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Star Spangled Man With A...

Avengers team x reader.

Warnings: swearing, violence, implied injury

Word Count: 1,759

First avengers fic please be nice

   “Y/n can you come here please?” Natasha called from somewhere on this floor.

Where on this floor was a completely different matter.

   “Where is ‘here’, Nat?” I called back, standing from my bedroom floor.

   “My room,” she shouted. “I need your help with something,”

I stepped out of my room into the dark hallway, and stealthily made my way to Natasha’s room. just casually using my shadow abilities to blend in with the darkness and travel through the shadows to get to Natasha’s room faster.

   “What do you need?” I leant on her door frame after stepping out of the shadows and watched as she awkwardly tried to assemble a step under her light. “What are you doing?”

   “I’m trying to change the light bulb but someone’s taken the ladder and I’m small,” she huffed as she stacked another book onto the pile of crap in the middle of her room.

I felt someone walked behind me and saw Bucky and Steve headed down the hallway. I caught Steve by the arm, making him stop.

   “Y’know Nat,” I said, dragging Steve into the room. “I can’t help you change your light, but the Star Spangled Man With A Plan Sure Can,”

I smiled like a goofus as they both stared at me and Bucky snorted before continuing down the hall giggling to himself.

   “You’re so proud of your shitty jokes aren’t you?” Natasha laughed finally.

   “Actually I’m just proud of getting that whole sentence out without fucking it up,” I grinned before skipping out of the room. and back into the darkness.

   “You guys swear so much,” I heard Steve mutter.

The following night we’d all settled in the huge living room to hang out and watch a movie.

I couldn’t remember the name of the movie but it had dragons which was cool.

   “Hey Tony,” I called across the room.

   “Yeah?” he said through a mouthful of popcorn.

   “Can you get a tanning bed for the tower?” I asked.

Natasha laughed and Sam choked on his drink at the randomness of my question.

   “Y/n we go outside daily what the hell for?” Tony chuckled at me.

   “I wanna force Steve into it so I can called him The Star Spangle Man With A Tan,” I said plainly, succeeding in holding in my laughter.

Clint clearly wasn’t trying as hard as me as he burst into a fit of giggles on the couch.

Bucky laughed and muttered something that sounded like “eat it Steve” But I couldn’t be sure.

Steve just shook his head turned the volume on the movie up.

The next day we went on a mission was the best I’d ever been on because Steve just kept finding himself in positions where I could take the piss.

The first was in the gym that morning we were working on an agility warm up game and Steve was explaining what he wanted us to do.

   “First you’re going to run the beam while dodging swinging punching bags,” He pointed to one end of the room where that course was set up. “Then you have to make it over the sponge pit via the money bars and avoid being hit with a dodge ball, and then you will climb over the A frame, rescue the ‘civilian’ and carry them back down to safety all the while being attacked by ‘Villains’” 

   “What’s the catch?” I crossed my arms as I looked at the very easy course.

   “You have to make it from here,” he gesture to the start of the track, and still keeping his first arm up he pointed to the end with the other. “To there in 30 seconds or less,”

I noticed he still had his arms both out pointing at each end of the course.

I nudged Natasha in the arm and chuckled.

   “Star Spangled Man With A Wide Arm Span” I stifled my laugh through one hand while pointing at Steve with the other.

   “Y/n your time limit is now 20 seconds,” Steve huffed before hitting the buzzer and Clint began running the course.

The Second time was when we were first out on our mission and some bad guys were fuckin shit up down-town with alien weapons.

A woman was cornered between some cars that had collided and a man with a very strange looking gun that blasted purple plasma rays.

I sank down into the shadow cast by the building I stood behind and traveled to the shadow under the cars behind the the man with the plasma gun.

Sliding out from under the car I kicked my leg out and brought him to the ground, elbowed him in the nose and took his gun.

While he lay squirming in pain on the ground I took the womans hand and began running as fast as I could drag her away from the man. Tossing the gun up to one of Tony’s uninhabited suits.

   “Cap where are you?” I shouted into the coms.

   “Be by your side in a second,” his voice rang in my ear. “Don’t move,”

I stopped running and withing second Steve landed on the hood of one of the bad guys cars right next to me and the woman, holding a couple more of the alien guns.

   “Give me the guns,” I said. “I’ll take them to the suits,”

He tossed the guns to me and I squealed.


I secured my grip on the guns and turned to the woman.

   “Hi are you okay?” I asked her. “I’m Shadow what’s your name?”

   “I’m fine,” she said breathless, clearly ecstatic that she’d been saved by the avengers. “My name is Anne,”

   “Ugh YES” I was suddenly so very happy.

The woman looked very confused.

