i mean it's not a huge difference but still

Aaron x Matt (AU)

okay so @tsoaandpatroclus and I were talking about maaron? aatt? boyard?
and this is what we came up with

  • Matt is tall okay, but next to Aaron? he is a g i a n t
  • but that brings me to my next point
  • Aaron wearing Matt’s hoodies and they’re so big on him that they’re past his knees and twice the length of his arms
  • Matt lowkey highkey loves it,, so does Aaron
  • but,, one day it is freezing cold and Matt is layered up, like I mean two sweaters and a hoodie
  • Arron is only wearing his one sweater and is nearby death
  • Matt just smiles softly and his cold bf and takes off his hoodie and gives it to Aaron who then proceeds to hold Matt’s hand with the sleeve still covering his hand
  • speaking of hand holding,, Matt LOVES it
  • walking around campus? hold hands, going to get groceries? hold hands
  • but also sneaking up behind Aaron’s back and engulfing him in a huge bear hug
  • Aaron never pushes him away or says no
  • BACK to the height difference,, Aaron wont admit it, but he highkey wants to know what its like to be tall
  • Aaron standing on a chair and directly at eye level with Matt: is this what it’s like being tall?
  • Matt, trying not to scream about his tiny bf: If you want to be tall I could of just carried you
  • this leads to many shoulder rides and piggy backs Matt gives to him
  • but who am I to say that Matt doesn’t like the occasional piggy back ride from Aaron
  • so just picture our smol Aaron giving our gentle giant son Matt and piggy back ride
  • and if you can’t picture that I’ll give you help,, Aaron our 5 foot angry bean, giving Matt our 6′4 teddy bear and piggy back ride
  • But we all know Matt is a pro boxer,, this leads to him giving Aaron boxing lessons
  • they’re both backliners and they got them muscles, but Aaron is lighter on his feet
  • Aaron might be smaller but he’s quicker, and once he gets the hang of it he likes using Matt’s strength against him
  • Aaron is very good at dodging Matt’s punches and he can do a bunch of hard and fast punches right in all of Matt’s pressure points so his legs and arms go numb
  • Matt and the end of every session is just Conflict, like “I’m glad that I’m teaching yo this because we’re bonding but holy shit I can’t feel my fingers”
  • Aaron can definitely flip Matt over his shoulder, judo style
  • Matt is flat on his back, looking up at the ceiling like “how did this happen”
  • but Matt lets him do it every time
  • but this is not going without saying that Matt has thrown so many damn hard punches and straight after every punch he asks “you good?” cause he really doesn’t want to hurt his small bf
  • Aaron, slightly dazed and probably bleeding: “I have all my teeth so I think I’m fine” mad neil josten reference
  • they both have a big history with drugs,, so they know when the other is overwhelmed, they both love their mothers aaron grew up with tilda and she was the only motherly figure he had yes he still loves her and they will both fight for what they love eachother
  • in all honesty,, they know what they have both gone through and wont push one another boundaries
  • they work well together and that is how they cope
  • they’re happy
  • with one another

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How do you draw bodies like anatomy help? I'm in actual hell and everyone I ask tells me to use ref but I need a different option? Like how do you draw personally?

Although i do agree that refs are the bees knees, i 100% understand what you mean. They can still be huge pains in the ass and sometimes you just need to see the process in order to understand. So imma try my best to explain anon, cause sometimes I free draw with no base and others I do use one: 

When I DO make a base first tho, its made of very basic shapes and lines. When I was a kid, I use to draw characters in the style of this one book called “Dork Diarys” if anyone knows what that is. So that was kinda like a stepping stone

I kinda use them at pin points “okay, the head here”  “the elbows here” 

As for body types, if you want your character very thin you use more rectangles while if you want your character very heavy, you use more circles and ovals. 

Same goes for hands and feet, just use simple shapes as a sort of base. (I also made a bonus hair thing 4 you just in case)

Sorry if this was confusing, but I hope I kinda helped? Maybe I’ll make a speed-paint video at some point tho cause those also help me when I’m in a rut. 

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Age accurate Arya!<3 I hate when people forget that Arya is literally a little girl, even by the end of ADWD she would be considered a child. People never seem to forget that Shireen is a child, and she was born the same year as Arya.

she’s a baby!!! i think people forget most of the characters ages. esp the kids. i blame the show in large part because everyone is so much older. i mean maisie is almost 20 meanwhile arya is still only 11. thats a huge difference. but i suppose its a bit more complicated. like with the example you gave: nobody forgets shireen’s age because she is allowed to be a child. she’s sheltered by her parents and guards and status. so she definitely comes off as being younger than arya who has been living on her own for years. arya has to find her own food and shelter and money. she’s had to defend herself with violence. she’s been abused and scared for her life ect. she had to grow up fast in a lot of ways but in many ways shes still just a little girl and thats most important. even if aryas been forced/conditioned to do things older than her age it doesn’t actually change her age. and thats what i think the fandom forgets. 

