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[ cooking class ]

pairing; seventeen mingyu x reader

genre; fluff, humor

synopsis; y/n was dragged to a cooking class by her friend, but due to last minute circumstances, her best friend couldn’t make it. a total newbie at cooking, y/n couldn’t help but make a mess out of everything. mingyu voluntarily pairs up with her so she’d be able to get something done.

word count; 1101 words

“No, that’s fine,” I said, my voice laced with sarcasm. “That’s totally fine, you just happened to move up a few ranks on my to-kill list.”

“Y/N!” Caroline exclaimed. “It’s not my fault that my little brother decided to do his somersaults down the stairs today!”

I laughed. “Alright, alright. Send my regards to your lil’ brother.”

I heard Caroline heave a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone, probably at the fact that she realized I wasn’t mad.

“Thanks, sweetheart.”

“You’re welcome, pumpkin.” 

The both of us giggled like 12-year-olds, and hung up after saying our goodbyes. 

Caroline and I planned to go for a cooking class that day. Actually, we didn’t plan to. Caroline had been finding interest in cooking these days, but all I liked about the kitchen was about it having food to eat. She didn’t have anyone else to follow her to the cooking class, so she pretty much blackmailed me with my ‘best friend position’ to tag along with her.

So I did. And this happens. 

I sighed, pulling out a pair of jeans — that was my regular. I looked around my closet, wondering what top I should wear. It was cold out, so I chose a turtleneck sweater.

I quickly dressed, and put on simple makeup to cover any imperfections on my skin. I wasn’t a huge makeup guru, but I used it sometimes.

I checked the time. I had another hour before the class started. I needed around 45 minutes to get there, so I planned to leave the house in around ten minutes. 

I sighed. Caroline was pretty much the big reason why I agreed to go. She was, with no doubt, pretty good at cooking. I wouldn’t worry much if I cooked with her, because even if I started a fire, she’d probably put it out with a soup she boiled.

Exaggeration, but you get it.

I suddenly worry for my own life. I’d probably kill myself in the kitchen; chop off a finger or two.

I reached the cooking class ten minutes early. The bus driver was quick on the road today. 

I was led to a empty area with seats, probably a mini waiting area. I looked around, and pretty much everyone had their friends with them. Even those who looked like they came alone seemed experienced.

We were all led into a large cookery room, and everyone stood in front of a single working area. Those who came in pairs were allowed to work together. We put on the aprons they provided, and started on the class.

Each working area had the basic needs for cooking — a stove, pots and pans, cutlery, and a few cooking ingredients which I was clueless about.

The chef told us that we’d be making cupcakes that day, and I saw a ray of hope. I mean, cupcakes wouldn’t be that hard to make, right?


The moment I started, I became a confused mess. Everyone seemed to be following the chef’s instructions well, but I was just lost. I managed to catch one part of what she said, and added butter and sifted flour into the mixing bowl. 

Now, I mix it. I think. 

I turned on the hand-held mixer, and it started spinning like crazy, as if possessed. The mixture started splattering out of its bowl, and I couldn’t hold the bowl in place. 

“Shoot,” I blurted, at a loss of what the hell I should do. 

Out of the blue, another hand grabbed the mixer from me, flipping the switch to ‘0′ speed. The mixer slowed down until it came to a complete stop, and I exhaled, exhausted already. 

I looked to my right, expecting to see the chef beside me, but it wasn’t her. 

It was a complete stranger who had been using the other end of the table. Each table had two working areas, and he happened to be alone at the other side. I noticed him before we had started the class. He was extremely handsome.

“Um,” I stuttered. “Thank you.”

I catch sight of the mixture that had splattered on him, mostly on his apron. “I’m so sorry…” I trailed off. 

The stranger laughed. “It’s alright,” he said easily. “Do you mind if I worked with you? I think you’d need some help.”

I narrowed my eyes, and he quickly defended his words. “I meant that in the good way.”

I smiled, and nodded. “That’d be nice.”

He went back to his working area and cleaned up whatever he had used. He hadn’t started on the mixture, so he just left the ingredients in their original places before coming back. 

