i mean look at that bun

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Jung Hoseok


What is this | Not my type | Meh | Ok | Decent | Pretty | Hot | God-like | Call 911 ASAP | *Dead*


No talent | Bad | Lacks a bit | Ok | Not bad at all | Good shit | Great | Eargasm | One of a kind | LEGEND

F I R S T   I M P R E S S I O N

Rude af | Seems kind of mean | Didn’t have any impression | Normal I guess | Literal cinnamon bun | Looks nice and kind | Precious | Generous | Caring | Sexy af | Innocent | Weird

in the first vid of him i ever saw he was singing paradise while filming the members……. it was all super extra and super gay. i loved it

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bun emoji review

a good friend, tho his head is a lil too small. his eye is also too red, even for albino. 7/10

a good take on a cartoon bun!! that smile must mean she is living a happy life. 9/10 would feed a nanner

oh microsoft, when will your ugly thick lines end? the silhouette looks ok but his tail looks like a backwards broken leg. 6/10 take him to the vet

cute, though the ears are weirdly placed and the nose should not be a pink button. 7.5/10 would still snuggle

outstanding bun loaf anatomy, but where is her tail? 8/10 she looks concerned

would be a neat stylistic friend but he has a single ominous red eye. 4/10 i do not trust him

again with the great anatomy! but that button nose looks weird. 7/10 the texturing is also odd

best bun on list!!!!! he is a nice shade of beige and a+ bode. 10/10 would shower with all the timothy hay and veggies

is this a joke? really now. this is a tailless rat wearing apple slices on his head. ok cosplay tho 1/10

this is also not a bun. this looks like it was supposed to be a dog but the tail, teeth, and ears were changed last second. 2/10 not a bad face though

this “bunny” came from the area of hell where the minions andthe happy meal mascot were spawned. his face terrifies me. 0/10 save your children

not a bad bun, but the red outline is vague and menacing. 6/10 what happened to his ears

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I want to hug your icon. Can I hug the Icon?

come on down and try your luck

unless you were being literal, which is probably the safer option:

Send me an idol and I’ll rate him/her

*You can select more than one

What is this | Not my type | Meh | Ok | Decent | Pretty | Hot | God-like | Call 911 ASAP | *Dead*


No talent | Bad | Lacks a bit | Ok | Not bad at all | Good shit | Great | Eargasm | One of a kind | LEGEND

F I R S T   I M P R E S S I O N

Rude af | Seems kind of mean | Didn’t have any impression | Normal I guess | Literal cinnamon bun | Looks nice and kind | Precious | Generous | Caring | Sexy af | Innocent | Weird

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Yurio with a very shy, smol and petite reader

//The reason why I’ll do this headcanon style is because I would be able to say more about it! I hope that’s okay with you, Anon! –Mod Ani//

Asking them out

  • Yurio would have more confidence since they are even shorter than him (he’s thrilled by that!) 
  • He’ll act shy and stumble on his words- he feels like he’s intimidating them with his raspy, angry sounding voice because of their petite demeanour 
  • Their nervous high-pitched voice saying yes to going out…it sparks up a light in Yurio’s eyes and heart! 

The first date

  • Yurio remembers them saying they liked his hair up in a bun, so he makes sure his look can incorporate that hairdo
  • He’ll up his fashion game (even more than usual!) to impress them 
  • He takes them out for a romantic dinner, to show them that he does like them more than what his usual grumpy face can express 
  • And by a romantic restaurant, I mean super fancy- like a month’s worth of wage kind of fancy- he wants them to feel like a special petite princess
  • The conversation starts off a tad awkward, but Yurio gets more comfortable throughout the night
  • At the end, they even share dessert and feed each other (I can imagine a chocolate gateau or chocolate bomb would be something he would order!)

After the first date

  • Yuri insists on walking them home because he fears that it would be dangerous for someone as vulnerable and shy as them to walk home alone in the pitch dark
  • He walks her all way up to the door and nervously gives her a peck on the lips, blushing uncontrollably
  • They are nervous too, but still return a more passionate kiss- he shows his biggest smile yet
Why not to learn how to write faster?

You probably know, that Russians do not write the way cyrillic letters are printed. Knowing and using it will help you read Russian handwriting and write easier and faster yourself. But if you are not going to write a lot in Russian, or having a real pen pal or going studying in Russia, learning Russian handwriting will probably be useless for you, so decide for yourself, wheather you need it or not. You just have to know, that the eyes of Russian people start to bleed when they see foreigners write the letter Д this way.
Here I wrote down the way Russians write letters:

It doesn’t look that different at the first site except that Д looks more like D and you are not going to confuse Л with П anymore, but there are other difficulties:

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My mothers reaction to episode 3 and 4

“Sarah look!! The opening has more colors”

“We were born to make history”

“Oh! The other two are gonna learn this from him”

“I really love watching that man skate……”

“Don’t be mean to Yukon San”

“Wait yuko is married”

That’s why yuri’s is sexual, cause Victor has the hots for him"

“I believe in you Yuri!!”


“Oh I get it he’s a virgin that’s why he doesn’t know about Eros”

“Why is he beating them”

“Wait Yuri is 23!! I thought he was 16”

“Oh my Victor has hot buns look at them….go back I want to see them again”

“Wait this poor kid thinks pork cutlet bowels are love???”

“Oh! Did you see the blondes little leg kick?”

“Why are their lips so shiny”

“Drinking until dawn, dumbass”

“This child is so precious….oh my heart”

“I’m so excited for the skating”

“Yuri has to win”

“Yurio has the best expressions”

“It’s gonna be a tie isn’t it?”

*in tears after agape* “this….is so wonderful”

“Why is he hard on himself?? I liked it”



“I love the music”


*clapping* “I knew you could do it YURI”

“Do they tie….tell me?”


