i mean look at the boy!!!!

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This whole moonlight celebration is so upsetting because of the hate vibes that are going around. Like can't you just be happy that this year the right movie won and be chill and not trash a movie that, surprise, NOT everyone hates. Seriously had it happened to moonlight everyone would be complaining, treat others the way you would want to be treated. Be nice!! No one here is gonna trash moonlight, it's a good film, we're not saying it isn't just because we liked la la land.

i mean i understand where a lot of people are coming from, moonlight is about a gay black boy navigating life and growing up from a perspective that is rarely shown on screen, let alone nominated for academy awards. people are happy it’s getting praise and the respect it deserves. it deserves the awards and people deserve that happiness that comes along with it winning. and la la land must look very bland in comparison to it. i’m aware of that. it’s just my personal opinion that la la land makes me really happy and i also think it’s incredibly well made, the music and cinematography especially is really brilliant filmmaking. i’m not gonna compare them anymore because they couldn’t be more different. they’re on such different levels that they might as well be on different planets. but i do love them both

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Ok i got a good one theres a school dance coming up and betty feels bad because no one asked her then sudenly she heres music coming from outside and who does she see in a suit with a radio next to him jughead

You got it!

Putting her books back in her locker, Betty took a minute to wallow in self pity.

She looked in the tiny mirror she kept hung up in her locker

She was pretty, wasn’t she?

Her eyes were always bright, varying from green to blue depending on her mood. She had long blonde hair, boys liked blondes didn’t they?
And she knew she was in good shape, sure she didn’t look like Veronica or Cheryl, but she was athletic and she always made sure she looked presentable.

So maybe it was her personality.

She thought she was funny, I mean people laughed when she told a joke and she would do anything for anyone, she thought she was a good person but what did she know?

All she knew was, tonight was homecoming and she hadn’t been asked.

Peeking in the mirror one last time, she was suprised when she heard the familiar voice from behind her.

“Fixing your hair bets?”

Turning around she smiled

“Just.. reflecting juggie.”

He smirked pulling his headphones from his ears.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

She laughed

“Oh jug, you couldn’t afford me.” She tossed her ponytail and smiled, slamming her locker shut.

He rolled his eyes, matching her steps.

“Alright Beyoncé, now tell me what’s on your mind.”

She sighed

“Oh just your typical girl next door problems, no one asked me to the dance.” She laughed sadly switching her backpack to her other arm. “It’s really no big deal though, I have so much studying to do anyways.rdquo;

Jughead watched the way she avoided his eyes quickly switching topics.

Arriving at her house, jughead walked her to the door


She giggled,

“Ya know jughead, just once I wish my life could be like some cheesy eighties movie. I’ll see you tommorow ”

Jughead watched her walk into her house, before taking off and heading to his own home.

Betty deserved to be happy all the time, why no one but him saw this, was ridiculous.

No one had asked her to the dance? Why the hell not?

She was the perfect date, beautiful, smart, funny, what more could these idiotic boys ask.

Betty wanted an eighties movie romance?

She was gonna get an eighties movie romance.


Placing the pink gel pen back into her messy bun, Betty stretched her long legs and flipped herself down onto her bed.

The gorgeous, peach dress was hanging on her closet door, mocking her as she sat in her bedroom wearing tiny gray cotton shorts and tight white tank top.

She threw her pillow at her closet, hitting the dress.

Suddenly, she heard the soft music of an old slow song coming through her bedroom window.

Walking slowly to the window, she peered out catching the crown shaped beanie.

Standing underneath her window was none other than Jughead jones, holding a speaker blasting a familiar slow song.

Looking damn good in a suit, smiling up at her.

“Jughead jones! What on earth are you doing?!”

He was laughing now

“Waiting for you to come on down here, don’t we have a dance to attend?”


He smiles up at her.

“Get dressed, or don’t, I don’t care you can wear that if you want, you look nice.” He shrugged

“Okay, give me like ten minutes!”

Twenty minutes later, Betty came barreling down the stairs

Peach dress, golden shoes and her hair falling on her shoulders.

The best part of her outfit had to be her wide, bright and absolutely breathtaking smile.

“Are we really doing this?” She asked excitedly

“Were really doing this.”

She smiled even bigger, if possible

“Well alright then Romeo, sweep me off my feet.”

What jughead didn’t know was that he already had.

