i mean just look at them


They are such great great GREAT friends …

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When they laugh together

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We can’t help but smile

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We even ask ourselves what joke is THAT hysterical????!

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We love their height diffrence 

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And even their hand sizes get us shook

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They are soooo clingy of one another, the backhugs: 

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The sidehugs: 

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The full hugs: 

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Somehow Jimin always throws himself at V

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A.L.W.A.Y.S (as they spend most of their times together)

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I really mean it “ALWAYS”

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And V hugs Jimin to sleep

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Jimin’s muscular arm is the best pillow to him (Chimchim thinks he is ve~~ery cute)

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They even share the same headphones as they listen to music

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While facing eachother

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They jump into one another’s back

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They piggyback one another during concerts

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During photoshoots

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During MV shootings … so basically everywhere!

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Jimin adores Taehyung SO much he picks him up and runs away asap (HE WAS MY FREND FIRST)

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Chimchim will run to V’s side whenever they need to play a game (loyalty yall)

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Taetae adores Chimchim the same way

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He even said he was his soulmates when asked what was Jimini to him

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We love it when they send us kisses

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Or when they make them kiss  (Look at tae being soooo happy over “punishment”)

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Or when they ALMOST kiss

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They have something for butts

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That we can’t explain

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One thing for sure, V befriended the Jibooty

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And Jimin approves

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They will quarell …

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For NO reason

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Then feed one another (If that’s not goals)

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You can’t not accept this ship (JUST take a look at them)

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I mean … even BTS members ship this friendship

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“SO SHIP IT!” said Jungkook (probably)

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They are both VERY attractive friends

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Who are VERY supportive of one another

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They even wipe eachothers’ fake tears (The dedication boi)

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Vmin is basically two dorks who becameclose

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While helping one another 

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In their way…

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To greater Stardom

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SO are you ready to LOVE them? (If you are not ALREADY head over heals for them)

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These two give me a smile when I need it the most. So I hope this post did the same to you ^^
By @mimibtsghost 

out of all the live action disney remakes, the lion king is the one that’s pissing me off the most. i mean. this is a movie that’s entirely about talking animals. which means that there’s not fucking way this is going to be a ‘live-action’ film. it’s not a cinderella, a beauty and the beast, a mulan, or even a jungle book. they all had fantastical elements that had to be animated, but they still starred real-life actors in real sets that could actually do a live-action performance. lion king, on the other hand, will have to be entirely animated. so it will just be the exact same fucking animated movie except the animation will make the lions and hyenas look hyper-realistic, i guess. how very necessary. hooray.

annawrites  asked:

i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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Ugh you people(RANT)


I was looking through tumblr and I saw all these post on how Jeff Azoff is a snake or worse than Simon blah blah blah. 

And here I am thinking when have we ever even HEARD Jeff talk? What Harrys documentary? That doesn’t count, and even if it does it doesn’t make him look like a bad person at all!

I hate that this fandom labels EVERYTHING as PR, and I hate how you people think you know everything about the people Harry hangs out with. I HATE that you people feel entitled to even THINK that your opinion is the way Harry should live his life!

I hate how you guys closely analyze things and I hate how YOU GUY HACK AND THEN SAY IT’S PR. EVERYTHING IS PR TO YOU PEOPLE!?!?!?!!?1

How many of you even know what PR freaking is? Honestly. Harry is photographed like 2 feet away from a girl and everyone is like “who is that” and other people respond with “calm down they’re just friends” when how do you know they’re just friends? maybe they’re more or less and there isn’t anything wrong with that because HARRY STYLES IS A HUMAN BEING, HES ALSO A 23 YEAR OLD MALE THAT PROBABLY HAS THE ERGES AND MINDSET OF  any ANOTHER 23 YEAR OLD. 

