i mean look at deans face look at it

I just wanted to draw your attention to something I noticed while looking at 7 million gifs of this scene

This is Dean’s reaction to Cas’ “you’re my family… I love you” He’s full of pain, but is looking away because that what Dean does with his emotions.


This is Dean‘s reaction to “I love ALL of you.”

Just like us, Dean, has heard the distinction, and realised what that means, that Cas loves him in a manner unique to his love for the other Winchesters.

This is the face of a character who canonically just heard a confession of love. That is a “did he just?” face.


This is “you’re my family I love you” moose, with serious sad brows

This is a “why did he just say all of - OOOOOOOOhhhhh.” lightbulb moose (ill admit, its more distinctive on film than still image)

Let the record show that on episode 12.12, at 31:24, both Winchesters had canonically realised that Cas loves Dean - not as a snarky joke from an enemy, not a awkward misunderstanding of human personal space, not just friends - but real love.

It happened. They saw it. We all saw them see it.

It had better be acknowledged.

Weird (AO3)

Summary: Dean thinks it’s weird and Sam thinks it’s been a long time coming.

“Isn’t it weird?” 

Sam looks up from his laptop, brows pinched together. “Isn’t what weird?” he asks, looking at Dean from across the table.

“That Cas is like a bizillion years old? I mean, that’s weird isn’t it?” Dean asks, raising an eyebrow at his brother. Sam looks at Dean strangely, a half smile forming on his face.

“I don’t know, man. Maybe. Why is it only bothering you now?”

Dean barely hears what comes out of Sam’s mouth - too deep in thought.

“But like if a human was to - metaphorically - kiss hi - an angel - wouldn’t that be like kissing someone who’s really, really old?”

Sam barely suppresses a smirk. “Um, I’m not really sure. But Cas - or, sorry - angels - aren’t technically human. They’re just celestial intent in a human vessel, so I don’t think that really applies.”

Dean nods, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

“But it’s still kinda weird isn’t it?” Dean pauses, an uncertain look on his face. “Isn’t it?”

Sam smiles. “I don’t know, Dean. Why don’t you go and find out.”

Dean waves his brother off, not really listening to what Sam said as he stands up and leaves the war room.

Two weeks later Dean can barely contain himself. He wants to know. He needs to know. Cas is barely one step into the kitchen before Dean is pushing him up against a wall and pressing his lips against the angel’s chapped ones. 

They’re soft despite being chapped. They’re also warm and feel like actual human lips. Dean pulls away only to be greeted by wide eyes.

“That was weird wasn’t it?” Dean asks, and Cas tilts his head. “Was it? I don’t know. Let me try again.” he says, before he pushes back in, sealing their mouths together.

It feels oddly not weird at all. It feels nice. No, it feels better than nice. It feels right. And the best part is that Cas is kissing back and with what seems to be a little pent up frustration. Dean doesn’t know why he would be frustrated.

Dean pulls away again, a little breathless this time. Dean shakes his head. “That wasn’t weird.”

Cas just stares at him, panting slightly before saying, “I agree,” and then he grabs Dean’s jacket by the collar and pulls him back in.

Yeah. That feels really, really good.

When they part for the third time, Dean smiles and much to his liking Cas smiles too.

Suddenly, he turns his head towards where Sam is sitting at the breakfast table in the corner, watching them with an amused look over his morning coffee.

“Is having sex with angels weird?”

Sam nearly chokes. 

Dean nods, turning back to Cas. 

“I think we should test it out, just in case.” Cas says, looking deadly serious.

Dean smiles, still breathless. “Yeah, I think we should.”

“No,” Cas says stubbornly and muffled, looking down at the ground. Dean scoffs next to him.



Dean raises an eyebrow at Cas who shoots him a little smirk.

“Dean, I’m fine. It’s fine,” Cas insists.

“Cas, babe, it’s snowing,” Dean says, gesturing around him as though Cas can’t see. Cas rolls his eyes.

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Cas protests.

“You’re shivering, c’mon, you’re freezing,” Dean reasons. Cas looks over at him and Dean tries to keep a straight face. “You’re gonna freeze to death and I’m gonna have to take care of a court case because of it. I’ll be on trial charges, Cas, it’s gonna be a nightmare,” Dean jokes, failing to keep a straight face. Cas rolls his eyes but he has a little smile on his face.

“If I let you will you shut up?” Cas inquires.

“Most definitely,” Dean says with a nod. Cas looks over at him and Dean raises an eyebrow. Cas sighs and takes off his backpack. Dean smiles, pulling off his letterman.