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Yeah, but if you, for example,.look at the age gap between Jensen and Misha, it's four years. Meaning, the difference between human! Cas to Dean is around the same gap. 12 years is way too much. 16 and 28? That's a lot. The difference between 30 an 42 is huge.

Jensen and Misha’s ages have nothing to do with Dean and Castiel’s though. Logically Castiel’s body is still stuck at age 35 and that’s where he’s gonna stay until he falls again and ages again. Physically, within the canon of SPN, Dean is at least 2 years older than Cas by now.

12 years, from where I stand, is not way too much, if you put it into perspective.

I think the difference between 16 and 28 is much bigger than the one between 30 and 42. Both a 30 year old and a 42 year old are adults, possibly both independent and their life experiences and realities of things they have to deal with in every day life probably aren’t drastically different.

But the difference between a 16 year old and a 28 year old is much bigger. They’re not equals. One is an adult, the other is a teenager. Those 12 years are not the same 12 years.

After 200+ hours of playing  Breath of the Wild, I have finished my adventure. Here are my thoughts. (Spoilers)

So, almost two months after its release, I have officially completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this game. I’m a little hesitant to call this a review, I guess, because it’s not organized too well or intent on giving a score or anything silly like that. But considering my love for this series and acknowledging this game as a huge departure from what many have grown used to, its got my head spinning with a whole bunch of thoughts that I just feel like dumping somewhere. This is mostly an art blog, it feels a little weird sticking this here but I honestly don’t know where else I’d put it. I’ll try to organize my brain and keep things as short as possible, but for the most part I’m just gonna jump in.

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Conor Maynard - Break That Shell (Part 2A)

A/N: Here you go loves! You asked for Conor and you got Conor! Honestly wasn’t sure which direction to take. It kept alternating between him and Josh and somehow it ended up with Conor. If you still want a Josh one, lmk, I’d be more than happy to do it. I’m not really very proud of this one tbh, but let me know what you think of it. Hope you guys like it. 
If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s PART 1

Word Count: 1900

Requested: YES! Honestly the number of you that asked for Conor hahah :)

About 2 weeks had passed since the boys barged in on you in bath, discovering a talent even you didn’t know you had. Ever since then, they had not let it go. All three had been extremely encouraging. Sometimes, a little too much, even. At one point, Jack had gotten some snacks and sat himself at Conor’s bed, watching the both of you practise a song he wanted to cover.

If you were to be honest, it was quite strange having to hear your own voice, and even more so letting others listen to you. You never had a problem with your voice, but because of the comments you had gotten, it made you self-conscious about singing in public. The past week with Conor had definitely helped you get over it, and become more confident with your voice. It felt good to be able to sing with ease, not having your worries weighing you down.

“You’ve actually got the perfect voice for this song y’know (Y/N)!” he had exclaimed, when deciding on the song.

Right now, you and Conor were once again going over a song he had wanted to cover with you. He had set up his equipment in his room, the both of you hunched over his desk, playing around with the sounds.

You were new to this scene. Despite singing to yourself all the time, you didn’t know that much about it. You knew what sounded good and the sounds you liked, but you were too afraid to play around with Conor’s precious equipment.

“Don’t hold back, love. Just go ahead, go with what you’re feeling”, he laughed, encouraging you.

You looked up at him, still unsure of yourself. Conor must have felt your nerves, he took your hand, moving it across the sound pad. His hand was still guiding yours, helping you ease yourself in.

“There you go love!” he exclaimed when you had loosened up, and started messing about with the sounds. “Yeah, it really doesn’t matter if its shit at first. You gotta mess up to find something good”, he encouraged.

“across the sound pad. His hand was still guiding yours, helping you ease yourself in.

“There you go love!” he exclaimed when you had loosened up, and started messing about with the sounds. “Yeah, it really doesn’t matter if its shit at first. You gotta mess up to find something good”, he encouraged, having let go of your hand already.

“You know, this is actually pretty fun. A lot more than I thought it’d be”, you confessed, turning away from the sound pad to face him.

“Well yeah, you’re with the Conor Maynard”, he joked.

You laughed along with him, feeling a lot more relaxed than you had in a long time, “What more could I ask for in life, right?”

The next few hours flew by, seeming to have only been mere minutes. It was pass the time you would normally have dinner, but neither of you seemed to noticed how late it was. You were broken from the spell that seemed to trap the both of you in Conor’s room, when your housemates burst in, yapping away loudly. Both boys came barging in, falling face down on Conor’s bed. Getting comfortable, they proceeded to tell you both about the amazing dinner they had gone out for with the other boys, and complain about you and Conor having missed out.