“I think it’d be better to introduce ourselves real quick so we’d work better,” he said. “I’m Mingyu. 20. Nice to meet you.”

I laughed. “Y/N. I’m 19.”

“Great, I’m a year older,” he said, starting to mix the batter again. 


“Why’d you come for this cooking class? You don’t look like one who is interested to cook,” he said. “No offense.”

“None taken,” I said, chuckling. “That’s true. I’m not interested. My friend and I were supposed to come together, but she bailed the last minute because of an accident that happened.”

“That explains,” he said, finishing up the mixing of the batter. “You wanna put the mix into the paper cups?”

“Nothing bad can come out of transferring the batter, right?” I said apprehensively, holding the mixing bowl and scooping some up onto the wooden spoon.

Mingyu snickered. “I don’t think so.”

I managed to finish dividing the batter equally onto the paper cups, and they were placed onto a tray before being put into the oven. 

“We’re done, right?” I asked.

“Kind of. We’ll decorate it after it’s baked,” Mingyu told me. “That is just based on your creativity, so it’ll probably be doable.”

Right after the cupcakes were done, we took them out of the oven and started decorating. I just did simple designs of frosting here and there, and it turned out quite decent. 

“You have a talent for decorating,” Mingyu complimented. “Maybe just not the process of cooking.”

I growled playfully.

The class ended soon, and we were allowed to bring back the cupcakes. Mingyu and I took 4 each. 

We both left the cookery lab together, and stopped outside. 

“Thanks for today,” I said to him. “You saved me from burning down the building.”

Mingyu laughed. “No problem. You were a great partner to work with.”

I looked down, smiling in embarrassment. 

“Do you mind if we… exchange numbers?” he said hesitantly. 

I shook my head. “Of course not.”

We both exchanged numbers, and went our separate ways after saying a few more sentences. 

I never thought going to a cooking class alone could be this good. 

Thanks, Caroline. 

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a/n: back by popular demand. and by popular demand i mean i wrote abt this idea in the tags of a taehyung post and an anon enabled me to do it so thank u anon, this is ur fault 😁 here’s the babysitter!got7 post that started it all


  • so the origin story for these nerds is that they too, like got7, were in high school and needed easy money
  • so jaebum was like!!! yooo why don’t you guys join our group and be apart of our babysitting business?
  • and seokjin was like hell yeah and that’s how it all started
  • seokjin is used to being the youngest family wise, but since all of his friends are a younger than him he feels like babysitting children is a breeze and he’s got it handled 
  • he, by the way, Does Not

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Mison looks at her like this all the goddamn time. I figure for one of two reasons:

1) He thinks she’s an adorable cupcake

2) He’s stoned all the time and thinks she’s an *actual cupcake*

anonymous asked:

Jaytim 43

This is a continuation of this drabble from earlier, in a verse in which Jason adopts a little girl, Toni. 


“Nice apron.”

Jason carefully sets the hot cupcake pan on a trivet and nudges shut the oven door with his foot. “Thanks.”

“Let me guess,” Tim says, leaning against the counter nearby, “Toni picked it out?”

“Quite the detective you are, dear.” 

The apron in question says, Kiss the cook! Leave the cook alone before you get smacked with a ladle.

“So what’s up,” Jason asks, slipping off the oven mitt. “Did we have plans today?”

Tim sniffs the cooling cupcakes appreciatively. “No. A little birdie told me I should come by. And look-y here, I found cupcakes.” 

“They’re not for you,” Jason says, lightly smacking Tim away. “They’re for school. An honest to fuck bake sale. I didn’t think those actually happened.”

“Can I help?”

Jason narrows his eyes, regarding Tim with suspicion. “You just want to eat them. You’re gonna sneak them when I’m not looking.”

“Well. I might. One or two,” Tim confesses, because they both understand each other too well for him to try to lie. “But I really do want to help.”

“…Fine. Here.” Jason passes over a tray of cupcakes that have already cooled, and a bowl of purple frosting.  

“Cool, cool. Does this mean you’re gonna look the other way while I eat this?” Tim asks, peeling back the paper of a chocolate cake. 

Jason grimaces. “Yes, because you’re a disgusting savage about it.”

