i mean nik not the dog

so i wrote a diss track/parody??

This is for the Anti-Maxvid discord and any others

I’m very tired



There’s a place I know

That’s tucked away;

A place where you and I can stay

Where we can go to laugh and play,

And punch a pedo in the face!

I know it sounds hard to believe

But guys and gals it’s true,

If you ship pedophilia, then FUCK YOU!

We’ll search through tags and block some blogs;

Find and blacklist like bloodhound dogs!

If you ship it? Get away from me!

And no,

That’s not hyperbole!

Our motto’s “ANTI MAXVID”

And that means no Maxvid NSFW~

We’ve got:

The Father,


Danny & Davwid,

Eage Frien,


Blocking that will save you from an anon attack,

Mad King Ryan,

The Holy Ghost,

and David Bustanut,





olly olly oxenFUCK,

Camp Counselor Seis,

Intensely Nerrises,




Mr. HoneyNUTs,

and Smad,

and Ghost,

and Space,

and vin,

and others,

not Maxvid,

or Gwenkid,

or Dankid–

It’s Camp Camp!

things people in my drama class have said

•"I’m not wasting data on Dora"

•"This meme is for your toenails joe"

•"Summon your inner volleyball"

•"Nikki call me an orange"

‘You’re an orange’

“I am not an orange I am a human being”

•"Sam, please, it’s been a bad weekend I need my crouton"

•"Look in your clock, what’s inside?……..
Systemic oppression"

•"You don’t eat roadkill, you southerner"

'But we’re in Georgia’

•"I get to be the narrator!! *runs out in the middle of class*

•"My sword hand HUNGERS for plot development!“

•"What’s in your mouth? Oh. It’s a couch. Well.”

•"I super duper quintuple dog dare you. I dog dare you so much the word dog has lost meaning. My soul is broken.“

•"Guess what I brought? Freaking veggie chips that’s what I brought.”

•"Is that a communism?! No it’s a heart “

•"Spank me naughty and call me chilis”

•"My dentist made me a meme"

•"Well call me an apple and realize that you’re being an ignoramus in doing so!“


Requested by @runing-with-wolves

gif credit: not mine.

Actual request:  Can you do a Klaus imagine, reader is jealous of Cami but Klaus assures her that nothing is happening between them but the reader wants to make him jealous by going clubbing with Kaleb(Kol).

New Orleans nights are always funny for those who know how to enjoy themselves. You are a member of Davina’s coven and a close friend of the Mikaelsons. You enjoy their company and they need your powers time to time. Everything is fine. Hybrids, witches, werewolves and vampires - an ordinary night in New Orleans. But who said a human can be a part of them?

That Cami, Klaus’ therapist and their little friend, who the hell is she? Why is she so close with everyone that much?

You really don’t understand that supernatural beings sometimes. She is just a tiny little human and you know you can be better than her when it comes to be a therapist for Klaus.

“Y/N, love,” Klaus says. “I assure you there’s nothing wrong with that. Cami is a good friend of us, she helped us so many times. She’s not more important than you are. Please, don’t be angry that much.”

You laugh at him sardonically.

“Are you saying that I am angry? Have you ever met yourself, Niklaus?”

Klaus rolls his eyes and wraps his arm around you.

“Sweetheart,” he says patiently, “There’s no one I trust but you when it comes to my feelings. You are my one and only little witch, you’ll always be.”

“So why are you seeing her? I can be your therapist, too, Klaus! Yes, I didn’t go to college but I’m way good at listening, you can ask Freya!”

Klaus giggles and gives you a kiss.

“Y/N, I can’t talk about my feelings and my inside world with you because you already know me, understand me… And when you understand me, I don’t need to do so. But I need to understand myself, too. Please, you are my one and only sanctuary.”

You give a long breath and shrug.

“Whatevs.” you say. “I’ll be home when you’re back.”

“I know you will.” he says and leaves.

I know you will? What was that supposed to mean? Okay, you are not some little witch who waits her hero to come back to her all night long. Klaus needs to see in the way you see the situation.

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