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Something I think is interesting is if you consider Warp Tour through The Return from Peridot’s perspective, it’s a little bit like…

Imagine you’re working in a good-sized office building. It has a basement, but it’s always locked and you’ve never been there. One day your boss hands you the keys, tells you there’s a fax machine down there, and asks you to go see if it’s working.

You head into the basement, and it’s really creepy down there. There’s weird graffiti on the walls and like… mysterious arrangements of paperclips that you have no idea who put them there or why. But you are here, you have a job to do, you are good at your job, you are finding that fax machine.

And then suddenly a bunch of people you have never seen before jump out of nowhere, strike poses, rattle off some kind of motto and start attacking you. 

You book it back up the stairs and lock the door behind you, because, holy crap, there are people living in the basement, why did no one tell you about this. And naturally the first thing you do is blab to Security and by Security I mean that one ex-Navy Seal with all the tattoos who’s built like she wrestles grizzly bears in her spare time and somehow ended up on security detail in an office building right here at this point in your life when ordinary security will not suffice, because sometimes the corporate gods are merciful. 

And not only does she believe you, but she just sorta looks you over and goes “oh, yeah, those guys. I know who those guys are. Let’s go, I’ve got some unfinished business with them.”

And then to make situations way weirder there’s some other person who shows up around this time who has apparently been held hostage by the basement people for longer than you’ve been working here and she’s deeply alarmed by the phone system and she comes along even though she really doesn’t want to because you have Security on your side and Security probably benches I-beams, and you are totally confident you are going to kick these basement-lurking weirdos’ butts. 

And then the whole situation goes rapidly downhill and then before you know it you’ve been indoctrinated into the basement cult.

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Hey! I just wanted to send you an ask saying how much I completely *adore* your art! I love the way you draw and the colors are always so gorgeous. And goddamn don't even get me started on how you draw expressions!! And the little details you add to each piece make it really interesting and I like just sitting and looking at every detail in your artwork because it's all so pretty! I could go on about even more but tumblr is stupid :'( Just know that I love your art and think it's amazing <3

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Thank you ;w; like holy crap dude! Comments like these mean everything to me! I’m not popular with my art at all (tumblr hates anime styles) so I’m actually shocked when I hear people genuinely like my art for what ever reason, because honestly I can’t understand it myself tbh BUT THANK YOU MY DUDE!!!! 

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Hi, I just found your fic and while I think you're an extremely talented writer it really bothers me that you're centering your fic around Danse. He's racist and bigoted and is extremely problematic and it really makes me feel uncomfortable and sick to my stomach that people (not just you!!!) are so quick to justify his behavior.

I… I mean. I’m sorry? I really sincerely don’t believe that I’ve been justifying his actions or treatment of other characters? I mean, my WHOLE GOAL in this story is to end up exploring Danse’s character because I feel like Bethesda wrote this incredibly detailed, deep character with so much promise and so much opportunity to explore what it means to look inward and learn how drastically it can seem like your life and everything you know and take for granted seems to shift just based off of single moments of CHANGE and holy crap there’s all the room in the world for a sort of “redemption” arc in which he can start TRYING TO BE A BETTER PERSON… and then Bethesda just kinda stopped short of all that on account of lazy writing.

So I’m sorry if you don’t like Danse. No offense, but I’m not about to stop writing and abandon the project. Also, if all of the sole survivor’s other friends and teammates can stand by Danse in his hour of need despite his being an abrasive trashcan to half of them, he probably deserves a second chance from the Fallout fandom, too.

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