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You said in your tags that you don't trust Tao anymore, will you talk about that some more? Because I'm having some suspicions too. When she said her childlike appearance was an advantage, that made me expect something sneaky from her. But her surprise at seeing the HHB last chapter seemed too genuine for me to believe they're the direct target of any plot. What do you think?

I’m really in two minds about this too! On one hand, all of the characters we’ve been introduced to have such a “fun future allies from another country” vibe to them, but on the other hand I can’t help but be suspicious just from what’s been happening. I mean, first there was Tao’s comment on looking young being an advantage, and that her “secret house” is close to Kouka and makes gathering intel easier. And her sort of ditsy introduction versus her acute noticing that Yona was in a bad state. AND the fact that these armed men just happened to turn up the night the HHB appeared? Or even that if they were trying to kill someone, shouting before approaching isn’t the best idea… which makes me think this is an act? AND AND there’s the fact that (at this stage) we only have Tao’s word for everything going on in Xing. This, combined with the fact that Soo-Won requested Xing intel makes me think that Soo-Won may hear a story that contradicts what the HHB have heard… maybe even that Kouren is the one after peace and Tao isn’t, making this a ‘who dunnit?’ kind of set up. Also whilst I’m listing suspicious things there’s Hak’s very first thought on Voldo, which was that he had this different air about him - one that made Hak tense. 

Soooo… yep XD I mean, I’d LOVE for the HHB to actually gain some friends in other countries (and political ones at that, because so far they only have political enemies from across the borders) but I’m still getting little red warning flags in my mind. I guess only time (or more chapters) will tell ^__^

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Can we all just take a Moment from getting Hate about shipping H&J and talk about how the scene of him in his purple jacking saying "this looks neat" WAS HOT and how he kept trying to get her back like he NEEds Her

i mean i could name like 8 scenes where he looks fine af:

all of them. the answer is all of the scenes.

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Do you think leafy and thehaleybaby are dating? Or is she just want attention? She confirmed they are going to Vegas together. She looked pretty stupid with her "I look so tumblr" and then dyed her hair brown right after leafy tweeted he liked that in a girl. Ew.

leafy has a new girlfriend every week in this fandom lmao jesus lucky him
but seriously i doubt it lol he barely tweets at her or anything and if she’s going to vegas with him good for her but that could still be just a friend thing, guys and girls can hang out without dating y'all. tbh i could care less either way though lmao, it’s his life after all. but if she tried her hardest to be tumblrish and then fucking dyed her hair to be his gf and get his attention….. uh….. Yikers….. that’s a bit……. embarrassing friend……

it just occurred to me how beautiful the audience must look at concerts to the performers on stage. our faces lit up by green blue yellow orange red lights, mouths wide open as we scream along to songs we found meaning in when we listened to them alone in our bedrooms during rough nights, our hands raised up as we cheer and celebrate another night we’re glad we’re alive.

Time stamps, names and avatars removed to protect the people involved.

Fellow Artists;
Know your worth! A comic page takes hours of work and you should be appropriately paid for it. If you like the idea of a comic’s idea and want to volunteer your time, by all means, go for it, but don’t let someone tell you that your time and work are worth less than ten cents. 

People Seeking Artists:
Know the worth of what you’re asking. If you’re looking for volunteers, just say that. Don’t beat around the bush, and by all means, do NOT insinuate that an artist’s work is worth less than ten cents. 
If you want to find dedicated artists who are willing to help you, offer them something. Offer input on the project. Offer them a free copy. Offer them something in exchange for all their hard work and dedication.

Also, young/beginning artists, here are a few other resources for you:
Road to Success: Before Opening for Commissions
I’m Afraid to Charge Minimum Wage for My Work
Road to Success: Guide to Pricing Commissions
Road to Success: How to Write a Terms of Service Agreement

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What some people should understand is that just because we don't think camren are together right now, means that we've stopped shipping them. Hell, I still ship clexa even though one of them is fucking dead! Shipping means you want them to be together/think they're soulmates/think they look good together, not necessarily just think they're together.

i will never leave this ship, nevaaaah 🙆🏻

“I know! J-just… Shut up a moment! Shell it all..!!”


