i mean just look at his face

but the character development tho???? harry styles; the boy who cried on national television about the awful things people were saying about him, who said he wanted to be someone who didn’t care what others thought but that he just wasn’t… that boy then proceeded to do everything in his power to increase his confidence. he grew his hair long, long, long! he got so many tattoos, danced outrageously, deliberately messed up solos to make people laugh, refused to badmouth anyone about who they were or how they looked, embraced imperfection and let himself be made fun of with a grin on his face…. this boy now a MAN!!!!!!! who wears whatever the fuck he wants because he likes it, who expresses himself in a way that means ‘i’m going to do my own thing and whether other people like it is inconsequential’. THAT 👏🏻 CHARACTER 👏🏻 DEVELOPMENT 👏🏻

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Trey songz typically looks down on black women. I remember seeing a video of his on tv and he had a line where he said "Hood girls" and all of a sudden a darkskin woman's face pops up 2 seconds, the rest of the women were white or "foreign" whatever that means. Proof that even with the love a black man has for his mom he still ends up being mysoginoiristic. He's disgusting, just less vocal about his disdain for black women

‘’This ends here… One of us dies”- Jimmy x Reader. Thanks for this one shot sugar bun! <3

Reader’s POV

“Come on babe.”  Your boyfriend Jimmy coaxes you off the motorcycle, steadying you as you trip.  

“Every damn time”  You mumble frustrated and embarrassed.  Jimmy just looks at you smiling with his whole face, “I love how clumsy you are, especially when it means I get to catch you.”  You blush and look at your feet.  Before you know it Jimmy sweeps you up in his strong arms and spins you.  Squealing he finishes in a dip with your head down and his face just inches from yours.  You smile brightly and sneak a kiss to his nose causing him to laugh a hearty, ringing laugh.

“Let’s go inside the diner, you must be hungry.”  He decides as he gently lifts you and sets you gingerly on your feet.  You grab his hand, your small hand fits in his like a baby’s hand.  He was born with “lobster claws”, a condition where his hands were large and fused together.  

You two met at a freak show, Fraulien Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities to be exact.  You had been taking care of your sick father until he died and didn’t know where to go after.  You were a trained dancer and one of the best around, your father always said you were his glowing angel when you’d dance.  One day you were walking on the street and there was a festival, you began to dance and a woman, blonde and elegant, a refined older woman, approached you and asked if you would be a background dancer in her freakshow.  She said you’d get a place to sleep and eat and of course you accepted.  That’s where you met your family, the “freaks”.  You hated when people called them that, you knew that these people had more heart than 20 “normal” people combined.  You met Jimmy there and it was love at first sight.

You were pulled out of your reverie when you heard a man in a booth scoff, “Oh look, it’s the freak boy.”  Jimmy didn’t bat an eyelash but you stopped, “This is probably the greatest man I’ve ever met, he is amazing and sweet and ten times the man you are.”  You tell him with pride in your voice, grabbing Jimmy’s hand to let him know you mean it.

The man sneers, “I bet you only like what benefits those hands give you in bed, little whor-”  The man couldn’t finish his sentence before Jimmy was six inches from his face with a clenched fist.

You grab Jimmy’s arm and pull at it desperately, “No! Jimmy he’s not worth it, it’s okay.”  Jimmy is tense for a moment and then stands up, circling your waist with his arm protectively.

“It would be best if you left now.”  He nearly growls.  The men slowly get up, grumbling profanities and leave.  You finally exhale a long held breath and the tension leaves your body.  Jimmy turns to you, face no longer angry, instead worried.  Cupping your face with his large hand and sweeping away long strands of Y/H/C hair, he stares into your eyes with his deep ones.  You feel like he can see straight into your soul.  You feel naked when he looks at you this way, like he can see every part of you, it’s intense and intimate.

You sigh and place a hand on his chest, “Yes, I’m fine.  Why don’t you get a table.  I’ve got to use the bathroom.”  Jimmy nods and you walk off toward the corridor containing the restrooms.  On your way there you spot a man.  His hair is black as night and he has a handsome face, but something about him doesn’t feel right to you.  It struck you then, this was the man Jimmy was warning you about, Dandy.  The dangerous psycho who was obsessed with “freaks”.

Slowly, you turn around a begin to make your way back to the front but before you can get very far you feel something hard hit your head and blackness takes over your eyes…

Jimmy’s POV

Y/N had gone to the bathroom nearly five minutes ago.  Where is she?  Jimmy got up slowly and walked to the bathroom.  Knocking on the door he called, “Y/N, Babe are you okay?”  When he gets no response he cautiously checks the doorknob, it is unlocked.  He twists it to find an empty restroom .  "Shit.“ He huffs.  He jogs to the waitress at the front and inquires, “Have you seen the woman I came in with?”  The woman thinks for a moment and says, “Last I saw her she was talking with that rich young fellow, oh what’s his name..” Jimmy’s face hardens, “Dandy.”

