i mean just look at them

I am a big dumb idiot who managed to lose the request proper, but it was for RFA + Minor Trio accidentally slamming a door into MC’s face and giving them a nosebleed. 



  • takes one look at you and almost cries 
  • oh no please forgive him he didn’t mean to he’s not going to be an abusive husband he swears it was JUST AN ACCIDENT 
  • seriously won’t stop apologizing and you tell him that you know a way to fix it and make everything fine again 
  • “tell me i’ll do ANYTHING” 
  • you grin and - even as your nose is still dripping blood - you say… 
  • “just give me a kiss and that’ll make the pain go away” 
  • yoosung turns into a tomato. 
  • …….also ur cleaning up the blood first seriously let’s get some tissues. 


  • you are fine c h i l l it hurts but seriously it’s fine 
  • he waxes eloquent about how he failed in his duties of being you’re perfect prince and is like “do it to me, too”
  • uh no Zen ur face puts food on the table
  •  he demands some recompense though so you’re like, alright fine, wear cat ears for a day he agrees
  • but he’s already sneezing by noon and refuses to take them off because HE PROMISED


  •  this woman is so tired. 
  • like she is just dead on her feet and slams ur face with the door in her dazed stupor 
  • she just stares at you in as you hold your face and tear up
  • just stares 
  • in complete incomprehension,
  • like she can’t really process what’s happening. 
  • then she’s like “oh shoot i can, i can fix it” 
  • “bathroom” 
  • “i’ll do first aid” 
  • “we’ll fix this i’m so sorry” 
  • thats what she says but what she actually does is grab your arm and drag you to the laundry room, while you’re going like “Jaehee, I’m fine, it just stings. JAEHEEEEEE I’M FIIINNEEEE” 
  • (you have to grab her by her shoulders to get her to listen, and then you put some coffee into this poor tired woman.)


  • he must assess the damage before he can proceed 
  • unfortunately, the damage is whoops you start reflexively crying, and Jumin doesn’t know what to do about that. 
  • you try to tell him that um you’re fine, but your bawling doesn’t really lend any credibility to your case 
  • things calm down after like, 15 minutes, which Jumin spends hugging you and cleaning your face for you
  •  he feels so bad and makes you breakfast for the next week 


  •  ok so as soon as he realizes what happened he falls to his knees and starts speaking like a Shakespearean actor about the tragedy that has befallen his One True Love
  • you play along and collapse to the floor, pretending to be dying “O, woe is me, for I have been so brutally slain by my own lover” 
  • the two of you go on like this until you’ve forgotten that it hurts and the both of you are giggling on the floor
  • he says he really is sorry, though, and to prove it he shoves some honey buddha chips into your face
  • (honey buddha chips fix everything) 
  • when you finally ACTUALLY clean your face, he tells you that you look like a zombie and you smack him lightly. 


  • You start crying and V apologizes a million times because he FEELS TERRIBLE 
  • (like, he has an excuse for doing it but THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM FEEL BETTER OMGGGGGGG)
  • omg he’ll make you tea he’ll get you something to clean ur nose, it isn’t broken right?? 
  • ahh 
  • (he can’t even drive you to the doctor) 
  • honestly you. you kind of end up comforting V more than he ends up comforting you. 
  • (this tender flower freaks out about hurting bugs, much less you.) 
  • he also doesn’t have tissues at his house so you have to use napkins. 
  • (well that’s going on the shopping list.)

Unknown (Saeran)

  • After accidentally smacking you, he stares at you for a moment before slamming his own face into the door.
  • Tears are coming down your face and you’re like “WHY DID U HIT URSELF WTF” 
  • he is kind of tearing up himself just from the pain and he’s like “I HIT ME FOR U” 
  • so the both of you are in pain and bleeding profusely together, and then sit on the couch with tissues up your nose 
  • “this is a weird morning,” you idly comment, your voice kind of stuffy from your plugged nose, and he’s like 
  • “yeah.” 
  • “let’s not actually go outside and just watch TV or something.” 
  • “sounds great.”


