i mean its not that bad right


I love them??? please excuse the bad anatomy I haven’t been drawing people 


When Viktor thought he was the one doing the lecture, but no shit HE WASN’T.

I always end up trying new stuff by drawing Fluttershy.

dear future children,

one day you might think back to the year 2016 and think it’s a total dumpster fire

and you’re right it is. i’ve got nothing.


a person who doesn’t know how it got this bad, but im sorry about it

the signs as iconic degrassi quotes
  • aries: i'm not mean i'm right
  • tauras: you gave me a social disease!
  • gemini: didn't you know terri, you can buy any thing on the net!
  • cancer: i haven't seen dancing this bad since heather sin claire's thrid–grade sock hop
  • leo: I'm going to be an actress, like, academy award winning. And you can sell this for a million dollars 'cause I'm gonna be famous
  • virgo: New year new look new paige
  • libra: well sorry for changing its a good thing you've stayed the same you're still a bitch
  • scorpio: he wont be able to see mu underwear because i'm not wearing any
  • saggitarius: study my but! leaving...
  • capricorn: When in doubt kiss craig???
  • aquarius: I'm so glad that gays can get married! That YOU guys can get married
  • pisces: I'd love to, but I look like crap in a bikini

Meet Negane (negative Megane)

they uh… they’re really weak most of the time, meaning that whenever there’s bad toughts i usually ignore em and it doesn’t effect me at all but…

whenever i feel tired or i did something w/ a friend and i’m not entirely sure if its okay- Negane… intend to make its first move… for example right now..

i’m fine though! i’m not gonna be negative all day after this, just because i’m a little bit stressed out- not just by school, but also my actions just now with a friend… i dunno if i did hurt their feeling or not, but i know i shouldn’t be over thinking this…haha i’m fine though! just wanna to point that out!

hwayoung ; boys24

y'all are ugly as fuck if you say “hwayoung has the right to say those things + hes right + fans should be more aware of their breath”. uhmmmm no bitch lmao who the fuck does he actually think he is if he can say those type of words? these are the fans who put money in his pocket, put food on his table, buy their songs, damn i get its unpleasant to smell bad breath but doesn’t mean he has to be so damn rude talking shit with his friends about it . he sounded so ungrateful to all the fans who wait hours for the hi-touch with him. i don’t care what his deal is but to talk down on the people who make his “career” possible is just flat out wrong and if he doesn’t want to go through 700-800 people a day who actually support him then he can stop being an “idol” lmao. i hope he fucking chokes on his own words.

Soooo as i said I’ll try to draw another thingi. And I dunno i just got this sweet Idea. I mean Sanei, if your lil dork gets red eyes he looks like a sweet lil angry Big Red. And I totally luv how smol you are compared to BR.
uuh dear god I stayed awake the whole night to do this and immediately fell asleep afterwards.

So @the-humerus-skeleton @siviosanei I’m sry if its bad but… hell I’m so fucking drowsy I just woke up again, heh I’m not even aware of what I am babbling right now. hehehe.

NVM!! I hope you have a nice day today! And Sanei… you’re the fucking most accurate smol bean I am glad I found in the internet, stay awesome as you are!

Happy birthday~

characters belongs to her!

me personally in regards to the question of “how could SBURB be so cruel doesnt it want people to succeed” is that nowhere in canon has the alpha timeline nor sburb as a game ever stated to be sentient or indeed anything more than a humble programmed disc. noras it ever been stated that it wants players to suceed or fail

its cold and calculating because its just a machine, it doesnt think. the programming just. generates a game based on the players. why else all the stuff about death? why else would dave get a planet secifically created it would seem to traumatize him? because the function of the game is personal growth and it throws the solution to your life problems at you like straightforwardly dunking you right into a pool to teach you how to swim. i mean. sburb never tells u or promises u anything good or bad it just auto generates an environment and npcs to play a game based on your psyche. thats all its ever been called is a game. why else would it be clearly stated that most sesions straight up fail. heck even the canon sessions had unkillable glitches dooming then and they all techically failed in some way. why would it let LE exist at all in the first place? who does that benefit other than LE?

