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What do you think it is about Dean and Cas' interaction in 9x09 that gives Sam his 'huh' moment?

The fact that they’re flirting outrageously, all winks and smirks plus Sam knows all of Dean’s flirting skills, he’s been witness to them for YEARS

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I’m officially hyped af. My hopes might be up high to the stars, but I’m getting the feeling we’re going to have one hella huge episode, enough to talk about it for the whole two weeks break.

Damn yeah.

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Shuyuu AU - They go on dates; no one else shows up. They fall in love. They kiss. The end.

IS THAT YOU MAKI OMG. a blessed AU….The whole time mishima is sweating because he’s worried someone will come along and third wheel him and he worries over it so much that he can’t even enjoy the date until Akira holds his hand and kisses him