“Now, you’re gonna freeze,” Cas points out, setting his bag down on the cold sidewalk for a moment.

“I am not going to freeze because seeing you warm will warm me,” Dean tells Cas as he sets his letterman that’s just a bit big on Cas over Cas’ shoulders. Cas sighs in contentment at the warmth, shifting it on his shoulders.

“You’re so cheesy,” Cas mumbles, going to pick up his backpack. Dean’s hand gets in the way, however.

“Nuh uh, I’m carrying that for you.”

Cas looks over at Dean who smiles.

“It’s what any decent and loving boyfriend would do,” Dean explains. Dean can’t tell if Cas is red from the cold or if he’s blushing but he suspects it’s a bit of both. Cas can’t help the fondness that creeps up inside of him as he looks away from Dean, trying to hide a smile.

“Yeah, okay,” he says, letting Dean pick up his backpack. Cas grasps the edges of Dean’s letterman, pulling it a little tighter around him as he looks back over at Dean. Dean smiles and leans over to kiss Cas’ cheek. Dean’s nose is cold and it makes Cas shiver but Cas really doesn’t mind. Dean pulls away but Cas stops him. “Hey,” he says, quirking a little grin over at Dean whose cheeks are also pink from the cold or Cas, either one. “I’m not done with you,” Cas teases, and Dean smiles a little wider as Cas leans in to give Dean a kiss, a real kiss on the lips that lasts for many seconds and makes both of them feel very very warm despite the falling snow.

Cas pulls away and rests his head on Dean’s shoulder.

“I love you,” he says softly. Dean smiles widely.

“I love you too, Cas.”

Bi Harry and Ron not realising they're bi

One day in sixth year they’re taking about one of the Chudley Canons chasers at the Gryffindor table

Ron: He’s so amazing and hot…

Rando: Wow, I didn’t know you were gay.

Ron: I’m not gay! There’s nothing gay about admiring a quidditch player. Right Harry?

Harry: Yeah! We have eyes, we can tell he’s fit.

Ron: *nodding* Anyone can appreciate an arse like that

Harry : I mean it’s not like you can ignore it when he’s in the air

Ron: And have you seen those eyes?

Harry: Yeah no-one could argue that those aren’t pretty

Ron: And he just has a really symmetric face. There’s nothing gay about recognising that, it’s called “having eyes.”

Harry: *nods solemnly*

Rando and Neville look confused. Dean and Seamus are in stitches. Ginny shakes her head. Hermione sighs and looks at Ginny.

Hermione: I suppose teaching them about sexuality falls to me, doesn’t it?

The good in Dean’s life. Finally.

Pairing : SamxReader, Dean
Word count : 913
Author : Mel

Final part to Pregnancy Curse.

The boys hauled ass home once they finally dealt with the nest. You heard the door then their boots running down the stairs. “Babe!” Sam yelled.

“Sweetheart!” You could hear them running around looking for you.

“In here!” You called from your bedroom. “Why are you home so early!?”

Both boys ran to the bedroom door. Dean getting there first, then Sam pushing past him. “Why are you just laying here?”

“What do you mean?” You looked at him confused.

“I told you to call!” Dean was almost panicked.

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Few notable things from “First Blood”
  1. Just how genuinely worried Cas was that he had literally been counting the number of days & hours the boys have been missing
  2. Dean dialed Cas from a random dude’s phone, which means he knows Cas’s number by heart
  3. The fact that Cas fucking stuttered when he heard Dean’s voice
  4. The Destiel hug and how freaking relived Cas looked
  6. The ‘wtf have you done Dean’ look Cas gives when Sam says “It’s time”
  7. Cas’s torn look and “You don’t have to do this”
  8. Cas’s speech and the fact that he was in the verge of fucking crying
  9. The way Dean looked at him when he said “You mean too much to me”


And before ya’ll send anons about how it isn’t canon, yes, I know that. I also know it probably never will be. But this ship makes me happy and I shall continue to ship it peacefully, without hurting anyone’s feelings


Omg I’m loosing my absolute shit because I was at my Grandma’s house and was watching Supernatural and my grandma was just sorta watching over my shoulder while knitting, and then Cas and Dean had a conversation on the show, and then she gives me this stern face so I asked her what was the matter and this was how it went:

Gma: I can’t believe you watch shows like that.

Me: ?? Grandma what are you talking about

Gma: *looks really strained to say the word* You watch… gay…people?

Me: …???

Gma: Those two men. They’re together, aren’t they?