    “Star Spangled Man, Look After Anne,” I shouted as I shoved the woman into Caps arms and dove into another shadow before he could retaliate.

The last was when he was chasing a bad guy and was thrown back through the window of a bakery.

I fly kicked the bad guy into the wall and he slumped to the ground out cold.

   “Cap you okay?” I called as I climbed through the shattered window frame to see a few customers helping him stand. 

The owner of the bakery came around the counter with a pastry dish in her hands and gave it to me. 

I mean we just smashed through the wall of her shop surely it’s not a thank you?

Cap and I exited the bakery and were met by Hawkeye and Black Widow looking at us.

   “Whatcha got there?” Clint eyed the pastry dish in my hands.

It was now that I realised what it was. Immediately I handed it to Steve.

   “The Star Spangled Man With A Fruit Flan,” I put my hands on my hips and grinned proudly so wide my eyes were squinted shut.

My happy streak didn’t last very long because something impacted with the top of my head and I was suddenly very cold. 

And sticky.

I opened my eyes and wiped custard out of my eyes.

   “Did you just dump a perfectly good fruit flan on my head?” I turned and growled at Steve.

   “Dude we could’ve eaten that,” Clint whined.

Steve just smiled with pride that could have mirrored my own.

For the next week or so there was no joke I could have used at the right time so I just had to wait for the right opportunity.

One finally came along.

Cap and Black Widow were sent on a small mission and I was bored so I followed them in the shadows. 

During a scuffle between Cap and one of the targets, Cap was thrown from a 2 story roof and smashed into the roof of a parked (and thankfully empty) minivan.

I immediately pulled out my phone and snapped an unflattering photo of the scene and sank back into the shadows and portalled home.

I sat waiting for their return in the living room ready to project my photo onto the largest screen in the room. As soon as the walked in I called all the other to join me.

   “Guys, guys,” I was shaking with excitement.

   “oh god what did you do?” Bucky sighed with a laugh as I hopped back and forth from one foot to the other.

   “I snapped a really awesome photo,” I half squealed.

I clicked the button that projected what was on my phone to the tv screen and held my hands out in a presenting manner.

   “Ta-daaa!” I smiled and looked around the room at the confused faces of my team.

   “What exactly am I looking at?” Tony asked.

   “It’s The Star Spangled Man In A Minivan,” I yelled happily.

   “How did you even get that picture?” Steve looked astonished. “Did you follow us?”

   “No that would be creepy,” I giggled before sinking into the shadow in the floor and traveling into the hallway.

   “I don’t think anything will ever be as creepy as seeing a smiling chick sink into the floor,” I heard Clint shiver.

I woke up a few days later to F.R.I.D.A.Y telling my that I’d overslept and breakfast was being made in the kitchen where the others had already gathered.

I shot out of bed and ran out of my room, very annoyed at the well lit rooms and hallways that I could’t shadow travel through.

   “Please be Steve, please be Steve,” I chanted to myself as I sprinted down the hallway and jogged on the spot in the elevator to the recreation floor.

I got a number of odd looks from the team who were all assembled around the breakfast table when I burst into the kitchen very short of breath.

Much to my joy, I was greeted by the beautiful sight of Steve frying bacon and eggs on the electric stove.

I failed to control my laboured breathing and huffed my way to the island bench, awkwardly posing on the edge of the counter with a smug grin.

   “Y/n please don-” Steve looked so done but I cut him off.

   “Star Spangled Man With A Pan,” I wheezed with a proud smile. 

   “Damnit!” Clint beat his fist down on the table, startling most of the team. “I’ve been trying to thinkof one for ages I can’t be;live I missed that,”

   “Get your own joke Katniss,” I giggled, siting on the bar stool and winking at Steve.

   “You’re not getting any bacon,” he grumbled and plated some for everyone but me.

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"You! Can't you see that -- in stooping to your enemy's level -- you're being made over in his image -- that you're becoming the very thing you loathe? " - Captain America #275, Steve Rogers defends neo-Nazi spokesman from being attacked by protestors while making a speech.

Yeah the issue written by dudes who weren’t even born until long after the end of WW2 totally overrides the pretty damn clear stance of Captain America’s co-creator.

I mean, in case we’re skipping over the above link, here’s a helpful quote: 

“When the German spy is killed at the end of the origin chapter, Cap nonchalantly remarked, “A fate he well deserved”– no remorse, no questioning.”

How about another?

In the Red Skull’s first appearance, after he is unmasked and defeated, the Skull makes one last desperate attempt at escape and Bucky tries to stop him. While Cap stood motionless, the Skull rolls over on a hypodermic filled with poison and dies. Bucky gets up and looks at Cap incredulously and asks, “But you saw it all–why didn’t you stop him from killing himself?” To which Cap casually replied, “I’m not talking Bucky”

I mean, Jack Kirby really, really hated Nazis. Don’t believe me? How about Stan Sakai?