SO FUCK THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HARRYS RELATIONSHIPS ARE FAKE. FUCK the people who are even saying THE CAROLINA GIRL WAS PR!!! SERIOUSLY YOURE THAT JEALOUS THAT, THAT CAROLINA GIRL CANT BE REAL????? IT’S ALL PR???? And larry is a whole other subject that is just so toxic at this point, But this is about HARRIES not Larries.

Fuck the people who assume shit about Jeff, Gleene, Lou, Anne, Gemma, Grimmy or whoever is around him. You don’t know these people so stay in your lane, Fuck off and get a freaking life.

I bet half the people who over analyze the life of this guy probably don’t even LOOK at the peoples lives around them!

I hate to get this fired up, and I don’t want to be seen as mean or rude…But seriously I’ve been seeing this ugly shit all over tumblr for too long and I’m at the last straw. This is part of the reason some people don’t come on tumblr anymore and leave the fandom! I’ve stayed away from tumblr for a while for this exact reason.

Please remember you don’t know harry and I know its sad but you might never know his, so just except the fact that he’s a human that is living a life that has nothing to do with yours. JUST SUPPORT HIM AND HIS MUSIC WITHOUT BEING TOXIC!

so, we all know that Bitty is a bit of a lazy procrastinator…. so he probably fucking hates doing laundry– and the worst kind of laundry to do is bed sheets because they’re so annoying to put back on. this leads to some….. questionable cleanliness decisions

like. Jack coming to the haus and the two of them having wild passionate sweaty sex on Bitty’s bed, and Bitty really did mean to change the sheets…. he just forgot?? then kept forgetting???? then Jack comes back like two weeks later and looks at the bed.

Jack: have you…. not washed your sheets since last time

Bitty: UM

Jack: okay, I love you, but this is disgusting?????

and then Jack makes Bitty wash them and helps put them back on the bed after 💝💝

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will looks like such a pretty nerd in that fbi photo like, it's no wonder hannibal fell so hard look at that soft puppy *~*

I read your ask and was smothered with the image of Will Graham being a giant comic book nerd (his dad would buy him comics as a kid because they were cheap and Will liked to read and he could walk into a gas station/grocery store and pick one up/let Will choose whichever one without being worried about the price

Will would grow up and save his money from the odd jobs he takes to buy a ticket to a comic convention and get hit on by literally every single person because he really is the prettiest nerd with those curls and those big glasses he wears to avoid any and all eye contact and those gorgeous eyes that change color depending on the light framed by thick pretty lashes–he’s devastating–and all he wants to do is to buy that damn rare comic he heard was going to be sold here, but the social aspect is killing him, it feels like every five minutes he has to step outside and get some air away from all those emotions and then get hit on again

and then when he finally can order his merch online? And he has a stable job with some spare income? He can’t stop himself from buying that limited edition Captain America

and all this culminates in Will living on the first floor of his two story house, Hannibal asking why he doesn’t use the second floor and Will wondering which would scare Hannibal ‘loves classical music and likes to slip French into every other damn sentence and would probably rather die than eat a Big Mac’ Lecter more, Will secretly liking how he felt when he killed or the fact that the reason he lives on the first floor of his house is because every room of the second story is filled wall to wall with boxes of comics.)

(answer: Hannibal asks to read his favorite comic book–because love–and Will word vomits his nerdiness at him at such a rate Hannibal’s pants are off and Will is showing him his favorite panel of bare chested Captain Rogers.)

Has anyone noticed how Sana’s father says “Everything is okay now? Are you together now?” like if something had happened between them? I NEED TO KNOW IF THEY GOT MAD AT YOUSEF FOR NOT BEING IN THE FIGHT AND STAYING INSIDE THE CLUB DSAKFLAJFDPFA

Also, when Sana’s father asks Elias what are they going to do Elias looks at Adam and doubts about what to say and that’s when Adam says “Football”. Does that mean they’re lying and they’re going somewhere else?



Kenji: “Gomenasai.” (sorry)
Nesta: “Get off me! The infected,-”
Kenji: “-One of us.”