Me: *uncontrollable giggles*

Gma: What is so funny??

Me: N-no Grandma, they aren’t together… *almost in tears*

Gma: What do you mean they aren’t? Look at the way they’re looking at each other! And talking!

Me: *rolling on the couch belly-laughing*

Gma: Suzie!! This is serious!!

“You gonna say goodbye to Cara?”

Sam glances over at Dean, eyebrow raised as he watches Dean take a sip from the bottle.

“Nah,” he says, his eyes following the movement of his brother’s throat as he swallows, “not interested.” Dean’s eyes catch Sam’s then and he looks a bit surprised, but slowly lowers the bottle, obviously curious.

“You know,” Sam starts, “I didn’t mean any of those things I said back there…” Dean’s eyes are so green and Sam turns to face him completely, leaning against the side of the car. “It was just the siren talking.”

“Yeah,” Dean says too quickly, looking away, “yeah, me too.”

Sam keeps his eyes on his brother though, watches the nervous tic in his jaw and Sam can’t help but reach out, run a thumb over that sharp jaw line. Dean turns, looking a little tired, a little run down, like he doesn’t want to fight about this right now. So Sam doesn’t fight, just takes a step forward and cradles the side of Dean’s face in his hand. He’s always so amazed by how easily his brother sinks into it, every time– his tough, show-no-emotions, big brother– closes his eyes and presses into the touch. Sam makes his move then, leans in just the slightest bit and touches his lips to Dean’s, soft and chaste.

He doesn’t move back, even when Dean flutters those ridiculously long eyelashes and looks up at Sam through them. Sam doesn’t know how that siren got to him, now that he thinks back on it; Dean is… Perfect.

“We… are we good?” Sam asks, softly. The corner of Dean’s mouth pulls up into a crooked smile and Sam can’t stop a smile from spreading on his own lips.

“Yeah,” Dean murmurs, “we’re good.” And he pulls Sam down for another kiss.

if they really do have a s12 episode about the thule attempting to bring back hitler please also bring back aaron bass so sam can snarkily introduce him to cas as dean’s “gay thing” and then the camera immediately cuts to cas’ face with the worst look of betrayal ever while dean bumbles and stutters like “wh–wh–no, he isn’t–it wasn’t like that. he was just flirting with me ‘cause–wait, no, it wasn’t *real* flirting–not that, y'know, it wasn’t appreciated–not that–not that i thought he was actually being *serious*–why–why would i think it’s serious–i mean yeah okay we’re a couple of good looking guys but–we didn’t–it’s not–it didn’t mean nothin’ all right jesus fucking chRIST WHERE DID THAT WALL COME FROM”

Innocent - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Innocent

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can u write a deanxreader w/ her being a bubbly innocent person and dean has a crush on her and one time their sitting on the sofa and he says sth that makes her ‘aww’ and hug him by puttng his face on her breasts and hes all smug and smirking tnx <3

“Nah I don’t think Tony would ever be able to take down Cap. I mean come on, he’s freaking Captain America!” Dean shook his head shoving more pop corn in his mouth.

“No!” you exclaimed “Tony will always be the best! He’s Iron Man!” you exclaimed and he scoffed.

“We’ll see when the time for Civil War comes.” he pointed out and you huffed, giving him a look.

“Right. As if you’ll come with me. You rarely do what I ask you to.” you looked back at the TV as he frowned.

“How come?” because he was truly perplexed at it.

Truth was that you could play him like it was nothing. Sure he tried to deny it, to show that you didn’t affect him but in reality you could do him anything you wanted to. He tried to be subtle, not let you realize how everything he did was at your request and when you began to suspect something and he didn’t want to let you know he’d just give you that roll of the eyes with a scoff and a 'Yeah right sweetheart’ and he’d be gone before you could keep staring at him with those eyes that he – secretly – loved so much.

But there was yet another reason as to why he wouldn’t stay for longer than needed when you became suspicious, and it wasn’t just how he found you the most adorable sight on Earth when you narrowed your eyes at him and made that little pout. Neither that nor how he could never be able to fight his deep blush, and he by no means wanted you to see it. But it was just because he didn’t want you to realize his true feelings.

You were innocent and completely clueless, it was one of the things that made him crush so hard on you, but that didn’t mean that if you saw the signs you wouldn’t put one and one together. Plus part of him liked the kind of… relationship you had going at the moment. He loved seeing that blush on your cheeks whenever he made a move on you or bashful you got when his hand lingered for a little longer on you. Not that he’d mind for more to happen, of course, but for the moment he was content with what he had.

