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Star Wars Rouge One

First, a couple things:

1. I do not Star War, by and large. The charms of the original films are lost on me–I think the last time I sat down to watch them of my own volition was when I was 10ish. TFA was okay I guess, but honestly I’m not sure I can tell you what happened from moment to moment. I never finished episode 2 and never tried episode 3. These just aren’t generally my kind of movies, which is fine. So I’m going to be critical of some of the other movies in a way that if you’re a big Star Wars fan, might annoy you, but, I was literally asked for my thoughts and I’m giving them. 

2. This doesn’t mean I think Rouge One is a perfect movie. It isn’t, it’s just a Star Wars movie I actually truly enjoyed and might even go see it again. So I am ALSO going to point out a handful of things I didn’t love about it. 

3. I also think this is an IMPORTANT movie right now. 

4. I’m tired so this’ll be garbled.

Major spoilers under the cut

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