“You think it’th thexy,” Tim mumbles around a mouthful. 

“Just frost the damn cupcakes.”

Tim swallows. “You should eat one too. It’ll make you feel better.”

“I feel fine.”

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Jason picks up another bowl of frosting, this one blue, and beats it with a whisk. Even though it’s already smooth. 

“Bullshit,” Tim and Toni say at the same time as she walks into the kitchen. 

“Hey, kiddo.”

“Hey, Tim.” The ten year-old climbs up on a bar stool and levels Jason with a flat look. “Talk to your boyfriend, Jason. I got him over here for you, now let him fix whatever pissed you off.”

“First of all,” Jason says, pointing at his daughter with the whisk, “language. Second, I don’t need anyone to fix my problems for me. Even Tim. And what do you mean you got him over here?”

“She texted me.”

Toni says, “You were mixing the cake batter like it was a criminal, and talking to yourself.”

“Was not!”

“Totally were, you weirdo,” she shoots back. 

“Jason,” Tim sighs, “just tell us what’s bothering you.”

“Fine!” Jason throws his hands up, but he’s still holding the whisk and blue frosting splatters across the counter. “I’m nervous, okay? The other PTA moms are gonna be judging me, and those women don’t think I can handle raising Toni by myself. So I’m gonna show them that I can handle this! They’ll eat my perfect cupcakes and their words.”

“Honey, I’m sure they’re not-”

“They are, Tim. I can see it on their faces.”

“Okay.” Tim wants to wrap Jason in a hug, but now’s not a good time for that, he can tell. “Okay, so we’re going to make the most perfect cupcakes ever. You used Alfred’s recipe?”

“Of course.”

“Well, then they’ll be the best thing at that bake sale,” Tim says, and Jason relaxes a fraction. “Now let’s make them all pretty. You want to help, Toni?”

“Yeah,” the girl says, taking the blue frosting away from Jason. He lets her. 

Tim says, “It’ll be okay, Jay. What those women think doesn’t matter.”

“You’re right,” Jason sighs. “I know. It’s just. I don’t want to mess this up, you know?” And he’s talking to Tim, but looking at Toni. 

“I know. But you’re doing just fine.”

“Thank you, Tim.” Jason picks up the now cool pan and turns it over, popping out the next batch of cupcakes. “I kind of hope Brenda chokes on these.”

Brownies, Anyone?

I love spending time in the kitchen. I love to try new dinner recipes and discover some easy snacks to get me through the day. I especially love to bake. Does that make me an expert? Nope. I don’t have a lot of time to set aside and actually do elaborate recipes. I like to find easy recipes; the easier, the quicker, the better. Also, I can get lazy. Don’t judge me.

I’ve loved seeing Elizabeth share some yummy recipes with us (That carrot cupcake recipe?! YUM!)  and I’ve been meaning to try some of them out for a while. The problem is: Time. I have none, sadly. Also, sometimes I don’t have the necessary cooking/baking equipment.

But! I came across the perfect one recently and have been meaning to try it for a while. BIRD Bakery has some gluten-free brownies that look to die for and I couldn’t resist the chocolate cravings inside me. Best of all, it didn’t look too elaborate.

Some of you might have seen my live updates on how it was going, via those darn Instagram stories. Here’s the full showdown for you.

The recipe is just a quick Google search away and seems to be very popular. For me, I had come across it via Pinterest (and if you’re judging me, get a Pinterest and see what all the fuss is about, you’re welcome) and it had reminded me of what I’d been wanting to write about for this lovely blog. I got to it the very next day and was happy to see that my Pinterest high hadn’t conned me into thinking it was easier than it actually was. Note: This has happened before.

The gluten-free portion of the recipe isn’t really that important to me; BIRD Bakery uses a specific flour that’s locally sold, after many requests from customers for gluten-free choices, and I personally will eat everything except some seafood at this point. So I did tweak the recipe in order to use regular flour and they still turned out great. I did stick to everything else religiously, however, and felt pretty darn awesome doing so. I am a master whisker and my favorite part about anything cooking/baking related is mixing stuff together, and I was happy to see the results, even though my Instagram story said otherwise. It took a little more time than I had originally thought it would because of certain instructions that I’ll share in a second, but overall nothing too bad. Worth the struggle!

