i mean look at his fingers

things in Heathers that give me life:

• Kurt and Ram’s head nod in beautiful
• the “it really blows” foreshadowing
• “thus ending her hangoverrr”
• literally every single time Veronica laughs
• “Jesus I’m on the frickin’ bus again”
• the dance in big fun cuz it looks sO FUN
• every single lyric in blue aka the fuckboy anthem
• when he missed the punch and JD raises his arms like “that’s rigHT, BitCH. COme aT ME.”
• “dang dang diggity dang”
• “oh look she was reading…the bell jar” *gasp*
• the arm hug thing Veronica and JD do. you know what i mean
• Veronica/macnamara hug after shine a light reprise
• “hello, slut”
• Veronica’s finger guns

Otabek/Yurio concepts 

Yurio jokingly asking Otabek to kiss his gold medal and being furiously flustered when he actually does it.

Yurio finding that his cheeks hurt after he’s spent an evening talking to Otabek and realizing it’s because he was smiling the whole time.

Otabek asking a 18-year-old Yurio to be his boyfriend and worrying he’s stepped out of line when he only receives a glare in response until Yurio snaps “Are you trying to say I’m not already!?”

Yurio making the grumpiest damn faces whenever they hug or cuddle. Otabek finding it adorable once he realizes the angry look means he’s being shy.

Victor and Yuuri nudging each other and sharing knowing smiles whenever Yurio gets too distracted typing away at his phone. They know who their son is texting.

Yurio developing a habit of grabbing and pulling Otabek along whenever he does a dramatic storm-off. Otabek will proceed to offer to take him somewhere on his bike to cool down.

Yurio growing his hair even longer and loving it whenever Otabek runs his finger through it, though he’ll get mad if anyone else touches it.

Otabek taking Yurio with him on a trip home to Kazakhstan, showing him around Almaty and proudly introducing his beautiful boyfriend to his family. 

I’ve been trying to put my finger on specific reasons for Yurio’s mercurial behaviour for a while now, especially the way he blows both hot and cold at Yuuri and Viktor.

It was actually something in his world-record scoring performance that made everything fall into place:

I mean, logically we knew that Yurio looked up to Viktor. Viktor even said that Yurio was a fan of his, but this is a different degree. Yurio is literally channeling a younger Viktor’s style when he skates, which suggests that this boy is more than a little devoted to Viktor.

We know that Yurio’s been skating for a long time. We know he was already in Yakov’s training programme when he was ten years old, which was when long-haired Viktor was winning medals and prizes and blowing young skaters’ minds across the world.

Yurio was seeing Viktor firsthand on a daily basis. They were technically rink mates, even if they were in a totally different class at the time. Viktor was not just the inspiration but the aspiration of this tiny, desperate  skater kid from Moscow. He saw what he had the potential to become.

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Kenma’s hair grew out some more over the spring holidays and Kuroo’s v flustered about it~~

((don’t think about Kuroo tugging Kenma’s hairband out and running his fingers through his shaggy hair i mean—–))

ok so

the thing about ouma kokichi…. im staring to have a feeling we might have his personality a bit off…

bc he looks mainly like… a sweetheart?? a really sweet character?

 like i know its PROBABLY NOT TRUE OMG BUT…. he literally looks so sweet…. like an unthreatening baby bunny… his sprites that we’ve seen are ALL positive (except maybe the one with his finger in front of his face altho that one is mostly smug) but he honestly looks like a sweetheart in his sprites. 

although i wouldn’t be surprised if they were playing off a cute and innocent appeal only to hide a mean/evil streak. kind of like a mean cutie?  

i cant wait to see how wrong i am when the game comes out? like im sure theres SOMETHING ABOUT HIM… lalthough i will just lose it if he ends up being really genuinely sweet (but trying to look tough and pass himself off as a liar) that would be such a backhanded slap

Becoming parents: in headcanon format
  • Kirk: Lift the kid in the air making plane noises.
  • Spock: Sitting with the baby in his lap and talking to the baby like they are a normal adult person. Sometime letting the baby try and grab his finger.
  • Bones: Makes baby noises with the baby. The only time he isn't grumpy.
  • Uhura: Sing songs in many different languages. Lots of kisses.
  • Sulu: Probably cried. Will move around the baby's arm to make it look like they are fencing.
  • Chekov: He did cry. Will literally do anything to make the baby laugh.
  • Scotty: Dances with the baby. By dancing I mean like holding it and spinning in a circle.
  • Jaylah: Was scared to hurt the kid. If anything happened she will look at everyone else to see if it was normal.