But sure, Cap would get squeamish at punching Nazis. A+ cherrypicking, have an Iron Cross.


Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, smut, angst / athlete!jungkook, artist!jungkook
Word count: 24,263

Summary: Jungkook only cares about three things: Baseball, painting and his team, but soon he’s adding you to that list when love comes flying at him fast and hard, knocking him right on his ass. 

A/N: …. listen…. idk how 24k happened, but it did. I can’t stand looking at this any longer lol so please forgive any minor mistakes.
Big shout out to @taechulo for helping me out with the plot for this bad boy & @jacksonsjams for being such a wonderful beta reader 💕

It could have been his imagination, but Jin swears he feels the slightest tickle of rain on his face, so he reaches out his hand, palm upturned, to confirm his suspicions.

“Hmm.” He narrows his eyes at his dry hand, then glowers up at the overcast sky and heaves an irritated sigh. The weather forecast had lied. Again. This was the second time this week that, instead of sunshine and high temperatures, they were instead given downpour and gloom. Well, it wasn’t pouring yet, but Jin wasn’t about to get his hopes up.

“Alright boys, let’s pick up the pace. I want to get in at least some practicing before it starts to rain,” Jin calls over to his team, all stretching their limbs and grumbling a collective ‘Yes coach.’ They all look as miserable as Jin assumes they feel and just the tiniest part of him feels almost sorry for making them practice. Almost. The team needs to kick their practicing into high gear if they want to be ready in time for the new season and that meant no slacking, so Jin shakes off the slight guilt with ease.

He instructs half the team to do interval throwing – a partner drill where they throw the ball back and forth - while the other half of the team does base running.

Three rows down, doing the interval drill, Jungkook nurses a wicked headache and catches the ball that comes whizzing at him from the opposite end. He throws it back and Jimin catches it in his glove easily, yawning tiredly and putting little effort into his next throw.

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The Nanny Part 3

A/N: Thank you all for being so patient. This part is pretty much getting to know Bucky a bit more and see into how they are going to work together. Shout out to @whothehellisbella for some helps

Warnings: none

Word count: 1572 words

Summary: When Bucky Barnes hired a Nanny, he thought he was going to hire someone to take care of the kid. But when she starts, he knows that she is more than just a Nanny

The Nanny MasterList

Laughing Bucky shook his head before walking over to the two of you and taking Emily into his arms. “Of course she can.” He said, glancing over at you and threw you a subtle wink.

Smiling to yourself you look up to see the man, who you assumed was Clint and gave him a small wave.

He smiled back at you before looking at his phone and looked back at the three of you. “Well I would love to stay at chat but I gotta go to work. See you guys later.” He said giving you all a small wave before he ran out the door.

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The Lucky One Pt 3

Characters: reader, James (Bucky), OC Caleb, OC Marjorie (reader’s mother), mention of OC Kevin Jenkins.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: mostly fluff, a lil angst.

Word Count: 2554

Tags at the bottom 

A/N: This fic was originally for Stark’s Tower Movie Challenge ( @hunters-from-stark-tower ). I hoped to have another part or two finished by the deadline, but life happens. :) I’ve based this fic on the movie/book “The Lucky One”. I’m really enjoying fleshing out this story and putting my own spin on it! I hope you agree. Please let me know your thoughts! 

<<<Part Two   Part Three   Part Four>>> 

The Lucky One Masterlist


Originally posted by dailyevanstan


You heard the stable doors sliding shut, breaking you from your reverie. James closed the padlock around the chain and handed the keys to you.

“Thank you,” you responded, throat still a little thick with emotion.

“He’ll be okay,” James assured you. “Caleb. You’re doing right by him, I don’t doubt that.”

“I appreciate that. Have a good night, James,” you said with a sniffle. 

A generous smile touched his lips, this time even reaching his stunning blue eyes.  

“Good night, Y/N,” he echoed before walking away.


The rest of the week, James continued to be the perfect employee. He came early to start any repair projects he saw, fed the horses, mucked out the stalls, hauled bales of hay, and did all of it without complaint. Most days you had to remind him to take a lunch break and when to stop at the end of the day. You wondered if he actually even had an off switch. Around noon, when reminded, he would disappear for that hour for the first few days, but by the end of the week he was bringing a lunch of his own and would spend time with the horses. You could tell he was more comfortable around them and that fact made you oddly happy.

