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Me Catching Up on OUAT...

So Mama Tremaine wants to bring her daughter back from the dead, eh? Gee if only there was someone (currently in Seattle) who could help with that….

EXO Reaction: They Accidentally Hurt You With Their Powers

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He would be horrified, he’d stop everything in order to get you inside and away, apologizing profusely. He’d wrap you up in a blanket, scared you now might get a cold.

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His powers are water. He’d be worried, and would honestly just drop all of this and let the boys finish the fight. He’d take you inside, get you warm clothes, and lecture you about not getting involved in fights.

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I mean… can he really hurt you?… HIS POWERS ARE HEALING…? I mean… Idk but I really didn’t want to skip him, so heres a gif of… abs.

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OH NO OKAY HERE WE GO. YOUR WOUND IS GL OW I NG. ITS GLOWING. OMG. After calling over Chanyeol and asking how cool it looked, he’d rush over Lay to… fix it?

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He understood how serious this was, you’d just been struck by lightning. He’d call over Lay without a word, clearly feeling guilty. When you came out okay, it was non-stop cuddles.

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THIS WAS SERIOUS. Lay did what he could, but you were still left with a few burns that would go away eventually. Chanyeol would feel really, really guilty, and would keep apologizing and blaming himself for what felt like a year.

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Oh… lovely… you had fallen almost falling into a crack he had created. It wasn’t too bad, you just had a few scraped knees, but that didn’t stop how guilty he felt. He’d cook and clean every day, and apologize for a whole 20 minutes.

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Oh. He blew you off your feet… it wasn’t a big big big deal, you weren’t badly hurt, just a bruise, so the two off you laughed it off quietly.

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How would Tale, Fell, and Horror Grillby(if you do them that is) react if some douche bag tried to throw a bucket of water on Fuku to see what would happen, only to have S/O push Fuku out of the way of the splash and get soaked themselves? How would the flame Bois react to S/O chewing out the person who tried to throw water on a flame like, "What do you mean you wanted to know what would happen!? You could have killed them!!" and just overall being ready to slap a bitch?


Grillby steps up to your side, glowering at the douche from beneath his fogged glasses.  His silence is intimidating, but everyone can hear his crackling growing into a roaring fire.  The heat has considerably risen within the bar.  

The offender gulps, no longer finding their curiosity amusing.  Grillby extends a finger toward the door, and they trip over themselves in their haste to flee, while everyone remains staring at the three of you.  

Fuku is grateful, although states that it wouldn’t kill her–magic, and all that.  It would, however, be unpleasant.  

Grillby looks over your drenched attire, and you can see his features soften; you know him well enough to pick up on this subtle cues and read his face.  

“…….thank you,” he murmurs, his voice distorted, even though his crackling rage has eased.  "let’s…. get you dried off.“

He escorts you upstairs.


Instantly, the bar is an inferno.  

Fellby’s got a jagged, white hot smirk as he glares down his wire-rimmed glasses at the offender.  He’s impressed by your fortitude; the fact that you stood up for his niece means that you’ve got guts, and that’s admirable where he’s from.  Of course, he picked you as his S/O because he saw the fire within your SOUL, and it was enough to make him actually settle down and stop flirting with other people.  

He steps up to your side and reaches out clasp his hand on the jerk’s shoulder.  There’s no mirth within his burning gaze, yet his smirk is bemused.  The offender hisses, trying to pull away, but Fellby holds tight.  Smoke and wisps of violet embers rise from the flame elemental’s touch.  

”…..get out while you still can… or else… i’ll let my flame tear you apart.“  He tilts his head toward you to indicate he’s referring to you, and the offender glances toward your pissed expression.  They quickly realize they’ve chosen the wrong group to mess with, and what started off as drunken wonderment has now got them stone cold sober and scared shitless.

Is that the scent of burning flesh?  

They scramble out of the bar, clutching their shoulder.  Fellby turns to sweep you into his arms, pulling you flush against him.  Steam rises from where your wet clothes meet his flames.  

The night only gets steamier from there.



Grillby lumbers over you, his face contorted in its usual grimace as he turns to the person you’re chewing out.  His hands rest on your shoulders, but his flames don’t burn you; however, steam does begin to rise from between his fingers thanks to your wet clothes.  

The red bird monster squawks a translation:  "GRILLBY SAYS YOU FUCKED UP!“

Grillby proceeds to grab the person over his head effortlessly (even if his magic is depleting, leaving him eternally burning, he’s still got incredible strength), holding their shoulders with one hand and their hips with the other.  They flail, and he chunks them onto the grill.  

*You guys have seen how horrifying HT!Grillbz is, right?  I love him.  Even if he does kinda break my heart. 