  • Vanderwood mother hens the shit out of you and knows exactly what to do 
  • honestly they are like the most competent and equipped to handle this though they also apologize the least. 
  • SRSLY” 
  • (way to own up to your mistakes Vanderwood) 
  • after you’re all fixed up though, they do look away and quietly mumble a single “sorry”. 
  • (you know they feel really bad about it, even if they don’t say much.) 

“That’s your fault, Ink. I mean, you had only one job. Protect them. And you failed.”
You’re an inspiration for everyone!
Never lose your hopes and dreams! With them, you can do everything! We’re here for you, Jakei
What I want to say is:
(For now, it’s just the sketch, because I didn’t have time to do the lineart and the colors, but I hope you liked!)
Underverse Sans belongs to @underverse / @jakei95

Jakei: This is a bit late for me posting this gift for me, but I’ll do anyway cuz this concept is SOOO GOOOOOOOD
LOOK at those poor corrupted souls :’3

Playing the fool...

So I was going through some old posts again, and found this quote from 17 August 2014.

“ Bands don’t stay together for ever. I think [One Direction] will at least make two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now. ”
— Simon Cowell

If you read it as Simon meaning the band had 2 more total albums left, and they were in the middle of one of them (Four) at the time, then the second album was Made in the A.M.

He was setting up the the hiatus/break-up articles that came almost exactly a year later in August 2015. 

I was just struck by the foreshadowing in the quote, especially now, 2 years removed. He’s always getting ahead of a story, positioning himself strategically to look like he’s never surprised by anything.

Now, consider that strategy when you read the quotes about the solo albums:

On Liam:

“I was slightly surprised to read that Liam signed to another label…I wasn’t expecting it. But you know, that happens." 

- Simon Cowell on ET

On Niall:

“A source said: “Simon has made no secret of his expectations for Niall to stay loyal to him and has been desperately trying to keep him as a solo act with plans to turn him into a JUSTIN BIEBER style artist…Simon’s likely to be so frustrated Niall has gone to a rival.” 

- Dan Wootton Exclusive in the Sun

Just another in a long list of examples of Simon Cowell playing the fool to fool the world into thinking he’s a lovable, loyal victim of greedy clients.

Reminds of of Jay’s post on Instagram from last year…

On the Vinsmoke siblings

I have to say, I found the Vinsmoke siblings in this chapter fairly enjoyable and also hilarious.

And before you start getting defensive, yes, I know what they did to Sanji, yes, I remember what jerks they are, but that doesn’t stop me from finding them funny at times.

So what I found quite intriguing was the calmness of the entire family when meeting Luffy.

The Vinsmokes had obviously done their homework on Sanji, and they just have to be aware of the crew Sanji has been sailing with for the past 2-3 years. So they have to know how strong Luffy is, I’m fairly sure they also looked up Zoro since he’s the second strongest, also Robin - in short, they must be fairly aware of the crew’s abilities and how potentially dangerous they are.

Which means: They have to be aware of how dangerous Luffy is. The man has, after all, a bounty of 500,000,000 on his head and he defeated Doflamingo.

So I found it surprising that the Vinsmokes showed that little interest in him.

Judge loosks rather unimpressed, neutral, maybe a bit bored. Like he doesn’t really care.

(Let’s appreciate Ichiji’s hearteyes because I found that part hilarious despite the drama).

Of course, Sanji is horrified and panicking because his friends are there.

Intriguing here is Reiju’s reaction. She’s smiling. She is amused, perhaps, but from what we have seen of her so far, she’s an ambiguous character with her own agenda. She saved Luffy’s life - and now he’s here to save her little brother, the brother she can’t or won’t save this time around, she said it herself.

Yonji doens’t give too much away, either, maybe mild surprise, no more.

So, what I want to point out is Reiju’s obvious positive reaction to Luffy stirring sh*t up and Sanji’s reaction, about which I’ve already talked.

So far, the Vinsmokes are… pretty chill, for the lack of a better word.

What I liked about these panels were the string of consciousness on Sanji’s part, his obvious distress over the change of situation, however, we have the close-up on Judge’s face which I found interesting. He watches Sanji and waits for his reaction. His men are obviously aiming their rifles at Luffy and Nami and the tree, but he himself doesn’t give an order yet.

