is funny.
His cramps usually aren’t too bad, but it always embarrasses him when he has to excuse himself constantly to the bathroom.
What makes it bearable, however, is when Scorpius will raid the kitchens for as much chocolate as he can carry.
Seeing Scorpius so dedicated to making him happy, Albus thinks, is what makes it all worth it.