So, an ice devil is attacking our party. We’re not convinced we could beat it without casualties. Luckily, we have a mercenary in the room next over that is easily bribed. As the devil infects half the party with vile damage, the rogue (me), shouts out.

Rogue: “HEY! I’ve got four hundred gold with your name on it if we can get some HELP!”

I then cross my fingers that he heard.

Me: “I turn invisible and try to flank the devil.”
DM: “Alright, when you get to his back and go to stab him, a pair of eyes open up and look positively thrilled to see you-”
Me: “Hey! I didn’t even get to roll move silently! I have the feat so that tremor sense or blind sense or anything still has to roll-”
DM: “He has a listen of 30.”
Me: “I mean… I could’ve rolled a 20!”
Fighter: “Or you could’ve rolled a one.”
Fighter: “Against an ice devil.”
Me: “…”
Me: “Alright, so, he sees me.”

The devil freezes my holy sword. Note: when stressed, the rogue can have conversations with her conscience, common sense, and personification of her caretaker in her head, half of which is spoken aloud.

Me: “I mean, yeah, but we need to keep moving past him, and my party-”
Caretaker: “SCREW YOUR PARTY. You don’t need to outrun him, you just need to outrun the slowest member of your party.”
Me: “Damn, that’s cold. Well… shit.”

Devil: “Are you done now?”
Me: “…no?”
Devil: “Alright, I’ll let you pray to whatever god you worship while I deal with this one.”
Me: “…thank you.”

Next turn, the sound of footsteps intensifies as the mercenary I just bribed comes CHARGING into the room and has his swarm attack and absolutely obliterate the ice devil.

Thank the lord for him. He then proceeds to have some of his swarm burrow into everyone who had gotten vile damage’s spine. Which was everyone but me. They all dropped to -9 health but they were stable as I had to cough up an extra 400 gold for him saving my friends, too.

Me: “Well… shit. I’m going to be broke if we ever need you again.”
Merc: “I take magic items too.”
Me: *Fake gasp* “Gold digger!”
Merc: “Yep. So, what you got, anyways?”
Me: “…Gold. Digger.”

Love Isn’t a Memory

“My name is Dean Winchester

Sam is my brother

Mary Winchester is my mom, and

Casti–Cas, is my best friend.”

Dean popped his eyebrows high and shuffled unsure.

“Yes, that’s right,” Cas urged.

“You,” Dean said throwing a finger between them. “You’re Cas?”

Cas nodded, “Yes.”

Dean looked back and a stark vulnerability in his face caught Cas between the ribs. The low room light lit him kindly; the crows feet around his eyes were showing. Cas liked those little smile lines, liked them more everyday.

Dean scrubbed his chin. “No, that can’t be right,” he mumbled.


“That can’t be all, I mean.” His jaw jumped as he worked a timid nibble into his bottom lip, “You an’ me.”

“All?” Cas frowned, tried to seek an answer in the filtered sunlight at the motel window before he gave up and shook his head. “I don’t understand.”

“Are we… only friends?”

Heat hit Cas’ face in a quick bloom. “Why do you ask that?”

Dean was fixed on Cas now, face thin and brow folded. He’d just struck a nerve, and he seemed to know it.

He felt the lapel of Cas’ coat, and briefly brushed a thumb down his tie. He shook his head like he was trying to knock something loose – or knock something away, and he grabbed Cas in those wide green eyes again. “Because I feel like… it’s more than that. I feel like I look at you, and…  I’m in love with you.”

Cas shied back. “Oh,” he puffed, blindsided.

It was incredible how easily an unguarded Dean Winchester managed to rip their lives open. Although, Dean had always been good at turning Castiel inside out.

I love the glitches of this Say Goodbye video, and all the ones before, and also the amazing sound effects, but what really gets me is how the entire dialogue of this video was basically double entendres all the way through, plus the flawless acting by Jack, (fucking seriously who knew my boy Sean was so good at theater?? damn!) and the perfectly timed editing by Robin.

