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Good News/Bad News

So I finally got all my Sims 3 games re-installed along with the CC and mods that are not breaking the game. I have been able to get it to load and CAS is working fine. I have struggled with Nick’s story because it was not how I originally planned it, and it just wasn’t coming together…. So that being said….I’m going back to the original concept….I will be posting Nick and Zoey’s biographies soon……so it might be a little more clear….Also I am converting my characters over to Sims 4 for mine and @twistedsimblr combined story, BURN BABY BURN…..Now that doesn’t mean I am giving up on Sims 3 story-telling…..Since I already wrote their original story before I messed with it…..I’m going in game to take screen shots to start posting again…..its still titled FALLEN ANGEL and ends where BURN BABY BURN picks up

So enjoy some old screen shots I used in making the original story until then….love you guys for being there for me….your support and encouragement means so much to me….especially @twistedsimblr for suggesting the collaboration…..it’s opened up my creativity again…….love you doll…..

9 Things We Learned From The Recent Persona 5 Famitsuu Article, That You Might Not Know Yet

…Hey, I’m allowed to have a click-bait title now or then too, alright!?

I wanted to make a video on this tonight, but I just realized I’m already too tired, so I’ll try record it tomorrow instead. 

For now, I’m giving you my script for that video, in order to share with you my summary on what has been learned this past week: 

1.) The heists

The targets of the party are malevolent, corrupted adults. The thief gang invade the inner worlds called „Palaces“ of these people to steal their „heart“ - here actually meaning their wrapped desires and ideals. Inside a palace, the host’s desires take the form of an item called „Treasure“. The party are trying to remove that „treasure“ from the target’s soul, thus forcing them to feel remorse for their actions and sins. However, since the target’s psyche usually has tons of defenses up against the Treasure being removed, getting to it is pretty tricky, hence the dungeons of the game.

2.) OtherworldNavi

The protagonists use a „mysterious“ Smartphone App called „OtherworldNavi“ to find their next targets and access their Palaces. From the description, it seems like „OtherworldNavi“ scans the hearts of people for corrupted desires and also opens portals to their inner Palaces.

3.) The Interrogation

We finally see the face of the woman interrogating the protagonist during the trailers. More on her later, in Makoto Nijima’s section. Personally, my theory right now is that this woman is a member of the Shadow Operatives, due to her demeanor and how unsurprised she seems by supernatural forces being involved. In the beginning of the trailer she threatened the protagonist with death if he doesn’t comply, meaning either that she is an extremist who would kill a minor for justice, or that the protagonist is under suspicions of murder at this part of the game and might end up being sentenced to death unless they bail him out.

4.) Makoto Nijima:

Previously called „Biker Girl“ by Fans, Makoto Nijima is one of the three female party members revealed in the new trailer. And yes, it annoys me a bit that her name is the same as that of the Persona 3 Protagonist in the movies. Anyway, according to the Famitsu article, Makoto is a third year student at Shuujin Academy, the same school the protagonist, Anne and Ryuuji visit. She is the student council president and very headstrong with a strong sense of justice, which apparently has been causing the problems of sorts. Her title in the article is „The Student Council President of Flawless Justice“ and her quote is „It’s true, I too am aiming for the Justice you guys speak of.“ According to director Katsura Hashino, she gets pulled into the events after the protagonist and Co realize that she is lonely and feels like she has no place to belong. Her Persona is called Johanna, and yes, Hashino confirms here that this „Johanna“ is in fact Pope Joan, the legendary female pope and inspiration for the images on the Priestess Tarot Cards. If you wanna know more about her, feel free to check out my video on the Priestess Arcana from a couple of weeks ago. (I had amazing timing there…) Her Persona is also capable of using Nuclear-Elemental Frei-spells for the first time since Persona 2, meaning that this game is not going to conflate Almighty and Nuclear Skills into the same category, but treads them as separate elements.

Interestingly, this character here, who’s name could be either Sae, Saya or Saeru, depending on the reading (Japanese names tend to be stupidly ambiguous with how they’re actually read) shares Makoto’s last name, Nijima, meaning that they’re probably related by blood. It’s gonna be interesting to see how an antagonist and a party member being related by blood is gonna play out here. (She’s the interrogator from the start of the trailer.)

5.) Futaba Sakura

We’ve already been introduced to her during the trailer, so I’ll keep this brief. Futaba’s title is „The Hikikomori Genius Hacker“, and personal quote is „…Navi. I will guide you to victory!“ Her characteristic is an extreme mathematical intelligence, which causes her to be a programming genius, but also incredibly awkward with social interaction. Due to that and a Trauma that caused her strong social anxiety, she stopped leaving her house and has been holed up in her room ever since middle school. The article doesn’t mention which High School she is enrolled in, if any, only that she should technically be a High School First Year, but has never set foot in there. Futaba is also a giant nerd; in one of the screen shots she even calls the protagonist outright “Protagonist”. If that’s how she refers to him in her navigation too, just “Protag”, I can die happy. And yes, Futaba is her given name. Sakura is her family name, not meaning „Cherry Blossom“, but „Helpful Storage“. By the way, Futaba means „sprout“. Again, her Persona is Necronomicon, and according to the director, its futuristic design is meant to symbolize Futaba’s technical genius. He also mentioned that Futaba is one of the most important characters within the party when it comes to the plot, so, look forward to that.