“What d’you want for dinner?” Conor asked over their chatter.

Shrugging, you responded, “Not feeling too fussy at the moment. What are feeling?”

There was a nervous glint in his eyes. He rubbed his hands together, almost as if it had gotten chilly indoors. “Uh, you fancy some GBK? I figured we could take a walk there. I mean we’ve been cooped up here all day now.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll go get changed first”, you agreed, standing up.

Conor face held an expression of shock. “Oh, really? Uh, cool then!”

Nodding, you smiled, leaving the room. A few seconds after you had closed the door behind you, you heard loud shouts and laughter coming from inside. Figuring the boys were being their usual selves, you headed to your room to change.

A couple minutes later, you done, just having changed into more appropriate clothes, fixed your hair, and added little touches of make-up where you thought you needed it. Josh was sat on the couch, with his laptop perched on his legs.

Hearing the sound of your footsteps, he looked up, laughing. “Oh god, even you’re faster than Conor. MATE, HURRY UP! YOU’RE DATE’S READY!” he yelled.

You looked down in an attempt to hide the blush that was forming. “It’s not a date, Josh”, you mumbled.

“Yeah, sure. Tell me that again when you come back”, he joked. “You look nice, (Y/N)”, he added, smiling.

“Josh”, you whined, dragging the ‘o’. Attention had always made you feel uncomfortable.

Just then, Conor walked into the living room, where you and Josh were, Jack trailing behind him, a mischievous, smug glint in his eyes. “You look great, (Y/N)”, Conor complimented.

Jack raised his eyebrows at his brother, while Josh sniggered. “What are you on about, mate? I think she always looks great”, Jack came up to you, hooking an arm around your shoulders.

Conor faltered slightly, his face clearly displaying his nerves and discomfort. Stumbling over his words, he tried to fix what his brother had implied. “Oh, let’s just get going, shall we?” he asked you, ready to leave the other two boys behind.

You nodded, eager to get away as well. Smiling, you followed Conor out onto the streets, chatting away. Dinner went by amazingly. You saw a side of Conor that you really didn’t even know he had. You had talked a lot about your lives before moving to London, before he had become famous, and about living together now. You had never noticed anyone else who paid as much attention to what you were talking about as he did. He took a genuine interest in your life, even in your boring job.

The pair of you were now walking back along the streets. It was a quarter past 11, but you had never felt more awake. You clutched your stomach, as tears leaked out, your laughter coming out in ragged breaths. Conor had a sheepish look on his face. “There is no way you did that!” you exclaimed, still laughing at the story Conor had told you. “And Jack still has no clue?”

“Nope!”, he replied proudly, popping the ‘p’. “Anna’s in on it too.”

You were laughing so much that you were not paying much attention to where you were walking. You walked straight into a street lamp, knocking your head against the pole. You pulled back immediately out of instinct. Still laughing slightly, Conor hands reached out to your waist, steadying you.

“You okay?”, he asked, turning you around to face him.

You nodded in response, “Yeah, just a little bump I think.” Lifting your hand up, you reached for the bruised spot on your forehead, flinching as you pressed down on the affected area.

“Looks like a little more than a bump, love”, Conor joked lightly. He pulled you to a nearby makeshift bench, sitting you down, as he stood above you. he lifted your chin, angling your face so the guilty streetlamp could shine down on the bump.

His face inched closer to yours, as his fingers gently grazed the bump that was getting larger. You took a sharp breath in, his face now just a couple of centimeters from yours. There wasn’t even anything in the way of your faces. Your eyes were trained on his. Feeling it, he lowered his gaze from your forehead to meet your eyes. He was the first to break eye contact as his eyes travelled even lower, to your lips. You gulped inaudibly, your eyes moving to his lips on their own accord.

Before you could comprehend what was going on, his lips were on yours. It was gentle, cautious even. You responded both eagerly yet carefully. The kiss was short. He pulled away, a little shock at what he had just done. “Uh, I didn’t mean to just, like, go straight for it. I wanted to ask you properly. Crap! I’m sorry! I didn’t want to rush it in like that, I actually had a plan and everything. Look if you want, we can just forget I did that or even said anything. Just pretend nothing-”

Somehow you had mustered up enough courage to plant one on him, effectively cutting off his rant with a kiss. It was just a light kiss, but the both of you heard the unsaid words that were meant to convince the other of what the kiss meant.

“I don’t think I wanna forget that”, you whispered, your faces still far too close.

A huge grin took over his face, reaching up to his eyes. “You mean that?” he sounded slightly unsure.

“Wouldn’t have kissed you if otherwise, would I?” you teased.