He could’ve ordered to shoot, after all they’re on the way to the tea party, and getting rid of Sanji’s friends would’ve only hurt his much despised son even more, maybe would’ve pushed Sanji into even more submission, who knows, for we know Judge is a cruel man.

So why not reacting? I’ve been wondering about that. I’ve yet to come up with a good explanation, but for now I’ll stick with the theory that Judge doesn’t want or need Luffy to be dead yet.

Here, obviously, Sanji’s “change of heart“. On another note, the man has nerves of steel. Anyways.

I like how we see all of their reactions here, and even more how much it tells about them.

So, Yonji, as we see here

even offers to help Sanji kick Luffy’s ass. Now that is a surprising turn of sentiment, isn’t it? Why suddenly offering to help the brother he helped to beat up only a few hours earlier?

Same goes for Ichiji and Niji, who look plesantly surprised and joyous at Sanji’s statement. We can’t necessarily say yet if they actually believe him, but if they do, then it tells us a lot about their intelligence. It tells us that despite them being genetically modified and physically better than normal humans, they are unable to detect lies, since that is something that is probably too difficult for them as they are emotionally unequipped, so to say.

Or maybe they find it hilarious hearing Sanji say all that shit, despite what he said a few hours earlier, who knows.

Also, and this is just a theory, if they suddenly start to like Sanji because he admits to being a Vinsmoke, be it a lie or not, it would speak for the theory that they don’t actually have a problem with Sanji being weak, but with him and his attitude. But that’s just a small side theory. Anyways.

Reiju, here, unlike her brothers, looks unimpressed and seemingly uncaring, at least not exactly happy. She obviously knows that Sanji is lying, and she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like that Sanji chooses to fight by himself, she went out of her way to secure Sanji a way to escape by helping Luffy, and Sanji is blowing it. We will see how she reacts to her brother trying to “defeat“ Luffy.

So all in all I think the Vinsmoke siblings all got a new depth in this chapter. It was interesting to see them react so little to the prospect of having to fight a man worth 500,000,000 Berries, who defeated Doflamingo. It could be arrogance, of course. Maybe also something else.

Perhaps it means, actually, that they don’t quite see the Strawhats as enemies just yet, perhaps an object for blackmail, but their lack of response was fairly interesting to me, especially compared to Sanji’s strong emotional reactions.

We have yet to see if his family has believed his words, but if they did, then Sanji has build himself a bit of trust there which he can use later on in his eventual fight against them.

As usual, just my humble take on the happenings in this chapter ^^

What I Say: I’m Fine.

What I Mean: Castiel and Dean are two of the most precious characters on TV ever, their relationship is so important and needs to be celebrated. The things the pair have been through together, shows how important they are and without each other, I don’t think they could function anymore. The joy on Cas’ face when he saw that Dean was alive was so pure and innocent and the love between the two is such a fundamental element of my existence. The fact that they love and support one another, that they strive to protect one another at all costs, that they have their moments where they realise how important they are to each other, all make for such a beautiful relationship. Then you add in Sam Winchester, the purest puppy-in-a-human-form I have ever laid my eyes on, and the support they provide each other is so crucial and fundamental sO PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO MY HOUSE AND INSULT MY CHILDREN OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FIGHT YOU TO THE DEATH JUST TRY ME. 

5 OTPs from 5 Fandoms

So I got tagged by @the-all-seer So I have to name 5 OTPs from 5 Fandoms and tag 10 people to continue

1.TimKon ( DCU) (You’ll have to take this away from my cold dead hands) 

Originally posted by avenoire

2.Simon x Baz ( Carry On) I don’t know if they have a ship name But I love them

Originally posted by ahikuboruchi

3.KageHina ( Haikyuu) You can’t tell me that they aren’t together or at least going to get together…. I mean look at them

Originally posted by craziiwolf

4.Sheith ( Voltron) I thoroughly blame @inariazuha the amazing sheith art and @yumikoyuki that got me hooked on it before I was even introduced to Voltron fully

Originally posted by inariazuha

(proving my point with Inarizuha’s gif)

5.Malec ( shadow hunters TV) I thoroughly blame papillon blue for this for getting me hooked

Originally posted by newtporn

I really just typed my favorite ships in the first fandom that came to my head ….. @iphoenixrising @batboyblog @misosecc @oh-mother-of-darkness and @swanqueenfeathers Cause I know you guys a little more than others and you’re all super sweet. ….And papillon would kill me

“I wish I was wrong,” I blurted out.