the only aswer to me is that it doesnt let anything happen or not happen. it just is

and when you look at what it actually is from a programming point of view, everything really does make sense and is easily explained by core programming and computer functions

i dont think its really a stretch to view sburb as just a mindless programing pumping out commands as the game is played. and eerything else in homestuck is played straight when it comes to parts of realities being mere game constructs

i think its a far greater stretch to assume that the sburb game has any kind of sentience, even moreso a benevolent one when not a single line in canon suggests this and far more comments by hussie suggest that it really is just a game

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why was TWDG season 2 so bad? Why were Christa and Omid written out and barely mentioned again? What happened to their baby? Why did they make another pregnant character and have half the season revolve around it when Christa was right there? Why does Nick's fate not matter or affect the story n the slightest? Why was Carver built up to be a big bad guy then get taken out in one episode? Why did Jane and Luke randomly decide to have sex in the middle of an apocalypse? Why was Sarah killed off in the middle of her arc and then literally forgotten about seconds after her death? Why does Arvo's group attack you even if you don't steal from him? Why does he shoot you even if you're the nicest you can possibly be? Why do Bonnie and Mike go with Arvo after he had shot a child? Why does Bonnie do a complete 180 on you? Why does Jane leave a baby alone with zombies around just to prove a point? WHY WAS SEASON 2 SO BAD?
  • Akashi: ... Hey.
  • Others: ?
  • Akashi: Who ate my chocolate in the fridge?
  • Kuroko: *is covered with a tiny bit of chocolate in the corner of his mouth* Not me.
  • Kise: *is currently eating one* Definitely not me.
  • Murasakibara: *is eating three at the same time* Not me, Aka-chin~
  • Midorima: *just finished eating* It's Aomine.
  • Aomine: *is innocent about it* What the fuck?!
  • Akashi: You're dead, Daiki.
  • Aomine: Hold on!

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: I lovee your blog, can you do an imagine where Shawn is dating Camila and you have to watch him date her when he is only dating her for his career and his manager made him and he wants you but doesnt tell u and u cant stand to see him like that anymore and tell him to stay away from you the next time he sees you but then he explains everything and that he likes you & told his manager that he was gonna break up with Camila for u? Thx love!! And english isnt my first language so sorry if its bad!

Note: I haven’t been writing lately and it caused me to have a writing phobia?? lmao meaning i’m scared to post anything I write, anyway I hope ya’ll enjoy!!


“Hey this is Shawn, I can’t get to my phone right now, leave a message!” Beep.

You closed your phone tossing It to the side, you have been trying to contact Shawn for a few weeks now but he hasn’t responded to any of your calls, or texts, not since he has been dating Camila Cabello.

At first it started with him not paying attention to you, to ignoring your existence completely.

It started with him cancelling your movie nights, after that he cancelled any plans you two had to hang out, then not showing up to any of the gatherings with your friends if you were there, now ignoring you completely.

You picked up your phone looking at your lock screen wallpaper, smiling at the photo, which happened to be you and Shawn at your fifteenth birthday. He was always taller than you, so he was kneeling down in the picture hugging you from behind and he was smiling.

You soon got tired and got up from your couch getting ready for bed since it was a bit late, and before you made it half way up your stairs someone knocked your apartment door, you chose to ignore it because it was late and thought that whoever was at the door would just give up and go away, but you thought wrong as the knocking only seemed to be getting louder, you sighed and went to open the door, who would be here this late and what was so important that it couldn’t wait?

You opened the door about to yell at whoever was at the door, but as soon as your eyes landed at whoever was at the door you felt your heart drop, and your eyes widened, he was here. Your instincts told you to shut the door in his face immediately but your heart needed to know why he was ignoring you.

“What are you doing here?” you blurted out.

“Y/N, I need to talk to you, I’m-”

“Shawn, there’s nothing to talk about, the signs you sent me were pretty clear about how you felt.” you mumbled the last part.

“Y/N, listen, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you, I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you like the plague, its just that I- Urgghhh this is so hard! Listen, Camila-”

“Doesn’t like me and she told you to stay away from me and that’s why you’ve been acting like a complete jerk to me? I know.”

