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I’m Your Hell, I’m Your Dream - Nessian

This is my secret santa gift for @queen-archeron​! Merry Christmas, Anna, and I hope you enjoy!

Cassian wasn’t nervous.

Not at all. Why should he be? He was Cassian, the football star of Prythian High, the guy who was going to an elite college in a few months, with one of the best sports programmes in the country. People like him didn’t get nervous.

But… he was. So nervous he could hardly breathe.

Nesta Archeron had always seemed to have that effect on him, and today was no different.

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I think what broke my heart the most about the last scene was just the look of confusion on Bart’s face when she told Ken that the universe was telling her to kill him. I mean, can you imagine the confusion Bart must be feeling right now? She’s finally reunited with her best friend and the universe is telling you to kill him.
I just hate that this is happening, and all I wanted was for these two to reunite, and be happy, but I didn’t get that and I don’t know if I will next season. 

Home - Drake x MC (NSFW)

Happy Smuterday, fandom friends! Is that a thing? Should it be a thing? Anyway, the last chapter was kind of dissatisfying as a Drake fan, so this happened. This is set during the next chapter in NYC. 

*No Liam bashing is intended by this fic. I love that man…just not with Louisa. I’m just incredibly frustrated with the continued forced romantic interactions with him…and so is Lou.

Louisa walks across the hotel lobby at a clipped pace. Today had been draining to say the least. She was glad to be in New York. It felt good be back, but this whole tour was all getting to be too much. Today’s events had taken them to the Statue of Liberty and it had been impossible to avoid Liam.

More than once she’d caught him looking at her with that look in his eyes; the one that made her stomach knot guilty. He’d sidled up to her at one point, smiling warmly and telling her how beautiful she looked. Louisa had thanked him with a tight, forced smile. When he’d asked if she was okay, she’d waved off his concerns, saying she was jet lagged and had a headache. He’d asked where her pearl bracelet was and she’d made something up about not wanting to lose it during their busy day out in the city. She couldn’t bear to tell Liam that she’d stuffed into the bottom of her suitcase just so she wouldn’t see it, that every time she looked it, it reminded her of how much he cared for her and how she didn’t feel that way about him.

They’d stood on the railing of a luxurious yacht and reminisced with about the first night they met. She’d tried to keep it friendly, but Liam kept telling her how much that night meant to him, how she’d changed his life that night. Not once has Louisa ever regretted taking Liam out on that boat. Showing him Lady Liberty and seeing his eyes light up as she appeared out of the fog had been wonderful. And she had felt a strong connection to him that night, but as time and gone on, as she’d spent more time with him, she’d realized what she felt for him wasn’t anything beyond that of a dear friend. She doesn’t want to break his heart. He’s so good, so wonderful, and she’s just so lost about what to do now.

So here she, dodging the other guests in the crowded lobby as she makes a beeline for the doors. Just for a while, she just wants to go home. She’s nearly out when a voice calls out to her.

“Hey, Tennant!”

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yes, poe and rey will spark a relationship in episode IX

but here is how it ultimately relates and motivates reylo:

  • poe is a lovable dude but he is not meant for rey. he will fall for rey (i mean seriously. the look of awe on his face when she lifted those rocks was more than just holy fuck she is a jedi and when he meets her for the first time, the look on his face exposes his immediate desire.) and i think rey will gain admiration for him in return, but nothing, not even close, to the burning all consuming love she has for ben solo
  • this little fling thing she will create with poe will piss ben off to no end. they are still connected, regardless of what snoke did or claimed to do, and im betting his reaction to her being with poe might be (will be) grounds for war. we already saw how pissed ben got when finn got his back sliced in the forrest for showing just friendly affection towards rey, let alone romantic
  • this thing with poe will show rey what she wants. yes, poe is a great guy, but he isn’t what she needs. he doesn’t challenge her. he doesn’t have the connection with her that she has with ben solo. he is just not enough.
  • this thing with poe, it will show kylo that he doesn’t just want rey, but that he needs her. he needs her more than he needs his power. he needs her more than he needs his dark desires. he needs her more than anything, and i’ll bet my foot he’ll do anything to get her.
  • rey and ben have history. they have a fucking bond. poe won’t shake that but he will be the spark that will light the fire that will bring ben and Rey together, for good this time.
  • disney is not dumb. they know that a love triangle sells and that people will eat that shit right up. 

rough draft first thoughts after seeing the last jedi

vnc book 3: a covernalysis

here is is… the beautiful twosome…. vanitas no carte book 3.

One of the main features of this cover is the frame between Vanitas and Noé. This frame is covered in ivy, which symbolizes fidelity and strong attachment… hmm (insert deg-deg face here). Ivy is also a symbol of immortality, a theme that also appears in the butterflies at the top of the frame (which mean rebirth and hope and endurance but mainly rebirth).