She was stunned, I mean you rarely hear people admit their mistakes and here I was taking all the blame, “wrong? Who the hell likes being wrong? And wrong about what?”

It took me a second, “about him,” and I stopped, and she stopped, because we both realized what people do.

People build up wall after wall, with layers and layers that become so thick, we can’t even take them down ourselves. Look people are going to walk in and out of your life like clockwork. They will hurt you, they will break you, and some may even destroy you. But just because one person left this atrocious mess, doesn’t mean the next one will. And if the next one does, then you dry your eyes, quit your sniffling, smile again, and move on to the next. Don’t let one hard lesson be the reason why you set yourself apart from the better that’s coming.

I finally said it out loud, “you know maybe if I was wrong about him, I could’ve loved him just a little bit more. I would’ve fell a little bit harder, maybe it could’ve been just a little bit better, and maybe he would’ve stayed. I already knew how it would end before it even began, but if I had just been wrong about him and let go just a little bit more, maybe it could’ve been different.”

—  c.f. // “whatever you do, just love hard”

anonymous asked:

I remember that day so clearly. I think I remember people saying that Harry and Niall were like ready to go on stage and everything. And then they tweeted that the concert was cancelled and all hell broke loose. I mean they had never cancelled a concert, there have been days where Harry's gone out there while having the flu and puking. I need to know what happened but I don't think we'll ever know.

that’s what really stands out to me too. they’ve NEVER canceled a concert. we’ve seen them go on completely exhausted and sick (and yeah harry throwing up mid-show) but even during the take me home tour when they were packing a crazy amount of shows in with very few days off (i feel exhausted just looking at this).

i won’t pretend to know the specifics of the situation on that day but to me the canceled concert reads 100% as a result of the behind the scenes power struggle.

anonymous asked:

That destiel silent communication though. Dean trusts Cas to look after both his brother and his mother, i'm crying:'-) Winchester guardian angel lol. Though it'll be interesting to see them continue with Cas's insecurities and journey on this front. Does Dean just see him as a babysitter, a tool? I mean *we* know he doesn't, but Cas is so eager to still be useful, i don't think they're done with that part of Cas's journey. I honestly do wonder what it'll finally take for Cas to see that?

Oh gosh no. I don’t think Cas thinks Dean feels like he’s just a tool or a babysitter. Dean ASKED HIM FOR ADVICE! Dean had a concern, and even though Cas had no idea how to help, and Dean couldn’t reasonably have expected Cas to have any REAL advice for him, Dean still asked. Because he trusts Cas, and it was Dean’s way of saying help I am out of my depth here.

Gosh, it reminded me of 9.10 when Dean pulled Cas aside and was like “How are you doing?” and Cas was all confused like YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT ME NOW? and Dean was like, yeah, just… talk about anything because I need to think about anything other than what’s going on in the other room right now, and then they went on to have a really heartfelt and heartbreaking conversation, with actual feelings and apologies and forgiveness and… This was like the less awful version of that? Like, a version where Dean was legitimately trying that same technique without quite that level of trauma attached. Like Dean’s adapting healthy coping strategies, and Cas is learning them too. He didn’t even argue that he had no idea how to help, or that he was the wrong person to ask, or dismiss Dean’s concerns. He really was trying to be the friend Dean needed. And BOTH of these awkward dorks just rolled with it.

I am cry.

They’ve obviously been stepping up their phone communication skills lately. They’ve even come a long way since 11.04. I’m so proud of both of them!

Even in 12.01 when Cas was all On A Mission to save Sam, Dean understood that it wasn’t Cas’s fault, and Cas was clearly thrilled that Dean was alive, but Dean still let Cas sort of take the lead in their search for Sam. They worked as a team there, too. I think the rift isn’t so much between Dean and Cas. I think Cas’s main issues lie with everything else he feels the need to make right (i.e. Lucifer, how the other angels see him, etc.). THAT’S what Cas really needs to work through for his own personal journey. I think he’s feeling pretty secure as a Winchester already.

