i mean ive never shipped anything like them before

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Are you going to sell copies of your tarot deck????? or just make one for yourself because i would Buy One

OH MY GOSH okay like three things

1 being idk if it would be legal because of andrew hussies Homestuck Copyright thing where people cant sell homestuck merch. technically cataclysmalbound is based off of homestuck so like.. i dont know if that would fly

2 being i dont really know what selling the copies would entail like if id have to print them + ship them myself etc because ive never sold anything like Physical before? just digital art (cuz. well. commissions)

3 being i would feel so guilty charging for that… cb is such a small project ykwim i would never force people to pay money for it id probably try to make it a choose to pay thing if thats even possible

the interest means alot to me though! if multiple people are actually interested in this i can probably see what i can do but theres no guarantees