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 I’m so sorry, Angie… For the things I made you do… For leaving you alone to clean up the mess I created… Just,.. For everything.

I saw some really sweet Mercy76 art out there n was instantly hooked. N then I learned about the theory that Jack made Angie kill Gabriel in Switzerland n I was all ;AAAA;  “nooo!! not mercy! my poor sweet angel!!”. N it all resulted in this scene- I really really like there to be a moment when Jack apologieses n Angie n him can hug n cry it out. I mean, that whole period of Overwatch was just awful. But when I realized that Jack n Angie don’t even have any dialouge with each other despite being old team mates n friends it damn well broke my tiny black heart. I dunno whether she can’t forgive him or whether he just never tried to apologies, though I hope it’s the latter…

I want them to make up n be friends again! ;^;  n then they can find for a solution to get Gabe back n redeem for their sins, together.

ok can we perhaps talk about the kind of intrusive thoughts that are literally so fucked and wrong and unexpected they leave you feeling uneasy for hours and sometimes act as a free ticket on an express train to Dissociation Land? bc like, i get that a lot of ppl with intrusive thoughts often get prompts like “jump on the subway tracks!” and stuff and like! i’m not invalidating that and it IS uncomfortable as hell but it’s so, so rare to hear anything about Deeply Morally Wrong intrusive thoughts you can’t even express out loud because they’re That Awful and just. if u know what i mean, i love u and ur ok and those fuckass thoughts do not represent who you are and what you stand for in any way. try picturing yourself kicking them as far from you as possible or give them a name and treat them like an annoying neighbour (mine are a douchey asshole named ‘brad’. he wears a cap backwards and never showers). it might not work, but it personally helped me cope a little better. good luck & ily


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It’s set to a manip of Maroon 5′s new song “Don’t Wanna Know”.

This is all the jealously and angst that comes along with never being Sherlock’s first choice. Literally didn’t have to manipulate the footage at all. Because John is just that trashy. I put subtitles up for most of the important stuff so anyone who speaks English as a second language can easily enjoy it. And by enjoy it I mean feel really awful because this is just angst and it doesn’t end well. Obviously. I don’t make any other types of videos. 

Let me know if you like it!

how many times did chris have to resurface in the water scene with his arm around seb’s chest all cozy like, i need every outtake

I only just woke up but something about the lighting is making everything glow

I’d like to take a moment to appreciate that even though he can fake a passport like a master, Peter is just awful at doodling.

I mean, seriously. How bad does it have to be that Juno looks at a drawing of a kitty and goes “yes, this is clearly a coded message.”

(To be fair, he’s also seen Rita encode information in images. But at least hers were immediately recognizable as a Prince’s fine ass on a horse. So Juno’s used to that particular method and he still couldn’t recognize literally any of the pictures for what they were supposed to be.)

“Goblin drama is so good, I’m so happy that I decided to watch it. It is shot eloquently and the cinematography is also superb. Like I can’t recommend this show enough. I’ve watched dramas for years now, and sometimes I felt like they lost they touch or that I became apathetic to them. Dramas and movies in general should move you, and this drama did just that. I’ll be watching all of it. Both leads are so adorable in their approach especially Kim Go Eun. “

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“I know goblin has really great plot and actors, but can we just take a second to talk about the amazing cinematography behind this cameraman?!? I mean, I was just awed in the first episode because of the plot obviously and gong yoo’s handsomeness but what took my breath away was the AMAZING camerawork. I literally started watching for Gong Yoo but ended up being enraptured in the very aesthetic of the drama.”


Root + Shaw existing