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HAVE YOU WATCHED YURI ON ICE?! You should. You won't regret it. This anime is such a blessing. If you need convincing just look at the Tumblr tag.

Dw, I’m watching it 👍 looks like it’s the only series I’m following this season aside from HQ, after all

Anon said: are you gonna continue the tattoo au?

Probably, I’m really sorry for the wait, gimme some time inspiration can be a bitch

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Can I have some advice in how to draw happy characters? Like my only skill in art is drawing negative emotions and insanity



for me (and i still do this, just not as much anymore) i tend to make the same expression while drawing. But my advice is wonky because all i can say is just kinda test and mess around with faces. Looking at references can help out (i’m bad and forget about them a lot but they are handy). 

Eyebrows are key, i mean not always because you can have eyebrowless characters… But i draw lots of eyebrows bc i like them

The mouth and eyebrows are where you’ll really get the emotion in I think, eyes hold variation and are very expressive too but the other features (especially body language) tie it all together!

definetly body language, that’s a whole other story as you can make someone say yes with their face but no with their body and i’m not entirely sure how to explain it completely

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I mean I'm all here for makeout scenes and when the time comes, a love scene. But none of this can be in joe's house. The only way I'll take it is if they do make out and then like Wally knocks on the door and they stop and literally escape. Then it'll be just Iike the fic I read the other day lol. But also look at Barry on top, taking control. Like dang boy been waiting for this moment.

I’m fine with them making out at Joe’s, but nothing better be penetrating or getting penetrated below the waist. I feel like put one Black producer would be like “Nah, they can’t do that at Joe’s house.”

you really didn’t know that i love you and
i really didn’t know that you were seeing someone else.
the irony of these confessions during something like a breakup is palatable and
i can’t even feel anything right now i can’t feel anything right now i can’t feel anything right now
i’m not supposed to write poems about you anymore and you’re not supposed to read them but
i doubt you’re reading them so if
only one of us breaks our promise then that’s fine nothing is going to be ruined when the fire has already burned everything that’s there
in my head i keep seeing her hands on you and
your hands on her and
you looking at her like she fucking means something to you like it’s actually going to go somewhere other than the bedroom even though i guess me and you never fucking made it to the bedroom we just made it to a dead end street and
now the door is shut so i hope you’re happy i hope you’re happy i hope you’re happy i hope you’re happy
i hope I turn into everything you told me not to be.
—  It was a long day– lily rain

don’t send me hate mail and shit this is just something that bugs me. like i wanna like blackp*nk but it just feels so much like yg is trying to make them like “gangsta” and it’s embarassing.. like i mean i know 2ne1 has been criticized for that in the past but idk imo this just feels like a whole new level.. and i can’t really believe their lyrics when they come from kids who look so young? idk the bummer is i really like jisoo and their tunes are catchy as hell but every time a rap part comes i just feel cringey? i really don’t blame the girls tho i just wish yg didn’t feel the need to make idols be so appropriative of hip hop/rap culture that black ppl pioneered idk it just makes me feel uncomfortable to watch

The Sob Awards

   I was talking with a coworker when he noticed my Planet Express t-shirt. “You know, Futurama is one of two shows that have almost made me cry,” he stated.
  “Oh, almost, huh?” I replied, piling on as much scorn as the words could hold. He just looked confused. “You mean you’ve never actually cried at a tv show?” I asked.
  “No.” He was scandalized that I would even suggest such a thing. “Have you?
  “Sure, lotsa times. I’m not a robot.”
  “O…kay.” He sounded suspicious, like I was trying to trick him. He went on his way without asking me to list them, but I went ahead and listed them to myself anyway because that’s how my brain works. So here are the top five, from least to greatest in order of how badly they fucked me up. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that four of them are from cartoons.