“I’d hope not”, he pulled you off the makeshift bench, wrapping his arms around you. Placing a light kiss on your forehead, his palm found its way to yours. His fingers entwined with yours, the pair of made your way back home. The air surrounding you had changed, you felt different. Maybe it was the fact that your hand was nestled in his, or that you had just shared a kiss. It could have also been the lead up to the kiss, and how suddenly, even the little details from earlier on became clearer. Maybe it was because of the smile he left on your face, and the huge grin he could not seem to shake off either. It must have been all of these and more. The thought of going home to have your lovely night disturbed by the teasing of the boys when they see you both, made you laugh out loud and worry at the same time.

“What are you thinking about?” Conor asked, your laugh breaking the comfortable silence that had enveloped you.

“The boys. What they’re gonna say about us”, you grinned at him.

He joined you in laughter. “Shit! Well actually, I think they kinda called it to be honest”, a sheepish look adorned his face.

Your face scrunched up in confusion, silently nudging him to explain. “I might have talked to them about you?” he confessed, his statement coming out as a question.

You chuckled despite the red that was colouring your cheeks, “Awww Conor! Did you really?”

“Oh hush up! Let’s just get back home already. It’s freezing!” he tried brushing away your comment, a deep blush setting on his cheeks.

Smirking slightly, you lifted your hand to his cheeks, feeling warmth flood his cheeks. “You sure you’re cold?” you questioned, eyebrows raised.

Conor looked slightly loss. Not knowing how to respond, he turned to you, pulling you close to himself. His lips pressed against yours, for the first time that night, the kiss lasted more than just a couple of seconds. You both felt more at ease, both assured that the feelings were mutual. You threw your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you, while his arms moved to wrap around your waist. He deepened the kiss, and you felt yourself weaken, sinking deeper into him and the kiss.


Psychological profiling of Dark Doctor Strange

((a random brainstorm by @your-dark-magic-man-mysterio for @doctorstrangeaskblog and @darkdoctorstrange))

Let’s start with darkness as a part of Stephen’s nature itself.

It is very remarkable the way that Stephen dealt with it. There would be two solutions, normally: the first one would be to come to terms with it and even use it to his advantage.The second one would be to let it drown him and lead his steps.

But NO.

What Stephen did was that he separated it violently and almost in a pathological manner apart from his pure self; not extinguishing it, not letting it consume him, but being in DENIAL and most probably in FEAR of it. He knows the power of his dark self well.

 It is much like what the body does when something foreign is introduced. Maybe Stephen recognizes the darkness as foreign because he is in denial that it is actually one of the most profound aspects of his self. In that case there are again two solutions: either the body rejects/destroys the foreign thing or it traps it into a cyst and leaves it there, forgetting it ever existed. Thing is, the darkness in Stephen is not a foreign thing, and it is not a dead thing either; it suffers when trapped, and goes wilder still.

What is very interesting from a philosophical perspective is that Stephen’s reaction towards his own darkness is the most HUMAN reaction ever. He is AFRAID. He is in DENIAL. Thus, he seals the closet’s door and tries to forget the skeletons that lie in it. It takes a whole new level of balance in order to come to terms with darkness as part of existence, and a great deal of arrogance or even insanity to wear it with pride. Stephen is clearly too traumatized from the world… The same world which created the darkness in the first place.

In order to fully accept it, in my opinion as a psychologist, he would need some years of utter seclusion and concentration and PEACE OF MIND; however, he cannot be graced with those, given his position as the sorcerer supreme, so what he does is occassionally trying to bring the darkness forth and even speak with him as if it was an entirely different person. It is an effort at least to understand what is going on with him, and maybe dark stephen knows it too; that’s why he allows that he remains hidden; because perhaps if he went forth, stephen’s denial would drive him insane.

But the fact that he stays hidden and has agreed to that after some time of turmoil and protest does NOT mean that he does not suffer or feel oppressed. Remember; Stephen’s darkness is much different than a demon’s organized, serene and poisonous one. It is angry, desperate and chaotic; which makes it somewhat less effective, but deadly still. And exactly because of its chaotic nature, it is VERY hard to be contained. I bet that Stephen spends a huge amount of mental resources daily just to keep dark him inside; it must be exhausting him in a deeper level.

But, thing is, were dark Stephen not the INCREDIBLY POWERFUL BEING he is, he would feel better, because the oppression would not make him suffer that much. The imprisonment must have affected him somehow. Think about it. It is like imprisoning an angry, desperate, depressed individual. They become even more desperate, angry and depressed. In other terms, the imprisonment does dark stephen good, in a sense, but it also makes him feel even worse, because never forget that dark stephen is stephen STILL, therefore he is not inherently made out of darkness.

Dark stephen SUFFERS from his own darkness.