(*Mobile Imagine Masterlist)

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Oh! I'm sorry, I meant the "Are you flirting with me?" prompt for bakudeku uwu

Izuku rolled his shoulders, a pop relieving some of the tension that had built up. His body refused to continue another step with the same amount of effort he’d been putting forth. The ache was good, it meant he’d trained properly today. From the look of Katsuki, they both had pushed themselves.

They were both ginning ear to ear.

Aizawa had been more open to letting the two spar together. Truth be told, besides Kirishima and Todoroki, they were the only ones that could challenge the other anymore. Izuku would never bring it up to Katsuki, but after three years of working together, it had brought them closer. Well, he thought so anyway.

They were the last two in the locker room, no surprise. Katsuki needed to clean the blood off of his jaw, and Izuku had to put on some ointment for the burns and wrap them. They never injured the other enough to require them to go to the nurse’s office, but they had also gotten very used to self treatment.

“Shit, you’re getting harder to keep up with,” Katsuki angrily muttered into the sink. Izuku blinked.

“Was … was that a compliment?” Izuku couldn’t hold back his chuckle. Katsuki rolled his eyes, sending Izuku the bird without turning to face him.

“I said it was getting harder, not that I can’t do it. You’re never gonna outrun me, Deku,” Katsuki growled. Izuku noticed the lack of edge to the sound. That also seemed to be happening more and more recently.

“Don’t want to,” Izuku uttered his own reply. He bent forward to pull on one of his shoes and hissed. Sitting up again he flexed his arms in front of him, the searing ache returning from the center of his back. Katsuki must have gotten another good hit in without Izuku noticing. Izuku reached into his locker again for the ointment, but found that the area was difficult to reach for him. Exhaling in a huff, Izuku tossed the container back into his locker. He’d ask Iida to-

Izuku jumped when Katsuki’s hand reached into Izuku’s locker and grabbed the ointment he’d just tossed. Izuku held his breath, Katsuki was right behind him. When had he moved?

“You good, nerd?” Katsuki almost sounded bored. Izuku focused his gaze into the depths of his locker, nodding his head to answer. He didn’t trust his voice not to squeak. He held his locker door so tight his knuckles were white, he was denting the metal. Katsuki rubbed his hand over Izuku’s back in the most rehearsed, non-innuendo, we’re just friends way Izuku could have ever possibly imagined. So, why was he becoming so hyper-aware of the pressure and warmth of Katsuki’s palm, the strength of his fingers, or the faint puff of air that would run along Izuku’s neck whenever Katsuki exhaled.

Someone save him, he had it bad.

 Izuku’s school boy crush had only gotten worse as time went on, and the two finally started to get along again. It wasn’t blind admiration that he had for Katsuki, no, Izuku had witnessed Katsuki at his highest and lowest moments. That, in a way, had put them on equal ground, and Izuku just wished they could take the extra step closer, not that Katsuki felt the same about it. Katsuki’s hand stilled, allowing Izuku to relax his death grip on the locker door.

“Tsk, grabbed too much,” Katsuki grumbled, giving Izuku his only warning. Izuku’s eyes grew wide, chest tightened, and his skin became alight. Katsuki had dragged his hand around from Izuku’s back, over his side, and now rubbed the extra ointment on his hands onto the small burn on Izuku’s stomach. Izuku bit the inside of his cheek until he tasted copper to keep himself quiet. Katsuki’s warm fingers traveled from his abs, over the softer flesh of his stomach, and traced along the hem of Izuku’s uniform pants before returning to his burn.

“Deku?” Katsuki’s voice sounded strange. Gruff, but also like he was holding back a laugh.

“Hm?” Izuku didn’t dare open his mouth.

“Did you just fucking break your locker door?” Katsuki was laughing now. Izuku stared at the door in a blind panic. There, in Izuku’s hand, was indeed his locker door, no longer attached to the actual locker. 

“Shit, if I hurt you this bad, I’ll just have to take it easy on you from now on,” Katsuki didn’t stop his chuckling, but he did grab the wrap bandage from within Izuku’s locker and started wrapping Izuku’s torso.

“K-kacchan! I can do that,” Izuku blurted out. This was getting to be a bit too much for him.

“You’ll just mess it up, Deku. Let me do it,” Katsuki countered.

Let me do it … . echoed in Izuku’s mind. Katsuki wasn’t doing this, he was asking to do this. Izuku was unconscious out on the field, wasn’t he? That had to be it. During Izuku’s musing, Katsuki finished wrapping and returned the items to Izuku’s locker.

“Hurry up, I don’t want to be late,” Katsuki ordered, moving over to his own locker to finish getting himself ready. Izuku busied himself with pulling on his shirt and tie, willing his body to calm down. There was nothing behind that. Katsuki had just …

Why had Katsuki done that?

Pulling on his shoes once more, Izuku took a chance look over to Katsuki. His crus-RIVAL was leaning against the lockers, bag slung over one shoulder, typing on his phone. Izuku paled.