5. Pearl’s song: “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” (Steven Universe s3e08 “Mr. Greg”)
  All right, I’m going to oversimplify things for my friends who don’t watch this show: Pearl was madly in love with Rose Quartz. Rose fell in love with Greg. They had a son together, but Rose died in childbirth. Twelve(ish) years later, Pearl is one of three adoptive mothers to Steven (Rose’s son), which means she is occasionally required to interact with Greg. And she is still every bit as in love with Rose Quartz as she ever was. Like I said, it’s more complicated than that*, but I think I’ve accurately conveyed the interpersonal dynamics.
  A large (or at least vocal) segment of the fandom seems to revel in trashing Pearl, but I love her. She’s my favorite character on the show. Pearl is the most neurotic of the bunch, isn’t nearly as level-headed as she likes to believe, and will sometimes go to extravagant lengths to avoid dealing with her issues, and I can identify with that, even though she and I are neurotic in wildly dissimilar ways.
  Steven, who just wants everybody to love everybody else as much as he loves them, insists that Pearl come along on a trip he takes with his dad, and she reluctantly agrees. After making a scene, she runs off by herself and sings this song (written by series creator Rebecca Sugar) in which she finally addresses her unresolved feelings for Rose Quartz and her resentment of Greg, lamenting her own inability to let go and acknowledging that these things are interfering with her ability to care for Steven. It’s beautiful and poignant and ultimately cathartic, and she is finally able to make some forward progress.

*(did I mention that Pearl and Rose were millennia-old, mineral-based alien colonists who adopted Earth as their home after participating in a rebellion against their homeworld’s empire?)

4. The Tale of Iroh (Avatar: the Last Airbender s2e15 “Tales of Ba Sing Se”)
  In the second season of Avatar, nearly all of the principal characters found themselves spinning their wheels in the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se. “Tales” looks at each of their lives in this strange new city in a series vignettes. According to a poll I conducted**, Uncle Iroh is the favorite character of approximately 100% of people who ever saw this show, so it’s no surprise that his tale is the best one. We follow him around as he purchases picnic supplies, soothes a fussy infant with a song, plays a game with some kids in the street, and helps a would-be robber turn his life around. Just generally being the awesome old man we all wish was our own uncle. And then, on a hill outside the city, the occasion for the picnic is revealed: it is the birthday of Iroh’s son, a young soldier who was killed in the fighting while Iroh led the Fire Nation’s siege of the city years earlier. And if that wasn’t enough of a tearjerker, the segment closes with a dedication to Mako Iwamatsu, the actor who voiced Iroh, who died before the episode aired.

**me, my wife, my kids, my friend Paul, and this guy I used to work with whose name I can’t remember

3. The aftermath of Korra’s fight with Zaheer (Legend of Korra s3e13 “Venom of the Red Lotus”)
  Most of this episode is occupied with a brutal fight between Korra and the season’s lead villain. Although she barely makes it through with her life, in the end, she prevails. And we all know how this kind of thing goes; we’ve seen it a million times. When we see her again, she’ll be banged up but in good spirits, high-fiving her pals and cracking one-liners about her fallen foe. Except she isn’t. Instead, she looks like she hasn’t slept in weeks. She barely speaks. The light is gone from her eyes. She tries to smile, but she isn’t fooling anyone. She is shattered.
  This fierce, tenacious, passionate young woman who had won our hearts over the course of three seasons…to see her defeated would have been bad enough, but seeing her broken by a victory is so much worse. It’s a heartbreaking reminder of something that action-oriented stories all too often ignore: win or lose, violence carries a steep human cost, one even the good guys are not exempt from paying.