One evening after work was done for the day and James had gone home, you were sitting on your porch with your mother beside you. Caleb was laying on a blanket with his sketchbook, perfectly content. As the sun set and darkness rose slowly, you saw a figure walk past on the main road. It was James walking back from town with what looked like at least 5 grocery bags in his left hand and 3 or 4 planks of wood over his right shoulder. Quite the load to carry over such a long distance, although come to think of it, you weren’t sure where he was staying since there wasn’t much past your stables for miles.

Curiosity got the better of you so the next day, after discussing the training and feeding schedule, you breeched the subject.

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I haven't been paying attention to bb since Alex won hoh for obvious reasons hdhdhd. What happened to Dom and Mark I thot they were close?

Well bitch, we’ve all been played by that giant ass baby. SMDH Dominique being the child of God that she is was kind enough to tell Mark to do what’s best for his game, but this little headed bitch baby is openly partaking in the attacks against Dominique.

I’m not shocked because we should’ve been knew his wishy washy ass wasn’t shit, but how are you going to openly partake in ridiculing someone who has been there for you since day 1? How are you going to encourage Paul’s Rizzo the Rat looking self to do blackface in the middle of the veto for more shock value?

If you were such a good guy like you claim to be Mr. Little Head you would be constantly checking in on Dominique. Hell Josh “the king” Martinez has checked in and talked to Dominique more in one day than Donkey Kong’s overgrown self has done all week. Now Reck it Ralph is on some mess saying how he needs Eugenia to be there when he talks to Dominique. What the hell do you need Eugenia there for? She needs to take her ass back to Whovile and stop worrying about my girl Dominique. 

Then this big ass thumb looking dude is going to throw hot sauce and pickle juice in Josh’s face and talk about some, “oh I thought he would take it better” What you mean I thought he would take it better?! Let’s see how you take it when I bust a cap in your ass, Mr. Thumb. Anyways, so that whole ordeal kind of showed Dominique another side to Mark and pretty much all of America. Like how are you going to say you’re anti-bullying, but openly partake in bullying? Some shit not adding up Mr. Mark. 

Lastly, last night Dominique and Josh were having a heart to heart, which I suggest you watch because it will have you in all of your feelings, and she expressed to Josh that she is starting to see Mark in a different, more negative light. 

And honestly I think we all are. I can’t believe I liked him at all. I feel so played.


Pairing: Steve x Reader

“He’s staring again,” Magnus whispered. You looked over at the blonde man and caught his gaze. He blushed and looked away, prompting his friend to nudge him. “I think he likes you.”

You bit back a smile. “Focus on your homework.”

“But it’s so boring!” He whined. “Can’t you finish it for me?”

“Magnus, you -”

“He’s coming over!”

Startled, you looked up to find the blonde man being ushered towards your table by his friend.

“Hi there, I’m Sam and this is my friend Steve,” Sam announced, smiling at you. “You come here often?”

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You were sat listening to Steve on the phone with Natasha.

“I don’t need a date, Nat.”

“Because you’ve already got one.” you said through gritted teeth. You and Steve had been dating for almost a year now yet he had kept your relationship a secret from his friends. At first you had been able to understand but you had to listen countless times to them trying (unknowingly) to set him up with women or seem him go to the Avenger’s tower alone.

“Okay, yep. I’ll see you later. Bye.”

Hearing him put down the phone you quickly picked up your book again and tried to appear interested in it. Steve came in and sat down next to you.

“There’s a thing at the Tower tonight.”

“Ok.” you said, bluntly, still pretending to read.

“I just wondered if it was ok to go?”

“You always do go why should today be different.”

“Are you ok?” Steve asked his hand falling onto your thigh.

“Am I ok? Steve you haven’t told anyone abut us. You haven’t let anyone come round in case they see me. Why am I such a big secret?”

Steve sighed, “You know I just want to keep you safe I-”

“I understood that for the first few months but now I don’t feel safe. I feel like I’m constantly hiding whilst you go out and live your normal life. You don’t need to keep me protected 24/7 and actually wouldn’t I be safer being friends with a group of Avengers instead of one?” You picked up your book and held it over your face so Steve didn’t see your lip trembling holding back frustrated tears.

There was a moment of silence before Steve spoke.

“I’m sorry. You know I wanted to protect you and like I always do I take control and decided what is best even if it’s not. I never meant to keep you a secret…not this long anyway. I admit I was probably too scared but now I know it has to happen. So…will you come with me tonight?”

You peered over your book at him, and he looked apprehensive.

“Only if you want me to.” you said.

He took the book out of your hands and pulled you closer. Of course I want you to. I love you and I’d love everyone to meet you. I’ve just been stupid not to take you sooner.”


You were both stood outside the tower just about to go in.

“Ready?” Steve said his voice laced with nerves.

