i mean look at his eyes!

this is magnus in 2x18 (he’s wearing the purple suit) remembering moments with alec???

and this is magnus in 2x07

and this is magnus in 2x18 promo but as you can see he’s wearing the same outfit and make up he wore in 2x07

+ bonus:
this is alec’s reaction when magnus showed max his cat eyes and he looks more curious than shooked i mean that’s not the reaction of someone who saw the cat eyes for the first time????

BTS visiting an aquarium
  • Jin: Oh hey! It's Nemo and Marlin from Finding Nemo!
  • Namjoon: Ah yes, they're called Amphiprioninae
  • Bangtan:
  • Namjoon:
  • Bangtan:
  • Yoongi: They're called the clown fish
  • Bangtan: ohhh!
  • Taehyung: Where?! Let me see the clown fish!
  • Jimin: *points at it*
  • Taehyung: *squints his eyes* Are you sure...?
  • Jungkook: *crosses his arms* Yeah...that doesn't look like a clown fish to me
  • Yoongi: What do you mean?! It says it on the sign
  • Taehyung: *scoffs* If it doesn't look like Ronald McDonald, it ain't a clown fish *walks away*
  • Jungkook: True dat *walks away*
  • Hobi: *trying to climb into the tank while being held by security*
  • Hobi: I'm saving you Nemo! You're going back to the ocean to see your father! I'm coming for you!
  • Yoong: *silently walks out of the aquarium*

Listen guys, I am confused after watching this commercial:

This totally looks like a flashback to 2x07 and Magnus showing Alec his cat eyes, scared that Alec might reject him or whatever. Most likely before they were getting intimate?

But Todd talked about a flashback to season 1 which would involve Alec and about the struggle of Magnus’ goatee which he now has in season 2.

So…. does this mean that there will be 2 flashbacks? And the one to 2x07 is the damage control after the huge backlash that happened after 2x07???

Ivar Headcanons- Ivar's Ideal Woman (Viking Age)

@lustrxuss requested headcanons for both Viking Age and Modern Au for Ivar’s ideal woman. Don’t mean to offend anybody with these, they are just how I see our murder baby!


-He would not care too much about looks, but since Viking society puts a lot of stock on healthy children, he would probably lean towards a woman with “child bearing hips”. Someone who he thinks looks sturdy enough to go through potentially complicated births (due to the possibility their children could have his defect)

- As much as I think he wouldn’t care about looks (hair colour, skin colour, eyes colour, general body type, etc) I do think he would be picky. I can see him nitpicking a little on the details because he’s Ivar and he’s a little shit.

-Also, I think he would not want someone with a physical disability like him. He would see that as devastating for any future children (again, Viking society putting all their work on physical strength)

- She would need to want lots of children and not mind being constantly pregnant (hello, breeding kink)

- He would prefer to marry someone who is Viking. I don’t think he would care if she was a commoner or a princess, but I don’t think he would do well with the culture clash if she was of a different religion, especially if she was a Christian.

-He would look for a woman who is smart, but he would still want to feel like he is the more intelligent one.

-She has to be capable in running a home, and potentially helping to run a kingdom. She needs to be practical, logical, and a good leader.

-He wouldn’t want her to be completely docile, but nor would he want her to be a total wild woman. He would look for something in between, someone who could challenge him but who he could still get to “submit” to him on occasion

- He would want someone semi devoted to the gods, as he is very religious himself.

- He would look for a woman who could defend herself to a point. She doesn’t have to be a full shieldmaiden, but he has to know that she can protect his children if he is not there.

- He would want someone who would be compatible with him sexually, someone willing to cater to the dark beast that we all know he will become once he masters his sex issues

- He would look for someone with the potential to truly love him, because we all know he just wants LOVE.


Modern AU coming soon!


@batmockingjay said: What if Jason fell asleep and woke up with some kid burying him? What would happen after he’s triggered?

I imagine something like this would happen (original post here)… 

It was bad fight. One of the more verbally heated and aggressive that Jason and Bruce had ever had with each other. If Alfred hadn’t been there, Jason probably would have done more than just punched Bruce. But he had looked the butler right in the eyes and felt his entire inner being melt. 