2. Delphine breaks up with Cosima (Orphan Black s3e01 “The Weight of This Combination”)
  Although it was a bumpy ride for these two, they managed to finish the second season on a high note (aside from Delphine being sent away and Cosima almost dying). Then, in the third season premier, Delphine breaks it off. Not because she wants to–she’s still very much in love with Cosima–but because Cosima and her sisters are in danger, and Delphine, who is now in a position to help them, fears that their relationship will compromise her ability to do that.
  I was shocked at how hard it hit me. In an attempt to unravel the mystery of why these two meant so much more to me than any fictional couple ever had, I rewatched all of their scenes together (this video was super helpful) and arrived at the conclusion that it was everything about them. There’s the whole unlikely love story angle, the fact that they really shouldn’t have fallen for each other but did: Delphine was a spy and Cosima knew it, even if she wasn’t initially aware of the magnitude of Delphine’s deceit. The way Cosima wins Delphine’s allegiance even before Delphine realizes it herself. The fact that Delphine’s deceptions in season 2 were motivated by fear for Cosima’s life (which doesn’t excuse them, but does make them understandable).
  But more than the story itself, it’s the performances of Tatiana Malsany and Evelyne Brochu, whose onscreen chemistry is so powerful it should come with a HazMat warning. The way they look at each other. Their body language, their facial expressions, their voices when they speak to one another. The way they touch each other’s faces and play with each other’s hands. The countless subtle, easily overlooked things they do–that they never stop doing–to breathe life into these characters and make us believe that, yes, these are two people who absolutely need to be together. I feel corny as fuck saying this, but they were a joy to watch.
  Then, Delphine up and decides to rip both their hearts out and stomp all over them because she thinks it’s the Right Thing To Do, big picture-wise. It fucking wrecked me. This may sound completely batshit, and I can live with that: as far as I’m concerned, this was Orphan Black’s Red Wedding.

1. Simon’s song for Marceline: “Remember You” (Adventure Time s4e25 “I Remember You”)
  In the early seasons, the Ice King was a fairly ridiculous figure. Despite his potent magic and penchant for abducting princesses, he was always a little too loopy to be taken very seriously as a villain. Near the end of season 3, however, his story is given a tragic twist: long ago, he was a human named Simon who acquired a magic crown. The crown gave him power over ice and snow, but gradually destroyed his mind in the process.
  Naively, I expected that was as deep as it was going to get. Until this episode, that is, when thousand-year-old vampire Marceline finds a song that Simon had written for her long ago and reveals that he had been her childhood friend and guardian. As the two of them roamed a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Simon was forced to rely upon the crown’s powers to protect her, knowing that each usage meant the loss of another piece of himself. This song (by Rebecca Sugar again, because she possesses an unparalleled gift for fucking people up with catchy little tunes) succinctly expresses all of Simon’s fears, for himself, for his young friend, and for a future in which he will not only be unable to protect her, but could conceivably be a danger to her as well.

This magic keeps me alive, but it’s making me crazy
I know you need me to save you, but who’s going to save me?
Please forgive me for whatever I do
When I don’t remember you

  I don’t think anybody was ready for that. I bawl like a toddler with a busted knee every time I watch it.

real quick rambling about a tiny who really likes fashion

so, making clothes for someone really tiny must be hard, but imagine this lil person who just loves finding materials to sew and make outfits- maybe even borrowing doll clothes from a giants home? 

this cute tiny who just has their arms full of dresses and suits and all these different clothes that they’ve never seen before?? but now they’re trying all of them on and they feel so pretty and cute 

n maybe the giant they borrowed from sees them, and the tiny could panic like “oh- oh im sorry i didnt mean–” and then the giant stops them and smiles before handing more doll clothes like “you look cute, here, im not using them anymore” and the tiny’s face lights up like its christmas

(maybe the giant and tiny become friends and the giant makes it their goal to buy doll clothes for the tiny)

anonymous asked:

so over the past few months I've been questioning my sexuality. i really don't think i'm straight and tbh i don't want to be. ever since i was younger i've been sexually attracted to girls but i've never had a crush on a girl and i can't think of them romantically? but i do like boys romantically i just don't think of them sexually as much as i think about girls. would it still be ok for me to identify as bi? sorry if you've already answered this a hundred times but you're always so helpful!

yes! bisexuality only means attraction to multiple genders; it tells what genders you are attracted to, not how you personally experience that attraction.

(just on a side note, though, if you’re a girl, then i really think you should look into compulsory heterosexuality, because what you’re describing is something that a lot a lot a lot of wlw experience before coming to terms with their identity ((including me!))) (and i don’t have a lot of experience with this at all bc i’m not a man who is attracted to men but i would assume that bc women are so hypersexualized and men are pressured into wanting them that compulsory heterosexuality is probably forced on men in more sexual ways while it’s forced on women in more romantic ways…. so either way you should definitely look into it bc it can’t hurt and might wind up helping a lot)