i mean jordi

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> don't worry I won't get too high I'll still be able to play D&D<p/><b>Me after two hits:</b> *attacks an innocent merchant, tries to stab a fellow party member, eldritch blasts our only healer down the street*<p/><b>Me:</b> I don't get why you guys are tying up my character she's just trying to play<p/></p>

maguiluchigusman  asked:

Hi! I love your blog!I think that romarey (jordi's girlfriend) was so kind with anto because she is obviusly not a close friend of her , but she came to the weeding and was friendly with the others wags !An Also she went to the sarkany's open shop and use it a lot of the shoes! So i think that the started following her and after the baby news following him! I really love sofi and luisito the are so sensitive !! After anto and leo (because i am argentinian) my favourite couple are they! Bye 👋🏻

That you 💗😬! Yeah I think that Sofi and Anto really like Romarey and I guess they are not friends friends but they have a friendly relationship and that’s why Romarey even traveled to Argentina for the wedding or they followed Jordi (I mean, Sofi just follow a really few players)