i mean look at zoro

so in the new episode Zoro is wearing…..this and no one has pointed out that zoro seems to have…stuffed his overcoat in his pants?

like. What is that doing there, zoro.

Fashion AND function

Universal Studio Japan 2014- Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant

They’re supposed to hide because there are marines everywhere, but of course, Zoro just decides to wander around. Sigh…


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Guys this arc is definitely good for the ZoRobin pair, there are really a lot moment where Zoro&Robin speech are connected.

During this arc you see also a lot moment were you can see the dark humor from Zoro and Robin especially with Usop, again an indirect bond.

I can definitely say that from chapter 655 to chapter 665 you find only ZoRobin moment. After that you find again ZoRobin moment from chapter 677 to the last chapter of Punk Hazard.

That mean that more than half of this arc, Zoro and Robin were together, not bad guys!!(This Arc start with the chapters 655 and finish with the chapter 698, 43 chapters in total, and Zoro &Robin were together for 30 chapters)

The other straw-hat didn’t have the same number of chapters together!

Let begin with the first panels:

This panel, is very significant: Oda choose to put together Zoro&Robin with Luffy. In the next panels you see that both are sitting near each other during the trip in the mini-merry (like a first date)!
Let go back to this picture, well first why did Oda draw Zoro&Robin together in one picture (he could draw both separate but no)!
I found incredible interesting Robin reaction, I never saw a Robin like this for the entire manga!!!!! Look her face, her gestures!!!! (that smile), I have no doubt this is the like a first date for ZoRobin!

This panels is for a non ZoRobin fan a bit tricky (there is an indirect moment), first look the number 2 ( the mini-merry has the number 2 but the number 2 is also used to represent Zoro in the straw-hat), now look this picture (this is important); who use the rudder?, well Robin. (Zoro is not good in direction, there is Robin for that )
The second moment in this picture is more easy to interpret, Zoro&Robin are pretty close together and both are really relaxed (look Zoro posture), they are enjoying this moment!!!

In this panels you see Robin feeding Luffy (probably the LuRo like this moment, but for me is more like a big sister relationship, she care about Luffy, Zoro do the same!) but what I find interesting is that Robin focus is on Zoro, she laugh and find the moment pretty funny (look the second panel that I have posted, well you ll understand why she find this moment so funny)

In this panels I like that both speech are again connected . When they talk together, they understand each other very well.
One more think: from this moment till Luffy group encounter Brook, Zoro&Robin don’t wear a lot clothes  (there is not much left xD)!

In this panels you see only Robin and Zoro talking together, both speech are again connected, I like the fact that Zoro listen to Robin and Robin listen to Zoro, especially the last picture with Robin where she said: <<don’t forget >>. I interpret that like in a couple dynamic when the woman make sure that the man don’t forget that think !

In this panel I like a lot the scene with the dark humor between Zoro&Robin and Usop (him and Chopper are always the best candidate), Zoro start teasing Usop and Robin finish the work. There are really a lot moment between this 3 (also in the past arc) and I am sure that Robin&Zoro are enjoying this moment especially with Usop!!! Please do not forget, the group leading in Wano is with Zoro,Robin,Usop and Franky. Just think about that!!!!!

In this panel you see again Zoro&Robin speech connected, in this moment both are thinking exactly the same stuff: this case is the dragon, both speech emphasize the fact that is impossible that a creature like this exists!

In this panel Oda use a full page to show the dragon, but look who has the most screen time in the straw-hat? (for screen time I mean where do the reader look first), well Zoro&Robin. Think about Zoro’s stance, he is ready to protect Robin!!!!!

This is a wonderful moment for the ZoRobin pair. Look the hand and the face of Robin she is impressed from the action of Zoro, (a lot people think that she reacted so because she is impressed for Zoro power but I disagree with that). She never reacted like this for Luffy in the past Arc. If you remind back in Fisher Island, when Zoro did stop the octopus - swordsman that was attacking Robin,she didn’t have the same reaction/face expression like for this moment. She is impressed in a different way! The hand is near the heart, think about this important detail!