He’d met plenty of women before in his life but none of them could ever compare to you both in and out. You were far superior, different, but far better than any other one and maybe that was why he found himself acting this way aroundyou. Once more he was so glad you were adorably clueless and he could enjoy this all the more.

“You didn’t want to keep that dog we found the other days.” you mumbled and he rolled his eyes. He intended to keep it but when his brother gave him that know-it-all grin he had to force himself to do what the Dean-Winchester-before-you would do. And that was to not let the dog in the bunker. And he felt like kicking himself, or most preferably his brother, for having to see that look of disappointment on you but he had no other choice.

“Sweetheart come on.” he said more softly “You know we couldn’t.”

“Yeah, well you never can when I ask you something.” you picked at a pop corn “And all I wanted was to keep him for some time.”

“Why?” he raised an eyebrow and you shrugged.

“For company plus- sometimes the bunker gets a little cold at night and blankets are not enough.”

“And you thought a dog would do?”

“He was fluffy and big. He’d keep me warm enough.” you shrugged and he chuckled.

“But you know there is something even better than that dog to keep you company at night.” he grinned and you gave him a look, feeling your cheeks heat.

“Dean. Not funny.” you rolled your eyes and he straightened his back, untangling his legs from yours.

“But I’m not joking!” he exclaimed and you raised an eyebrow at him.

“What do you mean?” you whispered and he gave you a small smile.

“All I’m saying is if you really need a cuddle buddy then I am here and available every night for you. There is no need to try ad get me to keep the dog for that.”

“Right as if you’d ever want to.” you scoffed rolling your eyes and looking away to try and hide your blush.

“Why not? Honestly I know I could use some company and you- are the only one on this Earth that I’d cuddle with every night. You are much sweeter than that cherry pie, princess and between you two- you’d definitely come number one.” he winked at you and you all but felt your eyes widened.

“You- you don’t really mean that.” you mumbled and he chuckled.

“Always mean what I say, you know me.” he grinned at you and with a shake of your head you gave him a big smile as well.

“You’re unbelievable sometimes you know that right?” you whispered, feeling your heart swell inside your chest.

“Only when it comes to you.” he said back just as softly and before he could comprehend it a small squeal mix with 'aw’ was leaving your lips and you were instantly wrapping your arms around him.

He huffed and his eyes widened as you hugged him, your arms around his shoulders and your cheek on his head, but above all with his face buried in your, well, chest. Of course you didn’t realize it instantly or if you did you didn’t pay much attention to it, not really thinking of all the sorts of thought that were running through Dean’s mind. He did feel his heart leap to his throat and his body was stiff for a moment but then he relaxed and a smug grin spread on his lips. He couldn’t stop a chuckle but leave his lips and wrapped his own arms around your waist and pressed you closer to him. The mall scruff tickled your sensitive skin and he rested his forehead on your collarbone, laughing when he heard you giggle.

He hadn’t thought of this when he made the suggestion but after this an with your cluelessness and innocence he was probably going to love this bed sharing more than anything else.


“So yeah, I’m ace…” You trail off, not bothering to look at them.

“Huh?” Dean looked up, his face showing nothing but confusion. You risk a glance up and catch Sam roll his eyes. 

“It means asexual. Which means I’m not sexually attracted to people.” You look back down at your fraying sleeves. 

“Oh. Okay.” he huffed. You looked up, shocked at his reaction. 

Okay? Is that it?” You stuttered, amazed.

“Y/N, we don’t care. So long as you’re happy.” Sam reassured you with a  smirk and you smiled shyly.

Requested by anon
I do not own these gifs

I love the fact that Dean pretends to be annoyed when Cas pulls him into a hug launches himself right into Dean’s arms, but when he says “Hey, Cas” he’s actually the one who’s leaning into Cas, opening his arms and just inviting Cas in. 

Also just look at his face - he’s hoping Cas will just jump in. He wants to hug him just as bad.

(gif credit)

You won’t fool me, Dean Winchester. 


“Oh come on Y/N it’s not hard, just flirt with the security guard and boom. You’re in.” Dean edged you on.

“It just doesn’t feel right…” You mumbled, thinking about your girlfriend Charlie. As much as you knew it wasn’t, it still felt like cheating.

“What’s up, guys aren’t your type?” Dean chuckled and you looked down awkwardly.

“It’s not that they aren’t my type…just…not always.” You were finding it hard to explain without having to spell it out.

