i mean just look at their faces

A week ago you said to me: “Do you believe I’ll never be too far?
If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars.”
The fact that we can say goodbye means we’ve already won,
A necessity for apologies between you and me, baby, there is none.
We had some good times, didn’t we?
We had some good tricks up our sleeves.
Goodbyes are bittersweet, but it’s not the end:
I’ll see your face again.

Rest in peace, Robin Twist. All the love.

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Well, technically, Aquamarine did mention our Peridot

She did and she looked strangely smug about it. I mean look at that face. It’s like she’s saying “That’s right, I’m talking about THAT Peridot. Surprised that I knew her?” 

Now I want Peridot to mention Aquamarine too just to see her reaction. 

ptw30 replied to your post…. i just NOTICED SOMETHING IN THE FRAMES OF THE…

What?! What? Ahhh! I got to know!

OKAY. okay. well i was just looking at my caps i made of this scene and then i noticed something Interesting. 

just look at shiro’s face for a second here. 

yep. there is a conscious effort here to draw his lips which denotes movement of some sort. we can deduce this much bc a few frames later:

granted the angle is slightly shifted but also note how keith’s expression has a fraction too in turn. whatever is going on here, i mean we know for a fact keith looks at shiro this way (no: this comment is not intended even a shippy maner - just saying he does look at shiro with softness we see this countless times eg. s1e1, s2e1, s2e3 to name but a few on the top of my head cba to grab screencaps it’s almost 2am). but the fact they’ve drawn in shiro’s lips heavily implies movement and speech

add that into the scene….what we know is happening and unfolding. 

shiro is saying something here im pretty sure. and there is every chance we may see/hear what that is in the future. i mean, yes lips are drawn on profiles but the angle + the way they’re drawn does look like it’s forming words. if you look at shiro’s general profile the lips don’t look exactly like this. there is a slight difference. 

for instance, note the lips are quite open? they’re not pressed together like they would be if they were closed and it was a profile of closed lips. if you look at how lips move naturally on words like “you” then you see they do move on the ‘y’ forwards naturally. so it is actually is possible to some extent based on this analysis to try and predict that shiro is saying something personal here, some soft but unyielding encouragement perhaps? given that the ‘y’ sound may be something happening, could it be that one phrase that resonates between them a lot? 

and that’s another thing tho. 

there is also a conscious decision on the framing to hide shiro’s face as @itbespacegays has said. yet every other person in this scene we at least see enough of their faces to gauge their emotions. to put this into perspective with Evidence: hunk and pidge you can clearly see their emotions but compared to this it’s literally only keith and that has got to be significant

maybe to amplify keith bc it then pans out to allura which suggests the emphasis is on her as well in terms of the storyline between her and keith in this moment (observing how shiro is so trusting of keith ect., seeing the way they are close despite the revelation). the fact allura is the only one looking their way strengthens that argument in many ways. 

but either way shiro’s face has been intentionally hidden here. p cool to explore tbh. 

Imagine Sammy asking you out while he had the rabbits foot...

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“You just won 12 thousand dollars.” Dean said in shock, his eyes widened as he looked down at the ticket, you standing inside the store still, buying your own test of luck. 

“This thing is cursed Dean! Do you…" 

"Hey now you should ask [Y/N] out, I mean with the foot she can’t say no can she?" 

"Ughhhhh.” Sam groaned his hand sliding his face, “not this again." 

"No I’m serious man. Listen you have liked her since we were kids. I know you think she is only a friend, but man I’m telling you she is head over heels for ya. What better time then the…." 

"Hey, okay Sammy I got you this. I want you to drink the whole thing. If you get drunk it doesn’t work, if ya don’t then you better be keeping that sucker safe.” You said entering the car and handing him a bottle of vodka. 

“Thanks.” He whispered, his voice showing that his heart rate had increased, and his cheeks flushed, “hey listen, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" 

"Of course.” She smiled wide before leaning over the car seat and meeting your lips to his cheek. His smile widening as Dean looked at you both knowingly. 

Once the foot was destroyed, you three sat in the Impala, your body wedged between the two overgrown boys, your head resting on the shoulder of the younger brother. 

“You know Sammy you would have never needed that foot to ask her out.” Dean responded to the silence as Sam carefully looked at him, “You realize she has liked you since we were kids too. You two were always just too stubborn to ask one another." 

"So you told me to use it as a test…" 

"To finally get you two together, so you that you both would stop complaining about your crushes to me when I am trying to eat my pie.”