I mean it’s all so subtle and so clever that unless you’re really paying attention, and thinking in terms of how Anti would think, I feel like you might miss some of it.

“This is gonna get dangerous” Jack says, and the first delighted and demented chuckle filters through. When he sits down again after investigating the noise, Jack says, his voice faint and lacking confidence: “What the fuck was that?” He looks at the knife for just a few seconds too long, drawing his fingers along it, as if mesmerized.

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“How’s  the saying go?”  ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Reader is shy, quiet, thick, Roman and Dean take an interest.

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Roman

Word Count: 750


TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv @jkjk-h @migirl323

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| Opulence; KMS.

Member: Xiumin | EXO

Genre: Smut 

Word Count: 4.9k

Summary: You worked hard for your money and no one could take that away from you of course. You loved the feeling of making your own money and how you made it. However, your sugar daddy didn’t like it but, that doesn’t mean you cared.

“I thought you were going to quit?”

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***Special thanks to @marvel-ash for this beautiful graphic that I’m all heart eyes over! I’m in love with it! Thank you isn’t adequate!!! xoxo***

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the reader meet in a bar just days before he’s set to go get Sam and look for their dad. While he didn’t mean to drag her into the life, and he tried with all his might to keep her out of it, fate has other plans. 

Word Count: 20k+ (I know, I know. @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit has officially dubbed me her Wordy Princess, a title I gladly accept. But really, I hope the word count does not deter you.)

Warnings: Major angst, smut (fingering, handjobs, unprotected and protected sex, etc.), language, minor canon divergence (i.e. Lisa doesn’t exist), but also the glory that is Dean through the seasons. I love this man, and this just intensified that for me.

A/N: This fic was for @lipstickandwhiskey ‘s AC/DC song challenge and the song I chose was Whiskey on the Rocks. Now, originally, this was going to be PWP, well, the closest I could get. But then, this fic had other ideas and here we are, 20k of plot. I would apologize, but well, this may or may not have quickly risen to my all time favorite fic, and I hope that y’all love it as much as I do. It’s also written in a style I’ve never written in: third person, present tense, and entirely from Dean’s POV. I happen to love it, I love the way it reads and flows, and I hope you do too. Enjoy! 

Tags: At the bottom. Happy to add anyone to my tags list (I currently have an Everything, Dean, Sam, and Benny list) as long as you’re following me. Cheers!

The first time, Dean picks her up in the bar, using a cheesy half-assed pick up line, only half expecting her to be open to his advances.

But she succumbs to his smug grin in record time, pulling him into the bathroom minutes later and locking the door behind them, whispering ‘fuck me’ into his ear as he kisses down the column of her neck. He sucks a dark mark right above her pulse point, and he is more than happy and ready to obey. It’s in the grimy bar bathroom, on top of the sink, just enough clothes shoved down and pulled aside to give access. It’s handsy and furious, all teeth and fingernails, scratching and biting, grunts and growls of ‘more’ and ‘harder’ and ‘yes, right there,’ both chasing their release as if it were the last thing on earth they’d ever do. They still manage to meet it together, unable to keep their moans quiet, her hands clutching at his shirt, his buried in her hair. 

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“Fight Me for Him” - (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Yuri gets angry when people talk shit about his friend.

Yuri bristled. What did you say?

Yakov’s hand came immediately to his arm and squeezed it, a warning. He shoved it off and pointed his finger straight to the face of the journalist he had hissed against. The woman had straight brown hair and an anonymous face that forced him to think for a bit before recognizing her as the same who had asked Viktor if he wouldn’t prefer to face Yuuri as a competitor, at the Rostelecom Cup.

She looked taken aback and it made him furious. “What the fuck did you just say?!”

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2015 Luke Hemmings Highlights

Bc of recent events i’ve looked back in time and have fallen insanely and stupidly in love with 2015 Luke and i’d like to show you the highlights of 2015 Luke Hemmings.

 The first highlight is 2015 Japan Luke, what a time to be alive am i right kids? 

i mean you could set up camp inside of his dimples they’re that dEEP 

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Anonymous said:
Make them raw us. Again :)

a/n: also i was in the shower jamming to a song so i mean I’m killing two birds w/ one stone :)

Much Love!