6.) Haru Okumura

Haru is a third year student in Shuujin Academy and, boy, does THAT confuse me. Despite Shuujin being supposed to be a correctional facility, Haru is characterized as a little princess, the daughter of the owner of a famous brand of take-out-food, and very rich and spoiled. She’s good at talking to people, but doesn’t really value others, because of her wealthy upbringing, that has rendered her rather naive to the harsh reality of the world. Her title is „The company Heiress who trusts nobody“ and her quote is „…I will commit myself to this. Whatever I can do, I want to do with commitment.“ Her Persona is Milady de Winter, an Antagonist of the Three Musketeers.

7.) The Velvet Room

According to Katsura Hashino, the Velvet Room this time is supposed to represent the protagonist’s own „Mental Prison“, and Igor is trying to lead him towards a „Rebirth into Freedom“. According to the director, Igor acting and sounding different to how he did in past games has been incorporated into the plot and likewise, Caroline and Justine being twins is plot-relevant as well. It’s also mentioned that Caroline and Justine don’t really have much respect for the Protagonist and treat him like a child.

8.) Day To Day Life, now including double-identity

While many mechanics have been brought back from Persona 1 and 2, a lot of mechanics from Persona 3 and Persona 4 make a return as well. You can still hang out with friends after school, date characters you like (the article only mentions girls, but who knows) and send your protagonist to part time work. There’s also gonna be a story event where they fly abroad, among other things. Hashino said he wants to place huge emphasis on the characters’ double lives here.

9.) Real Life: Morgana has taken over the official Persona 5 News Twitter. (Just a little bit of trivia)

This twitter page was previously hosted by Teddie from Persona 4 and had been written in-character in his speech style ever since it was first started in 2008, but starting last week Thursday night, it was permanently „taken over“ by Morgana of Persona 5. When asked about Teddie’s well-being, Morgana said, „Don’t worry about Teddie, the guy’s doing just fine.“ Fans responded to this with heartfelt farewell messages to Teddie in honor of his „Retirement“ and a lot of good luck wishes for Morgana in the future. Also, the Mangaka responsible for the Persona 4 Ultimax Manga (which, by the way is amazing and better than the game), drew a picture of Teddie and Morgana together, to commemorate the baton-pass.


blue’s a over dramatic show off you cant convince me otherwise

I mean the vision blue showed the team of voltron was just super corny and just bragging about how awesome blue’s lion family is and showing what they can do together

seriously blue was on auto pilot and decided to do just a bunch of tricks and flips and roar just showing off how cool blue was because blue is that kind of lion

blue wasnt desperate to get home they where frilled to find some friends and a new paladin to pilot it and immediately wanted to show off to its pride I mean the lion spent at least two minute flying around doing barrel roles and flips and roaring that’s clearly look at me look at me behavior

Also I swear this lion has a smirk as big as lances look at it!

this lions great omg

imma take screens shots of the lions and try and get more info on there personalitys

Flawless -Scomiche

“Mitch, hurry up! You’ve already spent a half hour on your hair, come on, we’re going to be late!” Scott Hoying yelled from the lounge room of their shared apartment. 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” Scott’s flat-mate Mitch Grassi called back. He finally emerged from the bathroom, his brown hair straightened to perfection. Folded over his arm were two black jumpers. 

“Finally!” Scott huffed impatiently. “What’s that?” He asked, pointing at the jumpers in Mitch’s arms. 

“Oh, nothing, just a little present,” Mitch said slyly, winking at Scott. He quickly unfolded the jumpers and held them up side by side, so the pink writing on the fronts was visible to Scott. “Which one?" 

"Definitely the ‘No Angel’ one. Why?” Scott responded. Mitch grinned and tossed the preferred jumper to Scott. 

“Happy…. Beyonce Day!” Mitch laughed. 

