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Tell Me You Love Me|T.Holland Imagine

Series:Tell Me You Love Me
Song(s): Tell Me You Love by Demi Lovato
Summary: Where Y/N finally realizes just how much Tom means to her and how she doesn’t now how she’ll deal if he ever were to leave her.

Last Part:Sorry Not Sorry

‘Oh no, here we go again, fighting over what I said.’

His jaw was locked as he looked back at her not believing the words that had escaped her lips. He was growing tired of the consent back and forth between them, he often wondered if this was the end of them. It was a never ending cycle it always happened when things were smooth and steady, when he was getting ready to just confess his feelings about how much she meant to him and asking her to officially be his. Instead of having her wrapped in his arms like he wanted he found her standing about ten feet away and yelling about things he couldn’t understand.

“I can’t keep doing this!” He finally shouted as she turned to look at his with wide and glassy eyes breaking him inside. His heart was beating at an unhealthy rate, as his breathing was heavy. The line of sweat that was forming on his forehead told her, she needed to hear him out if she wanted him to stay in her life.

“I’m sorry..” She breathed as he shook his hands and head.

“No No No.” He stated as he walked closer to her. “You have to hear me out here darlin’. This isn’t fair, why is it every time things are going in the right direction you pull yourself away. It’s almost like you don’t want a proper relationship with me..” He spoke as she heard the sadness drip from each word he spoke breaking her heart even more if possible.

“That’s not it Tommy..” She breathed as she fell into his arms. He held her tight as her tears fell freely from her face knowing she’d have to finally voice the thoughts that had been eaten her alive. The very same thoughts that kept her awake every night as she weighed the pros and cons of this relationship. She was hurting inside, something that she knew she had to tell him. She was hopelessly in love with him and it scared her to know that at any moment he can decided he doesn’t want her anymore.

“Then what is it?” He asked as he pulled away from her slightly to see her tear stained face. Her eyes were red as the stream of tears flowed down her cheeks faster then his heartbeat. At that moment he realized all the unspoken words she had been wanting to say. All the feelings that she had ben struggling with came to surface as he took one like in her eyes he knew what she felt, and he knew what she needed.  

I don’t know who I am without you Tom..” She breathed as his heart swelled at the words flowing out of her pink lips. She was overwhelmed by all the emotions running through her as he rubbed smooth circles onto her back watching her come undone before him. “It scares me how emotionally invested in this I am..” She confessed as he frowned.

“What?” He breathed out as she looked at him with a soft smile as she placed on of her hands on the palm of his cheek.

“It scares me at how fast I’ve fallen for you Thomas, its scary that in a matter of months you’ve managed to storm into my life tilting my world on its axis. It kills me to know that at many moment you can just decide I’m no what you want anymore..”

“Do you know how hard it is for me though?” He asked as she looked up at him shaking her head. “It aches to know that at any day you can come to the conclusion that you don’t want me, and if you ever where to come to that I don’t know what I’ll be living for if I’m living without you..

He watched as her eyes widened at his words, she nibbled on the inside of her cheek as he smiled softly at her pulling her flesh into his body as she looked up at him. Her eyes were tear free, and her face was a little bit red but she looked breathtaking. She was everything to him, and knowing that she had just as bad for him as he did for her was enough to ease her mind.

Everything I need is standing right in front of me.” He breathed as she smiled and pulled his face closer to her knowing in that moment that she had someone who cared about her just enough that maybe in time it’ll turn into love. She knew everything was going to be alright and that this kiss was a promise, that through the ups and downs he would stick around, that Tom would be there for her and that was more than she could every asked for.

“Tell me you love me…”

“I love you more then you can imagine darlin and I don’t ever plan on letting you go.”

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I had a sudden thought while writing a fic. There's absolutely nothing in canon to support this idea but: what if in S5 BoM Keith finds the real Shiro, injured but safe, either being looked after by ~or~ working alongside Keith's mother?