“You can’t just barge in on private property like you own the place! And for that matter, you gave them to me to do as I pleased! S-so yeah! I named it Caelestis! A-and…”

“You don’t have to be so rough with them! They have feelings! And thoughts! And they’re just like you and me! And Cael IS within the means of redemption! They helped me realize that I could change!”

“I… I was being an egghead before. I thought if I had a pet chomp that I could prove that I was mature and responsible enough to own one to my father… But I get it now. I see why he was so set against me thinking that way. This past week showed me that I was still just a kid who didn’t think about what others might feel… To be owned and told what to do like objects. E-everyone was right and I tried to ignore them.

… Please… Caelestis was my first real friend, even if they were just a pet at first… I’ll… I’ll pay you whatever you want for their freedom! My father’s rich! I’m sure we can afford it! Just..!…. Just don’t send Cael away…”


Topp Dogg’s reaction to seeing you in just a towel.

Request: Could you a reaction where you’re a close friend of one of the boys in TD and you take a shower in their dorm and go out with only a towel to ask for clothes but you walk into the rest of them ? Thanks <3

A/N: I didn’t say which was your friend, so you can choose who your friend would be.

A-Tom: He would get so shy at seeing you in just a towel. He wouldn’t know what to do and would end up just trying to look anywhere but at you.

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B-Joo: Would stare even though he didn’t mean to. Wouldn’t look away until one of the other members, or you, bopped him and told him not to be a pervert.

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Hansol: Another one that would get really shy and flustered and just look away. He would blush like crazy and have to hide his face.

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Hojoon: The one that would think it’s hilarious. He would mimic your reaction, giving you a playful scolding like “Hey! This is very naughty of you”

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Jenissi: He would get a little embarrassed and nervously giggle as he adverted his gaze away from you and continued on with whatever he was doing.

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Nakta: He would get super embarrassed and cover his face. He would be so awkward and would just keep his face covered until you were gone. *Ignore A-Tom, lol*

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P-Goon: Would instantly pretend he was busy with something, acting like he didn’t even notice you enter the room, but he would definitely start blushing and give himself away.

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Sangdo: It would surprise him for sure. He would get really flustered and tell someone to get you clothes quickly.

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Xero: He would be such a little shit. He would say something like “Wow, this was a surprise… I like it”

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Yano: Awkward. Would literally look at one of the other members like ‘what is happening?’

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I love doing reactions, but the lack of Topp Dogg gifs is so sad.

Adventures in employment seeking… Job offers for what I do and who I do it for are so complicated… Contracts and paperwork and clearances and drug tests and more paperwork and phone calls and it’s just ridiculous… So I go for my drug test today and apparently they needed so much urine that I simply could not give them enough… Which means they made me start over. In 30 minutes. They forced me to chug 5 huge cups of water and then 24 minutes later led me back to the lab, and wanted me to pee again… This time I had even less… So I got sent away and had to contact HR for another lab order. Drug testing facilities are gross places. The lab techs treat you like a criminal. It just makes me feel like screaming “am I being detained!?!” and running away. They look side eyes at you and must assume everyone is a fucking crack head. I hate it. I have now spent the rest of my day having to pee every 20 minutes, but it’s gallons of piss just a little too late. Tomorrow is my last chance.

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I saw in some of the videos, you have casual cosplays, what should I do for them? Would I just where a shirt with the country's name?

Yeah, that’s usually the easiest. That’s what a lot of us prefer.



I mean, you could but we look at the style of the character and sorta flow with that:

Prussia, is seen as sorta a manacle character and with the Bad Touch Trio being highly regarded as “lady killers” or “heart breakers” we sorta assume his style involves darker clothing or random bright colours that fits his personality - along with things being form fitting.

America wants people to know who he is and that he’s the best; therefore he wears things that draw attention to himself and items that give the impression of achievement such as “gamer wear” or “sports gear” (like a varsity jacket)

Italy is known for being a major fashion capital; The countries personification also has a sunny personality so we typically make him wear semi-formal stuff or fancy lettering if he’s wearing a t-shirt.

Russia, Canada, Finland….most northern nations need to be comfortable due to the weather conditions so we typically dress them as such - sweaters, hoodies, scarves etc.

Japan, Lithuania, England….conservative characters get conservative wardrobes like sweater vests or basic collared shirts etc. It’s unlikely that theses characters would ever wear jeans and a t-shirt.