It is a very intriguing concept, because darkness makes him stronger and hurts him at the same time

The best way to think of stephen’s darkness is to see it as PAIN. If the pain gets intense, the person grows more erratic; he grows depressed, tries to be freed from the pain, so he might appear stronger than his serene self. But as pain grows more intense the person’s suffering does too.

Dark stephen is not like “I am darkness hear me roar”, against to common belief. He is more like “I have become darkness lest it makes my pain a little more sufferable but it hurts still.”

Normal Stephen probably knows what is going on and he understands that sooner or later he has to come to terms with dark stephen; but he cannot, at least for now, It has to be a very slow process because they somehow are united right now but darkness is partially locked away; like they have a truce

I believe that if Stephen went to the Himalayas, for instance and lived there all alone for a year or two, where noone else would be around to get hurt by dark stephen and those two just talked and talked and talked, in the end they would be truly united. I imagine that at first stephen would talk to dark himself like one talks to another person, but as they slowly accept each other it would be as if he is talking to himself, and then he would still talk to himself, but in his own mind. Until finally, the talking would stop.The understanding would be complete, so there would be nothing left to be said.

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I thought MacNamara was genderfluid in the reboot? That's what I heard when they first announced it

oh shit i didnt know that but like its still concerning as FUCK bc

1. the odds that theyll portray a genderfluid character well are already p low, considering that the character the chose to make genderfluid was the “dumb ditsy popular rich bitch thats a huge crybaby and tries to kill themself” in the movie/play/book (not sure about the book actually but the show is based off the movie so yeah) and they can still be reduced to the whole “gbf” thing i mentioned only in a different way than that.
2. idk much about the actor, but are they a cis dude? if so then Oh No. if not then Thank God. honestly this can make and break how the character ends up being portrayed.

it hasnt come out yet so dont take this to mean that its already bad im just sayin its really worrying 

Its weird being like… im old enough now where a lot of the ppl im attracted to are actually younger than me (I do mean 19-20 mind you) and like its not a huge difference but it still feels like… weird to conceptualize that when I’ve always seen and imagined myself with someone older than me by a few years?

Ch.1 - Frankie

I am done with Frankie’s face up. Finally.

I’ve been wanting to try this for a looong time okay. I’ve read and watched tons of tutorials on how to do it and now that I have the free time to try it myself, I quickly realized its not…that easy.

(from left to right: 1st attempt, 3rd attempt, 15437324th attempt)

(154373325th ~final~ attempt)

As a beginner, I struggled a lot with materials and technique. I lost count of the many many times I repainted Frankie but to give you an idea, a 120ml bottle of pure acetone was spent on her alone. I also scratched the vinyl near her left eye and no sanding or buffing saved it :( I got so frustrated I had to put her down and divert my negative energy into playing Stardew Valley.

I redid her face-up so many times you can tell the huge color difference between the head and body. The wig was made of nylon (not even sure but looks like it) glued on a wig cap.

There is still so much to learn but overall, I am quite happy with this progress. Its not perfect but out of all the freakin’ messy attempts I made, this is by far the best. I mean heck I even managed to add lashes yeah?! :D


In case you’re interested, here’s a list of materials I used on her successful face up:

  • Prismacolor watercolor pencils
  • Jack Richeson soft pastels
  • Vallejo Premium Matte Varnish (62.062) with an airbrush (first few layers until it cracked)
  • Mr. Super Clear Flat
  • White gouache paint
  • Tamiya Clear acrylic paint  
  • drugstore lashes

What didn’t work for me:

  • Derwent Inktense - The lead was too soft it was difficult to keep it sharp and make thin lines. Some pencils also seem waxy.
  • Mungyo soft pastels - Uneven consistency, weak pigment. I’ve had them since college so either they’re just really old or whatever.
  • Vallejo Premium Matte Varnish (62.062) - like I said, it cracked after several layers when I tried to draw on the surface but I shall experiment with this more because I really love the matte surface it gives.

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Hi! I noticed in your tags you have Jaqueline's last name as Selezyka, when according to the credits of Zombies in the Snow it's actually Scieszka. Probably not a huge difference since it's still JS, but scieszka does mean "path" in Polish, so maybe it's a hidden reference? Hope you're having a good day, and thanks for all the work you do!

I’ve been tagging her as ‘Jacquelyn Seleszyka’ because I saw other people spelling her name like that, and I never really thought much of it. But after receiving this message, I decided to look into this further. I discovered some pretty interesting things:

This is from a set photo that was released last year. On the poster, you can clearly see that her name is ‘Jacquelyn Seieszka’.

This is a screencap from the third episode with the credits that you were talking about. Both her first and last names are spelled differently here than they are in the poster.

The Netflix subtitles spell her name ‘Jacquelyn’, just as it’s spelled on the Zombies in the Snow poster.

