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The effects of torture part 2 Poe Dameron

i wanna thank everyone who loved the first part and requested the second part for your kind words, i hope you like this one as much as the first. :) 
pairing; Poe Dameron x reader
warnings: not really 
spoilers: non 
disclaimer Gifs not mine. 

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Poe found himself by your bed every free minute he had in the 3 days that followed you arrival on D’Qar. He had told you stories about Jessika, Snap and his black squadron. He had showed you the things that held meaning to you during your time with the resistance, but nothing seemed to work. Your mental situation hadn’t change. Physically you were already doing much better. You looked much healthier, but the vague absent expression in your eyes stayed.
‘it looks like she doesn’t want to remember.’ Poe spoke to Leia and your doctor on your 4th day on base.
‘it’s almost like something is stopping her from remembering.’ Leia added to it.
‘we can’t be sure what the first order did to her. All the interrogations drugs they used on her are out of her system. But it might be possible it’s something that force user did.’ Your doctor spoke, another reason for Poe to hate Kylo Ren.
‘it’s possible.’ Leia mumbled, if only Luke where here, he might know what to do, sadly he wasn’t.
‘but what are we going to do, I mean I’ve tried everything, told her stories about her friends, about her life with the resistance, showed her everything I know holds personal value to her.’
‘we might need to take it a step further.’ The doctor spoke. ‘she’s been in one room most of the time, hasn’t seen anyone but you two. Seeing other places and other people might help.’
‘what are you suggesting?’ Leia asked her doctor. ‘that we’d take her to another planet, remind her of her life before the resistance?’ Poe thought about the idea.
‘perhaps, but start with showing her the base, the people she used to hang around with, it might start something.’
‘is she fit enough?’ Poe wanted you to remember dearly if he could he’d show you to your home planet straight away  if there was a change of you remembering, but not if you were still too weak.
‘you know as good as I commander Dameron that she’s been bored out of her mind the past days, it might do her good. Physically she’s as good as healed.’
‘then that’s what we’ll do, first the base if that doesn’t work her home, commander.’
‘I’ll get to it, general.’ Poe was quick to leave the people around him and walk the short distance to the medbay. 

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Empress of Fire

Warnings: Some light torture. VERY LIGHT FLUFF. And I mean, very light. Angst. 

Word Count: 2838

A/N: Hello lovelies! So, here it is for you! The third chapter of Empress… and these two are still at it lol.

Chapter 3: Intrigue

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Kylo slowly walked into the throne room, his eyes were fixed on an empty space near the Princess’ head; he absolutely refused to make eye contact with her after all the disrespect she had shown him.

Princess Y/N, however, did not seem to hide her fury or her distaste. Kylo stood in front of the throne, speaking to no one in particular, “You summoned me?”

“Look at me when you’re addressing me,” she spat.

Kylo’s eyes met hers now, and he did his best not to stare at her; she wore a deep red sheer dress, her Y/H/C hair was braided over left shoulder, “What can I do for you, Princess?”

“You know what you have done, Supreme Leader,” she rebuked, stepping down from beside the throne, “Or do I need to remind you?”

Kylo shrugged, he was not going to make it easy for her, “Please, remind me.”

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Hey Audric Quite some time ago Masashi Kishimoto made an illustration of Mitsuki Sarada and Boruto all with like powers Mitsuki had the sage mode and Sarada seemed to have the mangekyo sharing but Boruto clearly had two Byakugans and the kyuubi cloak what does that mean? Does this imply his illustration wasn’t canon or something because we know Boruto only has that one eye until he is a teen but in the illustration he is a kid. Do you think Kishimoto just drew this for fun?

I’m not sure. At the moment I don’t think it’s safe to assume that the artwork foreshadowed what the future has in store for all three of them, even though Mitsuki’s Sage Mode proved to be canon.

Firstly, because Boruto looks like he’s in a form of Jinchuuriki control mode, and I really doubt (at least I really hope) that he won’t get a Tailed Beast in the future, especially not Kurama.

Secondly, because of the implications needed for Sarada to unlock the Mangekyou in the first place; they’re not good:

So yeah at the moment, I’m still not reading too deeply into this artwork. I’m just gonna see more of where the plot goes before I decide to draw any conclusions. But I do hope that Sarada gets something different - Because I feel as though The Uchiha are currently far too associated with their Sharingan abilities.

The concluding parts of my Radiance fic. (One & Two, Three, Four, Five.)

Thank you to everyone who has read, reblogged and left comments. I can’t say how much it means to me <3<3<3 And thank you again to @lovecrimebooks​ for the incredible opportunity to see this fic in print.

On which note, if you’d like your very own copy of Radiance, I’m currently holding a giveaway with a copy of the book as first prize!

Also on AO3.