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Terushima as female? Oh boy

Did you mean: exactly my type????? - Admin Hope

Terushima Yuuji

  • Smart as fuck tutors all of her friends and then some people that just need help (I mean Teru is the smartest character in the whole manga soooo)
  • People underestimate her a lot, she hates it she’s one of the smartest people in her class and she doesn’t need people to base things off of the way she looks
  • Dyed blond hair but her roots are growing out, her ears pierced and tounge pierced, black nail polish always
  • She’s super kind and supportive though, love’s her team to death (!!!!) and just wants them to succeed and try their best
  • But also wants to have fun, she is in high school for a limited amount of time and doesn’t what what she loves to get ruined
  • Doesn’t go to practice during exams though, she studies most of the time in groups and she invites everyone over and they all have snacks and study together
  • Can be a bit of a tease, especially with the person who she likes, she isn’t afraid to come out and say it straight away that she likes them, which some people take as intimidation 
  • Hates being stressed, if she feels like she is about to be put into a stressful situation she leaves automatically and does something to take her mind off of it
  • Teases the shit out of her friends especially during practice or while changing
    • ‘You know what would feel really good? If with my tounge piercing I licked up your-.’ ‘Terushima if you don’t stop talking you’re going to get smacked.’ coming from a blushing teammate
  • Self confidence level 9000 nothing gets her down, very happy and carefree 
  • A very raging bisexual (pls date me omfg)

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Do you think Daryl was looking at Carol's lips in the reunion and was kind of wanting to kiss her?

wow I got a few anons here’s #2

Do you mean when he was looking at her like this…

(gif by @ stereowave)

I think it might have been on his mind at one point or another.. I mean yeah he was a little hurt by her leaving but he was certainly giving her one of those looks as well.  And boy looking at this particular look i’m becoming a bit more sure of it.

One he got done asking her that really heartfelt, broken question that was.   

Am I the only one who can’t wait until he gets the nerve to actually do it? Cause I really don’t know how many more looks like this I can take…

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Someone sent me this ages ago but I still think about it Every Single Day: Simon and Raphael being aggressive cuddlers and trying to out-cuddle each other for so long they basically waste their whole day in bed

 i’m such a sucker for fluff!saphael 

  • ok so it’s like 3pm when raphael wakes up and he notices that simon is still asleep so he just looks at him because how can this beautiful boy be real? how can someone be so beautiful????
  • he starts touching simon’s hair and he tries to not wake the other up but suddenly simon makes a strange noise??? and complains about something but raphael doesn’t understand
  • “i’m sorry i didn’t mean to wake you up” raphael says and he keps touching simon’s hair because his hair is so soft “i just wanted to say hi before i leave for work” 
  • simon turns around and looks at the clock on the phone “raph… it’s 3pm! also we’re supposed to sleep because you know the whole sun and sleep during the day and party all night thing i mean you should now it more than me” God… he just woke up and he’s already babbling… how the fuck can he do it i’ve no idea, raph thinks. “i know but i’ve a lot of work to do” he just says
  • “mhhh no” simon says and he wraps his arm around raph’s waist “no what?” raph asks and he’s also smiling because simon’s holding him so tight and he’s so cute
  • “i can’t let you go to work” simons says and he hugs him more and puts his head on raph’s chest “i’m afraid you have to, cariño” raph says touching simon’s back!
  • “you’ll not convince me to let you go by calling me with cute names, raph. it’s counterproductive. no, you can’t go to work. that’s it, we’re going to stay in bed for the entire day” he closes his eyes and his head is still on raph’s chest and he’s literally wrapped around raphael and he can’t move!
  • “i thought you had to see clary” “yeah but i’ll call her later and tell her that i’ll not leave my bed and that i kidnapped my boyfriend because he wanted to go to work instead of cuddling me” simons says pretending he’s offended and he’s just so cute and his voice is so soft and raphael could stay like this forever
  • “ok you know what? let’s do it! we’re going to stay like this for the entire day that eventually you’ll beg me to leave this room” raph says wrapping his arm around simon’s back
  • “impossible! this is not going to happen, i could never do it. i’m sure about it!” 
  • “we’ll see it!” raph winks “also you don’t have to tell clary about the kidnapping…. im 100% sure it’s not kidnapping if you wanna be taken by a sexy cute man with an embarassing han solo shirt”
  • simon is shocked ????????? like what ????????????? is this really happening???? what’s going on????? he immediately gets up, shocked “RAPHAEL! first of all: han solo didn’t die for you to tell that this shirt is embarassing, thank you! and second… was that… a joke??? raphael santiago, leader of the new york clan, have you just… made a joke? omg i can’t believe this i’ve to call magnus!” simon says and he’s already taking his phone when raph stops him by wrapping him and he takes his phone away “no raph, let me go! i’ve to tell him!”
  • “Dios, i can’t believe i’m in love with you”

palm to the windscreen / half dorian, half
corinthian. hand half a chisel, to sculpt confessions
                                                        out of my body.