We can’t talk about the top of the frame without talking about the skull, but instead let’s talk about the daisies. Mochijun has used daisies in her art before, specifically gerbera daisies in some beautiful drawing that I can’t find. But these daisies look more like common daisies than like gerberas, so we’re going to use the meaning of common daisies here- innocence, creativity and vitality.

Ok, ok, here are some thoughts on the skull. There’s a nice thic hole in the side of it. This hole doesn’t correspond to any known injuries in the series. It doesn’t seem to be the skull at the top of Vanitas’s frame, given the lack of marks from the stapled-in crown. It doesn’t look too much like the skull in any of the previous frames, actually, mainly because it doesn’t look like it’s about to murder you in your sleep. (coincidence: the skull at the bottom of noé’s frame has an injury in the same place that Noé did as a child and where murr has a new eye…hmmm)

Back to the skull on volume three- it’s held in a position awfully similar to how Teacher is about to hold Noé in volume two. Only in skull form. Plus- if you look carefully at the volume three skull it has the teeth of a vampire. Could it be Noé’s skull? Probably not, but it’s also surrounded by those weird stick things (if you know what they are please tell) that surrounded Noé on his cover. 

Moving on to the corners of the frame, we see a set of horns and a winged dagger. Horns represent strength, as well as salvation and immortality. Daggers usually represent betrayal and death, and wings represent understanding. Perhaps this shows how Noé felt betrayed by Vanitas’s strange definition of salvation, but later apologized for making assumptions?

Our dear Mochijun has covered up the bottom of the frame. Yay.

So that’s all for this cover! The shell theme that we saw a bit of on Vani’s cover reappeared, which… I don’t have an explanation for. Yet. 

See you next time, with the fascinating jeanne’s cover! .^.

anonymous asked:

I was talking to my mom about cutting my hair, she doesn't know, she just told me that I look like a girl and have a feminine face so however I cut my hair it will be obvious I'm not a boy. I know she means well, but I already felt like shit and now I just want to cry, I am kind of crying. I really want to come out to her but I know I should wait so I can figure out the term and pronouns I'm comfortable with

I’m sorry that she said that to you. She’s not correct at all though, if you ask them to square out the back and shape the front then it’ll make it look more masculine! I’m sure you’ll look great with whatever haircut you get!! 

If you think that you mum will be accepting of you then you could talk to her about it and explain that you don’t know what pronouns you want to use but that you know that you’re definitely not cis. I’m sure that she will help you find yourself and find what you’re comfortable with. You’re going to be okay!!


rollflasher  asked:

I'm angry at Windii for what she said...however I have to say one thing, it doesn't matter at all how you look Verte, you're still a great person who doesn't need to insult others in such a disgusting way to feel superior. Just laught on her face and keep doing great stuff, after all, at least I don't need you to be ''pretty'' because I already admire you for who you really are.

Lobbing low blows at people by mocking their physical appearance is so childish and unrefined y’know? You wouldn’t think these people are adults. I mean, this was the response to somebody who called them out on their BS;

Thanks for the encouragement and very kind words :)

…………………………….my bs ramblings lol xD……

I’m sure most people have said this but I’m just going to say it anyways xD.

So they said that reylo is not going to happen because Rey shut herself to Kylo. But like what most of the Reylos said, their bond is still intact. Rey only close herself to him but that doesn’t mean their bond were broken. And last but not the least, why I’m still holding on to reylo because of the last scene. In TFA, Rey is very mad, aggressive, full of hatred towards Kylo (like her face is very VERY angry), but in TLJ, yes, Rey is mad at him but also, she looks calm and yet disappointed. I seriously don’t know what I’m talking about but what I’m trying to say is that for me, Rey does not completely hate Kylo. So there may still be hope?

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous

Speaking of misconceptions about Dean (specifically about him being some kind of lothario), have you ever noticed how very not smooth Dean is when a woman propositions him? How surprised and flustered he gets? After Ellie asks him if he wants to go back to her room and have sex, this inarticulate babe comes out: 

Or this woman who has this in reply to Dean telling her (as FBI and not meant as innuendo) he has ways to compel her to talk: 

Or Suzy, he was not expecting that: 

He can’t even remember he’s supposed to be kissing Anna back he’s so confused: 

Or when Pamela said it might be his lucky day, just look at the wonder on this man’s face: 

He had to give himself a freaking sex pep talk after it had been awhile (since Lisa, presumably, and wow that was a like a year): 

I mean, in the second episode, he can’t even believe he’s getting a kiss on the cheek from a woman: 

Flustered and frequently confused by a woman’s interest in him? Yes. Guy who takes advantage of women and does anything to get them into bed? No. 


Ghostbusters + times Erin’s blue eyes looked especially b l u e

Reylo-fangirl-screaming-moments in TLJ.