Yeah so either take the casual outfits right out of the anime/webcomic or think about what you think would suit the character.

- Emmark

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A couple competition between all of your ships (Shuuma, Reijiruki, Azushin and Ayayui). What are the events and who would win?

i’m not sure what kind of events would be in a couple competition (though I know that three-legged races are a must) but I’m 1000% sure that ayato and yui would win. theyre just such a fun couple and they both really put their hearts into everything they do, I mean look at them for goodness sake!

the faces of winners!

yuma and shu would be like…you know that episode of spongebob where they were having a snail race and patrick had a rock instead of a snail and when the rock didnt move at the start of the race patrick was like “thats okay, take your time”. thats them. shu is the rock and yuma is patrick. though if there were like a race where 1 person had to carry their partner on their back, they would totally win that one.

I feel like azusa and shin would have fun but SUCK…like shin would try to power through everything himself and azusa wouldnt be able to keep up and he’d end up getting dragged along at shin’s pace. azusa would be cool with it but theyre certainly missing the point of a COUPLE competition. you’re supposed to do it TOGETHER u guys

reiji and ruki are just too overconfident :’D I feel like they’d have some miscommunications and just underestimate the competition and end up losing. and then reiji would get super frustrated over that and ruki would have to remind him that it’s just a silly contest and he’s having fun just being with him. :’’’D sob sob

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I have a friend who is joining the SU art community and I was wondering if you had any pointers for them when it comes to designing fusions.

well i guess…  try t be creative and don’t be afraid to add your own thing to them.For me i just  draw   practically new gems when i make my fusions  i mean yeah i  try to  add looks from the component gems  into  the   mix but i mostly just have fun with it 

This is all just severely frustrating. Cause we all know if Hope was a guy everyone would just use the same two excuses. 1) Look at their career and all they have achieved. 2) It’s sports. I mean come on. Tom Brady literally cheated his way to a super bowl and he only has a 4 game suspension. Ronaldo made the same comments but guess what, he won and all was forgiven. It’s all just fucking bullshit. Just one giant power play move by USSF. And to tack on “past incidents” is a way for them to “justify” the termination. Don’t sit here and agree or understand this decision. 

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You say you're not looking to date yet you're so quick to find someone?

lol when did i say i wanted to date cute elevator boy? just cause he’s cute doesn’t mean i want to date him. last time i checked its possible to find someone attractive but not want to date them. thanks! have a nice day ♡ヾ(*‘▽’*)

How Astro Reacts To Their Significant Other Falling Asleep In The Car

Requested by: anonymous

“how would Astro react to their s/o falling asleep in the car ? (I do this a lot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) thanks !! xoxo”

A/N aww this is so cute! Just a quick note; I didn’t mean to imply that MJ is immature here, he just likes to laugh. Also sorry the gif for Sanha sucks; I couldn’t find a good one where he was sleeping or tired. Hope you like it anyways!


Jinjin would probably be worried the first time it happened. When he looks over at his s/o to find them sleeping, he’d probably overreact a little; shaking them and checking their pulse to make sure they weren’t dead. Once he was sure that they were still alive, he’d probably calm down a bit but become worried for other reasons. “Am I too boring?” he’d ask his dongsaengs with genuine concern. He’d be insecure about it, thinking it was always his fault; that he spoke too slow or wasn’t lively enough for his s/o. If he wasn’t worried about that, he’d probably be worried that they were working too hard or not getting enough rest. Even if his s/o told him that it was a regular thing for them, he’d still try to fix whatever he thought the problem was by doing things like trying to be funnier or making them soup when they got home.

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Ignore Eunwoo


MJ would probably be slightly offended at first. He’d probably grumble for a while about not being entertaining enough for his s/o, etc. until he realized it had nothing to do with him at all. After that he’d be thoroughly amused by the whole thing; posing sillily with his sleeping s/o for selcas, touching their nose lightly to see how long it would take them to wake up, telling them it was a different year when they woke up and once even drawing on their face. Only once though.