The male was pinning her to the ground so she couldn’t move anything but her head. She managed to turn it just enough to see the infected man she’d almost shot down next to them. Though he looked like he was indeed infected, he didn’t make a move against any of them. Instead, he was grinning at her with wicked amusement.

The stranger on top of her spoke with a thick accent while stopping her hand from reaching the gun attached to his belt.

Kenji: “No.”
Nesta: *Out of breath* He’s infected.“
Kenji: *Shakes head*
Nesta: "The hell is that supposed to mean?”
Dangelo: “It means…I’m vegetarian.”

At last he got off from her, offering a hand to help her stand. She hesitated for a moment, but took it as sharp pain ran down her left leg as she tried to get up. He caught her before she could fall down again. The pain was excruciating, and she hadn’t realized she’d been biting her lip until the tang of blood covered her tongue.

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Something I found fascinating that I've noticed - Sal, unlike the other galra, lacks the characteristic yelllow eyes. Is it possible that he could be half galra?

I don’t think so. Morvok also has white eyes, but without visible pupils, and the galra captain in the first episode has yellow eyes but visible pupils.

That’d suggest there’s phenotypes for visible pupils and for white eyes going around the galra as a species. It’s not impossible that the two are combined.

I mean, there are some unusual-looking individuals we’ve seen that might be, but I wouldn’t count Sal as one of them considering besides his eyes, he’s a pretty standard-looking galra in pretty much every respect besides the eyes. Considering the way his hair is cut, he probably even has a sagittal crest, just one hidden under his hair.

If half-galra are a thing at all (besides Lotor, who’s pretty much a given) the parties I’d be suspicious of are Antok (unusually large, three-fingered hands, tail, though we don’t know how many of those are just average galra traits and we haven’t seen another species that could plausibly be the other side of Antok’s heritage) and Rolo (would presumably be a hybrid of galra and Nyma’s species)

But if we go three for three here and assume Antok, Rolo, and Lotor are all half-galra then it raises this burning question because Rolo and Lotor (we can’t really claim to have seen a lot of Antok’s phenotype) are rather obviously purple-complected. Lotor definitely looks more like a somewhat weirdly-shaped galra than he does a somewhat galra-ish something else.

Now, I say “if they’re a thing at all” because considering the level of cultural blending in locations like Space Mall, I feel like if it were possible for most alien species to have kids together we’d have seen obvious hybrids by now and Antok and Rolo are not remotely givens. The main thing that seems “galra-ish” about Rolo is his complexion and possibly his ears, given his tendency to cover them, but the balmerans all have solid yellow eyes similar to the galra themselves while being a distinct species- we have no reason to believe the galra have exclusive dominion over that purple complexion.

Antok, likewise, could be a totally normal galra, and some galra just have three-fingered hands and tails. In general all of the species we see have a lot of biodiversity. The fact that we also see this in groups like the Arusians and merfolk who have been closed off from the larger community would tell us that mixed genetics from other species has nothing to do with it. I mean, heck, with the merfolk, Blumfump has four tentacles instead of arms, and some of Luxia’s guards have walrus tusks. So just pointing out weird looking galra isn’t likely to get us anywhere.

The most monolithic race we’ve ever seen is the taujeerians where seemingly the only difference between individuals is size. And the taujeerians are spacefarers.

My inclination remains with the exception of the Alteans, who are capable of manipulating their biology and mimicking other species, I don’t think anybody can have cross-species kids.

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I just reallyyyy want a passionate moment between kylo and rey.... wether that mean a look, a kiss, a hug, a fight, ANYTHING I WANT PASSION. I WANT TENSION. GIVE. IT. TO. ME.

Oh, trust me. I can pretty much guarantee that we’ll be getting passion and tension between them in TLJ. Based on what we know so far, that’s basically a given.