I sat on the couch, giggling with the rest of the boys to a dumb game of truth or dare. “So Y/N, truth or dare?” Calum chuckled, taking a sip of his third beer. “Truth.” I squeaked. “Have you ever given a lap dance to anyone?” He asked me. “Uhh, no I have not..” I said, looking down. They all stared at me like it was a lie, but it wasn’t.

“Okay, so you’re telling me, our princess of a girl, has never even given a lap dance to anyone?” Ashton said, resting his chin on his fingers. I nodded my head, sipping my water as they all looked at me. “Is it a big deal? I mean I’m not the type to tease.” I said, smiling a little. Luke scoffed, “I highly doubt that princess.” I was taken back a little, “You calling me on my bluff, daddy?”

They all shifted, looking at each other like they were reading each others minds. “Alright, since you think you are not a tease, prove it.” They challenged. “Fine, I will.” I stood up, determined to prove them wrong. “Do you have a song request?” Michael asked, connecting his phone to the speaker. “You know what it is.” I winked.

Each of the boys sat on the couch while I got “prepared.” I quickly rid of my shirt and shorts, leaving me in my matching lace set. The music started playing and I straddled Luke’s lap, first. My hips rolled into his as he grasped my waist. I ran my hands down his chest and thighs, without touch his growing bulge. I could hear the three other boys groan as my body moved against Luke’s. I licked up his neck, whispering in his ear.

I moved to the next boy, Calum who looked like he was aching for some attention. My backside was to his front as my bum grazed his clothed cock. I turned around, biting my lip looking him in the eyes, something that I know will get him weak. I grabbed his shirt, twisting it in my hands as my tongue ran along his bottom mouth, but quickly pulled back when he tried to grab my face.

When I got to Ashton looked like he was ready to pounce. “You still think I’m a tease, daddy.” I giggled, running my hands on his exposed collar bones. I kissed down his neck, biting every now and then. Ashton’s hands squeezed my hips, making me jolt. “Princess, you were always a tease we were just testing you.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes, lightly hitting his chest.

Now Michael, had lust filled in his eyes, wanting only me. “Fuck, I knew you were a tease when you started with Luke. I’m not dealing with this.” He picked me up by my hips, laying me on the black futon. “God, such a fucking tease, I think she deserves a punishment.” Calum smirks. I turn, my bum exposed to them. “Good girl.” he commented. “Now guys, shall we go for 5 each?” he asked the other.

Two hands grabbed my panties and pulling them down to my knees. Seconds later, a slap, harsher than the first one came down on my left cheek and I cried out, my eyes shutting down as I took in the pain. “Will you count for me princess?” Ashton asked, so I knew who was doing it.

“One” I simply said, waiting for the next four. His hand came down alternatively on my right and left cheek, spreading the pain all over my ass. After l took in the 5 slaps, the weight shifted and a hand massaged my bum for a while before coming down on me again. It was Michael’s turn and I was trying my best not to scream.

It was then Luke’s turn and as he started to spank me, I let out a loud scream, not being able to hold it back anymore, it was just too much. “No one can hear you princess, it’s just us.” He teased before giving me 4 other harsh slaps. “Calum, I can’t it’s too much.” I begged. His finger ran over my slit, making me shutter. “Your body says otherwise baby girl.” He says before slapping my ass again. “And that was for the wrong name.” He chuckled.

I whined, looking over my shoulder, only to get my hair grabbed and turned back around. “You know the rules,” Michael growled. I was flipped around, exposed to the boys while they looked me up and down. I bite on my finger, lightly sucking on it looking right into Luke’s eyes, but it was soon ripped out of my mouth. “You’re just asking for it princess, aren’t you.” Ashton mocked.

Daddy, let me have a taste. I’ve been such a good girl, please.” I batted my eyes.  Luke shook his head, “You think you should get a taste, when you just teased the fuck out of us, princess?” I sat on my knees, placing my palms on my thighs, like how they taught me, and pouted. “Fuck, I can’t. I’ll let her have a taste.” Calum moaned.

I smiled to myself, having them wrapped around my finger, they always caved in. I let my hands work on his belt buckle while I licked my lips, begging for a taste. Calum’s sweats were finally off his cock imprinted on his boxers aching to burst. My tongue ran on his shaft, slowly taking in his tip. They always told me to never rush, so I took my sweet time. Focusing on pleasuring him, being his good girl.

