i mean look at them sliding around in the rain

star wars: tfa character studies

Rey missed things she’d hated: the pervasive grit and dust of the desert, the sandstorms, the hunger pangs that’d kept her awake. She missed waiting and the illusion that someone would come back for her. The monotony of scavenging and scraping by, every day the same.


Finn didn’t miss anything from before. Since he’d escaped was a different story. He missed each moment as it ticked over into the next. He couldn’t hold onto them and they were all important.


Poe tried to appreciate their success and the calm before the next storm. Tried.


Kylo Ren told himself a thousand times a day: The world needed someone who’d bring order to the universe, not with the Force, but by wielding it. His dead grandpa is going to help.

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