i mean just look at her!

look, i hate pitting women against each other in most capacities, but i swear to god i can’t wait for D to get outsmarted, outwitted and outsassed by Sansa. not for any shipping reasons, mind you, but because i mean this bitch is coming in here trying to take Sansa’s home and force her people into submission while shouting about how she’s the rightful queen and she’s just been through so much at the hands of the patriarchy. and i just want Sansa to listen to all of that and look into the camera like she’s in The Office, okay? i need it. 

Calum Imagine #8: Overhearing Him Talk to the Boys About You (GIF)

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I was getting ready to turn the corner to walk into the kitchen when I heard Calum whisper, “I don’t know, boys. I just really, really love her.” I instantly stopped in my tracks, curious to hear more.

“I can definitely tell, mate. You’ve never treated anyone the way you treat her. I can tell she’s really special to you.” Ashton replied.

Calum smiled at Ashton. “Do you think I act differently around her? I don’t want to be one of those boyfriends who is a total jerk with his friends but then a sweetheart around her.”

“Not at all, Calum,” Luke said. “I mean, look at you now! You’re not being crazy with us.”

“Yeah. I guarantee if [Y/N] was in this room right now, I don’t think you would be acting any differently.” Michael added.

“If anything, you’d be acting much gentler and sweeter.” Luke said.

Michael smiled. “Yeah, I actually think it’s really cute how you treat her. Honestly, I strive to have a relationship like yours. I know that’s really weird to say, but I wish I had a girl whom I loved as much as you love her.”

“I just wish I had a girl who loves me as much as she loves you, Cal. She lights up when you’re around. You can change her mood in an instant. I remember one time before a show, [Y/N] was worried you weren’t going to make it to sound check in time because you and Luke were at an interview that ran late,” Ashton began. “So I had to try and calm her down even though I was stressed out as well. As soon as you came through the doors, however, [Y/N]’s demeanor changed drastically, almost like magic. It was crazy, Calum. It almost made me wonder if she didn’t like me.”

“Is that what really happened?” Calum asked. “[Y/N] only told me that she was worried I wouldn’t make it on time. I didn’t think she was that nervous I wouldn’t make it on time!”

“Yeah, I remember that.” Michael assured Ashton. “But seriously, though. I can tell you really love her, Calum. She’s a good catch. I would hold on to her for as long as I can, mate.”

Calum started blushing. “I don’t think I will ever let her go.” He whispered, smiling.

“Cheater” - Bill Skarsågrd Imagine


“Bill, I need to know, is this true?” she asked holding out her phone. Pictures of Bill leaving the club with Gigi Hadid surfaced the internet. She looked at him as he stared at a wall trying to deny this conversation was happening. “Bill, Answer Me! Are you fucking Gigi Hadid!” Y/N walked towards Bill shoving the phone in his face. He just kept staring at the wall, escaping reality. 

She just shook her head and was in disbelief of her husband. “Bill, just because you made it big and now are a high-class actor doesn’t mean you can screw me over. You can’t leave me and our two kids behind, I worked so hard to make this a stable household. I won’t let you destroy this, I won’t let you destroy our kid’s childhood. You can destroy our marriage for some plastic washed up model but I can promise you that I won’t let you walk out on our children. Over my dead body will you just disappear from our….”

“Stop,” Bill interrupted her. He didn’t move eye contact from the wall and Y/N stood there in shock. “What did you just say?” she asked with a sarcastic tone. “You have the nerve to tell me to stop when you fucked some model! Are you serious right now! You fucking jackass! ” Y/N yelled not caring if the kids heard, not caring if the neighbors heard, and most obviously not caring if Bill heard her.

Bill was still and not a movement was heard throughout the room. The room was dead silent and you could feel the tension in the walls. “Hello?” Y/N said frustrated. Bill turned his head slowly to face her and just stared in her eyes. His eyes look like they are about to become hurricanes and he has run his hands through his hair looked a tornado came through. “Stop, I don’t want to argue. I don’t like drama and I don’t want to fight. I never said I was walking out you just assumed I did. You also never let me explain my side of the stor..”