I wasn’t able to take any pictures of my personal achievement because there were children present and those brownies disappeared so quickly that I wondered if I’d dreamt the whole thing. I guess I’m a chocolate champ.

Anyway, here’s the recipe, for all those curious and wanting to try something new!

Servings: 12


Unsalted butter: 1¼ cups

Granulated white sugar: 1½ cups

Semi-sweet chocolate chips: 1⅔ cups

Almond flour: 2⅓ cups

Eggs: 8, yolk and white separated

Baking powder: 1¼ Tbsp.

Powdered sugar or chocolate ganache: for garnish

Sliced, blanched almond: 1, for garnish


Step 1: Preheat oven to 300° with rack in center position. Generously butter a 9x13 inch baking dish.

Step 2: In a double boiler, melt the chocolate and then remove from heat. In a large bowl, cream together butter and half of the sugar, slowly adding in the egg yolks. Once well incorporated, add flour and baking powder.

Step 3: Place remaining sugar and eggs in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and beat on medium speed—about 4 minutes—until stiff peaks form.

Step 4: Slowly add the melted chocolate to the large bowl. Fold in the egg-white mixture until all of the ingredients are well incorporated, then pour batter into pan.

Step 5: Bake for 60 minutes at 300°. Rotate halfway through, bringing temperature down to 275°. Bake until center is firm, being careful not to crisp the edges.

Step 6: Let cool slightly in pan, about 15 minutes. Lift brownies out of pan and let cool completely on a wire rack before cutting.

Step 7: Drizzle with chocolate ganache or dust with powdered sugar and garnish with one blanched, sliced almond.

(PS, I totally forgot to garnish with the almond but you better believe it was Powdered Sugar City up on those brownies)

Happy baking! 10/10 for this recipe, E. Would bake again. 

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Title: The Love of my Life

Requested? Nope

Overview: During winter break me and my boyfriend, Niall, decided that I should go to his parent’s house in Ireland to visit him and his family.

(Lots of cutesy stuff)

I grabbed my bags and made my way out of the plane, dragging my feet behind me.

I tiredly trudged through the crowded Mullingar airport and noticed I had a notification as I took my phone out of my pocket.

‘I see you’ it read.

I looked back up, instantly smiling as I saw my blue eyed boyfriend walking toward me.

“Babe!” Niall happily said as he hugged me.

“Hey, miss me?” I laughed.

“Only everyday” he replied, grinning down at me.

I yawned before I could reply.

“I see you are excited to be here” Niall joked.

“Niall” I whined, smiling as I playfully slapped his arm.

“Alright, let’s go” he said, picking up one of my bags.

“Thank you, you are so kind” I grinned, grabbing the other bag.


He swung open the door of his childhood home, allowing me to go in first, before following after.

I heard light footsteps before hearing a voice.

“Niall!” his mother, Maura, excitedly yelled as she ran toward him, tightly hugging him, while Bobby, his father, drifted down the stairs behind his wife.

I awkwardly stood to the side, unsure of what to do. I had met his parents before, if talking on the phone and occasionally speaking when me and Niall would Skype is called “meeting”.

I was really excited to spend winter break in Ireland with Niall, after all, I never got to see him. Between the distances of our homes and the chaos of concert dates, it was practically impossible for the two of us to see each other.

“Hi” Bobby kindly smiled at me as he put out his hand.

“Hello” I nervously said, shaking it.

Maura directed her eyes toward me.

“Oh and you must be Y/N, we have heard so much about you!” she graciously said, pulling me into a hug.

“Thank you for having me” I said with a warm smile.

“It’s no problem, dear!” she said as she pulled away from the embrace.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get Y/N settled in and show her around the house” Niall explained to his parents.

“Oh of course. We actually need to run a few errands but we will be back a little later” Maura said as she hugged Niall once more before sending me another smile and swiftly leaving the house with her husband.

“Your parents are wonderful” I said.