Katsuki was …Katsuki was waiting for him?!

Izuku fumbled over himself trying to figure out what to do about his locker situation. His mind busy with trying to figure out what had possessed Katsuki, he just shoved the metal back onto the locker to keep it in place. He’d mention something to maintenance before heading home. He moved to grab his bag, but again Katsuki’s hand startled him. Slinging Izuku’s bag next to his own, Katsuki raised a brow at Izuku, the silent question if he was ready to go.

“Uh …” Izuku said intelligently. Katsuki chuckled again, then began heading out of the locker room towards their class, pausing to make sure Izuku was actually moving. Izuku kept himself next to Katsuki while they walked back to their classroom. They were going to be a little late, but that wasn’t anything new for the two of them after training.

“Kacchan, um … I can carry my own bag,” Izuku tried, the silence was unbearable.

“I know,” Katsuki answered the same way someone would point out the sky was blue. Izuku stopped walking. He was just over-analyzing this, right? There was no way that Katsuki’s weird behavior was because he was actually … . there was no way Katsuki was … .

He hadn’t yelled, he’d helped with Izuku’s back, he’d waited for Izuku to walk back to class together, and he was carrying Izuku’s bag even though he just admitted he knew Izuku could carry it himself.

“Kacchan, are you flirting with me?!” Izuku wished his voice hadn’t gone up an octave at the end. The least he could have done to save himself, if he was wrong about this, would have been to sound calm about it.

Katsuki’s face instantly matched the color of his eyes.

“Shit, Deku, you wanna just scream it to the entire school?! Fuck,” Katsuki ran his free hand through his hair, gritting his teeth. Katsuki was embarrassed?! “took you long enough.”

“B-but you didn’t say anything! That isn’t fair, Kacchan, how was I supposed to know?” Izuku whined, but his smile hurt his face. “You were acting so out of character today that I put the pieces together.” Katsuki looked at him with a bewildered expression.

“Today? You … you only noticed today? Deku, you shit! I’ve been flirting with you for-” he abruptly cut himself off, stood up straight, and began quickly walking to class.

“Kacchan!” Deku raced after him. “How long have you been flirting with me?!”

“Forget it! Keep your voice down!” Katsuki yelled back. “I ain’t telling you shit.”

“Then I’ll ask Kirishima, he’ll tell me,” Izuku teased.

“Like hell you will!”

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Lance loves to wear chokers that looks so complex, but very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. He also wears cute tank tops to match with them and shows too much skin. Of course, he's oblivious to everyone's staring glances. I mean everyone. They can't help but give pining looks, only to be ignored. When Lance gives extra attention to someone, that person likes to shove it in the others faces, making them very irritated. They all just want His attention and his very touchy body all over them 😆

lover boy lance ;;>>

Boys Can Be Pretty Too - Persona 5 - Akira/Ryuji
“Dude, the stars look so pretty tonight,” Ryuji said, pointing to the lights on Akira’s ceiling. “Damn, you’re right,” Akira said. “They sure are.” “But you uh, you know what’s more pretty? I mean, uhhh...what’s the boy version of pretty?” “I don’t buy into gender stereotypes. Boys can be pretty, too.” “Am I pretty?” “Of course.” “Bitchin’.”
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Dude, the stars look so pretty tonight,” Ryuji said, pointing to the lights on Akira’s ceiling.
“Damn, you’re right,” Akira said. “They sure are.”
“But you uh, you know what’s more pretty? I mean, uhhh…what’s the boy version of pretty?”
“I don’t buy into gender stereotypes. Boys can be pretty, too.”
“Am I pretty?”
“Of course.”

Warnings for drug usage


Eva: “Hey there! Who might you be? Are you lost? I can help you find your parents!”

The little boy looks up at Eva with a wide-eyed, confused expression. Her heart hurts a little as he backs away from her shyly.

Eva: “Hey, it’s ok! I don’t mean you any harm. What’s your name?”

Felix: “F…Felix…”

Eva’s wave freezes in mid-air as the pain in her heart causes it to skip a bit. Isn’t Felix the name of one of Forrest’s children with some of the women he had relations with? 

It has to be. The bright, blue eyes staring up at her in fright are the same eyes that she wakes up to every morning. She politely excuses herself and dashes off into the wedding venue, needing a few moments to gather her thoughts.