You say, do you like that?
like it matters,

but I know equivocation when
it’s steaming up the windows.

              I think it’s car-crash harrowing
              that the world is only beautiful
              when a boy has his hands on you.

a car park temple, your body-as-altar,
your calloused fingers against my sternum. 

I said, you’re too afraid to touch me
like I want to be touched.

when touch, here, is a synonym for love.

              you press your lips together,
              and your mouth is cardinal
              red against my neck.

              you’re looking for soft places
              to push your fingers into. I mean,
              there’s a hole in my chest where

you pulled out ribs to carve a heart for yourself.

Yves Olade, from “Roadkill”, in Flinch!

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Karlie looks amazing at the oscars! I mean, she literally can point at whoever she wants and they would be like, "who? Me? Absolutely!" boys, and boys, and girls and girls!

She does look absolutely stunning. She could have anyone she wants, but the one she chooses is waiting for her someplace away from the crowds and drooling over how her girl looks in that dress.

Enjoying a warm spring day <3

Emory asked me to visit the old dandelion fields near our stud, I had actually never visited it before. But it was so beautiful! While Em took our new Criollo Guerrero (left), I saddled up Turmalin, my little problem pony. I didn´t expect that this boy would be so calm. I mean, look, he just stood there, watching the dandelions flying in the wind. I trained a lot, so I can finally ride him but that was…unexpected. As I got Guerrero from Ellen, I didn´t expect anything different than a well-trained and friendly horse but he was such a good boy as well.In the future I just have to find another western rider for these two. I know, saddle them up and taking them for a ride is no big deal but if we want to compete on some tournaments, I need a professional Cowboy. Emory and I are more these english penguin-style riders.
What are you doing in that coming spring time? Watching rain at home or enjoying stunning landscape becoming more and more green again?
Btw what do you think about Guerrero? I´m looking forward to take maaany pictures of him, also in action.

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jinki doing the naruto run


we got Naruto Jinks

while jjong’s behind him lookin like he’s free fallin in slow motion farewell smal boy it’s been gud

kibum’s got that Dramatique run pose goin but clearly someone wasn’t willing to give up fashion for sport i mean look at those shoes listen up my boy u can’t run a marathon in those

and i don’t think i’d be scared per se if i saw choi runnin at me full speed like that but no, ceci, i don’t think i’d be able to STAY COOL but thank u for the order anyway

but nothing…..nothing beats taem here…..lee “my dog took this pic while i was running i am not a model” taemin,,,,,,amazing

someone should write a personal letter to ceci to thank them for whatever the hell they were trying to achieve with this shoot…bc honestly….,,,..,.,,.,,,they got it……

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I'm curious how much the Robron popularity might be affected if we aren't seeing them together. They will both be on the show but not together. Not being close and kissing. I wonder how longer the fandom is going to put up with that before they get restless and bored?

I dunno anon, do you think we’re that shallow? 😂

I mean, maybe if they were separated for like months and months or something it would start to get painful but even then… we’ve had month long droughts. We had months where the boys weren’t even talking, a whole period of time where the show tried to make it look like Aaron shot Robert… I mean… we’re now in a storyline where a major factor of the sadness and heartbreak centres around their love for one another. We’re gonna get multiple angsty scenes where they’re sad because they can’t talk to one another, or trying to misguidedly protect one another by not being completely honest, or making a decision about one another out of fear, or whatever… like… there’s still a focus on their relationship here. It’s not like they’re kissing because the show doesn’t want to show intimacy between them - there’s a good, genuine, realistic plot reason why they’re not going to be able to show affection for a while

(and they’re still gonna do it anyway im screaming why are they so in love)

Also, we have scenes with them this week, scenes the week after next, plus we know that the storyline features pretty heavily next week too… I don’t think ‘boredom’ is going to be the concern over the next few weeks, if I’m honest.