“Fuck, you’re so good at this princess.” He moaned, his hands tangling in my hair. I looked up at him through my lashes, taking him all the way and holding it. I let his tip drag down my bottom lip, as my hands worked him up. “Okay, enough.” Luke growled pulling me back. I pouted at him, “But, daddy I’m just being a good girl, like you always ask for.”

I lay back, my hands up. “She does know what to do,” Michael sighs, “I think she deserves an award.” They turn and look at me, “Would you like that princess?” Ashton asks. “Yes please, daddy.” I respond. His knees are on both sides of my thighs, his hands creeping up to my core. Ashton leaves kisses down my neck, all the way to the valley of my breasts. A small moan escapes my lips when he presses a finger against my clothed clit.

He rubs in small circles, building up my breath only to let it go again. “Mmm, the only reward you’ll get is my cock inside that sweet pussy of yours.” He growls. I whine pushing my hips towards his hand only to get them pushed down on the couch. “Come on princess, you can beg better than that.” Ashton says. “Please daddy, you know I’ve been a good girl, please I deserve a reward, I’ll do anything you want.” I begged.

Luke smirked at me, coming closer. “You want a reward? Well, you’ve got one now baby girl.” He whispered while kissing my neck. Luke took his time, trailing his down my body, feeling every inch of it. “Daddy,” I said, sounding a little demanding. “Watch your tone, you know where that gets you.” He darted his eyes at me. His fingers hooked the inside of my panties, slowly inching them down my leg.

I was now more exposed than I already of, and I was loving every minute of it. Luke’s thumb toyed with my clit while he inserted a finger into me. One became two, which became three and I was shaking under Luke’s touch. He started sucking and nipping at my neck, leaving clear evidence of the night. A high pitched moan left my mouth as I became closer and closer to my edge again. Luke curled his fingers, pushing me into my first orgasm just by tapping at my g-spot.

My teeth sunk into my bottom lip as my legs threatened to close, my back arching and sweat trails left on my forehead. “Fuck, please daddy.” Everything about each of the boys was anything but vanilla. It was far from it, and it was exhilarating. “You wanna be good for daddy and cum all over my fingers, huh?” Luke pushes. I nodded, a mewl escaping from my lips.

Most of the time it was Luke who had the master mind of fingering, as well as Ashton, but something about Luke made me weak. “Come on baby girl, we all know you’re close.” Calum says, coming up and kneading my breasts. “Mmm, daddy. Can I cum?” I asked. “Go ahead, princess.” Once I got permission, an intense wave of pleasure ran through my bones. My legs squirmed as my nails dug into the leather leaving half moons everywhere.

Long whimpers fell from my lips, as stars clouded my vision. Deep breaths came from my chest as I slowly opened my eyes. “Such a good girl, our good girl.” Ashton grabbed my hips pulling me right on his tongue. I struggled, being so sensitive. “Daddy, ‘m too sensitive.” I moaned. Ashton’s scruff tickled the insides of my thighs as his tongue was flat, cleaning me.

“No no no no, please daddy I can’t.” I begged, but I didn’t want him too. The pit of my stomach was on fire while my toes curling turning white. “You want me to stop, huh? Hm, cute.” Ashton chuckled. My second orgasm hit me harder, with long moans and whines coming from my lips. “God you taste so good.” Ashton worshiped.

Sweat trailed down my forehead as I tried to catch my breath. “You’re not done yet, princess. We still have a while to go.” Michael said. He grabbed my legs, pulling me down again. His tip ran against my folds making goosebumps rise on my skin. Slowly, he pushed into me, building up the anticipation. Finally, he began to thrust in and out of me.

Shaky moans came out of me as Michael’s grip tightened on my waist. “Daddy, please.” I moaned. “Already princess? You’re already begging..” He chuckled. My nails dragged down his back. “Daddy, I wanna cum, please let me.” I whimpered. “Cum for daddy, kitten.” He whispered while kissing my neck. Soon after I could feel myself losing control and I released around him. He unsystematically rode out my high before pulling out of me, catching his breath.