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Eunwoo would probably just be surprised at first. He probably wouldn’t talk that much on long drives unless someone was striking up conversation so when he turned back to the other passengers from looking out the window he’d be a little stunned to see his s/o peacefully asleep (especially since all the other members make so much noise). Overall though, he’d find them adorable; smiling at them softly and running his fingers through their hair soothingly for the rest of the ride. He’d also be very gentle in waking them up once they got home or to a rest stop. His affectionate gaze would be the first thing his s/o woke up to.

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Moonbin would probably blush a lot if his s/o did this. Partially because he found it so cute and partially because he wouldn’t really know how to react. He’d probably just put his arm around them, make sure they were comfortable and not think of it much more other than the occasional fond glance in their direction and pink cheeks when his members called him out on it. In reality, he’d really just be trying to act casual but after a while he wouldn’t need to act.

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Rocky would do everything he could to make his s/o slept well. He wouldn’t really react to the fact that they’re asleep so much as make sure they managed to get their rest. He’d always assume that they had fallen asleep because they needed it and he’d probably ask the others to keep it down and put his bag under their head to act as a pillow. He’d cover them with his sweater and put on soft music if he could. In general, he’d just be a sweetheart who looked out for his s/o and anyone who saw him with them would be able to see how fond he was of them.

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Sanha, honestly, would probably be asleep before his s/o was. If he was actually awake, he would take the fact that his s/o was asleep as a suggestion and happily join them, likely placing his head on their shoulder if their’s wasn’t already on his. They’d just be adorable cuddle buddies.

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Pretend they’re in a car and MJ is his s/o

uhhhhhhh.. tfw u go on facebook and some goyische white girls from school have posted a pic on instagram of them smiling at the berlin holocaust memorial. i mean ignoring the fact they look like they’ve been laughing at smth….why would u even post that on instagram it’s not for sharing like that feels performative but then it feels just gross bc they were smiling so much..but then im being paranoid and suspicious probably?? but like. hypervigilance is in my blood tbh lmao

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Just some advice: If you're ever worried about people reblogging personal posts, put them under a readmore. So if you delete the posts later, nobody will be able to read it. And maybe serve the blog over SSL so some creep can't save the page on an archive somewhere.

aHh true, thank you!! this is really good advice, i’ll start doing that for vent posts!! i dont really mind if people reblog posts that arent tagged vent though :) and i know what you mean, i’ll look at my account setting tomorrow!!

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Respectfully, I really think you may be overthinking some things. Just because Simon wore suspenders when he was younger doesn't mean that he's being creepy that Louis wore them. Do you think he personally chose their clothes????

Young Simon is definitely wearing an outfit that could’ve inspired Louis’s — but hell, I could say the same thing about Robin Williams as Mork. He’s wearing stripes, even!

So no, I really don’t think Simon handed out some sort of style directive that demanded Louis wear suspenders/braces. Caroline Watson styled them, after all:

We experimented quite a lot in the beginning, but then I found the formula and I just knew what would work. In the beginning, it did have that Spice Girl effect so, you know, if Louis was going out seven times on stage, he would wear seven different pairs of braces. He would be known for that, because girls and their mums or dads mightn’t necessarily know his name, but they’d know, ‘Oh, that’s the guy that wears the braces all the time’, or, ‘That’s the guy that wears the striped t-shirt’

I do have some pretty unambivalent thoughts and feelings about the entertainment industry, though — and I think it’s reasonable to conclude Simon’s groomed Louis to emulate him.

I lied. I’m submitting more art.

I might work on this more later, but basically I love the idea of emo loner Sato-kun and beefy babycake Miro-kun talking about how much they like Senpai. I mean look at him. He has an octopus on his head. Neither of them can handle it.

I’m thinking of drawing another really cute picture later on, but idk how it’ll go because I’m not super proficient at couples’ art, so we’ll have to see.

ANON-KUN PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF IT’S OKAY TO USE SATO-KUN like if you want this taken down I’m fine with that just thought I’d share.


pls…this is so cute i love senpai in the background gmdkmsjdnek


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Animalistic tendencies, like biting and scratching and the deep groan/growl. Ugggghhhh. Mentally teasing them, pretending you don't no what your doing, until they get so frustrated they snap. Purposefully getting them annoyed or steamed or something there they get that look in their eye that's just so strong and full of warning.

Oh my god that is so much fun! Mental teasing is so much fun!
Like what do you mean I’m acting sexy and making you horny? 😂👌🏼
-admin Kirsten