“No, but I think we’ve waited long enough.” you replied.

So you went in.

As you walked through the door, Steve’s hand gripped firmly in yours, there were various shouts of “Hey!”.

“Who’s this?” Natasha said, smiling as she hugged Steve with one arm. You noticed the background talking had quietened down as though to listen in. Steve brought you next to him slipping his arm round your shoulder and said;

“This is [Y/N]…my girlfriend.”

Then the noises stopped altogether.

“Your girlfriend? What did you pick her up this morning?” Tony joked.

“No…erm…we’ve been together almost a year now.”

A pin could drop in the room in that second. Natasha stepped forward brows furrowed. “You’ve never mentioned [Y/N] before” she said although in her annoyance it came out almost as a hiss. You felt the need to stand up for Steve.

“I was annoyed as you are…well probably a little more. He wanted to keep me safe so-”

“So you kept her a secret? You let me try and set you up with people and-”

“Hey, I said I didn’t need dates.”

“WELL CLEARLY NOT.” Nat shouted in Steve’s face and although you somewhat understood why Steve did it you couldn’t help being on her side a little. You attempted to intervene again.

“Natasha trust me, he’s heard enough shouting from me. I’m just happy he’s finally let me meet you all, I’ve heard so much about you.” you smiled, lightly touching her arm. Natasha breathed out as though releasing her anger.

“I’m sorry I don’t know much about you, at least it will give us a lot to talk about.” she smiled taking your arm and leading you further into the room but not before sneaking a glare at Steve.


It was getting later and you had now been introduced individually to each person in the room and were now sitting between Sam and Wanda, engulfed in laughter at the jokes Sam was making, Steve came over and sat on the arm of your chair.

“Are you ready to go?” he smiled.

“Yeah I guess so.” you felt slightly saddened than you had to leave your new friends so son.

“Don’t worry [Y/N].” Sam said, “We superheroes all need our beauty sleep to look this good [he pointed at his face and you giggled] so you wont be missing out on much after you go.” You smiled and waved forward to hug him and Wanda then made your way round the room saying goodbyes.

Tony pulled into a hug and said; “Despite what Cap thinks, you are always welcome here.”

“Thank you.” you said, really meaning it and then you laughed as you both glared at Steve approaching who tried to look innocent as possible.

“I hope you’re not trying to start another war Stark.” Steve winked leading you away.

The last person you said goodbye to was the first face you met when you entered.

“I can’t believe all the time we’ve missed out on knowing each other but we will all have to make up for it [another glare at Steve although this time it was light hearted]. We should go for coffee sometime soon okay?” She pulled you in for a hug as you replied;

“I would love that.”


As you and Steve got into the taxi, he breathed out deeply as though he had been holding his breath the whole night.

“I had Nat in my ear for hours about not bringing you sooner.” He moaned, running his hands through his hair.

You leaned into his shoulder, smiling. “Well she had good reason to. Maybe you’ve learnt your lesson.” Steve chuckled and put his arm round you as the taxi pulled off towards home.

i can’t count the number of people who have said “oh I never knit, except during the war, of course”

i spent a goodish part of last night (I mean when I wasn’t finally dragged down to my doom by Candy Crush) looking up World War II knitting and sewing propaganda posters and let me tell you son don’t do the thing.

anyway my actual reason was a joke I’m slowly working about about Captain America being in propaganda about E V E R Y T H I N G and Steve Rogers being unable to know where to put his face seventy years later. So far I have:

EVERY STITCH COUNTS [picture of Cap earnestly and awkwardly bent over a woolly thing bristling with needles, NOT SHOWN: Steve Rogers arguing for hours that that isn’t even how you make a sock, Steve Rogers’ fancy afghan square contributed toward Myra’s wedding afghan by the girls, Steve Rogers mailing a package of socks to James Barnes, who is currently undergoing torture and does not receive them]

TIME TO SIT? TIME TO KNIT [picture of Cap, arms folded disapprovingly, gazing sternly at two ladies sitting and having coffee, smoking cigarettes in their idle hands, NOT SHOWN, Steve Rogers on train to Billings, Montana, where he’ll be second fiddle to a pig’s squeal being auctioned off (yes it happened, look it up), two showgirls cuddled up on either side of him, moving his hands in small, careful motions so June and Ruby don’t get disturbed even if he can’t sleep, needles clicking away on a hat that he’ll eventually throw at a man named Jim Morita, saying, “Just shut up and wear a damn hat, Jim, we all know you’re a delicate fucking hothouse California blossom”, also not shown, Peggy Carter, years later, pulling on much darned woolen gloves while her daughter says, “mummy why don’t you throw those old things away?”]