My body felt weak, I couldn’t open my eyes. “Okay baby girl,” Calum started, “you now missionary isn’t my favorite, ass up head down.” He demanded. My body was numb as I tried my best to keep my backside up instead of plopping down. My backside faced him as my toes started to tingle. The tips of Calum’s fingers ran along my back making me shiver. “You awake enough, princess?” He asked. “Yes, daddy.” I answered. “Good,” he chuckled.

He thrusted harshly inside me with a groan as I moaned out loud. After giving me a moment to adjust, he set a fast pace, fucking into me as hard as he could. Little noises slipped from my lips, gradually growing louder as I neared closer to my release. “Daddy!” I yelled out “I-I need to cum!” His thumb came down to circle my clit, his thrusts loosing their smooth finese as pleasure consumed him. “Go ahead, princess. Cum for daddy.” I detonated around him with a scream, milking Calum for all that he was worth. Calum covered my lips with his as he came hard inside me with a raspy, “Fuck, princess!”  

I felt my body go numb at this point, feeling no energy to keep going. “You tired, princess?” Michael asked. “Yes, daddy.” I yawned. “Alright princess, we’ll let you rest now,” Ashton said, picking me up bridal style. I was set down in the bed, covering my body with blankets as my eyes shut.

confidence boost

Words: 1863
Stuart Twombly x reader
The Internship
Warnings: Swearing, lap dances, nakedness (no smut) 

“I don’t think this is a dance club” I say turning to the team. 
“well I was rocking cantonese he was rocking mandarin something clearly got confused in the middle but I say its a blessing in disguise” Billy exclaims. Just then a girl, a naked girl at that, comes strolling over. 
“show you to your table?” she flirts with the guys running her hand along their chests and she walks down the line. She stops at Stuart. Nick tilts his head up and says something I can’t hear. His eyes nearly pop out of his head. She takes his finger and slips it into her mouth then takes his hand and leads him to a table, Yo-Yo and Lyle follow eagerly. I look at Neha. We stop for a second feeling awkward. 

“you guys ok?” Nick asks concerned. I bite my lip. 
“I mean, I don’t know about you” Neha pauses looking at me. “But i’ve only read about this stuff okay? Fanfiction and hentai you know?” she exclaims. I nod my head in agreement. I turn away as they get into a speech about how amazing we are. I stare at Stuart as he stares at all the naked women. I grit my teeth and turn back to the conversation. 

“let’s get fucked up” I yell. 
“that’s the spirit” Nick shouts in reply. We head to the table just as shots are being placed. I immediately reach for one. We spend a moment trying to get Yo-Yo to have one and when he does we all cheer. Another woman comes up to our table and this time reaches for my hand. I raise my eyebrow and she smirks pulling me up. I look at Neha panicked. She just hollers and smacks my butt as I shuffle past. I take a short glance at Stuart and his eyes are trained on my butt. I smile a little. 

The woman takes me into a back room and tells me to change into an outfit.

I do so and look in the mirror. I feel and look extremely sexy. She knocks and I shout that I’m ready. She fluffs my already curly hair and adds a little makeup. I look hot. She takes my hand and leads me back outside. The boys and Neha are still sitting at the table, not drunk enough to venture away yet. Neha is first to spot me and her jaw drops. The boys, who are all faced away from me turn and look to see what she’s looking at. Their jaws literally drop to the floor. I make my way up the steps and sit next to Neha. 

“damn girl, you’re hot” She mutters. The boys nod, some more eagerly than others. I take a swig of the beer the guys had bought me. I see Stuarts gaze last a little longer on me. 

“anyone wanna dance?” I ask standing up. Stuart’s eyes rake up my legs and to my face, gulping and nodding. I don’t see the others nod but I hear them walking behind us. We get up onto a small square dance floor and start dancing to whatever is playing. I have my back to Neha as she has hers on mine and we simultaneously slut drop. I bite my lip as Stuart raises his eyebrows. I pop back up and the song changes to a really dirty one. I grab hold of Stuarts neck and start grinding on him, rolling my body into his. I hear the team holler and a few other people joining in on it. His hands grip my waist not daring to go lower. I roll my eyes and push his hands down to my butt. He instantly starts squeezing. He looks at me with heavily eyelids and I’m sure mine are the same. Drunk on alcohol and each other. He leans down to my ear. 

“where did this side of you come from?” he whispers nipping at my ear. I lean my head to the side giving him more access. My eyes are closed and I open them slightly to see everyone had left to go elsewhere. I spot Neha and she smirks at me giving me a wink. I blush. 