A Feasting Presence Full of Light


Darkness returns. Hannibal sees the trails of fire melt behind his eyes and knows it is safe to look. Except it will never be safe again, because Will is gone, he is cooling in Hannibal’s arms and perhaps it would be easier simply to keep his eyes closed, lie down beside him and never open them again.


Will is speaking to him. Will is speaking to him and Hannibal’s eyes flash open to see Will grinning up at him, half amusement and half joyful disbelief.


Will’s eyes are sparkling, but not, Hannibal realises, with the same internal light that has been trapped in them for so many months. He checks the rest of Will’s body and sees that it has been returned to its former state, no inexplicable glow leeching from him. He looks at Will, staggered and speechless, and only grows more confused as the grin on Will’s face widens and he nods up towards the sky.


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I mean, Jeronica shipper or not, you have to admit that Jughead’s little smile for Veronica was the most precious thing in the world. Look at him, looking at his dark-haired princess with heart eyes.

+ If you have any scenes requests (about them obviously) or an original idea for an edit, don’t hesitate to share them with me. I’d gladly make more creations about my babies. 🙏🏻

[Cr : devilshands | Instagram].

Alfred is some regular low middle class man living in New York, who’s hobby is street photography. He likes to take trips every once in a while to Central Park and take pictures of the scenery and also the people, and one day he comes across Ludwig, looking like an angelic sugar daddy with his long winter pea coat, walking three huge fluffy dogs. I mean he looks so perfect; a head full of slicked back blond hair, chiseled, pronounced features, steely blue eyes that stand out against the wintery landscape. I mean he looks utterly stunning, and Alfred finds himself taking a shit ton of pictures until one of the dogs barks in his direction, and Ludwig turns to notice him. 

Obviously he’s flustered and embarrassed that someone took his picture, and before he can say anything though Alfred babbles an apology, and basically rambles on like “Ah, I’m so sorry! I’m a photographer and you just look so beautiful- uh, I mean-” and embarrasses himself, that poor boy. 

Ahh but Ludwig just blushes and says it’s fine, but he’s curious and kinda wants to see the pictures. Alfred of course lets him see, but Ludwig is more interested in the few pics Alfred took of his dogs, and oh my god, Alfred notices and even asks if Ludwig would like him to take more pictures of them, and Ludwig’s face lights up! They spend maybe an hour together with Ludwig trying to get them in good positions and Alfred taking photos. 

:D and afterwards Alfred, smooth af, tells Ludwig that if he can get his number, he can download the pictures and send them to him ;) and Ludwig of course agrees, probably not even noticing that it was an improvised plan to get his number. But it works all the same, and with a few texts back and forth and more meet ups for photos, they actually start to hang out on their own and get along really well….and it goes from there. 

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Can you do OTP Drabble Challenge for number 12, for Enjolras/Grantaire?

Thanks for the ask! I hope you like it :)


Enjolras sighed, running his fingers through his silky golden curls.

“You should get some rest,” said Combeferre from the opposite side of him, collecting sheets of papers they have spread over the wooden table of the café a few hours ago. He started rolling them up and putting them away into his bag and just when he was about to get up, Enjolras spoke again.

“I sometimes feel like I am the only one taking this seriously,” he said, slowly looking up at his friend. “I mean, you’re okay, but you know, the others…”

“They just like to have a bit of fun,” replied Combeferre leniently.

“We are organising a revolution! There is no time for fun!” hissed Enjolras, a fire returning into his blue eyes. “These are serious matters!”

Combeferre had a feeling that he would not be going to bed any time soon. He suppressed a yawn and said quickly: “I know it’s serious. But they are young, surely a drink now and then is not going to hurt the cause…”

“A drink every now and then?” Enjolras jumped up at that, glaring at his friend. “All they do is drink! All the time! Grantaire, always with a bottle in hand! Is he ever sober? Ever?!”

“Doubt it,” shrugged Combeferre, losing interest in the conversation. He was tired and not exactly in the mood for one of Enjolras’s overly revolutionary moods.

But the leader of the rebels was not even near finished. “He just sits there and drinks the entire time. He is looking at me but he is not hearing a word of what I’m saying. Whenever he has a comment, it is one that is irrelevant! What is the use of him? All he does is offer drinks to others, making them not take the meetings seriously! Why is he even with us? It would be better if…”

He finally regarded Combeferre’s face and he realised that his friend was shaking his head and looking worriedly towards the door behind Enjolras, and he instinctively stopped talking. Then a cough came from the same direction.

Enjolras just froze in place for a few seconds, panting. Then he slowly turned around to face the person he already knew was standing in the doorway.


Grantaire was leaning on the doorframe, probably steadying himself. His dark hair was messy, his face unshaven and his shirt untucked with the few buttons at the top missing. He had the look of someone that’s been doing nothing but drinking for days. But as Enjolras’s gaze met his eyes, they looked completely sober. Sober and filled with deep hurt.

