i mean it's dom

here’s a list of adult lost characters + their heights. because i feel the need to make lists all the time. and height (particularly height difference) interests me

from tallest to shortest:

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Starship Ishest, Captain’s log, stardate 94986.2. We have landed on planet Oirschot and have found horse-like creatures, but it seems they move differently from the horses we know from planet Earth. We’ve found a secluded area where we can observe these creatures and their riders without interfering. Will update log when observation is complete. 

(This is rider Michelle van Blitterswijk with Hringur frá Fossi, ended up with a total of 4.77 for the F1, but points for letting her inner Star Trek nerd out!)

  • dom: we stick to the books to some degree, like it's not like simon and jace hook up in this
  • me, pointing at "that's the first correct thing you've said": then explain this
  • dom: w-
  • me, pointing at "learning your name would mean i care" - "simon": and this
  • dom: i-
  • me, pointing at every jimon scene ever: EXPLAIN

AfterBuzz discussion with Dom Sherwood. Lots of Jalec (he even says “Jalec” and confirms whether Jace is aware of Alec’s feelings at this point or not), hinting about Valentine’s plan (especially about the Forsaken) and how the season ends. Its a long video but pretty fun (I mean Dom is always fun).