“What? No, Y/N I-” he was cut off by the sound of thunder, and rain. 

“Maybe you should leave, Shawn.” you mumbled backing away a bit as Shawn tried to reach out for you.

“Y/N, I-”

“Bye, Shawn, I hope you have fun with Camila, and have an amazing life.” You said closing the door, and you put your hand over your mouth and sobbed, as he jiggled the door knob and knocked on your door begging you to let him in. And soon enough the jiggling and knocking stopped, assuming he left, but your assumption was dead wrong as you heard a faint humming outside the door, you look outside your window to see that he didn’t leave and was soaking wet in the rain, he never left, he cared.

You open the door and step out into the rain until there are a few steps between the two of you.

“What’re you still doing here?!” you asked him, but he didn’t answer he just walked over to you and pulled you close to him and crashed his lips onto yours. You were shocked to say the least, you have dreamt about this many times but never actually thought it would happen, you couldn’t respond. Whereas Shawn kept kissing you begging for a reaction, and you soon gave in kissing him back.

Pulling back you put a hand on his chest and looked at your feet as you tried to catch your breath, he soon lifted your chin so his eyes could meet yours.

“W-we should get inside.” you stuttered and he nodded taking your hand in his you both entered your apartment heading to your living room, you told him you would be back with towels so he could dry off. Your mind kept wandering to the events that happened outside, he kissed you. What if someone saw you? You stopped assuming the worst and took the towels you found to Shawn so he could dry off.

“Thank you.” he mumbled and you only nodded while he dried off, you only sat on the couch looking at your hands, soon you felt a large hand over yours.

“Can we talk about it?” he said knowing you knew what he was referring to, but you stayed silent and closed your eyes.

“Please say something.” he breathed.

Part 2??????

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: ok I came into the mystic messenger fandom and I just wanted to joke and love 707 and maybe get jumins bad ending and flirt with zen and have gay times with jahee but I can't stand the fact of this reset theory bc its ripping my heart out in each and every route as to how far the guys go to either push you away or hold you close like....hElLo this is supposed to be fluffy times with memes and love and friendship and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now. Like, 707 didn't ask for this, jumin didn't ask for this. No one asked for this. I didn't ask to stay in a apartment with a BOMB no no no I just wanted to be with boys who text me and call me and make sure I ate and love me for who I am even though my mc doesn't have eyes THEY LOVE HER like can I apply this reset theory to my everyday life and never play this game cause I HURT

Sorry I haven’t been up to posting much, I’m going through some growing pains right now but not all of them are bad! I’ll be closing up my shop for the holidays at the end of the month, but wanted to post here first incase you guys wanted a look at some of the new stuff! Your support means so much to me always, hope you’re taking care <3


emergency chapter 4; read on ao3 here

Nursey doesn’t want to talk about it. Well, he does, hereally fucking does, but the idea of saying it, of finding the right combination of words to make Dex really understand how much he means to him…it’s daunting.

Light splashes across his room, illuminating his walls and leaving a kaleidoscope of colour against Dex’s skin. Nursey feels bad, momentarily, for watching Dex while he sleeps but, considering he woke up with the other boy pressed tightly to his side, one arm flung across his chest, Nursey gets over it. His head feels fuzzy, his mouth even more so, but the desire to stay in bed–to enjoy this while it lasts–overrides the part of him that wants to hunt down ibuprofen and brush his teeth.
Dex shifts and his head is on Nursey’s shoulder; Nursey sighs, shuts his eyes tightly, before looking up at the ceiling in defeat. He can feel Dex’s breath against his jaw, he can feel Dex’s pulse against his heart.

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Where I work has a strict no cell phones policy. I mean I have pretty bad anxiety about my phone (hell its an iPhone, it's expensive) but I can keep my phone in my bag for an 8h. No problem. Now let's call this coworker C. Whenever a customer started walking toward C for help, she would pull her phone out of her bra and walk away, in plain sight. Another coworker, B, pointed this out to our manager. I walked into work one morning to see C crying bc guess what? She was fired. Serves her right.