“Y/N…?” Sam looked at you with furrowed eyebrows and concern flooded his face.

“I’m pansexual.” There. You’d said it.

“You’re what now?” Dean screwed up his face in thought. Sam rolled his eyes and thankfully explained for you “It means you aren’t limited to who you’re sexually attracted to.”

“Oh, lucky you. I wish I wasn’t as picky.” Dean grinned and then his face fell back to confusion “So how come you can’t chat him up?”

“I’m dating Charlie,” you look down “and it feels like cheating.”

“Okay fine, you don’t have to…so long as I can be best man” He winked and you laughed nervously.

“Y/N, you know it doesn’t matter right? It’s okay if you’re pan, we still love you, okay?” Sam looked down at you with seriousness, making you smile.


Requested by anon
I do not own these gifs

Supernatural Preference- Your dad finding out you got into a fight at school


Dean would be pretty proud that you won the fight, especially since it was for a good reason.
“So what even happened with this fight?” Dean asked you as you both sat down.
“Well this dude kept saying some really gross stuff and looking right at my tits, so I knocked him down and beat the crap out of him.” You say casually as you take a bite out of your burger.
“Thats my girl!” Dean tells you with a big smile and a high five.


Lucifer would be pretty proud of you, I mean being the devil and you showing any sign of rebellion makes him pretty proud.
“So what was this fight about?” Lucifer asks intrigued as you walk through the door.
You turn to him as he looks you up and down seeing the state of your hair, clothes and face it was pretty obvious. 
“So theres this girl at school who is a total fascist and basically just wants everyone to be like her and is being cruel to anyone how doesn’t even think outside of her small square of knowledge or who dresses different. So she was telling me off for it and I punched her in the face, she threw me in a pile of mud and I threw some at her and squished it into her hair.” You told him, not feeling one bit of remorse.
“Well I’m very proud you.” He simply says giving you a hug.


Sam would be less than impressed but deep down would be pretty proud of you.
“I’m not happy with what you’ve done, y/n.” Your dad tells you.
“Horse shit, I read your diary and you’re always proud when y/n stands up for herself and others.” Dean says coming into the room and sitting down.
“You stay out of my room.” He points at Dean.
“And you, go to your room.” He says pointing at you.
“You’re proud of her.” Dean says before taking a sip of his beer.
“Shut up.” He tells his brother with a smirk.


Gabriel would be proud that you stuck up for what you believe in and would get in a fight with anyone who says other wise.
“I heard she punched the guy and kicked him down the stares just because he said he didn’t like her.” You heard one of the girls in the office say about you when you were waiting for your dad to pick you up.
“Ooooh, well I heard something different.” You heard your dad say from behind you.
“I heard that he called her a fat dyke for saying she didn’t want to go out with him.” Gabriel told the girls with a cocky smirk.
You smiled over at them and flipped them the bird as you left the office with your dad.


dean and cas revealing their feelings for each other and dean getting all blushy and flustered so cas efficiently shuts him up ♥(ノ´∀`)

Impala67, Dean? Really?


A request from ifindyourlipssokisssable. Thank you for asking me to write this prompt for you, love! It means so much to me and I can’t thank you enough! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get to it but here you go!
Let me know if you liked it or if you’d like me to change it.


“Dean, what the hell are you doing?” Sam asked frustrated.

“Nothing just some monster business.” Dean finished typing on his phone as he puts it face down on the table.

Dean continues to look at his food. You and Sam look at each other in suspicion.
Sam nods and quickly grabs Dean’s phone.

“Hey, hey! Give it back, man!” He reaches out but Sam keeps it close to his chest.

“What? Why?” Sam asks.
“None of your business, dude. Just give it.” He demands.

“Nope.” Sam say and looks at the screen.

“Oh my god.” Sam says chuckling and gives you the phone.
“Oh my-you’re on a dating app?” You asked trying to hold back the laugh.

“Hey don’t judge till you try it.” Dean defends himself.

“Impala67” you mimic his deep manly voice.
You and Sam lose it, laughing so hard half the bar is staring at you.
“Who’s that?” Sam points out.

A notification popped up from the app.

“Shay88? Who’s this?” You saw the messages and your heart broke. You just didn’t show it.

“Check out her pic.” Dean said with a smug grin.
Sam grabbed the phone from your hands, not wanting you to see the girl that the love of your life seemed to be flirting with.

Sam new about your feeling for Dean but of course, Dean didn’t.

You looked down to your food trying to not pay attention to the situation.
“Woah. She’s-” Dean interrupts Sam.
“She’s hot, huh?” He smiles.

