i mean none of us signed up for this

Columbus Pride 2016.
“What does your sign mean?”
I was interviewed by the press four times, and they all asked the same question. At first, I didn’t know how to answer; how much more straight forward could it be? Stop. Killing. Us.
One woman asked me what message I was trying to get across. I stared at her, “Stop. Killing. Us.” I almost snapped as she shoved a microphone in my face for the third time that day, asking me the same question, none of them actually listening to my response. “But what does that mean?”
I took a breath, “It means I’m tired of being told to ‘be careful’ instead of 'have fun’ when I go to Pride events. I’m tired of seeing my community’s names as hashtags,” I flip my sign around. The back is covered in names of the Orlando shooting. All of them, “This is too many names,” I say to her, “And this is just one shooting. This number happens every day. Suicide of LGBTQ+ teens, murders of transgender individuals, bombs in bathrooms, Matthew Shepherd. Leelah Alcorn. These are just the ones who made the headlines,” I look at the reporter, “I want you to stop letting us die silently. Stop Killing Us.”
The Columbis Dispatch today has my picture in it. Underneath it is my name, 'She traveled from Cincinnati to celebrate pride!’ Is the caption.
I guess they thought that was safer.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: one direction just dropped a new single out of fucking nowhere with absolutely no preparation nope none at all liam fucking payne decided it would be a wonderful idea to give us "a little surprise" and drop this a liTTLE SURPRISE MY ASS THE ONLY THING THAT WOULD SURPRISE ME MORE THAN THIS IS IF I PULL ONE DIRECTION STRAIGHT OUT OF MY ASS MYSELF it didnt even sound like them at first but it is and they sound like fucking angels and this is their new sound sigN ME THE FUCK UP NOBODY CAN DRAG ME DOWN

I know we’re all trying to ultimately catch Taylor’s attention while she’s online here, but let’s all remember that the most important thing (while we all share and gush over our insane love for her) is to be good to each other. Be nice, be respectful, and be understanding. This doesn’t mean that you have to help every single person that asks for it, since none of us owe it to each other, but it’s part of being a Swiftie. We signed up for this. We all come from different backgrounds and different opportunities and different ages… but we’re all human and we all deserve happiness and respect. Let’s all think about Taylor’s quote for a second:

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people in a wonderful legacy to leave behind." 

love love love

hayworths replied to your post: Hi. I’m sorry if i’m annoying you or anything, but i just watched the episode (even though i knew it would destroy me) and i’m completely emotionally wreaked. the one thing i can’t get over is how i feel betrayed by it

And the actual scene was just really grotesque and hard to watch. I want to rewatch the ep but I really don’t know if I want to see that scene again. It’s got great acting but it’s just so horrible that I don’t think I can watch it without vomiting

Yeah, I’m exactly the same. I think the fact that everyone was so fantastic in that scene is part of the problem. It feels WAY too real. Way too heart-breaking and I honestly can’t take it. Ugh I feel sick just thinking about it. That make-up on Jess. God nope.