Jimmy runs out of the diner and hops on his bike.  He doesn’t care that he is speeding like crazy, he is furious.  He finally makes it to the Mott mansion and jumps off of his bike, throwing it aside.  Fuming, he ran up the steps and slammed on the door, “DANDY” He screamed, pulling at the knob.  He heard a rustling noise next to him and saw what looked like a clown attack him, with a knife at his throat the clown took him inside..

Reader’s POV

Someone is holding me tightly.  I can feel familiar warm strong hands around me and I know it’s Jimmy.  I slowly open my heavy eyelids.  They burn as they adjust to the light and the back of my head is throbbing painfully.  "Jimmy”  I whisper in a hoarse voice.

“Shhhh shh, I’m here” he coos.  "Ah, wonderful our beautiful Y/N has awaken.“  Dandy calls excitedly.  "Dandy I swear-” Jimmy begins angrily but Dandy cuts him off by aiming a gun at you.  "Now here are the rules: I am going to leave you two with a knife,“ he pauses to brandish a large sparkling knife, “I am going to leave and you will have five minutes for one of you to kill the other whoever lives shall be released unharmed, should I come back and find that neither of you are dead myself and my associate, Twisty the clown, will murder you both slowly and painfully.  Don’t even try to leave, no windows see, and Twisty and I will both be outside the locked door.”  Dandy stands up to leave and you sit there dumbfounded.  "How do we know you’re telling the truth, that you’ll release whoever is left?“  Jimmy stands and asks.  You get to your feet and hold his back, trying desperately to stay close to him. 

"I like a fair game, you have my word.” Dandy decides then leaves, slamming the door behind him.  You collapse to the ground and cry.  When you look up Jimmy has the knife positioned at his heart.  "NO!!“  You scream and throw yourself up, catching his hands.  "No, no, let me, no I love you.” You cry.

“Absolutely not!” Jimmy yells.
‘’This ends here… One of us dies… And it’s going to be me.“  You can't answer you just sob into him and cry no.  Jimmy kneels with you and takes your face in his hands, he is so beautiful, all you can think is how beautiful he is.  "You are young and you have a whole life ahead of you.  Y/N there is nothing more in this world for me but you.  I love you with all my heart and could never live in a world without you.  Be strong, live a long life, be happy and have a beautiful family.”  He tells you, tears leaking from his eyes.  "No..“ You cry again.  He takes your hands in his and kisses your forehead, lips lingering warm on your skin.  He then takes your hand and wrap them around the knife with his, "I will always be with you, now and forever..”  Then he shoves the knife into his chest.  You gasp and hold him in your lap as he falls back.  You whisper your love to him over and over again until he whispers your name.  He is gone.  Pain spreads through you like fire all at once and you know this pain, this loss, will never leave you.  Slowly you kiss his forehead.

The door creaks open, “Ah wonderful, you may go my darling”

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F <33333

F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

“Jungkook you’re scaring me, please just—” You couldn’t take this anxiety that he was causing to build inside of you, but he suddenly blurts out the words that he’d been meaning to say for a while now.

“I love you.” 

Your eyes widen, and you feel like your ability to breath has been completely stripped away from you.

“I know it’s stupid that I’m making such a big deal out of saying it, but it’s just that I’ve never—” Jungkook stops when he looks up, his eyes widening at the sight of seeing silent tears running down your face. “W-why’re you crying?!” He pulls you forward, and you quickly bury your face into his shoulder. You feel the gentle rub of his hand along your back, and it only makes the tears pour faster.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” He whispers against your neck after a minute or so of letting you sniffle into him. You hesitantly pull back, wiping at the stubborn tears that couldn’t seem to stop falling.

“I-I don’t’ know, I just wasn’t expecting you to s-say that at all.” You stuttered.

“Did… did you not want me to say it?” 

Your eyes shoot up to meet his, and you can see the hurt look that is covering his face.

“No of course I wanted you to say it!” You’d been waiting for him to say it actually, but now that he finally had, you just couldn’t control all of the emotions that wanted to pour out because of it.

“Then what’s wrong?” He brings his hands up to cup both sides of your face, a look of worry still plaguing his features.

“It’s just that… I — remember when I told you that I was scared because of how much I liked you.” You had to at least try and explain why you were being this way.

“Yeah,” He nods his head as he waits for you to continue.

“Well it wasn’t long after that when I realized that I — that I…” You trail off too embarrassed to keep going, but Jungkook isn’t having it.