“I asked you and you never answered! You just sat there and acted like you couldn’t hear me!”

“Did you really expect an answer with you screaming at me like that?”

“How did you expect me to react to the fact you were out with a model and seen going into a hotel?”

“ I promise you it was a one-time thing, I was drunk and I didn’t know what I was doing,” Bill said calmly. Y/N shook her head, “No Bill, this won’t be the last time, everytime you go out and drank you’ll do the same thing. Plus the more roles you’ll get, the more after parties, the more often you’ll be drunk.”

“Y/N I love you so much”

“If you did you wouldn’t have cheated. Sleep in the guest room tonight I don’t want to see your face.”

 Bill just looked at her with disappointment and walked towards the door. Realizing it was going to be a long night for him.




“Kinda have an idea…” she looked around the crowd. Balor perked up.

“Oh??” He brushes a strand of hair from her face. Blushing? What was on that pretty mind of hers.

“Do you like this guy? The King here I mean.” She gazed up at him. Balor looked at her puzzled for a moment and then shrugged.

“He’s fucking stupid but other than that he’s okay.” He said. “Why?”

He watched her bite her lip.

“Sooo I kinda wanna..ya know.”

“Fuck?” He grinned. He always loved that.

“On their bed.” She added.

Balors smiled widened. She just kept surprising him.


I’m not doing a follow forever because I did one like…two weeks ago and not much has changed. I’m writing about something that means a lot to me and it’s being positive and having a positive out look and why it means so much to me. I know that’s not necessarily an interesting thing to you guys but if I can impact you positively in some way i feel like this lesson in particular is one I’ve learned the most about. And I know i’m only twenty and in twenty years I will have learned more lessons and such but yeah. 

Thank you guys for everything. Thank you for picking me up when I’m sad. And of course I thank you for loving Kermit!

Also @t-swift just hit her next K and she’s amazing so definitely follow her if you do not already!

“Ugh. Look at her Sam. I mean c'mon fake fainting? Could you be anymore lame? Also that necklace is like in her boobs. Thought this was a classy event.”

“Y/N. I just got groped by the lady from the Titanic. Can you focus please? I’d like to get out of here in one piece.”

“You’ll be fine, so she cupped you ass a little. You should be flattered.” You giggled at him. “Stop being such a prude.”

“Remind me why you didn’t pair up with Dean again?”

“Because Bella knows this place and this kinda crowd and she knows exactly where the hand is and they look good together don’t they?”

You shouldn’t be jealous. You and Dean weren’t together. Sure, you were hopelessly in love with him, but you didn’t have a claim to him. You couldn’t really help it though. Seeing him with Bella, both dressed to the nines, looking totally at ease together was eating at you. She was clearly in her element floating around in her gown and heels, all while you felt like a bumbling idiot who didn’t know how to stand or where to put her hands in the dress she’d given you.

“It’s an act Y/N/N. Just because he’s playing his part really well with her don’t think for a second he wasn’t a little bummed when you said he should go with her.”

“Wait, what?”

“I swear to god both of you are so clueless it actually hurts my feelings a little.”

“If you don’t start being nice I’m gonna tell Gert you like it rough.“ You challenged, raising your eyebrows at him. "There’s nothing go-”

“You stink like sex.” Dean interrupted the two of you as Bella was leading Gert out of the party.

“What? Me? Why? I didn’t…what?”

Dean looked at you like you three heads. “Ooookay…I meant Sam.”

“Oh! Well leave him be D. He’s pouty because Gert is a handsy old broad.”

“Hey, Sam? Do you think she’d take your last name? Or would you take hers?” Dean chuckled.

“Can we get out of here, please? Before you two totally blow our cover?” Sam turned and started walking out before either you or Dean could answer.

“God yes, I need out of these clothes.”

Dean’s hand slid to the small of your back guiding you through the room as he leaned down to whisper in your ear. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you earlier, but you look beautiful tonight.”