Enjolras’s mouth was dry and his voice trembled slightly when he asked: “H-how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough,” replied Grantaire firmly.

“I didn’t mean…”

“It would be better if I what?” he interrupted him, coldly.

“N-nothing, I…”

“It would be better if I what?” repeated Grantaire, his voice raspy and determined, leaving no space for evasion or any kind.

Enjolras lowered his gaze, not having the courage to look Grantaire in the eye as he spoke. “It would be better if you just left,” he whispered, the remainder of his previously unfinished sentence hanging in the air uneasily for a few seconds.

Grantaire didn’t say anything. He just spun round and walked down the stairs with thudding footsteps.

Enjolras turned back to Combeferre, who was still sitting at the table, motionless.

“But that’s how it is, right?” said Enjolras, tense. “He is always drinking, he doesn’t actually contribute to anything…” But as he was saying it, he felt an enormous wave of guilt washing over him. His chest felt heavy and he was too ashamed to even look at Combeferre. He knew it was true that Grantaire’s contributions to the meetings were next to none, and he was mad that he let this scruffy drunken boy bring out feelings of guilt in him. He was so, so mad at Grantaire. But mostly he was mad at himself. Because he couldn’t stop picturing the hurt in Grantaire’s eyes. He was drunk, no doubt, and yet his eyes seemed sober as he looked at him, and so full of pain. Pain that he, Enjolras, has caused. He couldn’t stand the thought of it. He wasn’t even sure why.

“Are you all right?” Combeferre asked softly.

“I’m fine,” Enjolras snapped.

But of course, Combeferre understood the situation probably better than either of the two directly involved in it. “Go after him.”

“No! There is… there is no reason for me to go after him. He… he deserved to hear this, he is not taking things seriously and…” He trailed off.

“I am your right-hand advisor, aren’t I? Well I advise you to go talk to him.”

Enjolras finally met his eyes. Combeferre knew that Enjolras was way too proud to follow Grantaire out of his own incentive. But if his trusted advisor told him to do so – perhaps he would listen. He always listened to Combeferre, after all.

Enjolras was just looking at him for a while, considering whether he should really go. “I don’t owe him anything,” he mumbled in the end and walked out of the room. But Combeferre knew – Enjolras was going to find Grantaire, he would just never admit it. After all, he was a good man. A very good man.

Enjolras walked slowly down the stairs and out into the cold winter night. He looked around and spotted a shadowy figure standing on the opposite side of the street, leaning on a pillar, with his back towards the Café. Enjolras took a deep breath and, even though his mind was still roaming with anger towards his friends, walked over to the silhouette.

“Hey,” he said awkwardly as he stopped beside Grantaire.

His friend didn’t reply – instead he took a swig from a bottle he was holding on to, as if scolding him.

“I’m sorry about what I said,” continued Enjolras. “You weren’t supposed to…”

“I wasn’t supposed to hear it?” asked Grantaire, sharply. “Yeah, I figured.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Enjolras sighed heavily. “Look, I was just a bit angry, I didn’t mean what I said.”

“Of course you meant it. I know I am of no use to you or the Revolution.”

Enjolras stopped for a second, lifting his head to look at Grantaire’s face. “It was wrong of me to say it nonetheless. Listen, Grantaire, don’t take this the wrong way, but…. you don’t really seem to care about anything, especially not the Revolution?” It was a statement that he knew was true, but he said it as though it was a question that required an answer.

“You are right, Enjolras. I don’t care about the Revolution one bit,” said Grantaire quietly. “I care about you.”

Enjolras was taken aback by this. “What…”

“Forget it,” Grantaire said quickly, looking away.

“N-no.” Enjolras was looking into Grantaire’s big sad eyes. They were bigger than he remembered. And deeper, too. Not entirely aware of what he was doing, he took Grantaire’s hand into his. It was warm and surprisingly soft. “I am so, so sorry,” he said gently. He couldn’t quite comprehend it. Grantaire cared about him? How… why would Grantaire care about him so much he would want to be involved in the Revolution he didn’t believe in?

But as Grantaire raised his eyes to meet his, Enjolras finally understood what he had never seen before. Grantaire’s brown eyes had a strange spark in them, a spark Enjolras now realised was there every time Grantaire looked at him. The sadness and hurt suddenly vanished from them, and they were warm and caring, and perhaps slightly hazy due to all the wine, but Enjolras could swear it was there – it was… love.

And Enjolras felt a twitch in his chest, a flow of warmth with its source deep inside of him. He knew in that moment, the reason he felt so guilty about Grantaire overhearing him talk in the Café. He wouldn’t have felt this way if any of the other boys heard him. it was Grantaire who did. Grantaire heard him say it – it would be better if you just left. The warmth transformed into shame and he couldn’t bare to look into Grantaire’s devoted eyes any longer. He pulled his hand back and took a step away from him, overwhelmed with feelings that he couldn’t define. There were just too many of them.