“Yeah, I know” Niall smiled softly to himself. “Anyway, let’s get your stuff upstairs and then I can show you around.”


After settling my bags in the guest room, and getting a tour of the house, jet leg started creeping up on me.

I rested my head on my hands, and my hands rested on the kitchen table, my eyes closed.

“Y/N” Niall whispered, slightly shaking me.

“Hmmmm” I sleepily hummed in response.

“You wanna nap?” he softly laughed.

“Mmhmm, it’s sleepy time.”

I felt him grab my hand and I instinctively intwined our fingers, lazily opening my eyes as I stood up from the table. I stumbled up the stairs and plopped down on Niall’s bed.

“Goodnight, even though it’s only 4 in the evening” he softy laughed as he kissed the top of my head.

The last thing I heard before drifting off was the 'click’ of the closing door.


I woke up and rolled over, only opening my eyes when I remembered where I was.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat for a while, listening to hints of where Niall and/or his parents were.

After hearing Niall’s muffled voice coming from downstairs, I stretched, cleaned myself up in the bathroom, and made the trip downstairs.

“Hey sleepy head” Niall said as he ended the call he was just on.

I simply smiled in response. “Who was on the phone?” I asked.

“I was ordering food from a pizza place that’s not too far from here, I thought you would be hungry, are you? I know I am” he laughed.

“Starving” I grinned. “Hey, where are your parents? Are they still out?”

“Oh, no. They’re upstairs, asleep.”

“Asleep? It’s only like 6??” I said as more of a question than a statement.

“It’s 10 at night.”

“What? You’re telling me that i was asleep for 6 hours?” I exclaimed.

“Yes” he simply stated. “Don’t be embarrassed about sleep, sleep is great” he laughed.

“Oh I know sleep is great, but why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I know how jet leg feels, I know you needed it” he smiled at me. “Now, what do you feel like doing while we wait for food?”

“Movies maybe?” I asked hopefully.

“What a great idea” he smiled as he walked over to his family room, turning on the TV.

“I’m full of them” I playfully joked, following him. “Do you have like a stack of movies? Or a place where they are usually kept?”

“Yeah, usually over there” he said as he pointed in the direction of a cabinet beside the TV, all the while his eyes focused on the remote.

I walked over and opened the cabinet, immediately knowing which movie we would be watching.

CAN WE WATCH THIS PLEASE" I asked, holding up the movie I picked.

“Rise of the Guardians?” Niall asked as he looked up, a smile lingering on his lips.

“YES” I said.

“I have never seen it before.”

I dramatically gasped. “Well, you won’t be able to say that after tonight.”

I walked over and handed him the movie before retiring to the couch.

After Niall put the disk in, he went upstairs and returned with one blanket and two pillows.

After getting settled in, I rested my head on his shoulder and I felt his arm drape around my backside, our legs getting tangled together.

“I love you” he said.

“And I love you” I replied, cuddling in closer.


Our comfortable silence, and our movie, was disturbed when we heard a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” Niall said as he grabbed money off the counter and made his was toward the door.

“Foooooood!” Niall happily said as he placed the containers on the table.

“Amazing” I said, giggling at him.

After opening multiple random cupboards, I finally found the cups, and filled one with my favorite drink, which fortunately, he had.

We walked back over to the couch and placed our food and drinks on the table that was placed in front of it, and got back into our original comfy positions.

Niall reached for the remote.

“How about we finish the movie after we eat. Can we just talk?” I asked.

“Of course” he replied as he leaned down and pecked my lips.

After a few seconds had past, Niall spoke up.

“Do you think there are aliens out in space?”

“I mean there are so many galaxies and inside those galaxies there are solar systems and inside those solar systems are multiple planets, on one of those planets there must be some kind of life besides us” I laughed at his random question.

“What do you think they look like?” He continued, giggling and speaking like a 5 year old.

“I don’t know, ever seen avatar, like the blue people. Maybe that” I laughed.

“Or the stereotypical green guys with antennas” he joked.

“I can see that” I laughed once more, almost choking on my food in the process.


“We should make some cupcakes” Niall all- of-a-suddenly said.

“What?” I questioned. “It’s midnight, Niall. And we just finished our dinner.”