“I guess you bring it out of me” I flirt back fisting his hair in my hands. He audibly moans and brings his lips to mine. We make out for a while before we decide to head back to the table. I take note of all the actual strippers around the club giving lap dances. I smirk and when Stuart sits down, I take a quick shot and straddle his lap. His eyes go wide. 

“what are you doing?” he stutters.  I take a hold of his neck again and grind down on his lap. He moans. “do that again” he whimpers. 
“I could do this all night baby” I whisper flirtatiously in his ear. His hands fly to my butt and I start grind and rolling my body onto his. He groans and suddenly Billy shows up next to us taking multiple pictures. 
“exchangeagram moment right there” he yells high fiving Stuart. I blush but keep going. He starts gripping my hip a little tighter so I bend down to his ear. 

“you gonna cum stewie? in front of all these people, I haven’t even touched you, cum for me” I giggle cupping his cheek and pushing my lips against his. His grip gets almost unbearable but I’m to focused to bother. His body slightly shakes underneath me as he presses hot kisses to my neck. Nobody seems to notice what’s happening around us, probably because we are in a strip club, surrounded by other lap dances. 

Stuarts glasses are slightly bent on his face and I giggle while pushing them back to their place. His face is flushed and he looks up at me silently. 
“I’m so embarrassed that, that just happened” he blushes covering his face. 
“I’m not” I say. He raises his eyebrows. “maybe we can do it again some time, in the near future, minus the alcohol and clothes” I say cupping his cheek. He runs his hands over my hand. He stares at me for a second then jumps forward pressing his lips to mine. 
“I think I love you” he smirks. I push his shoulder. 
“ditto” I grin. I stand up and we carry on with the night, actually spending time with the team. I blush at first when they all make innuendos and comments about my attire and actions. Neha high fives me when nobody is looking.

The night takes a turn when some guy decides to mark territory on Marielena, causing a fight to break out between the guys and his friends. We got escorted out of the club, after inquiring about my clothes from the girl who helped me, she tells me to keep the lingerie. 
“your boyfriend seemed to enjoy it” she giggles pointing at him. I turn to look at Stuart and he looks away quickly. I laugh. “he’s cute, hold on to him” she winks strutting away. I forget about my clothes, grinning to myself and join the others. We head to a lovely hill looking over the entire city. Stuart hands me his button down shirt and I take it gratefully, buttoning it up and sitting on a bench next to neha. Billy comes to talk to us, by now we’re pretty much sober again minus Lyle and Yo-Yo. I start thinking about the night and blush at my confidence. 

“you were great tonight y/n” Neha exclaims putting her hand on my bare knee. I smile but its fake, of course she notices. “oh come on! he obviously likes you, he was totally into it” 
“any guy would like all of that” I sigh running my hand through my hair. 
“As a guy, I’ve got to say I think he’s totally in love with you” Billy adds. My face brightens. 
“really?” I squeal. He nods then looks at Neha who looks slightly glum. He starts talking to her about how young and beautiful she is and I nod the whole way through it. 
“you’ll find someone Neha, you’re 21 and in college, you still have plenty of time” I reassure her placing my hand in hers. She squeezes mine and we have a group hug. 

Back at HQ we quickly programme our app then retreat home. Instead of going back to our room with Neha I follow Stuart. We enter his makeshift apartment, similar to my own. I awkwardly stand near the front door while he kicks his shoes off. 
“you can sit down” he points out giggling. I nod. 
“right, yeah” I exclaim sitting down on his couch. Its silent for a while.
“you know we need to talk about tonight” Stuart whispers. I nod and look down. 
“I know” I whisper then cough. “you can just say it… I know how much we drank and I don’t expect anything to come from this” I say pointedly. 
“look at me” he sighs. I keep my head down. “I said look at me” he says more demandingly, while pulling my small frame to straddle his own, much like we had done earlier. I yelp. 
“I don’t want to forget about tonight. I can honestly say it was the best night of my life. I mean the lap dances and making out was great, well… amazing” he pauses taking my hand as I blush. “but the fact that you were the one doing it, means so much more” he finishes. I finally look up at him, his eyes show nothing but the truth. 
“so what does this make us?” I whisper. 
“I was hoping I could take you on a real date, with less alcohol and maybe in the end less clothes” he smirks repeating what I had said to him earlier. I blush covering my face. He laughs loudly pulling my hands away and intertwining them in his own. He pecks my nose and I scrunch it up. 