Sam looked at you to see you were zoned out. He saw a tear fall from your eye.

“Dean, don’t you think this girl seems a little bit too available?” Sam says.
“What? A pretty girl can be into me?” Dean didn’t see you cringe at the word pretty.

“No no. It’s just-” the phone starts to vibrate in his hand.
Sam taps on the message tab and starts reading the texts between the both of them.
“I’m burning up just thinking about you? What the hell?” Sam says.
“I know, huh? You haven’t even read half-” you interuppted Dean.

“I’m gonna head back to the bunker.” You kept your head down. Your head hurt and your heart ached.
Your red puffy eyes were noticeable to Sam but the only one that you really wanted to notice your pain was Dean. And he didn’t care. Or love you. So it didn’t matter.

“Y/N?” Dean asked putting his hand out to grab yours.
“No, Dean. I-” you stopped when you saw a familiar face walk into the bar.
Tight dress that clung onto her perfect curves, beautiful hair that fell onto her shoulders, huge boobs with a great ass.

Your heart fell.

Sam looked up to see exactly what you were looking at. His jaw dropped which made Dean turn around.
Dean chuckled and stepped off the bar stool. Grabbing his jacket and leaving 20 bucks on the counter.

“I’ll see you guys later. Don’t wait up for me.” He turned around and put his arm around her waist. Sad to say that his arm looked like it fit perfectly with her.

As they walk out he turns back to the both of you and smirks before he disappeared.

Sam looked back at you to see you frozen in place.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He grabbed your arm.

“Sam, it’s okay. I um-I’m not feeling good. I’ll see you later.” You said quietly.

“Dean’s an idiot but he really does love-”

“No, he doesn’t!” You yelled.

Everyone looked at you.

“See ya, Sam.” With that, you grabbed your stuff and left.


Back at the bunker you laid in bed. Researching mainly but some thinking took place too.

You’d fallen for Dean along time ago. Back when he and Sam saved your ass from a Wendigo hunt gone wrong. Without him you wouldn’t be alive.
He had no idea and him not knowing only gave him more access to hook up with anything with two legs.
He would smile at you and sometimes when he touched you unconsciously, there was this warm zap that spread through your body and send chills down your spine. It was incredible.
He made you feel beautiful and he didn’t even know it. He didn’t care. Because never in a million year would he ever love you the way you felt about him.
You were nothing special and nothing close to anything he deserved or wanted.

- Ring ring -

You look to see Dean’s photo of himself that he took for your phone.
You sighed.
You slide the green button and put the phone against your ear.

“Hi Dean?” You answered softly.
“Hey, sweetheart. We’re um headed home.” God, you hated when he called you that. It didn’t mean the same thing to him as it did to you.
“What happened? Are you okay? Sam’s with you?” You were confused.
Why wasn’t he with the girl?
“I love when you asked so many questions. It makes me-” Dean’s deep voice stopped. “Dude!” Sam shuts him up.

Dean chuckled, “I’ll tell you everything when I get there. Okay?”
“Yeah, okay.” You smiled loving the way he laughed.

“See ya in a bit, baby girl.” He hung up.

Fuck him. Fuck him for saying those nicknames to you in his god damn sexy deep gravely voice. Fuck him for making you fall in love with him. Fuck him for making you weak in the knees every time he said your name or whispered something to you. Fuck him for always looking so fucking good in his black t shirt and pants. Fuck his gorgeous green eyes, his big heart, and brave soul.
Fuck him.


The bunker door opened and your boys entered.

Dean looked down?

You waited for them at the bottom and saw Sam half smile. Looking back at Dean and to you again.
You nodded understanding him.

Sam patted Dean’s shoulder and the walked over to you and hugged you.
Soon he was out of sight, leaving Dean and you alone.

“Hey, you alright?” You asked standing next to him.
“The girl. She um-she was a hooker. And tried to deal my soul for sex.” He chuckled but in disappointment.
In himself.
You cupped his face and pulled it close you.

“Dean, you didn’t know.” He couldn’t stop staring at your lips.

His hands found your face a trailed your skin.
He leaned in and looked back at your eyes looking for permission.

You smiled and pull on his collar allowing your lips to land on his.

He moved in sync with you. Pulling you closer and closer.

One of his hands started to make its way to your bra but you stopped him.

“Dean.” You said lowly.
“I’m sorry. I thought-” you stopped him.
“No it’s just.” You looked into his eyes.