- The Force bond!! I mean, it’s MAGIC. Kylo sliding in the hall to chase after her!

- Rey basically looking up and down at shirtless Kylo, (OVARIES EXPLOSION) asking him to cover himself but he literally says no?! RIAN WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??? THE SEXUAL UNDERDONE!

- Kylo taking off his gloves to touch Rey’s hand. 

- Luke basically “AIN’T GONNA HAVE SEX ON MY ISLAND” Freaking censorship. Too funny. 

- Kylo basically saying she’s everything to him. Offering her the throne, the world. The conflict. The drama! And she leaves him…

- …because Rey’s biggest problem is KYLO…all she wants is to leave with Ben. 

- The way they look at each other in the elevator scene! The puppy face! I was thinking that they were going to kiss…

- When Kylo kills Snoke, the eye contact…

- The god damn Praetorian guard scene. Rey saves Kylo as Kylo saved Rey. 

- Kylo basically going CRAZY after she leaves him. Full-fledged burning rage. He loves her. He hates her. He wants to make love to her. He wants to kill her. Those blinded rage moment speak VOLUMES. She means the whole world to him. 

- and the end…Kylo kneeling like a Knight in front of his Queen. Rey looking down at him…


Root + Shaw existing

where will they live?

inspired by this post

a while ago i wrote this as a thank you to someone who was very kind, and helped me out when i was in a tough spot. they were nice enough to give me permission to share it with all of you, so -

a fish may love a bird, but where will they live?


when runhilda was just a hatchling, a little boy with big eyes fed her bread and called her pretty even before she was. he always had bruises on his face and arms, and his clothes hung off him, but he always had soft words for her, always gave her his bread crusts even though he needed them more than she did.

when runhilda is older, and goes by runa, she throws off her coat of feathers and steps from the river onto the land. she towers over the teenage boy, stretching past six feet with flowing white-blonde hair and her arms and thighs like tree trunks. “you need this more than i do,” she tells him generously.

he looks on in confusion as she takes her coat of feathers and wraps it around his shoulders. he transforms into graceful, powerful swan. he transforms into a something that can fly away from his miserable life.

“give it back to me one day,” she says, “when you don’t need it anymore.”

she pats him on the head, and he gently nips her hand before he opens his wings and takes to the sky.

runa watches him go wistfully. she’ll miss her wings, but she’s never had legs before and she’s eager to take them for a spin.


she tracks down the boy’s mother who’d been so cruel to him, and no one is ever ready for a giant naked woman to burst into their pub and start yelling at them, but runa still thinks she screamed too much. she’d threatened the woman with everything from a sound beating to dire legal action, and she and her husband leave town with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

this has worked out for runa nicely. she thinks running a pub could be fun. she goes upstairs, and none of the tiny woman’s ridiculous clothes will fit her, obviously, so she goes through the husband’s closet. she thinks she looks rather dashing in trousers and suspenders and a crisp white button up. she puts a newsboy cap over her curly mass of hair for good measure, and winks at herself in the mirror. this being human thing is off to an excellent start.

then she goes downstairs and realizes she’s scared off the staff and patrons. the patrons she’s not too worried about this. this is dublin, and no one even died. as long as the alcohol keeps flowing, they’ll be back.

as for the staff ….

she goes to the river and recruits as many curious sisters as she can. she walks back to her pub with her arms laden with feather coats and a dozen gorgeous naked women all as tall as she is trailing behind her.



the seamstress adores them, since most of her sisters prefer the pretty, full bodied dresses that many of the human women wear, and they all have to be custom made to fit their large shoulders and thick waists. runa sticks to her trousers and shirts, and acquires a collection of newsboy hats.

her pub quickly gains a reputation, as it should. it’s staffed by beautiful women who have no problem with ending a bar fight personally, and physically throwing the offenders on to the street. there’s a strict look, but don’t touch policy that all of the patrons take advantage of, running their eyes over the beautiful barmaids. of course, quite a few human men and women catch her sisters’ eyes, and more than one dazed and pleased human has left their pub half dressed in the mornings.

no one catches runa’s attentions, until a slim woman with dark skin and dark eyes takes a corner table in the pub. she’s in an opulent grey dress, and her hair is carefully pinned into an elegant style, with a glittering necklace around her throat. no woman as wealthy as this one should be in runa’s establishment, or if she is she shouldn’t look miserable about it.

“here,” her sister pushes two mugs full to the brim into her hands. runa glares at her, but she’s already turned away. she resents the implication that she’s that transparent.

she still walks over to the woman and sits across from her, pressing the drink into her hands. she looks startled, but not upset, so runa leans her elbow halfway across the table and asks, “What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?”

she smiles back, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. runa’s filled with a determination to have her smile like she means it.

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