“Oh my god sarah the cat is watching it”


“Why don’t I get dressed like this”

“The colors I love it…oh yes naked men again”

“Like your body is creating music….oh my god are they sleeping together yet?”


“Oh my goodness why won’t he stop calling him pig, I hope your mother knows what you are saying”

“Wait is yurio gonna be this woman’s lover”


“Pichit? Oh he’s cute!!”

“This woman sounds like aunt Tamara”
(My family is Russian)

“He’s fishing to see if he’s gay”

“Do they kiss yet?”

“Why aren’t they kissing”

“Do they ever kiss?”

“OH! I get it Victor has been in love with him for a long time, he wants Yuri to feel the same way”

“Crap crap crap”

“YURI vs YURI here we go”

“Oh my god yurios jump”

“First and last season for the two yuris….”


pilot pals hanging out before poes mission to jakku

(“you wanna know what my magic eyes see, dameron? you’ll somehow screw everything up immensely but somehow get out of it as beautiful as ever” "so same thing you see every time?””pretty much”)

Massive Compilation of the Jungkook Pout

As I promised, here is the compilation of Jungkookie pouting (the cutest thing ever). Please enjoy~ Also, try not to die form the cuteness. Pictures credits to their owners. 

External image
External image

Baby TAT Why am I already crying????

He’s so incredibly cute I can’t even.


Look at this sulky baby bun. How can you resist? The answer is you can’t. Example: The hyungs

Dope Era + Pout = The Best Thing Ever! Look how pretty he is.

I swear, this is like one of his signature selca poses…


Ft. Jimin

When he doesn’t get the attention he wants. 

Ft. Jimin AND Yoongi

Ft. Taehyung

Ft. Eat Jin!

Ft. Manager Sejin

See what I mean? It’s his signature, patented pouty face…

Bless War of Hormone Era tbh.

It’s so natural for him.



Pouting over food, Same Kookie same

These precious moments

Why must you be like this child?

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who died because of this.

Okaayyyyy, this is getting extreme. Relax, you’ll hurt yourself Kookie. 

External image


The feeling when you eat too much ramen…

Okay, this is way too long so I’ll cut it here. But, you see my point right? Why are you pouting so much baby? You’re hyungs give you whatever you want anyway.

I still have a lot of feelings about yesterday’s episode but there’s something particular that I wanted to talk about. 

None of us ever expected the plot twist that came our way yesterday and it actually shocked me because I didn’t think it would ever happen. We do definitely get foreshadowing for this moment even from when Viktor and Yuuri first left for Beijing. 

At first, you’d think that Viktor was telling Makkachin not to do that because he didn’t want him developing any bad habits. That could also be true but it is also because Makkachin isn’t supposed to eat steamed buns because they are not good for him or he can’t eat them unsupervised. 

It is quite obvious to tell that Makkachin loves steamed buns because of the way he drools and looks at them when they’re left in front of him. 

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- Being jealous that he can eat anything he wants, and he never gains a single pound because of his accelerated metabolism. 

- “Seriously?!? You just ate an entire tray of cinnamon buns by yourself?”

- From the looks of it, he could probably go for more, he flashes you a grin.

- “Yeah, but the buns I really want are yours.” He says with a wink.

- You just roll your eyes, fighting back a blush

- And then as if to prove his point, he teasingly squeezes your right butt cheek.

- “Yeah, definitely better.”

- You have to often remind yourself, that just because Wally is hungry, doesn’t mean you have to eat even when you’re not.

- “Are you sure you’re not going to eat anything?”

- “Wally we ate an hour ago.”

- “Yeah, that was before we went to the park.” 

- “Literally an hour ago Wally, I haven’t even walked of the food from dinner yet.”

- “Are you sure? It feels kind of lonely to eat by myself.”

- Sometimes you cave and order a dessert, or an appetizer, taking most of it home with you.

- You can’t fit into any of his clothes, and even if you can they’re not very comfortable.

- Which Wally can’t comprehend.

- “Why don’t you just wear one of my shirts?” He asks, as you scower for something to wear, it’s laundry day, and you don’t have anything to wear. 

- “I can’t.” You say simply.

- “What do you mean you can’t, i just said you could, here take it.” He says holding it out to you. 

- “You don’t understand Wally,” And then after a moment of silence you finally say. “I can’t fit into your clothes.”

- You’re not upset about it really.

- Barry burns 10,000 calories a day, and that’s okay.

- You don’t have to compete with his metabolism, and you don’t want to.

- After all you like the way your body looks, even if it can’t fit into his clothes. 

- But Wally just feels horrible.

- The truth is he had never noticed that you didn’t look anything like him.

- And for the first time Wally’s actually jealous of your body type.

- He’s never going to have shoulders or thighs like yours. 

- He’s never going to look right standing next to you.

- Never look like a man.

- And it makes him insecure beyond belief.

- “Hey Wally, what’s been up with you lately?”

-  “What do you mean?”

- “You just look really down.”

- “Everyone has bad days.”

- “Wally, you’ve been looking down all week.”

- He just crumples, and he starts crying, and tells you everything.

- “I guess I just feel like I should look different? Like I should be bigger, more masculine. Like I can’t protect you.” He swallows. “After all how am I supposed to love you right when you can’t even give you my shirt to wear.”

- You just hold his hand.

- “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way you look, I like the way you look. And I don’t think any less of you because you’re smaller then me.”

- You turn to him, your thumbs brushing against the curve of his freckled face, wiping away the tears there. 

- “Besides I think it would be cuter if you wore my shirts anyway.”

- He just smiles, and wraps his arms around you.

- “Thank you.”