Well. That certainly wasn’t going to help you in the falling harder for him department.

“Thank you. You clean up really nice too.”

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Of all the Alternate Universes I have, Dragonling has got to be my favorite. I’m normally not one for kids, but these are adorable. I really couldn’t choose who to draw, so there are two Weeklies this week! Starting out with the two chaos kids. 

I really love Dragonling Tohru. She’s such a rascal and is always getting into trouble just to get noticed by caretaker Kobayashi. The only thing that can calm her down is a good headpat… ooooor a mean look from Lucoa.

I feel Fafnir’s game addiction on an emotional level. Especially when I was a kid myself. Probably the only one, besides Takiya, who Fafnir can tolerate is Tohru, but only if she’s talking about “killing all lowly humans” or “destroying whole civilizations”. I really like the idea of him playing on an old-school Gameboy Color even though Nintendo 3DS’s already exist. He probably wants to play every single game and is starting out with the oldest. 

It’s just.. people with such negative (and often plain mean!) opinions of Taylor are those who don’t know her at all—they base their perceptions on media portrayals and slandering of her. Like, fine, go ahead and pelt me with spit balls made of your Twitter receipts! Meanwhile, all of us on here, my friends and I, and pretty much every single person who actually knows Taylor Swift (!!!) know first hand that she is nothing but empathetic, generous, smart, witty, and overflowing with love.

Pumpkin Boys

So this is a future fic about Omelia and their family. There is probably going to be a second part. Just wrote this tonight, trying to get in the Halloween spirit.  

“Clearly whoever said, ‘being a mother is a joy’ never had boys” I grumble later that night to Owen. “I mean really what would ever posses someone to put their head inside a pumpkin! A girl would never do that, and do you want to know why?” I ask, though it’s not really a question, as I am just ranting at this point. I continue “Because a girl has more common sense than that, a girl doesn’t stick her head inside something just because they are dared. But, oh no your son apparently does.”

“My son?” He questions me. Earning him a look from me. He continues anyway, “Amelia… come on it is kind of funny, he put his head inside a pumpkin and got stuck. He is fine, so you can laugh about it now.”

“Why, just why Connor” I ask half terrified, half laughing my ass off, as I stand in the kitchen with my two boys, one of whom for some unbeknown reason put his head inside a pumpkin. ‘He must be Owen’s son because surely my child would never, put his head inside a freaking pumpkin’ I think to myself, still waiting for my youngest son to respond.

“Ricky told me too!” His muffled voice exclaims from inside the pumpkin.

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i feel like you forget that weiss was fighting on an airship. that thing is dodging the lancers' attack and she needs a broader stance to keep her balance. just because she has runes that keep her feet on the ground doesn't mean that she might not fall over. so that's just my two cents on the topic :)

I don’t forget that and I’m saying not only the last fight but also the whole ways girls walk/stand since V4. For example, when Weiss was sneaking in the corridor in the last of V4, we actually felt she just looked like a man.
If Japanese animators make the same scene like the last fight, they would definitely try keeping her feminine posture even on an airship (No offence, I’m not saying Japanese anime is the best. I understand this is just a cultural difference)

Jesper mojo tweeted why we felt the girls legs weird with his picts when Weiss’ character short was released. Too difficult for me to explain this in English though… https://twitter.com/Helpyourselfire/status/887435156084072448

Sorry for the long post! And thanks for the message:D Btw, what does the “runes” mean?:0

one of my favourite lowkey punky monkey moments from s1 is in episode 7 when sarah and paul are talking in beth’s apartment just after sarah has told him about the whole cloning thing and paul is grilling her about who else knows. and sarah says that beth knew that there were nine clones, and that she’s “only met alison.” 

sarah doesn’t say /anything/ about cosima to paul – and at this point, she’s been in contact with cosima and has had more conversations with cosima (if my memory serves right) than she’s had with alison, but yet she doesn’t mention cosima to paul at all. i mean, granted, that’s just a thing that sarah manning is doing now (protecting people and looking out for people other than herself), it’s interesting to see it play out in such a small way with this short exchange”