“That’s the perfect time to make cupcakes, Y/N!”

“I agree, let’s go” I laughed as we got up and ran to the kitchen.

Niall pulled out the materials we needed as I searched in the pantry for a cupcake mix.

I gasped as a few things came tumbling down on me.

Niall abruptly looked up and broke out in laughter as he spotted my dilemmas.

I fell on my back and clutched my chest as I let out desperate gasps as I laughed, tears starting to roll down my face.

Niall walked over and hid his face in my neck, both of us attempting, but failing, to try and stop laughing.

When I looked up, I saw his face had turned red from the laughing, and I no doubt looked any different.

“I’m so glad that I have you in my life” Niall said sincerely.

“And what would I do without you?” I smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, placing my hand on the crook of his neck.

When we pulled apart I lifted myself off the floor and ended up needing to help Niall off the floor as well.

“Back to those cupcakes” I determinedly said, a grin plastered on my face.

“Are you sure you don’t need help looking for a mix? I wouldn’t want another avalanche crushing you” Niall mirrored my grin.

I stuck my tongue out at him before turning and going back to the pantry search.

“Aha!” I said as I pulled out a chocolate cupcake mix.

I walked over to the counter and poured the mix into the bowl that Niall had found.

Niall then poured in the water and handed me a measuring cup.

I looked at the directions on the box and walked over to the pantry once more. I pulled out the oil and measured the perfect amount into the cup and then into the bowl.

Niall stirred the ingredients as I got ready to evenly distribute the mix into the cupcake pan.

“Voila” I said after I was done. “We did good, don’t ya think?”

“We did” he laughed as he put the cupcakes into the oven.


After we waited for the cupcakes to fully cook, we frosted them and then decided to finish watching Rise of the Guardians.

Once again in our former position of cuddling on the couch, and the TV softly playing in the background, I felt Niall’s head gently bump my shoulder. Not thinking anything of it, I continued watching the movie.

I softly gasped when his head fell on my lap.

“Niall?” I laughed.


I brung my hand down and brushed through his hair, smiling to myself.

“My sleepy baby” I whispered to myself.

I brushed my fingers against his cheek and I thought to myself:

how did I ever get so lucky?

I directed my eyes back to the movie and continued to unconsciously twirl his hair through my fingers.

I don’t know how I fell asleep in a sitting up position, but the last thing I remember were the end credits of the movie, and the soft snores of the love of my life.

A Date? A Date. - (Dean x Reader)

Summary: Based on a request. The reader and Sam have been best friends since childhood, and their fathers used to hunt together. Now, the two are older and are both hunters. Maybe the roles have changed a bit, but one thing hasn’t: the reader’s crush on Dean.

Warnings: If you squint, you’ll see a tiny bit of angst.

Word Count: 2,055

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(a stormer has been slightly emotionally comprimised in the making of this post)


Asgore: not the best of ideas. I mean, you can probably beat him, but he’s just a super depressed goat dad who’s lonely. don’t fight asgore.

Toriel: DO NOT. I will come for you myself. Toriel is a precious cupcake. Plus i’m fairly sure she could whup your ass.

Papyrus: w……why…….no one wants to fight papyrus. you don’t want to fight papyrus. you think you do but you don’t. look into those angel eyes and tell me you want him to hurt. I’ll wait.


Undyne: fight undyne. She wants it. in fact, you don’t get a choice. you’re fighting her right now.

Metatton: please for the love of god fight metatton.

Alphys: I get the feeling that she would just cry, so……probably not a good idea.

Flowey: fuck Flowey up. take him down. if you can survive hell, you can beat him. please, the world depends on it.

Asriel: DO NOT. poor kid’s been through enough. anyone who thinks Asriel deserves an asswhooping isn’t human and should go directly to jail.

Frisk: I don’t think that’s a good idea. this kid’s determined as fuck. and depending on the timeline, absolutely will fuck you up before giving you a big hug and making you their friend.

