i mean look at the boy!!!!

I love how sentimental our boys are. Both of them have been told that they’re hardly the sentimental type. But you just have to watch them with childhood toys and photos. Look at them feel the presence of their rings. Watch them stare longfully at their wedding photos or want to engrave a coin with their wedding date. Keep returning to places that meant something to them like the barn or the garage. And just know these boys are filled with a deep attachment to their homes. By home I mean the memory of their childhood safe spaces, their connection to the land that is emmerdale, and to one another in marriage. It makes a lot of sense knowing their childhood traumas, being thrown out or running away from the village, and their previous sometimes harmful relationships. Robert and Aaron in Mill Cottage is what their whole lives have led up to. They’ve longed for this and just when they have it, it might slip from their fingers.

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eermmm sorry to bother you, but can you please tell me what 10.03 and 10.06 means? I know it's from an interview but i could not find it out :(

No problem! 

Back in early 2013 One Direction visited Japan and in one interview, the interviewer asked the boys if they could accurately count to 10 seconds and this was the result:

Harry was the winner with 10.03…

And Louis was 2nd with 10.06…

They were the only ones to get such close numbers. Only 3 MILLISECONDS APART!!! That’s just how synchronizing they are, the mirroring is absolutely insane!! (also Louis on fond mode looking at Harry djskhdjksd)

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No but like in Saturday's clip clearly Yousef was ready to spend hours with her to make her smile again. Like he knew it was not going to be easy, but he was prepared to work the hardest to warm her heart. And no fuckboy would do that. + his heart eyes always whenever.

this boy? is a lot of things. soft. kind. good hearted. DORKY. but he definitely isn’t a fuckboy i meAN JUST LOOK AT HIM

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  • Jughead: hey you pretty boy with pretty brown eyes let's enjoy the night, live young and free and
  • Archie: and?
  • Jughead: and let's have sex please
  • Archie: …Juggie you're drunk shut up and let me take you home
  • Jughead: But I mean it.
  • Archie: okay, we'll talk about this tomorrow now shut up and don't look at me like that I can't handle this
bts as boyfriends (namjoon)

♡  tumblr! boy

♡  makes you take his pictures for #KimDaily

over sized sweaters 

♡  “babe do you think we’d look cute with matching hair colors?”

“i don’t think i can pull it off like you do tho” 

♡  late night coffee dates 

♡  philosophical conversations

♡  “i mean yes, existentialism was defined, but i think there’s more, you know, a different side of it.”

♡ tickle fights that always lead to make out sessions

“are U really wearing heels right now?”


♡ “waiT BABE STAY RIGHT THERE” *camera clicks* “ahhhhh so aesthetic

♡ always brighten up your day with cheesy good morning texts

♡ possessive and overprotective af!!!


♡ says he’s on his way but he actually just leaving the house yet

♡  H I C K E Y S

♡ breaks the ring box while asking you to marry him

did i mentioned how he loves nICKNAMES

 “Y/N why are you looking like that???”


♡ he ends up tutoring you, giving u a kiss every time u solve the problem correct

a loving and caring boyfriend all in all


Captions on the photos!

LARP was so incredibly amazing this weekend I don’t know where to start. Hung out with a new group this time (I mean, the players are mostly OOG friends, but either with new characters or characters I’ve only recently met) It was a completely different vibe than I’m used to, but still extremely rewarding both roleplay-wise and actual-game-mechanic wise (you mean these people actually know how to shield wall and hold a line??? instead of getting distracted and running off while monsters murder their healers???? what?????)

Otter Boy has been growing out his beard specifically for this character, and had his brother cut his hair into the mohawk just for the event. I am digging it a whole lot considering this is not normally a look I am at all a fan of, but I’ll admit that might just be because I dig Otter Boy a whole lot.

@pedlimwen‘s character Eo also looked amazingly cool, and was so beautifully creepy in general. She spent a lot of the weekend with blood under her fingernails and/or carrying around various creepy ritual items and it was badass.

(probably will do a second post, there’s a couple more photos I want to share)


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tbh, same. Shou is so hard to draw, I'm starting to think he is, in fact, a gremlin boy. I've been a fan of mp100 for a long time, but I still can't figure out how his hair works. Does he have freckles or not? I mean, he should, right?? But ONE doesn't draw them? So did he really dye his hair red to piss off his father??? And his jacket? Shou doesn't wear it all the time in canon, but he almost looks like another character without it, so it's better to draw him wearing it? ugh these gremlins :\

(in relation to this post) 

Praise the heavens, I’m not the only one with these problems! And yeah that jacket is like his uniform, he probably wears it a lot even if it’s not 100% of the time… I feel like he doesn’t have a lot of clothes lol 

As for the hair thing, who even knows. Looks like Touchy’s hair is reddish brown and Shou’s is a kind of metallic red? Rather than the typical natural ginger shade (I’m Irish, trust me on this). So maybe he does dye it… And apparently he’s not even that short, he’s like 5 ft which is average height for his age :O My life is a lie. 

 TL;DR gremlin boy is the only valid interpretation of Shou. 

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With SM almost reaching the episode 30 mark (and if the alleged leak is true, finally reaching Akala for the next trials in a few episodes), what's your opinion of the Sun & Moon Anime compared to past series?