Since the subtitles use ‘Jacquelyn’, I think it’s pretty safe to say that her actual name is the name on the poster – Jacquelyn Seieszka. And now the question is this: why did they change the spelling of her name in the movie credits? To protect her identity somehow? To give us a hint that the spelling may be irrelevant because her name isn’t actually Jacquelyn at all? At this point, it’s hard to say. But after looking at the evidence, I’m going to change her tag to ‘Jacquelyn Seieszka’ – at least until we discover something new about this.

And I hope you’re having a good day too!


This past weekend was my first time visiting a European country other than France (I mean, I guess Monaco counts, but not really). 
I completely fell in love with the architecture with its mix-n-matched appearance while still maintaining a fluid color combination throughout the whole city. 

The most noticeable difference was in the language. As soon as our plane landed, I habitually found myself saying “merci” and “pardonne” to the people around me… then realizing that this was completely unnecessary - everyone spoke English! Waiters and business owners immediately greeted us with a “hello” and everywhere along the streets I overheard conversations that I could completely understand for once. Of course, there was a huge mix of languages around us, but English was certainly the standard. I realize that Amsterdam is an incredibly touristy city, but then.. so is Paris. Even in Parisian museums or areas that are solely known for their tourism, you will always be greeted with a “bonjour” and sent off with an “au revoir”. In Amsterdam, I rarely heard dutch and when I did it was quickly translated into English. I’m not sure whether I like this more or less, but it was a weird feeling to be in a completely new country and yet feeling slightly more comfortable speaking to anyone around me.

We walked from the train station to our hostel, taking the extremely scenic route. It didn’t take long to realize just how much the culture here is surrounded by biking. Bikes literally everywhere. Tons of bike lanes and stoplights specifically for bikers. The three of us rented some from Mikes Bike Tours and spent the next few hours biking around to Vondelpark, the city center around the canals, and the I AMsterdam sign. Its been a shamefully long time since I’ve ridden a bicycle and I had such an amazing time seeing the city this way. Honestly, if you’ve been to Amsterdam and you didn’t ride a bike.. you did it wrong. 

We also made our way to Bloemenmarkt, the world’s only floating flower market. I ended up buying a bag of tulip bulbs and a packet of sunflower seeds, which I’m pretty anxious to plant. I would love to revisit The Netherlands in spring to see Keukenhof, the giant tulip gardens. 

We only spent two days here, but I really enjoyed walking around this beautiful city. We visited some museums, including the Anne Frank House, stopped in a few local bars, and checked out the red light district.. which was so different than anything I’ve experienced before. I would love to come back again at some point in my life. 

Next stop: London!


Your alarm rang its familiar annoying tune before your hand routinely smacked it until it shut up.  You were expected to get up early to feed every dinosaur before the thousands of visitors to Jurassic World arrived.  You get dressed in your rather primitive khaki shirt, jeans and VANs before grabbing an apple on your way out the door.  You jogged down to the Feed Barn to collect the various meats for the carnivores, knowing they liked to be fed first. Mixing up the meats, grabbing and tagging the larger carcasses with designated dinosaurs, you stack them into your Jeep, ready for feeding out.  Armed with nothing but your radio, you jump into your Jeep and drive to your first enclosure…the Avery.  You were the very best in your line of work and besides the Velociraptor trainers, you were the only employee who was allowed to work with the dinosaurs directly.  You pulled up out the front of the enclosure and pulled out the tray of meat designated.
You use your signature whistle to call all the birds into a flock to make it easier for feeding.  As per usual, the Avery is in an uproar.  Dinosaurs fly down from their perches in the tall trees of the enclosure to the floor of the Avery where I feed out.
“You want some of this, huh?” You call as you heave the massive bucket towards the feeding spot.  "I got your favourite.“
Your eyes adjust to the intense sunlight glaring outside the Avery.  Your hand becomes weak suddenly, dropping the bucket of meat in your hand. You grab the tag around your neck and scan it through the designated slot beside the door. It authorises you to enter and the door pops open.
“HEY!” You scream at the massive clump intermingled bodies.   “HEY!  BREAK IT UP!”
Many heads turn your way, giving you angry screeches before ascending to their original perches.  All but one.  You eyes lock with a Pterodactyl, it sharp evil eyes piercing yours.  Its teeth bare instinctively, attempting to frighten you off.
“Not today,” you whisper under your breath before diving forwards. You spread your arms as wide as possible, as if you have wings of your own, and you hiss. The Pterodactyl enters a state of confusion and screeches back at you.
You smirk with confidence.  With each confident shove forwards, the Pterodactyl takes an uneasy step backwards. With one final screech of your opponent you open your mouth and scream, louder than you ever thought possible.
The Pterodactyl returns your screech in a slightly cowardly volume before lifting itself into the air.  Soon after it falls back down to the ground in a mangled heap of limbs.
It stumbles to its feet, unsure and vulnerable.  Your eyes scan its body over and analyse the damage done in the fight.  Its wing is bleeding and just by its gruel appearance you can tell it’s broken.
“It’s going to be okay,” you reassure it. You pick up your radio cautiously and call in the accident, knowing they would send down medical support.  The only thing…you have to subdue it.
You hold up both hands and you look it straight in the eyes.  Whispering comforting words, you approach it slowly, taking small cautious steps. The Pterodactyl screeches defensively and steps backwards away from you.  You notice it does not understand but you know what to do. You bow in front of it. You don’t look up, you don’t move a muscle, you just bow from the waist down, one arm tucked tight around your stomach.
You hear the Pterodactyl breathing heavily and you slowly return to your original stance.  Your body intimately close to the Pterodactyl’s, it’s wings surrounding you.  It slowly moves back and bows in front of you, just the way you did to it.  You nod at it smile, accomplishment flooding your body.