Then I hope Shiro finds out she’s Keith’s mom and gives her all those glowing accounts of just how amazing and talented he is, how kind and loyal and compassionate and driven. How Shiro’s always seen this greatness in him and wanted to stay by his side, how much Keith really means to him and how proud she should be of her son. And like, by the time Keith finds them Shiro’s already told her about her son’s favorite hobbies, and little quirks, and how he flies like he’s not afraid to fall. She almost feels like she knows him already. 

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You don’t have to hide under another tumblr account to “criticize” the projects you wanted to work on. You’re such a two-faced bully.

These are my tumblrs:


Does that look like I’m hiding? And if I have to say something, I say it openly. I don’t need to hide behind an Anon like you right now. 
If this is about that one tumblr, @just-some-bl-honesty, yeah I’ve heard about it. My Discord members showed me that blog a while ago and I followed them. Because I think they don’t mean any harm and I think they’re not bullying anyone. What they’re doing is constructive criticism and maybe we will get a post one day too. I highly appreciate constructive criticizm. 

And just FYI dear:
1. We ARE working on Sekaiichi. We didn’t WANT to, we ARE ^^
2. We offered yaoi-sekai a joint, and they even agreed but when they told me how far they already were in the progress we didn’t want to interrupt, it was THEIR project, so we retreated. 
We are in good terms with them and I even asked our raw provider to give them an extra she had, that yaoi-sekai didn’t have.

So please tell me one more time how I’m bullying that group when I actually helped them out. A little virtuous, aren’t we? How about you think twice before accusing people out of the blue. 


BTS’ dick/bulge analysis (M)

Disclaimer: No, this is not a list about who is bigger than who, members are listed in no particular order. its my opinion about them in general. I will be touching on length, girth, technique. Remember, its just my dirty thoughts and a picture I made in my head of how I think they look so don’t take this personally please, feel free to share yours with me in my ask me/messages/comments ;)

Genre: descriptive smut (is this even a genre?)

Warning: NSFW, read this when you’re alone tbh

word count: 3k



  • He looks longer than I imagined *_*
  • His girth looks seems quite okay too. I mean, he is wearing a sweat pant that isn’t even that tight but you can still see it…effortlessly
  • shape: a slightly longer than average cucumber??? (lol what is this? well to me, he is definitely a bit longer than your average cucumber and his girth is evenly distributed all through the shaft and head)
  • He is a porn enthusiast…that says a lot.
  • About technique, I think Namjoon will be one with deep short strokes (by that I mean he is inside all the time, so he just thrusts back and forth while he is still inside you instead of going out all the way to his tip to thrust back in)


  • Jimin looks a bit less than average to me but don’t you worry, if you have been watching him closely or are an army you will know that this gentleman is a devil in the hip rolling department, and that can only mean one thing, he knows how to lay it down good and this surpasses any monster dick out there.
  • shape: a pocket rocket? or whatever you wanna call it but this means he is short and has a thick girth; the type that makes you whimper at the stretch. ;)
  • technique: because of his type of cock he might be inclined to go for shallow short strokes, he goes in halfway then pulls out almost to his tip then snaps back in. This makes you experience that stretch, over and over again… can be good tbh 


  • Tae definitely looks endowed in this department, other members-jimin- has confirmed it as well. now for further analysis…
  • In my opinion, he has more length than girth.
  • shape: hammer. what does this mean? his shaft is long and less thick but his head has thicker girth. basically the shape of a hammer
  • technique: first of all, let me just say he has 2 things to his advantage; a thicker/larger head and his length. The former because he can hit you right and cover a larger area when he is in deep…the arousal is endless to be honest, the latter because unless he is a shallow short stroke enthusiast, he will be going in as deep as that pussy lets him. Having said all that, I still think tae is ambitious and will alternate between long strokes, deep short strokes and shallow short strokes.


soyoongiisthekindofguythatpackswellthatyoucanalmostnotgetasinglebulgepicsopeoplethinkheislackingbutyouwillbeshockedthathe’sgotsomethingdowntherethat canmakeyoufallapartinnotime *deep breaths*

  • Shape: A mixture of cucumber and hammer? (lmao this is funny as hell) cucumber in length, which is an average length but with a larger head- a hammer-literally.
  • Technique: A lot of people have this misconception that he is lazy lol!! no fam, no one is lazy during sex. Anywhooo, you know that thick head is already hitting and grazing the right places, the girth in his shaft isn’t that bad either = the appropriate amount of stretch. In my opinion he might go for the deep short strokes because boy, have you watched  baepsae dance practice? …sharp thrusts! this plus his tongue technology will have you tumbling over that tingly edge.