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Just a little word of advise (I hope this isn't unwelcome I don't mean to offend) I feel like your comics can be a bit stiff. Like they could be more relaxed/casual sometimes? I kinda get the impression that you just drew portraits of characters and slapped text on them? Maybe it could be remedied with better expressions and more gesture in body language? Maybe study comic arrangement/story boarding a bit? idk Again I don't mean to be rude and I really do love your work, Just a thought!! :)

You are not being rude, thanks for the feedback!
I understand what you are saying.
Gonna work on that for sure :)
The last one I did looks intentionally stiff because I thought Harry was trying to be discret talking to Ginny, trying not to make any expression, just whispering, since they were in public, but you are talking about these comics in general - and I have thought about it too! - so I’ll need to work on that, even if I can’t manage to finish them to post everyday. Thank you again! :)

I have a lot of feelings about yesterday’s clip and I really don’t know what’s gonna happen next. I mean, yes, Yousef looked guilty and he clearly wanted Sana’s attenion but Sana just sat there and didn’t even look at him. She won’t forgive him fast and now I can’t even imagine them together because seriously, we have no idea what Sana will decide. And I won’t jump into conclusions like the rest of the fandom. Guys, give it a rest! We will see everything very soon, you don’t have to analyse every fuckin detail. In the end Julie will do everything in her own way and you all will be like ‘oh I didn’t see this coming’.

Chill. Just chill.

Watching Stuck Together for the first time

(Spoilers… kinda?)

(I mean, everyone’s watched it, right?)

-The title card doesn’t have the usual jingle :(

They’re barely moving??

-South America seems larger than normal and Africa looks smaller… Not important I guess

-”I love shattering Diamonds, I just wanna shatter them all the time!”

-Where’s Lars though

Oh there he is

Hair is slightly pointed upwards

Screenshot is tiny, but, her hair DOESN’T point up

-Just… um



Yes you are, you are crying, you are a fucking emoji

-Except sometimes it looks like you’re sweating

-And the hair’s pointing up again!

They don’t even need to dance to fuse


“Say, Rose, how do I look?”

-I remember that one comic where Steven says ‘Like a little bitch’.

-I had this joke about this scene in my head but I forgot it… I’ll write it here when I remember…

-OH I REMEMBERED here it is:

-Aquamarine: “Say Rose, how do I look?”
 Steven: “With your eyes, Aquamarine.”

-with your eyes aquamarine, WITH YOUR EYES, ARE YOU STUPID

Please don’t make it sound it more wrong than it already is

-She’s literally sitting on him

-”I ran and hid, Steven, like any sensible person would–”
 Or, y’know, you could have run away with the rest of the sensible people instead of hiding inside an enemy’s ship?

-”–do if they wanted to get trapped on a ship.”
 There we go.

Also this.

-”No, I trashed my roll and ran away. Then I got abducted.”
 Thanks for clearing that up.

Inside Topaz’s head: Hello darkness my old friend…

-”You feeling cozy, you big banana?”

This is Topaz. Her face doesn’t change much, but when it does, it always makes me laugh.

 Jamie, what even?

There we go again

-”Of course she can’t hear you, Steven, she’s got those big headphones on.”

 I know those are not headphones but I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if she turned out to be deaf

-But I still don’t think you guys should discuss your plans out loud. You are REALLY acting like she’s deaf, but look, she wouldn’t be able to hear Aquamarine’s orders either if she was!

-”Lars, pull my pants off.”

I like how Topaz is repeatedly poking at the screen absentmidedly.

-”What if I don’t wanna be saved? What if I wanna stay trapped here and fly around space - and why your PANTS, you weirdo?!”

Dammit Lars

-”What are they doing on the floor?!”
 “I don’t KNOW Steven, what are WE doing in SPACE?!”
 More like DAMN LARS

-”Wow, it worked, we’re back home. Great plan.”
 Lars is getting closer and closer to the line of being my spirit animal - human I guess.