Chara: the 8-bit equivalent of satan. you can try, but you’re gonna fail.


xpegasusuniverse  asked:

Caleo AU where Calypso owns a bakery and Leo runs an Auto Shop at the other end of the block

  • Leo was exhausted. He’s been working on this car since nine this morning. He was surprised that the owner got the car into his shop.
  • Luckily it was his lunch break and his sweet tooth has been acting up. There was this little bakery down the block that just opened and he’s been dying to try out.
  • He opened the door to the bakery and a little bell rang, signalling that someone came in. 
  • He walked up to the display cases and looked at the sweets that were in there. His mouth was starting to water at the delicious food.
  • “Can I help you?” He heard a soft friendly voice.
  • He looked up and saw a woman, around his age, carrying a freshly decorated try of cupcakes. “Uh, I’m just looking.” 
  • “Okay. You’re my first customer of the day.” She smiled a bit. She was wearing a white shirt that read Calypso’s Bakery in pink across it.
  • “Does that mean I get a discount?” He smiled. 
  • “It means you get all the fresh stuff.” She smiled back as she put the cupcakes away. 
  • “I see. So, what do you recommend for someone with a sweet tooth?” He asked.
  • “Hm, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. It’s so good.”
  • “Sounds good.” He smiled. “I’ll take one of those.”
  • She got him a cupcake. “Anything else…Leo?” She asked looking at his name tag.
  • “I don’t know, what about cookies?” He asked.
  • She walked over and handed him a sugar cookie. “Try this.”
  • He took it and took a bite. “Oh gods! This is so good!”
  • “Thank you. It’s my family’s recipe for brown sugar cookies.” She smiled. 
  • “Well, I want a dozen of these for snacking. I got a car I’ve been working on since this morning and I need some energy.”
  • She giggled and got him a dozen cookies. “So you own the auto shop at the end of the block?”
  • “It’s my mom’s but I’m going to own it one day. She use to work on cars all the time, but now that she’s older, her joints are bothering her more and more. So she runs the front and I work on the cars.” 
  • “That’s pretty cool that your mom owns an auto shop.”
  • “Yeah, she taught me everything about cars.” He smiled as he got his cookies. 
  • “Well I’ll make sure if I have any car troubles I’ll come to you.” She smiled.
  • He smiled back. “So how much?”
  • “Let’s see, a red velvet cup cake and a dozen cookies, plus the first customer discount, six dollars please.” She smiled.
  • Leo gave her a ten. “Keep it. You deserve it.” 
  • “Thank you. Hopefully I’ll see you soon?”
  • “Very soon.” He smiled at her before leaving.
To The Moon And Back pt. 12

Characters: BTS x Reader
Length: 2087 words
Genre: Angst
Comments: Alternate Universe, Crime

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

Namjoon is your brother.”

That’s what Hoseok had said to Jimin, before Jimin had stormed out of the apartment, a whirlwind of different emotions cursing through him, most of all confusion and pain.

Hoseok had told him that Namjoon knew about this…. situation, and that he had always tried to keep it a secret from most people, until Hoseok had found out one day, when he was looking for one thing, but had found another.

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Rick tried not to make it obvious that he was plotting his escape even as his captor spoke to him. The fact that they were on a bus made his options limited, but if push came to shove, Rick would grab his baby and jump out the window.

The voice of his captor calling his name brought Rick back to the present.

“So, Mr. Grimes. May I call you Rick?”

Rick opened his mouth to respond.

“So, Rick—“

He closed his mouth.

“I’m just so happy you could make this trip. The kids have just been wanting to see you again ever since Career Day. You are all they’ve talked about. It’s just so cute.”

Rick highly doubted he was the hot topic of conversation at recess for a bunch of seven-year-old kids but he just nodded and smiled politely. His captor, Judith’s second-grade teacher, Miss Fisher (she made sure to emphasize the “Miss” when she first met Rick) had cornered and detained him about ten minutes ago as soon as he got onto the bus with Judith. The class was scheduled to depart for their trip in another ten minutes. Unless he made his escape soon, he feared he would be stuck sitting beside her for the entire trip.

“And Judith just loves talking about her daddy.” Miss Fisher looked around and lowered her voice. “I probably shouldn’t say this but Judith is my favorite student.” She stared into Rick’s eyes waiting for a response. When she received the same mannequin-like smile, Miss Fisher knew it was time to step her game up.