  • I could post more pictures tbh lol but that’s enough for now
  • length+girth+curve…holy hell
  • shape: A banana+pocket rocket (lol). A banana has length but most importantly has the curve. I came to this conclusion after seeing that second picture, his erection is kinda pointed upward. Pocket rocket for girth (thickness).
  • Technique: Sue me but jungkook is an energetic manly man so I see him having sharp and fast thrusts but most importantly long strokes. I don’t think I have explained what a long stroke is,well its basically when the guy thrusts in deep then pulls all the way out to his head and then thrusts all the way in again. basically ‘pounding’ if his rhythm is fast and this is jungkook tbh, he is full of energy and I feel like he will like that skin slapping against skin sound that this kind of technique causes. Don’t forget that upward curve that grazes against the g-spot and his thickness too…so basically with jungkook its heaven because you are stretched out, filled up, constantly stimulated (curve=g-spot) and you are feeling him deep(long strokes and length)!


  • He needed that King sized condom for a reason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Jin I assume is both girthy and lengthy.
  • Shape: no he is not an italian salami lol but he is definitely longer than your average cucumber and thicker than it so here comes the pocket rocket again and the slightly bigger cucumber. His head is the same in girth as his shaft. To be honest, I see jin and tae as the same category but tae on the slimer side.
  • Technique: In my opinion, he is a slow lover and a pleaser so I think he will most likely go for the long stroke with a slow rhythm so he is not pounding into you but letting you revel in the moment.
  • so with jin, you are stretched out, filled up and feeling him deep, oh! an added advantage his cock stimulating the clit when he’s thrusting deep because of the thickness ;)



  • Riding a stallion can be fun tbh
  • shape: I see hope on the slimer side so a pencil (no not a literal pencil people, I’m talking about eveness of girth/thickness from head to shaft) and a cucumber (average size).
  • Technique: The catch with hope is stamina in my opinion-what would else do you expect from a dancer?-he will literally go all night. Having said that, he is a fun person so he will multitask  and  might like to switch things up so I see him alternating between long strokes, short deep strokes and shallow short strokes.
  • so with hope, you are getting it from all angles…imagine what it will feel like to be with a multitasking lead dancer  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’m here biting my nails and hoping people don’t take this post personally lol, feel free to disagree with me and laugh at my weird description (cucumber, banana, hammer and so on lol). Also I hope when I say cucumbers people don’t think I’m talking about those extra large hybrid cucumbers..wtf are those tbh? enough ranting. Happy friday all.


–From a Certain Point of View: “The Luckless Rodian“ + “We Don’t Serve Their Kind Here“


One of the big things that made me go “????” about the cantina scene is that Obi-Wan used a weapon that was very clearly of the Jedi, so why wasn’t there more of a reaction?  That’s why he couldn’t ever do anything on Tatooine besides saving Luke, because any time he pulled out that lightsaber, it was a giant neon flashing sign that said HEY THERE’S A JEDI OVER HERE COME TAKE A CLOSER LOOK and putting Luke at risk, which would then put the entire galaxy at risk.

And now we see that half of them are just like LOL ANOTHER DAY AT CHALMUN’S and the other half are YEAH I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS AND YOU SHOULD LOOK THE OTHER WAY, TOO.

I imagine part of it, too, was the total erasure job the Empire did about the Jedi, that there were people who were alive during the Clone Wars who fully believed the Force and the Jedi were just a myth.  It makes sense that a lot of people wouldn’t really recognize a lightsaber or what it meant–but that also there are people who damn well recognize it, so you’ve got about a 50/50 chance there!

