i mean its ugly


Happy birthday, Kim Minseok!! 

I hope Minseok is having a great day full of love and happiness! 

Since some folks cannot seem to shake the asinine assumption that queerness & blackness are mutually exclusive, lemme shout it out for ya.

the worst thing i ever did was pin my calendar up too late so i couldnt look at my favorite month :(

this was my february, and i pinned my calendar up in march cuz i was too lazy so i never got to stare at this for a month and slowly start to despise it :/ what a shame

can 18-19 year old boys just… stop?

massive pet peeve: when all these non-transgirl queers present drag queens as some sort of Image Of LGBT its so fucking gross and ugly. i mean by all means be into whatever hobby you want but please stop making straight people (and some gay/queer people) think of cis men dressed as caricatures of DMAB femininity for cis entertainment when they think of LGBT pride. its just. so unnecessary.