Hands still visibly shaking and bruised, Jason had stormed out of the Manor, ignoring Alfred’s sharp but hurting voice. Walking straight towards his bike, revving the engine and driving away into the night, refusing to look back. He was done looking back. 

He could have gone anywhere. Could have gone back to one of his safe houses and calmed the storm of his anger with an angry sci-fi book exploring colonialism and slavery. Could have gone to Bludhaven or Metropolis to beat up some low-lifes without getting interrupted by family. Could have ridden down Route 66 and ended up at the bottom of the grand Canyon for all he cared…

So why the hell did he choose the ocean?

Jason Todd hated the ocean. 

He always had. He had assumed it had something to do with the fact that he hadn’t learned how to swim until Bruce taught him during his intensive training as Robin. 

Now, his dislike for the ocean had more to do with the murky green sea depths that bubbled up around you as your body sunk like a corpse. Seaweed grasping around ankles like talons ready to pull you down until your ears popped and saltwater filled your lungs and nose and you were clutching at your throat in desperation…


Jason Todd hated the ocean. 

And yet, as he drove away down the interstate, hardly registering where he was going, his mind to filled with writhing emotions and thoughts and the roar of the engine to focus on the details, the ocean had called him. 

He had pulled up along a quiet row of pastel-coloured beach houses, balanced on wooden stilts that had survived many a hurricane. Jason pulled his helmet over his head, shaking it and running his hand through sweaty hair with a deep cursory breath. He took a moment to let the heaviness of the pre-dawn atmosphere wash over him, sitting there hunched over in the silence, then slowly got off the bike and left it there, walking towards the distant crash of waves. 

The old wooden bridge creaked beneath his boots as he walked over it, glancing around into the darkness as he took in the shapes of sand dunes and reeds rustling in the rough wind. When he reached the edge of the rough boardwalk he sat down, pulled his boots off, and rolled his cargo pants up above his calves.

Toes dug into cool sand as he stepped off the solid wood. Boots dangling by his side, Jason wandered out across the dunes, wincing against the pain of sharp shells scratching the soles of his feet. Soft, powdery grains became thick, grit, became cool water lapping against his ankles. Jason stopped, and looked out across the horizon with bated breath, his eyebrows furrowed, mouth twisted against the pain. 

Pink clouds pooled across the edge of the calm ocean as the sun rose above the frothy waves, as if heralding Aphrodite’s birth. The sky was an orange soda mix of rose petals and hazy gold light that reflected off of the clear water that danced up onto the shore, only to retreat back to the great expanse that lay before him in white foam.

And suddenly, tears were streaming down Jason’s cheeks, the scene in front of him becoming a blurred, bokeh vision of light and fragile, waning hope that beat in his heart like the waves beating against the shoreline. He turned his face up to the sky and allowed the dim stars and constellations to fill his sight with something other than water.

Jason Todd hated the ocean.  

The weariness burned in tired Jason’s bones, his lids growing heavy with the sleepless hours over the past week, and so he retreated back from the encroaching tide. He sat down in the sand, not even caring that it would get everywhere, and fought sleep while seconds and minuted ticked by unnoticed. The gentle sound of waves mixed with the occasional cry of a gull fought Jason’s stubbornness until he could stand it no longer. He felt himself sink back into a pillow of soft sand and drift away into nothingness, floating like a buoy on the waves…  


His lifeless body thrown into a pit filled with glowing green waters that entered in through his nostrils and choked what little life he had left in him. It seemed intent on replacing his blood, mixing, coursing through veins until it pulsed with every choking, stuttered heartbeat… 


Groaning, the sobs racking his chest in stilted breaths as his brittle nails shattered against wood, clawing like an trapped animal. A crack of boardwalk under his boots, the coffin caves in and mouldy earth and worms press against his emaciated body, sunken cheeks, filling his mouth so he can’t even scream anymore, can’t move a limb, trapped under the dirt… 


Jason started awake, and found that he couldn’t move his legs. Breathing rapid and heaving, he dug his way out of the packed sand and scrambled back in confusion.

‘Aw, that took me like, forever. Why’d you have to go and ruin it?’

Jason blinked in the blinding sun, disoriented, throat dry and stomach still turning with writhing sickness. He shielded his eyes and found himself face-to-face with a boy wearing bat-branded swimming trunks and wielding a purple plastic shovel.