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anonymous asked:

I understand why people like Carl, he's a great character, but why are people getting so mad that he doesn't get as much screen time as they want? He is not the only character in the show. There are a lot of characters, all so diverse and amazing with so much more personality than shown, and the anger that Carl doesn't get as much as people want is ridiculous. Yes we get it, people just need to calm down. There are a lot of characters that get less screentime than Carl. People should just chill.

i just think that in my personal opinion that carl does not get enough screen time, especially since he is such a main character in the comics. the amount of his storylines that are literally pushed aside briefly is completely unjustified. i’ll address a few below:

  • a lot of people are unaware that in 4.16 was in fact sexually assaulted as the show did not address the serious nature of the experience carl underwent as the group were being attacked by the claimers. not once did we get it addressed, not even by carl who would have been psychologically damaged by this. and it would have been such an importance issue that is true to reality that could have been explored. but by the show literally removing the storyline, the majority of the audience were unaware of this attempted rape which reflects society’s own actions when it comes to situations like this and i was so disappointed to see that they didn’t address such an important and current issue in today’s society since the media has such an influence on its audience.
  • when carl lost his eye, it was a major event in the comics and really evolved carl. this did not happen so much in the show. and instead in 6.10, it skipped forward a few months to where carl was completely healed, there was no addressing of his comic book memory loss or the development of his anger. carl’s entire injury was brushed aside as nothing when if i was him, i would have experienced some serious mental issues and emotion regarding his injury. there was no screen time of carl waking up, talking to rick about what had happened, adapting to this inability of seeing as he once used to, learning to cope and understand what had happened, reacting negatively to his injury. there was none of this. yet several characters on the show who have lost limbs have been provided with this recovery screentime. it seems that his eye injury was used as shock value and development for rick’s character and i just don’t find it fair that his character lacked any development within this.
  • as well as this, throughout seasons 5 - 6, carl has continuously been pushed aside as a background character with the purpose of standing besides rick and holding judith. this has occurred so much that even chandler riggs has addressed it in a panel basically saying all carl does is hold judith whenever she is on screen. by being on baby duty, his character is constantly limited.
  • another point to make known is that in late season 5/early season 6, carl was pushed into a love triangle storyline with ron and enid for no purpose at all but to create tension amongst alexandrians. as much as i love enid and believe her relationship with carl will develop him regardless if its platonic or romantic, by carl being in this storyline was a restricting effect as his entire screentime was solely apart of this relationship arc which barely developed his character.
  • also, for the majority of season 6, carl was not even in the majority of the episodes. between 6.12 - 6.14, carl did not make an appearance at all. and in 6.11 and 6.15, his appearance was only brief. yet the fact that they constantly include carl in the promos because of his main character status is something they have now used as a marketing technique to attract the teenage audience, which is evident through including carl in the 6.15 promo when he was only in the episode for 30 seconds and his entire scene was basically in the promo.
  • throughout the show, carl has been deprived of his comic storylines/relationships that shape his character (e.g. killing shane alive for hurting rick, his relationships with abraham/morgan that are as strong as his relationship with michonne, other relationships that were only briefly addressed like sophia and tyreese, being in a coma, forgetting about lori’s death because of his eye injury, carl struggling to adapt to his eye injury that almost costs him his life, carl opening up about his hardened and cold exterior - thanks to @carl-greyems for the help on these points).
  • as well as this, so many of carl’s storylines have been given to other characters, here’s to name a few - carl is the one to kill a lot of people and regret it instead of carol, carl is the one to kill lizzie’s comic book character (aka ben) instead of carol, carl addresses gregory at hilltop instead of maggie, carl is the one who wants to fight the saviours not daryl (thanks to @carl-greyems for the help on these points).
  • another strong example that is recent is that scott gimple has stated in an interview that carl and negan’s relationship arc in the comic books (which is basically one of the most important things for carl in the comics) will only be briefly explored and the rest of the storyline will be shared with another character. now whether gimple is only saying this to divert the audience to believing carl is not safe from the line-up is a different story, but the fact that the writers are stripping away one of the main things that develops and defines carl in the comics is honestly so disappointing as it seems that the writers only want to use carl for 2 things: to develop rick or to care for judith. now there’s nothing wrong with that but at the expense of his major storylines being deprived from him is honestly so upsetting.

for the majority of these storylines e.g. carl being sexually assaulted, carl losing his eye, the event does not develop carl as the show strip this screen time away from him and instead, they use these experiences to develop rick’s character. 

another reason why i am so upset with the lack of carl screentime is because of the fact that he is one of the only child characters on the show and the only child to survive throughout seasons 1 to 6. i find it so interesting that carl’s childhood evolved within the apocalypse and at such a young age, he had to adapt to this brutal reality through its harsh violence and unexpected deaths of the people he was close with. i mean he was just a child when he shot shane, killed lori, killed jody (aka the kid from woodbury), began to use a gun excessively. like these are things that barely any adults go through in life and the fact that carl has had to adapt to these conditions makes amazing potential for his character, yet we have barely witnessed him share his thoughts, his struggles, etc.

now i’m not saying carl is the only character on the entire show to be deprived of screen time, there are so many characters that are, but as a carl fan, i’m more expressive to be upset about the lack of carl screen time.