-But yeah, the pants are too short.

-I wonder why Topaz is standing still

Yep, here come the tears. The trademark of the show.

-”You don’t have to sugar-coat this… Come on, you never do that.”

-”You know what’s even more messed up? Even though you’re in huge trouble and it’s all my fault… I’m kind of glad you’re here. I… I don’t want to be alone right now.”

- “I’d give you a hug, but I can’t use my arms.”
 “I could try using my legs, but it might be weird.”
 Yes, it would. Don’t.

Same, Steven.



-Okay, everyone said this, but I’m gonna say this too. I expected her voice to be somewhat like Jasper’s. I’m pleasantly surprised.

-I uh

-I just realized Steven can’t have his pants back on until Topaz unfuses again


-On another note, I can see why everyone was saying Topaz is a sweet summer child and a yellow bean that must be protected at all costs. SAVE HER.


-Her head is kinda shaped like an eye

Steven’s like “tf is that lil blue thing”


-”Look, I can explain. Um, they had this whole heartfelt thing about being there for each other, and you missed it. It was so moving.”
 I like how she actually sorta explained it instead of lying like everyone else does after saying “I can explain”

-How did that escape pod just disappear into thin air




-”bitch wut”




yOU hAd oNE joB

-*meme intensifying*

-I kinda like the jingle? chopped up xylophone synthesizer??? melody thing that comes on every time Aquamarine’s onscreen, I’m assuming it’s her theme??



-*sounds of background crowd cheering OHHHHH*

Stuck exactly like an insect

-(Where did her wand thing go? I think it flew out of her hand?)

-She does have a point though.

-OR Y’KNOW, TOPAZ COULD JUST POOF AQUAMARINE, GET STEVEN TO BUBBLE HER, GO BACK TO EARTH, SCREW HOMEWORLD, but that wouldn’t happen because the plot needs to move forward and they might send a search party…

don’t. you. dare. poof. her.

-You’re already here?? They were going for, like, 10 minutes??

-The engine repaired itself??

Well at least she is willing to look over it this time

-She still doesn’t have her wand back
Theory: The wand is not her summoned weapon, but a given one, more like Peridot’s limb enhancers. Otherwise she’d summon another one out of her face.


-I’m assuming Lars will be taken to the human zoo while Steven goes to his trial, but I wish they’d have stayed together.

-Or stuck together, amirite

-Hopefully they’ll meet back up again before Steven gets screwed over and Lars ends up in a pretend utopia of loincloths

The doors just appeared and disappeared??


-Imagine if the show ended here

-God, that end music. Usual creepy, but more, because of those bass guitar rhythm things. Are those additional guitar riffs I hear?

-Welp, we’re screwed. We’re so screwed, so, freaking, much. We’re so screwed that nuts and bolts are gonna be jealous of us.

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It breaks my heart thinking that Clay never knew how much he meant to Jeff, and Jeff never had the chance to tell Clay how he felt :((

😭😭😭 me too. I mean Jeff literally spoke about Clay. Imagine how many times the jocks had to hear about their study sessions. At first it annoyed them, but then Monty realised how much it mattered to Jeff and he’d just listen to him talk for hours. Then there were his parents, who were probably looking forward to having Clay around for dinner sometime soon. The sad thing is everyone knew but Clay, and that’s how it stays because they’re not sure how to tell Clay

anonymous asked:

smh ed saying he didnt love oswald back, as in past tense, as in he obviously does now

oh he always has! then ofc he felt betrayed when oswald killed isabelle so he said that! but I mean look at everything before that and the hallucination and he said he missed him and the damn seducive song. let’s just say it’s complicated! even if it won’t end in a happy romance, not in gotham, there will always be LOVE and admiration and affection between them!!