‘Kid…’ Jason started, his voice hoarse, the panic giving way to cold fury. ‘You can’t just bury random strangers while they’re sleeping.’ 

The boy sniffed, brushing a strand of tightly coiled hair away from his face and squinting at Jason dubiously, like he was crazy. 

‘Why not?’

Jason let out a shaky sigh, running a hand across his sweaty brow. ‘Because. You just… you just, don’t. Okay?’

‘M’kay.’ He had the decency to look down, poking the sand in a somewhat apologetic, mostly distracted manner. ‘Well… sorry, I guess.’

They sat there for a moment in silence, Jason hugging his knees to his chest trying to calm his heart rate by taking in deep, slow breaths. But all he could see, all he could think about was the dirt collapsing in around him, burying him in the darkness. He shut his eyes, wishing the boy would just go away, but he could feel the kid’s stare boring through him. 

‘Are you okay?’ the boy asked him finally, prying, curiosity mixed with genuine concern. 

And Jason couldn’t help but let a small laugh escape him. 

‘No,’ he admitted, his voice more scared than he had meant for it to sound, looking out towards the waves, his face stony. ‘No, I’m not. I don’t like the ocean. Or getting buried.’ 

The boy hummed thoughtfully, sitting down beside Jason and following his gaze.

‘Yeah… I don’t really like the ocean either. All my cousins can swim, but I can’t. That’s why I’m stuck here playing in the sand.’

‘Well, I’m sorry you can’t swim. But that doesn’t mean its okay for you to go around burying people in sand.’

‘Yeah, I guess you’re right,’ the kid admitted grudgingly. He picked up a shell and played with it, running his fingers over the ridges before he tossed it as far as he could. He turned to Jason and held out the purple shovel. ‘If you build a sand castle with me, I promise I won’t bury anyone else in sand.’

Jason looked down at the boy and smirked, half reminded of a much younger, carefree version of himself that used to make deals with Bruce. Bargains, compromises, bets just to stay out one hour later on patrol. And suddenly, he missed Bruce. He missed his hair-tousles and deep laughter and sarcastic come-backs. He missed the the hours they had spent together reading, training, studying, eating… learning how to swim. 

Coming up spluttering from the deep-end, Bruce’s strong hand on his back, hugging Jason’s skinny body close to his bare-chest. 

It’s okay, Jay-lad. You’re okay. I’ve got you.

‘What’s your name, kid?’ Jason asked the boy.


‘Do you want to learn how to swim, Jamal?’

Jamal’s eyes grew wide. ‘I thought you didn’t like the ocean?’

‘It’s not so bad when you’re not alone,’ Jason said lightly, shrugging his shoulders. 

An impish, gleeful grin spread across Jamal’s face as he sprang up, kicking sand in Jason’s eyes. 

‘Race you to the water!’ he yelled and dashed off.

Jason scrambled up after him with muttered curses, hoping the kid didn’t throw himself headfirst into the sea before he got there. His combat boots and Jamal’s purple shovel lay forgotten in the sand, abandoned in favour of peals of laughter that echoed across the ocean waters. 

Jason Todd hated the ocean.

winterjons  asked:

Yes!! LF is a man who must know his enemies moves and those of his closest opponents. He was pushing Jon to purposefully find out what annoys him most. He needed to find a weakness and he succeeded. Sansa is Jon's weakness. And I'm 100% sure he'll use it against both Jon and Sansa.

Absolutely, if Ramsay and Joffrey were evil and demonic, well then LF is the devil that breathes life into them. 

I mean that man is smart af but I think his time may be up. I believe that he was only here for this long to dig about Jonsa and see it happen before his very eyes (the Cat fixation bit) and then die after that. Great plot device, guys *looks at D&D*

And that whole sweet conversation between Missandei and Greyworm, YAASSSS for them btw because these two are so hot and sweet I swoon everytime I see them on screen - and GW talked about his weakness? Yeah tell that to Jon my good man.

But if LF found out, true he may use it against Jonsa but let’s see, eh? We must be brave because we may be in for a wild ride. But I’m buckled up, strapped in for the ride lol. Bring it!