MENDING HELPS THE MEN [picture of Cap, allowing a girl to sew a rip on his uniform as he looks paternal and amused by her efforts, NOT SHOWN, Steve Rogers saying “Aww, Ginny, don’t worry, it’s gonnal take two seconds to fix, I ain’t gonna tell Bossman you ripped it if you ain’t”, taking a cheap satin skirt from one of the girls and fixing a tear on it with quick hands, also not shown, Steve Rogers looking down at a sweater that James Barnes wore for months of hell and carefully darning, reknitting, until finally he can hide it away where Bucky can’t see it but Steve knows he fixed something, even if he can’t fix Bucky—]

and I’ve run out of ideas and also I think I’m going to have to sit down in a corner and stare at nothing until I stop having feelings, ugh. 

the rest of our lives || Mandy/Jenny

a/n: written for @omgcpwomenfest​, day 11. i don’t usually write angsty stuff, but…. have some unrequited pre-ghosthood pining with a side of sapphic self-realization and some ominous foreshadowing. :)))))

“Do you think I should do, like, waterproof eyeliner? Or just regular?” Jenny asked. “Because, like, they haven’t told us anything about this rush event, you know? And I just want to be, like, ready for whatever.”

Mandy looked up from where she was painting her nails on Jenny’s bed. Jenny was standing over her, holding two tubes of makeup and biting her bottom lip. In the end, Jenny had opted for shorts and her red Samwell top, the one that always kept slipping off her shoulders. She looked cute—but then, Jenny looked cute in everything, Mandy thought.

“I’d definitely go with the waterproof one,” Mandy said finally. “Just to be safe. Runny makeup totally blows.”

“That’s what I was thinking!” Jenny said. She uncapped the waterproof eyeliner and hopped back over to her mirror. “Plus, like, what if I cry or something? It’s going to be a pretty emotional night.”

Mandy nodded and carefully painted another nail. “I know, right? I’m super excited,” she said, and then added, a little more hesitantly, “but I’m also… kinda nervous.”

“It’s totally fine to be nervous,” Jenny said. She’d already finished the eyeliner on one dark eye and was moving onto the next, her hand steady and precise. The sharp tip of the eyeliner brush dragged effortlessly over Jenny’s lash line. God, it was almost as if the brush was drawn there magnetically. Watching Jenny do her makeup never got old.

“What'cha thinkin about?” Jenny asked, catching Mandy’s eye through the mirror. Mandy blinked.

“Oh,” she said. “You’re just, you know. You’re really good at makeup.” That earned her a smile.

“It’s all about practice, Mandy dearest,” Jenny said. “I grew up doing makeup for ballet. And drill team. And cheer. You pick it up fast.” She winked.

Somehow, Mandy doubted would be as good as Jenny even if she’d had the same amount of experience, but she didn’t say that.

“As soon as my nails dry, I’m going to get started on my makeup,” she said instead. “Is it okay if I borrow your eyeshadow?”

“I could do it for you, if you want.”

Mandy paused. “…What?”

“I could do your eyeshadow,” she said. “But like, only if you want me to?”

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Imagine Tony’s playboy reputation being greatly exaggerated because he likes to flirt and is a tactile person. In truth, Tony has only ever been and wanted to be with one person since he was 16 years old. Imagine (some of ) the Avengers finding out that Tony and Rhodey have been together for nearly three decades now.

“This has to stop, Stark.”

“Hello, Capsicle,” Tony said, not looking up from the delicate circuit board he was soldering with Dummy’s ‘help’.  “How are you?  I’m fine, thanks for asking.  Please, come in, pull up a chair, I’ve got time to talk, not like I’m doing anything important or anything, I swear to God, Dummy, you are useless.  Community college is too good for you, I’m donating you to a preschool.”

“I’m being serious here,” Cap said sternly.

“And I’m being sarcastic,” Tony responded.  “What needs to stop this time?”

This,” Cap said, dropping a gossip magazine onto the work bench at Tony’s elbow.

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What time is it??? Time for me to go into detail about something that is so pointless but i’m gonna talk about it religiously. Todays topic: Tsukkiyama phones/dogs 

I’m sure you all remember this legendary photo of Yamaguchi taking a picture of the dog. This is what built everyones belief of Yama being a dog lover. 

Now you see that phone. Seeing it the first time i always thought it was a flip phone. Now i’m not so sure. Because look at this. 

Recent official art of Yamaguchi with an Iphone. NOT TO MENTION LOOK AT THE DOG STICKER ON IT. But what we all can agree on is the phone in the first and second photo are completely different. 