It’s a weird series for me. I’d say it’s not really doing anything objectively bad or wrong writing wise, it’s going for a slice of life/comedy route and in that respect it’s doing that fairly well. The artstyle, the animation all works nicely in tandem, the characters are animated and full of charm, make great expressions, as do the Pokemon who’ve been pretty well characterized thus far.

Speaking it personally though, I’ve been struggling to keep watching. Don’t mean to sound like a fan boy, but when XY airing, unless it was very clearly a bad filler I was always looking forward to each episode with some level of excitement and investment, most because plot was happening, arcs were progressing, (some) characters were growing, and every so often we get a exciting battle. SM I often find myself completely uninterested in most of these episodes, even if they end up enjoyable it’s the kinda thing you watch and forget about?

It says a lot that the best episodes of SM tend to be the ones that take a break from its comedic trappings like the amazing Litten capture episode, because those leave a lasting impact beyond “that was fun”, I wish/hope they’d do that more. Battles are almost nonexistent, in 30 episodes there’s been less then 5 and I’m sorry but that’s a fairly big deal for me considering I love Pokemon battles. The protagonists are well characterized but with the exception of Lillie (who’s probably my favorite) and maybe Ash (MAYBE), they’re all fairly static with no real big growth so far. Most of their goals are fluff like Lana and Mallow’s, Kiwae has been made into the running joke guy who makes over the top faces, what happened to that stuff with his Z Ring and his grandfather and how much that means to him? Can we get any expansion on that? Like the show itself, I can enjoy these characters on a casual level but as opposed to previous companions I really have no desire to think about headcanons or engage with them outside of that, I’m just not very invested.

SM isn’t a bad series to any degree, it’s just obviously not a direction that appeals to me personally or adheres to what I want out of a Pokemon Saga, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it to some degree because I do, if I were to give it a rank I’d probably still say it beats BW at least because it has a clear direction of what it wants to be whereas BW… Really didn’t lol. I’m hoping things get more interesting because I love Sun and Moon the games, I find Alola a fantastic region and the story one of the best, if SM the anime doesn’t capatalize on any of that and just continue with the direction it’s going in now I’ll be pretty disappointed

I will personally fight everyone that is already drooling over Lotor but then turns around and pretends Haggar isn’t attractive like this child here isn’t grateful that he got his mama’s beautiful looks I’ll legit slap you all

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Hey how makes you to feel, that Stan acting overprotective with Mabel, like... "If a guy dates him, I'll invite him to enter, I'll knock him inconcious, then I'll tie him to a chair and interrogate him, how long takes me and then I'll throw him to the bottomless pit, because... No jerk will date my pumpkin!!!" It's ironicall since Stan as kid was one of those rascals that normally the dad criticizes. Theory: if your dad is like that, that means he was like/exactly/one of them that as a kid.

I mean, since Stan was like that he knows how much trouble those kinds of boys are. Haha. He wants to look out for his Mabel. :) Yeah, some dads probably were, others just know a troublemaker when they see one. XD


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

Vanity Fair 

everybody was looking super good and classy on the covers… and then there is those three. The First Order trio at its best !  

that’s not a proper confession, Baku


They are such great great GREAT friends …

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When they laugh together

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

We can’t help but smile

Originally posted by k-popsquad

We even ask ourselves what joke is THAT hysterical????!

Originally posted by mochi-nochu

We love their height diffrence 

Originally posted by melanielovesgaysempai

And even their hand sizes get us shook

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They are soooo clingy of one another, the backhugs: 

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The sidehugs: 

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The full hugs: 

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Somehow Jimin always throws himself at V

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A.L.W.A.Y.S (as they spend most of their times together)

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I really mean it “ALWAYS”

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And V hugs Jimin to sleep

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Jimin’s muscular arm is the best pillow to him (Chimchim thinks he is ve~~ery cute)

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They even share the same headphones as they listen to music

Originally posted by bwichim

While facing eachother

Originally posted by chimtae

They jump into one another’s back

Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum

They piggyback one another during concerts

Originally posted by thesoshisone

During photoshoots

Originally posted by jiminiediary

During MV shootings … so basically everywhere!

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Jimin adores Taehyung SO much he picks him up and runs away asap (HE WAS MY FREND FIRST)

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Chimchim will run to V’s side whenever they need to play a game (loyalty yall)

Originally posted by bts-is-best-bias

Taetae adores Chimchim the same way

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He even said he was his soulmates when asked what was Jimini to him

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We love it when they send us kisses

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Or when they make them kiss  (Look at tae being soooo happy over “punishment”)

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Or when they ALMOST kiss

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They have something for butts

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That we can’t explain

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One thing for sure, V befriended the Jibooty

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And Jimin approves

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They will quarell …

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For NO reason

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Then feed one another (If that’s not goals)

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You can’t not accept this ship (JUST take a look at them)

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I mean … even BTS members ship this friendship

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“SO SHIP IT!” said Jungkook (probably)

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They are both VERY attractive friends

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Who are VERY supportive of one another

Originally posted by thekwelove

They even wipe eachothers’ fake tears (The dedication boi)

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Vmin is basically two dorks who becameclose

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While helping one another 

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In their way…

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To greater Stardom

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SO are you ready to LOVE them? (If you are not ALREADY head over heals for them)

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These two give me a smile when I need it the most. So I hope this post did the same to you ^^
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