Jonsa for life yoo…

okay but is it just me or do magnus’ cat eyes look slightly different every time? and i mean just s2

bc when we see them for the first time, when he’s practising his magic, they’re kinda dark gold? then when he shows them to max they’re like glittery gold? and now this time with alec they’re like warm gold?
(and mini magnus’ eyes were also different)

is that a thing? or am i seeing stuff i wanna see?

SDCC part 2 (grandice)

Carlos is currently sitting with his head down thinking of a way to make up to not only the entire fan crowd, but how Grant will explain things to his girlfriend….10 mins from here. 

“ Oh, um, so I guess you guys have a true connection, on and off screen huh?” the interviewer asked. 

“Yeah, wedo” grant and Candice said at thee same time. Todd looked at them with stern eyes and glared. 

“ so um, we are about done are there any questions from the crowd?”

“Yes, my name is cherry, and I have a question for grant and Candice, are you two dating?”

Carlos, along with todd looked with worry at grant and Candice. 

Grant looked at Candice and smiled. “I mean, yeah, were are engaed…on the show tho hahaha”

Carlos sighed with relief. “ yeah, they are not dating in real life, but they are close friends.” he added. 

Candice smiled and leaned on grant. “ But we do love each other very very very much” she said smiling. “You know, cuz were are barry and iris ahah”

Grant smiled. Carlos ducked his head down again with the director and sighed. 

After the panel they were all meeting up to go to the hotel suite for a 3 hour break. 

“ Grant, what the hell?” tom asked while smiling. 

“Nothin, nothin” he said leaning more towards Candice. 

“Candice?” tom said sternly. Candice smiled. 

“what?” she looked at grant and blushed. 

Carlos pulled them aside to talk. “okay, quick question what the fuck?”

“What man?”

“what the fuck was that?”

“ what do you mean?” grant asked. 

“ being all over Candice, your gf is gonna be PISSED”

“fuck her” Carlos stood with his mouth wide open in shock. 

“don’t tell me you-”

“we hooked up” grant said. 

“GRANT!” Candice slapped his arm. 

“what?”  he replied. 

“YOU GUYS HOOKED UP?” Carlos said again. 

“yeah, well…no, because you interrupted us, but like almost”

“GRANT!” she said again. 

Grant looked. “ I AM SORRY I AM BAD AT KEEPING SECRETS” he pretended to be sad and laid his head on hers. 

“No one finds out about this until after the sdcc is done…okay?”

Grant and Candice nodded and went back to their hotel. 

they was settling in when they heard a very loud knock at the door. 

“Grant, who is that?”


- I hope u r liking it so far :)

this year’s love - part two

time canary week roommates AU

“What do you mean you hate snow?”

The spoon drops from her fingers into the cereal bowl with a clang, cold milk spitting up everywhere on the breakfast counter, a wayward drop landing on the back of his hand.

Rip doesn’t look up from his newspaper, his glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose, an irritating reminder that he’s overdue new contact lenses.

“I mean, Miss Lance,” he says once more, “I hate snow.”

“But why?” The horror on her face clearly illustrates how alien a concept this is to her.

“Because it is cold. It is wet. Dreadfully inconvenient and extremely hazardous!”

“Jeez Rip,” she says, and he can tell she’s rolling her eyes at him – it seems to be a very natural and instinctive response to anything he says – as she turns her back on him to drop her unfinished breakfast bowl in the kitchen sink. Which she knows he hates. Soggy cereal blocking up the sink, and he’s the one who ends up having to unclog the drain. His admonishing “Sara!” is met with the rest of her sentence; “you are such an old man!”

“And so what if I am?”

He’s not, really. Five years older than her at thirty-five, but he definitely feels a lot older than that. It’s a weariness that’s settled deep into his bones, and most days than not, he still thinks he’s lived enough that it’d be no shame to slip away in his sleep. It’d be better than this, he thinks. Better than this.

She makes a point of ignoring his censure as he glares at the kitchen sink and instead blocks his view by leaning up against it, arms folding across her chest.

“You can’t hate snow. It’s impossible. I’ve never met anyone who hates snow.”