“come on” he chirps patting my butt. “we need sleep” he says. I groan. 
“I have to walk alllllll the way back to my apartment, in underwear” I whine. He lifts me up and I squeal wrapping my legs around his waist. 
“no you don’t just stay here, you’re all comfy in my shirt just sleep here, borrow clothes when we wake up and go to HQ.” he says like its the most simplest thing on earth. And it is after I see the look on his hopeful face. I peck his lips and nod, leaning my head against his shoulder. 
“ok” I mutter. He carries me to his bedroom, gently putting me into the bed and sliding in next to me. 
“see you in a couple of hours beautiful” he mumbles, resting his head in the crook of my neck placing a wet kiss there and wrapping his strong arms around my waist pulling me back into him. 
“I made you cum” I giggle. He gently bites my neck and I yelp in surprise. 
“SLEEP” he demands jokingly. I stay silent snuggling into his warmth. 

carry on, darling, we were built to last 

“Were you serious?” Yuuri asked, glancing at Victor’s profile as the elevator climbed up towards their floor.

“What do you mean?”

Yuuri shifted nervously, conscious of the sudden weight of the golden band on his finger.

“About what you said, marrying me after I win gold?”

Too scared it was just a joke, he couldn’t look straight at Victor. It would be cruel to play with his heart in that way and Yuuri doubted Victor would do something like that, but… He sneaked a peek at the mirror wall in front of them.

And maybe it was worse than directly watching Victor smile, in that soft, caring way Yuuri was still not used to even after months of seeing it; maybe it was worse, because now he felt like a secret pervert and it just burned so right to spy all those changes of tender, wordless affection go through Victor’s face when his smile turned into an expression of gentle sincerity.

Yuuri’s cheeks dusted pink and he snapped his eyes away awkwardly, only to jump when Victor took his hand.

The hand with the ring gleaming in the bright elevator lights.

“I would never joke about it,” Victor said solemnly, lifting Yuuri’s hand and kissing the gold band.

Relief and embarrassment washed over Yuuri simultaneously and his body didn’t know for a moment what to do: to breathe or to fidget. So he stood frozen, watching their joined hands and the matching rings, so beautiful, so precious, so gold.

“But,” Victor continued talking. “I’ll marry you even if you don’t win.”

“Wha– But you said–” Yuuri started confused.

“I did,” Victor’s smile turned playful when he cocked his head to the side and his eyes squinted in that cheerful way that always made Yuuri smile as well. “If you don’t win gold I’ll be the one planning the whole thing, though.”

Somehow Yuuri couldn’t really bring himself to care about that. He was about to voice it, when Victor said:

“I’ll rent the whole cathedral and we’ll have white roses and baldachins of white silk draped all around it and then a coach pulled by six white horses and–”

“Stop, stop!” Yuuri cut him off, nervous laughter getting stuck in his chest. “That’s way too much!”

“Eh? I don’t think so. We should get the best of the best of the best to­–”

“Victor,” Yuuri stepped closer, catching Victor’s hand in both of his and holding it as if it was the most precious thing in the world. And it was. “If I win, we’ll do it my way, okay?”

Victor’s smile brightened, “Okay.”

When the elevator door ringed open and Victor sauntered out, humming the wedding march under his breath, Yuuri couldn’t help a fond smile at the sudden feeling of having played right into Victor’s hands.

But, well, he didn’t necessarily mind that.

Listen, I’m just saying

Imagine Tyler being self conscious of his surgery scars
Imagine him hating it when his shirt rides up in videos and his scars are on display for everyone to see
Imagine when he has to take his shirt off for videos he just hides his insecurity and hopes they can get the filming done quickly
Imagine him confessing to you that he thinks they’re one of his most unattractive features
Imagine the look on his face when you tell him you think they’re beautiful
Imagine his cheeks reddening, the small smile forming on his lips
Imagine him asking you if you really mean it
Imagine your fingers tentatively gliding over the marks as Tyler holds his breath
Imagine kissing them
Imagine telling him you think they’re wonderful and show how strong he is