“Hey, it’s okay.” He whispers as he rubs the pad of his thumb across your cheek. He’s waiting patiently, giving you time to collect your thoughts. You take a deep breath, and you finally continue.

“It wasn’t long after that when I realized that… I loved you.” You watch the wide smile spread across Jungkook’s face as he breathes a sigh of relief, reminding you that you hadn’t actually said it back to him yet. “But I didn’t say it because I didn’t wanna freak you out, but then you never said it, so I kind of just pushed it to the back of my mind, and then you just came out and—” You can feel yourself rambling, but your words are cut off by the feeling of Jungkook’s lips pressing against yours. You gasp slightly at the surprise, but you quickly wrap your arms around his neck pulling him in closer. After a few seconds he pulls back enough to look you in the eyes.

“Actually I’ve wanted to say it for a while too,” He pauses, smiling at your surprised expression. “But I was just so nervous.” He drops his head into one of his hands laughing in embarrassment.

“Nervous?” You question, not understanding why he could possibly feel that way.

“Y/N, I’ve never told someone I loved them before — hell I’ve never been in love before. So yeah, I was really fucking nervous.” 

Your mouth falls open slightly, not realizing how hard it must’ve been for Jungkook to admit these feelings that he’s never experienced before.

A huge wave of happiness suddenly washes over you, and you don’t really have words to express how amazing you felt so instead you surge forward, pushing Jungkook back to straddle his lap, and connect your lips. His hands make their way to your sides, as your mouths began to work together. You continue for a minute or so until you finally pull back.

“I love you.” A giant grin appears on Jungkook’s face from your words, and he’s quickly capturing you back into another passionate kiss.

“I love you too.” He whispers against your lips, the words making a buzz spread throughout your chest. You feel yourself quickly being flipped on your back, the sensation of Jungkook’s mouth dancing along your neck.  

- Future Hearts Pt.2

i like this scene bc i really enjoyed writing jungkook being so nervous about telling the oc that he loved her for the first time, bc he’s never said that to any girl before, so i just found his awkwarness very endearing. but i also really like the scene from pt.5 where they’re hugging as well, and jungkook tells her that he loves her again. i guess i just really like jungkook saying he loves people lol

fanfic ask game.

A noona fan called in, not telling who she was a fan of at first. As she described the member she likes, one of the things she mentioned was “his dad ran a bakery”. While the other members didn’t know who, Sehun was the only one who immediately looked at Jongin and knew who she was referring to (and that tiny smirk on his face as the other members wonder who bYE). x


Sebastian Stan’s long hair appreciation post

This scene really is an example of something that was “eh, kinda funny” at the time but heart-stoppingly hilarious in retrospect. The more you think about it the funnier it gets.

First of all, remember that THAT IS BILL right there, flinching in horror at the sight of Stan feeding a cracker to Mr. Tummy. We know it’s Bill because “Soos” here stays with Mabel until the real Soos shows up. That’s Bill. That’s a cosmic horror from beyond time and space disturbed by Stan’s stupid tummy.

Second please allow me to direct your attention to Xyler and Craz because their expressions are pure gold. Xyler (he’s…he’s the blond one, right? I think he’s the blond one?) looks about as freaked out as Bill does, but Craz is apparently intrigued?? I mean just look at his fucking face, that’s the face of someone making an earnest attempt to puzzle out what is going on here. He’s like “yes…yes, food does go in the tummy. But something’s off about all this. What am I missing here?!”

Probably my favorite part is that in retrospect, this was probably a clue that this wasn’t the real Soos. Because I mean, come on, the real Soos wouldn’t be disgusted by this at all. This man helps Stan into his girdle and comes to his aid when he needs to scratch himself in three places at once. The real Soos would have probably just laughed and said “heheh, yeah, I do that too sometimes only I feed it nachos.”

And then there’s the fact that this is some next-level mental subterfuge on Stan’s part. I swear, Stan is the sneakiest old man that ever lived. Besides the code to the safe, Stan has TONS of secrets locked away in his mind. The portal, his brother, his real name…what we can only assume are thousands upon thousands of memories of him committing a variety of crimes that he wouldn’t want out in the open. 

So what’s behind the door labelled “Top Secret”? A memory of him doing something gross and ridiculous to basically mock anyone who actually tried finding out his secrets by looking behind it.


Its just-I mean…..alec just keeps looking….and looking, and looking…..and looking some more, so much that he has to tilt his head in the second to last gif - while he shuts the door, just so he doesn’t lose sight of magnus’ pretty, pretty face. Crying out loud, he only stops looking because magnus turns to look at him and he looks away. Subtle, no? And lets not even mention the very, very quick down and up his eyes took in the first gif…let’s not….or do, really, I don’t think I can not mention it, okay? 

And I’m babbling, awesome.