“I should go to sleep. Goodnight, Dean.” You pulled away from his chest and walked into your room.

“Oh god.” He thought.


You woke up at the smell of bacon and eggs.
Dean knew you loved that.

You walked out of your room to the kitchen and saw Dean stand over the stove in his white t shirt and sweat pants.

You stared at the way his back muscles clung onto his shirt and moved as he cooked.

You coughed.

He turned around, “morning, sweetheart.” He tried fixing his hair.
He always looked so beautiful without even trying.

You smiled, “bacon and eggs? Is there a girl your trying to inpress?”

He looked down smirking, “yeah there is.”

You felt your heart sink, “alright. Well then I’ll leave you to it.” You turned around leaving when Dean spoke.

“I think you’ve met her.” He said.

“Oh yeah?” You questioned is theory.

“Yeah she’s beautiful. I mean absolutely gorgeous. And not to mention her sex hair in the mornings.” He walked over to you and snaked his big warm arms around your body.

You were still confused.
“I don’t know, Dean. I-” he stopped you.

“The way she says my name. God, the things it does to me.” He said.

“Just. Like. That.” He leaned down resting his forehead against yours and his lips placed onto yours.

You pulled away, “me?”

“Yeah.” He said confidently.

“But Dean you’ll get bored of me. I’m not like that girl. I don’t have her hot flirty personality. And her looks, Dean I look nothing like her. I’m -” he kissed you.

“Stop comparing yourself, baby. You’re right. You’re nothing like her. You are so much more. That’s why I’m trying to impress you.” He whispered.

“Because I love you.”

You smiled. And pulled his face down to yours. Moving your lips with his.

You pull away.

“But no seriously. Impala67, Dean? I mean really? You laughed.

Imagine: Dean being insecure about your age difference.

You were watching doctor sexy with Dean, al snuggled up in the blankets and your head resting on Dean’s lap. You tried not to doze of as your boyfriends fingers traced through your hair. “Babe?” Dean’s voice startled you and you looked up, expecting to see his beautiful green eyes, but he was doing his best avoiding yours. His fingers stopped playing with your hair and he had a serious look on his face. Emidiatily you sat up and took one of his hands in your own. “what’s wrong honey? Are you feeling ok?” He shook his head lightly. “No, not really. I’ve been thinking… Does it ever bother you that i’m old?” A little smile played on your lips:” What do you mean? you’re not old Dean you’re 37″ Your smile quickly disapeared as you saw his sad expression. “Dean, what is this about?” He looked away from you and cleared his troat. “Earlier, when we were in the bar, i heard a couple of guys talk. And they said that we were gross, that i was taking adventage of such a young girl.” Anger raced through your veins and you squeezed Dean’s hand a little harder. “Don’t listen to them. Dean i’ve known you for a long time now and never did i have the feeling that you used me. You are the most honest and sweetest person i’ve ever known.  Doesn’t it ever occure to you that i’m dating you because i’ve had enough of all the teenage love drama.” His eyes were still not meeting yours so you put a hand on his cheeck and carefully forced him to look at you. 

“Dean i love you, that’s all that matters, isn’t it? And i don’t care what some teenagers said in some random bar. I would pass on any of them to be with you.” His face softened and a little smile was forming: “but i’m getting wrinkles.” You knew he was playing with you, you loved the little wrinkles around his eyes when he laughed. In a world full of ghosts, demons and vampires, those were the things that made him human. You gently pulled him closer and pushed a soft kiss on his full lips. “Don’t be insecure Honey, you really don’t need to.””

note: So i’ve been thinking about this for some time now. When i write about Dean, i don’t change my age, or Dean’s and i was wondering if you guys did? I’m 24 and i don’t think it’s weird or gross. Does that make me weird? Anyway i hope you like it :)!!!

xx admin Venora

“Stop staring at me! Do something!”

for @harley7509

“Sam what happened?” Dean rushed through the door to the bunker and down the stairs into his library where his brother stood with a defeated look on his face, “honestly I have no idea.”

“What do you mean you were with her weren’t you?” Dean looked at his brother with a surprised and almost panicked look on his face, “she is okay isn’t she? Sam where is she?”

“She is in her room. She locked the door. Dean she won’t let me in!” Sam looked guilt-ridden as his brother stared at him in disbelief, “in her room? Not in…” Dean didn’t have to finish the question for Sam to understand and he shook his head. Y/N hadn’t spent a night in her own room for three months. Not since Dean had finally maned up and confessed his feelings for her. Ever since that first night they had spent together she had stayed in his room and now her own room pretty much just served as storage room for the cloth she only used for pretext at hunts and her weapons. “But she is okay? She is talking?” Dean stared down the hallway trying to figure out what he was walking into before he walked into it. Not his usual style but concerning Y/N he had learned it was best.