“.. beth figured out there were nine of us so far. i’ve only met alison” 
“who else knows besides your brother?”
“just me and alison.”

omitting her knowledge about knowing cosima, another clone, doesn’t gain her anything. she’s not protecting cosima out of selfishness. she’s protecting cosima because, in that moment, cosima is a person that she CAN protect, someone other than herself, and sarah’s actually choosing to do so. she could have told paul that she knew of another clone, of cosima, and may have possibly gained leverage in the situation somehow, or perhaps picked paul’s brain once given the new info. but she protected cosima.

and later in the episode, sarah protects cosima AGAIN – this time from helena. before sarah’s even out the door of the diner that she met helena in, she’s dialing cosima, telling her about what happened, and how helena wants the names of the other clones that sarah knows. even with sarah’s own life on the line (”i’m first on her hit list if i don’t give her names”), sarah says “don’t worry, i won’t give you up”

like ffs these two have been bickering back and forth for the majority of season 1 so far, differing opinions on how to approach the problem, as well as sarah’s contention with delphine – but when it comes right down to the Real Shit, sarah is very clearly immovable when it comes to cosima’s safety.

tl;dr: if you thought i was done being a gay sobbing over-analyzing mess over these two, you’re very much incorrect

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Seeing jessas pictures of her house make me feel better. As a mom of 1 it's hard to keep up with everything. Seeing all those insta moms with a million kids and a perfect house makes me feel like a bad mom. I think her post was perfect to show just because we are stay at home moms doesn't mean we have the time (or energy) to keep the house spotless.

Don’t compare. As long as your kids are happy, healthy, clean and well fed, ALL IS GOOD! Don’t set yourself up for stress by striving to perfection. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors in these houses. Maybe these mums have housekeepers. Maybe they lock their kids out of these rooms so they look spotless all the time. Maybe they invest as little as a few hours a day in their children, because the rest of the day they are cleaning, polishing or doing the next Instagram worthy “craft project’. Strive for happy kids, not the perfect house 😊 (Annie)

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This isn't really yandere so feel free to ignore it, i just want to know your opinion So...if Hanzo's obsession bought a grumpy looking hamster saying it reminds her of him and named it Hamzo how do you think he would feel? It tries to bite everyone that's not her and has serous looking eyebrows like him.

“Hamzo” I love it!

He kind of hates it. Hanzo would never say it to your face, but he’s a little offended. He knows it’s stupid to be angry over a hamster, but it’s a mean little shit and he’s pretty indignant that you think they’re similar. I’m not saying he’d drop kick it off a cliff, but it may go missing, eventually. Hanzo won’t miss it.


replied to your photoset

“All these portraits look slightly similar, and there’s a reason for…”

Erm¬ I’d heard of her. She is quite well-known if you are into 18C art, and her portrait of Watteau is also frequently reproduced in stuff about him.

It’s also the case that the 18C pastelists are generally not as celebrated as the oil painters. Quentin de la Tour is a male example, who is superb, but not a household name.

Well, of course she is well known, but I’ve never thought of my tumblr as a blog to be targeted to people who are totally “into 18thC art” or fashion. I’ve always thought of posting stuff that can be attractive to people who have been in love and learnt/studied/are into the 18th century fashion/art/music/history but that can also be read and enjoyed by people who just like the 18th century aesthetic or are curious about it or have never really read about it. I mean, if I only write for the “experts” then, what’s the point? It’s like telling to the people stuff they already know.

Also yes,  the pastelists are not as well known as the oil painters, and that might be because it was a medium very much in fashion during the 18th century but not as much during the next century (even though the 19th century has wonderful examples of pastel artists), and also the way the works are so delicate to keep and even display, that’s why even though there are many museums that have in their collections art by Carriera or Liotard or De La Tour or even Degas, they are not always on display, thanks to the pastel being very fragile and light sensitive. Which is very sad, since it’s a wonderful medium and oh, I love my pastel artists so much <3

Also, I think De La Tour or Vigée le Brun are quite better known for the common eye than Carriera, and that might be that the art from mid to late 18th century is definitely more appealing to the modern eye that art from early 18th century (too much baroque turning into rococo is kind of weird for most people who are not used to see such art, that can even be perceived as cheesy nowadays).

