i mean just look it was p e r f

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I know you've already talked about how amazing Kat was in this episode, but I just can't get over it? Going from being so vulnerable and wrecked about Jace (and how well it was done? Usually death scenes are so over blown they boarder on cartoonish? But not this one, oh no, not this one) to straight up I'm gonna murder my dead ass father? The absolute rage on her face as she stabs him not once, but multiple times? Damn girl. She's so tiny but in that scene she legit scared me. I'm just so proud.

I know it’s kinda like shit upon in the Tumblr fandom to like clary or clace, but honestly??? clary was the MVP last episode and clace was so amazingly heartbreaking in both the death scene and when Jace saved clary like??? Kat is fucking killing the game as her character and in her pairing - anon 2

i know!! she was frickin phenomenal as was dom and all of the c/lace moments were so well done, especially the death scene and the valentine scene. like if you look at kat’s performance in 1x13 when jace is being taken by valentine compared to this one, you can see how much she’s grown because the scene was so very affecting and genuinely heartbreaking without being (too) overdramatic (i mean this is still shadowhunters lol), plus jace’s “i love you” (which was??? improvised??? god bless) ended my life tbh like i didn’t think i would like a c/lace i love you at this point in time but it was just p e r f e c t - the perfect moment, the perfect delivery it was just………so good

like i’ve shipped c/lace this whole time but i’ve never been so so caught up in it like i was in this episode, when clary was about to get her head chopped off and the way they hug after and after jace dies the grief and the rage when clary straight up MURDERS her own FATHER by stabbing him a MILLION times holy shit i need a minute to get over it but yes 12 rounds of applause for ms katherine mcnamara tbqh

to the evangeline who thinks im her guardian angel, and also to everyone on DMB

i’m alive.

dont worry, i havent drunk myself to oblivion.

well, i mean, i basically did.

i couldnt stop.

you see, i sit alone in my bed and wish for her to be next to me. i crave the light feathery touches of her hair as she shifts on my chest, and i love the immediate response of my hand lightly stroking her hair.

i love the smell of her, the smell of coconuts and some weird fuckin body wash that smells so weird but so good. pomegranate?

DMB, if you saw her, youd fall in love with her too. she has those eyes that are so deep that youd be drowning but stop struggling for air because the beauty takes your breath away anyway.

poetry is jealous of the sonnets that flow off of her fingers and dance is envious of the way she gracefully moves through her life as if shes taken ballet for all her life.

if you are my evangeline, then i guess you know everything. you know now why i stopped talking to you, you now know that i will bring random girls to my bed because i tried to replace you in my heart. you now know about AA, and about how it doesnt even work, now you know how i feel towards greg, and now you know that i will go to every fucking end of the earth if it means that








reach for me, baby. my life is a living hell right now, but one look from you and im in heaven.

and i’m so sorry i wasn’t enough.

-isaac, who will forever be your guardian angel.

EXO12 Reacts to You having a Sim family of them

Tao: *After you’ve come back from the bathroom*

“This is adorable, (y/n)! Some day this will happen~” 

*Kisses your forehead lightly*

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Luhan: *Chuckles once he sees his name as one of the sim’s names*

 “So THAT’S what she’s been ‘busy’  with when I ask her what she’s doing– I had no idea that this is her dream for the future.” 

Originally posted by xiutiepie

Xiumin: “We would have a cat named Baozi? And children?? Well if (y/n) insists–”

*you walk in* “What?”

“I didn’t say anything~!”

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Kris: *raises eyebrow* “Is this considered a form of fan-fiction?”

 *you walk into the room*

“I mean- what.”

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D.O.: *laughs lightly while looking at the screen* 

“You left it on the screen, so if I mention it don’t act like I was snooping.” *After you’ve returned*

“You’re adorable,you know that?” 

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Chen: “Our family would be p-e-r-f-e-c-t, she’s got that right…. But let me just fix my character really quick–” *edits sim’s outfit* 

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Kai: *raises eyebrow* “This is cute… but why is OUR SON NAMED KYUNGSOO??” 

Originally posted by kairamelo

Lay: “Aw, and here I thought that she wouldn’t ever want kids. I guess (y/n) has many things I’ve yet to find out about.” *jumps a little when he hears you walk into the room*

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Suho: “We’d have a mansion??– I’m not complaining. Our children would be beautiful! This game doesn’t give their perfect genes justice!” 

*you walk in without him noticing* “What was that?”


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Baekhyun: “Oh.. so THIS is what she does in her free time…”

 *explores the house and looks at each character carefully*

“I would’ve never guessed that she wanted a life like this.”

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Sehun: *When you come back* 

“I promise that one day your dream will become reality– Although… I’m not so sure about naming our pet Yehet, would you please let that go it was ONE TIME.”

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Chanyeol: *starts playing around on the game* 

“This is pretty fun!” *You walk in*

*slams laptop shut* “I DID NOTHING”

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Your admin is still low key dying from a cold but I wanted to update at least one request!!!

~BangtanBunnie <3

in which harry is rich and i am not...

i really love that suit that harry wore on jimmy kimmel. the all black one with the white piping… this one…

aside from how stunning harry looks in it i just think it’s wonderful. i don’t know what it is but the piping just does things for me, so i decided to look it up and…

JUST THE JACKET ALONE IS $1745 I MEAN I KNEW IT WOULD BE EXPENSIVE BECAUSE IT’S GUCCI BUT COME ON IT’S JUST THE JACKET. but then my next thought is how much are the pants because i was honestly a bit shocked that it didn’t come with the jacket. 

S E V E N H U N D R E D T E N D O L L A R S F O R P A N T S ! ! ! correction: S E V E N H U N D R E D T E N D O L L A R S F O R WRINKLED P A N T S! insane. absolutely insane. a total of $2455 for a suit.

but who would harry be without gucci suits that cost more than me? the world may never know.

bonus: he did the suit much more justice than the model.

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Do you have a link or a specific folder with all your Jade H. because she is so cute and you draw her p e r f e c t l y

thank youu! you mean her tag because you can just click that to see all the pics :o

Anon:I was just looking at your dirkjake tag, and I saw the christmas sweater pics and I saw Aradia’s and almost spat out my tea. “All i want for christmas is a zombie apocalypse” is literally the best thing ever.

lmao glad you liked it!

Since the new year is coming, I thought I and zayn (yes zayn is a part of this too, your argument is invalid) could make a follow forever, which is my second in almost three years. I love you guys, you mean a lot to me and I’d just like to thank you for making my dash look freaking awsome! :) MWAH! And oh, excuse my bad ps skills.. just ignore that please.

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oh. my. god. that "little" analysis/whatever thing you wrote about thranduil in dos/botfa is just p e r f e c t. i love how you compared books and movies thranduil also respecting the fact that they only had copyrights for lotr and the hobbit books. also the way that you looked his character obejctively and from many perspectives. i want to just print out that text and put it on my wall. i really loved reading that.

I’m going to publish this message bc I’m being all giddy about it and want to keep it for bad days ^___^

Thank you so so so much!!!!

It means a lot, truly, that you people read my stuff even if I write so so so much and I love the feedback as well 

(here is the post in question, beware of spoilers and a wall of text)