When Miss Fisher leaned in and placed her hand (and her chest) on his arm, Rick knew the dreaded moment had arrived.

“Rick, you know we have Safety Day at school where we invite firefighters, paramedics, police and the like to come out and talk to the kids about what they should do in the case of emergencies. I would just love it if you could participate. We could discuss the details during the ride.”  

Rick glanced at the bus window again before looking back at Miss Fisher. “That’s a great program, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to discuss it right now.”

Miss Fisher’s smile dimmed as she asked, “Why not?”

“I’m otherwise engaged.”

Miss Fisher looked horrified. “You’re engaged?! Judith didn’t say anything.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.” Shit, Rick thought, maybe I should have let her think I was engaged. “I just meant I already have things to discuss with my seat partner during the trip.”

“And who is your seat partner?”

Rick hadn’t thought that far ahead. He could say it was Judith but that would be too obvious. He quickly sent up a prayer for a way out of this mess. His prayers were answered by a seven-year-old with no concept of “inside voice.”



Rick and Miss Fisher were both startled by the yelling but Rick recovered fast enough to point to the beautiful woman holding Andre’s hand. “HER! She’s my seat partner,” he said loud enough for the woman to hear.

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The Trades We Choose: Secrets & Dances

/8 to

The Trades We Choose. Personal Assistant AU.
Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: Explicit (for language and eventual sexual content)
Word Count: 6605
Summary: In November, Carmilla Karnstein turns 25. In November, she becomes the new chairman of Karnstein Industries. In November, Laura will part ways with her.
After November, she’d never see Carmilla Karnstein again.

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Also, thank you to clonesbians-unite for being my Beta. <3

“To be fond of dancing was acertain step towards falling in love.” – Jane Austen

It had been nearly three months since you andCarmilla’s argument. And almost four months since you’d started working atKarnstein Industries. It was nearing the end of July and Carmilla was being,for the most part, pretty nice to you. You’d heard from the gossip in theemployee lounge that this was the longest she’d ever kept an assistant andyou’re proud to have stayed longer than anyone else had.

You walk into the building during the last week of July, change as normal and grab your clipboard from your locker. You then head up to Carmilla’s office. When you knock, Kirsch isn’t there to answer the door which hadn’t happened in a while. Carmilla glances up at you from where she’s slouching in her chair, for once not sitting with perfect posture, then she goes back to scrolling through her phone.

“Hey.” She says.

“Hey.” You reply and you look around at nothing in particular before you ask the question sitting on the tip of your tongue. “So, is there a reason Kirsch isn’t here, or?”

“I don’t need him around every waking moment, if that’s what you mean. I just asked him to give us some privacy when you came in today.” Carmilla answers, flipping through the pile of papers on her desk. You can tell she’s not really looking at them, and you dread the moment you know she’ll ask you to go through them for her.

“Why?” You ask. She sets her hand on top of the papers and looks at you with an unreadable expression.

“Would you believe I wanted to be alone with you?” She meets your eye and you manage to hold her gaze. That is, until you feel a blush rising to your cheeks.

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I got my dan and phil sim today!! it came with this adorable little sticker but I have sticker commitment issues so as of yet idk what to stick it on…I was also super happy because me and dan have matching hoodies!! (he suits it better though) 

“I don’t want to win one of those things [Oscar] ever, you know? I don’t want to have to talk. They gave me one of those things, like a nomination, two or three times. A nomination is plenty. The idea of winning means that you’re in competition with someone and I’m not in competition with anybody. I just stick to my guns and do what I want to do. Sometimes people don’t like it but that’s alright.” - Johnny Depp

Tomska, you are unfollowed.

Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal out of this because I prefer to do it quietly and move on, but…

You were, and still are, someone I considered a role model. I was impressed with your videos and thought they were wonderful. I felt pity and empathy when your laptop was stolen. 

But after seeing the way you’ve handled your fans, and the way you’ve previously treated those who worked for you, as someone whose going through a pretty rough time with their current employer, is something I simply cannot look past.

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