(How to mend shattered hearts bc of the angst, on the other hand…)

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hi! sorry to bother you, could you please translate jungkook's reply in this post? mobile(.)twitter(.)com/jeonjk901/status/836181311475888132 i saw it translated as 'good' but it doesn't look like that to me?? (also thank you for all the translations you do for everyone, especially when you have to decipher the boys' writing)

ok so after intensively searching through my post-it folder i have decided that it can be either 굳 (good, although the more common way to write it is 굿) and 굴 (cool), because kook writes the ㄹ and ㄷ almost the same… i lean more towards the option of ‘cool’ tho. but again it’s even more confusing because ‘cool’ is commonly written as 쿨 while 굴 can be ‘cool’, or it can mean ‘oyster’…

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I was wondering, how should I identify myself as 😬 I mean i am straight , but I had fingered and made out with a girl , not just to "try it" like some people do , but because i felt attracted to her character and looks. We do this all the time and sometimes act like we are dating , but I and she would never embark on any kind of relationship, because we both like boys.

Well you just said that you’re straight and never want a relationship with a girl so…yeah call yourself straight.

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Blinky has always been embarrassed by the fact that he's small and can't fight so he originally turned to books and became obsessed with seeming intelligent so that he'd be useful in troll society. That's why he's hugely into conspiracies and anxiously looks for problems before they happen.


Blinky, you are of the utmost importance to me. Your short stature means nothing, for you are the brains to Aarrrggh’s brawn.

My boy, you are so… precious

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Tbh I feel like I need to fix my appearance (skin, dark circles) and then he'll like me? Or I'll at least be more confident at looking at people. Idk

honey, honey, honey NO. don’t you dare do that to yourself! you’re beautiful inside and out. if he can’t see that, then that boy is blind! if you he doesn’t see you the way you see him, drop him and don’t change anything about yourself. it just means that you would do anything for his attention, you’d be desperate-like. don’t change the way you look, the way you talk, don’t change anything! if you’re happy the way you are right now without him concerning it, be yourself! but if you do want to change something about yourself, do it but don’t do it for him. do it for you. you ALWAYS come first! :))

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Okay, last time I was here Conchobar was born. What have I missed?? Hulp.

Oh, you want to know everything that happened? Like, everything?? Then take a look at this . Warning: there’s a whole lot of scrolling coming at you, and by a whole lot of scrolling I mean a whole lot of scrolling. I recommend starting at this one . Also, not much minor babygate drama mentioned if it doesn’t directly involve Louis. aaand for some more detailed info on babygate you should check out this Twitter account. 

Originally posted by fallontonightgifs

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Watch Harry got attend or get nominated for an Oscar next year. I don't mean this is a bad way but people will still look at him as the boy band member. Saying Dunkirk will be the La La Land of 2018 is a bitch of a reach, war time movies have NEVER been that special. But I'd gladly throw myself out of a window to be wrong

Christopher Nolan movies and their cast members have been nominated for Oscar nominations in the past, so, what some interviewers and people are saying about Dunkirk being nominated isn’t so far fetched as some make it out to be. Nolan is an exceptional director so it makes sense that his movies are getting the recognition and the nominations it deserves - no matter the story, no matter the context, no matter the screenplay.

Harry has got a supporting role in Dunkirk - I think that’s been said many times before - and therefore he could have a nomination at the 2018 Oscars as Best Supporting Actor for Dunkirk. Heck, he could even have a few nominations at the BAFTA’s, too. We’ll never know until next year; which is very exciting.

He’s already trying to prove himself as not just a boyband member; he wants to try this out and he wants to be taken seriously. Hence why he’s been so private about his music career. He wants his acting career to lift off and excel before he releases something in a field that he’d already been in before. A field that he’s most comfortable in and a field that is awaiting his much anticipated album. We know he’s a good singer so I highly doubt his solo career will flop to the ground.

I think he will attend the award show because it’s a huge event; it’s one of the biggest award shows ever shown, like the Grammys and the BRITs for the music industry. I don’t think he’d ever miss the opportunity to go and experience life on the Hollywood red-carpet as an Oscar-nominated actor… Unless he has something that has been booked for a while. Like a concert or a show or something to do with filming a new movie or something like that. xx