He cleared his throat. “Well, I… um, it would make me very happy if you came to the meeting tomorrow and…” He looked up shyly. “Please, forgive me.”

Before Grantaire had time to reply, Enjolras spun round and walked away hastily, his mind flooded with feelings and thoughts that were just too much to handle, a little confused and a little lost, just hoping, truly hoping, for the first time ever, that he would see Grantaire in the Café the next day, with his bottle of wine and his distant eyes for which he knew would be searching for him.

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is it me or did dan look a lil tired? i mean he seemed to be pretty fine lol his usual Dan Screaming™ but he looked a lil pale and his eyes looked tired :/ im probably wrong but yeah it was a cute video especially when phil said i hate you in the FONDEST voice ever lmao wow

idk I didn’t really think about it but something did feel a little different with Dan in this vid. I hope he’s doing okay :( 

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I've been going through your evanstan tag again and it just hit me how anthony always acts like he knows some shit is going down.... like the way he looks at them, the whole "you want some romanian" thing that happened at D23 and even that time at the con where seb was defending chris' driving (I think it was during that moment I'm not sure) and you see him in the background rolling his eyes in that exasperated "omg" type way... what do you think?

Yes! I totally agree. 

One of my absolute FAVE Anthony Knows™ moments is this (from about 3:40 to 4:00) I mean, Anthony’s face is the best when the woman mentions the scenes between Chris and Seb and the when he starts singing?? Not to mention Chris’s smile and the way Seb hugs Anthony. P R I C E L E S S 

I think I’ll need to make a tag specifically for Anthony being suspishy lmao

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I wonder what makes Mark look so differently in Corvette Summer! (Not just the hair :D ) Somehow his eyes look a bit different, and I can't put my finger on it! I just know it was intentional. Maybe his eyebrows or eyelashes were bleached a bit? What do you think?

I know what you mean anon, but I don’t have a good answer. He does look strikingly different between Corvette Summer and ESB and even between ANH and CS… I’ve added pics for comparison….(b/c who doesn’t pretty pics of Mark)

I Know that everyone always jumps to the conclusion that it was the accident, but I think so much of it was grossly blown out of proportion for the tabloids. With that aside, I know that Mark mentioned recently in a tweet or an interview that he did undergo several plastic surgery procedures following the accident. It may also be that in ESB he was required to beef up for his Jedi training rather than playing a gangling teenager.

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Lovely reminder that Adult!Hope and Lightning really did meet, and talked, and joked and flirted and a whole lot of other stuff, even if Hope wasn't really looking his part ;-)


however, I’m still forever salty that we never saw older!Hope and Lightning interact while he was in the right body and they both weren’t all weird from a crazy world-destroying god

I mean, I know of at least five people that would pay to see some kind of CGI thingy where Hope and Light reunite after the LR epilogue


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My favorite member is Till. He’s such an interesting person. He seems so sad, troubled and unsure which breaks my heart but at the same time it’s beautiful how he turn it into poems and music. The more I get to know about him (mainly through your blog, thank you!) the more he interest me. Then his looks of course, I mean come on, look at that face and those eyes. (Not a fan of big muscles and hairy chests though) He’s like a tragic but yet so beautiful poem himself

I love that description. It’s so beautiful. He is like poetry in human form. 
I’m a big fan of his muscles and chest myself but even if not there’s so much more to love about him.
Ty for sharing, dear Anon. 

Must you go? I was rather hoping you’d stay and be a ministering angel, but if you must go, you must.“

"I’ll stay,” Will said a bit crossly, and threw himself down in the armchair Tessa had just vacated. “I can minister angelically.”

“None too convincingly. And you’re not as pretty to look at as Tessa is,” Jem said, closing his eyes as he leaned back against the pillow.

“How rude. Many who have gazed upon me have compared the experience to gazing at the radiance of the sun.”

Jem still had his eyes closed. “If they mean it gives you a headache, they aren’t wrong.” 

― Cassandra ClareClockwork Angel


just taehyung things
↳ happy birthday to our precious qt(ae)!

The Tangled Thread of Fate - The Beauty and the Tragedy of the Bond Between Kylo Ren and Rey

This post will contain extensive spoilers for The Last Jedi - consider yourself warned!

Before the release of The Last Jedi, very interesting language was being used to describe the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren. Rian Johnson called them “two halves of our protagonist”, and the Star Wars Databank described their “intertwined destinies” and mutual fascination. While the period prior to the film’s release saw fandom wars waged over the implications of these descriptions and what they meant for the characters going forward, The Last Jedi has finally given us some answers.

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