“Only to tell me to go away. Dean I am so sorry I should have been more careful,” Sam sighed as he feel to a chair and Dean slowly sat down next to him, “it is okay Sammy. If she can yell at you she is not dying. Tell me what happened?”

“Rowena got out of the cuffs somehow and sent me flying across the room. I got knocked on the head pretty good so I didn’t hear it all but Rowena said something about Y/N being a little scared girl only pretending to be a hero but if she wanted to be a hero she would help her become the hero of her dreams. Then she cast some kinda curse and Y/N screamed and ran off. I followed her here but she locked herself in her room before I could ask her a thing. And I let Rowena get away! I am sorry Dean!” Sam spoke so fast Dean almost didn’t catch what he was saying and he frowned and stayed quiet for a second as his brother stared at him urging to speak.

“It’s okay Sammy.” Dean patted his brother on the shoulder as he walked past him down the hall, “how bad could making her a hero be?”

“Bad enough she won’t open the damn door apparently,” Sam muttered and headed after his brother staying a few steps behind him as he watched him knock on the door.

“Sam I told you go away!!!” Y/N screamed from behind the closed door and Dean frowned looking at his brother who looked even more frustrated now, “sweetheart it’s me. Open the door. Let us help!”

“NO! Dean please just stay out,” her voice sounded more panicked now but Dean didn’t give up so easily, “come on honey how bad can it be. Just let me in. It is just me I promise.” Dean waved Sam back but Y/N stayed quiet which worried Dean even more.

“Y/N if you don’t let me in I will knock down the freaking door! I need to see you! You are scaring me here please!” Dean begged and within a few seconds her voice sounded now a closer to the door. “Dean you gotta promise me you won’t laugh!”

“Sweetheart I would never laugh at you. Just let me see you.” Dean promised and he heard the lock slowly turned and he took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping inside shutting it behind him. The room was dark so he couldn’t see her only her shape standing in the furthest corner of the room

“I need to turn on the lights babe,” Dean warned and when she didn’t reply he slowly flipped the switch and froze. He stared at the woman in front of him. She had stripped down to her underwear with her closed scattered around the room and the mirror on her closet was smashed but that wasn’t what made him stare.

“Dean!! Stop staring at me! Do something!” she all but screamed at him and smirk slide across his face, “I never knew Mystique was your hero?”

“Dean you promised not to laugh!” It was all she could do not to stomp her feet in the ground with frustration regretting she had let him in in the first place.

“Oh I am not laughing sweetheart,” Dean made his way across the room towards her and as he was a few steps away she noticed his green eyes were lust blown, “seriously Dean?! I am blue!!”

“And yet still so hot!” Dean winked as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her so close she could feel the growing bulge through his pants pressing against her stomach, “Dean I can’t. We need to fix this!” she tried to fight him.

“Oh I am sure Sammy will find something in one of the books. But first let’s have a little fun!” Dean twirled both of them around before pushing her down on the bed making her squeal with laughter as he followed lowering himself down on top of her.

“God you are a weirdo,” she laughed cupping his face in her hands but Dean just smiled and raised his brows in a suggestive manor, “yeah but I am your wierdo!”

“Yes you are!” and Dean put a stop to her laughter by kissing her deeply and passionate as he started to trace patterns on her ocean blue skin with the tips of his fingers making her shiver underneath him and moan into his kiss.


How Dean would react to you on your period:

‘’No! No… I-I just meant-’’

‘’I know what you meant, Dean Winchester!’’You screamed with balled up fists. 

Dean laughed nervously as he quickly rambled out a lick of nonsense. Sam winced as he held back a amused chuckle. Dean glared over at his brother. 

‘’You wanna help me out here, Sam?!’’Dean yelped. He looked back at you and gave you a nervous, shaky smile and a fake laugh. 

Sam looked between the two of you before taking in your fuming state. He didn’t wanna mess with you, especially when you were on your period.

‘’Nope, I’m good thanks’’Sam chuckled and returned back to his laptop. Dean bared his teeth at Sam before facing your oncoming figure. He backed away nervously as e held his hands up in defence. 

‘’I didn’t mean you turned into Godzilla on your period. I-I- what I really meant was that- is that a new perfume? You look lovely today…did I tell you that?’’