The Medics arrived soon after you had secured the Pterodactyl in its crush.  Claire walks over to you, two boys trailing close behind her. They must be the nephews she has been preparing for since last month.
“(Y/N),” she greets me.  "I see you have been able to neutralise the Dactyls…Impressive.“
"Thank you, ma'am but in all honesty I-” you get interrupted by her phone ringtone.
She plucks it out of her pocket and checks the screen.
“Sorry to leave so soon, but I really gotta take this,” she points to her phone.  "Um, can you watch them for me?“ She points to the two boys behind her and leaves before you can fit a word in.
"Sure…” You mutter, knowing you are horrible at making friends.
“Hi!” The younger looking one says, his eyes glowing with happiness.  "I’m Gray and this is Zach but he doesn’t really talk very much so…“
"Nice to meet you two,” You smile, shaking their hands.  Zach’s eyes locking yours and lingering a little longer than Gray.
“We saw the whole thing from the control room, how you stood up to that Pterodactyl!  That was so awesome!” Gray gushes excitedly.
You chuckle nervously, feeling a hot tide rising to your cheeks. “Thank you, little man but it really wasn’t that big of a deal.”
“You’re right, it wasn’t a big deal,” Gray nods.  "IT WAS A HUGE DEAL!  Weren’t you scared?  I mean it could have attacked you!“
Your eyes glance up to see Zach staring at you, making you blush even more.
"I was respectful of its power,” you answer.  "There is a difference between fear and respect.  Fear holds you in this state, you can’t think straight and you sit in a pessimistic state but when you respect their power…You know what they can do but you’re not afraid of what might not even happen.“
Gray sighs and lowers his head.  "I can’t do that, I would still be scared.”
I crouch down in front of him and tip his head up to meet mine.  "There will always be fear.  I’m still scared of things, but once you face those fears…you can overcome them.  You are a strong, smart boy and great things will come from you!  Never forget that, okay?“
A smile spreads across his face.  "Okay.”
Gray looks at Zach and then back at you.  He zooms over to Gray, whispers something in his ear then runs off.
Zach shakes his head, a small chuckle escaping his lips.
“Kids,” he mutters.
I stand and dust the dirt off my jeans. “Kids.” You nod.
“I didn’t catch your name, I’m Zach,” he steps closer to you.
“Oh, right…I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you,” you smile, his beautiful eyes locking yours again.
“He was right you know,” he glances from his shoes to your eyes.  "You are incredible.“
Your face flares once again and you tuck a piece of hair behind your ear.  "Oh shut up I am not.”
“You’re right.”
You look up into his eyes confused by his sudden retraction of his compliment.  You notice that his body closer to yours than it was before.  His hands slide around your waist and he holds your gaze.
“You are breath-taking.”

Picture credit where it is due!

What she says vs what she really means
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she really means: I really love Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's 1990 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel nominee Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch.
  • What she says: Nothing.
  • What she really means: The fact that the entire fandom focuses so much on Aziraphale and Crowley to the exclusion of the rest of the cast bothers me, but not enough for me to complain about it because they're my favorites also.
  • What she says: Whatever, I don't care.
  • What she really means: It seems like there is a lot of overlap between the Good Omens fandom and the Welcome to Night Vale fandom. Is there some link between them I haven't discovered yet?
  • What she says: I'm just tired, that's all.
  • What she really means: I legitimately cannot believe Hollywood started making movies about board games before Good Omens got an adaptation and the fact that in 2002 Terry Gilliam almost successfully got a movie made with Robin Williams and Johnny Depp still makes me angry, despite the fact that I somehow simultaneously want a Good Omens movie very badly and am violently opposed to the idea of a Good Omens movie. The numerous fakeouts on movie and TV adaptations means I didn't believe the radio show would actually happen until I heard Peter Serafanowizc start hissing out Crowley's lines.
  • What she says: I'm not in the mood.
  • What she really means: Why am I so okay with there being so few depictions of Aziraphale and Crowley as asexual in fandom despite the passage in the book that angels are sexless? Is it because no one in this fandom argues about anything? Is this insulting to asexuals? Should I be upset?
  • What she says: Don't worry about it.
  • What she really means: It's sort of amazing that a 25-year-old book manages to still have an active fandom, albeit a small one.
  • What she says: It's okay.
  • What she really means: Adam named his dog "Dog." He named it "Dog."
  • What she says: I don't want to talk about it.
  • What she really means: It's beyond disappointing when fanfic writers write a Good Omens/Supernatural crossover and slide Good Omens Crowley into Supernatural Crowley's spot without attempting to reconcile the huge differences in personality between the two.
  • What she says: It's not you, it's me.
  • What she really means: There was a stage adaptation of Good Omens?? Why have I not heard about this? Why can I not find any information about this? Why can I not see or read or hear anything from this production?