Read on AO3 from the beginning

shownu-x  asked:


wow… You really did live the monbebe dream right there. Aaaaaaah, so many people have told me that they look sooo much better in person, i mean they’re already dead gorgeous in the pictures and on camera so i cant imagine how gorgeous they are in real life. All i can say is that YOU ARE SUPER SUPER SUPEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR Lucky to meet them, and actually hold their hands <3333333. Thank you for sharing your experience. I wholly enjoyed reading them :D

TalesFromYourServer: Got accused of being a racist

When I was 18 (2 years ago) I was still working my first job as a host. I dealt with my fair share of unwarranted shit but this one really stuck with me.

It was about 2pm and I was nearly done with my shift. It was really slow so I went to get a drink, and came back to a black lady looking at her phone next to the host stand. I made eye contact and and said hi. She smiled and quickly looked back down at her phone, seemingly not in need of assistance. I took this to mean she was on her way out waiting for her husband or whoever.

Just then, two girls walk in (who happen to be white) and immediately ask for a table. As I begin walking them to their table, phone lady chimes in.

Lady: “Oh so you’re just gonna ignore me?” Me: making my ‘Oh shit…’ face “Oh I’m so sorry, I assumed you were on your way out. I can sit you now if you’d like.” At im pretty confused as I’m already in the process of sitting the two girls and don’t want to neglect them for my fuck up. Before I had time to figure out what to do, she chimes in again.

Lady: “no you know what? It’s fine, I’m used to it. Wouldn’t be the first time this has happened to me.”

Me: “no, no it was honest mistake, I’ll just take you n…”

Lady: “EXCUSE ME, WHERE’S THE MANAGER!?” manager comes “I’m sorry to bother you, can you take me to a table? I’d rather not go with someone who feels discrimination is still necessary.”

I’m in complete fucking shock at this point and my manager shoots me the best “tf did you do??!!” look. I explained and obviously wasn’t reprimanded, but I was absolutely fuming for the rest of the day.

I get that I made a mistake and I was willing to own up to it, but to just assume that 18 year old me was some kind of modern day white supremacist seems like a bit of a rash assumption.

By: PBandJews

anonymous asked:

I wonder how Shawn reacts to a girl going down on him. As hot as he can be sometimes he doesn't seem too confident around girls, I feel like he would be shy if he didn't know her but I mean head is head so

I definitely think he lets loose more when he’s comfortable and knows her. Freer with his moans and hair grabs. Not afraid to push his hips into her mouth. Or ask her to look at him and tell her how good she’s doing. But in the beginning he’s probably more eyes closed, licking noises off his lips and trying to keep his reactions contained. Fingers running through her hair but not gripping. Sneaking a cheeky glance down at her that only results in him groaning a heavy “oh my god” and dropping his head back again.

anonymous asked:

I've also noticed that about his eyes! I mean in s1 he had the full sclera cat eye and now it's just his iris? I hope it's a thing and not a continuity error

i mean, i wouldn’t compare s1 cat eyes and s2 cat eyes bc they did say they were gonna change them

but every time we saw magnus’ cat eyes in s2, they looked different to me. so i’m just wondering…

a friend in a gc said that maybe it’s connected with his mood? just like his magic in s2 is

anonymous asked:

You know, i've came to the conclusion as to why Cory and Robin dont sit together as they used to, because is DANGEROUS and they know it!! I mean, Cory cant keep his hands off Robin, either rubbing, touching, and the way Robin looks at Cory, he could eat him with his eyes! Yep, You cant fool me on that :3

but buut that’s THE REASON WHY THEY ALWAYS SHOULD SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! sniff. And I mean they’ve been giggly and touchy and heart eyes since day 1 and they are still doing it when they sit together! But yeah I think you mean it will be a breaking point at some point but since it has been so long I think that level is reached and broken a long time ago if so anyhow xD They don’t care, they wanna be heart eyes and touchy obvs, look how comfty and shining they are in each others company! BRING IT ON!

is anyone pointing out that Damien and Mary are not just close friends, but almost certainly siblings? Look at them

same eye colour (without Damiens contacts), same skin tone, basically same eyebrows, very similar nose and face shape. Either or both of their hair could easily be dyed (EDIT: It is confirmed Mary dyes her hair in the Robert route). Mary calls him her special boy and says she has a vested interest in his wellbeing! She’s his sister for sure, possibly even his twin?

Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!