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You denying someone request was hilarious. Idk why but it was 🏝

Hahahah I only did it bc it was @stylishmuser and she’s being really mean by feeding into my Daddy!CEO feels… like, I can’t get Harry with a baby out of my head now and all the cute things he’d do during the pregnancy…. like….. sighs. Xx

“Elle… where.. what the hell are you doing?” He sleepily asks as he finds her in the dim light of the kitchen, her hand pressed to her just showing tummy as she looks up at him, a smile across her face.

“Uhm… I hope you don’t mind.. I’m eating the fruit I prepared for you to take to work…” she gestures towards the container of mixed fruit she had previously made for him, “the baby seems to like the strawberries and it helped my nausea, strangely.” … “I’m sorry, I should have just stuck with something else, now you have no fruit to take.” She sighs, looking doen at the container.

He shakes his head and chuckles, “If you share with me, I’ll let it slide.” He winks, stepping over towards her and stealing a piece of fruit, “cmon, you need to sit, you’ve been on your feet most the day.” He comments, carefully lifting her up to sit on the counter, her legs dangling over the edge like a child.

“Thanks, so… you’re not mad?” She tilts her head to the side, watching as he plops fruit in his mouth,

“Nope,” he shakes his head.. “quite the opposite. At least you found something you can keep down. This cantaloup is really good,” he smiles, pressinf a small piece to her lips, “remind me to get more on the way home.” He adds, one hand resting on her thigh as he stands st her legs, the other leaning back into the container. “Do you feel anything yet?” He softly questions, gesturing towards her tummy,

“No, it’s too soon… I feel hungry though,” she smiles, opening her mouth for another piece of fruit, “mmm, delicious,” Elise grins before she frowns,

“No,” Harry pouts with a sigh, “little one, don’t start this one. Not at this time, be nice to your Mummy.” He moves his hand from her thigh to rest on her tummy,

“He or she didn’t like that one piece,” Elise pouts, “I think we have a picky eater… wonder where they got that from.” She smirks, staring at Harry as he grins, shrugging his shoulders.

“I have no issues with this fruit.” … “you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good. Wanna give me another piece? Just not the cantaloupe.” She chuckles, opening her mouth, waiting for him to feed her another piece, his lips kissing hers when she finishes the fruit.

:) xx

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OMG MATTY! You have a nose ring and short hair and RHOSE GLASSES. I've been wondering for so long what you look like but was lowkey afraid to ask and you posted that selfie for RFGONAKED on Twitter. Sorry, I'm rambling but you're SO BEAUTIFUL! And I LOVE that mischievous smile. I hope you don't get weirded out by this. I just love you a lot, k? *-*

You mean this, anon?

Yes, I have a nose ring and short hair and three moles on my face too, one of which is hidden right under the line of my eyebrow. 

And I’ll just be here in my corner, dying from blushing. 

I’m fine. 

“The world’s first app-controlled, self-making bed.”

Look, I don’t want to be mean, but this is exactly why we’re doomed as a species. Like - we’re currently facing such a long list of dire or urgent challenges - first and foremost, the extinction of most life forms on Earth - and we’re in desperate need of scientific innovation so we can keep up with our expanding population - and we should work 24/7 to find a way to deliver those innovations to the most vulnerable, because it’s not normal that so many people are still living in such harsh conditions, not to mention everything else - violence, terrorism, fake news, the refugees and the displaced, those who’re forced to fight wars and those who’re enslaved by our inhuman economic system - and instead of doing all that, we’re focusing our energy on a bloody duvet? Jesus, this is exactly what we don’t need - something else that consumes energy we already don’t know how to produce, and yet another gadget that’ll make our phones and wireless connections and all that evil wizardry even more crucial in our lives than it already is. And, worst of all - this duvet is completely useless. It’s a dumb idea born out of a sickness of the soul. So you’re lucky enough to have a person who wants you in their bed at night - good for you, enjoy that and stfu. And if you guys want to sleep at different temperatures, Jesus - stick a leg out, or wear a thicker pajamas and fuzzy socks, or even - gasp - have two single duvets - that’s a genius solution that still allows you to cuddle and acts against the sleepkickers and the blanket-stealers. So, whatever - kudos to these guys for being inventive and proactive and whatever else, for for fuck’s sake, enough. Our lives are comfy enough and wasteful enough without this nonsense - we’re all adults here, we can make our own bloody beds, we can wear more or fewer clothes, and the last thing we (or the planet) needs right now are those idiotic life hacks - duvets connected to our phones, fridges that keep track of our milk consumption, Buzzfeed listicles on how to avoid washing the dishes (no, eating cereal out of a plastic bag is not smart - it’s pathetic) - capitalism needs us to be children, so we won’t look behind the curtain and we’ll buy impulsively and we’ll believe yet another toy will cure our sadness and anxiety and the occasional bad day - honestly, the best thing we can do is to fight back and grow the fuck up. And that means, among other things, to bloody stop buying useless things. Just - bloody - stop

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Hey, I just kinda discovered your blog today and your little comics brought a smile to my face. I just wanted to let you know how happy and relaxed these made me after a really long and emotionally taxing day. It looked like you were feeling bad, too, so I wanted to try and cheer you up somehow. So, would you be okay with me writing a little fanfic based on your comics?