anonymous asked:

"People are disapproving of pedophilia omg isn't that funny!! Ppl are so upset they're threatening suicide but it's still funny!!!" Pedophile-defending CSA victim-haters like you are gross

I never said I hated CSA survivors. I’d like actual evidence of me ever saying that por favor. And here is an example of false accusations.

And um, idk if you’ve noticed but I’m a minor??? So no, I don’t defend pedophiles, in fact, I was hit on by a possible one about two days ago.

The only “evidence” that a lot of you dumbasses have to give is “OMG THEY SHIP TWO PIXELS THAT CANONICALLY HAVE A HUGE AGE DIFFERENCE, THAT MEANS THEY ARE PEDOS!!”

Shipping two fictional characters isn’t a crime, while encouraging suicide to person YOU DONT EVEN FUCKING KNOW AND JUDGED THEM OFF WHAT THEY SHIP is actually illegal.

So how about you get your cowardly ass off Anon and fucking fite me irl????


This is the official Adult Swim announcement about the new season of Samurai Jack (from December 2015). Notice how I highlighted the words “continues” and “new season” for you.

Notice how Adult Swim has been very clear from the beginning that this isn’t a reboot. They’re not starting over again ; they’re continuing the story.

Now stop calling it a reboot and being all “other reboots suck so I’m afraid the new SJ will suck too” when it’s NOT A FUCKING REBOOT >_<

(writes a long rant about how narset is an example of female tropes in storytelling that i hate and how i’m really, really disappointed even if the whole time travel thing means her fate will be different)

(writes a long rant about how yall might think this is an isolated incident but the concept of female character sacrificing themselves is a huge, problematic trope that rests in patriarchal values that women are expected to be constantly making sacrifices for other people)

(writes a long rant about how i felt the same way about elspeth and i’m still mad about that)

(writes a long rant about how yeah the fact that this trope is still happening is very problematic even if some people don’t think its a big deal like chill, its just narset she literally just got introduced this block, look back at all of magic’s storyline and you’ll find its a VERY common theme and i’m tired of it happening at all. can the ladies in magic catch a BREAK. for TEN MINUTES)

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I think people might be misunderstanding the use of the word "suki". It means "like" and is different than "daisuki" which means "really like/love". But, using "suki" when talking about a person is still a HUGE deal. Saying "suki" to a person is a pretty heavy confession. Using "daisuki" is an even BIGGER deal. And people rarely use "aishiteru" unless it's OVERPOWERING UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Just because Naru says "I like you" to Hina doesn't make it less romantic. It's still full of feels.

Well, the setting is pretty romantic. As far as I know, it depends on context.

I’m not fluent in japanese, though I wonder if it’s similar to spanish. We use “Te quiero/Te amo” (the latter can be really corny and heavy depending on the situation)

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I can't help being jealous of all the equestrians on tumblr. Even if they don't own their own horses, they get to spend nearly every day or week around them. I've had the fortune of being born in a city, with parents who can't afford to even buy groceries every week. I'm grateful for what I have, don't get me wrong, but still. It irks me when they complain about their horses or how it's so unfair that they can't get another one. Get over yourselves, you're so lucky to be able to even see one.

Just because you have certain struggles, doesn’t mean that those who have horses or get to be around them have it better. Horses won’t make your life perfect… Telling people to get over themselves just because they face different struggles than you is hugely unfair, just because you cannot have certain things that they have.. I may get to see my horse every day but I only see my dad once a year. There is shit going on in everyone’s life and you cannot let jealousy make you bitter and be unfair to people just cause they have something they want.

In some cases, yeah, they’re spoiled and they do need to get over themselves but a lot of people in the horse world are hard working. You shouldn’t get treated differently or have the right to rant taken away from you just because you’re more privileged in some areas than some other person is.