i mean look at his eyes and his nose and his lips and his hair

funny valentine | v pt.1

word count: 1.2k

genre: fluff

a/n: idk i just want to make a really cute series for a change

synopsis: maybe it was fate that you both missed your trains when you were both running away.

He ran quickly down the steps of the train station, his suit jacket falling down his shoulders and his shoes beginning to untie themselves, but it was too late. The train had moved and not even he was brave enough to do a run-up.

“Damn!” He shouted loudly before looking around the platform and settling his eyes on a girl sitting on the bench, staring at him with fearful eyes.

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think about them kissing in the doorway, both of them still mostly dressed for the day, each kiss long and slow and warm so warm, magnus’s fingers curled in alec’s hair and alec’s thumbs tucked up underneath the hem of magnus’s shirt. the kiss would break with a wet sound and magnus would watch him for a second, the way desire was hanging dark around his eyes and his lips, hair a messy black halo. he’d watch then as he wordlessly dropped to his knees, nose and cheek pushing up against magnus’s stomach through his shirt. hot breath would catch in the fabric and magnus’s breath would catch in his throat at the same time, lashes falling, lids heavy. alec’s thumbs would push down over sensitive skin right underneath his waistband and then the shirt would be pushed up, slowly, until that breath was right up against magnus’s skin, humid and so damn warm. he’d watch alec then, watch the way he’d press in, dragging nose and lips and pressing cheek to the tight planes of his stomach, making every muscle tense. alec would press open mouthed kisses in a warm, wet circle around his belly button and then lower, his chin nudging against his belt. every kiss would make magnus moan, pulling tight hot heat in spikes up the base of his stomach.

i don’t think I’ve ever been this happy with a drawing of mine :D I mean, it still looks like crap but I do think this is better than anything i’ve done before! I’m really happy with the skin, his eyebrows, his eyes, and his lips and nose :D ALSO, I know his hair is kinda red-ish but I couldn’t get the right color and in the end I stopped giving a shit and just went with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I did my best and I’m happy with the results, even if it looks like garbage xD

The first time that Blaine sleeps over uwu

Kurt’s head sinks into the pillow, tucked underneath the blankets, as the silence of his house—punctuated with groans and the occasional hum of central heating—settles over them like a second sheet. Hair scattered across the creases of the pillowcase, Kurt blinks, eyes tired but body buzzing, as he looks across at Blaine whose face is half-buried in the other pillow, curls spilling messily onto his cheek.

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In Another Life

Anon Request: (x)

Word Count: 1408 (wow this is short)

Genre: Angst/Fluff (also a drabble kinda, again || this is was more angst than i had originally planned… forgive me….)

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Seven Years Ago

“It’s really been a whole year with you, babe.” You smile as you kiss Jungkook on the cheek. He easily smiled, his gaze fixated on every feature of your face. He loved everything about you; the way your lips curled, the way your nose crinkled when you didn’t like something, the way your eyes almost disappear when you smile.

“I wouldn’t want to spend a whole year with anyone else.” His voice oozing with love.

“Do you really mean that, Kookie?” Your eyes playfully squinting at him. Letting out a chuckle, his smile makes you melt in his hand. His dark hair had been parted away from his eyes, and boy, did you love to look at his eyes. You were almost certain the moment you laid eyes on each other that it was love at first sight.

“Of course I mean it.” His voice – his beautiful voice – was music to your ears, and anyone who ever heard it.

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Edward bleary woke from sleep when he felt the mattress compress. Someone was here.

Someone with dark hair and cool fingers that curled into the fabric of his pajama top. The face came into focus. Oswald looked barely there, eyes tired and struggling to stay open as he settled beside Edward.

“What are you doing?” Edward spoke softly, breaking the quiet serenity of the moment. He didn’t question how or why Oswald was here, simply curious as to his friend’s behaviour.

“Shush.” an index finger rose against Edward’s lips and Oswald snuggled against his friends side, seeking the comfort he desired. He felt safe, surrounded by the warmth of Edwards lean body and the blankets engulfing him. With a content sigh, he buried his nose to Edward’s chest, breathing him in.

“I’m home”

The words had escaped but by the time Edward registered their meaning and stared down at Oswald in shock, the other man was already asleep. Soft mouth open with light snores beginning to rise from him. Fondly Edward brushed those dark bangs out of Oswald face. He braved a brushing chaste kiss to Oswald forehead before securing an arm around him.

Edward let his eyes drift shut, easily lulling back to slumber, but not without those final words…

“Yes.. yes, you are home.”

In Another Life

Word Count: 1408

Released: RE-UPLOAD

Seven Years Ago

“It’s really been a whole year with you, babe.” You smile as you kiss Jungkook on the cheek. He easily smiled, his gaze fixated on every feature of your face. He loved everything about you; the way your lips curled, the way your nose crinkled when you didn’t like something, the way your eyes almost disappear when you smile.

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Once upon a time...

A/N: I just missed the day 4 writing challenge while I was writing this so I still want to share a little brother bonding. This is a Jones Family AU story. 

Henry scooped his little brother onto his lap and held him close as they pulled the large leather bound book up close so they could both look at it together. Liam’s curly blond hair tickled his nose as he got comfortable in his lap causing him to giggle. Liam turned up to face him wide blue eyes grinning with pride at his ability to make his big brother laugh.

His little fingers tried to pry open the cover with resistance from his big brother.“Open book Henry.”

“First you need to understand It’s no ordinary book kid.”

Liam’s brows furrowed as he looked up at him puffing out his lip.”What you mean Henry?”

“This book is special. All the stories in this book are about our family and they are real.”

His little eyes widened and he smiled.”I wanna see!”

“OK, but you also have to be careful with the pages. Don’t rip ok?”

“Ok no rip.”

Henry opened the large cover and pulled back to reveal the first story. Liam gasped and pointed to the picture. “Mama! Papa!”  

“That’s right, that’s Mom and Dad.”

He looked up and gave him a twisted grin as he bounced in his lap with excitement. “Read it Henry.”

Henry nodded and started the tale about how a once broken pirate met and fell in love with a lost girl. Liam giggled when he told him about the ship in the storm, how the wicked witch cursed his father’s lips, and how is mother braved the darkness to save them all.  

Most importantly he revealed how no matter what evil came upon him his parents were heroes, his father always supported and stood by his mother, and his mother believed in and loved his father with all her heart.

Liam looked up with the biggest smile when Henry got to the page where he was born. His picture showed him being held by his Papa and kissed on the head by his mother, while wrapped in a blanket with his name embroidered on the corner.

When Henry finished the book he looked up to see his parents standing in the corner wrapped in each other’s arms as he often found them and smiling over their boys.