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As I work on making WADTT a more professionally-respectable resources, you’ll notice some changes to the sites.

The tumblr is now hosted under a subdomain of my site, at blog.whyanimalsdothething.com. You can still access it by typing in the old tumblr URL and links to posts still work, since it just reroutes to the new domain. The @ for the blog is still the same. This means you can now link people to blog posts without it looking like a tumblr URL for better credibility.

Our theme is changing! It now matches the official website for the sake of continuity and I’ll be continuing to improve it so there’s less broken nesting on threads and other tumblr tiny-frogs-coding-upgrade types of issues. I’m trying to get things so there’s nav links on mobile, too.

The WADTT link at the top of the page takes you to the landing page of whyanimalsdothething.com. To get back to the tumblr home from elsewhere on the blog, click the far left item on the top navigation.

Break-the-Frozenhearts's Follow Forever


So to thank you, I did my own little twist of a follow forever list! Sorry my scanner is so bad! I will probably edit the lines with my tablet, but I could not wait to post it!

*Please bear with the mediocrity. These are all hand-drawn, pencil sketches done in the short amount of time I’ve had between shows and homework.

These are quick sketches of the faces behind tumblr’s most wonderful blogs! Geez, I follow such hot people.

Now some people wanted little notes about why I loved them instead, so I did just that, and they, along with ALL of the URLS will be under the cut so I wont kill your dashes.

I know some of you requested a sketch, but if you are not shown in the picture, I did not receive a picture and I could not find one in time. But fear not, you are most likely listed in the notes section under the cut at the bottom of the page. 

The urls are all in order as appeared in the picture. Go from left to right in rows and top to bottom in columns! And the ones who wanted notes are at the bottom! I love you all!

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Lets put this one to bed, shall we?

Let’s admit the power of influence, shall we?

I love The Fault in Our Stars. So, this isn’t coming from a hater. I have two glowing reviews on my blog of the book and film. So, this is not John Green hate, he is just my example.

Whenever a celebrity, actor or author writes or says something ridiculous or wrong (like Shailene Woodley’s comments about feminism or John Green’s defense of Twilight and looking past the misogynistic themes) people rise to their defense.

It’s always like, “John Green isn’t perfect just because you disagree with him doesn’t mean you should disparage him” or “Shailene is out of touch, she doesn’t know any better.”

Then of course there’s the stock rebuttal question of “they’re only celebrities, who cares what they think?”

Answer, LOTS of people. Lots and lots of people are influenced by people they look up to, of actors, celebrities and authors. It may just be me, but when you have a following, when you have influence over people, you have to be mindful of the messages you send. It may not be fair, but that’s the price of your success. People now give a damn what you say or think.

When people aren’t mindful of it, we absolutely should call them out on it. Absolutely, loudly and as many of us as possible, so that they can see it. It’s called signal boost, people.

To be frank, John Green’s voice is stronger than yours and mine. So, his opinions count more. Not on a “we’re all human” scale, but on a “millions more ppl listen to him than they do us,” scale. I can write whatever I’d like on this blog about Twilight. I can write posts detailing every single abusive and misogynistic scene in Twilight. I can explain why the highly romanticized Edward is one of the most abusive males in literature. I can talk about how the werewolves are just one huge symbol of domestic abuse. (Come on guys, one of the wolves completely scars his girlfriend but it’s ok, because he “wasn’t himself” you know who else isn’t himself? Drunken men who abuse their wives and then are apologetic in the morning)

I can tell you all of that. I can preach it from the roof tops and then maybe some people would believe me. But, then they would log into twitter, see John Green say “Twilight isn’t that bad, ppl are looking for misogyny and not looking past it,” and people would go with his opinion

Of course they would! I’m some girl on the internet, he’s the author of “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Does his opinions make him a bad guy? No, in truth he seems completely awesome. I like him a lot. I just can’t get behind his public disregard for the aspects of Twilight that so many people, myself including, have been trying to shine a light on.

He has since recanted and explained his deeper meaning, which I think is fantastic, cuz I like a person who can admit when they are wrong.

Also, can we all look at the irony of you guys trashing me, because I “trashed” John Green. I did not trash him, but what makes it ok to trash me for having an opinion, but not ok to trash him for having an opinion?


As 2013 comes to an end, we will be facing a NEW YEAR!!! Woohoo! 


We will bring new changes to the blog such as:

  • New theme
  • New submissions format
  • Not so sure about segments…we might add or take away some segments…

Hopefully you will all like these new changes! We will LOCK IHAVEATHINGFOREXO on JANUARY 1, 2014 to change the entire blog! Make sure you don’t “sneak around” and look at our changes!

Another thing…I just finished packing giveaway stuff for the winners for the last giveaways IHATFE did…

woohoo~ I will be sending all of these goodies tomorrow!

I have a lot of extra exo merchandise left…and i’m not sure what to do with them:

Growl Repackage Album with Sehun Photocard

Calendar photo cards from KPOPTOWN

huge posters omg

look at how big and glorious they are

I’m not entirely sure on what to do with these yet. I’m literally drowning in EXO OMG.  I might have ONE GIVEAWAY. Only ONE WINNER will win ALL OF THESE (tbh I’m tired of multiple winners hahahha shipping is too much for me lmfao)…this giveaway is still in process…I’ll let you guys know what I decide to do for these goodies..

as for the EXO SCRAPBOOK, I am almost done with the last section :D I will post an update in MID JANUARY before we send them to EXO! :D

That’s all folks!

~Admin Mercydel

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