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Have you seen the latest twitter pic they posted? The boyfriends are matching again haha they have to be doing that on purpose by now. They've been matching this entire comeback (not literally but pretty much lol). It's just really interesting (& cute) to see. What are your thoughts?

if i’m being 100% honest, i’m more concentrating on how small yoongi looks next to taehyung and namjoon, honestly. 
but i see what you mean. they’ve been wearing kinda-matching things this whole comeback, and they keep wearing one hanging earring with one hoop earring. and i love matching boyfriends but it might honestly be the stylists haha. (though a few times, it’s been before stylists dressed them so idk). 

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Lance loves to wear chokers that looks so complex, but very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. He also wears cute tank tops to match with them and shows too much skin. Of course, he's oblivious to everyone's staring glances. I mean everyone. They can't help but give pining looks, only to be ignored. When Lance gives extra attention to someone, that person likes to shove it in the others faces, making them very irritated. They all just want His attention and his very touchy body all over them 😆

lover boy lance ;;>>

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What are some reasons that someone will go searching for someone else to help them on a quest despite not knowing who they are before hand, and how would they find out about them in the first place? My story has come to a stop because I can't seem to find a way to figure this out naturally. Thank you!!

Prophecies. A prophecy or something similar tells them they need to find so and so to help them on their quest.

A name appears on their wrist or something almost like soulmates. They may not even know what it means but they go looking for this person and as things go on, they realize the significance of it all.

Or maybe gramps (or whomever) tells them about this other person.

Or maybe they aren’t looking for someone specific in the first place. Maybe they are just looking for anyone who can fill the spot and fate works it’s magic.

or, ya know, magic. Unless by natural you meant you didn’t want magic.

Or maybe it’s just a gut feeling. They feel there is someone they need to find and they figure they will know when they find them. They don’t have an explanation for this feeling, it’s just a feeling.

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I agree that they said the ALBUM is better than her previous work, not the song, but is it though....? 3 out of 15 songs so far have been pretty weak in my honest opinion. I like them, I enjoy them, but I don’t love them. And I’m afraid that’s how this album is going to be. “Look what you made me do, look what you made me do” “you’re so gorgeooooous” I mean..... idk. I’m not blaming anyone though. Maybe the rest of the album will blow me away. But as for now, the bar is set pretty low for me.

I don’t know. I guess I just feel like if a song isn’t talking about a heart breaking love or alluding to anything sexual people don’t appreciate it

@1stlieutenant-riza-hawkeye just had a discussion…

Why don’t Ed and Al have grandparents, uncles or aunts??

I mean Trisha was very young when she died, so her parents could have been still alive. Besides the chances, at that time, to be an only child are pretty low (compared to our world). It would be a big coincidence, if she is an orphan too.

Maybe she lost contact with them? Probably when she married Hohenheim because her family was against it? (She is so much younger than him, even if you guess his age by his look). But it always seemed like she grew up in Resembool. So I think that at least after her death her family could have taken care of the two.

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So kinda random question but what’s your favorite food to bake? Either because of the way it’s prepared is fun or just the end result being tasty! :D

I like to make brownies. I have a great, easy recipe and it’s very versatile I can add in anything to it and it’s still delish.

Plus, I can pour cheesecake through it and make double fudge cheesecake brownies with white chocolate shavings on top which is just incredible.

And everyone loves a good brownie. No one (barring allergies) is going to look at a thick brownie that’s still warm enough for ice cream to melt on it and be like “that sounds terrible”.

Even people who don’t eat eat a lot of chocolate eat brownies lol which means that when I make them for friends or family, or even when I would package them and send them overseas to my soldier friends, everyone is super excited and I do love to make people happy 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

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Hey I have a legit question... I am like A minor (16) and I don't know how old al/l mi/ght is, but I know he's like, an older dude.. would that be bad to do self insert ship art? Is that gross?

Ok honestly man??? Teens get crushes on older celebrities all the time. 