I mark with a red circle the left picture because: inside in the anime; Zoro and Luffy are cached by Robin Devil Fruit, she use 2 big hands, and she laugh again!


Again you see Robin&Zoro speech connected, Robin says that they need warm clothes and Zoro answers to her, in this case I like also the dark humor between ZoRobin and Usop

This is a very tricky panels, look the attack of Robin, Cien Fleur Rindou. Now the first word is in Spanish meaning 10, fleur is a french word that mean flower, and Rindou is a Japanese word that mean: Strong sense of justice”, “Accurate”, and is one of the September birth flowers.
Do you see a connection with Zoro? If not, go read the text for Zoro’s background especially the Zoro’s SbS. You ll understand what I mean!

In this panel you see again that Robin&Zoro likes to scared Usop with there dark humor (they are really enjoying Usop in this state )!!

I find this moment pretty romantic, both are setting near each other in a boat that is similar to a gondola (famous in Venice) (The gondola is normally use to have a romantic moment between the pair). The second picture you see Luffy&Usop falling from the boat, but not Zoro&Robin (they are to cool to fall down!!!!)

I find this moment pretty interesting for this pair. Both are setting near each other but what I like is that Zoro and Robin speech are connected and again Usop is involved (there is again this dark humor)!!!!!!

I find this moment really enjoyable, I like that Zoro look to Robin in a way that well, is like he need her to finish his speech xD. They are really close in this picture, the legs of Robin are really near to Zoro!!

I find this moment amazing, Robin said <<this is quite surreal>> and is exactly what Zoro is thinking (They don’t need to talk they have this kind of telepathy)!

Here again they are sitting next each other, like a couple.

They are really cute together!

This scene is a typical couple scene. You know what I mean!!

This is again a very cute scene, Zoro and Robin are so close together,(looks Zoro posture, He is really relaxed, and Robin is smiling)! 

Well first look how much focus Oda gave to Robin and Zoro piratically half of the page (that mean a lot in a manga)! 

In this panel, Zoro jump to protect Robin from the second attack of Monet that could been potentially deadly for Robin (she couldn’t defend herself)! The first attack was a surprising attack, and well Zoro didn’t react faster enough, but if you read the next panel, Robin affirmed <that is just a scratch> (and well after that she start running like an athlete). Zoro is forgiven for this time!

In this panel, Zoro help again Robin, he cut the snow wall, Robin couldn’t do that ! I find important that Zoro know exactly which priority are better for Robin, he knows that she can handle the kids!

The first panels you see that Robin cares about Chopper, and well in the next panels Zoro too cares about Chopper . Zoro asks first about Chopper, and Robin replay to his worry. In this picture I like a lot that Zoro&Robin are the only 2 straw-hat that stop to run (this small detail is very important!!!!) Why did Oda want to show with a picture that Zoro and Robin stop to run (near again each other) wasn’t enough just the text panels? Obviously no, Oda want to give a lot importance for ZoRobin and Chopper bond way more than the other straw-hat

In this panels, you see again Zoro&Robin near each other, I know is not that easy to recognize the straw-hat, but the woman that is sitting there is Robin (she always has that posture) and Zoro is exactly between Robin and Luffy

They are again near each other, (I like the fact that this 2 with Usop are leading to Wano, and well if they had so many moment in Punk Hazard with all the straw-hat together, how many moment do you think they ll have in just 4 straw-hat ?)

This panels is so cute, look Robin and Zoro are connected with Chopper. Do you think is a coincidence? Oda could draw them in a different position

This is for me definitely a ZoRobin moment, all the straw-hat are looking in the direction of the marine ship, but not Zoro&Robin. They are smiling like a couple, look both expression and there posture !!!  Robin face is pointing to Zoro and Zoro seem enjoying this :)

This 3 panels again reinforce the bond between Zoro&Choper&Robin. Do you find is a pure coincidence that practically 80% of the time that all straw-hat are on the Merry this 3 are together?


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