there are so many minority and female characters who are pushed aside on this show and it is an awful thing. i am tired of also seeing the majority of female characters being literally used as a development for men (e.g. rosita being sexually objectified for abraham’s character, tara literally just being pushed to the background in the majority of episodes, denise’s death being purposely used to create daryl pain and develop his character, sasha’s ptsd being barely addressed on the show and completely erased from her development the second abraham is involved in her storyline are to name but a few). yet i am more vocal regarding carl’s deprivation as i am a carl fan.

i feel like so people think that because people are more expressive to one character’s lack of screen time that they are saying that only that character deserves better writing and this is completely not the case. we should not make this a competition about which character is more worthy of more screen time and those who have been angry at the lack of carl grimes are able to be angry towards other characters’ mistreatment also, we have the capability to be aware of both.

as i said once in a similar ask about people complaining about carl grimes, i didn’t think that i was limited to where i could express my bitterness towards. i wasn’t aware that i couldn’t be angry at both the writings of female characters and the lack of appearances carl has made recently, it should never be a competition in regards to who deserves more screen time/better writing. but i guess that’s your own opinion and who am i to question it? i’m just challenging it with my perspective.

also this message isn’t purposely directed to seem rude, that is not my intention. this response is to attempt to explain and justify my own beliefs as to why carl’s lack of screen time is so important to fans and also a challenge to your opinion.

anyway, i hope you understand and i hope you’re having a lovely day!

Instead of sleeping like normal people do at 3:30AM, I’m selecting photo’s for some physical photo albums and I can’t help but being a little annoyed over this photo not turning out a 100% sharp. I mean just look at it. wow such sass much swag.


STEVEN BOMB 4 PROMO VIDEO (not the best quality, we’ll probably get a better one later)

watched it? good

The Diamond pattern in the sky may not be yellow diamond, but her message back appearing on a big screen! (kinda looks like is “opening up” to show the screen)
that freaky lookin excited peridot looks like shes lookin right at it. with the yellow lighting, bright overlay reflection on her visor, those two shots are definitely from Messaged Received

also steven listening to peridots logs, if theyre abt her reaction to the message it makes sense bc like the show is stevens perspective, so otherwise she would have to tell them in person or steven would be snooping on the actual recording of the log
idk, gives me slightly more hope that its not something completely bad (like her planning to definitely leave earth instead of just considering it and being conflicted). im hoping that shot of them with lion is after he listens in (who knows what they’re planning though) bc it sits better with me if they talk abt it afterwards…pls dont leave earth my bean…


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“I think what is getting lost in the 100 is that there was this amazing relationship that fans got invested in and that the death of one of those characters caused a huge ripple which meant that you know that little girl who is in the closet and loves the 100 and is huge fans of clexa goes to school and sees her friends are as equally upset about that relationship as she is knows that people feel for her experience… This is storytelling and the 100 and javi and everyone is being assaulted and in the end i think they are giving fans this amazing chance to meet each other online and through twitter ” - Carter Covington from the THR Bury Your Tropes ATX Panel 

*Insert screen shots of the little girl in the closet that feels like being in the closet is the best place to stay now because being a wlw gets you killed*

*Insert screen shots of fans meeting each other on March 3rd as they bonded over the despair they felt*

The fact that these show runners keep creating minority characters and killing them to make privileged people feel something for minorities is really starting to make me want to be problematic. 

I mean I have only made it through about 20 minutes of watching the panel (to see if what everyone was saying is true) and its basically them just patting each other on the backs for writing an LGBT Character and bitching about fans on twitter.  

Time To Address The Elephant In The Room

That’s right. I’m talking about those damn leaks and how it has invaded our subconscious, tainting every thing we see on the screen and robbing us of the significance of what is actually happening because everything is colored by what we think is going to happen later on.

I’m going to talk about this because the leaks have affected me significantly and I have been projecting my anger and dissatisfaction onto what we see on screen and its putting a lot of pressure on each little scene to validate my ship. Nothing I see is good enough because at the back of my mind I’m thinking, but whats the point, in xyz episode stefan will do ABC. That little bitch is kissing her now but I know whats gonna happen jerk! 

But here’s the thing - if 7x06 has proved anything - its that the leaks are not entirely true. They are not verbatim what is going to happen. 

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anonymous asked:

there's this thing called male gaze, do some research. it's all about camera angles and women's bodies being presented to be titillating. yes karen gillan has long legs but that doesn't mean the camera has to slowly pan up them as the introductory shot for her, especially when we just saw her as a child

“how dare karen gillan have legs”

“how dare amy pond be a sexual character who is introduced in a sensual manner because she is a kissogram and her sexuality is a very important part of her character”

“i don’t know how to close my eyes when pretty women are on screen so i’m going to blame the production team and probably moffat for good measure”

doctor who has the least amount of male gaze on any tv show aimed at adults that i’ve ever seen so we can talk about shows that are actually really fucked up