Look, Abigail Breslin is a really good actress and I mean that with all sincerity, but honestly I fail to see the necessity of remaking Dirty Dancing. Actually, I fail to see the necessity of remaking every single classic that exists. Like, is Hollywood honestly so lazy that they can’t give fresh ideas a chance and they can only just recycle old ones ad nauseam? Have they considered that audiences might actually WANT to see something new and/or different??? Is originality just a nonexistent concept now?

i hope this summer every single one of you experiences moments of genuine self love, no matter how brief. i hope that at least for one moment you can experience genuine calmness wash over you, that you can be mindful and learn to accept anything that you cannot change.

i hope you wear clothes that make you want to go out just so everyone can see how lovely you look. i hope that you find the perfect summer song that will warm you even during the winter months.

i hope that you will have moments where you just honestly and wholeheartedly fall in love with life. and when you do, i hope you catch them like fireflies in a jar and don’t let them go. hold on tightly and let their light shine through and remember that everything you’ve ever gone through means nothing in these moments.
catch those fireflies and know that this is what you deserve, every day.

i hope that this summer you fall unforgivingly in love with something different every single day. a sunflower. the breeze that keeps you from melting at the beach. just the fact that you’re alive.

i hope this summer brings every single one of you peace.

yebby  asked:

i got a otp and im so sure im thee only person who ship it, so i must know.. what is your opinion on Trish x Fugo?

Okay jokes aside, I really, really love Trish x Fugo. You’re right, it really is a rare pair, but the thing is, I don’t think it should be. I understand that a lot of people see him leaving the group as straight up abandoning Trish (which it kind of is, but there’s more too it than that), but just looking at Fugo and Trish through the lens of that one scene means ignoring everything else that happened between them, as well as what their relationship has the potential to be.

I barely ever get chances to talk about this ship, so prepare for a long winded speech and analysis.

I deeply believe Araki had planned to ship tease Fugo and Trish initially, but switched Mista in after dropping Fugo from the story (which wasn’t planned, some details here). A lot of Trish’s initial casual interactions with the gang involve Fugo - In fact, he’s the first person she talks to.

The first thing Trish does is ask Fugo to disrobe. Yes, she is ultimately being selfish, but the way it’s written is initially deceiving and begins as mildly suggestive - To me it has always read as a ship tease.

The next “casual interaction” we get is the scene in which Mista and Fugo start freaking out over being able to see Trish’s breasts.

The thing is, despite Mista being the one who was actually viewing her in a lewd manor, it’s Fugo who gets thrown into her. Of course it’s him, thats a conscious decision. Prior to Fugo getting dropped, we see Araki throwing him and Trish into these classic awkward-romance situations time and time again.

But it doesn’t just stop at the scenes in Vento Aureo, Trish is highlighted multiple times in Purple Haze Feedback as well.

The oh-so-important epilogue makes sure that we think of her and her past meeting with Fugo. It’s vital that Fugo finally learns her favorite genre.

I think the fact that Fugo regarding her coldly when choosing not to get on the boat and how he is still upset that they would choose her over Passione and, well, a realistic shot at living is more about Fugo as a person than his feelings towards Trish. Fugo’s entire character revolves around an unhealthy relationship with his emotions and a tendency to depend on logic. He needs to look at things through a purely logical lens. He can’t let feelings creep in, that’s the only way he knows to keep control over himself.

Post Purple Haze Feedback is absolutely ripe with potential for the two of them. Fugo has become a steadier and is actively learning to be a better and more balanced human being, and he’s done tons of reflecting on every part of his life. He’d definitely seek her out for closer. There’s a lot to address on both sides, and a lot to be gained.

It’s something I’ve considered writing after I finish Story of Assassins (but then again, I have about 5 after-SOA-plans already). With both parties in better mental states, apologies could very easy lead to friendships, and even more from there.

All in all, Trish x Fugo (or strawberry shortcake as I’ve seen some call it) just makes sense to me. I think it was a well of potential that gets lost among more popular ships, and I’m down to talk about it any day.