Now here is a manga cap of Tsukki with an iphone. So what does this mean?? Is Yamaguchi listening on Tsukishima’s phone?? or did he just buy a new phone?

and if it is Tsukishima’s phone who put the sticker on it?? I’d like to think Yama.

one last question: why do i even care about this??? i honestly just.. i dont’ know i’m sorry 

Soooo I commissioned @luciasatalina to draw my husbando Lavi from D.Gray-man and I’m just

I HAVE BEEN INTERNALLY SCREAMING FOR THE LAST 7 HOURS well not completely because I fell asleep half way it was like 1am when I received it and I fangirled till like 3am because that’s when I passed out wheEEE BUT THIS IS SO PERFECT AAAAAAA


I mean look at my darling’s face ^ how can you resist; especially in that beautiful art style ; v ;


(Forgive me for all the caps I’m just so overly elated over this ;;;; I hope I can commish you again in future…! ♡)


I took to eBay in search of Ironman plushies and I found something truly beautiful.

I mean look at these monstrosities.

This one looks like a child molester.

This one looks like he was molested.

This one… well, you have eyes. You can see it.

And a few special features:

That last one’s my favourite.

Oh, and we can’t forget about Cap! He’s got some beauties of his own!

My friends, this is what you see when you die.

This is what you see.

Scenes from the Behind - My Reaction

Red - the blood of angry men. Black - the dark of ages past. Red - a world about to dawn.” – Les Miserables

“an epic adventure that unlocks age-old mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past.” - D23 official press synopsis


I go on hiatus and all Stars Wars breaks loose…in.the.best.possible.way.


Yup, Star Wars still pushing my buttons.

Apparently, Darth Box is going to be a thing. I really hope he’s not Rey’s father. (Unless it makes Reylo ok…but it’d still be weird.)

Chewie…what a diva. You thought Kylo Ren got his style from Han? Ha, no, Uncle Chewie taught him everything about beauty.

Looks like Luke has had plenty of time to learn guitar, just look at those Jedi green finger picks! I hear he sings a mean, “She’s Climbing a Stairway to Heav”-I mean, “Jedi Temple.”

I told ya the “last Jedi” was Batman several posts ago…

I just know Luke’s going to tell Rey to “Get to the chopper!”

Seeing these images of Carrie just melted my heart. So bittersweet. I miss her. Caps and I will always think of her as our adopted Aunt Carrie.

I really hope Leia told this lady not to let beauty school dropouts do her hair again.

Sooo, by now you’ve probably heard that a lot of people think it’s Rey in the right corner. And, maybe, maybe he’s holding Kylo Ren all pieta style and Leia is shipping Reylo and shocked her son has a girlfriend now.

What? It’s a good question.

Poor Finn has yet to land on the “Get Out Of Jail Free” card…argh First Order Monopoly!

Are Ren’s helmets kinda like “day of the week” undies? Is this the Friday-crushing-it helmet?

Yup, everyone is a King at Burger King. Sad he didn’t get BB a crown though.

Nice to know Finn was able to attend the Jedi Yule Ball. Rey just loves the Macarena.

AH! As long as it doesn’t make an annoying sound, I love it! Where’s the plushie pre-order page?

Wow. So. Cool. When I first decided I wanted to be a Jedi at age ten, I imagined it would be awesome like this. So happy Rey looks so mysterious and strong.

*jaw drop* It keeps going…how far does it go………………………?

Ah the Resistance, it’s a funny place.

All and all, glad they have a sense of humor!

My Idol: Part Twelve

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

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anonymous asked:

c/hill is so predictable lol

I wish I had placed a bet in Vegas. Poorly executed as always. Posted by a friend (the romantic night out with Ash and friends), tagged for all to see, including W’s tag on an inactive account, posted on the night before Valentine’s Day when we know beardie is in LA and not in Vancouver (don’t be surprised if she flies out today in all her drunken glory for a photo op), and the caption: “living in a Monday”, besides grammar issues (that’s the nit picky editor in me), the dude may as well have written it in glitter and all caps with an arrow pointing to C “It’s MONDAY! See? C is in LA with his *bf* and not anywhere else! It’s MONDAY!” Are we to believe that photo was taken last night?  I mean…please.

Chris, however, as always, looks quite beautiful. I’m sure his real bf agrees.

Highly Suspect - Birmingham, AL May 10th, 2017

This is easily the longest I’ve waited to write about a concert I attended, but even though I’ve been super busy with Reality Breached, I know I need to get my thoughts about the Highly Suspect show on record.

They played in a small bar-type venue similar to a Hal and Mal’s or The Hideaway called Saturn. I didn’t know what type of audience to expect, as Highly Suspect straddles a few genre fences that can be dichotomous in nature. Add to that, Saturn looks to be located in the center of a gentrified portion of old Birmingham. Ultimately, the crowd was your standard hard rock/heavy metal fare, with lots of young people, lots of awkward white dudes, and a good portion of older (30+) fans looking to watch one of New York’s hottest bands right now.  