It’s literally normal, you see it everywhere. People we look up to, people we wanna be like, people who we feel like we would trust to be a good partner in the future when we’re old enough! 

Growing up, basically everyone explores their attraction through celebrities or fictional characters. It doesn’t mean we wanna be with them or someone their age irl! Its not an invitation for adults to creep on us! 

If I were you though, I wouldn’t post the self insert art online just to make sure that kind of weirdo doesn’t approach you. 

OR you could do self insert stuff with All Might’s younger form who is equally cute although significantly less shredded.  

starting Vikings I wondered how Ragnor kept his hands off Lagertha then he cheats on her I mean imagine even looking at any other woman when you have Lagertha. It is really horrific how cheating by men is just considered natural. History is full of unworthy men with women far too good for them.

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I really hope I'm sending this in correctly. Anyways, hi! I hope it's ok if I ask this headcanon: How would the Underswap and Underfell skelebros react to their S/O being like Maximum Ride? I mean the whole wings on their back and being created in a lab. ^^ Love your blog, it makes me smile! (I come up with strange headcanon idea things. Just a warning. ^^;)


Blue bby:

-He thinks they’re really really pretty
-he wants to help groom them if you’d let him
-when you aren’t looking, he likes to just stare at them
-once he tried to poke them, but he stopped before he could cuz he didn’t want to upset you
-He wants to put kisses on them 
-cuz pretty

Stretch boi:

-You’re even more beautiful than he thought
-He’s in awe when he stared at your wings for the first time
-You’re fucking beautiful????
-He’s a lucky skele to be able to have someone as gorgeous and unique as you
-He wants to touch
-please let him touch
-he loves how soft they feel between his fingers
-like damn it’s just so glorious???

Red bab:

-He doesnt know what to say
-its just
-so fucking amazing
-He really really likes it
-He lowkey wants to ask if you can show him how you fly
-dont pick him up
-he will scream bloody murder
-you have a probability of going deaf with his scream
-he’d rather just watch you instead

Edgy boi:

-He doesnt admit right away that it was beautiful
-He’s a liar if he says they arent
-he loves seeing you stretch them out
-it looks so glamorous to him, he always wants to see it
-sometimes he likes to stretch one wing out to examine it, touching at the feathers lovingly
-he’s alot more gentle with your wings, he doesnt wanna accidentally pluck any of the delicate feathers
-He’ll be very sad if a feather falls off when he’s examining you
-please comfort when this happens
-while he’s snuggled with you on the couch, he nuzzles against your back while poking your wings “i love you, my soft feathered darling~”

onepancake replied to your post “onepancake replied to your photo “art-farting: I was looking at…”


“MARCO” “thats me yoi” “THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS”

Marco is too snarky to play and Polo cheats. They’re no longer welcome in the pool.

tried a new style, would love to know how i can make it better!

Great, so you’re trying to a new style. That’s cool. But you’re breaking a few basic rules of anatomy that you really shouldn’t be ignoring, even in an exaggerated style.

The arms are far too long. Not terrible in shape, but the elbows are basically sitting just above crotch level, meaning the wrists would come down to the knee. It might look fine now because of the way she’s holding her hands, but it’s going to look frightening if she’s ever got them straight.

Also I would 100% recommend against drawing legs like that. It would look better having MLP legs on her than the ones at the moment. There is no adherence to the general form of the legs, and quite frankly they look broken. There does not need to be that much of a bend on the front of the shins. They aren’t concave. If you were looking for something sleek, make the front of the leg a single line with some slight curves, then put the drastic bend in the back, following the calf muscle. 

The rest is acceptable. If I was going to offer a few more things, I would say avoid making the waist thinner than the head, and generally do more to balance out the features. But deal with the arms and legs first and foremost, I think.