It’s awesome they brought a smile to your face, I’m really glad to hear it. You’re free to do as you like, but don’t feel obligated to do so just because I’m feeling down. It’s been this way for quite a while so I wouldn’t want to waste your time or anything.

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42 and 50 :))

42. Where do you feel the safest?

In my bed, with my own pillow and cover, and with my stuffed animals on either side of me. (I’m totally an adult, I promise)
And this is super cheesy I know, but in the arms of my partner. Nothing eases my anxiety as much as a good hug from him. 

50. Invent your own word. What does it mean?

Wow this is hard. Especially since in Swedish you can basically just put any two words together to make a new one (well that’s not quite true, but almost). 

I’m not sure what the word would be, but it would mean that feeling of bliss when finding a new way to look at a plant. Maybe if it has grown a new branch, perked up after looking droopy, or when they turn towards the sun smiling like they really do have a face, or when it’s finally opening up that flower you’ve been waiting on for weeks and you see what it looks like for the first time. OR when you find a new bud on a plant you never thought would flower again! 

See, I can go on forever. This word is clearly needed. 

Find all numbers/questions here.

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hey can I ask what is your reason for being anti kin? it doesn't bother me that you are I'm just wondering why

I’ve answered this question before but it was awhile ago so I’ll answer again.

Disclaimer: I don’t hate all otherkin people, I hate the toxic community which promotes unhealthy coping mechanisms, refusing to face reality as it is, and in some cases, hatred of doubles which results in a lot of drama and unnecessary pain.

I listed most of the reasons above, but there’s also the fact that it makes LGBT people, especially trans people, look ridiculous. Many kin hate cis and straight people, and insult well meaning allies, resulting in potential allies less apt to take us (LGBT people) seriously.

And of course, kin drama. People get way too worked up about FICTION. It all seems to be from doubles, or kinning outside of your race (which tbh is understandable that people don’t like that). The drama is so petty and pointless.

There also seems to be “systems”, which are what professionally diagnosed people with DID have. Most systems on here are fake, and the people who have them don’t have DID. It’s usually a case of “medical student syndrome”, which is where one researches and illness heavily, and then they start to think they have that illness. It makes actual DID sufferers look like jokes.

But one of the most stinging things for me, at least, is when a kin people tags my art as kin. It’s happened to me once, and it made me extremely uncomfortable and disturbed, because it was edgy art. It’s not meant to be relatable. I’ve seen people tag OCs as kin, which is very rude, considering many OCs are very special to the creator (I’d freak if someone kinned with my TF2 OC). I’ve also seen kin tag PETS as kin, which is bad because you’re saying that you’re that persons pet, or at least an animal like that. Personally, if someone kinned with my cat or something, I would be mad.

This was really long, and there’s probably more I could say, but I don’t want to clog everyone’s dash. Thank you for asking respectfully, because many people are pretty rude about this type of thing.

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I have a random question. I found a video here on Tumblr of some of the members of Pentagon and it was of two standing next to each other and another one walks behind them making the noise "브rrrrrrrrr". Who is the one on the right who looks like he got scared or maybe more shocked? He lets out this little sigh after too. Sorry if I didn't explain enough...i am new to Pentagon. I liked his face. He looks cute.

Oh god that was a good time - I just went back to the video and the one on the right is Yuto (isn’t he stunning omg)

And nono you’re fine, I spend 90% of my time doing ptg related things so usually I know what people mean - and welcome to Pentagon I hope you enjoy them!

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous


#Can we talk about this kiss in the promo for just one sec? #Bc I know we’ve gotten some fluff in the last eps but this right here… #He’s actually kissing her like it’s the last time #It’s not a peck, it’s not too passionate but still is #His little reassuring smile before the kiss #The way he cups her face and brings her closer #The way he lifts his head up #I think it’s before his secret is revealed though #Just one more kiss before everything changes #Just one last kiss before he finds out who he was on Daxam #Just one last kiss before the storm #I’m not crying yOU ARE


Ghostbusters + times Erin’s blue eyes looked especially b l u e