Usually, I talk about the opening act, but other than being better than expected, the singer sporting a Kool-Aid Man costume and them being a solid female 3 piece, they were mostly forgettable. Honestly, give me sec, let me Google who it was……ah there it is. The band was called And the Kids. I realized I wasn’t giving them a fair shake. Again, they weren’t bad, I just really want to talk about Highly Suspect.  

I’ve never seen a show quite like Highly Suspect. It was an erratic, alcohol-fueled, absurdist, celebration of bravado and possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever scene. DJ Redbees, served as the MC for the entire night. He mixed tracks during setup and teardown times, announced the opener, bridged the gap during the wait for Highly Suspect and ultimately spent Suspect’s entire set in the back idly playing tracks presumably to fill out the sound.  As odd as that was, it really gave the whole show a house party vibe.  

Redbees wasn’t the only extra on stage. During sound check, the two roadies setting up the equipment had significantly more character than your typical laser focused sound guys and once the show started, they both just kinda chilled on the side of the stage, in plain view, handing the band props like hats, wigs, masks, and lots of tequila. Like, lots. For the duration of the show, between the 3 band members, DJ Redbees, and the 2 roadies, about 3 fifths of tequila were consumed. Needless to say, things got weird.  

Despite being blitzed, the band was musically at the top of their game. Johnny Stevens sounded amazing, and his guitar shredding was even more impressive in person. He plays with a brash attitude of self-awareness that fits directly into his onstage swagger. It was loud, dirty, and aggressive in an almost tender way. A lot of this is why their music works so well. Stevens sings as if he’s both the judgmental outsider and the rebellious punk rolled into one. His demeanor says “Yes, I know this is self-destructive, and that’s why you envy me.” Angry and sad and young and lonely and smart all at the same time. I wasn’t expecting their stage show to be such a well actualize extension of that sound, but it absolutely was.

I don’t recall ever going to a rap concert. Sure I saw a good chunk of Snoop Dogg about a decade ago in Memphis, but I was so far from the stage I don’t think I can speak about the vibe of a rap show. With that said…I totally got a hip-hop vibe from the Highly Suspect show. The roadies, in effect, were hype men, and having the acronym “MCID” emblazoned on tee-shirts, baseball caps, and even the drum-kit had the feel of an underground hip-hop movement. I had to look it up, but MCID means, “My Crew Is Dope.” That’s some Cash Money/No Limit level of self-promotion. I mean, rock bands don’t do that kind of shit. I don’t know, maybe I’m off, but it definitely felt like peacocking an indie rap record label.

The last thing I want to talk about is the performance and set-list. I’m very familiar with both of Highly Suspects major albums. They are good listens beginning to end. The tracks they played from these albums were great, but I was surprised at how much they went off script. There were at least 3 songs where bassist Ryan Meyer sang. Not only did he sing, but they were songs that aren’t even on their albums and there were at least 2 long instrumental sections of the show.

Oddly, the roadies pulled up the setlists before the apparent encore. Then, in a surprise move, when the show seemed to be over, the two roadies grabbed the bass and drums, and Stevens (with the help of the roadies) performed a blistering version of “Look Alive Stay Alive”. All the while Ryan Meyer crowd surfed. After that, the show continued, without a setlist. At some point, towards the end of the show, Stevens’ guitar went completely dead in the middle of a song, but the show went on with the rest of the band playing even louder. I mean, this concert had many opportunities to completely derail and that only made it better.

On May 10th, in Birmingham, at Saturn, Highly Suspect played a show. They played that show like they were the only band that mattered in the world. Like they invented metal, and they were the second coming of Nirvana and Guns n Roses wrapped into one. As eccentric and surprising as the show was, the wonton alcohol consumption, the defiant cigarette smoking, and figurative chest bumping made it something I will never forget.

The band was there to have a good time and be rock stars. They were going to tear the place down whether you were onboard or not. This show proved to me that for better or worse, Highly Suspect might be the most inherently American Rock band in the business today.

Okay but i literally never make a post about something wrong in the show but i mean c'mon, ateven looks so weird and wrong in this i want to scream.
Like peridot can look off-model
Lapis can look off-model, but steven? This steven looks like season 1A steven. And that was kinda ugly. I thought we could at least know how to draw ateven at this point. And ik everyone is gonna try to tell me that its just prbbly a second and its only a funny face he makes. Okay? And so. He doesnt make funny faces alot. Like ever. Last one was mindful education with the bald cap and last last one was together breakfast. Thats it. So lets get it together