Hoseok: His Lover Starts As his Enemy

  • At first, you HATED him
  • He was too happy for you
  • Like, how?? Can someone??? Be that cheerful???
  • You just didn’t like the fact that he was always happy even through the worst of times
  • Failed an exam?
  • “Haha! Don’t worry! As long as I did my best, I passed!”
  • Broke an ancient artifact?
  • “It’s ok! We’ll make history!”
  • Murdered someone?
  • “Hey! They’re in a better place! :)”
  • It was HORRIBLE to you
  • Hoseok on the other hand
  • He usually tried not to use mean words but
  • He HATED you just as much
  • You were too gloomy for him
  • He tried to cheer you up sometimes
  • But just made himself look stupid to you
  • One day you and the Bangtan boys were just chilling
  • And namjoon, being the clumsy doofus he is, stretched, and ended up knocking over your favorite vase, the one with the blue and grey stripes
  • Everyone stared
  • “y/n calm down it’s just a va-“
  • you were starting to get teary eyed
  • “Y/n it’s ok! We’ll-“
  • “Shut up hoseok! You’re always so fucking chipper about shit. Stop acting like you know how I feel!”
  • He had enough
  • He finally snapped
  • The boys were silent
  • You were silent
  • “You’re right.”
  • He softened his face
  • “I’m so fucking annoying, I never show my happiness, it makes everyone unhappy… I’m sorry..”
  • You were crying now
  • Hoseok sighed, grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a hug
  • You shoved your face into his shirt while he gently massaged your head
  • “I-I’m sorry that I yelled”
  • “It’s ok….Hobi”
  • He smiled, leaning his head into yours
  • You both learned that it’s ok to sometimes be sad, and that you can’t always be happy
  • “Guys?? We’re still here”
  • Namjoon pushes everyone out of the room
  • “You’re still buying me a vase, bitch”
  • Namjoon runs straight out of the house

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so i was with this boy i like this weekend and holy. fuck. he is so fucking nerdy and attractive i cANT.

but anyways we were in this foresty time area behind his house. we were climbing through the area giggling and flirty a lot. he grabbed my hand to help walk me across a log. these group of guys our age come to us and start sayin shit like “faggots” and “pussies”.

then one boy said, “Are you here with your boyfriend *guys name*”

and the boy looked him dead in the eye. grabbed my hand, and basically fucking growled, “yeah? got a problem with asshole?” and men’s mugged the fuck out of them while my twink as was like a tomato.holy fUCK IT WAS ATTRACTIVE AND IVE NEVER SEEN A BUNCHH OF BOYS AFRAID.

after the guys walk away, i turn to him and was like “so we are dating know then?” and he jUST FUCKIN WINKS AND I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THAT MEANS AND ASSFGHJKD I REALLY LIKE HIM? bUT I DONT KNOW IF HES GAY OR NOT? SO IM LOST

Can I just.

I love the character design for Kirishima? He looks at first glance like he’ll be an annoying little aggressive shit?

I mean. He has SHARK TEETH and he styles his hair deliberately into HORNS. His costume looks just this side of bondage gear. His hero name is Red Riot.



Kirishima is basically walking sunshine? He’s friendly and caring and takes none of your misogynistic bullshit and looks after his friends and just…

A+ character design Horikoshi. 10/10 Good Boy Kirishima

So I mean I guess I was kinda feeling okay this morning and I took selfies that now make me cringe and laugh so I’m gonna post ‘em

I call this one “Is my face uneven or are my glasses crooked?”

And this one is “Uncandidly Fake Candid With a Title About ‘Not Being a Morning Person’ or Some Fake Ass Bullshit.”

And this last one is “My Glasses Are Dirty so I’m Looking Over Them, But I’m Gonna Make a Nice Face so You Don’t Notice, But I’m Blind and I Still Can’t See You, AKA ‘Richie Tozier Vibes’.”

Please feel free to laugh as hard as I am because this is all shit, life is shit, and we’re all gonna die anyways so laughing is the best way to go.


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

The choreo is a WHOLE meme but I love my goofy kings

Voltron Characters: A Summary (Part 3)
  • Lance: so he's a stripper now huh
  • Keith: Look the emo boy has an emo squad now
  • Pidge: Will kick your ass with a look
  • Hunk: Who? I didn't see him this season.
  • Shiro?: I want to burn him alive, but hug him at the same time.
  • Allura: Uh, don't you mean Keith.
  • Coran: Drug Addict
  • Matt: Walking shitpost
  • Lotor: He has SO MANY LAYERS. Actual onion.
  • Zethrid: EJECTED
  • Ezor: Still pure :)
  • Axca: Top 10 Anime Betrayals
  • Kaltenecker: The only sane character this entire season
Appreciation post for Lance’s shoulders

So we all know that Shiro is the dorito of the paladins, but may I draw your attention to exhibit B: Lance

His shoulders!! So broad!! His chest!! So masculine!! How does he hide all of that under his hoodie??

Those are shoulders you could stand on, shoulders built for a fireman’s lift, shoulders to break down doors with

They look good in the suit too. Also he has a nice broad back

Petition to end the myth of skinny noodle Lance in favour of canon holy shit wow Lance

Vanity Fair 

everybody was looking super good and classy on the covers… and then there is those three. The First Order trio at its best !