- Mod Bunny

i am a queer girl

i am in love another woman and also dating her

and yet i still didn’t get used with the whole girl loves girl thing - and i’m not saying this in an internalized homophobic way, but rather in a “don’t see it anywhere that i look” way

not sure if i can even express myself like i want to, so i’m gonna point out an example from my life that kinda bothers me:

take a look at my otp page, you can see lots of het and gay ships, but not a single one portraying romantic love between two women

i literally don’t have one single wlw otp and i don’t get why 

it’s not even about my relationship with canon because i ship otps like spirk and stucky that are all about subtext to canon couples like victuuri and philkas

i just feel like i never manage to really connect with wlw otps. i mean i can logically understand why people ship them and even have that ~slight ‘i support it’ feeling, but none of them inspires me passion and dedication like every ship on that page and i don’t get why

it kinda makes me feel terrible, because i am queer and i feel like i was supposed to see the gay subtext between women and develop a burning passion for them but…no wlw ship inspires me true passion. there’s no wlw relationship that lit fire on my match and made me burn inside out.

tl;dr: i’m here, i’m queer and i have been on fandom for 12 years and i never fell in love with a wlw ship and that’s weird as fuck

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HOW DO I GET MY LIFE TOGETHER? The first quarter of school is almost over and honestly I feel so confused and overwhelmed with the amount of work I have and my grades are going down and I’m really trying my hardest and other things are stressing me out too and I just feel I'm disappointing my parents because they think I waste so much time when I’m trying to catch my breath from the amount of work.

just take a deep breath and try to approach things from a different angle. so you’re struggling with some subjects - not ideal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around. talk to your teachers and ask them/your friends for advice and help with the stuff you struggle with. keep looking for resources until you understand the material. sometimes things just need to be explained in a different way for it to click!! i know you’re probably having a rough time and i’m sorry about that, but you just need to try and tackle things one at a time. it’ll be a lot more easier to deal with things that way instead of thinking of it all as a collective bundle of stressors

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hey i read ur sh fan fics and they are amazing! but they lack romance like can u make smut sh fics ?

Hello, anon! Firstly, thanks so much for reading - it means a lot!

Haha I’m sorry they lacked “romance”, as you put it. I actually felt that they were pretty romantic! But we may just have different ideas of what romance consists of. And look, to be fair, I do focus a lot on their dynamic as good friends who just happen to date, which I think is what draws a lot of people to them.

As for writing smut, unfortunately I’m just not the writer for that, anon. *shrugs* I’m not great at writing it, but more importantly (to me anyway), that’s a line I’m not quite willing to cross. It would make me uncomfortable, tbh. I’m sure there are others who are willing to do it, but to me, it’s just a personal choice that I’ve made in my writing. I mean, RPF is already quite a difficult genre to balance in terms of respect and creativity, so it’s something I’d much rather not do.

Hope that answers your question :)

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All of these VKs will only bring destruction and chaos to our peaceful land! I’d expect better judgement since you are the daughter of Snow White... I demand that you speak immediately to King Ben and send these villains back to that island as soon as possible! ~ A Citizen from Auradon who cares about the safety of their home.

How dare you? Speaking like that is judging a book by its cover. Yes the VKS have quite a bad background but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re evil. Just look at the Core Four; they chose good on live television in front of the whole kingdom and even defeated Maleficent! That’s the proof that they’re good. And about the others, I’m sure a lot of them aren’t even evil. Even if they are, so what? That’s what they’ve been thought, and that isn’t their fault. It’s actually Former King and Queen Adam and Belle’s fault for creating the Isle and making them destined to live a life of evil. Besides, anyone can change, who’s to tell that they won’t turn good if they want?

 And you say I have bad judgement? It’s people like YOU who are really judgmental that make Auradon so snobbish. It’s spoiled people like YOU who don’t care about anyone but themselves, who don’t think about other people’s conditions and who probably don’t even know how to tie their own shoes who create all the Auradonian stereotypes. I will certainly NOT speak to Ben about this, because on the contrary, I want to free the people of the Isle. They deserve a chance to live a normal life like us and it’s not fair that they have to rot in that prison while we have servants who do most of our stuff for us! I mean you don’t feel slightly bad when you look out the window and see the Isle?

You heartless freak.