And last but not least, let’s not forget that women artists are usually less seen and talked about, so I never miss the opportunity to talk about one of them and, as an anecdote, I’ve even seen books about 18th century art that only mention her but have a bigger space for other artists like Watteau but USE HER WATTEAU PORTRAIT TO ILLUSTRATE THE MAN. This kind of decisions seem ridiculous to me.

Okay, I think I’m rocking and rolling with this one.

Decided to take the “Rose” idea and run with it, so, her colour scheme is based around that. Also decided against bracelets because while they work thematically with her being a cute girl who wants to fall in love, they’d be a bit of a pest while wielding a hammer. Kept the yellow, though, because it’s a nice splash of a different colour. 
As I said in the last post, she’s got a skort for maximum movement and minimum up-skirts. 
Gloves changed to have some hammer grip. 
Kept her spines facing downwards, because spines that go back look too much like she’s a thrill-seeker, which just sorta makes her into “girl Sonic”. Also, having downwards facing spines makes sense from a hedgehog pov, as it means she’s more friendly than Shadow, who’s always got his spines up. 
Cowlick is more like her classic form, to roll with the “rose” idea again. 

Her playstyle would be similar to her appearance in 06 (but obviously with her high-jump making sense, and hammer having a bigger hitbox/ being vaguely useful). 
The idea behind an ShTH sequal would be to still have branching story-lines, but to include Amy and Eclipse as the Heroic and Dark paths (respectively) rather than making the game about Shadow’s choices, because by this point, he’s fairly grounded in his identity. 
The game would start with the player as Shadow, and as soon as he goes onto a heroic path, he meets Amy, and from there out, the player traverses the game as Amy (unless they go back to the neutral path).
Amy has two endings: Pure Hero, and Mostly Hero. 
Her goal is to both defeat Eggman, and somehow pacify Eclipse and his Dark Arms. 

tumblr doesn’t wanna post my fucking tags ever so she was released btw she just can’t come

trying to look on the bright side such as my house is cleaner than it has probably been in years and there is still nothing stopping me from making cupcakes and lasagna and also I will save some money not taking her out to eat as many times as I wanted to lol

but the real truth is I’m devastated as hell

however my boss tweaked my schedule a bit and I think I’m gonna keep it meaning me and kr will have two days off in a row together most likely which is a true rarity

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Look I am a mother to a young girl age 9. I am way more concerned about her crap lyrics. That song about look what you made me do is horrible and abusive. Its down right mean, I just don't want that level of toxicity in my 9 year old daughters life.


lil storytime

So, there is this girl in my class, who is kinda popular but also really nice. We don’t talk to each other that often but yeah, as I said, she’s nice.

Today, during lunch break, we sit at a table together and she looks at me and goes “You have a really beautiful face. Like a face out of a beauty commercial or something.” And her friend, who sits beside her, nods and is like “Yeah, you do.” Me being me, I didn’t know how to respond.

No one has ever told me I had a beautiful face before (I mean, besides my mom, haha). This totally made my day. My confidence level rose up to like 9000, haha.

That’s all. Not that anyone cares or anything. It’s just something nice that happened today.

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i’d just like to give a shout-out to my wonderful, amazing, gorgeous, forever clever and kind fiancee @3ridanampora today because it marks nine months that we’ve been ~officially~ together and i love her so damn much yall 

ashlee, you mean the universe over to me and i’m so glad that we met each other when we did. i’m forever glad that i told you how i felt last december and even gladder still that you felt the same way. 

also like, i can’t wait to marry you and i’m incredibly excited about what the future holds for us and our family tbh!!!